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The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) Movie Summary

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  • R
  • 2009

In "The Taking of Pelham 123," Denzel Washington stars as New York City subway dispatcher Walter Garber, whose ordinary day is thrown into chaos by an audacious crime: the hijacking of a subway train. John Travolta stars as Ryder, the criminal mastermind who, as leader of a highly-armed gang of four, threatens to execute the train's passengers unless a large ransom is paid within one hour. As the tension mounts beneath his feet, Garber employs his vast knowledge of the subway system in a battle to outwit Ryder and save the hostages. But there's one riddle Garber can't solve: even if the thieves get the money, how can they possibly escape?

The Taking of Pelham 123 Film Synopsis

Armed men hijack a New York City subway train, holding the passengers hostage in return for a ransom, and turning an ordinary day's work for dispatcher Walter Garber into a face-off with the mastermind behind the crime.

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The Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Reviews

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OOPsSwearing is not a story and if you base a movie on that its not much at all. I don't hate this movie just because of they had one word to remember but because the story was bad the acting was bad. It was just lame and not much happened and then it ends. I think whoever made this should have to watch it and that will be there punishment..Score: 1/5

Epic ThrillerA great remake of a classic, that gets intense about 3 minutes in. Really fun and John Travolta is GREAT..Score: 4/5

Uuummmm.....There are many things that work against this movie, and a couple that work for it. For it: 1. The cast 2. It didn't deviate much from the original Against it: 1. The acting (Both Travolta and Washington have had better interpretations of roles). 2. It didn't deviate much from the original (Was waiting for some twist, something added, the screenplay not really good) 3. The language (well for those that complain about it, 1) it's an R rated movie 2) you've got based on a book, 3) when Travolta plays the "bad" guy there is going to be a lot of foul language. It is obvious that the "good" guy has to counter with something..Score: 3/5

OhonecanknowmeDespite what the so called critics say this movie is well worth watching.. you will not be disappointed!.Score: 5/5

Great Cops and Robbers MovieDanzel Washington vs John Travolta is an exciting match to watch. While the story is relatively simple, the characters create a situation that will draw you in. I highly recommend this movie!!!.Score: 4/5

Fix the ratioThe movie was filmed with. 2.35:1 ratio. Fix it please iTunes!.Score: 3/5

Worth whichI enjoyed the hold move. i watch it on tv but ,would i buy it , yes i would $10.00 is a good deal..Score: 4/5

FunnyThis was a really good movie it had good actin :D.Score: 5/5

One of the best movies in years!!Although this was not the best Denzel or Travolta movie ever made. It was close to the best in my opinion. Denzel played a different character then he usually does, but he still pulled it off. Travolta was the main focus in this one. He has played a similar role before (Swordfish), but he still convinced me that he is still one of the greatest actors today!! I recommend this to anyone that likes either Denzel or Travolta, but even if you dont...this movie is still very entertaining!!.Score: 5/5

This was a Good OneI didn't expect much but got a lot. If you watched the movie already you will know what I mean when I say it should have been 30-45 seconds longer..Score: 5/5

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Excellent thrillerI saw this movie twice I'm theatres. Both times were equally as exciting as the other. The way the plot was put together left me hanging on the edge of my seat, dying to find out what happens next. It has a great plot, and goes through all the events extremely well to give to an excellent underdtanding of what is going on. It all leads up to a masterful presentation of the riding action leading to the climax, and then gives a showstopping ending that leaves you thinking "wow, what a guy". I would definitely reccomend buying this movie. It has a great plot, great actors, great story, great display of events, and an ecxellent, top-of-the-line climax.Score: 5/5

A Pleasant SurpriseThis was worth watching for sure, But Travolta's performance in its own is amazing enough to watch this movie over again ! This movie is worth buying!.Score: 5/5

SolidOverall really good. I'd recommend it.Score: 3/5

Sans suspens et étirement d'une histoire sans vrai complot ni punchFilm très décevant, horriblement ennuyant, les acteurs sont minables dans ce film et ne gaspillez pas votre argent pour cette imbécibilité Ouf ça fait du bien de dire ce qu'on a sur le coeur..Score: 1/5

DecentIt was decent but lacking, i really thought there was going to be more to the plot, a real thinker, unfortunatley it wasnt it just kinda ended simply. still worth a watch though..Score: 3/5

Pretty intense & a good castGreat cast for this movie, but the plot is pretty predictable. I mean, c'mon, we've all seen Speed. Can't reinvent the wheel with this one boys. Too bad though, Denzel Washington is usually an indicator of an awesome movie. That being said, I was still glued to the monitor on the plane when this flick came on, it's got some non-stop action, no matter how predictable..Score: 3/5

Fell asllepWatching with my friend and slowly fell asleep untill the end the end was very good.Score: 3/5

I love Ryder. [Amazing film. I LOVED it. I watched it 4 times..Score: 5/5

Not very excitingDenzel Washington and John Travolta give above average performances, with some excellent dialogue between each other. At the same time, the movie had a bucketload of cheap and lame dialogue from the rest of the minor characters, especially those by the hostages. THe movie builds up to a disappointing climax and ending. I would wait for rental on this one..Score: 3/5

Just okKinda long and not a very good story...they cover this up with having 2 big named actors in the movie. Meh..Score: 3/5

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Localherorules17Veritas4 The taking of Pelham. Easy as 123.Score: 1/5

TylerJEsquire VK_HM: The Taking of Pelham 123 is a Columbo. Gonna start calling that one of the best Columbo episodes on here and see what happens.Score: 5/5

Hungry87 joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 4/5

GregGrandinChaseMadar Great. My heart stops. Night Moves is terrific. I’m counting the days I can show Eleanor French Conn… .Score: 1/5

PERKNS joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 4/5

PopPopBriGuy joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 4/5

Joe_manniello joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 0/5

The_60s_at_60 joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 4/5

Freehan11 joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 4/5

MetsBob joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 0/5

Joe_mannielloTarantino got the character names for "Reservoir Dogs" from "The Taking Of Pelham 123"?! Great nugget from… .Score: 5/5

Rsmon77JedadiahLeland Director of lots of TV, the director of TAKING OF PELHAM 123, and director of…sigh, JAWS THE REVENGE. #MondayMuggers.Score: 2/5

Aaronrmallieod joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 1/5

MrsDSalinger joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 1/5

Mikesisak joe_manniello: 🎬THE "FAVORITE MOVIES WITH A NUMBER IN THE TITLE" BRACKET🔢 ⭐️Round Of 32⭐️ The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974) 🆚 Gone In….Score: 0/5

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The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) Series Cast & Crew

The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Denzel Washington (Walter Garber), John Travolta (Ryder), John Turturro (Lt. Camonetti), Luis Guzmán (Phil Ramos), James Gandolfini (Mayor), Michael Rispoli (John Johnson), Gary Basaraba (Jerry Pollard, motorman), Alex Kaluzhsky (George, teen hostage), Alice Kremelberg (George's Girlfriend), Katherine Sigismund (Mother-hostage), Jake Siciliano (Boy hostage), Gbenga Akinnagbe (Wallace, hostage), Jason Butler Harner (Hostage who can't urinate), Victor Gojcaj (Bashkim, hijacker), Robert Vataj (Emri, hijacker), Aunjanue Ellis (Therese Garber), John Benjamin Hickey (Deputy Mayor LaSalle), Ramón Rodríguez (Delgado, MTA worker), Tonye Patano (Regina, conductor), Ty Jones (Sniper), all returned for the taking of pelham 123 movie.

Denzel Washington (Walter Garber)
Denzel WashingtonWalter GarberScore: 75.7
John Travolta (Ryder)
John TravoltaRyderScore: 34.0
John Turturro (Lt. Camonetti)
John TurturroLt. CamonettiScore: 37.1
Luis Guzmán (Phil Ramos)
Luis GuzmánPhil RamosScore: 35.1
James Gandolfini (Mayor)
James GandolfiniMayorScore: 14.5
Michael Rispoli (John Johnson)
Michael RispoliJohn JohnsonScore: 11.2
Gary Basaraba (Jerry Pollard, motorman)
Gary BasarabaJerry Pollard, motormanScore: 9.5
Alex Kaluzhsky (George, teen hostage)
Alex KaluzhskyGeorge, teen hostageScore: 3.5
Alice Kremelberg (George's Girlfriend)
Alice KremelbergGeorge's GirlfriendScore: 70.6
Katherine Sigismund (Mother-hostage)
Katherine SigismundMother-hostageScore: 2.0
Jake Siciliano (Boy hostage)
Jake SicilianoBoy hostageScore: 2.3
Gbenga Akinnagbe (Wallace, hostage)
Gbenga AkinnagbeWallace, hostageScore: 4.9

Denise Chamian (Casting), Chris Lebenzon (Editor), Tony Scott (Director), Brian Helgeland (Screenplay), Renee Ehrlich Kalfus (Costume Design), John Frazier (Special Effects Supervisor), Harry Gregson-Williams (Original Music Composer), Harry Gregson-Williams (Music), John Godey (Novel), Larry M. Cherry (Hairstylist), Steven Kirshoff (Special Effects Coordinator), Tobias A. Schliessler (Director of Photography), Alexander Witt (Second Unit Director of Photography), Sean McCormack (Supervising Sound Editor), Kami Asgar (Supervising Sound Editor), David Swayze (Art Direction), Richard Baratta (Producer), Todd Black (Producer), Jason Blumenthal (Producer), David Giammarco (Sound Re-Recording Mixer),

Denise Chamian (Casting)
Denise ChamianCastingScore: 4.0
Chris Lebenzon (Editor)
Chris LebenzonEditorScore: 3.4
Tony Scott (Director)
Tony ScottDirectorScore: 12.0
Brian Helgeland (Screenplay)
Brian HelgelandScreenplayScore: 6.5
Harry Gregson-Williams (Original Music Composer)
Harry Gregson-WilliamsOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.6
Harry Gregson-Williams (Music)
Harry Gregson-WilliamsMusicScore: 3.6
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The Taking of Pelham 123 Trailers & Teasers

'The Taking of Pelham 123' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the taking of pelham 123, the Tony Scott's popular movie. Watch the the taking of pelham 123 teaser trailer. Tony Scott’s #the-taking-of-pelham-123 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Watch the new trailer for TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3!▶ Watch the new trailer for TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3!
Taking of Pelham 123 - trailer▶ Taking of Pelham 123 - trailer

The Taking of Pelham 123 Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from the taking of pelham 123 movie. The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome the taking of pelham 123 wallpapers to download for free.

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The Taking of Pelham 123 image 8
The Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

I can't get it out of my head. I'm gonna die today...

The Taking of Pelham 123 — 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123 Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie the taking of pelham 123 - 2009. A poster for Tony Scott action & adventure movie, The Taking of Pelham 123! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for the taking of pelham 123 (2009). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

The Taking of Pelham 123 poster 1
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The Taking of Pelham 123 poster 3
The Taking of Pelham 123 poster 4
The Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Posters
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The Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Един обикновен ден на диспечера в нюйоркското метро Уолтър Гарбър се превръща в хаос заради дръзко престъпление - отвлечен е подземен влак. Лидер на бандата от четирима добре въоръжени престъпници е Райдър, който заплашва да избие пътниците, ако не получи огромен откуп в рамките на един час. Гарбър се опитва да надхитри Райдър и да спаси заложниците, използвайки богатите си познания за системата на метрото. Един въпрос обаче не му дава мира – дори ако крадците получат парите, как биха се измъкнали на свобода?

Walter Garber, controlador del metro de Nova York, veu com la normalitat de la seva jornada es veu embolicada en un caos com a conseqüència d'un agosarat delicte: el segrest d'un vagó de metro a càrrec d'una banda. Ryder, el cervell criminal i capdavanter d'una banda armada formada per quatre persones, amenaça amb executar als passatgers del tren tret que es pagui un alt rescat en el termini d'una hora. A mesura que la tensió augmenta, Garber utilitza els seus amplis coneixements del sistema subterrani en una batalla per intentar enganyar a Ryder i salvar als ostatges. Però hi ha un enigma que Garber no pot resoldre: si els criminals obtinguessin els diners, com podrien escapar?

Ve snímku Únos vlaku 1 2 3 si Denzel Washington zahrál dispečera newyorského metra Waltera Garbera, jehož rutinní pracovní den je neočekávaně narušen odvážným zločinem – únosem jednoho z vlaků. Ten má na svědomí John Travolta coby Ryder, zločinec, který hrozí popravováním cestujících vlaku, pokud nedojde do hodiny k zaplacení vysokého výkupného. Garber se za pomoci svých dokonalých znalostí systémů podzemní dopravy pokusí o nemožné – vyzrát nad Ryderem a zachránit rukojmí. Hlavou mu ale stále vrtá jedna nevyřešitelná otázka: jak se zločinci hodlají s výkupným z metra dostat?

I New York sættes metroens kontrolcenter på den anden ende, da en velforberedt bande af kriminelle kaprer to fyldte togvogne i en tunnel og forlanger 10 millioner dollars inden for en time. Ellers ruller der hoveder – én passager per overskredet minut! Dagens ufrivillige helt bliver vagtleder Walter Garber, som togpiraternes melodramatiske anfører Ryder insisterer på at sludre med over radioen.

Nach einer Strafversetzung muss Walter Garber nun die U-Bahnen in New York koordinieren, nachdem er für die MTA bis vor kurzem noch in einer höheren Position beschäftigt war. Gegen 15 Uhr bemerkt er, dass die U-Bahn Pelham 123 mitten auf der Strecke stehen blieb. Kurze Zeit später meldet sich nicht der Zugführer Jerry Pollard über Funk, sondern der Gangster Ryder, der Pelham 123 zusammen mit seinen Männern überfiel und in seine Gewalt brachte. Nun stellt er Garber seine Forderungen: er hat 19 Geiseln und verlangt innerhalb einer Stunde 10 Millionen Dollar. Sollte er hingehalten werden, so wird er jede verspätete Minute eine der Geiseln töten. Ein Geiselnahme-Verhandlungsteam unter der Leitung Camonettis findet jedoch wenig Zuspruch bei Ryder. Er möchte in der Stunde, in der er auf sein Geld wartet, nur mit Garber kommunizieren.

Οπλισμένοι άντρες καταλαμβάνουν ένα υπόγειο τρένο στη Νέα Υόρκη και ζητούν ένα μεγάλο ποσό για να αφήσουν ελεύθερους τους ομήρους. Καθώς οι αρχές προσπαθούν να φέρουν εις πέρας τις διαπραγματεύσεις, αναρωτιούνται πως οι απαγωγείς σχεδιάζουν να ξεφύγουν από το τρένο όταν ικανοποιηθούν τα αιτήματά τους.

Walter Garber, supervisor del metro de Nueva York, tiene que afrontar el caos provocado por el secuestro de un vagón por una banda armada. Los criminales amenazan con ejecutar a los pasajeros si en una hora no reciben un cuantioso rescate. Garber utiliza sus conocimientos del sistema suburbano para intentar burlar a Ryder y salvar a los rehenes. Pero hay un enigma que Garber no consigue resolver: en el caso de que los criminales obtuvieran el dinero, ¿cómo conseguirían escapar? Remake de 'Pelham uno, dos, tres' (1974).

Walter Garber es un controlador del metro de Nueva York que se enfrenta al secuestro de uno de los trenes. Ryder es el líder de una banda criminal que amenaza con ejecutar a los pasajeros del metro si no se le entrega un cuantioso rescate.

Walter Garber on New Yorkin metron päivystäjä, jonka tavallinen työpäivä muuttuu täydelliseksi kaaokseksi, kun metrojuna kaapataan röyhkeästi. Ryder on mestaririkollinen kaappauksen takana. Hän johtaa neljää raskaasti aseistettua kaappaajaa, jotka uhkaavat teloittaa junan matkustajat ellei suurta lunnassummaa makseta tunnin sisällä. Garber käyttää hyväkseen laajaa tuntemustaan metrojärjestelmästä selättääkseen Ryderin ja pelastaakseen panttivangit. Kuitenkaan yhteen kysymykseen ei Garberkaan osaa vastata: vaikka kaappaajat saisivatkin rahat, miten ihmeessä he aikovat paeta?

C'est une journée comme les autres pour le répartiteur Walter Garber, jusqu'à ce qu'une bande de criminels ne s'empare de l'une des rames du réseau de la ville. La rançon: dix millions. L'ultimatum: une heure.

Walter Garber est aiguilleur du métro à New York. Comme chaque jour, il veille au bon déroulement du trafic, lorsque la rame Pelham 123 s'immobilise sans explication. C'est le début du cauchemar. Ryder, un criminel aussi intelligent qu'audacieux, a pris en otage la rame et ses passagers. Avec ses trois complices lourdement armés, il menace d'exécuter les voyageurs si une énorme rançon ne lui est pas versée très vite. Entre les deux hommes commence un incroyable bras de fer. Chacun a des atouts, chacun a des secrets, et le face-à-face risque de faire autant de victimes que de dégâts. La course contre la montre est lancée...

סדרן של רכבות התחתית בניו יורק בשם וולטר גרבר נאלץ להתמודד עם חבורת חוטפים אלימים אשר השתלטו על אחת מרכבות התחתית. ריידר, מנהיג החוטפים, הוא המוח מאחורי החבורה אשר מאיים להרוג את כל הנוסעים בתוך שעה אם סכום גדול של כופר לא ישולם לו. בעוד שהמתח מתחת לרגליהם מתעצם, גרבר מסתמך על הידע שלו ברכבות התחתית על מנת לנצח בקרב מוחות בינו לחוטפים ולהציל את בני הערובה. אך חידה אחת הוא לא מצליח לפתור - כיצד החוטפים מתכננים לברוח מהרכבת לאחר שיקבלו את כספם.

Walter Garber teljesen hétköznapi fickó, a New York-i metróhálózat egyik forgalomirányítója. Sosem gondolta volna, hogy olyan feladattal kell megbirkóznia, amely a rutinos FBI-nyomozókat is próbára teszi: fegyveresek térítik el az egyik metrószerelvényt. Vezetőjük, az őrült vagy nagyon is okos Ryder azzal fenyegetőzik, hogyha egy órán belül nem fizetnek neki tízmillió dollárt, akkor kivégzi a kocsiban túszul ejtett utasokat. Tizenkilenc ártatlan ember élete a tét, és Ryder csak Garberrel hajlandó tárgyalni. Sőt, neki kell leszállítania a váltságdíjat.

Walter Garber è un dirigente della metropolitana di New York, declassato per illecito e impiegato allo smistamento dei treni sulla linea di Lexington Avenue. In attesa di giudizio, una mattina resta coinvolto suo malgrado nel dirottamento di un treno partito da Pelham Bay. A capo di una banda di sequestratori senza scrupoli c'è Ryder, nome "d'arte" che nasconde identità e storia di un criminale raffinato e "ricercato". Presi in ostaggio diciotto newyorkesi e costretti nel vagone locomotore, Ryder trova nella voce e nella persona di Walter il suo negoziatore ideale. Rimandati dialogo e parole con la polizia, Ryder chiede al sindaco di New York dieci milioni di dollari per risparmiare la vita degli ostaggi. Negoziatore, sindaco e polizia avranno un'ora esatta per raccogliere la cifra e salvaguardare i passeggeri "in carrozza".


뉴욕 도심 한복판, 펠햄역에서 오후 1시 23분에 출발하는 열차 ‘펠햄123호’가 납치당한다. 지하철 배차원 가버(덴젤 워싱턴)는 선로에 갑자기 멈춰선 펠햄123호와 접촉을 시도하지만, 테러조직의 우두머리 라이더(존 트라볼타)와 교신이 된다.PM 2:13 제한시간 한 시간, 요구사항 천만 달러!라이더는 가버를 협상자로 선택하고, 뉴욕 시민의 목숨을 담보로 정확히 한 시간 안에 현금 천만달러를 요구한다. 그는 1분 늦을 때마다 인질을 한 명씩 죽이겠다고 협박하며 카운트다운에 들어간다PM 2:13 사상 최악의 협상, 천만달러는 미끼에 불과했다!뉴욕의 교통이 마비된 가운데, 제한 시간 몇 분을 남겨두고 현금 수송 차량이 추돌하는 사고가 발생하고 라이더는 시간을 어겼다며 가차없이 인질을 사살해나간다. 이제 뉴욕 시민의 목숨을 구하려면 가버가 직접 지하철로 뛰어들 수 밖에 없다.그러나 테러범들의 정체가 서서히 드러나면서 천만달러는 미끼에 불과했다는 사실이 밝혀지는데...

Valteris Gableris - Niujorko metro dispečeris. Jis metro infrastruktūroj dirba jau ne pirmus metus ir savo darbą puikiai išmano. Valteris net miegodamas galėtų koordinuoti nepriekaištingą metro funkcionavimą. Tačiau vieną dieną įprasta ir monotoniška Valterio darbo diena pavirsta tikru chaosu. Iš vieno metro Valterį pasiekia bauginantis pranešimas tarnybiniu radijo ryšiu. Vyras, prisistatęs Raiderio vardu, pateikia Valteriui ultimatumą: jei per valandą jam ir jo sėbrams nebus sumokėta solidi išpirka, jie išžudys metro keleivius. Niujorko meras išgirdęs apie įkaitų dramą iš pradžių net nepatiki savo ausimis. Jam Valterio istorija pasirodo juokinga ir iš piršto laužta. Tačiau įkaitų drama reali ir žmonėms gresia realus pavojus. Reikia kuo greičiau gelbėti metro spąstuose atsidūrusius keleivius.

Een groep terroristen onder leiding van Ryder kaapt de New Yorkse metro 'Pelham 1 2 3' en eist een enorme som losgeld, namelijk 10 miljoen dollar. Ryder wil dit bedrag binnen een uur in zijn bezit hebben, anders zal er elke minuut na de deadline een passagier sterven. Toezichthouder Walter Garber probeert met zijn kennis over de metro de criminelen om de tuin te leiden, maar heeft zelf geen idee welke vluchtroute zij in gedachten hebben.

Walter Garber er en T-baneleder i New York City som får arbeidsdagen satt på hodet av en makeløst frekk, forbrytelse: kapringen av en T-banevogn. Ryder, den kriminelle mesterhjernen bak kapringen og lederen for en godt bevæpnet firerbande, truer med å henrette passasjerene hvis det ikke blir betalt en stor sum løsepenger i løpet av én time. Mens spenningen øker under jorden tar Garber i bruk kunnskapen om undergrunnssystemet i kampen for å redde gislene fra Ryder. Men det er én gåte Garber ikke klarer å løse - selv om kjeltringene får pengene, hvordan skal de klare å unnslippe?

Czworo bandytów porywa pociąg metra. Ich przywódca /John Travolta/ domaga się okupu. W przypadku niespełnienia żądań porywacze grożą zabiciem zakładników. Jednak nawet w przypadku otrzymania pieniędzy ucieczka z podziemia będzie trudna. Denzel Washington wciela się w postać szefa ochrony, który będzie próbował udaremnić plany bandytów.

Walter Garber é um executivo da companhia de metrô da cidade de Nova York que, devido a uma suspeita de suborno, foi rebaixado para a função de coordenador de tráfego. Quando um dos trens do metrô, o Pelham 1 2 3, é sequestrado por um misterioso grupo, é ele quem mantém contato com Ryder, líder dos sequestradores. Ryder exige que a prefeitura lhe pague US$ 10 milhões em uma hora, caso contrário matará um refém a cada minuto extra. A polícia envia à sede do metrô o negociador Camonetti, mas Ryder exige que Garber continue na função.

Um gangue, liderado pelo misterioso Ryder, desvia um comboio do Metro de Nova Iorque. Resgate: 10 milhões de dólares. Prazo: uma hora. Walter Garber, do Metro, entra numa corrida contra o tempo para salvar os reféns e impedir a fuga de Ryder.

Вооруженные террористы захватывают поезд в нью-йоркском метро и требуют выкуп за пассажиров. Но даже если все их требования будут выполнены, много ли у заложников шансов остаться в живых?

Rutinný pracovný deň dispečera newyorského metra Waltera Garbera neočakávane naruší odvážny zločin – únos jedného z vlakov. Má ho na svedomí Ryder, ktorý hrozí popravou cestujúcich vo vlaku, ak nedostane do hodiny vysoké výkupné. Garber sa s pomocou svojich dokonalých znalostí systémov podzemnej dopravy pokúsi o nemožné – o záchranu rukojemníkov. V hlave mu ale stále vŕta jedna nezodpovedaná otázka: ako sa chcú zločinci s výkupným dostať von z metra? V roku 1974 vznikol podľa tej istej predlohy film Prepadnutie vlaku z Pelhamu s Walterom Matthauom.

Režiser napetih akcij Top Gun in Deja Vu se poda v newyorško podzemlje, kjer skupina okorelih kriminalcev ugrabi metro, poln nedolžnih potnikov. Od mestnih oblasti zahtevajo bogato odkupnino, med kladivom in nakovalom pa se znajde vlakovni nadzornik Garber, ki se je prisiljen pogajati z zločinci. Toda psihološke miselne igre postajajo vse bolj napete in na dan začnejo uhajati številne umazane podrobnosti o vseh vpletenih, zato je lahko usodna že najmanjša napačna poteza.

Om ett gäng tungt beväpnade gangsters ledda av den kallhamrade Ryder som kapar ett tunnelbanetåg med passagerare och begär en skyhög lösensumma. Veteranen Walter Garber, är trafikledaren som förhandlar med kaparna och får de inte sin vilja igenom, kommer de att börja döda en efter en i gisslan. Allt är planerat in i minsta detalj, men frågan är hur kaparna ska kunna ta sig levande därifrån, fångade i en tunnel, omringade av poliser.

เมื่อมือปืนบุกยึดรถไฟใต้ดิน "เพล์แฮม 123" และจับผู้โดยสารและคนตรวจตั๋วเป็นตัวประกัน "ซาคารี่ การ์เบอร์" ตำรวจราจรแห่งมหานครนิวยอร์ก ต้องกาวิธีเอาชนะพวกโจรปล้นรถไฟใต้ดิน ซึ่งมีมิสเตอร์บลู หัวหน้าขบวนการผู้วางแผนทุกอย่างเจาะลึกถึงรายละเอียดเล็กๆ น้อยๆ เขาต้องการเงินค่าไถ่จำนวนมากภายใน 1 ชม. มิฉะนั้นเขาจะเริ่มสังหารตัวประกันทีละคนๆ

“The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3/Metrodan Kaçış”ta, Denzel Washington, sıradan günü cüretkar bir suçla, bir başka deyişle bir metro treninin kaçırılmasıyla kaosa dönüşen, New York şehri metro hareket memuru Garber’ı canlandırıyor. John Travolta ise baştan aşağı silahlı dört kişilik çetenin lideri ve beyni Ryder olarak, bir saat içinde yüklü bir fidye ödenmediği takdirde yolcuları öldürmekle tehdit eder. Ayaklarının altındaki gerilim artarken, Garber, Ryder’ı zekasıyla alt edip rehineleri kurtarabilmek için metro sistemi üzerine engin bilgisinden yararlanır. Ama Garber’ın çözemediği bir muamma vardır: Hırsızlar parayı alsalar bile, nasıl kaçabilirler ki?

Диспетчер нью-йоркської підземки стає свідком захоплення поїзду метро терористами. Їхні вимоги прості — влада повинна заплатити викуп за звільнення заручників. Якщо їх не почують, терористи погрожують розправою над захопленими жертвами. Для того, щоб врятувати життя людей, диспетчер стає посередником між поліцією та злочинцями.

  沃特(丹泽尔?华盛顿 Denzel Washington 饰)是一名纽约地铁调度员,负责控制各条线路的调配运营。某日,一群恐怖分子劫持了地铁123号线,匪首雷德(约翰?屈伏塔 John Travolta 饰)为前美国雇佣兵,声言要提供1000万赎金才释放人质。巧的是,该数额正式保险金、商业贷款等提取的上限。地铁123号线在隧道里飞驰,乘警多人毙命,司机被挟持,乘客人人自危。沃特因工作失职被调离,后因雷德点名,才被迫参与谈判,面对贪污的质问,他的坦诚拯救了一名年轻乘客的生命。面对劫匪提出的高额赎金和苛刻条件,纽约市长如坐针毡,正当他准备划破钱款平息事端之时,丧心病狂的劫匪又突然改变了主意。作为高速运输管理局要员,沃特决定用自己替换人质,与劫匪展开了一场惊心动魄的生死搏斗……

華特葛伯(丹素華盛頓 飾)是紐約市的地鐵列車調度員,是個平凡不過的普通人,每天在交通管理局指揮列車來往,掌握大局,但一宗地鐵騎劫案把他捲進一個混亂失控的局面:一輛地鐵列車遭到以萊德(尊特拉華達 飾)為首的四名持械匪徒劫持,威脅紐約市政府於一小時內交出巨額贖金,否則將逐一處決列車上的乘客! 車上乘客命懸一線,情況相當危急,局勢似乎全操控於暴徒手中,萊德指定只與華特對話,警方無從介入,而對地鐵系統運作瞭如指掌的華特臨危受命,一方面要冷靜地與萊德談判周旋,另一方面要跟時間競賽,與悍匪鬥智取勝。華特身負重任,更不惜以身犯險,拯救人質。然而,一個謎團卻令華特百思不解:就算這些劫匪取得贖金,他們究竟怎麼順利於封閉的地下鐵管道中脫逃呢?

華特葛伯(丹佐華盛頓 飾)是紐約市的地鐵調度員,某日他的安穩生活突然因一起膽大妄為的犯罪陷入混亂,那就是一輛地鐵列車遭到四名重裝強盜的劫持。萊德(約翰屈伏塔 飾)是該犯罪行動的主謀,也是這一夥強盜的守領,他們擁有火力強大的武器裝備,威脅要一小時內拿到贖金,否則就開始處決列車上的乘客。身為這個緊急恐怖事件的首當其衝者,華特必須靠著自己對於地鐵系統的充分知識跟萊德鬥智取勝,以拯救那些人質。然而,有一個謎團卻令華特百思不解:就算這些強盜取得贖金,他們究竟該怎麼順利脫逃呢?

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