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What if your daughter’s imagination was the secret to your success? When a highly competitive money mogul (Eddie Murphy) finds his financial kingdom slipping, he turns to his 7-year-old daughter (Yara Shahidi) and her fantasy world of imaginary princesses for help. Embarking on a whirlwind journey of comic proportions, father and daughter are about to discover that sometimes all you need is a little imagination – and a lot of love – in this “feel-good winner with something for everyone” (Pete Hammond,

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What if your daughter's imagination... Was the secret to your success?. A financial executive who can't stop his career downspiral is invited into his daughter's imaginary world, where solutions to his problems await.. Imagine That Wiki

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I could only Imagine This movie.  Jolovesgum  5 star

I enjoyed Imagine That last night and it was a great Nickelodeon movie to watch for anybody.

113456789 qwyt
Yes very cute  113456789 qwyt  5 star

Eddie is always funny to watch 😁

Noodle eater & SpongeBob2233
Best  Noodle eater & SpongeBob2233  5 star

[email protected] should do this movie 4 Pete's sake

Carl in Cincinnati
Funny and Family friendly  Carl in Cincinnati  5 star

Thank you, Eddie Murphy, for putting something together that can entertain my 3 year old and my 12 year old. Entertaining, funny, well-done AND with a clear message.

Laurens #1 FAN
awesome movie  Laurens #1 FAN  5 star

this movie was an awesome movie!!!! i watch it over and over and over!!!!!

great  HBGL  5 star

this is such an adorable movie!!!! i would recommend girls should watch this with there dad. its a daddy daughter moie for sure.!!!! :)

You will regret  Manel3135  1 star

This movie was one of the worst movies i have ever seen! It didn't make sense and was stupid. If you didn't like Jack and Jill then you won't like this one! TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND MOSTLY YOUR TIME TO WATCH THIS CRAP!

Singer 297
NOT FOR ME!!!!!!!!  Singer 297  1 star

Eddie murphy Is just dumb in this movie

Saint Logos
Sad, Really  Saint Logos  1 star

It's boring, it's repetitive, it's only occasionally funny, and the script is downright irritating. They really could have made a better movie out of this.

???????  Shuckasica  3 star

What da heck! I keep reading all of these reviews, but I myself didn't get a chance to finish watching the ending! I bought it and I was watching it, when it suddenly froze! It just stopped. In the middle of the movie.! I paid my money for what, half a movie! I want the whole thing in full or I want a refund!!!

Love  Dddddjjjjjj  5 star

Loved. It!!!!!!

I love It!!  Schtrumpfette06012  5 star

The movie is so funny and cute, you should see it !!

mary bergeron
i don't finf the yara shhidi song???  mary bergeron  4 star

i don't find the song: all you need is love on itune... i really like the yara shahidi voice and i want to have her song it's possible???

Disappointing  cruball  2 star

I watched with my 6 and 7 year old sons and this movie struggled to keep their attention; the biggest flaw was it was not well written for kids. Most of the funny parts were in the trailer. Very formulaic story but production values and acting were very good.

This Movie  Chelseabear7  5 star

This movie looks really good i have never seen it but i would love to maybe afer i watch it i will buy it for my ipod!!!

Great movie  sofia8494  5 star

The movie was pretty good. It was funny and it had a good plot, it wasn't just another stupid movie.

gfhg  sonchi1  4 star

this movie aint bad, its actually pretty good for children. i found it very enjoyable to watch :)

Boredom  McLovin..................  2 star

This movie cost 67 million dollars to make and only made 10 million dollars at the box office. This movie is utterly a waste of time... and not funny... also the plot is rubbish.

Hmmmmmmm  Jamesvini  1 star

Yes Eddie Murphy we know, you had kids now please stop.

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