Orphan Summary and Synopsis

The tragic loss of their unborn child has devastated Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John (Peter Sarsgaard), taking a toll on both their marriage and Kate's fragile psyche as she is plagued by nightmares and haunted by demons from her past. Struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives, the couple decides to adopt another child. At the local orphanage, both John and Kate find themselves strangely drawn to a young girl named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman)...but Esther is not what she appears to be and, concerned for the safety of her family, Kate tries to get John and others to see past Esther's sweet facade. But her warnings go unheeded until it may be too late...for everyone. After losing their baby, a married couple adopt 9-year old Esther, who may not be as innocent as she seems. Orphan Wiki

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Orphan Movie (2009)

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Orphan Movie Reviews

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- AMAZING5 star


- Wow5 star

I did not expect this movie to be good but as it made progress it shock me. The movie got more crazier as it went but all in all I loved it.

- Patience kiona5 star

Want to watch

- Rating5 star


- Wow!4 star

Great movie with a very unique storyline. Definitely unnerving!

- the orphen5 star

this movie is a mist watch and to be carefull i life

- I mean...2 star

I get wanting to start over and having another hope to end something in a positive note to save something..like in this case, a marriage to preserve a loving family that wants to stay together in order to save their marriage and family. However, to put something that is very controversial nowadays (adoption and the early stigma around it) can be offensive and questionable. It hits home to me because of this stigma. I don’t understand why they had to use sensitively/horror with it. Maybe that’s why they made it but..stupid in my opinion.

- Orphan5 star

Awesome movie!

- Eerily Good5 star

Really grips and intrigues you. Would recommend.

- Wowed5 star

I mean I didn’t know what to think Other than Another good Thriller Movie with My Girl From The Conjuring

- I saw this movie on TV.1 star

I didn’t like the movie at all. I knew where the movie was going. Nuff said.

- OMG someone has Family Issues πŸ₯Ά4 star

What Happened in Orphan would be a long investigation for the ASPCA! Esther is a 9 year old kid (NOT)! But it becomes clear she has numerous issues and that is because she’s actually 33 years old and has a growth problem! Which of course is the first of her problems! Orphan is a horror movie you may need a shower 🚿 after watching!

- Creepy especially if you are a parent4 star

Nice suspenseful horror with truly NOT expected twists.

- Orphan5 star

Have to watch really good

- Orphan fan peeps5 star

Why did she kill ppl!!! Lol I mean it’s supposed to be scary duhhh lol I don’t know what I am saying lol

- Brilliant!5 star

I am a horror movie snob. I avoided this movie for a long time because I ASSumed it was low rent fare. It is shocking and wonderful!

- Omg5 star

Best movie!!!!

- Amazing5 star

One of the best movies I ever seen

- !!!!!5 star

one of the BEST scary movies!!!!!!!!!!

- Great but pretty clichΓ©.4 star

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this movie and especially the part before the credits (just because it looked really cool from a photographer's perspective). However, it was pretty clichΓ© as in I often knew what was going to happen in scenes that were supposed to have thrills but were spoiled because they were super classic. Otherwise, it was an amazing movie that kept me on the edge of my seat plot-wise.

- Fantastic Movie5 star

You may be thinking "Oh great, another formulaic movie about a weird kid" (even though I still enjoy them) but this movie has a surprising ending and the acting is suprub by ALL charachters- especially Isabella Fuhrman. Its not boring but at the same time it doesnt try hard to avoid being called "boring" by using cheap tricks, overt & unecessary gore, etc.

- The best phycological movie ever5 star

I like this movie very much.

- Orphan5 star

This movie is by far my favorite. I literally watched it 10 times in a row. Kept me right in the middle of my bed, didn't want to move. Great movie.

- Best Movie Everrre πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„5 star

I love this movie Isabelle Furham is really good !!!!!!!

- Devastated3 star

Horrible download..the movie was good but every 15 or twenty minutes it would pause and not let me unpause...I had to wait a half and hour for it to start working again...and it said I had 24 hours to watch the movie because i rented it but it only gave me like six until I turned off my phone...:////

- Love love love5 star

Amazing movie

- GREAT MOVIE!!!!5 star

Absolutely a must see! It's scary, thrilling and has an AMAZING plot. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good horror movie to watch!!πŸ˜„

- Loved4 star

I Loved This Movie When I Saw It On Tv. One The Movies Ever, But It's Not Horror It's Mystery.

- Best movie ever5 star

The best movie ever made .I really enjoyed it .

- Not scary.3 star

Good but not scary

- One of the best movies I have seen5 star

This movie deserves more than five stars. Isabella furman did such a great job as this crazy girl. Love the unexpected twist!!!

- Favorite Movie!5 star

This movie is so good! I am obsessed with horror films and am usually disappointed because they're typically not all that scary/creepy. The 'Orphan' definitely was creepy and to this day it's still one of my all time favorites. Worth a buy/watch in my opinion!

- Leonardo DiCaprio Produced This For A Reason!5 star

This movie may not seem original, the seemingly perfect child turns out to be crazy, but trust me when I tell you this is worth your time. It will keep you guessing until the end and when it comes all of your guesses will be proven wrong. Trust me when I tell you that you will not guess the ending. The acting was brilliant, and the twist was actually good. This is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen and I will be amazed when the day comes that a different one will surpass it!

- Loved it!5 star

I'm not a big fan of writing reviews but this is one of my favorite movies. The first time I ever watched it, I had to watch it over and over and about five times more. I highly recommend seeing it even if you're not big on scary movies.

- What?5 star

What happened to the grandma?!!!!

- Live it5 star

Awesome movie, not one of those stupid ones

- AllThingsReviewer5 star

This movie blew my mind and is just the best. I cannot put my feelings about this movie into words, folks. And I find it bad that nobody pays any attention to this movie anymore, I mean who remembers "Mama" ? Seriously. People don't even pay attention to that movie anymore because it was a waste of time. But "Orphan" is different, it actually means something........ it blows your mind. I seriously don't know how to put this into words. All I have to say is that you will not waste your money buying or renting this movie even if you don't like it.

- Absolutely a great movie!5 star

Horror movies don’t really scare me since they usually all follow a cookie cutter example. Yet, this movie proved me wrong and had me at the edge of my seat from the moment that I pressed play. The development of the story was also refreshing compared to many horror movies that look to just randomly throw in β€œscary parts”. These parts are usually undetectable until they happen. Definitely buy or at least rent. Suggestion: This is best watched with all the lights turned off. It WILL intensity the movie experience!

- One of my favorites5 star

I've seen Orphan 3-4 times, and it's just as good as the first time. Yes, there is a sexual scene, and they use the F bomb a few times but other than that, its a great movie that would be good to watch with friends.

- i love this movie5 star


- My favorite movie5 star

Ever since it came out this has been my all time favorite movie! I could truly go on and on about how great it is. Very well put together movie! It needs more attention! Isabelle Fuhrman did and amazing job for only being 11.

- Great movie5 star

This movie has all sorts of twists in it and has you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

- Isabelle Is EXCEPTIONAL!5 star

I heard of this from my friend and I got scared just reading the deatails & The preview! Well, This WILL scar you for life, but, your horror heaven is worth it.

- The orphan5 star

It's amazing how a 12 year old girl can have such a great fake accent. Isabelle Fuhrman is an amazing actress

- Love it5 star

Great scary movie without gore.

- Wish i could download it...5 star

I've watched the movie before with my grandma, it's my favorite movie! But I'm 9 years old so version put an age thingy so all my chucky movies are gone and my Zombieland is also gone! And yes horror movies don't freak me out... I watched Mama! Be sides that its a AWESOME movie and if you like horror movies get this movie!

- Best movie ever5 star

This movie is creepy and scary but awesome i love it so much i cant watch it every day

- Bad1 star


- Awesome5 star

I love this movie.

- lower price4 star

i want a lower price in HD to buy this movie

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Madgirl 500 - Best movie ever5 star

This is the only horror movie I will ever watch

Luellalover❀️1234 - Orphan5 star

The murder dies at the end

Malforedesastor - Great movie.4 star

I liked this movie, especially since it's creepy. Not the scariest, but defiantly worth checking out.

F htsvkfdfbi - Speechless.5 star

From the gruesome beginning to the climax, this movie is beyond perfect. Amazing acting, sweet moments, with the perfect mix of killing and psychotic tampering ... must buy. I highly suggest you buy it. Amazing value for such a little price. The acting is spot on, I especially love moments where you're waiting for a jump scare but it never comes ... perfect suspense, perfect scares, perfect movie. I'd give it 1000 stars if I could.

$$ 101 - :):):)4 star

By the way the girl who played estler also played clove in the hunger games!!!

Esther secrete lover - I love Esther5 star

I want to know a lots of thing about Esther if Esther read this message plz write me a message plzz

Sweet5935 - Not bad πŸ‘4 star

So I wasn't scared till it was over, but its still a gr8 movie worth watching

ahrahman - Creepy!5 star

I watched this when it released in the cinema. There's a great twist to the film and leaves you gasping in horror. Definitely recommend it

rsmith18 - Great horror movie5 star

Has a great story line with lots of surprises (keeps you on your toes). Definitely my favourite horror movie i've seen in years

horanrm93 - Epic5 star

I love it!

Lalalupse - Not scary but love it5 star

Ok OMG I loved this movie it is so cool can u believe the girl is 33

jenny d - Read this now!!!!1 star

She's not a kid she's an adult!!!! The end

Ella Bella Vanilla - Sick Movie5 star

This movie actaully scared me...not in the bloody,jumpy stuff but in the more psychological matter. This was sick and missed up. Entertaining but simply sick.

Hollister qt - I <3 this movie!!!5 star

OMG! so good! Amazing acting, and HOLY CRAP!!! amazing plot twist!!! Sent chills down my spine!!! :D omg buy this movie you will NOT REGRET IT!

Hgggtyyyyxchghxhsgdhxgxh44335 - Amazing5 star

This was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I don't know why the rotten tomatoes rating was so bad, his was an amazing movie. An amazing plot twist, wonderful acting, etc.

Inside_in - Hilariously Terrible1 star

Dumbest movie. If you want to laugh at how terrible it is then go for it but if it could get less than one star that would be my vote

Kayla Dion - L'orpheline5 star

C'est aute comment la fille intrigue les gent

Mimiee259 - Mimiee2595 star

I loveeeed this movie so much! I watched it cause my friend appears in it and i was supprised! Thats not an horror, More a suspense but its definatly to see!

Tanglereid - Worthwhile5 star

It has it's flaws, but a new twist on an old plot. Great ending. In the horror / suspense genre this is a winner.

healyy - THE WORST1 star

Do yourself the favour and keep your money by far the worst movie i have ever seen in my entire life. i walked out of the movie theatre like it was a daddy hit mommy moment except somehow put that into context of this movie being the worst thing ever created. if your interested in bad movies look up "The Fog" and "The Mist"

Bobbinthread - Dumb1 star

WOW. its not even scary the only almost scary part is in the end. lame

Bakamba - Great film 5 stars5 star

It's not really a horror movie it's more of a suspense kind but the script and the story is dam nice

RipOutMyWings - John and Kate plus a creepy brat3 star

It was pretty good. Not very scarry. The plot was not bad. Best part of the movie was the twist

ladygaga1234 - Orphan rocks!!!5 star

I thought it would be so much different but I really liked it!!!

Devil Spice - Liked5 star

I really liked this movie. There was great suspense in it. And who would have ever thought that she would end up being so evil. And, not giving anything away, but finding out who she really was just surprised the hell out of me. I was like WTF? It's that kind of a movie. Definitely see this.

squrriel 21 - WOW!!5 star


Charlie_Em - Awesome4 star

This was one of the best new Hollywood thrillers I have seen for a very long time. Great acting especially by the girl who played Esther. No holds barred atypical Hollywood movie with a great twist.

Doctor Aldworth - Don't read dis5 star

Esther is actually leena clammer she was born in 1976 she's 33yrs old she has a rare horomone disease called "hypovictorytisement" it is pronounced "hi-po-victory-tise-ment" if u hate me for this don't blame me I told u not 2 read this ;)

Great horned owl - Wow...5 star

Great movie as a summary. Totally unexpected ending and very creepy. Love it!!

MCRLuva124 - Its okay, and thats about it.3 star

It does well as a drama film, not so much as a horror film. Granted, there are some very genuinely creepy moments () but after that its nothing but jump scares and milks the sympathy you have for the young daughter who becomes an unwilling accomplice to Esther. Its okay, and thats about it. Nothing really stands out, which is sad because this could have been a really great horror film.

vixen21 - awesome5 star

this movie was amazing i was so pleased for once with a horror movie and that's been a good long while since i was the ending was a bit sad but it leaves it open for possibly a second movie which i would definitely want to watch.

ActingIsAnArt - AMAZING SUSPENSE!!!5 star

This movie is amazing........will keep you on the edge of your seat, this movie has a terrifiying twist!!!

SummerSkye Sloane - Terrifiic Suspenseful Script with Super Acting5 star

I really enjoyed this movie as the tension keeps building and the acting is A+ on the part of the mother, her adopted daughter and even the little deaf child, too. Other cast members are also good. A lot of horror films are too gory or cheesy for my liking but NOT this one. ORPHAN's violence is not overdone and the storyline is believable overall. Five stars!


Esther is actually a full grown lady with a disease that affects her physical appearance. She was in a MENTAL Hospital and she escaped!!!! It's kindof obvious. And if you read this and are mad at me... well...I told you not to read this!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT

Buffytheslayr - Yikes4 star

Predictable but entertaining. I saw it for free but I'd rent it. You could make alot of sequels (akin to the Chucky series lol) with this story!

hockeystar71 - loved it!5 star

i loved it! but my fav horror movie is halloween and iv trying been trying to find the movie on itunes but o luck:( if u got any tips let me no thanxs...;)

Ipawndude - Wooowwww5 star

Omg.. This is a very good and scary movie! I am 12 and I was soo scared at some parts! I love the concept and storyline. I just wish it told more about Esthers past! O and the alternate ending is freakkyyy! This girl seems so nice and pretty, but behind all that is a physcotic child.

Jacadia - question...5 star

if you rent movies, how long do you get them for? please let me know. thankss. (:

Osparker2 - Orphan4 star

I loved this movie. Kept me wondering all the way. Kids are Evil but in this case more so. A must see.

Pooticker - Orphan3 star

The Orphan was a wicked Benjamin Button

LNAdrien - Serious contender for best horror film of the decade5 star

God, a 2 years and half have passed since I saw a movie with such intensity... One thing I can tell is that this ain't no kid's moovie.

Anastasia-PΓ©nΓ©loppe - Just OK3 star

I was scared about this movie. Seriously. I think that this movie should be no awful than that. I don't suggest to watch this movie at night, before going to bed. I don't have more words to describe this movie, just awful, scary, ....

Jainu - Orphan... Seriously2 star

This is one of the most twisted and stupid movie i've seen all year DO NOT WATCH IT!

David Susilo - Predictable but fun nevertheless4 star

Although I predicted the outcome of the movie about 30 minutes into the movie, the storyline and scenes are engaging enough to keep me interested throughout the movie. However, this shouldn't be considered as horror but a thriller instead.

Cotheone - Great movie5 star

For once a movie that does not have a cliche happy ending

Thegodshero - Scary azz he'll5 star

I was very freaked out by this movie for have a 8 year half sister who is Russian and through out the movie I was pictureing my sister doing all this 5 stars great movie

sfsfg - scary and shocking4 star

very shocking ending amazing

Braden loves Kennedy 2009 - Orphan5 star

Best movie I've ever seen I was on the edge of my seat the whole time 5 stars great movie!

jb1975 - I had to buy it...5 star

I rented this movie one night and I was realy realy impressed with the storyline and the performance of Isabelle Fuhrman. This movie becomes very unpredictable and I was nailed to my seat till the last scene. After finishing watching this movie I badly wanted to own it and I felt bad for just renting at first so I ended up purchasing it for futur viewing!

Suzypoo - Great movie5 star

I thought that this movie was great. It sure did keep me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie. For all the people who are negative about this movie just don't have the balls to watch a movie like this.

Jack157122002 - TASTY1 star

it was all g

FussyAs - Tally Ho! by Grandaddy5 star

This movie was so absorbing my wife even stayed awake! Great storyline and convincing acting.

JJAskiz - Awesome movie.5 star

This is my favourite Horror movie, it is a awesome movie with a awesome storyline and a awesome unguessable ending, it's a must watch.

The Jam 1982 - Orphan5 star

Awesome acting. Very creepy. Loved it

Azurecara - Ms4 star

Quite a unique twist. Well paced tension build up, with some new slants on otherwise predictable horror devices. Not quite 5 stars, as there was a real absence of the back story, with a rushed gloss over explanation to fill the blank.

BeccaSound - Surprisingly Good!5 star

Great movie, really enjoyed it. Original story, did NOT see the twist coming, great cast, great cinematography. The little girl who played Max is just so, so adorable too, absolutely loved her character. I highly recommend this film!

LouieZa - Thrilling5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a good thriller. Something different.

Jamshiiid - One of the best5 star

I recommend this movie to every one . Simply amazing .

bulletproof-cupid - ticks all the boxes4 star

Great movie, a twist you or your friends will not guess. Not the typical 'creepy-little-girl-kills-people' film like you expect. Interesting story and feeds your scary movie craving!

E123456778 - Scary but I LOVED IT5 star

So I decided to watch this on a school night... It was really, really good, but also as scary as hell. It is more of a movie to rent than buy, considering how scary it is. Lesson to be learnt: Don't watch it on a Thursday at 9:00pm. I stayed up until 3:00 in the morning, desperately trying to sleep, trying to rid my mind of this creepy movie. Watch it if you enjoy horror movies.

Alijoykids - Above average movie4 star

I stumbled across this movie by accident one night on foxtel and was pleasantly suprised. I've watched it a couple of time since and still enjoy it. Wonderful twist and I love love LOVE Vera Farmiga - great actress.

Daisybi - Great one5 star

This movie has a big surprise at the end. People must watch it! I have watched it for several times and still like it so much.

dantebonfimcostasantos - worth the watch5 star

this movie had the tendency to either perform well or fail miserably and a combination of good acting and well put together plot that made it worth while. definitely recommend this to anyone

jayjohns - jayden5 star

love this movie isabelle was the perfect role for esther I'm in love with this movie

Movie_review1928 - Awesome5 star

I thought this movie was awesome. It spooked me and my friends wen we watched it and i honestly would recomend it as a first time scary movie. The acting was awesome, the story line was awesome, all together AWESOME!!!

Babee cakes - Orphan5 star

I was 9 when I watched it now I'm 11 and and I steel love it it's a great movie I love it I really want to watch it again it's the best horror iv ever watched

salbayne - AWESOME5 star

I love this movie, it's the best. <3 Isabelle Fuhrman

XoxoGossipGirl101 - Awesome!5 star

This movie is a true horror I loved it every single second of it. totally worth watching it!

Kaybee94 - THE BEST5 star

it's so good loved every min of it!!!

hwinf - Orphan5 star

I love you mummy

Kool man 12345678910 - Orphan4 star

Completely awesome

lozfromoz6 - Haha5 star

I was 12 when i wanted to watch and i am 14 now. My parents were watching it in the living room and they kept telling me to go to my bedroom or something! I still really wanna watch it!

Mitchsmith - Hmm1 star

Looks like a really gay and bad horror film, very weak acting

liv2468000 - fantasically freaky5 star

I love this movie so much!! Its got a fantasic twist at the end that really surprises you! :) The beginning of the movie is kind of gross but it gets better from there! The end of the movie shocked me, i had NO idea!! U should buy or at least rent this movie!

walyak - Great HORROR!4 star

This is an amazing horror. With a huge twist at the end this is a susperb horror flick. With amazing actors i suggest to all horror lovers out there that you must watch this.

Bjm 8654631 - Pretty good..4 star

Not a bad movie... Good twist at the end

Ypotstose - Loved It!!!5 star

This movie was one of the best I have ever watched, the acting is amazing, especially Isabelle Fuhrman, she played the part perfectly, she really made me hate her! This movie isn't a typical horror movie, it has a great storyline and is very different to other movies I have watched. Also it really isn't that scary at all. its not ghosts or demons, its a little girl who has a secret which you have to try and figure out, but it does kinda creep you out. I highly recommend you watch this movie.

melissa.ss1306 - orphan!!!!!!!!!!5 star

i loved this movie and i think that everyone shold get it i liked the acting and it was pretty scary my favroute actor is jimmy bennett and since he is in this movie it makes it evan more exiteing 5 stars great and awesome movie

horrormovielover - The name Esther will NEVER be the same...5 star

a fabulous movie! suspenseful, entertaining and puts a different perspective on horror movies. this movie scared me about the name esther and it keeps you guessing until the end! this is one freaky movie!

Hyper_Kiwi - Awesome Movie5 star

Haha loved it so worth the money i'm only 13 and normally I hate horror movies but this is now my favorite loved the plot and the acting was amazing! the characters were awesome and I found my self watching it again Esther if thats how you spell it had to be my favorite character you just have to love the evilness of her but you can some what see the reasons why she is that way. Anyway so recommend the movie to anyone willing to watch !!

OliveWahh - Terrific movie5 star

This movie was so good!! It was a strange storyline, but I loved it and it had me on the edge of my seat.

Lolli0622 - PRETTY GREAT4 star

this film has really great acting!, and gave you chills- definetly watch it but u might want to rent it because its just one of those movies that a good but u probs wudnt watch again!

goldfish1010 - Good4 star

this movie was really good. although you knew somthing was going to happen, you were always left in suspense. i highly recommend it to people who love horror films

ohheytayla! - Pretty Good Horror5 star

Usually, I'm not the type for horror films. The story line is gripping, the movie is chilling and the acting is brilliant. I rented Orphan, but I recommend buying the film. Orphan won't dissapoint the Horror fans, or those people who just don't usually watch this kind of thing!

Burstwatermain - What a fantastic ride this movie was!5 star

You don't really know what to expect with movies like this but boy did it deliver. Its very hard to fault this movie. It not really a horror its a thriller so don't be fooled by the genre. I loved the way that the plot and the characters developed. The acting in this was excellent, from everyone, especially the orphan herself. My god, what a superb job she did. You will enjoy some of the lines she delivers in this as well as they are totally unexpected. Get ready for a journey when you sit down to watch this movie. Have fun trying to guess the ending, you will probably get it wrong. Turn the lights out, grab the cat and a glass of red and enjoy.

EbonyyBuckleyy - Loved it..5 star

I loved it but i don't really think it was that scary....... just a tad creepy tho....

imagleek2697 - Awesome4 star

It was a good movie loved every bit of it. You would be hanging to the edge of your seat. Its exciting!

Crocus number 7 - Dodo5 star

Why are those people walking in the rain?

juicerx5 - Didn't see this one coming! Spooky and Scary!4 star

I love the horror genre and I can be quite harsh in my reviews, but I loved this film, it had an innovative script, was a new story we haven't really seen before, excellent acting from the cast - and lets face it, it scared me and kept me on edge. As always, you want more from the endings, but films have to end sometime and somehow. If you like the genre, this is not an A+ film, but definitely an A. Buy it, you wont regret it - call the friends, turn off the lights and hold on to your popcorn!

SGSeries - Amazing5 star

Great acting from all cast members, will be a classic in my collection-one of my favs.

DanielleDunnycan - Freaky4 star

The start of the movie was really graphic and made me feel sick! But then it got better... It was a bit cliche in some parts, but then there was a part I didnt expect at all! I think this movie was good, and if you like creepy little kids in movies, you will like this one!

M_Rose123 - Orphan5 star

Omg I'm 11 and I watched it and it was the best...but she is sooo evil. Max is so cute.the ending is sooo cool, she looks so innocent and really nice but she is murderer. I hate it wen she burns tree house down and the boy falls, then she goes to kill him with a big rock but then max pushes her away( go little max). It's really gross how she brakes her arm with the clamp kinda thingy. I think that you should buy it at the vidio shop but it's worth it buying it on here it's just that u can get it cheaper Good luck watching it Ps u have to watch it Pps great ending

; ) ROCKSTAR 101 JESSE GIRL ; ) - ORPHAN5 star


O-M-Glee - SCARY!5 star

anyone who likes horror HAS to see this! It's my favourite movie of all time. It has a great cast and a great script!

lucyliu77 - Very Scary5 star

This movie captivates you from the beginning to the end and has a fantastic plot. It's very scary without being blood n guts gory. I recommend it to anyone that loves edge-of-the-seat thrillers.

sonitus - Good for a scare3 star

Good scary movie with a "scary little girl" - not sure what it is but they sure can be made scary in the horror movies! Quite good acting and not to bad for scares.

1423 jess - loved it5 star

i loved this movie! it had a great story line throughout the whole movie. It is one of the best movies i have every! seen in the world. The movie keeps you on your toes the whole movie wondering what was going to happened next. i think you should buy this movie its great.

So scary - Orphan2 star

I had nitemares I hate the bit wen she knoks out the nun wif a hamer

Aeternum - Great, but a rental3 star

Not horrible, not amazing either. Interesting plot twist and the girl that plays Esther does an amazing job. This was the kind of movie I was happy to pause and walk away from for hours at a time though, it never really pulled me in. If you're a fan of The Good Son with a very young Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin, you'll probably like this film.

FashionnWhoree - ....4 star

it was good really messed up! story line was good never would of seen it coming...even though my friend pointed it out :P good movie dont think its worth &24.99 though.

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WiltedAngel - Awesome!5 star

It's rated R?! Alright! Imma rebel! Oh and awesome movie

Trixta247 - Movie5 star

I love this movie it's so funny and a little creepy since she's 9 years old(or...well you think she's nine but she's not) and she's a killer

popsiclecakes - more of a thriller5 star

i enjoyed this movie, but i can't say it was much of a horror. i actually found the story of esther quite sad, and i wish we had learned a bit more of her past. it would have made a very interesting psychological thriller, but either way it was well made. if you are newer to the horror genre, i would recommend this film. furhman was spectacular, and the twist was completely unexpected.

LuLu_505 - πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘5 star

This movie is old but it is a GOOD movie! The girl is a TRIP! Talk about a PSYCO!!!

CapnRoseRose - Best movie ever!!!!5 star

This movie really has it all. It's amazing, and very well directed. I knew the ending, but it made me even then, still in shockment and supprise!!!! I rented it and watched the whole thing more than 10 times, and each time was way better!!! It's worth buying. I just turned 13... and I loved every bit of this movie. Its very scary, but has everything you can expect in it. Buy it or rent!!!!!!! You wont regret it. I am very much obsessed with Orphan. It's a good movie, it has good acting, a supprise ending which shocks anyone really. :)

FingerBudder11 - πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘5 star

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ excellent πŸ‘Œ

Swwgdhdhjhfgndhhhw - Ffurdfdjdcjfd5 star


Latasha English - Love itπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘5 star

It's a great movie! It's not that scary (I'm 13)

Q<3 - Stunning5 star

I FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE! It wasn't even that scary for someone my age (I'm 13)

OGDes - Best horror movie5 star

I love this movie so interresting and its the best movie fave movie if all time it has always been im in love with this movie. ❀😍

Bark11 - Orphan5 star

OMG! I want to see the this movie over and over again! So addicting that u can't stop watching it!!!!!!!

Soccergirl11a - Awesome!!!!5 star

I watched this movie with two of my best friends cause we thought it would be scary, but it's not! We are all 12 years old and here are some things about this movie you might want to watch out for: 1- mini jump scares 2- the inappropriate part where the lady is almost naked 3- weapons 4- language 5- the actual story is pretty creepy Thats pretty much it! I know it's rated R but it IS appropriate for a 12/13 year old as wellβœŒπŸ‘

Andrew Kostainsek - Good movie4 star

Great film to watch with your family and friends! This movie is one of the scariest movies ive seen in my life.

LilRebelC - Great love it!!!5 star

I was about 10 the first time I saw this movie and I was home alone watching it at the time. Now I'm 16 and I've seen it a million times I love the movie!!!

Vampirepartygirl - AWESOME!!!!5 star

I totally give this movie 5 stars because its awesome but scary and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Mathgurrl41 - AMAZING!!!5 star

It's such a good movie great ending! Although u little boring in the beginning the ending is jaw dropping I highly recommend this movie to anyone it is scary but it more just keeps u on the edge of your seat

Funjacob - Awesome movie5 star

I give this movie 5 stars because it's funny,scary and weird.I also think that they since its based in the book and theres a second book they should make a second movie

KKfriends - Luvved itttt5 star

I no her secret and it's very weird. Ethster is not normal, she is kill crazy. 5 stars from me

Willow fairy queen - Awesome!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is now my favorite horror movie!! U should totally get!! I love the twist at the end!!! ; ) <3

CuteHamster - READ PLEASE3 star

So i ( 10 years old ) watched this movie on tv and i started watching it in the middle kind of and it was pretty cool and scary ! But now that i watched the preview i see that i missed a lot of scary parts . Bummer! I think if u like really scary , bloody- ish , drama movie . U should TOTALLY BUY!! And when i say bloody-ish i mean not throwing up bloody i mean lets say she is stabbing someone . Or someone jumps in front of a car . WARNING: may be offending to some viewers!!!

li juls - good movie4 star

i don't wanna adopted a kid now i didn't like the ending though

hough peeps - Grate5 star

I luv this movie but my dad won't let me spend five of my ten bucks on it. Grrr

Peter Leo - I LOVE THIS MOVIE!5 star


Sterlingurl - The bad seed4 star

I loved this movie. The twist was a complete surprise & came out of nowhere but still made sense.

Thudiffeyvghb - which one should i watch?1 star

Im going on a bus trip in 2 days and i want to downlaod a scary movie. im 13 and i LOVE scary movies!!!!! should i watch nightmare on elm street, the orphan, or the exsorcism of emily rose? I NEED HELP!!!!!! p.s. my sisters name is emily rise and was born the same year this movie came out. even weirder...... same day!!!

PageantQueen01 - It wasn't that scary but I loved it5 star


BTRmonkey - Scared me!5 star

Orphan scared me a little bit when the orphan took off the collar and bracelet and you saw the scars from the strait jacket! And tried to kill every one (brother sister dad mom) that movie was GRATE!

Dylanshcineder - Oh my god. I love this.5 star

The acting is absolutely amazing. Isabelle fuhrman is amazing!! Buy!

VeeBee10 - Too Scared; Spectacular Trailer4 star

Sorry to say that I'm too scared to see this movie. I saw the trailer, though, and it's spectacular. The fact that the children who have written reviews on this that are my age have mixed emotions about the fear level of the film doesn't help me prepare for what I'm going to watch later, though. I heard that its scary and it's just plain disturbing... I watched Dead Silence, Paranormal Activity, and Paranormal Activity 2 with two of my friends, but I'm not sure if they are scarier than this or not. All I can really say about this film is that from the clips I've seen and from the trailer, the cast is extraordinary. And, as always, Isabelle Fuhrman is a phenomenal actress! She portrays Esther in a way that I don't believe anyone else could, as she does with Clove in the Hunger Games, which is my all-time favorite movie. So, just reviewing the trailer and clips that I've found online I suppose. They're great. If the movie is anywhere near as good as the trailer, anyone wanting to purchase this film is going to be very pleased. I wouldn't let any children see this, though, by the looks of it.

dj advisory - Best movie of 20095 star

It is a amazing movie and it's very creepy. Isabelle Fuhrman did a great job

DennyReyes - AMAZING!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘5 star

Orphan is one of my favorite movies of all time! I thought it would be stupid but it wasn't, it was awesome! πŸ‘

JBlover2307 - Amazingly Scary!5 star

I actually watched this on Lifetime 2 weeks ago and I fell in love! I HATE scary movies but this one I liked alot! It wasn't that scary until the end but I loved it, and coming from me, a 14 year old that hates scary movies, that's rare for me to like movies like this! I watched the trailer before buying it on iTunes and I gotta say the trailer isn't that good.. The movie is wayy better

Music_Lover9009 - Thrillingly Satisfying4 star

I thought that Isabella's performance in this movie was well played. She seemed to REALLY get down to the character of Esther. Also, the other actors were good as well. Their performances were filled with the BEST effort they could all put in. One negative? Why did they need to show the dead baby in the nightmare sequence? That, to me, seemed un-necessarily graphic. And, it's a movie about a "supposed" little girl MURDERING people! Other than that, this movie was VERY well written and acted.

Alan ;D - iLuv Thiz Movie!!!5 star

This Moviee iS Greatt.. iHave Seen This movie At Theather..An Bouth iT On iTunes iTZ A AWSOME MOvie..!!! iLUV YHU ESTER!!! E$tEr ThA BEst!

LordNewman - Creepy5 star

Movies don't normally bother me.... I saw the end coming but it was still quite disturbing.

LawFirm21 - Amazingly freaky5 star

The adopted girl is the best actress in this film and makes it wonderfully creepy. Makes you not want to adopt a kid. Its a great movie and you should rent it.has some nice twists.

Jakesnack55 - Awesome Horror Movie Ever5 star

Very suspenseful and scary I never want to adapt kids I didn't like the ending could've added a little bit more suspense to the end like her rising out o the hole

lcmartinez - what i expected, freaky at end4 star

after dis movie, i probly wont adopt

LoveJoy12457 - Amazingly Scary!5 star

So many scary scenes! She is very violent. Next thing you know Ester will be another word for DANGER! Who can say that a 9 year old girl is actually a 33 year old women! Best horror movie of 2009. Rent it! Or get in real life! Very Creepy. Got nightmares! The only thing I hate is the sex scene and the part where they look at nude women. O.o Thank you Warner Brothers For this outstanding movie!

Scared 2 death - SCARY!!!!!!!5 star

This movie was excellent, well written and intriguing! I mean how the hell can a little girls have psychotic and crazy powers! After seeing this movie I thought I'd never sleep again! I give this a double thumbs up! I hope you like it too. :D

Nikki11799 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

this movie is the movie I would pic if I was stranded on a deserted island & could watch one movie my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸŽ¦πŸ‘

niquesmitty - Loveed itt!!5 star

Amazzinng<3... It shocked the hell out of me!!!(;

bailey99shaw - Cool5 star

I am 7 it was relly good I watch it on my iphone4s I LOVE it little scary but I am 7th not that scary

AwzmDrawer_sexyBitch - orphan5 star


wes0913 - amazing!5 star

isabelle fuhrman is an AMAZING actress in every movie she is in! (including hunger games!)

Peyton7835 - 12244678985 star

Quit telling what happens! STUPID PEOPLE!

sammy6896654 - Orphan Lover!!5 star

All i gotta say is that i am in love with this movie!!! My favorite movie!! Watch It with my friends everytime!

KLaurenR8 - Waoh!5 star

The girl who plays in this movie plays it well! it waz exciting and a fantastic thriller and horror movie. Everyone should see thos movie it will scare you and leave you wondering who to trust in the end!

Nursingstudent77 - Very very very very very very very very very3 star

A very great movie! Except it is very predictable! I was watching it with a friend and ended up predicting the whole thing! Lol otherwise great movie!

Immagymnast - Loved it!5 star

I loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great acting, great story! defenitley worth watching! if your into suspensful creepy kind of horror films, you should really enjoy this film. (:

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