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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen synopsis, summary and reviews

6.1 star

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2009

The battle for Earth continues in this action-packed blockbuster from director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg. When college-bound Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers, he must accept his destiny and join Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in their epic battle against the Decepticons, who have returned stronger than ever with a plan to destroy our world.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Film Synopsis

Sam Witwicky leaves the Autobots behind for a normal life. But when his mind is filled with cryptic symbols, the Decepticons target him and he is dragged back into the Transformers' war.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Reviews

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2nd Movie of an awesome seriesThis movie is awesome, hilarious, and has amazing characters and actors. I would totally recommend this movie. But I don’t understand why they killed Arcee when she was very important to Generation 1. Plus how could the constructicons be in devastator and be on the battlefield at the same time. So i got to give it a 4 for simple mistakes in the movie..Score: 5/5

Revenge of the fallenThis was my favorite of all the transformers movies ever made. I don’t see what’s not to like..Score: 5/5

I like itIt was cool.Score: 5/5

Uncertain of how I feel...(This review is for all 4 films so far) I love transformers, anything big and sci-fi is right up my ally but this movie made me kinda uncomfortable it's made way to mature considering it's transformers which was originally a kid centered genre. Shia's character in the first three films isn't very likable he's not heroic he's not someone I wanted to succeed really I'm glad they changed the character to the guy in AoE It's not a surprising level of mature content for nowadays it's just that this particular series would've been better without it The transformers themselves however are great their funny, well done, and have some amazing action sequences so yeah if you want a good sci-fi action series your in a good place That's all I really have to say on these movies I guess Story 2/5 Characters 3/5 Action 5/5 Robots 5/5.Score: 3/5

STAY AWAY!!!!!“I am Optimus Prime and I approve this message.”.Score: 1/5

BOOO!This is slightly worse than Age Of Extinction!! Disappointed!! 😡.Score: 1/5

A OK filmThe film is not good but it had some great scenes like the forest fight but I was expecting more from this movie.Score: 3/5

Like itTransformers is awesome.Score: 5/5

What really? What a piece a .. whaTransformers revenge of the fallen is a awful sequel to transformers I mean really transformers balls and annoying characters and racism, the plot wasn't as good as the first, it killed Optimus prime for no reason besides more racism, oh yeah and there are transformer that are thriller characters.Score: 2/5

Awesome movieMy favorite Transformers movie for sure.Score: 5/5

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AwesomeAwesome.Score: 5/5

MackI saw this on my birthday it blew my mind its the best transformers movie ever.Score: 5/5

The weakest out of allThis was the worst transformers movie out all five movies Shia really brings down the movie.Score: 4/5

Wow .. Good MovieWhat do you expect? Its a movie about giant robots fighting each other? Its not an intellectual movie, nor does it have top notch acting ... However keeping in mind that it is an ACTION movie, it was extremely entertaining and fully worth watching for the effects and Nostalgia. People, please dont complain because it doesnt have the mind blowing plot of the matrix or inception. Its a frigging action movie. Go in with realistic expectations and you will have a blast..Score: 5/5

Horrid.This movie is in one word, horrible. Let's do a break-down, shall we. Plot-1/5. Only because there is a plot. A bad one, but it has one. There are a ton of plot-holes though. How is the goverment covering giant robots up? How is there Robo-Heaven? Is Optimus Prime the real Jesus? Acting-2.5/5. A few robots can act, but 50% can't. And none of the humans can. But at least there's Peter Cullen. Visuals- 2/5. The CGI is bad. Not horrid, but bad. It isn't a matter of what the critics can do, it's what the people who's JOB can do. Also John Turturro in a speedo. Also, every robot minus Prime looks like a grey metal blob. Action- 0.5/5. This is where the movie falls apart. There are a few fights, more than the last, but they are hard to follow and you can't tell who is who. And even though there are a few fights they are way overshadowed by the comic relief, which is awful. The jokes are focused on dogs humping, moms on pot(and way over-reacted as pot doesn't make you that crazy.) and racism. Seriously, who thought the Twins weren't racist? Soundtrack-4.5/5. Only good part of the movie. It was epic and desevered a way better movie. Overall- 1/5. Everything about this movie hurts. It insults your intelligence, and ruins the Transformers name. If you want hard to follow action that is pushed back by unfunny, rascist jokes and horrid acting try this movie. Want an awesome action-filled, yet still funny, time? Check out Beast Wars, that show was great. Also to everyone asking us Critics/Haterz to make a better movie. We do. Hear of the SpoonyOne, he makes videos that are actually funny. Heck, the fight scene at the end of his FF8 review was way better than any scene in this film. We can, and do make better stuff than this and we have what, $1 million less than Bay, no expert crew, no high-paid actors, and no "super amazing CGI". Oh, and are videos are free. Skip this..Score: 1/5

An Ok MovieThis is an ok movie. Its story isn't bad. But it seems to be made simply because the first one did well. Megan fox is hot so I am not going to complain too much..Score: 3/5

It's okLoved the cgi, but the story was choppy and irrelevant. Easily the worst of the three, but I have seen much, much worse. Ex. Twilight...enough said.Score: 2/5

I could watch it again and again ! I love this movie . Optimus Prime is the BEST <4.Score: 4/5

WoW!That was like a random trip into Michael Bay's brain. He sure has some crazy thoughts. If you want to know what Michael Bay is thinking, watch this stupid and awful movie. Transformers reveng of the fallen. I fallen asleep during this movie..Score: 1/5

EpicI saw this with my friends and WOW it was a very good movie not as good as the first its a must rent.Score: 5/5

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) Series Cast & Crew

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Shia LaBeouf (Sam Witwicky), Megan Fox (Mikaela Banes), Josh Duhamel (Major Lennox), Tyrese Gibson (USAF Chief Master Sergeant Epps), John Turturro (Simmons), Ramón Rodríguez (Leo Spitz), Kevin Dunn (Ron Witwicky), Julie White (Judy Witwicky), Isabel Lucas (Alice), John Benjamin Hickey (Galloway), Matthew Marsden (Special Air Service Forces), Andrew Howard (Special Air Service Forces), Michael Papajohn (Cal), Glenn Morshower (General Morshower), John Eric Bentley (Aide), Erin Naas (Arcee Rider), Spencer Garrett (Air Force Chief of Staff), Rainn Wilson (Professor Colan), Katie Lowes (April the Resident Assistant), Jonathon Trent (Fassbinder), all returned for transformers: revenge of the fallen movie.

Shia LaBeouf (Sam Witwicky)
Shia LaBeoufSam WitwickyScore: 33.3
Megan Fox (Mikaela Banes)
Megan FoxMikaela BanesScore: 22.8
Josh Duhamel (Major Lennox)
Josh DuhamelMajor LennoxScore: 50.3
Tyrese Gibson (USAF Chief Master Sergeant Epps)
Tyrese GibsonUSAF Chief Master Sergeant EppsScore: 26.0
John Turturro (Simmons)
John TurturroSimmonsScore: 37.1
Ramón Rodríguez (Leo Spitz)
Ramón RodríguezLeo SpitzScore: 14.3
Kevin Dunn (Ron Witwicky)
Kevin DunnRon WitwickyScore: 14.6
Julie White (Judy Witwicky)
Julie WhiteJudy WitwickyScore: 10.7
Isabel Lucas (Alice)
Isabel LucasAliceScore: 17.9
John Benjamin Hickey (Galloway)
John Benjamin HickeyGallowayScore: 9.8
Matthew Marsden (Special Air Service Forces)
Matthew MarsdenSpecial Air Service ForcesScore: 10.8
Andrew Howard (Special Air Service Forces)
Andrew HowardSpecial Air Service ForcesScore: 11.2

Hans Zimmer (Thanks), Denise Chamian (Casting), Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer), Paul Rubell (Editor), Michael Bay (Director), Michael Bay (Executive Producer), Don Murphy (Producer), K.C. Hodenfield (Associate Producer), Ian Bryce (Producer), Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Producer), Ehren Kruger (Writer), Deborah Lynn Scott (Costume Design), Nigel Phelps (Production Design), Jon Billington (Supervising Art Director), Kenny Bates (Co-Producer), Roger Barton (Editor), Jennifer Williams (Set Decoration), Joel Negron (Editor), Alex Kurtzman (Writer), Roberto Orci (Writer),

Hans Zimmer (Thanks)
Hans ZimmerThanksScore: 18.0
Denise Chamian (Casting)
Denise ChamianCastingScore: 4.0
Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer)
Steven SpielbergExecutive ProducerScore: 33.8
Michael Bay (Director)
Michael BayDirectorScore: 15.2
Michael Bay (Executive Producer)
Michael BayExecutive ProducerScore: 15.2
Don Murphy (Producer)
Don MurphyProducerScore: 1.6
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailers & Teasers

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of transformers: revenge of the fallen, the Michael Bay's popular movie. Watch the transformers: revenge of the fallen teaser trailer. Michael Bay’s #transformers-revenge-of-the-fallen is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Trailer▶ Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Trailer

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Check out photos from transformers: revenge of the fallen movie. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome transformers: revenge of the fallen wallpapers to download for free.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Revenge is coming...

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen — 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie transformers: revenge of the fallen - 2009. A poster for Michael Bay action & adventure movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for transformers: revenge of the fallen (2009). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen poster 1
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen poster 3
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Posters
Brain Force

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Languages & Subtitles

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سام ويتويكي يترك الأوتوبوت وراءه ليحيا حياة طبيعية. ولكن عندما يمتلئ عقله بالرموز المبهمة ، يستهدفه الديسيبتيكون ويتم جره مرة أخرى إلى حرب المحولات.

български език
Битката за Земята приключи, но тази за Вселената едва сега започва. След завръщането на Кибертон, Старскрийм поема командването на Десептиконите и решава да се върне със сила на Земята. Автороботите вярват, че мирът на Земята е възможен, докато не разбират, че мъртвото тяло на Мегатрон и откраднато.

Puberťák Sam Witwicky se už vzpamatoval z prvního setkání s hodnými Autoboty a zlými Deceptikony. Navíc dospěl a začal se připravovat na opuštění rodného hnízda, vstříc bouřlivému vysokoškolskému životu. Náladu mu kazí snad jen fakt, že vztah s rozkošnou Mikaelou se promění na chození na dálku, protože ona na univerzitní studia nemá peníze. Odloučení naštěstí netrvá dlouho. Když Sam objeví úlomek matérie, o kterou spolu Autoboti a Deceptikoni tolik bojovali v jedničce, a získá z něj pro obě strany drahocenné informace, začnou po něm jít mechaničtí gauneři z celé galaxie.

Slaget om jorden er vundet og lederen af de onde Decepticoner Megatron er død. Så alt ånder tilsyneladende fred og idyl for menneskene og de gode Autobotter. Men Starscream, Decepticonernes nye leder, er på vej mod jorden for at kidnappe den unge Sam Witwicky, og til Autobotternes store frygt er Megatrons krop blevet stjålet. Nogen planlægger at genoplive den mægtige Decepticon og det må forhindres for enhver pris.

Nachdem Sam Witwicky die Welt mit Hilfe der gutmütigen Autobots vor den bösartigen Decepticons gerettet hat, freut er sich auf ein normales Leben. Als er aufs College geht, lässt er nicht nur Freundin Mikaela zurück, sondern auch Roboter-Kumpel Bumblebee. Doch bald wird Sam von seltsamen Visionen heimgesucht. Erneut steht ein Kampf der außerirdischen Roboter bevor, bei dem das Schicksal der Menschheit auf dem Spiel steht. Sam scheint den Schlüssel zu ihrer Rettung in der Hand zu halten, doch diesmal bekommen es er, Mikaela und die Autobots mit einem noch mächtigeren Gegner zu tun...

Ο Σαμ Γουίτγουικι προσπαθεί να ξεκινήσει μια νέα, ήσυχη ζωή στο κολέγιο, αλλά οι δυνάμεις των Ντισέπτικονς έχουν άλλα σχέδια γι’ αυτόν.

Dos años después de derrotar a los Decepticons, las vidas de Sam y los Autobots han cambiado mucho. Mientras Sam se prepara para ir a la universidad, sus amigos robots se han integrado en una fuerza de élite que captura a enemigos renegados. Pero todo cambia con la llegada de un malvado enemigo que, con un enrevesado plan, planea un nuevo alzamiento de los Decepticons. La humanidad vuelve a estar en peligro, y Sam y los Autobots tendrán que formar una vez más equipo para salvarla.

Dos años después de derrotar a los Decepticons, las vidas de Sam y los Autobots han cambiado mucho. Mientras Sam se prepara para ir a la universidad, sus amigos robots se han integrado en una fuerza de élite que captura a enemigos renegados. Pero todo cambia con la llegada de un malvado enemigo que, con un enrevesado plan, planea un nuevo alzamiento de los Decepticons. La humanidad vuelve a estar en peligro, y Sam y los Autobots tendrán que formar una vez más equipo para salvarla.

«سام ویتوسکی» اکنون اتوبوت‌ها را به حال خود رها کرده و تصمیم گرفته یک زندگی معمولی داشته باشد. اما زمانی که ذهنش با علائم مرموزی پر می‌شود، «دسپتیکون» ها به دنبال او می افتند، و او بار دیگر به نبرد تبدیل شوندگان باز می‌گردد.

Kamppailu maapallon pelastamiseksi jatkuu toiminnantäyteisessä menestyselokuvassa, jonka on ohjannut Michael Bay ja tuottanut Steven Spielberg. Kun yliopisto-opinnot aloittanut SamWitwicky (Shia LaBeouf) saa selville totuuden transformerien muinaisesta alkuperästä, hän hyväksyy kohtalonsa ja käy yhdessä Optimus Primen ja Bumblebeen kanssa huimaan taisteluun decepticoneja vastaan. Ne ovat palanneet vahvempina kuin koskaan, tarkoituksenaan tuhota aurinkokuntamme.

La bataille sur Terre est terminée mais la guerre pour l'univers est à peine commencée. Après être retourné sur Cybertron, Starscream prend les commandes des Décepticons et décide de retourner sur la Terre en force. Les Autobots, croyant que la paix est possible, découvrent que le corps de Mégatron a été volé à l'armée américaine par Skorpinox. Ce dernier fait revivre Mégatron avec sa propre énergie. Mégatron, Starscream et ses renforts de Décepticons tenteront de se venger des Autobots et de leurs nouveaux alliés.

Si Sam a fait ce qu'il a pu pour tirer un trait sur le conflit qui a eu lieu à Mission City et revenir à ses préoccupations quotidiennes, la guerre entre les Autobots et les Decepticons, tout en étant classée secret défense, a entraîné plusieurs changements. Le secteur 7 a ainsi été dissout et son plus fidèle soldat, l'agent Simmons, a été révoqué sans ménagement. Résultat : une nouvelle agence, NEST, a été mise en place...

הקרב על כדור הארץ הסתייים, אך הקרב על היקום רק התחיל. לאחר חזרתם לסייברתרון, סטארסקרים הופך להיות מנהיג השקרניקים ומחליט לחזור ולתקוף את כדור הארץ. הרובוטריקים שהאמינו שניתן לחיות בשקט ושלום, מגלים שגופתו של מגהטרון נגנבה מהצבא ע"י סקורפינוקס אשר החייה אותו. כעת מגהטרון חוזר לנקום יחד עם סטארסקרים, השקרניקים ועוד תגבורת. הרובוטריקים חייבים להתמודד מולם.

U drugom dijelu sukob između Autobota i Decepticonsa se nastavlja. Decepticoni se vraćaju na Zemlju oteti Sama Witwickyja nakon što mladić dozna istinu o porijeklu Transformera. Naravno, Optimus Prime i ekipa su tu da se suprotstave zlim snagama. Koliko će vam se svidjeti film ovisi o tome što od njega očekujete te o godištu.

Optimus fővezér és katonái legyőzték az Álcákat. Úgy tűnik, végre béke és nyugalom köszönt a Földre. Sam is az egyetemi tanulmányaira készül. A nyugalom azonban látszólagos. A Scorpinox nevű álca ellopja Megatron holttestét, és föltámasztja halottaiból. Az új életre kelt Megatron és cinkosa, Üstökös bosszút esküszik az Autobotok ellen, és minden korábbinál nagyobb erőt gyűjt, hogy legyőzze az ellenfeleit. Nem számol azonban Sammel, akinek sorsa továbbra is a robotokhoz van kötve. Sam ismét összefog az Autobotokkal, hogy felvegye a harcot az Álcákkal.

Sam Witwicky sta per partire per il college e si trova costretto a doversi separare per la prima volta dalla sua ragazza Mikaela e dalla sua famiglia, quando improvvisamente viene colto da visioni che gli attraversano il cervello come lampi. Preoccupato di soffrire della stessa malattia che ha colpito suo nonno, Sam non rivela a nessuno il suo problema fino a che non può più fare a meno di ignorare i messaggi e i simboli che compaiono nella sua mente. Nonostante le sue migliori intenzioni, il giovane si troverà nuovamente coinvolto nella guerra senza confine tra Autobot e Decepticon in cui è ancora una volta in gioco il destino dell'universo.


სემ ვიტვიკი ნორმალური ცხოვრებისათვის ავტობოტებს ტოვებს. მაგრამ, რადგანაც მისი გონება სავსეა უცნაური სიმბოლოებით, დესეპტიკონები მიზანში ამოიღებენ მას და კვლავ ტრანსფორმერების ომში ჩაითრევენ.

샘 윗윅키가 오토봇과 디셉티콘, 두 로봇 진영간의 치열한 싸움에서 우주를 구한 지 2년. 일상으로 돌아간 샘은 여자친구인 미카엘라와 새 친구이자 수호 로봇인 범블비와 떨어져 대학에 진학하게 된다. 그러나 학교생활에 적응하며 평범하게 살고 싶은 샘의 희망과는 달리 운명적으로 또 다시 우주의 사활을 건 전쟁에 말려들게 된다. 샘은 알지 못하지만 오직 그만이 선과 악, 궁극의 힘이 펼치는 전쟁의 향방을 가를 열쇠를 가지고 있던 것이다. 희생 없이는 승리도 없는 법! 마침내 샘은 윗익키 가에 전해 내려온 운명에게서 도망치지 않고 맞서 싸우기로 결심하게 된다. 인류를 위협하는 디셉티콘 군단과 인류를 보호하려는 오토봇 군단의 총력전! 지구의 운명을 건 거대한 전쟁이 다시 시작된다!

Naujajame filme pagrindiniam herojui Semui Vitvikiui (aktorius Shia LaBeoufas) atskleidžiama Transformerių atsiradimo paslaptis. Deseptikonai negali leisti, kad ši paslaptis išaiškėtų. Be to, juos graužia pagieža ir pyktis dėl neseno pralaimėjimo Autobotams. Ryžto Deseptikonams netrūksta, tad netrukus priimamas sprendimas vykti į Žemę ir pagrobti vaikiną. Autobotų vadas Optimus Praimas, jau pirmame filme susidraugavęs su Semu, ir šįkart negali likti nuošalyje ir abejingai stebėti nusikaltimą. Jis sušaukia savo armiją ir ima ruoštis žūtbūtiniam mūšiui. Pirmajame filme kovoję dėl Žemės ir Žemėje, šįkart Transformeriai kausis dėl Visatos likimo.

De strijd op aarde is voorbij, maar die in het universum is net begonnen. Wanneer Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) de waarheid leert over de oude oorsprong van de Transformers, moet hij zijn lot accepteren en zich samenvoegen met Optimus Prime en Bumblebee in hun epische strijd tegen de Decepticons, die sterker terug zijn dan ooit en het plan hebben om onze wereld te vernietigen.

Sam Witwicky er nybakt college-student. Men da han får vite sannheten om Tranformers' opprinnelse, må han akseptere sin skjebne og bli med Optimus Prime og Bumblebee i den historiske kampen mot Decepticons. De har nemlig vendt tilbake sterkere enn noensinne for å tilintetgjøre vår verden.

Kolejna część wspaniałej, kultowej już opowieści o maszynach. Minęły dwa lata od czasu kiedy młody Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) dokonał ocalenia Ziemi przed decydującym starciem pomiędzy dwoma wojującymi ze sobą grupami robotów. Pomimo swoich precyzyjnie określonych planów, Sam po raz kolejny znajduje się w centrum śmiertelnej rozgrywki pomiędzy Autobotami i Deceptikonami, od której zależą już nie tylko losy Ziemi, ale również całego Wszechświata. Nieświadomy swojej roli w tym konflikcie, to właśnie Sam posiada klucz do rozwiązania potyczki pomiędzy siłami zła i dobra. Z pomocą przyjaciół, współpracowników z NEST-a, a nawet rodziców, Sam ostatecznie musi zmierzyć się ze swoim przeznaczeniem i prawem rządzącym losem rodziny Witwickich: Bez poświęcenia nie ma zwycięstwa!

Passaram-se dois anos desde que Sam Witwicky e os Autobots salvaram a raça humana e tentam ter uma vida normal: Sam está começando a faculdade, enquanto os Autobots trabalham com uma organização militar secreta e tentam construir uma casa para eles na Terra. Porém, um antigo Decepticon conhecido como 'The Fallen' aparece para se vingar, então Sam e sua namorada Mikaela precisam desvendar a história dos Transformes e achar um caminho para derrotá-lo.

Passaram dois anos desde que Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) e os Autobots conseguiram proteger a raça humana da invasão dos Decepticons. Agora Sam prepara-se para outro desafio: sair de casa para ir para o colégio. Com o planeta Cybertron inabitável, também os Autobots começam uma nova vida na Terra, num projecto secreto em que, juntamente com os militares, formam a equipa NEST, cuja missão é procurar os Decepticons que ainda se escondem no planeta. Entretanto, a vida "normal" de Sam terá de esperar: os Decepticons descobrem o que ele ainda não sabe - que ele é a chave para o destino da batalha entre o bem e o mal. Agora, juntamente com os Autobots, os soldados do NEST e de um velho inimigo agora aliado, Sam e a amiga Mikaela (Fox) têm de desvendar o segredo da presença dos Transformers na Terra, e os sacrifícios que terão de ser feitos para a proteger de uma vingança anunciada - o regresso do Decepticon The Fallen.

Bătălia pentru Pământ tocmai s-a încheiat, însă bătălia pentru Univers abia a început. După reîntoarcerea pe Cybertron, Starscream preia controlul asupra Decepticonilor și este hotărât să se întoarcă pe Terra cu forțe crescute. Autoboții, convinși că pacea este posibilă, află că rămășițele lui Megatron au fost furate de la Armata SUA și că Decepticonii încearcă să-l readucă la viață. Cu Megatron la fel de puternic ca la început și ajutat de Starscream și noi membri ai grupului Decepticonilor, Autoboții pot avea mari bătăi de cap în încercarea de a proteja libertatea. Optimus Prime incearca sa il salveze pe Sam , dar este omorat. Sam incearca sa inteleaga niste simboluri si ajunge in Egipt , dandu-si seama ca este posibil sa il invie pe Optimus cu ajutorul Matricei, pe care o gaseste dar care se transforma in praf. Totusi Sam nu isi pierde speranta ca va reusi, si astfel porneste o cursa disperata pentru a ajunge la Optimus, incercand sa treaca printre decepticoni, alaturi de Mikaela.

Прошло два года с тех пор, как юный Сэм Уитвикки спас Вселенную, предотвратив глобальную битву между враждующими воинственными расами инопланетных роботов. Несмотря на свои героические подвиги, Сэм остается обычным подростком с обычными проблемами — поступление в колледж и родителями. Разумеется, отъезд будет тяжело воспринят лучшим другом, роботом — телохранителем Бамблби.

Sam Witwicky sa už spamätal z prvého stretnutia s dobrými Autobotmi a zlými Deceptikonmi. Navyše dospel a začal sa pripravovať na opustenie rodného hniezda, naproti búrlivému vysokoškolskému životu. Náladu mu kazí iba fakt, že vzťah s rozkošnou Mikaelou sa premení na chodenie na diaľku, lebo ona na univerzitné štúdium nemá peniaze. Ale našťastie odlúčenie netrvá dlho. Keď Sam objaví úlomok matérie, o ktorú spolu Autoboti a Deceptikoni dlho bojovali, a získa pre obe strany drahocenné informácie, začnú po ňom ísť mechanickí gauneri z celej galaxie.

Две године су прошле откако је млади Сем спасао универзум. Упркос његовом екстремном херојству, Сем је и даље просечан тинејџер. Борба између Аутобота и Десептикона, која је била тајни инцидент, покренула је многе промене. Оно што Сем не зна је да он једини поседује решење ишода борбе између зла и ултимативне снаге добра. Уз помоћ пријатеља, другара из НЕСТ-а, па чак и родитеља, Сем ће коначно научити да прихвати наслеђе стечено рођењем као Витвики и неће више покушавати да побегне од породичног завештања: Без жртве, нема победе!

Decepticons styrkor återvänder till jorden på ett uppdrag att tillfångata Sam Witwicky, efter att den unge hjälten fått veta sanningen om Transformers. Med på uppdraget att rädda mänskligheten är Optimus Prime, som ingår en allians med världens arméer för en andra storslagen strid.

สงครามบนโลกมนุษย์ได้ยุติลง แต่ทว่าสงครามในห้วงจักรวาลนั้นเพิ่งจะเริ่มต้น หลังจากการกลับมาถึงไซเบอร์ทรอน สตาร์สครีมได้รับคำสั่งของเจ้าแห่งฝ่ายดีเซปติคอนส์ และได้ตัดสินใจกลับมาบุกรุกโลกพร้อมกองกำลังจักรกลสังหาร ฝ่ายออโต้บอทส์ ที่เชื่อมั่นในสันติภาพได้พบว่า ซากหุ่นที่ถูกทำลาย ของเมกาทรอนได้ถูกขโมยไปจากกองทัพสหรัฐฯ โดยสคอร์ ฟิน็อกซ์ และทำให้คืนชีพขึ้นมาอีกครั้ง ตอนนี้เมกาทรอนจึงกลับมาเพื่อแก้แค้น พร้อมสตาร์สครีมผู้ภักดี และกองทัพจักรกลสังหารฝ่ายดีเซฟติคอนส์ที่เดินทางมาสมทบอีกจำนวนมาก มหาสงครามแค้นครั้งนี้จึงเป็นงานใหญ่สำหรับฝ่ายออโต้บอทส์ ที่จะต้องรับศึกอันยิ่งใหญ่เกินกว่าที่ใครจะคาดคิดได้

Sam Witwicky, Transformers’ın kökenleri ve dünya üzerindeki tarihçesi konusunda yeni detaylar keşfeder. Topladığı bilgiyi ele geçirmek isteyen şeytani ruhlu Deceptionlar onun peşindedir. En büyük mücadele, Mısır’daki Giza piramitlerinde gerçekleşecektir. Çünkü aranan tapınak bu bölgededir.Transformers: Yenilenlerin İntikamı, 2007 yılında izleyicinin büyük beğenisini kazanan ilk Transformers 'ın devamıdır. İnsanoğlunun Autobotlar ile Decepticonlar arasındaki savaşın ortasında kalmasını anlatan filmin yönetmenliğini ilk filmde olduğu gibi yine Michael Bay üstlenirken, prodüksiyon amirliğini Steven Spielberg yaptı. Başrollerinde Shia LaBeouf – Megan Fox ikilisinin bir kez daha kamera karşısına geçtiği ikinci filmde izleyiciler daha fazla robotla tanışırken maceranın boyutları, başta Mısır olmak üzere daha çok ülkeye yayılacak.

Через два роки після того, як дивовижні гігантські роботи з планети Кібертрон увійшли в життя людства, Сем навчається в коледжі, як і мільйони його однолітків. Він втомився від пригод і надає перевагу звичайному життю. Але його металеві друзі потребуватимуть допомоги хлопця, коли Падший вирішить використовувати Землю в своїх цілях, абсолютно не зважаючи на життя людей.

Tiếng Việt
Đã hai năm kể từ khi Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) và đội quân Autobot giải cứu loài người khỏi bọn xâm lăng Decepticon. Giờ đây Sam lại đang tất bật chuẩn bị cho mục tiêu lớn nhất trong đời: học đại học xa nhà. Xa nhà cũng là điều mà phe Autobot hiểu rõ hơn hết. Hy vọng tái tạo lại hành tinh quê hương Cybertron đã tan cùng Khối Lập Phương, các Autobot đành ngụ cư tại trái đất, liên minh cùng quân đội NEST rà soát và tiêu diệt những tàn dư còn sót lại của bọn Decepticon ở trái đất. Đáng buồn thay, mong muốn được sống hòa bình bên cạnh con người của các Autobot lại không được chấp nhận.

军方和汽车人的秘密合作计划面临被取消的危险,而重新复活的威震天和红蜘蛛引领霸天虎军队,密谋夺取能量源,企图在地球掀起又一场腥风血雨。此时主人公萨姆(希安·拉博夫 Shia LaBeouf 饰)告别相恋的女友米凯拉(梅根·福克斯 Megan Fox 饰),要开始自己梦寐以求的大学生活了,但一切似乎都不那么顺利,一块小小的魔方碎片似乎在给予萨姆某种启示。为了获取魔方里的信息,霸天虎开始了对萨姆的追击,擎天柱为了保护萨姆而牺牲,萨姆受其感召,决定重新担负起自己的使命。萨姆在自己室友里奥(雷蒙·罗德里格斯 Ramon Rodriguez 饰)和“机器战士”西蒙斯(约翰·托尔托罗 John Turturro 饰)的帮助下,与女友米凯拉根据魔方碎片给萨姆的提示来到了埃及,他们在金字塔里发现了能量源。而此时,霸天虎的军队也赶到了埃及。军方此时有一小队人马也在西荤斯的要求下带着擎天柱的尸体来到了埃及,善恶双方力量在那片金色的沙漠展开了殊死搏斗。

曾在博狂兩派機械人大戰中拯救人類的韋森(沙拉保夫 飾),將獨個兒升讀大學,並決意與好友大黃蜂道別,重過平凡日子。但天意弄人,他的腦海中突然浮現古怪符號,原來與變形金剛的先祖有關,旋即引來以麥加登為首的狂派大軍追捕! 身陷囹圄的韋森最後接受現實,再次與柯柏文,大黃蜂及一眾博派成員合作,阻止狂派毀滅世界的陰謀。


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