Land of the Lost (2009)

Land of the Lost (2009) Summary and Synopsis

Comedic genius Will Ferrell stars as has-been scientist Dr. Rick Marshall, who gets more than he bargained for when his expedition takes a wrong turn into the Land of the Lost. Now, Marshall, his crack-smart research assistant Holly (Anna Friel) and a redneck survivalist named Will (Danny McBride), have no weapons, few skills and questionable smarts to survive in a world full of marauding dinosaurs, fantastic creatures and laugh-out-loud comedy! On his latest expedition, Dr. Rick Marshall is sucked into a space-time vortex alongside his research assistant and a redneck survivalist. In this alternate universe, the trio make friends with a primate named Chaka, their only ally in a world full of dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures. Land of the Lost (2009) Wiki

Land of the Lost (2009) Movie Trailer

Right place. Wrong time...

Land of the Lost (2009) (2009)

Land of the Lost (2009) Comments & Critics

Land of the Lost (2009) Movie Reviews

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- Amazing5 star

Best movie ever!!!!!

- I love this movie.5 star

I have watched movie several times and it gets better and better.

- Filthy, not Fit for Kids or Adults1 star

I was shocked at the vulgarity. The humor was D-grade and just filthy. This was a fun kids show when I was young. Another proof that Hollywood has no (or little) soul. Or at least it proves again that sometimes they have no idea where most Americans draw the lines of decency, fun, humor, and entertainment.

- Freaking Hysterical!5 star

This was wrongly advertised as a family movie instead of the raunchy filthy comedy that it is. It's hilarious! Cracks me up every time, and every person that I show it to ends up dying with laughter. It's really a shame this movie didn't do well, because now not enough people have seen it.

- Fantastic movie5 star

I love it

- This was a movie?3 star

I didn't know that! I use to watch this growing up but I hated it cause I always wanted to see the other programs that came with the show! I think it could've been Hannah Barbara?? I'm not sure! But they had the others, one had the floppy monsters and there was another one but they would always show the Land of the Lost! As I got older, I liked it, kinda! But still hopeful to get the others back! Lol I really didn't know it was a movie! Probably wouldn't have watched it anyway! 😜

- Land of the Lost1 star

One of the three worst movies I have ever seen. I love will ferrell and Danny McBride, but this movie is just AWFUL

- Great Movie5 star

I totally recommend this movie. Halve the time you can't not laugh at the jokes. Great movie to watch with friends and family!

- t4 star


- HILARIOUS!!!!!!5 star

Awesome movie! A definite must see!

- Best movie ever5 star

This is by far my favorite movie ever!i mean it is so funny I laugh every time I watch!So I recommend this movie to you!!!!!‼️‼️‼️

- This was barely better then a heavy yawn1 star

Where the hell is the original 1974/75/76 TV episodes!!! If you paid me $100 bucks I might consider DL'n this crap version. Caught up the 70's TV series NOW B - i - T - C - H - E - S!!!

- gay1 star


- Best movie ever5 star

I have seen it a million times and I can't go through the whole movie without laughing once. I love this movie.

- Hahahahaha5 star

This movie was f***ing hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

- Best movie you never saw.5 star

This is one of my favorite movie. Epic.

- NOT a kids movie!!!!2 star

I can't believe this is in the kids category!!! It is full of sexual innuendoes & sexual situations!!! There were parts that were funny, but the stupid definitely out-weighed the funny :( One of those movies you are dumber after having watched it!!

- Hilarious5 star

This movie is so funny. Some of my favorite scenes I can watch over and over and still crack up. Definitely not for kids, maybe not even family. For adults who grew up watching the stupid TV show.

- I've not seen a whole lot of the TV show, so these are thoughts based purely on the movie alone1 star

This literally has to be the stupidest movie ever conceived, it was so dumb! Not kidding, this movie deals with so many unfunny (as well as unnecessary) jokes, messed up physics & logic, phony special effects, awful screenwriting (like it was written by a Cartoon Cat), & most important of all, WASTE OF POTENTIAL! And if you're one of those people out there who loves the movie, that explains how bad this movie is as it poisons the minds of the young ones out in the world! Plus, by the end of the movie, you think about it as a whole where get to the point where you realize that the movie didn't need to happen.

- Great5 star

This is a great funny movie

- Most Funny Movie5 star

I have seen this movie about 15 times.It is sooooooo funny!!!!!I also love taladega nights.Buy both movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I love it.5 star

Probably the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life. Will Ferrell does an amazing job!

- Great comedic timing, one liners!5 star

The comedic timing in The Lost World is dead on but so subtle it's lost on MANY people. Story isn't the strongest but it works and the one liners are gold!! This is nachos, not steak, don't complicate things here. What's with Rotten Tomatoes, they rate The Other Guys at 78% and this at only 27%? Now that was a lumbering pile! And are you really rating a movie low because iTunes lists it as a kids movie? Take my 5 stars and the ridiculous 1's and it averages out to a 3. I'll give you that.

- Best movie ever5 star

I love this movie so so so so so so so much

- Umm...4 star

Kids and Family??? Someone should change that...

- love it!5 star

my dad loves will ferrell and he is so funny in the movie! its funny and creepy at the same time:)

- Land of the lost5 star

This movie is so flipen funny

- To People Who Are Talking Stupid!!5 star

If you think this movie is stupid then you are right! Obviously it's Will Ferrel and its stupid! That's what makes the movie hilarious! If you are into the funny stupid comedies this is a perfect movie! I absolutely love this movie! BAHAHAHAHAH!!! Some people are just stupid if they know what Will Ferrel does and buys/rents the movie and gives the worst review... Psshhh wow people.

- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!5 star

Rotten tomatoes is wronger than cheesy pickles! I love this movie so much!!!! It's my favorite!!!!! WILL FERREL ROCKS!!!!!

- Awesome5 star

Will ferrel is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- My favorite movie5 star

Best movie ever I love all of will Ferrell's movies. This movie is hilariously stupid, it will make you laugh out loud

- Love5 star

I love any movie with will Ferrell and this didn't disappoint if you love those really funny but stupid movies like I do then this is a winner

- Worst Movie Ever1 star

The movie had an ok start then quickly went down hill. TERRIBLE...turn back NOW if you are thinking about buying or renting! I wish we would have.

- Great!!!5 star

One of the funniest movies i have ever seen! People need to let the sware words go and sack up!

- Not a movie for any kid under 131 star

This is not a kid friendly movie. It is very funny but there are too many bad words, tasteless jokes and boobie mugs for any child under 13 or 14. This title should not be in the kid section.

- Pure Will Ferrell funniness5 star

If you're looking for a movie to make you laugh non-stop, this is one. Have watched it several times, never fails to entertain.

- Funny5 star

This is the funniest movie I have ever seen

- :D5 star

I LOVE this movie it is so hilarious I have watched it many times and always will recommend this if you want AWESOME comedy with just the right amount of adventure and love.

- Hilarious5 star

Luv it my name is Rachael Beresford

- STUPID1 star

I do like Will Ferrell, and some of his movies are funny, but this was just plain stupid. Don't waste your time watching this.

- Most quoteable movie ever!!5 star

I am a 42 year old father who lives to quote moive lines. We all know the Slapshot, Caddyshack and Fletch lines by heart. This movie tops them all for great quotes. My kids love it, my wife loves it and I love it. The Piano or The Artisit it's not, Thank GOD! Matt Lauer you can s_ck it! I know I asked our lawyer and he said go for it! I've been thinking about this alot, If need be, we will cook and eat chalka, the mystery meat with Bobby Fly, I would slow cook the little guy with cummin until that Monkey meat just fell of the bone.

- Good movie5 star

Like the ending funny

- Yeah!5 star

Hilarious! Full of humor! Whoever says this movie is bad should wake up and smell the chaka.

- Amazazing5 star

It is a great movie I love it

- Hilarious5 star

That's kinda gay... Yea it is great. There are so many cute jokes in this movie, love it!!!

- G5 star

Good job

- Land Of The Lost5 star

Great this is a kids movie...

- Good but...5 star

Why is this under kids and family? I wouldn't want any "kids" in my family to watch it. Too much mature content. Please iTunes put this under comedy.

- Love this5 star

Omg at Home I watch this all the time it's so funny

- Pretty Funny4 star

This movie is stupid, but I must admit that I was laughing through the whole movie.

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Yo_wats_up - I love it5 star


Jellen68 - Land of the Lost1 star

The trailer was better than the actual movie. This is not a kids and family movie. And i am a kid!

ThisNickn-nameIsTaken - Utter Rubbish1 star

Worst film watched in a long time. It's amazing how stuff like this gets written, let alone produced. Utter nonsense and a waste of previous, human life.

Geo_tonz - NOT A KIDS MOVIE (and really not that good either)2 star

As in Shawn's review we rented this movie for family night based on the PG rating (according to iTunes). IT IS NOT A PG MOVIE AND SHOULD NOT BE IN "KIDS AND FAMILIES". After shutting it off due to profanities and inapporpriate scenes I looked it up on a number of review pages, all of which had it RATED AT PG-13. Parents watched it later and it was "ok" with a few laughs but not worth the cost of rental. Got the run-around when I complained to iTunes support to try to get them to look into it.

Rex of hell - Funny!!5 star

This movie is soooo funny!!! Dinosaurs, comedy, and will ferrel in one movie is epic

Booboo101101 - good movie!!5 star

I really liked this movie and will for sure buy it on the itunes app store. My sister loved it too! Chika is amazing... Will Ferrell is amazing in this comedy movie!

yofal - Not a "kids" film…1 star

Besides being awful, the movie is decidedly adult. (For adult morons, but that's beside the point). Why Apple continues to place it in this section eludes me.

Killaaaaa - Not for Kids5 star

Hilarious. Dirty, sexy, funny fun.First Will Ferrall movie my GF actually liked.

Dmasta3674 - Laugh out loud4 star

I thought this movie was good. There are some good laughs. The storyline and script were weak and for those reasons i give it 4 stars. Enjoy your movie.

BKAllmighty - Really Funny!5 star

I don't know why this is so funny to me because I usually hate these kinds of movies but this movie is a riot!

crazynakedpandas - Such a funny movie!5 star

It's really funny! Definitely for a mature audience! Should not be classified as family/kids! Anything with Will Ferrel in it is obviously going to be a little bad.

JubeblahCarsen - PWNS4 star

this is a good movie and if u watch this with your little kids and the get mad that it is a bad movie use your common sense look at a website review or something! Rattings r not everything

chucka!!! - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

this movie is hilarius - It grows on you....5 star

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was horrible. Then I saw it again, and slowly, I started to find these nuggets of comedy gold. This movie has subtle moments of hilarity that play on social stereotypes and that's what I appreciate about it. It's low key. Jorma Taccone, who plays Chakka was brilliant - he had no lines - that's not easy to do. And Danny McBride was great. Now, do I think they should have spent $100MM making this movie? No. Definitly not. But, I continue to enjoy it whenever it comes on the movie channel.

Lucielle2121 - Amazing!!!!!!!!5 star

My friend and family hated it but I loved it so much it was halarious but not good for family's!!!!!! <33333

Sumtin no one else chose - My favourite5 star

I've seen it already but I'm still buyin it becuz this is my favourite movie uv all time and it is hilarious different and it's based on a simply funny

LemonLime101 - Not the best...1 star

It wasn't really good at all, and definetly NOT, under any circumstances, a family movie. VERY BAD!!!!

Sammy8923 - FUNNY5 star

IT IS SO FUNNY you buy it is so funny BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brandnamegirlie97 - BEST MOVIE!5 star

OMG this is the best movie of the year it's hilarious! A little bit gross but defenitly worth the money! No joke! enjoy the MOVIE!

Shawn HWI - Land of the Lost1 star

We rented this movie as a "family night" movie - turned out this is not a family movie if you have children under 13 - too much profanity. It was rated PG but I would definitely give it a PG13 or higher rating and I would not include it under the "Kids & Family" section of iTunes movies.

RainForestFarms - land of the lost5 star

i thought this movie was going to be the biggest waste of a hour and a half but it was actually really good it was kinda stupid but overall it was great. and the graphics were really good.

capn777 - Parents beware3 star

The movie is in the "Kids & Family" section, so we thought it would be OK to rent. We ended up stopping it after 15 minutes or so because of the bad language and innuendo. I suppose saying "sh**" is no big deal these days, but it's not something I was expecting in a family movie.... watched it later when the kids weren't around and it was ok, nothing special.

99808 - bad!!!1 star

This was the worst movie I have ever seen that Will Ferrell has played in don't buy it it is a waste of money!!!!!

Bench11 - WORST MOVIE EVER1 star

Worst movie ever, turned it off half way through the show.

newtlachaun - Two Words, "Worth While"5 star

Land of the Lost was great on my CP, and is great on my iPod Touch. Mr. Ferrell really puts on a show for the viewer. Worth while all the way!

mfuhrmann23 - Run away! Don1 star

This movie is the worst film of the decade! Do not rent and do not buy this embarrassment to the film industry. I have nothing against Will Ferrell but this is beneath even him and I feel sorry for the actors who signed up for this poorly written, poorly executed and unfunny movie. I rarely ever rate films but felt compelled to warn people to stay way from this film!

Cueball28 - Land Of The Lost1 star

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. I would give it zero stars if I could. Avoid at all costs.

1585822 - Land of the Lost1 star

Colossal waste of time...embarassed to have rented it.

Schmange Music - Worst movie I've ever seen1 star

Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing… bad everything,

Axyllia - AWSOME!5 star

You people at the bottom are wrong.This movie rocks! I like grumpy the best.(grumpy is the Trex). :)

eyesie - Funny!5 star

Peoples who are looking for an inspiring incredible heart warming movie, don't buy it. Wanting to laugh so hardyour stomach hurts, buy it!

Futurama fan - This movie rocks!!5 star

I love land of the lost. But twilght is way funnier i mean sparkling vampires lol!!!!

Schmoops - Awesomeness!!!5 star

I loved this movie it cracked me !!!

DUH APH KNEE - idk5 star

when you rent a movie... can it go on more than one ipod??? i don't know if i want to rent it if it can only go on ONE IPOD!!!

Can't buy iPod games in Canada - Laugh a minute5 star

Funniest of all times, a definite watch!!!!!

qwerty ftw - Not enough poo jokes2 star

They didn't put much work into the script or acting, did they?

mustourist - terrible1 star

bad. very bad. don't bother.

Aishaahsia - Terrible.1 star

Awful. Craptastic.

Limbery - pure stupid drivel1 star

I even usually like Wil Farrel but this movie was a one-joke thing throughout with an absolutely stupid story line and bad acting....too bad you can't leave less than one star!

"Sup - C'mon people1 star

this was a pretty bad show

allicat234 - BEST EVER! I LAUGHED SO HARD!5 star

one word :CHAKA! <3 <3

n1cl3t - :o(1 star

Worst film ever. Infantile, sexist, depressing slapstick play. It was so bad I could not finish the movie.

josh mohabeer - GREAT5 star

great movie love will ferrell if you like this movie youll love step borthers , step brothers is rated R

Guy 14-582 - No1 star

So badd...just watch the trailer and save yourself the time and money that you would waste on watching this movie.

Pk 0w3ned5 - Land of the lost5 star

Funny and awesome!

Den m - Chaka rocks!!4 star

The hallucinagenic fruit scene was awesome!! Crab anyone?

Sandels0091 - 3 words....…5 star

Best movie ever.

Spikerman - Great Laughs4 star

Movie didn't get into too much detail, but a laugh a minute.

redwings rock 66 - bad1 star

terriable movie it had bad graphics and it wasnt funny

Malkin Fan 7191 - Land of The Lost5 star

man i love will ferrell! he is the MAN. i love all the movies that he is in, and this one did not disapoint me. def worth the money :) oh and one more thing, go penguins go!

RogueGamer1 - Good5 star

Funny movie

Marcus Nero - Nero5 star

This is a fun movie. In an unostentatious way it makes fun of life in anecdotes of impossible events. It is worth the rent.

lollipopgirlm3g - funniest movie ever5 star

the swearing makes it so much more funny

Lord_blood_bone - Not bad for a will ferral film2 star

I hate will ferrals comedy with a burning passion, but if I were to be tied down and choose to watch a film starring or even guesting will ferral I would choose this film.

Dylan1234445 - Land of the lost5 star

It is good

SomeRandomBl0ke - Rubbish2 star

Juvenile. Sleazy. Wrong rating and category.

Sir Thax - Change the rating to M1 star

iTunes please change the rating of this film to an M. I don't want to explain to my 9 year old daughter why a man is masturbating when he sees an ape. Very disappointed that I showed this to my children.

NathalieBelet - Serious contender for the worst movie of all times.1 star

What a deception this movie was! It is the worst combination ever of rudeness, a non-sensical plot, bad acting, and bad costumes I have ever seen! Too bad there is no 'money back guarantee' on this one!

Haloween horrors/ spooksss - Not good it's great5 star

Really good but not for young children

Ziah !!!! - CANT STOP WATCHING IT !!5 star

This movie is my fav comedy of all time. it has a lot of funny humour an i think its one of those movies were the hole family can injoy!!

klaney. - I LOVE THIS MOVIE5 star

Its soo great :D i have seen it about 7 times and i still love it! CHUCKA!! and The mosquito and the drug plant bit are my favourite :P

sup0402 - ok, good4 star

mmmm no it should be rated m at the least but still was very exciting

Mum of 3 boys - Waste of time and money.1 star

Do not waste your time or money with this movie. I didn't want to give it any stars at all but that isn't an option. It is one lame sleazy joke after another. The only person who enjoyed it in our family was a 7yr old boy. I was only thankful that the smutty humour and visuals went over his head. Wish I hadnt wasted 102 mins of my life watching it!

Awesome Em - AWESOME LOL!5 star

Saw it when i was ten and it still is my fave movie. my bro who is seven is in love with it too. LOL all the way through. me and my bff watch it everyday together!

Cool Dude=P - Best Movie Ever5 star

This is the best movie. If it was possible I would rate it 6 out of 5 stars

StephRox16 - Woah5 star

Simply awesome...

jonk dog - Funny all the Way5 star

This was a really funny movie, the amount of times I laughed, though I wouldn't recommend it to people under 10 cause it is quit rude but very funny!!!

brittany.smiles - land of the lost :)5 star

OH MY GOD! i absoloutely loved this movie. it was the best. i wish i bought it instead of renting it. it is sooo funny. :) it isnt really for little kids but everyone over the age of 10 would like it.

Nielsefela - super funny movie5 star

the movie is so funny i was entertained the complete movie. Its a great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its a rude comedy but i lolrotf (laugh out loud rolling on the floor) the hole way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ninjaneens99 - another awesome movie!5 star

hi, i saw this movie at the cinema and it is now my fave movie!

supmando - Sensational5 star

One of the best movies of all time after the shawshank redemption!!!

epaell - Crude and unsophisticated3 star

Ironically, while the level of the comedy in this movie was rather childish I would not at all recommend this film for children. The humour was crude and rather unsophisticated when it really didn't have to be. In fact, some of the particularly bad scenes could have been removed without having the slightest affect on the flow of the movie. It's rather unfortunate as the movie had the potential to be fun and entertaining (the walnut scene was particularly good) but on the whole I found the crudeness to be a bit much to take.

JDMKE25 - hilarious!!!!!5 star

i won tickets to this movie and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny i love it so 5 stars from me!!!!!

Downsouth6 - Land of the Lost4 star

When I brought this video It said PG but it has a lot of crudness in it which spoiled the movie if you wanted to watch it with your kids, but considering the main actor it could have been a lot worse, I thought "oh he must be changing his style" NOT.. So without the crudness it would have been quite a good movie. Apart from that, a lot of funny parts in it with a wierd story line with alians in stupid costumes, a bit of a throw together movie. I give it a four star only for the humour and the dinosour lol.

Leegh229 - Another rude comedy...4 star

I totally lol all the way through this funny movie but a rated pg? no way, all that rude, sexual comedy would definatly not be for kids

chez-wa - Not very good1 star

I know it was meant to be silly humour but it ended up just being plain silly and not really all that appropriate for children i don't think (way to much inuendo and swearing). On the upside the kids did find it funny although i wouldn't let them watch it again!

Ibajiba - 2nd Best Will Ferrel movie5 star

This film is amazing I is just below his film the other guys but still amazing I love it I just keep watching it over and over again.This film is awesome!!!!!

Adamjones1324 - Just Amazing!5 star

Will Ferell combines his talents to make us laugh and to create a surreal wonderland and great plot!

I ❤ This song - Will Ferrell Comedy Genius5 star

OMG - this film is one of the funniest films i have ever seen!! XD i LOVE it!! the best one of Will Ferrell's films for sure!! (: ... just wish i had £10 to buy it -__-

clayton.s.h - Amazingly funny film5 star

once you start laughing at this you cant stop

petermigreen - Land of the lost5 star

Inititiating phase two! Classic

Uxxxx - Only real fans will get it5 star

This is a great film and one of his best it's just as quotable as the rest and if your a true fan of his work you'll find it funny!

Mytuppenceworth - Needs to be re-categorised2 star

I wrote a review that iTunes couldn't put up because I described the themes of some of the humour in this movie. That pretty well sums it up - this is a kids film with very adult humour. I would not recommend you watch this with 12 year olds. 15 would be more like it. The storyline is for kids, but the humour is definitely not. As an adult you'e be better off with something else, as an under 15 - this aint for you. The profane language is also in my opinion, unsuitable for younger ears. I'm no prude; but why put this sort of content in a kids film?

PierceTheBullet - garbage1 star

Crap. Worst Will Ferrel film, its not funny or a good story line, it swore to make up for no humour. Terrible

Cffftfdedrdd - AWSOME5 star

1 of the best comedies ever

Monkeydunk - J5 star

Best film ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Mark - amazing5 star

you would be a idiot not to buy this!!

Ballaam - DO NOT BUY1 star

This is the worst film I've ever seen, I saw it at the cinema, and was that bored, I got my iPod out and started listening to some music!

Robert rye 123 - Land of the lost4 star

It's amazing !

Who took my name!?!?!?!?!(LiL) - Great5 star

I love this movie It's absolutely fantastic I love it & I'm only 11!!!!!! I give it :) :)

SteadiJim - A bit disappointing, but with a few very funny scenes.3 star

I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan but I hadn't heard of this when I saw it as an option on a long flight. I can see why it wasn't more widely publicised. It's entertaining in a lightweight way, but if you are a Ferrell fan be prepared for disappointment - it just doesn't meet his usual standards. Ferrell is his usual self and very funny in his own right, but the script and support acting doesn't back him up and lets the film down in general. There are a couple of priceless moments that had me crying laughing, but not enough, unfortunately, to rate this as a good film. I'd say it's worth a watch, but wait until it aired on TV, don't waste the money buying it.

Leweewee - if it wasn't for ferrell!3 star

Ok film, tried to stay true to the original series, to be honest if it wasn't for Ferrell & Mcbride i probably would of hated it! Some real funny scenes though that make the film worth watching, don't expect a master-class, just enjoy it for what it is and have a laugh!

Chris Miller-Lord Argyll - Rubbish1 star

Terrible. More fun to be had at a funeral

Coylerrrrrrrr - Ferral is hilarous5 star

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen

Luv Films!! - AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS FILM!!!!5 star

Wow! this was such an amazing film when i first saw it in the cinema i wanted to go back and see it again, and to all thoses people who love comedys this is a film for u! it was sooo jokes! and the people who said it was rubbish maybe they need to re-think! awsome film!

Danny Smith Man - If you don't make it it's your own damn vault5 star

Funny as hell so underated but not so much for kids

RidGe74 - Lost on the kids....3 star

12a, should be rated as a 15.

The Guy of the movies - Awesome5 star

This movie is totally amazing it is so funny I could'nt stop laughing Overall a funny movie for 10 or 11 plus

Joel Carson - Best flim5 star

Best film I ever seen before hillarios it should have been a comidy

barney432 - land of the lost4 star

this movie is awesome we watched it and we all laughed especily when will threw pee on his head

kalinka purple - classic ferrel :)4 star

If you are a ferrel fan you'll love it. i was very entertained,plenty of action and laughs. my son loved the bit where he pours the dinosaur peepee on his head!

perfect westholmegirl - Worst film ever!1 star

I is the worst film i have evr seen in my life, if you want disapointing get it. SO not a 12A it should be a 15 film. Its a big no no.

supercoolguy123 - Definetely not for kids!2 star

This should be rated 15 even though not many adults would really like it!

McMoleman - Ok I guess3 star

I love will ferrel he is an utter legend and whatever he says and does is funny but whatever you do do not try to follow the story because that is a battle you just will not win.

BlodwinPig - Pretty bad2 star

I love Wil Ferrell but this was bad. I'm not sure who the film is aimed at, it's not an adults' film but it has the odd bit of adult content. I showed it to my kids 7 and 9 but they just got up and walked off half way through leaving me sitting there. Anna Friel is particularly bad. The plot is unbelievably weak. Don't waste your time.

ghggghgggg - Amazing5 star

So worth the money could never get tired of it

Wardofrays - Rubbish!2 star

Not really worth hiring I'm afraid.

Amesx - Film was ace!5 star

Everyone sayin the movie was rubbish an not funny yous must no have been watchin the same film or must not have a good sense of humour, this film is amaze and I think it's worth 10.99 to be honest, I luv this film and could never get tired of watching it, I especially live Chaka he's just so funny and so adorable, and I just luv how that wee world comes together and the best bit is web rick marshell is doing his presentation an the wee boy asks if dinosaurs have boobs X

Staceeyylrose - iTunes1 star

Everything is just too expensive :(

Ihatehenry12345 - 1 star

movie price LOWER UR PRICE ITUNES!!!!!!!!!! please lower ur prices

Wraithien - Just watchable2 star

An ok film however it's very shallow and for comedy it's not that funny and often crude just for the sake of it. The film relies too heavily on Ferrel to produce the humor and drive the film forwards and on both accounts he fails to do so. Leading to a meandering plot and a rather dull film.

Loz10 - Very enjoyable4 star

If you ever watched the original they stick to it quite well in most areas e.g. Props costumes and areas but as like any Hollywood movie they had to captivate the newer generations and I feel they did it quite well and they chose the perfect actor (ferrell) as he spiced up the humour with his improv it worked brilliantly for me guys rent the movie at least to see what you think

indie_foxx - Hilarious4 star

This film has some good scenes, but you need to follow the storyline really carefully to understand some of the jokes!

|\/\/\/|-DAN-|\/\/\/| - Fggfff3 star


a.j.burgin - Mazzer malory5 star

I love it

ploob - OUTSTANDING.... ly bad1 star

This movie was just overall very bad. The plotline was very weak, there being several things happening and it never being able to keep up with an entertaining possibility. The effects and costumes were bad, the costumes belonging more in a movie from the 80's and the effects looking cheap and unreal compared to most movies now adays. I was watching this with my family,when i fell asleep 20-30 minutes into the movie, because i found the humour immature with an overuse of bad language and sexualy offensive jokes. I woke up in the credits, where my brother told me it was a very bad movie and he was sorry for reccomending it. The plot could maybe work as a PG or even G movie for very small kids, and the "jokes" should be scrapped for good.

Alexander the second - for teenagers4 star

I'm sure that most teenagers would understand most of this movie, i myself enjoyed it, found the humerous parts, er...ah humerous, like the joke about the "brain the size of a walnut".

Octopusy - Cheese3 star

Quite good. Kept me entertained for a while but I lost interest towards the end. Very unpredictable and a laugh. :)

Orion3T - Rubbish1 star

I took my kids to the cinema and this looked like it would be entertaining - how wrong I was. Crass, laughable for all the wrong reasons, embarrassing and barely an entertaining moment. Fans of Will Farrell might like it but otherwise i can't imagine this entertaining anyone of any age. Even the kids weren't amused.

Will00151 - Quality film5 star

Great film couldn't stop laughing, really really funny film

Justaaron - Not for kids!!3 star

I laughed quite a bit but for god sake it is a 12 so dint let the little ones watch it y was it even a 12 in the first place what was their target audience I thought it should have been a 15

V0vin - Hilarious5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Gazeley - Funnyyyy5 star

This was a really funny film and all these people saying it was a waste of time and that the effects and costumes were poor are idiots, Its a comedy not a horror, it's a will ferrel film and if you expected amazing effects and stuff then this was obviously your first will ferrel film.

Prince Slogo - Waste of time2 star

If you like a film where the plot has a slight resembelence of sense, dont go and see this film. There were some pretty awful effects and costumes. Enjoyable if you are about 10 or so, apart from that, i didnt find it funny in any way

PADDYO - Fun film5 star

Quite simply very enjoyable and whilst some may say it's lightweight I found it hugely satisfying. Not a laugh out load script, but one where the characters are naturally entertaining & watchable, especially Farrel.

jack s gre a11 - It WAS GOOD!!!4 star

Defenetly worth buying it was good

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GiovanniMu - As much as I thought it looked funny2 star

Land of Lost was a major disapointment. Alhough McBride and Ferrell were funny, the graphics were poor, the characters seemed to pop-out of nowhere, and the only funny parts were in the trailer.

NUMBER 1 !!! - :(1 star

Um okkk it's reaally strange?!

Darrenalaska - Awful turned it off after paying for it1 star

Tasteless jokes. Not for kids and not even funny for adults.

I-am-norefill - Good stuff5 star

The more you watch it, the more it grows on you. Like funny fungi.

DJ Krispy K - Almost Unwatchable... if it wasn't so potentially funny3 star

If you remember watching Land of the Lost on TV as a kid and think it would be cool to share those good times with your kids... BEWARE! This is the frat house reboot. Vulgar language and tasteless sex jokes abound. Beyond that it's fine... only fine.

BillyJoeRamsey - ?????5 star

Why's this under Kids and Family? Its NOT a kids movie. Don't be fooled. I saw it when it first came out and its full of adult humor. Pretty funny, but NOT FOR KIDS.

Boolloob - Awesome5 star


Liem Bon - Funny Funny Funny5 star

Funniest will ferrell movie besides step brothers. iTunes is crazy for saying its a kids and familly movie. Its a COMEDY get it right

Albus dumbeldore - best comedy ever!!!5 star

best comedy movie ever i have been waiting for a movie like this for a couple years.

Fawesomely addiction - iTunes should be better3 star

The movie is great but it won't download cause of stupid iTunes and now I freaking wasted $10!!!!

nateisawesome - Awesome!!5 star

Best movie in the universe!!!!

ZF funnnn - Best part but....3 star

It just stops at the best part! Stupid iPod!!!!! :( but it's an Alsome movieeee so far:/

Hannahbear - amazing5 star

this was by far the funniest movie i have ever seen in my entire life

Ryanreardon16 - Wow1 star

By far the worst movie i have ever seen. Me and my brother had to call itunes because we wanted our money back but they said no. Special effects sucked. It felt like i was watching a movie from the 50s but was way worse

fyduyiry - best movie ever5 star

its so funny awesome will be a classi got to see idont care if you hate comedy you've got to see it

TheReviewPerson - i love this movie!5 star

i love this movie BUT WHY IS IT UNDER KIDS AND FAMILY???

Some Radom person - U should like like me5 star

Love the funny movie

Tatt124 - Good for a few laughs3 star

Good but not great stupid but not dumb entertaining definitely

dee 123456789 - Epic5 star

The best movie I've ever seen

Best movie I've ever seen!!!!! - It was good4 star

Stupid, but good

RossM25 - geo13 star

This movie was.. okay, but not great. It did have some funny parts I will have to admit! But theres no way it's for kids. It's PG-13, but should be R due to the language

akiyatj891 - i love this movie4 star

its a really good movie, though some scenes are a bit inapropriate for small children. it should be in a different category. instead of "kids and family", it should be in the "comedy" category.

TheAliyahTerry - Chaka5 star

Chaka is so funny

Dammit Apple - NOT A KID3 star

It has its funny moments, but be forewarned THIS IS NOT A KID MOVIE. It is VERY sexually suggestive, which is fine for an adult movie. Should be PG16. Apple this movie SHOULD NOT be in the Family Section!!!!!! Definitely pushing the PG13 rating to the max and entering the gray area. Would not take much to make it R rated.

Shelly123456 - TERRIBLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

I love Will Ferrell but I have to say that was one of the biggest wastes of my money. It was really bad. I think you had to be stoned to laugh at it. Don't bother renting or buying. This is NOT a family or kid movie!

DMITRIY MAZ - Chacka5 star

Chacka is so funny rent or buy this movie it's so worth it;)

RotarySpirits7 - just funny5 star

Just a comedy which made me laugh. I love this.

Craigkmurray - Don't Watch This Movie1 star

I can't believe that this movie ever made it to the theatres. It's as if no one even watched it before it was released. If they did they would have realized that it wasn't in the least bit funny. I love comedies like this..Talledega Nights, Dumb and Dumber, etc..But this was the worst movie that I have ever seen in my life. Don't get suckered's horrible.

mad.imoogen - Hilarious5 star

i loved this movie!!!!!!!! it was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!! in the begging a little slow, but rlly its hilarious!!!!!!! BUY AND RENT NOW! click yes if you agree :)))))))

13chas - Very funny4 star

But it should not be under the catagory of kids and family this movie is more adult

Fizzy901 - *****5 star

Wow best movie ever!I love chacka!hehe-haha-lol!

Retard with down syndrome - Amåzing5 star

Best comedy ever!

Geeky chick 1997 - hahahaha4 star

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

Homeyslice - Awesome5 star

Will ferrel is the funniest person who has ever walked the earth

Movie madness1234321 - What is it? Its a walnut!!!!5 star


BloodChild - Awesome movie!5 star

I LOVE this movie! Will Ferrel is so funny, and the jokes are lol! The jokes are great, with random action! ***** stars!!!

p204 - this movie is ... SICK!!!!!1 star

this movie is really GROSS It all most made me barf! my dad,bro,and jerri liked it but I don't!

Towel7529 - Best movie ever!5 star

This is by far the funniest movie I have ever seen! This is the only movie me and my friends watch

Pooooooooooooooooooooooooop - Freaking beast5 star


Pot hole will wreck your car - *****5 star

5*s. Oh yea I went there!!!!!!!!!

Bsimp123 - Funny5 star

1.Choka is the bomb 2.T-rex has a walnut size brain then a giant walnut comes up omg hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahHahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahhahahahhahahaahahhahhahahhajahahjahahajahahhahahahhaHAHAHA.good times good times

GoatsAreCool - Funny5 star

1 of the funniest movies I ever saw and will farell was great

Toad403 - Not even funny2 star

I don't get it. Was this a movie for children or for adults? The jokes were immature and not funny but yet there were some scenes where they acted like grown up idiots. Dumb movie.

Keenan1994 - FREAKIN AWSOME!!!!5 star

this is one of the best comedies thats not rated R. Although this movie really shouldnt be in the kids and family section, its another one of will ferrels master pieces. The guy really makes the movie worth watching and with danny mcbride the humor is really great

Tony the Critic - Hated For Wrong Reasons4 star

Land of the Lost has been relentlessly crapped on since it's release, It seems like I'm the only one who actually really liked it. I thought the plot was great, Will Ferrel hilarious as always and the FX about as top notch as they could possibly get. I think critics who didn't like this movie don't have a sense of humor and are too caught up with what the academy thinks and not what everyone else does. Don't listen to the BS that you hear, watch this movie and get a good laugh.

MasterPeaceArtworks - Don't waste your money or time!2 star

I thought, hmm Will Ferell is in this movie so it must be funny. And some of the scenes are funny, like the debates with Matt Lauer. But other than that, all it is is Will acting in a strange sexual way and lizzards trying to take over the universe. It depends on what type of person you are to descride this movie..

MyOwnTerms - good...but for teens, not kids4 star

I did think the movie was funny and had a pretty neat story line. But there are alot of sexual innuendos and jokes. Not for the 10 and under crowd.

Tiffany Nolan - Bla bla4 star

I thought it was stupendous and I don't get how somebody can say that this was stupid !!!

pppearly - i could not even finish watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

ok so i love will.F!!!!!!!!!!! who does not!!!!!!!!!! btu this movie was so not funny and so dumb ii cant belive it was even made i was bored waching it and ut was just down right DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this new iPod - It's awesome and I'm only ten!!!5 star

This movie is the best one EVER by will ferell and the best part is,IM ONLY TEN YEARS OLD!!!

5 star

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Land of the Lost (2009) images

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Land of the Lost (2009) posters
Land of the Lost (2009) posters
Land of the Lost (2009) posters
Land of the Lost (2009) posters
Land of the Lost (2009) posters
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