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Comedic genius Will Ferrell stars as has-been scientist Dr. Rick Marshall, who gets more than he bargained for when his expedition takes a wrong turn into the Land of the Lost. Now, Marshall, his crack-smart research assistant Holly (Anna Friel) and a redneck survivalist named Will (Danny McBride), have no weapons, few skills and questionable smarts to survive in a world full of marauding dinosaurs, fantastic creatures and laugh-out-loud comedy!

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m300lg    5 star

Freaking Hysterical! This was wrongly advertised as a family movie instead of the raunchy filthy comedy that it is. It's hilarious! Cracks me up every time, and every person that I show it to ends up dying with laughter. It's really a shame this movie didn't do well, because now not enough people have seen it.

UpgrayeDD7777    5 star

Fantastic movie I love it

dalia bruce    3 star

This was a movie? I didn't know that! I use to watch this growing up but I hated it cause I always wanted to see the other programs that came with the show! I think it could've been Hannah Barbara?? I'm not sure! But they had the others, one had the floppy monsters and there was another one but they would always show the Land of the Lost! As I got older, I liked it, kinda! But still hopeful to get the others back! Lol I really didn't know it was a movie! Probably wouldn't have watched it anyway! 😜

sbugators    1 star

Land of the Lost One of the three worst movies I have ever seen. I love will ferrell and Danny McBride, but this movie is just AWFUL

Crazygirl061952    5 star

Great Movie I totally recommend this movie. Halve the time you can't not laugh at the jokes. Great movie to watch with friends and family!

DJ778567    4 star

t t

GregB67    5 star

HILARIOUS!!!!!! Awesome movie! A definite must see!

Jacksdaddy2004    5 star

Funny for the 1970 kids I Loved it, Land of the nutz case and Lost, But worth watching.. Will F. does and awesome acting, and tons of laughs !

Black yoshirum    5 star

Best movie ever This is by far my favorite movie ever!i mean it is so funny I laugh every time I watch!So I recommend this movie to you!!!!!‼️‼️‼️

McClickers    1 star

This was barely better then a heavy yawn Where the hell is the original 1974/75/76 TV episodes!!! If you paid me $100 bucks I might consider DL'n this crap version. Caught up the 70's TV series NOW B - i - T - C - H - E - S!!!

Jellen68    1 star

Land of the Lost The trailer was better than the actual movie. This is not a kids and family movie. And i am a kid!

ThisNickn-nameIsTaken    1 star

Utter Rubbish Worst film watched in a long time. It's amazing how stuff like this gets written, let alone produced. Utter nonsense and a waste of previous, human life.

Geo_tonz    2 star

NOT A KIDS MOVIE (and really not that good either) As in Shawn's review we rented this movie for family night based on the PG rating (according to iTunes). IT IS NOT A PG MOVIE AND SHOULD NOT BE IN "KIDS AND FAMILIES". After shutting it off due to profanities and inapporpriate scenes I looked it up on a number of review pages, all of which had it RATED AT PG-13. Parents watched it later and it was "ok" with a few laughs but not worth the cost of rental. Got the run-around when I complained to iTunes support to try to get them to look into it.

Rex of hell    5 star

Funny!! This movie is soooo funny!!! Dinosaurs, comedy, and will ferrel in one movie is epic

Booboo101101    5 star

good movie!! I really liked this movie and will for sure buy it on the itunes app store. My sister loved it too! Chika is amazing... Will Ferrell is amazing in this comedy movie!

yofal    1 star

Not a "kids" film… Besides being awful, the movie is decidedly adult. (For adult morons, but that's beside the point). Why Apple continues to place it in this section eludes me.

Killaaaaa    5 star

Not for Kids Hilarious. Dirty, sexy, funny fun.First Will Ferrall movie my GF actually liked.

Dmasta3674    4 star

Laugh out loud I thought this movie was good. There are some good laughs. The storyline and script were weak and for those reasons i give it 4 stars. Enjoy your movie.

BKAllmighty    5 star

Really Funny! I don't know why this is so funny to me because I usually hate these kinds of movies but this movie is a riot!

crazynakedpandas    5 star

Such a funny movie! It's really funny! Definitely for a mature audience! Should not be classified as family/kids! Anything with Will Ferrel in it is obviously going to be a little bad.

Marcus Nero
Nero  Marcus Nero  5 star

This is a fun movie. In an unostentatious way it makes fun of life in anecdotes of impossible events. It is worth the rent.

funniest movie ever  lollipopgirlm3g  5 star

the swearing makes it so much more funny

Not bad for a will ferral film  Lord_blood_bone  2 star

I hate will ferrals comedy with a burning passion, but if I were to be tied down and choose to watch a film starring or even guesting will ferral I would choose this film.

Land of the lost  Dylan1234445  5 star

It is good

Rubbish  SomeRandomBl0ke  2 star

Juvenile. Sleazy. Wrong rating and category.

Sir Thax
Change the rating to M  Sir Thax  1 star

iTunes please change the rating of this film to an M. I don't want to explain to my 9 year old daughter why a man is masturbating when he sees an ape. Very disappointed that I showed this to my children.

Serious contender for the worst movie of all times.  NathalieBelet  1 star

What a deception this movie was! It is the worst combination ever of rudeness, a non-sensical plot, bad acting, and bad costumes I have ever seen! Too bad there is no 'money back guarantee' on this one!

Haloween horrors/ spooksss
Not good it's great  Haloween horrors/ spooksss  5 star

Really good but not for young children

Ziah !!!!
CANT STOP WATCHING IT !!  Ziah !!!!  5 star

This movie is my fav comedy of all time. it has a lot of funny humour an i think its one of those movies were the hole family can injoy!!

I LOVE THIS MOVIE  klaney.  5 star

Its soo great :D i have seen it about 7 times and i still love it! CHUCKA!! and The mosquito and the drug plant bit are my favourite :P

Abomination  Sir_Clifford  1 star

I cannot believe I sat through that. I would have even felt cheated if someone had paid me to see it. Please... do yourself a favour - just don't! Will Ferrell is usually quite reliable if you need your funny bone tickling, but this was just embarrassing. Please don't do it!

:)  podii  1 star

Do NOT buy this film !!!!! i went to see it on my birthday and it was awfull :)

Oliver warden
Film  Oliver warden  3 star

It's ok but not that good for over 14 because some bits are stupid funny and just wouldn't appeal to this age

mark lehossin
For Ferrell fan  mark lehossin  4 star

this film can be considered brilliant if you let it be. you have to like Will Ferrell to like the film really but it still is a quality film.

wish it was lost and buried  nhbvfdzkj  1 star

I went to see this at the cinema and its awful will ferrels worst film to date its not funny at all it will only entertain the likes of children aged between 3-8. its stupid no funny scene anywhere at all a complete waste of money and acting talent. the story line is what little kids would write. theres not a good word to say about it id thought i would write this to save you the embarresement of buying it.the scene where ferrel chucks urine over his head is just pathetic not funny and is amateure writing and looks desperate for laughs. a total bore and depressing movie.

Mad  Nastyboy2010  5 star

Will ferrule is the funniest guy alive mean movie, love his humor

Stupid  maburaho425  1 star

Just another dumb movie with big movie stars to promote it.

Me  Tribalmadman  5 star

Totaly wicked!

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