Hocus Pocus

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Hollywood superstar Bette Midler (Beaches) joins Sarah Jessica Parker (Honeymoon in Vegas) and Kathy Najimy (Sister Act) as three outlandishly wild witches who return from 17th Century Salem for a night of zany fun and comic chaos. After they're accidentally conjured up by some unsuspecting pranksters, the tricky 300-year-old trio sets out to cast a spell on the town and reclaim their youth - but first they must outwit three pesky kids who are determined to foil their scheme! Loaded with bewitching laughs and magical special effects, "Hocus Pocus" is an outrageous comedy that's sure to entertain everyone. After 300 years of slumber, three sister witches are accidentally resurrected in Salem on Halloween night, and it is up to three kids and their newfound feline friend to put an end to the witches' reign of terror once and for all. Hocus Pocus Wiki

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It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus...

Hocus Pocus (1993)

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- Foreveeeeer A CLASSIC!!!!5 star

Hocus Pocus Will ALWAYS & Foreveeeer Be One Of My Favorite Disney Halloween Movies. I Could Watch This Over & Over Again, Enjoy Myself & Just Reminisce My Childhood Memories With My Sister.

- Love it!5 star

Once you watch this movie once, you want to buy it because it is so good and it has the Halloween spirit

- Terrible Acting1 star

Worse than ever. Why would you watch a movie with an incredibly terrible Freakin Actor who hates you, everything about you, and was never really good to begin with. Witch

- Such a Classic5 star

This movie came out when I was 7. I loved it then and I still love it now. I watch it every October. It’s just as entertaining for adults as it is for children. An excellent movie that has stood the test of time. If you haven’t seen this, you are truly missing out.

- Classic!5 star

I have been watching this movie since I wads in third grade in 93. Will always be one of my favs

- Seriously?1 star

People actually like this movie? 😂

- Hocus pocus5 star

I, love love love love love, this movie, this is one of my favorite Halloween classics ever. Bet Midler, nails her character as Winifred Sanderson. I love her :-) Best movie ever.

- Ooooommmmmggggg5 star

This movie is so good! I love this movie it’s like the best Halloween movie ever I watched it about 4-5 times in one day, it’s so good!!!! I could watch it forever!!!😃😄

- Best movie5 star

This is one of the best Halloween movies on earth! That is all I have to say 😁

- Best Halloween Movue5 star

5 Stars. The casting. The in-movie songs. The laughs. The magic of a good story.

- Really1 star

Great movie. But Apple trying to make money off of as usual. This movie was out in 1993 yet you trying to sell it for $10. What a ripe off. I can get it for less then $5 at the stores now.

- 😍😍5 star

This isnt even a seasonal movie this is a lifetime/everyday movie! HOCUS POCUS will forever live on for ever & ever okaaaaay!! 👏🏽

- Hocus Pocus5 star

I love this movie and can never wait till fall to watch this with my mom and sister. And if I really just want a laugh I pop this DVD in to the player.💿💻

- 😁😍5 star

🙅🏼‍♀️ And😳😥🤭🤫😪😿💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️🧟‍♂️🕴🏻

- Can’t even get watch this1 star

I just rented this and it won’t even let me watch it, I want a refund

- All time classic5 star

One of my favorite movies as a child. Still an amazing classic. Can’t wait to show my children some day.

- I put a spell on you😆5 star

I love this movie it’s a little bit scary but I couldn’t stop watching it so good watch it😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

- yeet5 star

best Halloween movie ever. bet

- Best Halloween movie ever!5 star

This is the greatest Halloween movie there is!🎃

- One of our all-time favorite movies ever5 star

Watch this every year...in autumn....without fail. Love it!

- Vsco girl sksksk SaVe tHe TuRtLeS5 star

I love Hocus Pocus it is my FAVORITE MOVE EVER!!!!! Soooo ya......

- Best Halloween Movie Ever!5 star

A true classic! Just isn’t the fall season without this movie on repeat!

- Favorite movies5 star

Love this movie.. bought for my sons to watch they live it as well

- Disappointed1 star

I rented this movie to do an outside movie night with my nieces and nephews with a projector I own. When it came time I connected the iPad and a pop up showed saying format restricted. Restricted?? I couldn’t figure what was wrong. Then I looked it up and apple product wouldn’t let me play the movie I RENTED on my OWN PROJECTOR! Luckily I had a friend there who then rented it on Amazon Prime and we watched it with no problems! There should have been a warning about this. Plus in this day in age it should allow use on anything!! Highly disappointed. I’m a huge Apple buyer.. I encourage people to buy Apple products. So WTH?!? So disappointed. So embarrassing how it failed!

- Can’t get enough5 star

I’ve watched this movie since i was little. It is my favorite Halloween movie of all time and i watch it all year long. I strongly recommend that you watch it.

- Timelessly Amazing5 star

I just watched this movie again last night. I was sick and stayed up until 5 am on a week day watching, in complete awe, at how great this movie still is - even in 2019. I remember being a child and watching this with my mom. Now I’m grown up, sitting on my couch in my living room of my house and I still go back to that place from when I was a kid, watching this and Halloweentown. This is truly a timeless Disney movie and it keeps Halloween alive for me. Thanks Disney for making this, and thanks iTunes for having it available for us. You can’t replace the memories that you’ve given us with these treasured films. One day I’ll have a kid and I’ll have them watch all of these. I hope they love it as much as I still do.

- Classic!5 star

Best movie to watch, in Halloween especially 💕💕🎃

- Best Halloween Movie Ever5 star

I watch this movie every year around Halloween time, and even though I can quote the whole thing, it never gets old!

- Sigh1 star

Watched this last night, having not seen it in over 20 years. Just...awful. Zero ⭐️

- My all time favorite ❤️5 star

I love this movie so much, ever since I was a kid. 23 years old now and still loving it

- Perfect movie....where’s the soundtrack iTunes?!??5 star

I love hocus pocus, as its iconic and fits the Halloween spirit. But I have a question for ITunes.......WHERES THE SOUNDTRACK?!?!?! 🙁

- 💩1 star


- Fantastic!5 star

I loved this as a kid, and still enjoy it! Interesting how it had poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes! Clearly, this is a beloved classic!



- Zach ARY o BENTLEY5 star


- Classic5 star

This is still one of my favorite Halloween movies to this day. A classic that is a must see for everyone.

- Classic5 star

Amazing how this low key movie that didn’t do much at the box office became a classic that people can’t wait to watch every year!! 🎃

- So gooooood!!!!5 star

I have always loved this movie!!

- SO GOOD. I ❤️5 star

It is my favorite Halloween movie of all time.

- I wish we had the 4K version5 star

I am about to buy this and I only wish Apple had the 4K version so that I could enjoy on my Apple 4K TV.

- The Movie Of The Season5 star

Hocus Pocus is to Halloween, as The Christmas Story is to Christmas. The critics of rotten tomatoes are out of touch. This is a classic to anyone that grew up in the 80-90’s. It’s silly and cheesy and of course it’s not that scary, it’s a Disney movie. That’s why the stars are different than rotten tomatoes.

- Best movie ever!!!5 star

Love Hocus Pocus! one of my favorite movie of all time, grew up watching it as a kid and still watch it till this day


hocus pocus is honestly one of the best Halloween movie in the world!!!!

- Yes5 star

Always such a good movie for Halloween Time. My 4 year old likes it as well and now we’re going to take a trip to Salem. Yay!

- Halloween tradition movie especially for Disney lovers5 star

This is the go to Halloween tradition movie that our family watches every year. You can watch with some yummy food or just leave it running in the background while people are trick or treating. Amazing enough for Disney World to have the sisters perform for their Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party every year.

- Hi! Love you Kaydence5 star

Love you hocos pocos is the best hollowen movie ever

- Please4 star

Great movie but to expensive for the HD version of this movie. Please lower the HD price for this movie.

- Halloween Classic!!!5 star

Absolutely one of my favorite films of all time. This movie will forever be a classic

- Good movie4 star

Good Halloween movie. Tame enough for about 8+ to enjoy.

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Micriv5800 - VFQ 😍5 star

Il s’agit de la version française québécoise! 🥳

BaileyZCrawly - THANK YOU DISNEY5 star

It’s been YEARS since we all started asking Disney for a proper release of this film. Not only do we get a beautiful HD transfer, we get deleted scenes and featurettes which are behind incredible! About time! Thank you SO much Disney! I don’t usually believe in double-dipping on films but this one was worth every extra penny!

left888 - Price rip off1 star

Saw this one in a bin at Walmart on blu-ray for $3.99 ITunes=GREED

Lucywilly - Holy Shizuoka5 star

I love hocus pocus it's a good family movie.!!!

Purple panda gurl 136 - Hocus pocus (awesome!!!!!! Movie)5 star

Such a good movie I love it I like the part when Sarah sings come little children it's so scary and mysterious

Firestar81 - Cute Movie4 star

Just recently visited Salem, MA. Over 19 years later they still talk about this movie being filmed there, they're quite proud! I think this is a cute movie, glad I finally own it!

snowhitequeen1986 - Witch Games and so much more!5 star

There are some childhood films that don't live up to its reputation, however Hocus Pocus is still Disney's finest Halloween trick and treat! my only wish is for Bette Midler to revise her role on boardway, if you haven't seen this film- watch it! Anyone who's seen it will agree it never lost it's spunk, the only shame is Walt Disney Movies aren't made this way anymore.

Kimdra - LOVE this movie!!!5 star

This movie is absolutely amazing. It really is the epitome of a 90's movie... why can't they make them like this anymore? It's a great kid's movie, but my sisters and I watch it every Halloween. And we're all grown! Although, I have got to say... Disney was VERY dumb in not publicly releasing the soundtrack (They only released a certain amount of unofficial soundtracks or something like that...) Why wouldn't they, though? It's amazing! So, iTunes should get their hands on a copy and upload it so we all can download it. I know I would!

chelsea brideau - FOUND IT !!5 star

When I was like 3 years old I watched it !! And I have this little memories about it. I've been thinking about it forever trying to find it !!! Im so happy I found it . God I love this movie !

Elektronick2010 - Reminds me of my childhood5 star

It WAS a great movie when I was 10 and ... you know!!! Its still great ;)

maplesuga - I finally found it5 star

I used to love this movie when i was 8/9 and i have been looking for it for a while. This is my favourite kid's Halloween movie EVER! its just scary enough for younger kids so that it's enjoyable but not frightening.

3504440369 - Best movie5 star


SAILORbaby20 - ALBUM3 star


Gabi M N - Love Hocus Pocus5 star

Hocus pocus is an absolutely amazing movie.

KM 26 - Great movie5 star

Bit funny and little sad. I m in lots of tears because I LOVE THE ENDING! 👍🏻👏🏻

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Burdick2 - My favorite Halloween movie!!5 star

I first saw this in the theater in 1993. By the time the movie was over I was hooked, and I totally wanted to celebrate Halloween in July! I’ve watched this film every Halloween season since. Best of all, this movie finally got its own audio description track last year! I’m totally blind, so it’s great to hear what happens visually in this film at long last. So glad this movie is still cherished after 25 years!

Kfitz34 - Some BS reviews5 star

This movie is ridiculous fun especially if you grew up with it. What I don't understand is why there are newspaper reviews dated 2015 for a movie that was made/released in 1993. Leave this nostalgia trip alone and go take your desperate for attention, trying to hard to be witty reviews elsewhere.

Angels evil - Poop1 star

I hate this I love the movie but I had to delete all my apps just to watch a stupid movie

Justine Heavenridge - Amazing5 star

One of the BEST Halloween movies ever

Hsjxmnc - "Boooooooooooooook!"5 star

I absolutely love this movie.it has sheen a favorite since the first time I watched it!

Cfreeny - Isaiah5 star


Jeffreyghdedxv - Classic!5 star

So nostalgic to watch, I must’ve seen it up to 100 times by now and it never gets old!

HannahS😎 - I have a question!!!!!!4 star

What is the difference in HD and SD?

Yes Jenna - Best classic Halloween Film!5 star

I’ve watched this movie since I was a little girl. I remember sitting on the living room floor, getting ready for Halloween and watching this movie. Here I am, 27 years old and it still sets the tone for Autumn and my childhood! Never gets old!

Rubenjr314 - Cult classic5 star

One of the best movies to watch! As a child I loved this movie and as a grown adult it’s a classic and full of laughs and fun, I absolutely love the heck out of this movie!

VeraJanel - Have to watch!5 star

Literally one of my favorite movies!

Ms.S-Tay - A CLASSIC!!5 star

This is why I don’t pay attention to the Rotten Tomatoes score. I absolutely LOVE this movie!!!

Kshove - Awesome5 star

I thought the show is awesome

Sailor Meggi - Amok, mayhem, and boys!5 star

Winnie, Mary, and Sarah are squad goals. Whether it’s supporting each other with calming circles, keeping each other focused during hard tasks, or simply complimenting each other’s child-stealing abilities, the three Sanderson sisters are back for one night and one night only to seek that which most eludes then; eternal youth. Hocus Pocus remains a favorite for a reason.

bring back 2vs2 - Halarious5 star

My two fav parts of this movie are the bus scene and when they walk on the road or sidewalk, this is one of the funniest Halloween movies ever!

iAM.J0J0 - Why is this $201 star

Kinda steep for an older movie

Ncerg - Classic5 star

Love move

5tootle - 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼love it5 star

I've watched this 100 times it never gets old love it

Chawn7111 - For the Culture!!!!5 star

All kids growing up should see this movie. It's pure comedy... a remake with the original three Sanderson sisters would be amazing. My 6 yr old just saw it and he even loved it.

Anthem100 - Please skip this don't waste your money1 star

I had heard alot of good things about this movie so I decided to rent it for my daughter. We made it 20 minutes in and turned it off. What a horrible movie. Waste of money. I will be seeking a refund.

WolfRedStone117 - Love this movie5 star

I love this movie!! I grew up to it and watched it every time around Halloween. I recommend to everyone!!

grummett - good movie5 star

diss it all you want rotten tomotos. this is a good movie. come little children is my favorite song in the movie. but... no soundtrack on iTunes.

uunique58 - Love This!!!5 star

I look forward to watching this around Halloween every year. Everybody did wonderful acting Bette Midler she was really into her character then Kathy always great then Jessica yasss y'all did that it was great!

faisaldos - Rotten Tomatoes got their ratings wrong!5 star

This is by far the most iconic Halloween movie ever. My ultimate favorite of all time!

Ceaze_94 - Best Halloween Movie Ever5 star

This movie brings back so many good memories from my childhood and always gives me a warm hearted feeling when I watch it. This is one of those movies I can watch many times and not get tires of it. I hope someday a sequel gets made.

Julayla - My Opinion Instead of the Critics5 star

Man, so many critics were harsh about this. But this is suppose to be cliche and campy. And this was at the time during the 90s when it was suppose to be campy for fun. But anyway, I digress. When I finally saw it on Disney Channel the first time in the 90s years ago, I instantly loved it. I think many who grew up with this film will also love this as well, especially for how hammy Kathy, Sarah, and Bette freakin' Midler are. Plus who can resist Bette Midler's version of "I Put a Spell on You". It's so catchy!


This is a fun, silly, Halloween Movie. It's not met to be a Golden Globe, Oscar or any other statues award. It's hilarious, goofy and runs amuck, amuck, amuck. Wish I had a ROTTEN TOMATO to give back to the dopes that have no sense of fun. 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎SILLY Rotten TOMATOES!

Vega210 - Awesome5 star

My favorite halloween movie when i was a kid.I was always waiting for it to come out on oct.31.

Travisbrian85 - Make another one already5 star

Seriously make another one I remember there was a rumor about it and then poof gone. I love this movie it's a classic. Love it! If you don't love it get your head checked 😉 just kidding. Just my opinion

Macinboss - Must have movie for Fall!5 star

It just warms my cookies

Aspen_Wolf - Hocus-pocus5 star

I love this movie the best movie you can have

Jay and Kelly - Classic Halloween Movie5 star

Its a family classic for me and I look forward to watching it every year when Halloween rolls around. It has piece os witty humor and some creppy parts. I would recommend it for ages 10-100.

Speedy2023 - Silly Halloween Fun5 star

I know this isn't an Oscar winning flick, but come on! It's a fun movie for kids as well as adults. It's been my favorite movie since it came out because of the Halloween silliness of it. So listen up all you overthinkers and overjudgers...it's just a little Hocus pocus! : )

danbanco - Simple but Halloween Fun 🎃 🍂3 star

It isn't really a movie that's worth watching again, but it had some funny parts, especially with the insane witches and goofy zombie, and the little girl who wanted to go trick-or-treating really badly. And how can we forget the cute little black cat Binx who'll steal your heart? 😺

TheWayneCorp - Most Favorite of All-Time5 star

This is my most favorite movie of all time. It always makes me feel good and happy, and I watch it year round - especially at Halloween.

Alejandro Marrero - Excellent Cult Classic5 star

I watch this movie every year and love it to pieces. Glad it's mine forever via iTunes 🎵"I put a spell on you, and now you're mine."🎶

stephen.aycock2 - A must watch every Halloween!5 star

This is a must watch classic every Halloween! It has the perfect amount of comedy performed by three hilarious actresses. Definitely gets you in the mood for Halloween! 🎃

Blakela - Best movie ever5 star

I love this movie during Halloween

kysaunya - The best Halloween movie of all time!5 star

I literally have loved this movie ever since a little girl. This movie makes me love everything about fall, Halloween, and it just makes me want to be a kid all over again. I love it!

Mufassah - Disney Classic! Never gets old5 star

Watch this movie every year at Halloween, it's one of my childhood favorites.

DonMartin86 - An All-Time Favorite5 star

I have no idea why critics treat this film with such universal loathing. It's a fun, witty romp full of camp and Bette Midler at her best. This is an annual favorite, and I always look forward to October so I can watch it...repeatedly.

BearTD - Price5 star

Why would I pay 19.99 for this movie on here when I can buy it for 10 dollors cheaper or even less then 10 dollors at a store?

MEInbusch - BEST MOVIE EVER!!5 star

If you're in the Halloween spirit, this movie is perfect for you!! Also I don't know why this only got 30%???? This movie is AMAZING!!!!

Sanven - A Classic Movie5 star

In Octoboer, this movie has become a must see in our household - every year! It's not fall without at least one viewing of this movie!

ChelseaFootballClub<3 - YYYYEEEESSS5 star

Every halloween i watch this movie!!!

Charmed79 - Don't care how old I get!5 star

I will always love this movie, it is a favorite no matter what part of the year it is!

JGG565 - Spectacular5 star

This is a great family movie to watch during the holiday season!

B-day girl!!!!!! - Best Halloween movie of all time! CLASSIC!!!5 star

Thank you iTunes for putting this up!! I have enjoyed this movie since I was a child, it has that great feel of modern day Halloween! Probably the best Halloween movie EVER made! When I was younger I always wanted an adventure like Max and the movie is hilarious and never gets old I say it's for ANYONE especially those who truly get into the spirit of Halloween! The best part is this movie NEVER GETS OLD! I mean how can you not like Hocus Pocus? Not just a great seasonal film but one of my favorite movies that my whole family loves! Now my baby brother, sister and boyfriend it will be passed on generation to generation and if it's not thats a shame! If you haven't watched it please do!

Lehnhce - Great For All Adults Too!5 star

This movie is so great and so under rated! Bette Midler is at her all time best in this original story. It is campy, creepy, funny, and even has a great musical number by the Divine M herself!

Bmalerd - Good5 star

One of the most underrated Disney movies of all time! Watch it! You will enjoy it.

5 star

My favorite song off the damn fine SUPER MARIO BROS soundtrack...despite the blatantly obvious lyrics, I only found…

5 star

Saudades dos rolês na Hocus Pocus

5 star

@OscarsWild1 @BradPKeyes @Dribelo1 @JackJsherebkin @insane_voice @IngersolRobert @Gladfly1 @JoeTheAtheist @Ceist8…

5 star

@DrAmirKhanGP: After seeing a potential case of measles today I think it’s IMPOANT to say NO AMOUNT of trendy foods, crystals or hocu…

5 star

It's June and i'm watching Hocus Pocus.

5 star

Your imagination is not just some hocus pocus. It’s God showing you a preview of a coming attraction he has for you.

5 star

@obsessiomx Claro! Solo me pillo los Disney, uno es winifred (hocus pocus) y el otro es ursula convertida en Vanessa

5 star

‘Here come the locust or it’s all just Hocus Pocus’. Events in Revelations or plot of horror/Halloween flick? #dgl

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