Michael Jackson's This Is It

Michael Jackson's This Is It Summary and Synopsis

Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts at London’s O2 Arena. Chronicling the months from April through June 2009, this film was produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage featuring Jackson rehearsing a number of his songs for the show. In raw and candid detail, Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT captures the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, creative genius and great artist at work as he creates and perfects his planned final London shows. A compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London. Michael Jackson's This Is It Wiki

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Like You've Never Seen Him Before..

Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie (2009)

Michael Jackson's This Is It Comments & Critics

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Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie Reviews

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- MJ ‘s Genius Enshrined.5 star

Regardless what you think about the MJ contraversies, there is no doubt that he was history’s greatest pop star. He performed for five decades, and this film shows his preparation for what would have been a final tour. So while this is not an all out performance, seeing MJ in rehearsal in some ways is more impressive. He knew what he wanted his show to be, and worked with his fellow performers with kindness. There are just enough performance moments to keep you entranced, but this is an MJ on 80% because he is rehearsing and trying to save his voice. But an MJ on 80% is better than just about any other performer that ever lived.

- Was one of the first to see this movie!5 star

I saw this the very day it came out on its earliest available showing possible, and OMG... it's like, oh thank God, it was all just a bad dream, & there's my bro Michael alive and well and still at it... I cried at the end wishing it never had to end. Love you forever, Michael! ;D


This movie is awesome truly heart breaking that he's gone but the world will truly see him for what he an entertainer! is Love you Michael Jackson!!! 🕺🏾✌🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎🙂 Honestly still to this day I have the wii game Michael Jackson the experience and sometimes I still play it lol But anyways I loved this movie and I wish I wasn’t so young when he died because I would have loved to see him live Rip Michael

- What could have been?5 star

So sad that the world never got to see the genius of this last show by Michael Jackson.

- A once in a generation talent5 star

Michael was a perfectionist and he never would have allowed this behind the scenes documentary of his rehearsal process to be released. But oh are we the better for that happening. This Is It is a fascinating look behind the scenes into how a Michael Jackson concert was sculpted. Michael’s incredible talent is on display throughout the film. If we didn’t know it before we certainly know after watching This Is It, Michael Jackson was a true artist, a musical genius, a perfectionist, and at the same time so vulnerable and so human. We are all blessed to have been alive during his most productive years. Whatever you think about Michael Jackson as a person, there’s no denying he was a once-in-a-generation talent. Miss you MJ. You played such a huge role in my life in the 80s. Thriller changed everything for me. It expanded my understanding of what music could be. And the music video, and the making of the music video, expanded my understanding of filmmaking. Rest in peace. You will be remembered for your musical genius, up there with the greatest of all time, like Elvis and the Beatles; and as a man with an unparalleled understanding of music... the late 20th century’s Mozart.

- It really was it 😢😞💔💔💔5 star

This documentary was so good had me crying...really shows how Michael REALLY was..! ....I miss you so much my baby😘😘😢😢💙💚💙💚💙💚 ❤️❤️you brought peace and love to this earth 🌎🌍🌏 that's all you wanted to do with your music. 🎶🎶🎶 So gentle and so kind "somebody once said it's the soul that matters" 🖤 😢❤️💛I love you 1958-FOREVER 💓💓💓8 painful years without my Michael Joseph Jackson 😭💔❤️❤️❤️the world isn't the same & we miss you so much.💟 I know you are making the angels sing up there. 🎤You did your deed on earth && God said "now it's time to return back to me..." 💓💓👼🏾👼🏾👼🏾🙍🏽🙍🏽🙍🏽❣️❣️❣️I would have done absolutely anything to go back in time && meet you😭😩😩❣️❤️❤️but you're finally at peace now my love ❤️❤️😊😞😞❤️💔💔💔💗💗💖💖 who knew this would really be it....Conrad will pay for what he's done..but I forgive him ❤️ God taught me to forgive so I will...just can't forget💔💔#MJJ

- Masterpiece5 star

Great film that takes the viewer to Michael's last days. We miss you MJ!

- Great movie!!5 star

This movie really is an amazing movie! I just can't stop watching it. I seen it when it first came out in 2009. Awesome work! RIP Michael Jackson ❤️❤️❤️

- RIP MJ love you!!5 star

I own this movie and it's amazing I wish he was still with us. Can u believe it's been 8 years since he passed it makes me soo sad. THE KING OF POP!!!

- Absolutely Amazing!5 star

This is it!This movie is awesome.This Tour would been amazing to.If he was going to make this his last tour then his last tour would have said goodbye to MJ tours in a great way.Wish he could have saw it.Michael Jackson honestly could have stopped at thriller and would have been the king of pop but he kept working.I love you Michael

- Mj5 star

Your amazing that's gotta be the best movie I've ever seen,all those emotions it's a shame u passed on due to the carelessness of aeg live this was no accident the world will see soon the truth mj the truth will come forth

- Emotional5 star

This movie always make me cry 😭😭😭

- This Is It5 star

This movie shows how hard he worked and how much he cared about his fans we love you Michael ❤️

- Genius at Work.5 star

I have never written a review for lack of desire to. However, as a professional dancer and artist I have to say he has influenced me greatly both in work ethic and pushing myself to do better. In this film you see the true genius behind the man. You see him working one on one with aspiring artists, and working on every detail (as was his reputation). You see how he changes/inforces the simplest things that make an instantanious difference in the sound or gravity of the music. He knew his music inside an out, and wanted it to be the best that it could be. All the while keeping a harmonious and loving atmosphere. He is one of my idols as far as artists go, and seeing this film only confirmed that fact. If you are interested in seeing the creative and working process of Michael than this is the movie for you. I can't help think if he hadn't died what that world of popular music would look like today. He, unlike so many artist today could do it all...LIVE. (Even at 50) "It's all for love." RIP MJ

- Best Movie In The World5 star

I Love Michael Jackson Til The Death Of Me!💖💁😭❤️❤️👌💎🙌🙏👏✨🌟☺️

- This is NOT it5 star

Amazing movie. Amazing talent. This cannot be it. We will always want more of him. He is the one and only genius without limits. We will always love you, MJ!!

- R.I.P5 star

In 2014 his music still carries on with the amazing Xscape album. R.I.P. I think that he gave so much love and he always was a kind man. And I think that when a 10 year old kid (aka me) cries to the sad Death to a star really means he made a change to the world.

- RIP King Of Pop 🙏✌️5 star

This Is It. Michael Jackson is the one and only king of pop and this movie shows us what the real Michael Jackson was like and what he did to bring the thrill to his fans I just wish he was able to do at least one show so that we the fans could see what the show in full production would have been like but God needed Michael for a reason and we all know that Michael is looking down at us and watching us live his legacy. Once again I say Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. We miss you and we Love You ✌️

- I've watched it 1000 times5 star

A great movie for the greatest performer that has ever lived. I've seen the movie (literally) close to a hundred times and I never get tired of it. Love you Michael ❤️❤️❤️

- michael best5 star

بهترينى ، دوست دارم، زندگيت ابديه

- Trash1 star

He was trash an all who loved him are also. What he did in the music biz does not make up for who he was.

- makes me sick1 star

people seem to forget this grown man touch and groped little boys and got away with it because he had more money than god. dude is a perverted and clearly racist if he didn't want to be black. mj you are a disgrace

- Brilliant! Spectacular! Out of this world!5 star

MJ was definitely one of the best performers of our time and now that he is gone, we'll mourn for a long time. Thankfully we have this brilliant video to show us what he was doing for a comeback. Great movie, great singer, great order. May his spirit live on.

- Awesome!5 star

MJ was, is and always will be the King of Pop. A truly talented and brilliant performer that cannot be replaced, a talent that is born once in our lifetime. So far, there is no one to come even close. The movie only confirms the above.

- No rental?1 star

Why no rental iTunes?

- RIP King of Pop5 star

Michael is, was and always will be an angel that walked among us. I find myself wondering if he would've wanted us to see his rehearsal footage, for he always said he seeked perfection. But to me, this IS perfect.

- I love michael Jackson5 star

My Jackson is me even those he's dead he with me .......1958-2009 michael Jackson

- This is it5 star

I was going to one of his concert on July 12 because my mom promise me to go to his concert on my birthday

- Loved it5 star

Good movie, he did a lot to inspire people. Still I admit he was a little wierd.

- This Is Him5 star

I love this footage. It shows how ridged he was with his work. Beautiful man and wonderful music. Must see. Amazing.

- This is it5 star

The music is pritquice

- Amazing5 star

This movie touched my heart! When MJ died so did I, this movie is amazing for everyone. Michael will be always remembered R.I.P

- M J forever5 star

Only the best. My 4 years old son just love his songs. Unbelievable how he can still inspire all ages.

- Bon application1 star

Facile a utileser

- Flawed person, like all of us, but a great artist5 star

This is a terrific film. The last song This Is It, is wonderful.

- THIS IS IT5 star

I love it so much

- Flawless..5 star

It's that feel good movie that touches the heart.


I Love You Michael.

- 😜5 star


- I love MJ he is my idol5 star

Best movie ever

- OMG!!!5 star

This is AMAZING. It shows so much about him that you totaly wouldn't know. You will watch this again and again. Michael forever!!!! <3

- 👑MJ👑5 star

I Miss You

- The King of Pop... I love it!!!5 star

Michael Jackson it's the number one Forever!!!!! We miss you 😔 MJ..... R.I.P.

- Reviewers...are poo!5 star

Those movie review people are jus losers.I think This Is It is pretty yummy movie!:)I loved it!!:)review people don't kno what they're talking about..jus ugly people.:{

- This is it.5 star

I am getting so SICK of people crappin' on mj. What's your problem. Even if he was even SLIGHTLY screwed up, do you know how crapy his child hood was? If you had a child hood like that, you might be a little wired too!! I don't believe I'm all that magazineCRAP!! And you shouldn't either!! So why you do, is a total mystery to me. Maybe we should start making up crap about you. " hey so and so did this and this." can you please just keep your poo to your self? I'd like that. Oh... Also, I LOVE this movie!! It's amazing.

- Superb5 star

This is the feel good movie of the year it's sad he put so much work into the last concert and died 8 days before

- OMJ! Amazing Movie!5 star

This movie touches my heart every time I watch it! To believe this man was 50 and dancing and singing like a 20 year old- true inspiration! You'll love this movie- young and old, hater or fan/

- Mmm1 star

Good Music but he thoroughly scares me. He ruined himself and his life. Too bad for him. Good music horrible person

- AN AWSOME MAN * * * * *(MAN UP PPL)5 star

A Great Movie about A GEAT MAN!! If we only had more men like him the world would be a better place! When we lost him we lost a lot more then just one man...we lost a dream and I wish the ones who HAVE the power to...you know who you are..would man up and follow his lead!! GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!!

- I love him5 star

I wish he did not die he could of make more songs I am sad he died

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Caity2k - Awesome Movie! I love it to this day! <35 star

This Is It is one of my most favourite movies. And watching Earth Song, if ur a really big fan of MJ, you will like this fact. Did u know that Earth Song was filmed June 24th, 2009? It we was the night before Michael Jackson died.

Joe Vella - G.O.AT......5 star

This legend is G.O.A.T. I haven't even seen the movie. No matter what it's G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney2313 - Michael Jackson5 star

MJ was my hero even though i haven't met him but I was young 2005 is when I heard of Michael Jackson, he just inspired me to try my best and be with everyone forever you know. Fr. Sammy

Gagaluva321 - Mwah.5 star

Loved. This. All. The. Way. Okay, the movie was showing on T.V. about a month ago, and MJ was rehearsing his Thriller video. She grabs the remote and changes the channel! I was like, "IT'S A REHEARSAL!!" she didn't reply. I was so frigging mad 😡. She doesn't even have a care for MJ!!!

Gymnast Luke - Michael5 star

Hi. I hope mj was still alive.

Kiki lamejoe - This guy rocks5 star

This music this epic talented guy is the best artist just shows that music nowadays is crap compared to this like wow KING of POP forever seriously mj rocks your socks

Love it-Hate it - A good buy3 star

This movie was a great tribute to the king of pop. It makes you want to go buy all his songs and wish he was still here to preform it. IT is amazing what talent we have in the world, I am glad this movie was made, I am impressed. Average though, nothing special but it is no waste of money. Recommended for music fans or Michael Jackson fans. If your a fan of neither I say skip it and you will not be missing out on much. xoxo

Milook - Best Movie in my live!!!5 star

Best movie

1corbettben - THIS IS IT5 star


Sabrina Caron - Why?!2 star

These guys are trying to make money off of Michael's death. Pointless movie. They don't want fans to be pleased, they want MONEY!!

Smackdown9566 - THIS IS IT!!!!!5 star

Best Movie ever Michael Jackson will live on as the greatest entertainer of all time RIP:)

Termanator145 - WOW5 star

Michael Jackson will never really die. This movie just goes to show that even a week before his death he was still as energetic, and as good of dancer and that is how he will stay. Michael may have died but we still have his music and his movie to keep his memory alive. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C_Amer - AMAZING!!!5 star


Xdthjcdsiojb - Meh3 star

It was pretty good the dancing was the best part and the special effects

Ricardo McRae - The G.O.A.T5 star

Yes yes yes!!! "This is it" is the best testiment to the G.O.A.T (Greatist of all time) Michael Jackson. It shows his dedication, work ethic, and love for others. Everyone around him was taken up to the next level. Thanks for all the memories MJ.

Willysam - This is it5 star

Great movie in my opinion

Spencer jun 19 - This is it5 star

Michael jakson was vary talented espasholy the bast siger his vidio this is it was the best vidio I hav ever watcht my ies wer water for how god it was he mast have workt hard for it and then somthing taroble hapend he died.

Michael Jackson lover! - I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!!5 star

This is the best movie i'v seen yet! Sorry to all the avatar lovers but I think this is way better than avatar. And it's WAY better than twilight and new moon .If your looking for a show that will amaze you, well your looking right at it! I <3 Michael Jackson. His gost was in my bedroom. Love MJ. Don't be a jerk,watch This Is It and learn about M.J!

B!don!! - WOW HAVE TO WATCH5 star

This is so inspiring to me and maybe more but this could be one of the best movies I have seen!!

Nick Carriere - Must watch!5 star

Michael Jackson is my music idol. This movie shows his passion for his music and performance. Everyone who likes Michael Jackson must own this movie.

altecxx - the preview its all you get in the movie2 star

it s not good dont bye it just go see it at some friends

Sar raw - Heyy XD5 star

I like his moves XD rip mj

Jarmedia - Michael Jackson’s History (His Story)5 star

Michael Jackson’s History (His Story) Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT was to be Michael’s last world tour. But he passed away before this happened. This Documentary of his final show was amazing. It showed how much he cared that everything would be perfect for his fans. This show should still be done. Yes Michael is gone but there are many copycat actors out there that could portray Michael on stage. This is a chance for the world to see His Story the way he wanted it to be.

Duds - Michel this is SWEET5 star

It is the best I can not belive it Thiller is the beat I n the whole show to bad he died

CrazyCanuck99 - WOW!!!!5 star

I could watch this movie a million times. What a performance.....

Ne4 - Awesome5 star

Good detail

Lola199920010 - I love mj5 star

The movie was asowme?!?!?OMG


well, i saw this movie at school. its good. but its definately not worth paying 20 dollars for it. at MOST, it should be maybe 10 dollars. but still, i a good movie

TheJohnLives - Good Michael Jackson Film5 star

I liked it and it was good

Maurynsta - Legend5 star

Micheal Jackson will always be in our heart.RIP

Le monstre mamel - This is it4 star

C'est un bon film mais a la longue on se tame un peu.

Najjdjdjajckkgkdjfn - W00T5 star

MJ rules the world to bad he is dead

daniellelew - Astounding!!!!5 star

The way he did everything was just amazing!!!!!

Katie Grinham - MJ now MJ later no diff5 star

WoW Its just...... That's all you can say. Spechless performanceS again and again. WoW

Alicciaa - Michael Jackson<35 star

I got bored, but Michael Jackson is awesome andddd yeah, I like more Disney stuff, and scary movies :). Michael, KING OF POP!

Buzztbeetle - Great5 star

Good movie but why can't you rent it from I tunes

Lola112 - Free5 star

Get free movies

Livi.Copeland - we love u mj5 star

we love you and will never forget you

Sparkle Witch - I Love You So Much!!!!5 star

Michael was so amazing! He still had all the moves and the voice! These concerts were going to be fabulous! I LUUUUUVE Michael with all my heart and he looked so thin in this movie but he was still trying and succeeding! I will never forget you! xxxxxxooooooo Your biggest fan ever!

Carkeys22 - This is it3 star

Very boring

JmarcoX - Boring !!!!!1 star

He's a genius but the movie was boring...that's it!!!

natka987 - The King of Pop till the very end5 star

After such a long absence and all the turmoil that Michael had to go through, this movie has reassured me there was something NOBODY could touch - his incredible unchanging talent, his passion for music, and his caring and giving nature. He remained the King of Pop, the best entertainer who ever lived until his very last breath. He still is the best and I don't know if anybody can ever match him. This is just rehearsals... INCREDIBLE

SymonwitaY - Nappyboyandlilwislle5 star

This movie has to be the best I ever seen in my life! It's amazing,there's a lot of action, music and more. If you're a big or small michael jackson fan you'll love this movie. So stop reading my comment and buy the movie "This is it", RIGHT NOW!! One more thing, during the movie there will be some sad/emotional moments.Now go buy IT!

Lukeman258 - Creepy dude1 star

Why would I be so nieve to by this movie do I really want to see more of the creepy dude of coarce his music was good but everyone used to hate him because he is a petafile. I don't understand why he is now liked a sad attempt at making some last money stop milking off his death

-Park- - boooooringgg1 star

most boring movie I have ever seen , and ive seen alot of movies dont waste your money on this documentary. ps. But Michael Jackson is awesome.

Gxkz - This is it5 star

Real king of pop luv it

Watt! - Cool5 star

Nicely done!

Chris seifried - Mj rules5 star

Best movie ever I rilliy like it it was awsome thnx going to buy it

Micheal Jackson - Micheal Jackson's this is it5 star

Amazingly awesome movie

kkkbhs - this is it1 star


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123 ... OLD - miss u5 star

i loved him ever sence i was three and i am really sad that he dide and i wish that he would of lived so i would of been able too see him in person . he was cute, brite, and an amazing singer

TR Drummer - WOW!!5 star

This movie is really good! It really let's the world know what was coming! That would of been a great tour!! Very creative to!

resho19 - GOOD MOVIE5 star

i love michael jackson so much & i love this movie tooo its really good.

DaBitchIsHere - Forever and always.5 star

I just wish he was here. I wish he didnt care what anyone said about him. I wish no one said anything bad about him. A True Lengend. Michael Jackson.<3

Tamika1977 - Never cried so much😭 R.I.P mike 👑 of pop❤5 star

This movie really touched me and my family. Loving mikes music since I was a young child and after seeing this movie words can't even express how much of a impact he has had on the world I love his music even more may god walk along side of his children and keep them safe. R.I.P mike your legend lives on I hated to lose one of the best entertainers in the world 💔

Kayliv - Mj forever!5 star

The movie was amazing! I loved every second of this movie! Right when I heard the very first song by him I fell in love with his music! RIP MJ!! <3

Harrypotter01 - Lover5 star

I was about eight when michael died but i didnt know him then came his music marathon then a movie i love his work

jjandmj - This is it5 star

MJ is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

minion1994 - King Of POP5 star

Just simply AWESOME! :D

Yee hee - Thriller5 star

He's the best and will always be the best

Maguirre1994 - Wow5 star

Simply Inspiring.

Jakethedog54321 - MJ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is it

darth vader 109 - AMAZING!!!!5 star

Michael has done it again!

Badella:)) - <33333333335 star

I loveeee this movie. I can watch it over and over again and never get bored of it. I love Michael and I love this movie<333. God bless him.<3:)

kurlykali - This is it5 star

ok well im an obsessed MJ fan so i loveeedddddd it, so if your obsessed like me then watch this movie!! (:

Lulu W - Great portrayal of MJ :)5 star

I watched this when I was about 8 or 9 (now I'm 13) and I didn't know much about Michael, but I watched this and realized why he is the King of Pop ! ;D I might not be the most dedicated fan but he is a hard, talented worker and this movie would turn haters into groupies and doubters into lovers :)

Michaeljacksonfan235 - Can't say just amazing this was outstanding5 star

Loved it me and my dad saw it together and Michael put alot of work into this to bad he died :(. RIP. (1958-2009)

AGD65 - RIP MJ5 star

I remember hearing my first song of his. It was Beat It. I saw this with my dad I learned tons of dance moves. MJ lives on in our hearts!!!

cturnersme - Michael Jackson = favorite singer5 star

I remember going to one of his concerts

EDiva75 - Soo awesome a documentary5 star

I really enjoyed the extras in the film that showed what would have been. It's not a day that goes by that I don't say darn I miss that man! To see the rehearsals and all of the showmanship to me is a concert in itself! I wish he was still alive!

JaySpittzAlot - Unbelievable5 star

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to watch this without crying, watering up, or having some type of sad emotion. Overall, an OUTSTANDING movie!!!!! We love you Michael and to this day,....I still can't believe you're gone!!!!!!! R.I.P ;(

Mister John Doe - R.I.P. MJ: KING OF POP5 star

I love u MJ. We love u MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur death was a catastrophe. Ur wer n still iz my role model. I love evry single one of ur songs! We love u n miss u!!!!!!! P.S. Awsum movie

NegroCapricornio - United by Michael's love.5 star

God bless you forever.

xfifteenfathomsx - 5 star

I have this movie at my house and I watch it almost every weekend. I love you Michael

Mj rocks bc - Mj angel5 star

Really grate. I miss him soooo. Rip

Jffuxxud - Awesome5 star

Michael Jackson knows his music.

Kessler004 - Inspired5 star

It truly is michael Jackson living his dream with the love L.O.V.E.

143mj - Aww yeah5 star

Best movie ever! Makes me sad though thinking about him not being here...

McLovinSkittlesMJ - MJJ KOP(King Of Pop)5 star

U R THE BEST!! We Love U F**K the Haters!

jw4ever - Michael Jackson5 star

The best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mercedesladie - This is it5 star

What a wonderful, talented artist and performer. "The King of Pop" will forever live in our hearts!

OrangeZeBrA111137642&844835, - O ya5 star

That was the best movie I have ever saw!!!! <3

Nick Minaj 4 Life - Inspiring much?5 star

OMG it was amazing! Shout-out to his haters sorry that you couldn't faze him! ;D I LOVE MICHAEL AND DA BEATLES!

ignigena73 - Michael Jackson5 star

is the greatest loss the world has ever experienced. He was the only one. No one will ever compare.

Fanbear - Amazing!!!5 star

Michael is amazing.. And whoever said his dancers were better must be quite blind.. Michael is the best there is.. No one better than the king of pop

JackzRipper - This is a Money Machine3 star

This movie is not uninteresting, depicting Michael's genuine talent and energy, even through the last days of his life. Unfortunately, this movie is hardly a documentary. It seems to be test recordings and brief conversations thrown together and topped with interviews recorded after his death. The only reason studios could possibly release it is to make money off of his sad and sudden death.

Brianna Collins - loved it!5 star

no wonder micheal jackson was a icon! his music and a purpose and it reached out to many souls. my favorite song by him is thriller. i think that life is a thrill because their are so many things out their undiscovered and when they are discovered , we find out more about god`s reason of creating earth. i feel that the most spirtual or feeling song is make this world a better place or looking at a man in the mirror. why?? well, because not only are so many negative things are going on economy-wise but for many people spirtuatual wise. i just cant figure out why we cant all get along and understand that life is meant to be enjoyable not hated. i saw so many reviews that made me so upset. if you dont like micheal jackson that is your point of view. many people have different thoughts. if you feeel that just because he is dead than his music is too, i totally disagree. micheal jackson will always be remebered and loved. his music has helped me and i belivie it has helped others as well.

Steiger Tiger - Michealjfan5 star

He is fantastic he is the one

16441 SJA NOLA - MJ is the #1 entertainer of all time5 star

I love u Michael Joseph Jackson! You are not only the King of Pop. You are the greatest entertainer of all time...... and I'm only 14! I <3 u MJ. 2 all MJ haters:If U don't like Michael then why r u on here. Leave. U r unwanted.

Kellbell1124 - Amazing Movie5 star

This movie was beasty. I love Michael Jackson and all everything about him !!!!!!!!!<3:)

bindigok - Better than I thought3 star

I was surprised at this film. I thought it would be stupid and pointless. But it was fascinating to see how his mind worked. I gotta say though, his dancers in this are better dancers than him. But his vision is spot on!

zmitwqxbhp - KING OF POP.!;')5 star

i lOVE you Michael.;') i miss you dearly.! "Man In The Mirror" is my favorite song.! i can't listen too because tears falll down my face like a waterfall.! at least i know Michael is in a better place, resting in peace.! i lOVE you Michael.!

MJ-CENEL23 - Fan5 star

It's the best movie I've ever seen in my entire life. MJ will be the best 4ever.!'

*Mrs. J.* - Once.5 star

I only watched this movie once. It was too heartbreaking to watch. I tried watching it again and I couldn't do it. I'm not going to until I feel that I can handle it. Which may be never. Only time will tell. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. It's brillant and it gives you a glimpse of the real pop star we all know and love. <3 ~Love You Always Michael~

kconn94 - THIS IS IT5 star

THIS IS IT would have been the best concerts anyone has ever put on, even for MJ. All of MJ's tours were amazing, but THIS IS IT would have been #1. I wish I could have seen one of the concerts... RIP to the Greatest Entertainer Ever, Michael Jackson.

lavrilfan16 - This Is It5 star

I love this movie because it shows that side of mj that we never got to see. Mj was one of those performers that truly loved his countless fans all around the world. MJ your fans will always hold a special place for u in their hearts and so will I. MJ your fans will always ;ove u and so will I.

Ilovemyducks - Mj's last performence...4 star

This movie captures the King of Pop's last few hours on stage. This is an amazing and inspiring firsthand look at Michael's brilliance! RIP Mj!

Del!! - SO......2 star

First of all, i feel terrible knowing that this is what the great KING OF POP left us , this was so a waste of precious time. M.J could of done better>

Sam Byrd - Great Movie5 star

Definately reccomended to ANY MJ fan!

MichaelJackson4EVERR - Words can't describe him...I just love him <35 star

I love Michael Jackson probably EVEN MORE than how much he loves us!!! The first time I saw this, I cried my eyes out :'( it pains me to see him insanely excited about "This Is It" but it never happening:(((((( Michael Joseph Jackson is a true angel sent from God. I don't know if the pain of missing him will ever go away! But in a way, June 25th, 2009 was a bad AND a good day. Bad because we lost Michael :'( :'( :'( but a good way because the world realized how much we need him, how truly talented he was, how much he wanted to help the world, and so many other things. On August 29,1958 not only the King Of Pop, but the GOD OF MUSIC was born! But on June 25,2009 we lost him:'( :'( :'( But on June 25,2009 Michael Joseph Jackson went to a better place, away from the tabloids, paparazzi, and all the haters that believed all the lies. On June 25,2009 Michael Joseph Jackson finally reached Neverland. We need you Michael! But God needed you more and thankfully you are resting in his arms now. You are away from all the pain and suffering you went through for almost your whole life:'( I miss you:((((((( I cry almost everyday because of the pain. But I still have one burning question: Why do the good die young?

5 star

For what it's worth, mine has been the same for DECADES: "The way you make me feel" by Michael Jackson…

5 star

本日夜9時よりNHK・BSプレミアムにて、2009年6月25日のマイケル急死を受けて、予定していたロンドン公演のリハーサル映像を基に制作されたドキュメンタリー映画「マイケル・ジャクソン THIS IS IT/Michael Jac…

5 star

@theweeknd is this generation's Michael Jackson and you can't deny it

5 star

@JulieFellows101: ❤️ Orianthi Penny Panagaris (b. 22/01/1985) Breathtakingly amazing @orianthi - my favourite female guitarist! Discover…

5 star

@JulieFellows101: ❤️ Orianthi Penny Panagaris (b. 22/01/1985) Breathtakingly amazing @orianthi - my favourite female guitarist! Discover…

5 star

@jebrittan2 @nitrini1950 @MollySkyeBrown @LouiseKirsti @ArtisticBlower @NotASpyAtAll1 @EpsteinNetwork @Boobafett69…

5 star

Michael Jackson's This Is It

5 star

@JulieFellows101: ❤️ Orianthi Penny Panagaris (b. 22/01/1985) Breathtakingly amazing @orianthi - my favourite female guitarist! Discover…

5 star

If it were a multi-cultural affair then certainly Justin would stand his own but this is an Africans only live stre…

5 star

@JulieFellows101: ❤️ Orianthi Penny Panagaris (b. 22/01/1985) Breathtakingly amazing @orianthi - my favourite female guitarist! Discover…

5 star

❤️ Orianthi Penny Panagaris (b. 22/01/1985) Breathtakingly amazing @orianthi - my favourite female guitarist! Disco…

5 star

@NINETIESRNB: all michael jackson gotta do is play human nature and it’s over! battle won. cleared you all with just ONE classic. y’all…

5 star

@princemjjjaxon @ParisJackson * playing Michael Jackson playlist * me for my 6-year-old cousin: listen to this on…

5 star

@lkuc9 @_Bondagebear1D_ This person in the picture is Billie Jean She was a famous woman's tennis player and she wa…

5 star

@JJ1OO4: jihoon recommended love never felt so good by michael jackson 🎶☺️ 🐼 it’s a song that i really like. justin timberlake ver. is…

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Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie images
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Michael Jackson's This Is It movie posters
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie posters
Michael Jackson's This Is It movie posters
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