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A generation began in his backyard…From Academy Award®-winning director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) comes Taking Woodstock, the comedy inspired by the true story of Elliot Tiber (Demetri Martin) and his family, who inadvertently played a pivotal role in making the famed Woodstock Music and Arts Festival into the happening that it was. When Elliot hears that a neighboring town has pulled the permit on a hippie music festival, he calls the producers thinking he could drum up some much-needed business for his parents' run-down motel. Three weeks later, half a million people are on their way to his neighbor’s farm in White Lake, New York, and Elliot finds himself swept up in a generation-defining experience that would change his life–and American culture–forever. The story of Elliot Tiber and his family, who inadvertently played a pivotal role in making the famed Woodstock Music and Arts Festival into the happening that it was. When Elliot hears that a neighboring town has pulled the permit on a hippie music festival, he calls the producers thinking he could drum up some much-needed business for his parents' run-down motel. Three weeks later, half a million people are on their way to his neighbor’s farm in White Lake, New York, and Elliot finds himself swept up in a generation-defining experience that would change his life–and American culture–forever. Taking Woodstock Wiki

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A Generation Began In His Backyard...

Taking Woodstock (2009)

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- Lovely5 star

Boy, the “crickets” sure missed the boat on this one. Warm-hearted, funny, gentle, smart, and one of the few films that capture the era without condescension. Liev Schreiber almost walks away with it, and check out Richard Thomas, almost unrecognizable.

- Nostalgic5 star

My experience of Woodstock was a little weird. Because I had a job that I wanted to keep I never made it there. I watched the news that weekend and was amazed. I considered myself a hippie but San Francisco was just too far away for me. People I knew began to trickle back with amazing stories. Some of the stories were funny and some were sad. All were amazing. As the years went by I felt like I had missed out somehow. Like I should have been there. But when I watched this movie I realized that it was ok. My Woodstock experience was my own. Reading the news after work and hearing the music broadcast over local radio stations while sitting on the sand at Huntington Beach or watching the lights spill out in the street from the Golden Bear at night and hearing more music I was just as much a part of that movement as those who were in the crowd. And that’s why I feel so nostalgic for the time and place. I love this movie! Without too much of a spoiler the scene where the lake is full of people bathing and the sound of the Woodstock begins in the rising evening shadows still gives me goose bumps. Peace!

- Worst Movie Ever1 star

THIS MOVIE IS TERRIBLE. Okay, I worn born in 1970, so Woodstock was something people talked about a lot, but I never could never appreciate. This movie uses Woodstock as the background, to tell the personal and semi-true story of one person's perspective. The first 30 minutes were an okay starting point, then the movie spirals downhill to the point of shear disappointment. This movie is so bad, It kept me away from movie theaters for months. I enjoy seeing art-house movies, but this may be the worst movie I have ever seen. If you want to learn about Woodstock, watch anything on PBS. If you are addicted to watching movies, this just may be the cure.

- Most reviewers missing the point5 star

I couldn't care less for a rehash of what most reviewers here seemed to want out of this movie. What I got instead was a magical insight on the periphery of a huge happening in the world, which is a far more realistic version of how we all experience things from within our own bodily and temporal limits. Taking Woodstock is one of my favorite movies of the last decade.

- Completely Missed the Mark3 star

The story had such promise but was let down by horrible acting and a soundtrack of elevator music. So many opportunites were missed. When you portray cool characters from this era, they have to cooooooooooollllllll. The hippies didn't have a sense of self that I would have expected from this time. And the conservatives allowed themselves to washed away and not heard. There were too many started and unfinished stories. I'm taking it for granted that Viet Nam was bad, but you couldn't tell. A transvestite with a gun and a history...what's the history? Why the secret stash in the closet? That moment in America was accompanied by a crazy soundtrack...why all the dull acoustical stuff that seemed disjointed. Just wish there was more. I had my hopes up.

- Woodstock 20104 star

in honor of woodstocks 40th anniversary i have read somethings about their being a woodstock 2010. Look up woodstock 2010 Toronto Canada. It supposidly is being put together by the same person that held it the first time. Sounds pretty groovy to me!

- Awesome5 star

Great movie. What happened to the 60's?!

- Great movie5 star

A great movie, it focused on the true story behind woodstock, not just the hippies and druggies. To everyone who says it's boring and gives 1 star, you need to have more than a five minute attention-span to truly understand a movie, and Demetri Martin was iceing on the cake

- Believe it or not, it's good5 star

I read the bad reviews. Mostly the critics wanted more Woodstock music and didn't like Demetri Martin. But the songs I heard in the movie were excellent and Demetri is perfect because he's normal and seems slightly uncomfortable and awkward which is perfect for the person he plays. It's a great dynamic to see him working with the experienced actors and his unpolished style makes his character more realistic and innocent. I liked the special effects in the psychodelic scenes - very simple and pretty artwork.

- worth a watch4 star

Loved this movie. Well worth a watch, It has an intersting and fun take on woodstock from a different prespective. This is not so much about the music.

- great5 star

This was a great film that really depicts the behind the scenes of woodstock. for people who only gave it one star because they didn't like that it didn't have all of the musical aspects, it was about what cause woodstock. Pesonally i loved the movie, and wish that these days we could do that.

- boring1 star

i looked at this moving expecting to laugh ... not even once did i laugh. i found it long and boring i had to watch it twice to make sure i understood what was even going on. it was a pointless film. i do not recommend this movie save your money

- pleasant surprise5 star

This movie looked good, but when I watched it, I was blown away. Not only is the story multi-dimensional, but it's funny and lighthearted while telling a story many have heard about but few people know. WATCH THIS MOVIE EVEN IF YOU HAVE TWO HOURS AND TWENTY EIGHT SECONDS LEFT IN YOUR LIFE. it'll be worth it.

- Ctown5 star

I'm from where this placed was filmed and I know a couple ppl in this movie

- Yes5 star

I baught it and I watch it alot, it's got some slow parts but there are some really funny parts I would definitly recomend c'in it, not the greatest but very good

- the worst movie i have ever seen in my 15 year old life1 star

im sorry but this movie was just horrible. After me and my friends watch it we were just stunned. We couldnt believe we just wasted 2 hours or so, watching it. For the next hour we were talking about how bad it was. It turly made me want to cry. The movie had not one funny scence / joke in it. There are almost no likable characters. Usually when i watch a movie with my friends, i like it the most. I am not picky about movies and there are hardly ever any movies i dont like. This is by far the worst movie i have ever seen, and please, please, PLEASE, dont watch this movie.....ever...i mean it....

- Pretty good4 star

Great movie dimitri martin was perfect 4 the roll. Cant beleive it was made by the same guy who made brokeback mountain.

- Horrible!1 star

Do not waste your time with this! SLOW!!!!

- Well done4 star

Excellent acting, especially by Imelda Staunton, who steals the show. This film is a lovely backstory to the stereotypical Woodstock narratives, showing a different perspective and one that feels true and honest. At times it feels a bit contrived, particularly the character of Mike Lang, but perhaps that was intentional. At any rate, a good show. My one beef, though -- why is this iTunes movie rental so quiet? I had the volume maxxed but in several places, when characters were speaking low, I could not hear what was being said. Very frustrating, iTunes. Even with Sound Check turned off, with all volume at maximum, I still can't hear what's happening in quiet parts... not cool.

- Time Machine5 star

awww, how i want a time machine...

- 5 outta 5 for a FAIL!!!!5 star

Demmetri Martin is a horrible actor. I mean have u watched his show he does sketches of coffe cups and shapes and calls that humor.

- terrible1 star

this movie is truly a disgrace to woodstock. woodstock was a festival. a music festival... 3 days of peace and MUSIC. they pretty much left the music out of this movie which i thought was astonishing... how could someone make a movie about the greatest music festival ever to happen, a life changing event, and not incorporate the actual music into the movie. this movie had a lot of potential to be great, and its sad that it was left to an actor such as dmitri martin, who shouldnt act, because he can't, to ruin the film completely. this film was a waste of two hours in my life and i only felt angry when it was over. do not buy this movie. it is terrible.

- I got Taken!1 star

This movie sucked - F-

- Ggood5 star


- Great:)5 star

I quite enjoyed this movie, It was definatly the first movie I have seen to have both Male and Female full nudity, but hey that was Woodstock! I think they really did base this great, and it had an okay story line, but it did drag a little, but not unbarible. I think you would have had to be there, or around in that time frame to truly like and understand this movie. Over all I think it was great.

- Not Good...2 star

This movie was just bad from the beginning to the end. There was no music at all in the film. This movie was just not entertaining at all.

- Historically accurate4 star

Check out the original Woodstock movie and you'll see how historically accurate with the characters. Impressive and kool.

- ALright3 star

The movie was decent, nothing really special. Some scenes really drag and are incredibly boring. If you must watch it, be sure to get a remote with a fast forward button.

- confused2 star

was this supposed to be a comedy or a drama? not really sure that being said I really didn't like it.

- Its a great movie... but its not what you would expect.5 star

This is a story about the planning of Woodstock, its not about all the crazy hippies doing millions of drugs and going nuts. This is the story of how Elliot Timber tried to bring attention to his dying town by relocating Woodstock to a nearby farm. Its a quirky story with scattered attention to it's many plots, buy if you are in the mood for a light hearted, half documentary, half comedy show, not if you are expecting to see a non-stop comedy about drugged up hippies. It really is a great movie tho and deserves a watch, and you should at least give it a rental.

- Bad1 star

WTF a movie on Woodstock, a movent that genarated some of the best music and this movie has almost no music and it also does not focus on hippies enough

- FAIL1 star

What a waste of time! Was this supposed to be a comedy? It should have been listed as Historical or Gay and Lesbian. Woodstock was a minor theme, a background character at best. Here's how to take advantage of a small community (or the USA today). Just throw money at them (stimulate the economy). Peace, love, and understanding yeah right! A great lesson for today just look at the aftermath. Destroyed farmlands covered in filth and garbage and crooks getting richer. All the promise and hope of a progressive generation that failed. It was supposed to show what a great thing Woodstock was. Three days of peace and music was expensive and left a mess. Bad acting Wandering Plot that totally can't make a point Boring story

- Surprised4 star

I saw the preview for this movie and thought to myself "It's probably showing the only funny parts in the movie."...I was definitely wrong. This movie had my friends and I laughing the whole time! It was a great story and I didn't lose interest at all while the movie was playing. You get a true feel for that day and age and what it was all about through watching this. *Warning though, if you are easily embarrassed seeing other people naked on screen when your watching it with friends or family (I mean every part of the body) then you might want to watch this movie alone.

- this movie is amazing=)4 star

this movie is so funny. i loved it until the very end. demetri martin was so hilarius in it. luv ya cuzo=)

- HORRIBLE!1 star

Saw this waste of time at a free preview. Thank goodness we didn't have to pay to see this garbage. Just awful.

- awesome5 star

i think this is a great movie, couldve had more music but still great. i really wish i had been born in time to have gone to woodstock, but there will never be anything like it ever again

- snoozer1 star

We were looking very forward to this movie, but missed it in the theatres. Now, we wish we had missed it all together! Just because it is Ang Lee does not mean it is a movie worth watching...SO INCREDIBLY BORING!!! I wish I could get my $3.99 back.

- Great Movie!5 star

First of all, I really don't understand why so many people are giving it one or two stars. This movie isn't about the actual music at Woodstock. I thought the movie was very well put together and really captured the 60's. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone interested. Another smash hit from Ang Lee!

- greatest movie, i wish my generation could have this experience5 star

what an amazing movie, it is so realistic and you really get the feel of that era. watch it!!!!!

- Snooze feast1 star

Very boring.

- This Movie...2 star

So it was an ok movie. But it was really bland. There was barely any music and nothin exciting about it. the cpmmercials made it seem good, like a comedy, but it wasnt anything like that.

- Woodstock3 star

As a person who loves everything about Woodstock, this movie showed nothing about the music which is what woodstock was about.

- good movie3 star

for anyone who wants to look for their inner hippy this movie will bring out the best in you

- A slice of life5 star

Yes little or no music but brilliantly captures the feeling of a time passed to difficult to explain with words alone.

- Really1 star

Save your time and money, too drawn out with no point!

- Interesting Movie, Interesting Times.4 star

Taking Woodstock isn't exactly a high brow movie, or, for that matter, a very expertly done movie at all. What it does manage to convey well is the magical feeling of the '60s and its awe-inspring music festival that really did change the world. Indeed, as one of the characters says, at its time, Woodstock was the "center of the universe". You can't ignore that.

- Dumb Hippies1 star

Get a job!

- Real 1971 movie vs. Taking Woodstock5 star

Well I have both Im a full fledge hippie of the new milenium and I know Woodstock 1971 video of 1969s woodstock word for word and this is a totally different/similar movie (if you get my groove) Yeah its based on woodstock but its just about the guy that got the permit to host woodstock and his experience. People bash this movie because they dont see the meening behind it, Just a man living a weird life with his family trying to find some happiness in this world and if you listen it has the music of woodstock in the back ground sometimes its a nice dramatic story about woodstock and the different people so if you like woodstock or hippies this is your movie.

- Taking woodstock5 star

This movie made the wind flow like streams of silk, the water dribble down rocks and peace and love!!!!

- A movie in real time!2 star

Can this movie be more slow?! The movie felt like a real acid trip and not a good one. No character development, no concert, no fun two stars is way more then it deserved. Don't waste your money!!!

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susannetic - Wonderful5 star

Especially for those old enough to appreciate the emotion that this movie was able to capture, it's a very fun little flick. The characters allowed us to see an old story in a brand new fashion. Fiction or fact is really beside the point, as this one is all about recalling a frame of mind. I was not disappointed in the least.

megan_hampton - taking woodstock review5 star

this movie is fantastic.i got it for christmas today,watched it and it was just amazing.i love it.its insipering and unique.i wish i was alive back then so i could of gone.as soon as they invent a time machin,that were in goin

codyer - Love it!!5 star

I love this movie

JV19 - Beautiful5 star

This is a movie about the people that made Woodstock happen and its beautiful. Dont go into this movie thinking about the music its about the people. Such a good feeling at the end of this movie. Its a shame people are so angry these days because a festival like this would never happen.

taylor raven - wanna-be-sleeping!1 star

This movie's trailer gave you a false sense of a good time, wrong! first off you couldn't make a connection with any of the actors characters. second, no real music or the artist that sang at woodstock. third bad acting!! Finally very poor ending, you just wanted it to end at that point. overall pass it by, not worth your time.

60sNut - Wonderful Movie!5 star

The hippie culture came out of a generation who had the opportunity to question where our society was heading. In 2009 we can clearly see they were right about the some of the dangers they saw when a couple of mind altering drugs, a senseless war and a desire for truth shook them out of the comfort zone. I was worried this movie would, once again, make a joke out of the young people who worried about the environment, hated wars of choice, and tried to envision a different way. Obviously we failed, but I still carry the dreams we had with me and I am grateful to all of the people invoved in this film for finally giving this seminal American event the respect it deserved. I especially loved the scene where Elliot hears Richie Havens starting the concert in the distance. A magical movie moment if there ever was one! I feel sorry for the reviewers here who thought this movie was boring. For some reason, you just didn't get it.

PHinSLC - Can't review, last time iTunes renter1 star

Unfortunately, because of the ridiculous 24-hour iTunes policy, I can't review this show. I was only able to get the first half of the show watched in the first 24-hour period. When I turned my iPod on the next day it informed me the show had been deleted. I'll never rent a movie on iTunes again.

theframe - BUY IT!!!!5 star

clearly all the people who are reviewing this movie as not about the music and thats why it sucked need to watch the preview. it was advertised as a movie about the behind the scenes of woodstock, not the music itself. WATCH THE PREVIEWS PEOPLE.

kellydeeee91 - missing some spirit.....3 star

ok. i gotta admit, im not that much of a hippie person, nor will i ever be, but this movie was awesome. i really enjoyed it! im pretty much into the sixties era, especially woodstock. lol but i gotta be honest. from what people have told me about woodstock, especially my fam, i think there are a lot of things that were missing in this movie. for instance, they didn't get more in depth about the concert. they didn't even show atleast a clip or a taste of who was at the concert. secondly, there wasn't that much of the 60s spirit. the spirit was missing actually. pretty much the whole was all about what happened BEHIND the scenes at woodstock. i think they should've gone more inside of woodstock, instead of going behind it. but anyhow, this movie was still good. great music actually! ^o^

THEOFFICE=AWSOME - Save your money1 star

This movie isn't about watching the performances of Woodstock but rather how Woodstock was put together. The latter is very boring. The movie drags with no real tension or climax. A big part of this movie is Demetri Martin's relationship to his parents. You guessed it, this is also boring and uninteresting. I found myself relating very little to Demetri Martin's character and situation. Oh well

AdifahD. - I Can't believe my eyes...5 star

Today Trans women are scorned in public refused help by pig cops And forced into prostitution by lack of jobs, shelters hardly even accept them in! However in this film a real life trans woman is given proper respect and allowed to work and be like everyone else! What happened that the 60's were ahead of us and sadly they will always be! I LOVED this film! Ang Lee is now my fav along With Oliver Stone and Micheal Mann!!

Shorty 88 - Tacking Woodstock5 star

I thought the movie was great because they showed what they went through to get the Woodstock music festival off the ground and running. If you know about Woodstock then you know who was there playing music. Not everyone knows what it took to get it together and make it happen and now we do. PEACE AND LOVE TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!!

northern_boy - Brilliant5 star

Some viewers see the word "Woodstock" and expect something like a concert documentary, but the film is as advertised, and so much more. It's a unique take on the festivals, the locals, and the attitudes of the times. We really need to see Hendrix again? Why not just find a film ABOUT HENDRIX? Anyway, Ang Lee is a master and this film has some truly mind-boggling scenes and will leave you amazed that he was able to shoot them. Five stars, a great contribution to the collective record, fictional or not, of the times.

luvbug72 - what the heck happened2 star

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE 60's!!!!???? i mean if you look back everybody was so free and had so much fun. everybody seemed to be laid back and people didnt get in trouble for silly things every second! those years need to come back.....amazing movie funny and something you can watch over and over

hixster - Needed to be tied together2 star

I found this to be not so much a comedy as I did a "coming of age" movie. At least that is what I believe the Director was trying to do. It's hard to tell however because it seems to miss it's mark on both. There are some nice scenes of the Woodstock festival that were recreated for this film and I enjoyed the split screen cinematography reminiscent of the original movie. There is also some very nice acting by some of the supporting actors. Unfortunately the main charector of Elliot as played by Dimitri Martin is one dimensional and leaves this viewer not caring about him or the movie.

ybfree - BORING!1 star

I netflixed this. But iPhone was my saviour when I couldn't stand another boring minute. Demetri Martin is a funny comedian but don't look for him at the Academy. SKIP THIS.

IMAXcinema - Top notch5 star

Absolutly liv this film. Whoever loves rock n roll needs to see this. Great movie but no Hendrix? WTF

nclwood - meandering, boring and pointless1 star

First and foremost, there was barely any music in the film! There are also many multiple long and tiresome scenes that are both badly acted and badly cast. The first 30 minutes of the film are practically unbearable... the tranny security guard, the mother (straight out of the former tv show 'Mama's Family') and the Vietnam vet were all characters that seriously hurt the film. If Ang Lee preferred not to focus on the concert itself, and instead drove the film around a small town 'square' who experiments with his sexuality and with drugs for the first time during the course of the festival, then why not make that the sole focus of the film? He really missed the mark on this one! Sometimes I don't know what people base their ratings on when reviewing on here.

Jordan657 - I didnt even know this was in theatres3 star

Yeah i saw the trailer but i didnt even know it came out :p

Xitlalic - I wish...5 star

I wish my generation could unite in someway like this.....

stlcards32 - Hate me, but..5 star

How much nudity is in this?? Only reason i'd watch. Tell me nudity. I wanna kno male or female-how much

veryded - Lame- don't waste your time1 star

I couldn't wait to see this movie, too bad it turned out to be so lame. I didn't care to see Woodstock thru the eyes of the guy who supposedly brought this concert to Woodstock. And top it off, director Ang Lee has him go all Brokeback Mountain in a couple of the scenes. Rent the orginal Woodstock movie that came out almost 40 years ago-way better.

fun101hottie - Groovy5 star

Man woodstock was 40 years ago it felt like 10 minutes ago

5 star

Here is some bloodroot, a native plant, taking advantage of the increased sunlight in a recently cleared area of Yo…

5 star

@Retrievals1 Kevin Bacon at a Woodstock film festival. He stood next to me while taking to a few friends and me. Do…

5 star

#IDoLoveYouWonho but my little niece is more demanding than you so I hope you can be ever able to forgive me for no…

5 star

@senatorjen Update: The Woodstock site is not closing down. But it will no longer be run by the feds. The State is taking it over now.

5 star

"Taking Woodstock" - Official Trailer [HQ HD] via @YouTube #FlashbackFriday Great flick.

5 star

@BestFilmQuotes: "Perspective is what shuts out the universe. Everyone with their little perspective - it keeps the love out." -Taking W…

5 star

Please, don't 'weave' through traffic! It's not as safe as it looks, and could hurt pedestrians... This is a good…

5 star

@cyclesinthedark: A record a day keeps the virus blues at bay. Day 18 of A-Z and R is for, of course, @rushtheband my favourite band, bu…

5 star

@ChrisDca: "While many customers are taking this pandemic seriously, others are overly demanding, bullying and, in one case, the Union h…

5 star

Taking more FAKE "Christians" out of the #GenePool! Thank you, Pastor! Pastor Ignores Pandemic - Announces National…

5 star

One pastor is taking aim at coronavirus orders, plans outdoor service ‘like Woodstock.’

5 star

It is always important to support local businesses but now more than ever. Eric Boyer of sixthirtynine in Woodstock…

5 star

taking it back woodstock.

5 star

@kayleighmcenany: CNN excoriated @realDonaldTrump for making the very point THEIR OWN article makes! Thank you, @DailyCaller, for takin…

5 star

Lucy, taking a break from watching Woodstock 99 riot footage to beg #TeamKentucky #TogetherKy #HealthyAtHome

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