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Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) has become the man of the house, overnight! Accidentally left behind when his family rushes off on a Christmas vacation, Kevin gets busy decorating the house for the holidays. But he's not decking the halls with tinsel and holly. Two bumbling burglars are trying to break in, and Kevin's rigging a bewildering battery of booby traps to welcome them!

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. Kevin McCallister's parents have split up. Now living with his mom, he decides to spend Christmas with his dad at the mansion of his father's rich girlfriend, Natalie. Meanwhile robber Marv Merchants, one of the villains from the first two movies, partners up with a new criminal named Vera to hit Natalie's mansion.. Home Alone Wiki

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THE BEST  Trey😍❤️∞  5 star

I have this and the second one on Starz Encore Family. It’s TOO good. This and the second are the only ones I’ve seen. This is my favorite Home Alone out of this and the second one. This is one of my favorite movies!

My favorite home alone movie  holliej28  5 star

This is my favorite home alone movie but I love all of them

The best movie ever!!!😺  👧🏽🧜🏻‍♀️📱  5 star


ana 1980
Best movie ever❤️❤️❤️❤️  ana 1980  5 star

Love this movie is not Christmas without this movie during the holidays ❤️❤️❤️

Good, but not the best  TheMartinator  3 star

Home Alone is a movie that is weird, and can involve disturbing and dark elements for a comedy movie. The plot is okay, the jokes are hit and miss, and the acting isn’t that bad, though. I think it is super weird and dumb to show one of the bad guys getting his head lit on fire, and never dies! It’s Outrages!?!? Too dark for a comedy flick, eh? There is another scene where the boy, Kevin has a bad dream whenever he’s in the basement, and hears a strange noise coming from the heater. The vent lights up, opens itself, and it roars like a monster at Kevin. How dumb was it? Very! Even worse, it happens not once, but twice during the film. The movie really doesn’t make a whole lot of since throughout most of it, even though there are a few laughs and memorable moments for kids and adults.

Awesome  areThereAnyUntakenNames?  5 star


Best Chirstmas movie!  Crocro111  5 star

If you ever want to go back in your childhood memories then this is a movie for you!

Hilarious  CornyTheDog  4 star

This movie is THE perfect movie to watch during Christmas time. I’m rating this 4 stars because technically with all of the traps, wouldn’t the bad guys die? Idk

Good  Natedog1155  4 star

🎅🏿I liked it good chrismas movie 🧟‍♂️🙅‍♂️🧶🐔🌚🌫🥝🍠🍼🧸✂️📍☯️🚸6️⃣↖️💲👁‍🗨▫️🕐🏳️‍🌈

Home Alone  fjnxnzbxbzdn  4 star

The Child had traders and they wanted to make him look bad and he made them look bad instead

Classic  dfgdrgdrgr  5 star

This is an absolute classic Christmas movie that must be watched if you haven't seen it which I'm sure most people have seen this & it's one of my favourites I watch it every single year sense I was a small child & it still to this day in Christmas 2015 never gets old

Poor HD quality  ToughRough  3 star

The movie itself is great, but the quality of the HD (1080p) version currently on iTunes is quite poor. It looks blurry and the colour is a bit off, almost as if they upscaled it from a lower resolution version. Hopefully Apple will fix this...

Beast movie  Max1kev  5 star

It needs a good rating

Today's Player!
Home Alone  Today's Player!  5 star

An absolute holiday CLASSIC!!! If you want a feel good, laugh out loud family friendly show, this is it!!! :)). I've probably seen it 15+ times, and I still giggle:)))

I like this movie  An13748  5 star

Kevin put bad guy booby traps. I like how they fall down and thudded in the middle of the wall.

HOME🏡ALONe  Ginjirotchi  5 star

This movie is funny! Kevin's the one left home alone and his parents are all worried about him and he has a whole bunch of funny traps to welcome Harry and Marv! Heartwarming Christmas comedy!

Home Alone  Davidromano  5 star

I think this film is as comforting and heartwarming as a christmas movie gets without being cheesy. All its imperfections and charm makes it a memorable part of christmas time. Really gets you in the christmas spirit! Very funny too!

Sysyphus 1259
Great Movie, for three reasons  Sysyphus 1259  5 star

A - It has that John Hughes "believability"... at least until the last act. 2. Cathrine O'Hara and John Candy. Magical. and, d) (only a handful of live-action "family" films have ever accomplished this) It is entertaining for kids, as well as parents. If your kids subject to this film multiple times each Christmas season and you never tire of watching it with them, that means it's GREAT!

Classic: The Best!  Ø!  5 star

This movie is one of the greatest! It's that movie you can watch a hundred times, and still laugh at the funny parts! It will never get old and will be watched for years! (Number 2 was amazing as well!)

Amazing  Habs3  5 star

This movie is great. I might as well call it a classic because that is exactly what it is. A perfect movie for Christmas and it will leave you laughing to no end.

cameron 4677
Awesome  cameron 4677  5 star

It’s so funny at times

Love it  Otisq  5 star

Best movie ever made in the world!

One of the best Xmas Movies  Pengos  5 star

There are heaps of Xmas movies and this one is one of the best ones. It deserves more attention.

Great old movie  JohnWinsor  5 star

6 year old loved it and we all laughed so much.

Every year  musiccannon  5 star

This time every year I watch this movie, one of my all time favourites

12 Days of Christmas 2013 - THANK YOU  TWR-1  5 star

Thank you Apple for gifting this fun movie as part of the 12 Days of Christmas 2013.

Thanks iTunes!!!!  Roflko  5 star

Thanks so much for this amazing gift!!!! I no I'm home alone now :()

Dom Ayyee
Thanks  Dom Ayyee  5 star

I love this movie thanks for giving it as a gift best one yet 👍

Ew  Thatguyrox1111  1 star


Cheers iTunes!  Liijy  5 star

Thanks iTunes, so glad I downloaded that '12 Days of Christmas' app!

What a great gift  Johnlfc  5 star

Simply a brilliant gift! First one I downloaded and it's the 5th day

Finally this app is giving a good gift  RVprive  5 star

After few issues on day two and a childish game on the third day, I can only say what a good gift from iTunes Love this movie I always remember my Xmas time as a child when you had this Xmas movie on the tv Thanks

The one and only ok
FINALLY YOU GIVE US A DECENT GIFT!!!!!!!!  The one and only ok  5 star


Finally!  Jakemillar.  5 star

Finally apple are putting something worth downloading on the 12 days app! Everything up to now has been rap with a c at the beginning. Keep going like this please!

Robert McCappin
Haha  Robert McCappin  5 star

Lol to the guy below me. It's now freeeee!!!!!

5 star!!!  Melonsnstrawbs  5 star

How anyone could put this film at less than a 5 star are out of their minds!!!

Home alone movie  Buffering.  1 star

It is a great family movie but it really upsets me when every two seconds it freezes I have went through my ipad and deleted everything basically and still keeps buffering.

Home alone  Anth0ny111  5 star

Perfect Christmas film

Amazing Xmas film!  Tabzducky1985  5 star

Its just wrong not to watch this film at Christmas :D

Great film  Marcy1boy  2 star

Why can we not buy this film. And why has the price gone up by £1? Rented this the other day for a pound cheaper. Robbing sons of a gun!!

Funny  joseph577  5 star


the ross clan
???  the ross clan  5 star

How do you buy this movie

weird guy 207
smart kid  weird guy 207  4 star

lol that kids good with traps you should get this movie its quite funny and has a tiny bit of action. The kid that sets up traps is realy funny!

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