The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog Summary and Synopsis

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents the musical THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, an animated comedy set in the great city of New Orleans. This is a modern twist on a classic tale featuring a beautiful girl named Tiana (Anika Noni Rose), a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again, and a fateful kiss that leads them both on a hilarious adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana. THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG marks the return to hand-drawn animation from the revered team of John Musker and Ron Clements, with music by Oscar®-winning composer Randy Newman. A waitress, desperate to fulfill her dreams as a restaurant owner, is set on a journey to turn a frog prince back into a human being, but she has to face the same problem after she kisses him. The Princess and the Frog Wiki

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Every love story begins with a kiss.....

The Princess and the Frog Movie (2009)

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The Princess and the Frog Movie Reviews

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- 🤚🏻🤚🤚🏼🤚🏽🤚🏾 homies liked it.5 star

i love this movie, it shows what new orleans is like, it has excitement and parts that are serious. all i truly have to say is you guys can stop hating on the movie because it’s actually one of the best disney movies i’ve seen. most of you guys are bringing race into it, yes i understand that it does show the white people being richer than the black people but that shouldn’t matter. at the end of the day everyone is the same without the color. for all the ✨karens✨ saying “it’s too scary” honey, you should’ve watched the previews before letting you’re kid watch i mean that is what they are there for. that’s all i have to say, i love this movie 100000/10 would recommend 🖤.

- AMAZING5 star

Nothing could ever describe my love for this movie. The songs FANTASTIC. The cast FANTASTIC. I love how the setting takes place in a realistic place and you really get the New Orleans vibe. It really shows that woman have a purpose vs other movies where the princess just looks beautiful and gets married. Tiana teaches us that it’s possible to work hard and achieve your goal no matter how hard it is.

- 💚5 star

Tiana is a wonderful princess - a perfect addition to the Disney Princess Hall of Fame! This movie is incredible!

- I do not like the Princess and the 🐸1 star

I do not like the Princess and the 🐸

- Armand5 star




- Yoooo5 star

First review in 9years😂😂

- Love this movie!!!5 star

This movie was great I love the music and the characters this was totally a 5 star movie!!!

- Good Movie3 star

Good movie. Not the greatest, but the story is interesting, the villain Dr. Facilier is great, and I enjoyed the movie overall.

- I loved it5 star

This inspired me to work harder and to believe in my self. It is better than the original story of the Princess and the Frog.That kind of story has the same kind of princess,like Cinderella and Aurora.Besides, she is the first African American princess. Also it has a setting that is different from the other stories/ movies.It was placed in the south in the 1920s/1930s.We even got to see Mardi Gras! “Ain’t nothing gonna stop me now because I’m almost there!”

- Best princess and movie5 star

This movie is the best movie, I recently rewatched the movie today and it just gave me flashbacks when I first saw it in the theaters. I cried so much during this movie, my favorite part was when they got married as frogs till the ending. Hands down, my new favorite princess and movie. 🙌👏👏🙌

- A good movie5 star

An amazing Disney movie with one of the most kickass villain in Disney history

- Awesome5 star

This is my mom's favorite Disney movie . I love it too ! I recommend this to all people and kids !

- Sparked my love for NOLA5 star

Love love love this movie. It sparked my interest in New Orleans and has since been my favorite place to visit. It does have voodoo undertones, so it was a while before i allowed my daughter to watch it. Can be a little scary for younger children

- Cutural appropriation1 star

What is so wrong about an African princess with an African continent story?


Dude, this was absolutely awesome!!! I love how Tiana broke free from the old Disney princess stereotype (besides Mulan) and showed how dedicated, strong, and hardworking a woman can be (that’s my girl!), I love how she keeps Naveen in line!!! Naveen was also amazing, he brings so much humor into things and the way he looked at Tiana when was starting to fall for her was absolutely adorable plus how awkward he acted when he was trying to propose🤣. Though it had some sad moments (RIP Ray) I couldn't help but smile like an idiot through most of it and the fabulous songs have been playing over and over again in my head (seriously, HELP!)

- Fantastic all around!5 star

The storyline, voice acting, singing, and animation are superb!

- cool5 star


- Meh3 star

This is a funny movie...

- Ummmmmmm1 star

ARE you kidding me? #worstdisneymovieever. this movie is LEGIT corny and SUPER kiddish! See some of my other reviews on the GOOD Disney movies!

- Great film but no Commentary5 star

Great movie but lacked Directors Commentary track for some reason. Apple support should look into missing info in the DL

- Love it!!!5 star

I love this movie it is so funny and sweet

- 😍5 star

I love this movie

- Great movie to show kids!5 star

I thought this movie was amazing. It takes place somewhere that not many other animated films seem to focus on. The main character is a poor African American girl who is working hard to make her own dreams come true, which I think is something you should teach kids. The voodoo is an added element to add suspense and conflict to the movie, it's a kids movie! If you're complaining about the voodoo and magic in this movie because it scares your child then what about the witches and evil queens in the other Disney movies? I firmly believe that this movie is different than other Disney movies and I absolutely love it that way.

- Best movie ever5 star

I watched it ten times and I can't wait to watch it on blue ray and netflix

- I was never interested...5 star

But once I bought it and watched, instant classic! My son loves this movie! The music is excellent and the story line is fun and refreshing.

- Isaiah5 star


- its gone on my library1 star

I rented it last night I didnt finish it so now when im back its already gone!!! Waste of money to rent itunes!!!

- Wonderful Story and premise5 star

It's 2017 and myself and family find ourselves still drawn to this movie. It is a beautiful story about a hard-working woman who has courage, hope, and faith to make your dreams come true. There still the dreams come true aspect, but it's toll didn't know much more realistic manner and it's such a great movie. It's not centered upon relationships or privileges. One of Disney's best 💙🐸💚

- Best movies ever5 star

Disney movies are just wonderful. This movie was wonderful. I want to get all the Disney movies in the world. You should buy it. You really should! Buy it.


My family and I love it! 💚💚💚💚

- Perfect!5 star

I loved this movie! I especially love the music! My daughter enjoys singing along to this movie every single time she watches it. Great story line. This movie is a must have for your Disney collection. Its a classic!

- LOVE IT💗💗5 star

This movie brings back so many memories of when I was five or six, and I remember always sitting down watching it with my two cousins, I love Tiana and this movie, and would suggest buying✨

- Dreams do come true in New Orleans...5 star

This movie is flawless. I love all of the soundtrack- my friends often catch me singing, "The evening star is shining bright... So make a wish and hold on tight..." This might be one of my favorite Disney movies. So this follows Tiana, a poor waitress who just wants to fulfill her passed father's dream of owning a restaurant. However, Tiana works herself to death, much unlike her rich friend Charlotte. Charlotte is happy- though a little greedy. It showed white privilege in that way. So at a ball for a prince who was visiting New Orleans held by her friend, she finds a talking frog. He claims to be Prince Naveen, and that there is an imposter out there on the dance floor. She kisses him to lift the spell, but is transformed into a frog as well. Now they have to go through the swamp as frogs to reach the voodoo lady, Mama Odie. And that also means outsmarting the shadow man, Dr. Facillier. All in all, the movie is fantastic. Visually, it's flawless, and they brought back the 2D animation everyone loves. Any time I have the chance I watch this. Try it, you will never regret it. Five out of five stars.

- Princess and the Frog5 star

First of all,I love the diversity that Disney is trying to incorporate. In my opinion, the colored princesses(Tiana,Mulan,Jasmine,and Pocahontas) are my favorite and better role models for young girls than the white ones. They are just stronger and more independent. Anyway, this is a really cute movie, great songs,animation and a great message about working hard to achieve your dreams.

- I 💚 this movie!!!!!!5 star

This is honestly my favorite Disney movie of all time. The voice acting is flawless, the songs perfection, and the animation is spectacular!!!

- LOVE IT5 star

My favorite Disney Princess movie!!! I'm from Louisiana; 30 minutes from New Orleans and I loved this movie!! Defiantly recommend beignets

- Amazing5 star

I love this movie. I am now at an adult age still watching it. It was a great storyline and teaches kids that not all princesses have to be Caucasian (white)

- Not an ordinary princess movie!5 star

As a woman born and raised in southern Louisiana, maybe I am a little biased. It was incredible to see my culture brought to life this way. This movie has a lot of heart in it. Beautiful movie. I could watch it everyday.

- Favorite Disney Movie!!!!5 star

Coming from a lifer of Disney movies (I still have Vhs w/players) I felt they did an exceptional job in this one..I honestly bought it for the kids & ended up watching it more. It's funny, it's sad, it's romantic, It's a Disney Classic!!

- I love this movie5 star

This is a true classic that was sadly swept under the rug by Disney. It's fun, bright and colorful, and has a heroine you can root for.

- An underrated gem5 star

This movie is so amazing it blows my mind it isn't highly regarded like other disney movies. It's funny, has great music, and is an heartwarming film. I love it,!


This is my best Disney movie. I can watch it fifty times back to back 💖💖💖 I just love it

- Great5 star


- loving it still5 star

I Saw this movie when I was a little girl, and still to this day, It's one of my favorite Disney princess movie (Right behinde Repunzel and Merida)

- Wha the heck1 star

Ok I don't mean anything by the black princess. I mean it's a bout time and I'm white! But it made no sense whatsoever. It was hard to follow and the creepy devil thing selling his soul?!?!?? And getting eaten?!?!! Ccccccccreeeeeeeeapy!!!!!

- Disney Brings The Magic Again!5 star

This is one of my favorite princess movies that Disney has made. I love how they ventured out into these new places and cultures like New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Voodoo, and good ole' classic, foot stomping, jazzy, southern blues songs. They really took it to the next level by going out to these different southern styles and the simple days that I wish I could go back to and leave the new technological modern generation. This movie includes some of my favorite disney soundtrack songs of all time, too! Disney needs more of these movies to remind people the pleasure in the simple life where people would share their gumbo with the community and have a warm gathering to just sit and talk about their day and those times when people would have to work hard for their dreams and would learn good character and grace from not just being handed everything down to them; and those dreamers that would wish upon a star in desperation of what they really needed: some of Disney's classically timeless magic to make everyday brighter than the day before. Phenomenal movie , astounding songs, amazing message, and brilliant execution! Thank you Disney for bringing your epic magic back into peoples' lives! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

- Rent4 star

I really want to watch this movie, that's why I rented it. It doesn't want to play though. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, I just really don't want to spend $4 on this movie for nothing.

- Fun4 star

A good & fun film. It is not the best ever film out there, but it was enjoyable to watch. I'll definitely watch it again. I rented this because I was sick & not getting out of bed. It did make me forget just how sick I was for about an hour & a half. I will most likely purchase this for myself after the holidays.

- Princess Frog4 star

Disney Princess who spends most of the film as a frog. Interesting foreign spoiled Prince plot, that is uncharacteristic for Disney, as is the villain, who works in voodoo. The supporting characters are funny and sweet and it was refreshing to see the spoiled rich girl remain a good person thru out the movie.

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elyse displayed - Princess and the frog 🐸5 star

True love kiss 😘 Congratulations on your new show today how’s your day going well today did you have fun your day going well today Love Adele

GreyMockingjay - If Donald Trump was a Disney movie he would be this one.1 star

Seriously watching this movie is just about as bad as pulling my own teeth out. Worst Disney Princess movie out of all 13

Turtleblast100 - It's good for kids 4/5+5 star

Great gets a little scary so sorry toddlers this one may not be for you... Anyways don't get attached to the dad some how he dies but it doesn't say/show how also another main character dies but I'm not saying who It's a love story based of the The Frog Prince where a waitress is saving up for a restaurant but when she meets a frog that's a prince it all changes


Voodoo magic? Seriously Disney? I definitely wouldn't recommend this movie to young kids, it's quite dark and will scare them. I had high hopes for this film, but was severely let down when I saw it in the cinema. During some of the darker parts of the film, a few mothers actually got up and left! I don't blame them either. So unless you have a coupon or discount code, I wouldn't pay more than $5 for this film. Wait for it to be shown on TV or something. Save your money, this film isn't worth it at all! Thank goodness they bounced back fairly quickly and brought us back a REAL Princess film! The film I'm talking about is called "Frozen" (which I'm sure most people in North America have heard of!) and well when you compare that movie to this crap, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Happy person3894738 - .5 star

Honestly the reasons that people are rating this badly are dumb. For 1 thing, movies can be copied of books. The book was called the princess and the frog and so was the movie for a reason. Second of all, some rich people may be snobs. They don't say that all rich people are snobs, and the father who was rich wasn't awfully snobby. And some rich people truely are snobby, so plaese take that into consideration. And lastly, would this movie be better without the voodoo guy? He is the one who turned the prince into the frog. Would it honestly be better without him? Just think about these facts and please realize this movie would possibly not make sense without them.

DisneyStudent - Unbelievable!5 star

I just can't seem to get enough of this movie! Disney really outdid themselves with this one. The music is incredible and really different from previous movies, there is a darker edge but very similar in how all disney movies such as pinnochio, sleeping beauty, snow white, and others add a darker element. The best part was seeing them contrast the characters and showing the good in everyone. Lotte was a privledged heiress who got whatever she wanted but when it came down to it she was willing to kiss a frog for her friend. Then you have tianna and navid who learn different values, how to prioritize and with a little work and love you can achieve anything:) Tiana is a gorgeous princess who makes an excellent addition to the Disney princess family:)

stephcaravan - princess and the frog5 star

is an amazing movie! One of my top favorite disney movies!

Makaylak - Love it5 star

@paulklaszus not true my brother daughter loves this movie this is her fav movie and she is only 2 almost3 And she never got nightmares oh and love the movie!!!

$inister1 - So Good5 star

I'm watching it with my little sister right now, she loves it, I love it and i'm over the age of 10!

lol20 - Great animated movie style has come back5 star

As the titled says, these days i seen many, infact too many 3-D movies, computer movies, and yet theres one thing i have not seen in years. And thats han Drawn animation at its greatest moment. Im so glad that this movie here is the one that brings back good ol hand drawing animation, just like Walt Disney with Mickey mouse back in the days. So if your an animator fan, and want to see a good animated movie with classic Jazz, thrills, adventure, Comedy, Love. This be the good movie to watch and enjoy for families and generation to come, I garantee it ^^

LongSeanSliver - A Great Comback for Disney's Animation Studio5 star

It's funny, but my favorite part of the movie, wasn't even the movie. It was the tribute to "Steamboat Willie" that they're using as the marquee for Disney Animation Studio. That said, the movie was great! Great characters, great animation and a classic tale that are all hallmarks of Disney. I want to say this about the animation as well. Recently I bought the Diamon Edition of Beauty & the Beast and watched it on my big screen TV. I was surprised at.. well, the lack of detail in certain parts of the movie. Mostly in that of the characters faces. But when I watch this movie, there is nothing at all lacking in the detail of the animation. A great return to classic Disney. Too bad I can only give it 5 stars.

Ergmerphany - What happend Disney??2 star

Disney just had to ruin the movie by adding the voodoo magic. To make it worse they try to make up for the bad voodoo with good voodoo. I'll admit, there were some funny parts but all around, I think it would scare the pants off a six year old.

Klawzeus - Not rated accurately.2 star

Some scenes are very frightening for children. I was VERY disappointed with Disney's flippant use of dark magic/voodooism/occultism. Also teaches kids that rich people are mostly selfish snobs - hardly the type of programming that encourages success and fulfillment. Tis a good fairy-tale, though. The ending had redeeming qualities.

40something parent - 40 something with 3 year old girl3 star

I have to agree, this movie is not for small children. We saw it at the theater. There are themes that are really only directed at adults. My daughter had no interest in it and was very scared in parts. I would not recommend it for under maybe age 7 or 8 and even then I would recommend you watch it to determine if it is what you want them to be watching. Personally I liked the animation and lots of the songs, but it was not my favorite and I didn't feel it was a good kids movie.

LeChefRoss - Awesome to have another hand drawn movie!5 star

At first I thought that this was just going to be another one of Disney's movies to just make a profit, but it was actually hand Drawn like their original work and that was amazing! They did it so well and it even had a full story that people could understand and not one that people go out of the theater saying "Oh, why did they have to do that? Why didn't they add a personal connection to the characters?" I think that it's great that they made this hand drawn and I hope that they start making more of their movies like they used to.

Greenduck101 - Okay4 star

I am a 13 year old girl and I loved it. My school was taking the jr high who payed a $2 to see a movie the day before Christmas break started. And I loved this movie. It is a lovely movie.

sheriff robin - Student3 star

Ok. A 11 year old and up could watch it. But little guys shouldn't.

Jakonn - The worst…1 star

I hated this movie so much i want vilent movies disney!!!!!!!

my1stcat90 - I sat down and then...1 star

I sat down in the theatere excited the first 5 minutes were awesome I was so excited to find out what would happen next! Unfortunatly disney had to onclude all of this voodoo magic which wrecked the move! The movie was making some kids cry when I went to see it the dark shadow spirit thongs even creeped me out! Why Disney? Couldve Been way better defs not worth buying

Musicperson28 - This movie was...5 star

AWESOME!!!!! It is SO funny a MUST BUY I'll repeat a MUST BUY MUST BUY MUST BUY!!!!!!

Lotta23 - Like a REALLY SCRATCHED DISK, except I got it from itunes (so it isn't actually a disk)!1 star

I gave this one star because, although the movie was probably pretty good, I couldn't watch it. I rented it on itunes and the movie was really jerky for the first half hour or so and then after that, the audio kept on going but the visual part was stuck. And if I moved my mouse at all, the movie would stop and the audio would sound like a broken record. If you want to watch this, I recommend going to Blockbuster and renting it.

Nicis - A Princess Ever After4 star

I was thinking that I wouldn't like this movie, that Disney had run out of good material...but I actually REALLY like this movie as did my 4 year old daughter. It was moving and sentimental, it was funny and sly all at the same time. It has moments where I forgot that it was animated and the music (as always) was spectacular. I even was inspired to make beignets for the family! Kudos Disney for ensuring my daughter has Princesses of her very own to discover!

audioliqueur - it was superb!!!5 star

It was absolutely fantastic. All i can say is, it's worth seeing at least once, but better off buying especially if you think you'll connect strongly with it (i did, for sure). Also... i noticed this before knowing about who the directors were, and before i watched the commentary... but Prince Naveen looks exactly like a cross between Aladdin and Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid... and i also felt that within the context of this movie, the character of Naveen seems like a more 'realistic' version of Aladdin and Eric combined, as well... almost as if they're using the character of Naveen to somehow redeem themselves. By redemption, I am referring to the lies Disney may or may not have told (through the movies The Little Mermaid or Aladdin) to little children in terms of how 'happy endings' come to be (especially since in the REAL Little Mermaid, the Prince does not love her back, marries another, and she kills herself) and 'how far does charming go before it turns into spineless, compulsive lying' etc etc... basically non-realistic cartoon fluff portrayed by Disney as realistic-cartoon-life, which definitely offended some realists, in the past... But In this movie, they managed to get in a little deeper in terms of character change and i think if they went even further with that, (with Naveen) i would have been even happier (for example, the gradual transformation found in the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast, or the Emperor from the Emperor's New Groove), but nonetheless, I was very impressed. I am also glad that Disney made the blond diva a shallow & spoiled - yet decent - human being (none of the typified pure-eveil, step-sisters, CInderella nonsense). When the line between good and bad can be convincingly blurred, as does this movie, I find it more believable. And of course it's Disney, so we got the happy ending, but they managed to justify it. And hey, if little kids want to watch it, some of the dark spirits in there were a little scary. Scarier than Ursula (I was 5 when I watched The Little Mermaid and all the Ursula bits made me scream and hide behind my hands...many moons ago). Just a heads up for any parents out there. But anyhow, BRAVO!

Tutubear55 - Assssa5 star


gbooma - Just like the oldies5 star

A wonderful throwback to the old school disney that many of us grew up with. Right up there with the Lion King, Little Mermaid, and other disney classics. It does have a slightly occult theme but nothing any worse than say Jafar from Aladdin. And copied from the Princess Frog? Really who would have ever guessed?! Especially when the mother is reading the book at the begining of the movie.

The hamburglar#1234567890 - Cute...5 star

Just like Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin, a sappy cartoon love story by Disney. Very cheesy and childish, but still a great movie all the same. I love the Disney princesses and Tiana will fit in well. I'm still relishing that heart-warming feeling. It's very charming, original and completely obvious.

Dandandan222 - Best!!5 star

Wow I loved it it's so entertaining and funny! I love disney

Angie081 - Great movie5 star

Will likely be as successful as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid! Great movie, and liked the spin on the "Princess" personality. Great role model for girls (mine was always Aurora from Sleeping Beauty... But I turned out to be a Scientist and Engineer, go figure). Worth every penny.

S ball 15 - Princess and the frog5 star

Out of this world

2010 guy - nice!4 star


da fuzz&lil red - Cute!4 star

This is not my normal kinda movie, my little sister wanted to see it so i watched with her it was cute!!!!!!

mataslyisson - Awesome return to 2D.......5 star

But why isn't there a "rent" option?

Grace101212110101 - Great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie is great for the whole family.

Santar7455 - Best Disney movie ever!!4 star

It was so good! Too bad I don't have the money to buy it! :)

fleets1 - Wonderful!5 star

This movie reminds me of how Disney use to make their movies. It's a nice change and reminds me of my childhood. The animation is wonderful and the songs are new classics! Definitly worth buying!

imlivingthehonestlife - stunning.5 star

Disney makes a beautiful return to 2-D animation with this masterpiece. The drawings are simply stunning, and the Newman's music delivers a marvelous representaion and feel of the New Orleans atmosphere.

BMTD56 - GREAT MOVIE!!!!5 star

Absolutely loved it, great songs great animations and story

timwill2 - Amazing movie5 star

I loved this movie ever since I was young. And has been a huge hit for Disney and I loved it every step of the way I still have it and it cracks me up laughing every time. This is definitely worth watching with your family. Well done Disney.

Emmy030911 - Depends if you like voodoo2 star

I liked the story and I know all Disney has bad characters but this was a little much. Voodoo, shadow spirits and tricky characters with blood amulets.... I wasn't a fan.

Lexiebatman - One of my favorite movies!5 star

I was quite stunned at how amazing it was!! I absolutely love it. All of the music and songs are so catchy!! And I love the song never knew I needed by ne-yo it's such a fantastic song!! Definitely recommend you watch this!!!

Disneyer - AMAZING5 star

I love this movie. I first thought the whole thing would be childish but the music was absolutely AMAZING like any classic Walt Disney movie and the story was Magical. I love the firefly he's #1. This is a classic

Anonymous xy - Simply Wonderful5 star

When I first sat down to watch this movie I thought, this is going to be a dull cartoon adaptation of the children's story. Well I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. The movie is set in New Orleans and includes wonderful music and a heartwarming story that is far from predictable. The main character is played by Anika Noni Rose who also stars in the "No 1 Ladies Detective Agency".

Spyro the dragon fan - A Disappointment2 star

This movie COULD have been a lot better. The storyline and voice acting are pretty good and there are laughs but there are just too many song-and-dance sequences and annoying moments that ruined the potential the film had.

Memo2010-al - Film5 star


anyonomys - Love it!5 star

I have watched this movie since the day I bought it I love it !! My favourite movie EVER!

soyuls - Looks good.4 star

Haven't seen it but it looks good.

Nuitetoilee - Watch it for the music4 star

The stars are for the music not the story. Happy music that really gets you'd dancing with it!

TheReview - Surprisingly great :)4 star

Good story and good music

Dalmonina - awesomee!! :)5 star

this movie is was really good and worth watching....i bet everyone will like it ....ths is one of my favourites now!! :D <3

Sweet 14 - First date2 star

I went on my first date to watch this movie and I thought it would be very kidish but it wasn't, it was funny!!!

Tbh rocks 123 - Great5 star

This movie was fantastic and want to see it over and over again over all I give it a 11/10 because it was so good you go walt Disney ...............

Eleanorlover16 - very princessy5 star

extreamly magical and wonderful

ozziezoe - Zoe5 star

definitely a great feel good movie for all to see

Miss Christelle - Brilliant !5 star

Absolutely brilliant. I took my kids to see it at the cinemas and we all loved it alot. It's magical and wonderful and reminds me of the old school Disney movies like Cinderella. 5 stars all the way. I'm buying it now.

Tiva Forever - Brilliant5 star

This movie was absolutely brilliant. I am 16 and i loved it!

Micallef01 - Disney5 star

Great Animation Quality ##########. The movie is funny and magical..

supermonkeysean - awesome4 star

i dont hav the movie, havent watched it, but looks interesting xDDD

The Faithful Penguin - The Dolby Atmos soundtrack is missing.4 star

A fun film that is set in New Orleans from Disney that can be enjoyed by the family. It has a nice twist on the usual Disney princess films. Lovely animation combined with good music and songs, and set in wonderful New Orleans, makes this film all the more enjoyable. It’s a shame that the Dolby Atmos soundtrack is missing!

BellieBooBurgers - Yessss5 star

I love this movie so much, they look better as frogs gotta say 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Cupcaxe - Needs more Lottie4 star

She is hilarious and she needs a bigger part in this movie or at least her own song maybe a spin off or a tv show where she finally finds that prince......

Ja22ie123 - Princess and the Frog5 star

Is an AMAZING twist of the original story:)Very original

Kate ann 96 - Princess and the frog 👑5 star

The best film you'll ever watch, been my favourite since it came out, characters, plot and songs are incredible! A real feel good film!!

Piccalili - Best film ever!!5 star

Ok , this the Disney I know with the brill animated film i have watched this in the cinema but it wont let me buy the film. Any ideas ??

Laylaaloo - Am I a frog???4 star

This is ok not the best but it's girly they should have changed the name like 'Rapunzel' was changed to 'Tangled' and the plot is TOTALLY different to the story!

Hannah :-P - Amazing!5 star

Brilliant movie with brilliant songs ! Not any Disney princess stereotypes, but an amazing role model for girls and leaves you with great feelings! It's good Disney has focused on a black community, because no Disney princesses have been of ethnical origin so far. This is a brilliant place to create one! 10\10, buy it!

lliW_L - .5 star

Disneys still got it!!! Great film good plot!!!

moo874 - Awesome!5 star

I admit, I had low expectations for this movie (Tangled too, being CGI I expected it not to be good) but it had a meaning, it was enjoyable, the songs were catchy as anything and Dr Facilier was just unexplainably hot... Sad, I know! I love a good villain. :)

GirlyMissEsd - Better Disney4 star

It's a strong start back into 2D animation and although the story is a bit to complex it's still a great film and it's not high school musical or Hannah Montana so I love it.

zakrosenfeld - Amazing Film Disney's Back to what it used to be5 star

The best disney film ive seen in years and like the lion king with scar aladdin with jafar princess and the frog has dr facillier one of the greatest villians this is one of those disney films where the villian is my favourite character

Brooke Barclay - Princess and the 5 star

This is my best film it's good for all ages and there is lots of funny bits

Holidaygirl342 - The princess and the 5 star

Awesome my fav character is ray. He's funny! Lolz

Ashe r - a love film1 star


Xx soph88 xx - Great for all ages.5 star

Great film. So many funny parts. Xx

Marius Kempe - Magical5 star

Truly magical. And great music.

stebro314 - Loved every minute!5 star

Great story and brilliant characters, classic Disney for sure!

emz87 - welcome back disney5 star

Finally an amazing disney film with no sight of hannah montana or any cast from high school musical! I love this film and it will go down as one of the true disney classics

DeanoSceneo - no HD?3 star

why isnt this available in HD download?

Blondienona - A gold star for Disney!5 star

This is exactly what Disney films are about, it is going to join the classics of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the Little Mermaid!!!!! I hope Disney continue to make films like this!!!! GREAT FILM!!!!

twitoylolly - princess and the frog5 star

LOVE THIS FILM !!!!!!!!!

123Dans - Great Movie, but where is the HD version ITunes?5 star

Great Movie, but where is the HD version ITunes? The Americans have access to HD. Great Disney movie all the same! A must see!

Sox1000 - Great film5 star

This is what Disney is all about great flim would never had watched it if it wasn't that I had to due to cinema birthday party buy glad I did cracking film

Cheeky Edie - Princess and the frog3 star

You should buy it.

akiratamago - Greattttt5 star

This is one great film

Mystro don - 5/55 star

My 5 year old loves this film and even I have watched it a couple of times. 10/10

Luciiicat - Love it5 star

Now this is the Disney I remember! No highschool musical crap.

Bellabear236101 - one of the best movies5 star

i loved this movie it was probably one of the best. It was refreshing to have a twist to a classic fairy tale. This movie is a must see !!!!!

Freezerbreezer - .1 star

Absolutely pants!!!

JordanOY - Guess who's back4 star

I've not seen a film released lie this for a long time. I felt happier at the end than I did at the start so worth seeing in my opinion. Disney's back!

spikethegreenplankton - AMAZING!!5 star

I have to say this has to be one of the greatest disney movies of all time. i saw this in the cinema and it was loved by kids, teenagers and adults alike. I also bought the soundrack and this is also really good! it is very catchy and the songs are beautifully written. an amazing film!

Gogo Bee - Ok3 star

Would be better if we could see the last few chapters as it is frozen

Boogerooga - Good boy5 star

It is fun I like the movie It was good I like It I saw it before The end

BeccaJane x - The Best of the best5 star

I went to see it at the cinema with my neice we loved it everyday se keeps asking me are we going to watch princess and the frog

p diddy7878787 - better then i thought4 star

saw it at the cinema and its pritty good

JaceFurse - Best Disney movie in a decade. A true return to form.5 star

For the past decade, besides Pixar, Disney has been associated mostly by being a brand stapled onto lowbrow TV entertainment like "High School Musical" and "Hannah Montana" or just being recognised at face value as a corporation. So it's not a surprise that people of this generation can't remember that Disney actually started out with animation and made the best animated movies you could possibly imagine, continuing to entertain audiences even now with Blu-Ray re-releases. But for so long, there hasn't been an animated movie Disney themselves independently have brought out that have followed the same path of the true great classics that range from "Snow White" and "Pinocchio", to "The Little Mermaid" and "Mulan"...that's until John Lasseter and the two directors of "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin" (to name a couple) decided to have a little get-together and help make this, "The Princess and the Frog". I could go on all day about how wonderful this movie truly is and how it really should re-define the meaning of Disney for so many who need to be reminded of their potential brilliance at making animated classics, but I'll sum things up as clearly as I can. The animation is obviously gorgeous and beautiful, not to mention an absolute joy to be reminded truly beautiful 2D animation still exists in the Western world. But what also matters a great deal is the story and you couldn't ask for a more entertaining re-imagining of a classic fairy tale here, there is a lot more depth to the story than usual for a Disney movie! Not to mention it's actually very intelligent at points, it understands how things flow in a normal Disney-ified fairy tale story and always consistently changes the rule book, making for some of the best story development I've seen in any animated non-Pixar Disney movie, old or recent. And I can understand how hard it is to say this, regarding just how excellent Disney have been at points in their long history in making animated films, but there are just a lot of moments of pure genius here. Most of the characters are also very well developed and really add a lot to the movie, also helped by the fact that the really major, important characters are written so well on so many levels as well. Intellegent heroine, a romantic and friendly yet narrow-minded prince, very well-developed human supporting characters, extremely loveable *animal* supporting characters (yep, that's right) and an incredibly awesome and intimidating villain make for a great cast roster. The only singular problem with the movie, whilst not a straight-forward complaint is that as great as the songs can be, most of them almost sound the same as each other at points. Although what makes up for that is that the animated scenes that accompany the songs are so well-executed, so it's very hard to really complain about this unless you actually hear the songs by themselves on the soundtrack without any accompanying visuals. But in the movie itself, it should be fine. So that's "The Princess and the Frog". I was very excited for this movie when it came out in the cinema because I missed seeing the old Disney like this, but I didn't expect this to actually almost top the classic Disney movies altogether in terms of quality! But that's what this movie does and it deserves all the stars it gets. Please, please get a chance to watch this film eventually. £10 may be fairly expensive for a film on iTunes, but knowing how excellent this movie is, I'd say it's fairly modest. 5/5

Climbing Fanatic - Twister5 star

i LOVE how they put a twist where prince naveen doesn't turn into a prince when tiana kisses him-it turns her into a frog!!

just lauren - Love it!5 star

Best Disney film in years!

minik3lly - I loved it5 star

I went to see it in the cinema, it's good in the way that it's made alike Disney classic, because it isn't a very modernised picture. I enjoyed it a lot and I highly recommend if your a fan of the old classics.

JLM12341 - Good film4 star

I haven't downloaded this yet, but I did watch this in the cinema! I thought it was great, but a bit emotional at times!

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Cake Begger - MY FAVORITE5 star

This is my favorite Disney movie ever because it not only has an important and strong lesson to love over everything but it has amazing animation and it's just a fantastic classic for the whole family. MY FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE!!!

Disney Kidd 2014 - Fun for all ages5 star

Average disney story: girl sees prince,love at first sight, slight challenge to get Prince, marries prince, the end. Moral: the girl gets what she wants Princess and the frog : Tirana works hard! Sees prince but knows there's more to life than love! Her and prince are frogs and learn to love each other for WHO THEY ARE! When happy ending is near, it fails and they learn to adapt. Naveen marries Tiana, making her a princess and they turn human. Moral: Life will throw you curveballs , but things happen for a reason! God has his plans for all of us! Don't ever forget that ppl! See the difference

Fredy💗 - THE BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

She is now my fav princess!!!

Anynomunous player - Been my fav since forever5 star

I love this movie. there is nothing not to like about it. i saw this when i was 6 years old and today i still love it. I love frozen and tangled and brave and all that but this really rivals those because its not every day you get a hardworking princess that breaks stereotypes. i also love the music. i still cry at that part about ray( im not spoiling anything for you if you didnt see it!) overall it should be considered a classic beacause its one of a kind.

Raven's Gate - eh...3 star

It's great that disney is trying to expand its range in terms of diversity, but this movie falls short compared to all of the others. The beginning and the end are decent, with a couple okayish songs, but the middle is really boring and the songs don't do anything for me. Definitely not on the same level as the other disney princess movies, or any other disney movie period.

Andrew Mussell - Ok3 star

This movie was good, but it wasn't a movie that I would watch every time. The plot of movie was great. If u enjoy watching old movie like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, or other Disney movies, this is something that u might enjoy or not.

Para mi nina - Petition5 star

Por favor la quiero en espanoldeli gracias

Kaylynh1 - It rocks5 star

I love this movie

Mikey the Lizard - Awful1 star

Not that great and was really weak

OfficialCher - Price is awful1 star

The price of all these Disney movies are ridiculous!!!!! It's absurd, why are they ALL 20 dollars each. That's not fair, make them 10 or 15 dollars. I'm not buying this if it's that much!!! RIDICULOUS...!!!!!

Felipe928 - Crap this movie is awesome5 star

Wow thank u disney this movie makes me happy every time I watch it;) this is such a classic it's just to good to not like!!! If u don't like it then what is wrong with u!!:) love this movie & 0f course my one & 0nly Selena Gomez!

Stefany Marin - Stereotyping5 star

A lot of the reviews say that they think it is too stereotypical with colored women in the south. Movies like Pocahontas and Mulan have been said to be stereotyping too. It seems like people only have problems with the movies when there are different races involved. Nobody ever says that in The Beauty and the Beast they are stereotyping French people. I personally like that disney has many different races of princesses. That shows that anyone can be a princess. That you don't have to be a certain race to be a princess. 😃

Ripplepool - Awesome, except...4 star

Love the movie, but twenty bucks?! I'd buy it for twelve maybe, MAYBE fifteen, but that's pushing it... But still a really cute movie!!

Animater98 - Watch it5 star

This is a classic. A very good disney movie.

KimPain - Love5 star


SillieLillie! - Not a Classic, But It'll Do4 star

I wasn't really sure what to expect with this movie. Having been brought up on Disney, and still watching and enjoying it today as an avid, die hard fan, I was really excited to see the hand drawn style being brought back one last time. And, in some ways, I wasn't disappointed. The characters are great, the scenery is fantastic and the premise is a good one, plus this movie has one of Disney's best villains to date with the fantastic Dr. Facilier. The bad things about this movie? I wouldn't hesitate to say that the songs weren't the most… memorable. In fact, after seeing this with a friend, we both came out saying that if this movie had gotten rid of every sing, save the one sung by the infamous baddie, then this movie could have been a classic. Unfortunately it is a product of bad songwriting, If you can get past that, though, and enjoy it for everything else, then I can almost guarantee you'll love this movie.

No pony youser - Loved it5 star

I fell in love with this movie so much!!! My heart literally melted when the prince was taking about Tiana being his Evangaline! I loved it so much. If you haven't seen it watch it.

Meggerz007 - Loved it!!!5 star

Omg this was such a good movie!!! I highly recommend this to everyone not just kids because it's a Disney movie. It was too cute!!!!

Barcs41 - Can't redownload5 star

This is a great movie but iTunes does not allow me to redownload this after I deleted it by accident. Please fix this so I can redownload it.

Malenia14 - Enchanted by it5 star

This story was so heart felt with the hardships that everyone faces in life but yet they cope with reality to find the true beauty in life rather than focusing on materialistic things. wonderful plot, storyline and songs.

totally falling - Another wonderful princess movie from Disney!5 star

I was mesmerized by the beauty of this film and the loveable characters - I enjoy this film every-time I watch it!

Luciathegsd - Perfect!5 star

I have to say, I'm a current resident of Louisiana and i LOVED this movie. Not only has Disney created a movie in Louisiana(FINALLY) but they have done an amazing job. Everything is perfect! Known for the beignets and Mardi Gras Louisiana is perfectly portrayed in this movie. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the voodoo. Now everyone thinks Louisiana is full of voodoo. Yes we do still have it but not like that. I wouldn't really recommend letting children watch this alone but it is a good movie, especially if your from Louisiana and you understand the humor. Great film. I own it and love watching it with my children.

tinyapplebear - Loved it!5 star

I really love this movie. I think it had great morals and reminded me of older Disney movies. Having said that I don't think it's for children. I certainly wouldn't take anyone who was 10 or younger to see it. I know a lot of people are making a fuss about that but I feel the same way about the Hunchback of Notre Dame and some other Disney movies. I think that you really need to know the kid that you're taking to see it to make sure it's appropriate for them. The animation was great, the acting was great and I loved the songs. I'd also like to point out that voodoo is a religion and like most religions there is a dark and light side to things. This movie does deal with the darker side of things and you should be aware of that. I think people over react by saying that because voodoo was in it that it was 'evil'. Christianity talks about the devil, just because the devil is an aspect of christianity does that make it evil? Any way I've gotten off topic. The movie was wonderful and certainly reminded me of older Disney movies. The content is a bit adult but know the child you're going with. My 5 year old godson loved it.

ThePurposeInside - Worst . . . Disney . . . Film . . . EVER!!!!1 star

Boring, unoriginal, and forgettable. The characters had no lasting affect on me, and the songs were nothing. Just terrible. It's like Disney took everything from their other films and combined them together. They didn't know what to do.

grummett - love this movie5 star

disney's first african american princess it is a good movie i think you should get it

meggie56 - THE BEST (:5 star

I'm from Louisiana and I LOVE THE WAY THEY MAKE IT OUT! It is a wonderful movie

Spoof hoop - Haters Gona' hate5 star

This movie is my third favorite Disney movie next to tangled and Aladdin its amazing tiana is a hard working girl who never looses sight of what's really important ❤

????????????!???? - Way better than journey 22 star


xXTheSweetestTabooXX - Amazing!5 star

Well, first of all, I'm glad there's finally an African American Disney princess. Secondly, this is a movie for kids, even though there were some "scary" parts. It just really depends on who the child is that is watching it. I mean, I watched it with a two year old, and she never got scared by anything in the movie. Thirdly, the only thing that could be done to make it better is to make a sequel!

Roberts_Family_NJ - Favorite movie5 star

Loved it!!! Definitely would see it multiple times!

Craig Hills - B4 star

Though the demon and voodoo parts are not cool, this movie is as charming as it can get. I loved the scene with the frog hunters, hitting and bashing eachother on by one!! Ha, ha!

Cinderella956 - NOTHING WRONG5 star

I didn't want to see this when it was in theaters, now I hate myself for that decision. Disney really did a good job on this one, there really is nothing bad to say about this movie. It shows that fairytales can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in any way. This movie gives me hope, laughter, and smile. :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random_Camo - Oh Disney! 5 star

Another instant magical classic by Disney!!! This movie was and is an amazing masterpiece!!! I think the movie should have been made years ago to join the ranks with others in the "Disney Renaissance"like "the Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", and "The Lion King", but it's still a great movie! :D I think Walt would be proud!

3vangeline - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!5 star

Ok, I normally Don't care for princess movies, but for some reason, I fell in love with this one!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD Probably one of my FAVORITE Disney movies of ALL-TIME!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD

highIQkitty🐱 - Stinking Voodoo!!!!!!!!!1 star

I hate this movie. Voodoo and stupid is written all over it! The 5 star people are blooming dopes!!!!!!

Singer 297 - Not as good3 star

I like this movie but not as great as some other animated movies

Vintage94 - One of the worst animated Disney movies I1 star

It's nothing like the classics. When I first saw the previews, I thought that it would be like Snow white, Aladdin, The Lion King, but no. It had no storyline what's so ever and the animation was very poorly made, unlike the classics. Some Classic Disney movie this turned out to be.

iTunesSandy - Not for children3 star

I personally enjoyed the movie. ...when I watched it alone. Taking my 6 year old grandaughter to see it was a mistake. It was very dark for a child's movie. She was scared and we left. I was disappointed. This movie was more geared for adults and not children. I will read reviews before taking the kids to see any future disney movie.

Star 56793 - I love this movie!5 star

This movie is alsome it MIT be for babies but I am eleven and love this movie it is so sweet the price ends up falling for her!

Danasia<3333 - I Love this movie:)5 star

I love this movie!! Best disney princess movie ever!! :)

sr10791 - Princess and the Frog5 star

I LOVE this movie!

LawFirm21 - Only reason2 star

Why that it's not a one star is because of the shadow man. He was the only entertaining and talented one of the bunch. The story seems like a rip off with no twist and just terrible songs. Doesn't seem like a true fairytale.

Magus_zero - Disappointing...1 star

Not sure if I saw the same movie all of these other people did, but I felt like this one was lacking quite a bit. Granted the drawing style reminds you of the old Disney style, but the story was severely lacking and completely missed the "classic" feeling as we've come to expect from Disney. I'd pass on this one and watch Tangled instead if you're looking for a good modern Disney movie...

Luscious0307 - Fantastic movie5 star

I absolutely love this movie and my daughter who is almost 3 now has been watching and dancing to it since she was 1... I am glad they finally made a black princess, Disney is finally coming around making movies with different races... Anyway this is an awesome movie my daughter has never been scared watching it she laughs and sings to every song but her favorite is almost there... I don't know how many times I have purchased it just to always have it for her because she loves it that much besides this is a movie I don't mind watching on repeat lol like Dora and yo gabba gabba...overall this movie was well made and great for the entire family...

iRate&ReviewU - Ohh That's Right, We Forgot to....2 star

make a black princess. That's basically what Disney said after years of molding kids minds with 'happily ever afters.' After making SnowWhite, Cinderella, Belle, and Aerial every little girls fantasy; they threw this movie together. For kids it is way too scary, way to many frogs, way too many songs, and way too late to make an impact. Makes you want to re-watch Mulan, Disney's best princess movie.

Big kid at heart!!!! - LOVE It!!!!!!!5 star

This is my absolute favorite movie! I am 22 years old and can honestly watch it everyday! Love that Disney chose Louisiana for this new princess! It is a definite must have!!!!

chametta123 - New Classic5 star

the is the new classic, still watching it in 2012 and many years to come.

A Loving Daddy - Not suitable for children 5-71 star

This movie causes your children to have nightmares! What the author intended the children to experience when watching scenes about voodoo and frightening spirits - I don't have a clue! If you and your children want to keep up all night - then have FUN! A heartbreaking experience.

tasaero124 - Loved it!!!5 star

This is starting to feel like the old Disney again!!! :) the songs were catchy and the only downside was the alligator and the lightning bug. Those two were annoying as heck and Tiana and Naveen on their own would've been just fine but nvm the movie was still awesome and to the person who said this was stolen from some series: Disney bases the majority of their movies off of stories written by somebody else i.e beauty and the beast, Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white, robin hood, need I say more? Two thumbs way way up for this movie :)!!

Poohbeartoofine - Princess5 star

This movie is the best princess movie out of them all and just because she is black does not mean it was not good gosh stop being racist for once my goodness

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The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
The Princess and the Frog movie images
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The Princess and the Frog movie posters
The Princess and the Frog movie posters
The Princess and the Frog movie posters
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