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An intriguing and entertaining study in characters going through varying levels of crisis and introspection. This psychological drama leads you in several different directions, weaving and intersecting various subplots and characters, from a brilliant Tom Cruise, as a self-proclaimed pied-piper, to a child forced to go on a TV game show and the pressures he faces from a ruthless father.

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Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours.. An epic mosaic of many interrelated characters in search of happiness, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.. Magnolia Wiki

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Movie inspector
Be carful 3 hours movie  Movie inspector  1 star

I watched this movie recently and honestly is very depressing movie , made me to hate myself for wasting 3 hours of my life . We all do mistakes in our life so what , just fix it and go on .

RENT!!!  Clay125  5 star

iTunes, please make this movie available for RENTTTTTT!!!!!

Can I live up to the messages of this film?  peanutwalnut  5 star

And I am not even sure I can fully process all of the messages.. Angels like children, yes they are. This is a beautiful, moving, once in a decade film. It is clear that the director was able to draw out his actors in a way that rarely happens. Perhaps they were truly inspired by his work.

One of the greatest films ever made!  Field-light  5 star

It takes the most intimate of stories, interwoven and displays them on an Apocalypse Now like canvas. This is PTA's shining moment. A criminally misunderstood and maligned masterpiece.

A Human Graboid
Look Closer & Broaden Your View  A Human Graboid  5 star

Reading other reviews of Magnolia, it seems to be a case of, “Either you get it ... or you don’t.” Historically, a common symptom of great works of art. I am so glad I get it! Excellent film! Great story, acting, music,directing, and one of the greatest prologue’s I have ever seen! Another P.T.A. Masterpiece!

Just Okay  anonymous1112321321  3 star

This movie is just okay. I could see how it would be considered to be a really good movie but the themes in it are just really cliché and most of the movie is exposition. It was like one of those movies that’s really bad but also pretty good at the same time.

Terrible movie  stan_1978  1 star

I saw this in theaters and about walked out and asked for my money back. Like one reviewer said, by the end you wonder why you even bothered.

American Canon  Think-it-through  5 star

Most people will not enjoy this movie--and that's okay. Of the more than 3,000 movies I have seen, this one has had the most profound impact on me. It is a beautifully written, carefully directed and edited film. It picks up where Short Cuts and The Player left off--and foreshadows Crash. The ensemble effort can be confusing at first, but a moderate investment on the viewer's part pays big dividends as the long film comes together. Look for heavy influences from art, sociology, religion, politics, and entertainment. Anderson inserts visual clues and tie-ins throughout the film that puts the "fun" in profundity. Disclaimer, although ultimately beautiful, redemptive, and transcendent--Magnolia (because of its adult content) is not for the faint of heart. If you know a thing-or-two about the art of cinema and are a careful observer of the human predicament--this is a film for you. Enjoy.

Great Movie  iBigChill  5 star

Love it. Everyone brings up the regret theme in these reviews. Yes, regret is an element, but the movie is based on the actions you do with that burden of regret. It shows the wrong actions and the right actions. Well done.

Magnolia  lovegreatflicks  5 star

The best movie in the last 20 years from american cinema.

Magnolia  brydem  1 star

Pretentious, excruciatingly overlong dog's breakfast of a movie, the kind a pompous pseudo-intellectual critic would like (and apparently many did). The best thing is Tom Cruise who is so over-the-top bad, he's actually funny.

missed opportunity  blaaron  2 star

This movie has some of the most intense and powerful performances I have seen put on by these great actors. Unfortunately the movie is too long and too depressing. Even performances such as these could not lift this movie to “good” status.

One of the best ensemble movies ever  MMMovieOpinion  5 star

This is an extremely well crafted film. Solid writing, excellent performances by all actors and enough twists and turns to keep the viewer interested from start to finish. Add to that a memorable soundtrack by Aimee Mann and the formula is overwhelmingly addictive. Magnolia is eight seemingly separate stories unfolding and eventually unifying into one - and each is equally strong on it's own. There are only a handful of films that get this much praise from me but this one will stand in my top 20 of all time (if not top 10). The entire cast is very strong in this movie and everyone "showed up for work" if you catch my meaning. One of the last performances by Jason Robards before his death and as always he delivers. I would recommending buying this movie because if you get it, you'll want to watch it again and again and again…it's THAT good.

Logical and Creative
Not well done  Logical and Creative  1 star

This movie is widely praised. However, the actors are reading from an average script and if they fulfilled the requirements of their character they would still not able affect the viewer. This movie is about a lot of different stories that are supposedly intertwined. Each story is weakly linked to the next so when the links are revealed the audience is not shocked or surprised, they just accept it as if the links were leading to a greater event, which they do not. This movie tries to go deep into each character of each story. It displays their individual lives and their unique perspectives, however, these characters are unimportant, they are irrelevant because they do not contribute to a message. There is only one brilliant performance which is only for a small duration. This performance is by a young Tom Cruise. The film is disappointing. The chaotic detail is pure distraction and it leaves an empty feeling once the movie is finished. This film is not worth the respect it is given, the characters are fish that are there for the sole purpose of looking beautiful as house guests walk through the front entrance, there is nothing deeper here.

Best movie ever  Vorsterlicious  5 star

A must see. Incredible.

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