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Oscar-winners Sandra Bullock and Kathy Bates, and country singing star Tim McGraw headline this deeply moving adaptation of the Michael Lewis bestseller about a young man whose size and prowess playing American-style football help him attain an education in school and in life. Newcomer Quinton Aaron portrays the oversized teenager transformed from a homeless street kid to a star athlete through the kindness and charity of a dynamic woman (Bullock--Gravity) who offers him a stable home, a caring family and the opportunity to follow his dreams. Tim McGraw takes the role of the husband who discovers the boy's talent, and Kathy Bates (Misery) plays the young man's strict tutor in this riveting, heartfelt true story directed by John Lee Hancock

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Based on the extraordinary true story. The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family. The Blind Side Wiki

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Alex h matter
No  Alex h matter  1 star

Even micheal orr said 90% of this movie is bs and a complete lie. Cant support something so fabricated that portrays it to be a true story.

Amazing Movie  gomex.m23  5 star

Without a doubt this movie was a roller coaster of emotions and it indeed touched me overall great movie about a humble kid

Great story  Kohoman  5 star

Love a true story!

amazing  nadia1221  5 star

loved this movie so much.

Fabulous heartwarming story!  Rachyruby  5 star

It made it that much better that it was based on a true story.

Very cool#1...
Amazon movie  Very cool#1...  5 star

Good movie

Totally worth watching!  MilitaryMum  5 star

An aiming movie with suspenseful events that I would recommend to everyone! Well done!

Highly Recommend  Mdoejcpsjeuwowjd  5 star

Best Football movie ever

I just love it!!!!  Bubbles😀😀😀😀  5 star

This movie has got to be the my favorite movie of all time! I highly recommend watching this movie.

Mom lie
Love it  Mom lie  5 star

It is amazing

well worth the money  Thëa  5 star

such a inspiring movie loved it!

Best Movie in the world  Moni1233445  5 star

Omg! This is such an inspirational movie, and Ioved Sandra Bullocks accent! Is this the best movie, YES !! And it's funny how much people can care about you. This is a movie I could watch over and over again and not get bored

Amazing movie  Huzzy2015  5 star

It's a awesome Movie and inspiring movie and I totally recommend this movie to everyone.

Ride along lover
WOW  Ride along lover  5 star

now just buy this movie or watch it on netflix eeither way its a touching story about a almost orphan child and a sweet mother. he learns lots and also how to play nfl even if you dont like nfl you will still love this

Best movie ever  Bray123456  5 star

Best ever movie !!!!

The blind side  TrickyNikkiBikki  5 star

Omg this is a really great movie loved it! Very emotional!

Great story!  Bella2449  5 star

The story of the movie itself is inspiring and the fact that it's based on a true story makes it even more touching! Watched it a million time and still loving it:)

Awesome!!  Cuteadam098  5 star

The Blind Side is great film.. Watch it with family!! A perfect movie.., very inspiring.. :)

Brilliant  Marleymarshmallow  5 star

Really good film.

Cry  Chrissyiscool17  5 star

Best movie in the world!!!!!it made me cry every time I watch it

Great film!  xmarks  4 star

And I'm just sticking this one out there..."chaancy" stop being so conceited! It's a true story so how on earth is it racist? My goodness me.. Read the review or whatever and you'll see it's a true story... You just made yourself look stupid.

From Apple store
Anyone need help?  From Apple store  4 star

This review is to all the people who've bought this film if you can't download it you don't have enough space on your iPod.Anyway the film is a must see and if you haven't brought it you have to.

Mhhhh  Gogun  3 star

Good film seen it before , but being able to buy the HD version to own instead of rent only in HD would be better for everyone as I output to TV through my iPhone

Amazing!!!  Jonno300  5 star

Great film...a must see!! And for Chaaancy, or whatever your name is, it's a true story so wind your neck in

Very good!  jkay  5 star

Brilliant film!

So, so cheesy  Chaancy  1 star

This is the cheesiest film ever made, I swear that halfway through you could just replace the film with footage of cheese and no one would notice. Seriously though, a very poor film and in many ways quite racist - here we have a poor black kid rescued by a White woman (fair enough) but later he goes back to his black friends who try to tempt him with booze and he has been saved from the black people by the White just leaves an uneasy taste in your mouth. Also, the kid in it, EJ or BJ or something - most punchable kid I've ever seen in a movie, he's the definition of annoying.

The best film you will see  Ghhjfr  5 star

I loved this film the cast are great and the storyline is amazing

Amazing!!!  CatherineB_58  5 star

This is one of Sandra Bullock's best films. I luved it nd I think everyone should watch it!!!!!

Tash's pod
Amazing xx  Tash's pod  5 star

Must see :) xx

Amazing! A must buy!  kev9154  5 star

Even though I'm just 9 years old I watched this film with my mum and dad and it was just heart-warming A must Buy!

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