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In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. A warrior not by choice but necessity, Eli (Denzel Washington) seeks only peace but, if challenged, will cut his attackers down before they realize their fatal mistake. It's not his life he guards so fiercely but his hope for the future; a hope he has carried and protected for 30 years and is determined to realize. Driven by this commitment and guided by his belief in something greater than himself, Eli does what he must to survive--and continue. Only one other man in this ruined world understands the power Eli holds, and is determined to make it his own: Carnegie (Gary Oldman), the self-appointed despot of a makeshift town of thieves and gunmen. Meanwhile, Carnegie's adopted daughter Solara (Mila Kunis) is fascinated by Eli for another reason: the glimpse he offers of what may exist beyond her stepfather's domain.

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Some will kill to have it. He will kill to protect it.. A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.. The Book of Eli Wiki

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Phil Collins the 3rd Esquire
Unwatchable  Phil Collins the 3rd Esquire  1 star

Five minutes of silence dedicated to watching Denzel hunt a hairless cat.... that’s the opening. I’ve sat through some terrible movies but turned this one off just due to the horrible pace.

Translate to spanish  Juanpablotn  1 star

Please translate

My favorite  AFanOfATCQ  5 star

Hands down favorite movie of all time

Denzel Washington - missing movie  Vegas191  5 star

I’m looking for the Denzel Washington movie called “Ricochet”. This is the first Denzel Washington movie I remember. It’s awesome! This movie made him a star! Please add it to your Movie library so I can purchase it. Thank you very much!

Borrowed material  Cseyfert  1 star

All these reviews on here make me think either iTunes reviews are getting Amazoned (likely), or that the religious freaks are out to tell people this is the best movie since Ben Hur (also likely). Heads up morons, this script was a ripoff of an authentically good book, which carried the WARNING against religious zealotry carrying humanity into never ending cycles of nuclear war. NOT all this "the bible will save us" crap. It is sad Denzel wasted his time on this and lowers my appreciation of him as it could only have been for the cash. If you want the real story, go read "A Canticle for Leibowitz". Don't waste your time or money on this brainwashing trash.

Incredible  jillmstevenson  5 star

What an amazing movie. Denzel Washington has outdone himself as an actor once again. As Denzel Washington quotes scriptures, he'll make your emotions sway from fighting for the Bible to bringing tears to your eyes for what God has given all of Us. Five stars. Another amazing movie. Well done!!

Religiously themed movie, doesn't make it a poorly made film  cubemster  3 star

Though one could say that yes this movie paints this idea that the bible is the most important thing in the story, and yes it does treat it like a powerful piece of literature. But may I remind those that have seen the film, there are quite a few scenes in which it has also painted the book as a tool such as for controlling the masses regardless of it being fictitious or not. So in a way we get to see why they were burned after the Great War. We all know many wars have been carried out due to differences of faith. Let the movie stand as a testament to idiocy by the "believers".

Ray Gone
Surreal  Ray Gone  5 star

Wow. I'm a devout Christian so I held off watching this movie because it appeared so dark, but wow. And it is dark and definitely not for all Christians, but if one has the appropriate conscience, the movie is pretty amazing.

Ster to the ling
Great concept  Ster to the ling  5 star

Awesome, experience that Denzel Washington takes you on. Bummer there is no sequel with Mila Kunis.

King Capone 217
Amazing!  King Capone 217  5 star

Great movie

E. Spence
Compelling Tribute to Faith  E. Spence  5 star

The movie does a good job at ripping away all hope and then feeding it back to you. Understanding it and how it can't be shared but must be experienced. I can see the focus in the movie and all actors involved were remarkable. Jennifer Beals was truly brave, Gary Oldman was from an age most never knew in the movie, they couldn't appreciate the need for control. Mila Kunis was smart and innocent, Denzel Washington never tried to be perfect, just resolute. It defies religion but never faith, never hope. I am not Christian and this doesn't change that in the slightest but it does allow for a respect for those of the Christian faith.

Sabrina Caron
Great Movie!  Sabrina Caron  5 star

Love Denzel Washington in this!

What can be good in this movie?  Kwyzibo  1 star

The story is about a blind guy that carry the bible... That's it, don't expect more!

Sam G2
Dark Ages reference  Sam G2  4 star

Didn't anyone get the whole Dark Ages thing? A journey to the far west of continent (read: Ireland) to an island with a fortified monastery where they copy the last remaining books of western civilization? Gary Oldman as Viking pillager. That was for me the part that made me sit up and say: cool idea. Didn't see that coming.

Still don  alicleave  1 star

I'm sorry. I was really into it until the lead actor lets a woman be raped and in the end the whole point is about saving a book that has been at the root of so many wars all over the world... sorry, can't do it. If you're not a Christian, I highly doubt that you'll get any satisfaction out of this film.

The Book of Eli was Awsome  Facia  4 star

Densel Washington has done it again, with another solid performance and Gary Oldman is the perfect villain! Great action seens and the story progression does a great job in helping the viewer develop a rapor with the characters! This one is totally worth buying; never mind just renting it. The only reason I gave it 4, instead of 5, stars was that "Man on Fire" was a 5 star and although this was a GREAT movie ... NOTHING beats Man on Fire!!

Great Movie  scoop2365  5 star

The movie was fantastic and could be quite real. I feel that it is woth all the money but i-tunes should let you hold the movie in your possession for a longer time. I live in the country and had lost power for quite some time and made it difficult to view with the little time that i-tunes gave me.

Top Shelf !!!, Must See!!!!!  Realwon  5 star


Movie  iTz-Jony-boy  5 star

Le film est trop cool et beaucoup d'action amuser vous bien . :)

Better then I thought  deancas  3 star

I wasn't expecting much but I thought it was good movie. Not a new idea, end of the world, fighting etc but for an action movie it was good. Acting was good.

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