Valentine's Day (2010)

Valentine's Day (2010) Summary and Synopsis

Seen through the eyes of a multigenerational cast of characters, "Valentine's Day" threads its way through a variety of relationships--from first dates to longtime commitments, from young crushes to old flames, and from perpetual singles to unrequited loves. To tell the interconnecting stories, the film brings together one of the largest all-star ensembles ever assembled in one film. More than a dozen Angelenos navigate Valentine's Day from early morning until midnight. Three couples awake together, but each relationship will sputter. A grade-school boy wants flowers for his first true love. Two high school seniors plan first-time sex at noon. A TV sports reporter gets the assignment to find romance in LA. A star quarterback contemplates his future. Two strangers meet on a plane. Grandparents, together for years, face a crisis. An 'I Hate Valentine's Day' dinner beckons the lonely and the lied to. Valentine's Day (2010) Wiki

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A Love Story. More or Less...

Valentine's Day (2010) (2010)

Valentine's Day (2010) Comments & Critics

Valentine's Day (2010) Movie Reviews

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- JUNK1 star

The same old Hollywood agenda, they never get tired of pushing it. The message: no matter what someone does always forgive them. A load of malarkey in the real world.

- You either hate it or love it... or have mixed emotions3 star

Just watched this and seeing all the bad reviews I get why many hate it but it’s kind of an entertaining movie actually. Love is a mess this movie. I don’t think the writing is that bad either. It definitely made me smile and tear up. So it can’t be that bad. Is it my favorite? Absolutely not. Is it a light comedy with some silly romance...yeah. Don’t except much...and you won’t be let down! It does just seem like watching “scenes” of different movies as well. I think Ashton does the best. Bradley Cooper seriously annoys me in this. Julia looks unattractive. Taylor Swift plays it kinda funny. Jessica Alba is beautiful. Anne Hathaway also lame annoying. George Lopez has fine. The football reminds me of patriots quarterback. The old couple...bland. The kid in copy of love actually. What else?! Jennifer Garner...plays same as always. So add it all up and it’s pretty cheesy film but it’s not horrible.



- Great5 star


- Depressing & Boring1 star

They must have paid the cast tons of money to be in this dreadful movie. It is so boring that we didn't make it to the end. Since I didn't see the last 50 minutes I can't comment on them, but the first hour or so was both depressing and boring. Certainly not a good date movie. Skip it.

- Awesome5 star

This movie is a classic, I absolutely love it! So proud of Taylor and how far she's come! Wonderful and funny movie that always makes me smile and puts me in a good mood whenever I watch it.

- Gay5 star


- So many princess diaries actors5 star

Wow I saw almost 5 actors and actresses from the princess diaries in this movie

- Lol5 star

I haven't watched but reading the comments I realized how bad grammar is for a lot of people lol. No periods or capitols and uncompleted sentences lol. I make mistakes to but geeeeeeeezzzzzz.

- Don't hate5 star

Don't you dare say Taylor swift should not be a actor if you do then you are a jealous and a jerk

- OMG LOVE!!!😝😄5 star

Oh my god this movie is awesome I love it!!!!!! Totally watch!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

- No waste of my time!5 star

An amazing movie! I love how it all combines together as a fantastic love story! Amazing and well worth done!


For all of you who are alone on Valentine's Day (like me😂👌)or even for those of you of you looking for a fun thing to do with that special someone, this is the movie for you! I honesty love this movie so much I watch on an everyday basis (not that much but you get the point) it's so well done with awesome actors and is just a really fun and cute movie to watch!💗💗

- Amazing5 star

This movie is awesome I love taylor squared and everyone The plot is great all good acting except the little kid

- LOVED IT5 star

This movie is a hilarious movie that i loved. It has a few inappropriate items in it. Other than that a great movie.

- Yikes!1 star

Went from bad to worse. Nothing new, nothing funny, old sappy cliches.

- Taylor swift ♥ Me5 star


- Amazing5 star

This movie is definitely a girl movie, but I don't see why guys can't enjoy without calling it a chick flick. This movie has a great story line. I love how all the characters are related in some way. This is a really sweet movie with a happy ending. I recommend this for everyone!!!

- Disappointed2 star

Ok so I haven't watched the movie and was planning to so I rented. My mistake was it wouldn't load!! I know it was only $3 but it made me very mad! I really wanted to watch this movie! iTunes is great but I'm very disappointed that they would not get me a refund or tell me before I started to watch this. This movie should be good knowing I watched half of this before, but if you rent don't watch first day wait for it to download. 👎👎😰😰😫😫

- Stink, stank, stunk1 star

Horrible movie, wish I could erase it from my memory. Julia Roberts story line was the only worth while part.

- Good movie4 star

I saw this movie when it came on video and I didn't know it if was gonna be any good but I took the chance and it was good. It has the love story feeling to it cause you have the name of the movie kinda says it all but overall good movie.

- This was dumb.2 star

This didn't make any sense whatsoever. It sucked. You should watch it though, just so you can make fun of it.

- Cool5 star

It is a funny movie

- Ok4 star

Cast is awesome but movie needs some work

- Awsome!5 star

This was such a romantic/funny movie!! The actors are a little sappy but movie is great!!!

- Valentine's Day2 star

List of familiar actors and actresses could not save this boring movie.

- Not great2 star

I was so pumped to watch it cuz the cast is like amazing.butttttt Im disappointed:( it wasnt super great.. But I mean,im still glad it's on the list of movies ive watched

- Love it5 star

It has Taylor Lautner in it how can you not like it

- Love It5 star

Best movie I love it so much Queen Latifa's part.

- I loved it5 star

My favorite part is taylor lautner

- Boring1 star

I was excited because all my favorite actors and actresses were in it, but the acting was so terrible that I turned it off and never considered finishing it.

- awesome5 star

thus movie is awesome and amazing

- My absolute favorite movie!!2 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

- Good(:5 star

Taylor lautner<3:D

- Jdog5 star

I loved this movie it has some inappropriate things in it but so good enjoy

- I love Tay&tay5 star

I wanna watch it just bcus of him and her:))

- Great !5 star

People keep saying its a horrible movie, but actually it's awesome and hilarious.

- People chill4 star

The movie was nice but people are saying things that are not true like "it was god awful" or "hey this movie us stupid just because of the actors and actresses" it's just rude and it doesn't make sense if you hated the movie so much by just looking at the cover then why did u watch it and it's a "chick flick" not a "manly man man movie" I mean really?!?!?

- The movie5 star

It was great

- This is a very cute movie!4 star

This movie is a chick-flick for sure. I watched it alone on a Sunday night and it really kept my attention! I'm a big Taylor Swift fan, and she had a pretty small role, but it was funny! This isn't the best movie I've ever seen or anything, but it's worth watching. Enjoy!! :D

- It looks good but is it???????? Idk5 star

I havent seen it it kinda looks good but the reviews dont look so good so i only watched the preview instead of buying it ia it good??😳

- Good.!4 star

I love this movie and I love how all the characters are connected.!!! That's what I just love about this and new years movie.! It's like they're in their own world and everybody knows everybody and they're like all connected.! 👍💘 but it can get a bit boring so 4 🌟

- AMAZING ❕❕5 star

I love this movie soo much I know all the words!!

- No!!!!!!!!!!1 star

This is just awful. The whole movie is pointless. It was kind of like hey! Let's get a bunch of celebrities who can act (well most of hem)and give a god awful script and see if they can make it work. did that work out? Awful!!!!! You are being tricked! Just because there are some good actors in this film doesn't make it great.

- mentally molested1 star

Ok first of all, who thought putting Jennifer Garner and adolescent Ashton Kutcher together? Seriously, she could be his mother. Possibly worst on screen couple EVER. This movie is depressing, the acting is horrible, and the ending is awful. Save yourself the time and money.

- Valentines day5 star


- I love LA!!5 star

The location shots in this film are awesome! Love the story and characters too! Nice work Gary!

- Best of Our Time1 star

I was excited the entire movie, and i loved the books. I was so happy when they made a movie! This Hunger Games movie wa........ oh wait. This is VALENTNE"S DAY!!! Okay, this movie sucked. End story. I love the Taylors, but nothing, NOTHING, could save this movie!!!!! Anne Hatheway's part sucked the worst But I really love The Hunger Games :)


It tried too hard to please too many audiences.

- Worst movie ever!!1 star

There is not a single funny part in the entire movie. It is the most predictable, unfunny, pointless movie ever. I would gladly pay the rental price again if I could get back the 2 hours of my life that I wasted while watching it. Even my wife, who normally loves cheesy romantic comedies, rolled her eyes and said how terrible this film is. Please, for the love of God, save your money and choose something else, anything else, it doesn't matter, anything is better than this.

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26Valy - 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻5 star

Please French Canadian version

XZje - Fun, diverse4 star

Similar style to Love Actually, but a much cheesier movie - it also has a gay couple, and anyone put off by that is an idiot

lindaintelkwa - just do it!4 star

Fun and sweet. A must see on Valentines day

Love day lover - Valentines Day5 star

Favourite movie of all time!!!!!!

REBECCASTONE - Fun to watch3 star

Pretty Good Movie


Loving the cast and the movie is good.

Harry Potter Lover for life!!! - Meh2 star

At the end of this movie I just thought it was ok. It was an alright movie with alright scenes and an alright plot. Nothing was good it was all just ok. It's one of those movies were u don't hate it or love it. If u had to watch it again u would but If u could choose what movie to watch you wouldn't pick this one.

Sarahmorse_ - Ok3 star

I liked the movie and all it was funny, but it's kind of overwhelming with such a big cast. It's hard to remember the issue in each couples case because it switches all the time. Taylor swift was awesome I love her to death. She really came out of her shell on this movie and was very outgoing. Taylor lautner was hot as usual and did a good job acting. The rest of the cast did a good job but like I said was overwhelming. But all in all cute and funny.

Carly pants - Grr1 star

It wouldn't download :(

Kails2298 - Sweet Lol4 star

This movie was pretty good. Even thought I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift she was my favorite she was so funny.

wanttogosouth - It sucked !!!1 star

Horrible, so many good actors for such a bad movie

kazza100 - better than i expected!4 star

i'm not sure why this movie was panned so badly. i enjoyed it! there were a few surprises, a huge cast, and overall it was cute without being "cutesie". the julia roberts outtake at the end topped it off! oh, and i'm a 36 year old woman, so the movie does not just appeal to teens!

tiffany 1500 - love this movie5 star

i love this movie its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Lindzolu - Awesome5 star

This movie was awesome it had lots of cool people init and was really awesome... I would recommend it to anyone in the age range of 12+ up!!!

SmittyJS - Really?1 star

This movie was just overall bad. Every story falls flat and is boring. The only good thing about it was the fact that George Lopez randomly shows up. That's it.

Mouse cookie - Valentine's Day3 star

It was good but mostly very bad! Not worth to buy!

Wendiiee.skater - HILARIOUS!5 star

This movie was downright Hilarious! The characters are funny and I love the plot! The only thing I didn't quite like was Taylor swift...she CANT act, don't get me wrong, I love her songs, but acting is just not her thing!

Maynew - Valentine's Day5 star

Thought this was going to be a dud and was pleasantly surprised...No wonder, with the amazingly talented cast. Really enjoyed this most entertaining film, even had some surprising twists. I should have known that Garry Marshall makes good movies..Loved the clip of him in the movie.

flueger - AWESOME5 star

I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hollywoodstar345 - Ah-dorable!5 star

When I first heard that Taylor Swift was starring in this movie, I wanted to see it. But also because it has most of the big stars in it! I really liked it despite because of Taylor Swift. All the characters in the movie connected somehow, which was cool. It's funny and cute. I think the movie is only one of those rent-worthy ones. So just rent it! Or if you really like it, buy it:) I also heard today that in December 2011, They're releasing a sequel, New Year's Eve....should be good right?

flofloaube - Saly5 star

I loved it

Cool cat193 - Looks awesome...5 star

It looks totally awesome! I haven't seen it yet... Taylor lautner is a great amazingly hot actor!!

Rina_K - A little shallow2 star

Nice stories, but due to there being so many different ones, I wasn't really able to connect with any of the characters. Great cast and everyone did a great job otherwise. It's just lacking the depth to me unfortunately.

bobbyyopppds - Ok.....1 star

It was just stupid.. Like come on.. Valentines day isn't like a freaking national holiday! No one really cares THAT much about it!! The only reason I wanted to see this movie was cause of Taylor swift... The poor girl should stick to singing. If you thought that with the amount of decent actors in it would make it a good movie... You'd be wrong!!!!!! Don't waste your money on this stinker.

Pacaind - Pretty good4 star

I liked the plot of this story. And I have no clue what queen latifahs roll was in this. It was confusing. Taylor swift is such a bad actress

NiNJA_BOYYY - ???2 star

this movie is ok! but there's like 9 different story's going on!!!!!! :(

wendycl - Valentine's Day2 star

Big stars.....that's about the best thing that I can say about the movie....thumbs down from me!

Gettin Shredded - Loved it5 star

What an awesome movie. Loved it.

muisc/for/life - Okay.... I guess3 star

The only reason people saw it was because of all the famous actors/actresses in the movie. It was okay, but it was just like a bunch of mini movies. It got boring at times.

Sydney love123 - Valentines day2 star

Omg that movie was soo cool.

shaynnaaaa - :D5 star

Lovelovelove it :) beat movie ever :) :) :) I love Taylor Swift she's such a good actress loved the incorperation of #13 -aswell :) best movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pagent lover - Valitines day5 star

Well I guess it's good I just liked taping stars I haven't seen it

D.ZZZ>Y - :)5 star

Great movie, I love it how every person is connected to each other in some way!

MangoGymnast101 - Awesome5 star

At some parts Taylor (swift) was like the dumb blonde! It was funny

cdwong - loved it !!!5 star

espially Taylor swift

Tayray22 - Valentines day4 star

It was really a nicely done movie what I liked most was that it had alot of twists to it that no one expected al in all I loved it aaallllllooooootttttt!!!!!!! :P

Jewlesc - ExCeLlEnT5 star

Loved it!

Hruh8 - Valentines day5 star

Awesome! Best movie ever!

spig14 - good but not comedy4 star

It was a good movie overall but very predictable and not so comedic, but more about romance. Solid 3.5 - 4.

Mr. Triggerhappy - Daaaang!!!4 star

Holy sheet Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane GAY. WooooooooW!!! Decent movie. I enjoyed it

The_iTunes_Critic - Great!5 star

What is up with that tomato thingy?! this is a GREAT movie, cute and funny. I recommend it!

hersheysweetie09 - Awesome5 star

Great movie! I love the Ashton kutcher/jennifer garner story line! So cute! Almost everyone from princess diares was in it! Back together again!

Mpreece7 - Typical Remake1 star

This film follows in the footsteps of other films that take a fantastic movie from outside of Hollywood and turns it into a mediocre one. I loved Love Actually... yes it was corny but it was a well done corny film that just so happens to now be a nice addition to the holiday season movie list. Valentines Day... tried too hard to be like it's sibling and fell short in every category except maybe the number of well known actors it could fit on its cover. I'd like to tell Hollywood to stick to original ideas but then we'd have no more movies!

lizzie godoiiing - Not worry the rent or watch1 star

The movie was horrible. The storyline is crap and the acting is too! Watch it online for free, actually just dont cuz itll be a waste of time!

Afhkfjridkcnfk - Awesomeeeee5 star

Best movie ever

ShaynaB1 - I liked it4 star

All the good actors and actresses are in it and it's a sweet movie but the story line wasn't great.

LNM82 - Terrible1 star

This movie is one of the worst I have seen in a looooong time. Terrible acting, terrible jokes. I expected a lot more from the cast. Taylor Swift should never act again.

RiverNygaard - Valentines Day5 star

it's a very funny movie watched it aleast 4 times in a row!!

{ R y l e e } - Not what I expected!3 star

The movie wasn't the greatest, few good jokes and what not but it was deffinatly NOT what I thought it was going to be.. It honestly dissappointed me desperatly :'(

AmbitiousMurphy - Good enough to rent3 star

It was cliche and some of the acting could have been far far better, especially Taylor Swift who played a ditzy teenager. I did like Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, and Anne Hathaway's characters, and even though her subplot was short, Julia Roberts was great as always (she was probably my favourite, acting-wise anyway). The story was decent and the way the characters all connected was cool. I thought it was okay for a once or twice time thing, however I would never buy it.


I loved this movie soooooo much it was the best romantic movie I have ever seen!!!!!

Emz1616! - I love this movie5 star

It is so cool

Sparkle&Glitter - A bit boring..2 star

Its an alright movie but gets boring quickly. There are so many wonderful actors and actresses in this but the movie just isn't interesting. New Years Eve is a much better movie.

glittergirl!!! - :)5 star

"Just walk it off baby, just walk it off!" ... "You're still hot baby, you're still hot!" ;D

DE_KOCK - I already bought this movie5 star

I already bought this movie a couple months ago but i accidently deleted it by mistake and now i cant get it back aymore :( is there a possibility that you can make a purchaced thingy you have for music, tv shows, apps and books please? coz i really want this amazing movie back on my ipod

jackerimin - Good Comedy3 star

This was a good comedy, it was filled with laughs and romance and i enjoyed it but i still think Love Actually is the best Rom Com I've seen.

Siannica - "Whats Moorpark Spelt backwards?" :P...4 star

This show is so great how youve got no idea how all theese stories link up untill the end and you go " Wow, how could i have missed that?" 4 Stars  :D

OliveWahh - Really good movie5 star

This movie was actually really good and funny. It's so full of so many big A-lister celebs and just makes the movie even better. It was really cool/smart how all their lives were connected to each other. Loved this movie.

Yassie 54 - Awesome5 star

It is a romantic movie and it is the best movie ever I love it

lauren1803 - this is a great movie!!5 star

it is a really cute film about love. What else can I say? Buy it!

Tbearz303 - Ive seen this movie 27 times and i still love it!5 star

IS IT JUST ME OR IS TAYLOR LAUNTER INCREDIBLY HOT!!!??? but this is one of my favorite movies funny, cute, great acting ten out of ten

Little miss lol - Awesomest ever5 star

I luv luv luv this movie!!! It is sooooo awesome and i love it but i wish it was cheaper

Baby T Bone - Waste of time1 star

Absolutely boring. No match to the British made "Love Actually". Such a waste of the casts.

xxlaraxx - greatt moviee5 star

tyalor swift is so beautiful and taylor lautner is so hot so they would make such a great couple. great movie xxxxxxxxx

meghandsouza - Awesome!5 star

I love this movie! I cried when I saw it even though it is a happy movie! I love it! Amazing Cast and Amazing Movie!!!!!

Mike Anania - CUTE!4 star

such a cute movie! Loved it!

Chezjam - Valentines Day5 star

The best romantic comedy you will ever see, it was truely Amazing! Special mention to Ashton, Bradley, Taylor, and Jennifer :)

Peirre79 - Truly dreadful1 star

Quite possibly the worst film I've ever seen. Unfortunately, it's not so bad that it's good.

[email protected]€...... - ????5 star

How long do u get to rent a movie for????

whatevatreva - 'Vile'ntine's day1 star

Trash. Am embarrassed for all those stars involved who, inexplicably it seems, put their names to this sad-sack of a film. Horrible, cliched-to-the-max plotlines (why were the two 'Taylor's' even in this film??) and a Razzie-worthy performance from Jessica 'Bile' make this one of the worst movies I've had the misfortune of sitting through.

Nelly xox - Good3 star

Good movie but not great. The cast was great and the plot was easy to undrrstand but love actually was soooooo much better :)

sparkles24 - I LOVEIT!5 star

I loved this movie-there was a lot of emotion, humour and although not much action, Taylor Lautner's flips and stunts pretty much made my day! It was such a nice movie and the cast was first class which I guess is why everyonbe watched it but it was still amazingf

Jessica kentty -9991 - Sup5 star

Loved it

jessie0172 - Great actors5 star

Very easy to understand and each character connects to each other, good ending but not for a characters. Definatly a romance not for the horror movie lovers

Lili Pili - Total Awesome Movie5 star

In my opinion I think this movie is awesome, awesome cast, awesome plot, awesome double Taylors and especially great to watch! If your a sucker for romantic comedys then you should totally watch this movie. Its a great plot- simple but interesting,with a massive cast of mostly A grade actors to top it off. The two taylors were great in this movie(being Taylor Swifts first I thought she did a great job.)This movie is really funny and entertaining to watch so you wont get bored half way through. But if your not quite 100% sure on buying this movie then just rent it for $5.99 so it wont be stuck on your Ipod forevs! I hope you all enjoy! xoxo Lili Pili!

Sar500 - Entertaining fluff3 star

Missing the awesome performance that Emma Thompson gives in Love Actually but cast from EXACTLY the same plot mold. Easy viewing, celebrity cast is a bonus but it's not going to rock your world.

PaulWeasly - Taylors awesomeness5 star

thr taylors were the best! ignore what the rewiews say its the best movie eva! taylor such a good actress! shes supossed to be a dumb blonde and pulls it off with grace even though she not a dumb blonde! love her dancing! Taylor L soooooooo hot! want to pause the bits that hes in! SMOKING HOT!!!!!!

RealMcCoyRE - TERRIBLE1 star

Whole movie is a mess, no back story, no plot, nothing. Too many characters to comprehend, hardly anyone does a good job, the gay football star can NOT act. Most of the scenes made no sense and had absolutely no importance to them whatsoever. Mustve fastforwarded through half an hour of meaningless dialogue. Entire movie was a complete and utter mess. Taylor swift was funny though. Thats it. Another movie for the OMG teenie generation.

maddieiemma - The best5 star

The best movie best cast nothins bad bout it

ShinyHappyFangirl - Taylor squared!5 star

Awesome movie, great for a laugh. Go the Taylors!

googley97 - OMG!5 star

OMG this movie is amazing, best movie ever and the best cast ever!

ally427 - AwEsOmE!¡!¡5 star

Awesome movie I'd watch it 11000 times if I could love it MUST WATCH

B / RAD - Not bad but..3 star

Overall the movie was not bad. There were quite a few negatives though. Firstly, the beginning of the movie was a mess. Sure, there was a perfect star cast, but there were two many characters and individual story lines which sometimes had me confused at points. The orthodox film plot was not really followed. It was initially hard getting to know more of the background of each character. Luckily, between halfway to the end, we start getting to know everyone a whole lot more. The individual story lines begin unravel and build. I also picked up that all the characters somehow have connections or ties with the other characters, unrelative to their main individual storyline. By the way, my favourite was Anne Hathaway in this movie. Her scenes were certainly the most entertaining and comedic. Overall, this is an average movie. Don't expect to be blown away because of all the hype this film had prior to its release. Hence, keep your expectations fairly modest.

Shazisawsum - AWESOME MOVIE!!!!5 star

This movie is awesome. It is funny and interesting and I love how they connect every person together!! Must watch!

Taylor lautner is awsome - Best movie ever4 star

I love this movie and I think that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were soooo cute in this movie. A great line up of celebraties an a great movie to see with your boyfriend!!!!

TDobrzanski - What a critcally amazing crrrrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

I can't believe Julia agreed to play in it. Perhaps she is desperate to get more money...

emme.. - LoveLoveLove5 star

when i went and saw this at the movies a man proposed to his girlfriend in the credits. Awesome cast and that real sense that true love does exsist...How could you not love it!

Shana ROX! - great cast, great movie, great watch! :)5 star

a heap full of celebrities star in this movie, and its not the cheesey typical valentines day story either, watch it its sooo good p.s. i love taylor lautner and taylor swift in this one ;)

Lovelivelifepeace - WoW ThIs MoViE iS sO aWeSoMe!5 star

You all should really get this movie it is so awesome I love it. If Taylor Lautner and Taylor swift marry the'll both be Taylor Lautner! LoL so cool!

Teller 13 Taylor - Watching it only because Taylor Swift is in it3 star

The plot was okay, but I have a higher expectation because the cast is amazing, yet the plot is just every other romantic comedy, kinda thin and dull, with not much plot twist. It is cute though.

Shazzabang - Enjoyed5 star

This is a romcom with all the cheese you expect from such a film, if your looking for a film with pretty woman expectations you'll be disappointed but if your looking for easy going, light hearted funny then this is perfect for you, it's grab some popcorn stick you pjs on with your best friend perfect....

English.lady - Warm loving and watchable4 star

This is a long film for a rom com, but it keeps the momentum going with characters and vignettes that are likeable. And especially characters that are like us, whoever we are, young and old, straight and gay, black, white and everybody in between. This is not a great film. We will probably not be watching it in fifty years time. But for its genre it is a good film. It is a also a nice film.

Lulu Haynesxx - Ok.......4 star

Not amazing, but not bad. This movie is very sweet but disjointed and a bit confusing. Worth renting though for the interesting twists and how everything works out

becks845 - Great chick-flick movie!5 star

This is a great story about what valentines day can be about and it analysis that not all people get dates!! Has a great story line to it and love the actors as well! This is a have to see movie!!:)

nadeshda - Avoid2 star

This is like Love Actually without the funny bits.

Pineapplebeans3842 - Great!5 star

Loved this film and Taylor Swift is so funny in it :')

M22? - Eurgh1 star


Monkey2133 - Pants1 star


MissMackers - Boring1 star

I feel like I want my money back. Not even the 'romantic' kiss from the two main characters at the end of the film made me feel anything, it was a nothing film.

Geraintj - Long and slow and boring1 star

Not as good as love actually, watch that again, you'll enjoy it more!

iLuvitCher1D - Taylor4 star

I was only here for Taylor Swifts sake

Abcdekk - Love it5 star

Classical rom com absolutely love it definitely recommend all the stories are so cute and just watch it.

Liludaf600 - Good film4 star

An enjoyable film. Would recomend it to a friend<3

RoseyCheeks;) - Genius!5 star

Such a beautiful film! Loved every minute of it! So well made and well filmed. Great acting. Great story line! Love it! x

Laura4847 - <35 star

Loved this at the cinema! Great movie with great actors :)

Nazzamajazz - Love. 5 star

This is in my top movies! Some of the best plot twists that have you laughing and crying all at once! It's clearly the American version of the extremely popular british movie 'Love Actually' and although Love A. was better by a long shot, this was still a very enjoyable movie! :) Thoroughly recommended!

Hull fc - Pretty woman1 star

Why isnt pretty woman on itunes,its a brill film

LeezRules - Not good...1 star

I think they relied on the wide and varied cast way too much, it's all famous faces but no storyline. Very poor movie.

yo chico yo - ;)5 star

I haven't seen the film yet just going to watch it but I only got it coz taylor lautner is in it ;) xx

Thomas Kearns - this film1 star

is rubbish, watched it with ma bird and really didn't think it was funny or romantic and we wasn't satitsfied. :- Hated it- 1star

Jamie_13 - One Of The Best Films!!5 star

I love this film, and Taylor Swift is in it, aaaah!! :) I love the soundtrack to, Today Was A Fairytale!! :D

Student Chaplain - Feel good movie3 star

Valentine's Day is a feel good Garry Marshall film. Set over a 24 hour period, it has multiple interweaving plot lines of several couples. If you are looking for deep and meaningful then this is not for you. If you are looking for a fun evening with a plethora of Hollywood names then download now. The movie is in the same genre as Love Actually and in some ways better. Some good performances and a surprisingly good debut from Taylor Swift!

Nufc1995 - Brilliant5 star

Brilliant movie but it fails to download ? Can someone help with that please

Dgyhxbudasdyuj - Amazing!5 star

I love this film spool much, cracks me up every time

JadeBryony - :)1 star

I loved this film and it finally downloaded :p

Mozzi1234 - Amazing x5 star

OMG! This film is amazing!!!!! X

Hfiehtihfifjskfksodppppwjdjfjfhfjfjfjdjfjskdd - Disapointed1 star

Loved thus film when I watched it ... But once purchased on iPod failed many times to download but money still taken from me PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE

smiley-one :) - Hey, didn't everyone just find this totally awesome?!5 star

Wow...! Amazing film it suited me perfectly as I am a fan of both Taylor Swift and Patrick Dempsey- oh and Eric Dane too! I love patrick and eric in Grey's Anatomy and they were really good in this film too- HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!!!

Ruby Stoddart - Love this film!5 star

amazing film, great cast and overall great chick flick LOVE IT <3

Saigau - film4 star


Katie Jenkins - Amazing!!!!5 star

This film has loads of well known characters including Taylor swift!!! It's worth a watch!!! I love it love it love it!!! It's worth £9.99. I would pay extra!! All the actors were fab but Taylor swift was the best one. She should be in more movies!!! lol.

Lowfern - Worth a watch!4 star

Definitely worth watching! If only for the amount of stars in the cast. Some of the stereotypical behaviours around Valentines Day will make you squirm, but it is funny and the ending is great. There is obviously an element of 'chick flick' here, but watched together with your partner there is something for all.

BethyMai - Fantastic5 star

This is one of the best chick flicks you could ever own. The story is so true and it makes you feel so nice. Brilliant, buy it, watch it, own it xxx

Catontheshed - Terrible1 star

Expected this film to be brilliant because of the all star cast, however I was very disappointed.

danrobinson2 - Rubbish1 star

Rubbish, long and messy.

why should you know my name? - don't think it's good just because of Tayler Launter5 star

this movie is great, but I am dissapointed that people only like it because of the cast people should respect the movie as it is, it is funny, and emotional at the same time

randomer7 - Good Rom-Com4 star

Good film, all star cast (Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Anne hathaway & ashton Kutcher particulary good). From the director of Georgia Rule and The Princess diaries is a fantastic Romantic Comedy with completely unpredictable ending set on February 14th (Valentine's Day).

Rick2569 - Not good2 star

It tries to be love actually but fails as it is unfunny and boring. Love actually isn't a great film to begin with which makes it worse

flyingdog86 - Superb5 star

Got some really funny bits and is great for a sleepover with your girls

LisaR87 - Not better than Love Actually2 star

Dissapointing- I am a big fan of 'Love Actually' and this movie does not live up to its reputation of being better than (or even close to) it. Story line is weak and there are too many different story lines going on at once, making it hard for them to go into depth with any particular story. Having said all that, there is nothing terribly wrong with the movie itself, acting is average and it is an easy watch.

Emily presto - Such a good film5 star

This film is such a good film, I can watch it over and over again and it will never get boring, all the actors and actress's live up to their expections, will recommend this film to anyone wondering wether it's a good film.

Cra1gy - Rainy night, nowt on TV, then rent this.....4 star

This is a nice, snuggle up on the sofa, in and out of love film. Its easy to watch and entertaining. I wasn't expecting too much from this film but was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. It involves lots of couple's lives interwoven on the biggest romantic day of the year......enjoy.

501daysofHannah - I rather liked it4 star

I saw this film at the cinema with a couple of friends and we all loved it. We loved all the stories and even though it was a total chick flick it was still good. Would definitely watch it again and again.

Linzi123 - Not very good1 star

This film is to long to be as dull as it is! Wouldn't recommend, my Sis loves films like this and even she thought it was boring!!

Jessie xx - Hmmm ok3 star

Ok film to watch when ur bored but too many actors i got confused too many stories at once..

emilaar - <3 :)4 star

I looooved this film!!!!!! It does go on for too long though, but then they have to fit in all of the characters! Great film :D

Quetus1 - Poor2 star

The film was ok ish, not at all funny. The best bits where the out takes at the end!

hannah:)! - Loved it! x5 star

Absoloutely amazing defo worth £10 and never get bored of it! xxx <3<3<3

Catherinecxx - nice xx4 star

good film but bit pricey xx the actors did a great job though xx

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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SuziG. - V-Day💘4 star

All I can say... It is a cute flick!

RossM25 - movie1593 star

This movie wasn't good, but I still liked it anyway.

WorseThanWatergate - Truly Awful1 star

Certainly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. In a way it makes me angry because it is such a cynical insult to the viewing public.

jess.childs - not bad3 star

best parts of this movie. 1) Taylor Swift "acting" freaking stupid 2) Bradley Cooper & Eric Dane 3) Julia Roberts recalling shopping on Rodeo Drive

Reece122499 - V day5 star

It's a GREAT movie

jessicacelis24 - Do not watch it!! Don't waste your time! It is awful!1 star


SJSteph - Fun date movie4 star

This movie showed a variety of what really can happen on Valentines Day. The intersection of the characters was good. I liked the array of celebs too. Light fun date movie.

Randymcq - God Awful!!!!!!1 star

Too many actors/actresses that people have grown to hate. Did I mention too many actors/actresses period? No character development and most of the cast couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag. As proven by their earlier films. One or two of the cast members that have talent should of passed on doing this one.

tori.richardson - ;) ;) ;)5 star

This movie makes me cry

Brendan P. K - The best movie5 star

Love it! It's a great movie and there's makeups and breakups and it's the BEST movie! I love taylor swift

Mobles21 - Surprisingly good5 star

Fun movie that tugs on your feelings, great cast, story moves really fast though!

needtobemoved - Waste of money1 star

I have never written a review like this before. But, after watching this movie I felt that I wanted to save others from the excrutiating blandness of this movie. I must preface this by saying that I love romantic comedies. This movie was not only disappointing but also a huge waste of my time and energy. The characters are not well developed and the story line is predictable and unrealistic. The lines seemed forced. If you want to feel moved and happy after watching a movie I would suggest something like ONE FINE DAY.

MorganxDD - Best movie5 star

Loved it

It was just do scary - Hate my iPod!!!😡5 star

I want to see it but my dumb iPod Is not letting me!!!!!im sad!!!!😭

Mercedes177 - Valentines day5 star

I loved this movie

islandgurl1717 - <35 star

Okay so let me just say the Taylor and Taylor make the cutest couple on the planet!!!!!!! Love Love Love this movie! The teddy bear is the most adorable thing ever! Love Love get the point.

perryodygirlz - LOVE it!!5 star

this is a very cute movie, lots of break-ups and make-ups but its for sure a very great movie all the actors and actresses where awesome and it was a really nice and cute plot over-all.

StevenBD - This Never Gets Old5 star

This is the perfect movie: comedy, flowers, Taylor Swift, and pinatas! The best Valentine's movie I've ever watched… and it never gets old. :)

Genesis-7 - Great movie5 star

It has the best actors and the fact that it has multiple stories going on doesn't mean it's a bad movie. If you can't follow it then there's something wrong with you.

Damaradgr - Funny Valentine3 star

Great cast, typical movie staring Ashton.

Ecinatl - AMAZING!!! LOVED IT!!!5 star

one of my favorite movies cuz it has comedy, romance, sadness, and the idea of everything webbed in together!! Loved it!!! <3

Free gamer  - I cried , loved it5 star


Tlhhghjjkp - Read5 star


mayday parades - Good Movie5 star

This is a really good movie. I have seen it 1 time. I want to watch it again but not sure on iPhone? I thought it was an awesome movie.

jph10128 - Great movie5 star

Not sure why there r so many haters. Great plot. Great actors. Under appreciated movie.

dogluv87 - valentine's day :)4 star

first comment?! wow, my time to shine :) haha, good movie though, it's cute

brb1998 - LOVE IT5 star

ive seen this move 5 times & i still love it!! so shut up every1 who wrotye a rotten tomato review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome movie btw!! now i wanna see "New Years Eve"!!

Kxkyxlhxfabt - adoralbe5 star


Ray92999 - Valentines day1 star

Taylor launder need 2 take his shirt off more & valentines is the worst

Savannahnelson - Love it!!5 star

This movie is awesome except for when the guy is playing his guitar naked waiting for the girl!

musicrunsdeep - Amazing!!:)5 star

This movie is fantastic I recommend this to all

MellzBellz - Entertaining3 star

It's obviously not an Oscar worthy movie , but it'll entertain you. It has its funny moments and we all know Taylor Swift is a better musician than actress. We've all seen worse though and the movie isn't all about her so it's tolerable.

Lauren and Kristen - Taylor Swifts #1 fan!!!!5 star

I luv this movie because Taylor swift is in it and it's a great comedy! I <3 u Taylor !!!!! Ur so swifty it's awesome!!!!! I am ur #1 fan!!!

Nipnap11 - I love this movie5 star

Awesome i love romantic comedy's!!!!?

Genghis609 - Waste of time1 star

Just awful....

annebellum - Valentines day5 star

I love this movie! It has a star studded cast! It's so funny!

carcar12299 - Great:)5 star

Awesome movie :):)

ashley Rae - Not what I thought1 star

it was very boring, do not waste your money you will be disappointed

Ferrari888889 - Great idea but no3 star

Alot of stars put into one movie was a great idea but i dident really like hope you had multi storys going on because at some points you couldet really follow it and somtimes you half to shake your head.

Onthedancefloor - "Love Actually" sort of a movie.4 star

Nothing new, but when you're bored it is a good movie to watch.

JLarrison - I Thought It Would Be Terrible...4 star

But I was wrong. This movie was cute, had a good story, great acting and it kept me interested throughout the entire film. It is a perfect 'date movie', but also a good feel-good flick. Of course you know what you are getting with this one, but it is a lot better than you would imagine and you will not be disappointed.

Laka lay lay - (:5 star

I love this movie(:

broadwaybaby1621 - My all time favorite movie!!!5 star

A movie about the day of love with patrick dempsey! Does it get any better than that?!

ucruci - My Memorable Movie4 star

Went to see this movie with my best friend in the whole world and enjoyed it. She died 3 months later, leaving me broken hearted. Seeing this movie reminds me of her again and again...

Poppin' iPhone - Pretty Good!4 star

Ok, so this was obviously not the best movie, but it was hilarious!

[email protected]¥ - Funny5 star

Good movie I loved it!!!!

danielle fabre - FUNNY5 star

Loved it

Person of Few Words - BAD2 star

All the star power in the world could not save this movie.

Chocogummi - Lol5 star

Haha this is funny!i luv Taylor swift and Taylor lautner!!xD

asdfghjkhshshshsj - Awesome5 star

Omg I luv this movie!!!

5 star

“Because this girl, she is great. She’s like... sunshine. Everything is better when she’s there. I can’t stand the…

5 star

@myfavmovies1: Valentine’s Day (2010)

5 star

7. idas e vindas do amor (t.o: valentine's day), dir. garry marshall, 2010.

5 star

@aza_lot: @immikadee - Erin Brockovich (2000) - P.S. I Love You (2007) - Blue Valentine (2010) - Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) https…

5 star

@immikadee - Erin Brockovich (2000) - P.S. I Love You (2007) - Blue Valentine (2010) - Ferris Bueller's Day Off (…

5 star

@favsscenes: Valentine's Day, 2010

5 star

just watched Valentine's Day again...2010...a simpler time xoxo

5 star

24 - Valentine's Day, 2010

5 star

Aku 2010: Umur: 14 Film favorit: Valentine's Day Baper nonton: Eclipse Tergila-gila sama: Taylor Swift, The Changcu…

5 star

@EmmaRobertsWeb: Added more film screencaps! - The Winning Season (2009) - Valentine’s Day (2010) - It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) -…

5 star

@EmmaRobertsWeb: Added more film screencaps! - The Winning Season (2009) - Valentine’s Day (2010) - It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) -…

5 star

@CenayangFilm @NetflixID Aku 2010: Umur: 16 Film favorit: Pirates Of The Caribbean Baper nonton: Valentine's Day Te…

5 star

mackenzie and i just watched Valentine’s Day (2010) and lemme tell you it was not a good movie to watch while quara…

5 star

@EmmaRobertsWeb: Added more film screencaps! - The Winning Season (2009) - Valentine’s Day (2010) - It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) -…

5 star

Added more film screencaps! - The Winning Season (2009) - Valentine’s Day (2010) - It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010…

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Valentine's Day (2010) images
Valentine's Day (2010) images
Valentine's Day (2010) images
Valentine's Day (2010) images
Valentine's Day (2010) images
Valentine's Day (2010) images
Valentine's Day (2010) images

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Valentine's Day (2010) posters
Valentine's Day (2010) posters
Valentine's Day (2010) posters
Valentine's Day (2010) posters
Valentine's Day (2010) posters
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