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Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, gets his dream job when he is assigned to track down his bail-jumping ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). He thinks all that's ahead is an easy payday, but when Nicole gives him the slip so she can chase a lead on a murder cover-up, Milo realizes that nothing ever goes simply with him and Nicole. The exes continually one-up each other – until they find themselves on the run for their lives. They thought their promise to love, honor and obey was tough – staying alive is going to be a whole lot tougher. Andy Tennant (Hitch) directs.

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It's a Job. It Isn't Personal. Well, Maybe a Little.... Milo Boyd is a bounty hunter whose latest gig is rather satisfying, as he finds out that the bail-skipper he must chase down is his own ex-wife, Nicole -- but she has no intention of getting nabbed without a fight. Complicating matters, Nicole's wannabe-boyfriend, Stewart, joins the chase.. The Bounty Hunter Wiki

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Awesome bounty hunter    5 star

The bounty hunter I haven't watched it yet but I think It will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. Don't know what their talking about

niya4199    5 star

So funny I don't care what the ratings say this movie is hilarious!!!!!!

biggertimecrush    4 star

Great I don't know why people are hating on this movie for, for once they didn't get Aniston to get naked or get both of the actors to have sex. This movie was unpredictable, funny, epic and simple. I couldn't ask for more.

Susan HH.    3 star

Huumm.. Not bad, not good….I had high expectations for this movie.

BlinkyBloop    2 star

funny, but then it gets flat out boring some parts are funny, but it gets really boring

plupi3971    5 star

The review I think this movie is very funny and has a good amount of I think this movie is 5'stars

bubblegumrocks2000    1 star

Obviously I haven't seen this movie yet but the only reason you can't rent it is because it is itunes extras

Guy u will never know    5 star

histarical! this was definitly one of the funniest movies i have ever seen

Macjunky123    3 star

The bounty hunter Jennifer actually looks pretty good for her age. The movie itself is not actually that funny. I have mixed feelings about it. When I saw it the first time it was entertaining. But clearly it is not that good(in my opinion). And lastly, it's definitely NOT for children 10 or below. I dont know why people are even suggesting it is.

verybearygood    3 star

Ok but kinda boring This movie was ok but in some parts I thought it was boring to me it was kinda funny not many laughs but over all it was ok

Care.18    5 star

I love Jennifer Anistion and Gerard Butler The top critics once again do not know what they are talking about! They have no taste in good movies what so ever! Losers..

Aimers100    5 star

1 word: AMAZING!  This is a GREAT movie! Anyone who likes thrilling action of police and crimes and cool things WILL ABSILUTILLY LOVE THIS! 5stars! 

ReeBeccaboo    5 star

Great!(: The movie wasn't anything new but I thought it was a nice romantic movie and I loved it, there wasn't any laugh out loud parts but there were some giggles and it's not for everyone and on IMDb i was rated 5.2/10 and that's pretty good since some of the greatest movies are rated 5.8-7.7/10 all in all I don't understand why people are rating it so bad its actually a great movie and realize how most critics rate almost every movie terrible than really bad movies are rated excellent...(=

sully 89    5 star

hilarious a wonderful movie great choice of actors disregard the rotten tomatoes rating they are idiots

Azhking    1 star

Pretty bad Why is Aniston still acting? Movie wasnt funny once plot was a joke

Bacadien    1 star

ROTTEN Boring, boring, if you have at least some little taste in movies, you'll hate this one a hole lot...boring, did I say it was boring!!!!

Mash Gee    3 star

OK A few good laughs, though a bit predictable.

JasonKirby    2 star

Disappointing. When originally seeing the trailers for this movie, I was excited. It looked like a great comedy romance, two a-list actors, in an unfortunate situation. I was sadly mistaken. When at times, the movie seemed to have potential, it lacked in a strong focused story. While flipping from one lose story to another, you begin to lose track, and interest. That wasn't even the worst part. In this movie, pretty well all of the actual "funny" scenes, were already in the trailers. I was truly disappointed when the movie ended, and I saw nothing new that tickled my funny bone. I've rated this a 2 out of 5 for the simple reason; even though it had potential, it ended up falling short.

Goggz82    1 star

??? 20 bucks for a digital download, not worth it!

TheMattDaddy    4 star

Best Jenn A. Comedy since she was in "Friends" Jennifer Aniston - not usually all that great at movie comedy roles, but she pulls this off really well. Gerard Butler - love him in this. He's cocky, but doesn't overpower Jenn's performance which is surprising - as generally it would seem easy to do. Rent it = definitely Buy it = most likely

Great Movieeeee  TejiGill  5 star

Bought this one long time back, still watching and enjoying

Mrs Mysterious
LURVE it  Mrs Mysterious  5 star

what is rong with u ppl r u def or blind or something i luv this movie HILARIES

I love this movie!!!  Lola_awesome_27  5 star

Lol.. I'm watching this movie as in writing this. It is te bet movie today is my 9th day straight watching it. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME....DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED :)

Princess Jenny101
Quite Good  Princess Jenny101  4 star

i think this movie was actually really good. i had a great time watching it ! (: and gerard and jennifer both looked hot in the movie !

SOOOOOO FUNNY!  Twilightsagalover99  5 star

I loved this film!!! It was so hilarious thanks to Gerard Butler!!! And not to mention the beautiful Jennifer Aniston!!! Good job on Bounty Hunter!

Good movie  Kellie69  5 star

A good movie with comedy romance and even suspense- I really enjoyed it and have watched it many times.

Bad!  Whjesvjopbfsahopgwwgjl  1 star

Very boring and not funny at all; I did not laugh once the entire film. Total waste of time! Give me that 2 hours of my life back!

not the best movie ever  Tbearz303  4 star

This is a good movie, its one of my favorites but... Some people wont understand it and some dont fink its funny but i liked it

Beauty amaze skill
Waste of time  Beauty amaze skill  1 star

Dont waste ur money on this it isn't funny or interesting it's very boring don't buy.

romantic classic
Really bad  romantic classic  1 star

Seriously lame movie. Watched til the end could not believe it would not get better and it didnt. Waste of money not to mention time. Dont waste yours.

Empty  robpthegills  1 star

I found this film so predictable, slow and un entertaining. It is just using the Aniston fame from friends to sell the film. Both my wife and I watched and at the end both felt not one emotion had been tugged. Didnt make us laugh/cry/sad all it did was make me get up and make a lot of cups of tea.

Not good  eddie500  1 star

I think the spelling of some of the reviewers who gave this film a good rating should indicate the the type of audience this would appeal to. Read some of them "the best film eva" etc

Terrible beyond words...  admcdowell  1 star

Jennifer Aniston needs to learn how to pronounce her "t's" Its Bounty hunter,,,not Bounee Hunner! Worst movie ever...

Rent  Mely_s  4 star

Put on rent, quick.

The Bounty Hunter  habrell  3 star

Went to see this at the cinema with my husband. He actually enjoyed it and found it quite funny. Guess it is a film where couples might relate to the annoying things we do to each other and the stubborn streak we all have in us. Is not the best film I have seen but has a feel good factor to it. Not something I could watch again though or would watch in the cinema if I had the choice but wanted to see something and Gerrard has done some good stuff in the past so gave this a go. Is good for a Sunday afternoon chill and a laugh. Gerrard is fit as always and Aniston is some eye candy for the guys.

:D  rmju  5 star

the film was great, soooo funny

Fab  Nicolette2973  5 star

It was the best EVA x have to get it x :D

Jess *(PLL
Best film ever  Jess *(PLL  5 star

went to see with my best m8 we had a right laugh and it was so much fun!

My favourite film ;)  Marylovestomdaleyandjedard  5 star

I  it :L

:)  C_Gwill  5 star

This film was amazing if i was honest <3 I loved it. Must see it! 

Very Average  mikemcmurray  1 star

Wife and I stopped it part way through it was so bad.

Amazing  ollymines  5 star

What an amazing movie it has a great plot and is really funny. Two thumbs up.

Zoe E
Love this Movie  Zoe E  4 star

I absolutely loved this movie. It had comedy, action and an interesting story line with good characters. I love Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston and thought they did a great job. It may not have enough action for some people or enough comedy for others but if you are wanting a little taste of each then this is for you.

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