The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter Summary and Synopsis

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, gets his dream job when he is assigned to track down his bail-jumping ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). He thinks all that's ahead is an easy payday, but when Nicole gives him the slip so she can chase a lead on a murder cover-up, Milo realizes that nothing ever goes simply with him and Nicole. The exes continually one-up each other โ€“ until they find themselves on the run for their lives. They thought their promise to love, honor and obey was tough โ€“ staying alive is going to be a whole lot tougher. Andy Tennant (Hitch) directs. Milo Boyd is a bounty hunter whose latest gig is rather satisfying, as he finds out that the bail-skipper he must chase down is his own ex-wife, Nicole -- but she has no intention of getting nabbed without a fight. Complicating matters, Nicole's wannabe-boyfriend, Stewart, joins the chase. The Bounty Hunter Wiki

The Bounty Hunter Movie Trailer

It's a Job. It Isn't Personal. Well, Maybe a Little.....

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

The Bounty Hunter Comments & Critics

The Bounty Hunter Movie Reviews

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- Bounty hunter5 star

I thought it was awesome movie I absolutely love comedy and a mix of action I was amazed

- The bounty hunter5 star

I haven't watched it yet but I think It will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. Don't know what their talking about

- So funny5 star

I don't care what the ratings say this movie is hilarious!!!!!!

- Great4 star

I don't know why people are hating on this movie for, for once they didn't get Aniston to get naked or get both of the actors to have sex. This movie was unpredictable, funny, epic and simple. I couldn't ask for more.

- Huumm..3 star

Not bad, not goodโ€ฆ.I had high expectations for this movie.

- funny, but then it gets flat out boring2 star

some parts are funny, but it gets really boring

- The review5 star

I think this movie is very funny and has a good amount of I think this movie is 5'stars

- Obviously1 star

I haven't seen this movie yet but the only reason you can't rent it is because it is itunes extras

- histarical!5 star

this was definitly one of the funniest movies i have ever seen

- The bounty hunter3 star

Jennifer actually looks pretty good for her age. The movie itself is not actually that funny. I have mixed feelings about it. When I saw it the first time it was entertaining. But clearly it is not that good(in my opinion). And lastly, it's definitely NOT for children 10 or below. I dont know why people are even suggesting it is.

- Ok but kinda boring3 star

This movie was ok but in some parts I thought it was boring to me it was kinda funny not many laughs but over all it was ok

- Actually cute!5 star

Simply fun to watch. No idea why so many peopl hate it! Entertaining the first time, and easy to watch again on a rainy night :) A bit of silly action with a bit of romantic tension = light and funny :)

- Need I Say More?1 star

I'm sorry, this was supposed to be a comedy? I had no idea.

- Not a good movie.1 star

When I saw the preview, I wanted to see it. Now that I have...I am utterly dissapointed. This movie was plain weird and the plot was totally mixed up as if it was trying to decide what genre of movie it wanted to be: Romance? Comedy? Action? IDK...

- i like bad movies, but this one is not SO SO bad.4 star

I love christine baranski. SHE's so likeable and realistic. I do enjoy movies that are horribly bad, that mariah carey movie, SWEPT AWAY, this one had BAD HORRIBLE reviews, but I don't think it's that bad. it may be better for a long TV movie, a cute mini series perhaps. watch it without expectations and you'll enjoy it.

- Funny, yet sweet4 star

I'm not a huge fan but I still enjoyed the comedy and story. I liked both of the actors in the movie. I thought they did well.

- Awesome5 star

This was such a funny movie! I laughed my head off. Odd couple but that made it even greater. Definitly watch this movie. Haha

- this movie is so funny :)4 star

i loved this movie and it so funny , i don't know whay it's rated 3.2/10 :o my own rating is 8.5/10 :D Deserve to watch ;)

- No Chemistry1 star

Gerard tries to be a typical male chauvinist... Aniston tries to be smart but just a little ditzy sp? I wish I hadn't watched it. "Foul Play" was better.

- Best movie5 star

I don't know what people hate about this movie but I love it!!<3

- Too funny5 star

Hey, this is an awesome movie. Super funny, really good acting and it is funny. Perfect acting. But the price is horrible.

- I dont know why everyone hates this movie?4 star

I personally enjoyed this movie very much it was funny and good acting. Just give it it try its only 3 dollors.

- Great Movie!(:5 star

I luved this movie! Its pretty funny haha! ((:

- Loved it!!5 star

HIllarious! I also think Butler is one handsome man and a great great actor! Two thumbs up!


Im 10 and I thought it was halarious but languge is STRONG!!!

- :)5 star

I liked this movie a lot. I like Jennifer Ansiton and this movie did not let me down. I liked the way Stewart was so into her. HEHEHE

- Uhhggg!1 star

Horrible movie, brutal to sit thru but I did hoping it would improve, it just got worse. Nooo waaaay this movie should hv an average of 3stars or more, no way.


Y DO U GUYS HATE THIS MOVIE? It is hilarious!!!! I mean yea the language is not for kids but it's still a SUPER AWESOME GREAT MOVIE!

- Ok movie1 star

Not the cute little comedy the commercial makes it seem like, it goes far more deeper into the crime and other not very pleasant things than it appears to in the summary. Not suggested for children.

- Mimi (9 years old)5 star

Best movie ever

- Best movie ever5 star

It is a great movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

- I loathe this movie.1 star

It's absolutely awful. It's not funny and Aniston/Butler don't make a very good on-screen match. Although it has it's cute parts at times, it's nothing we haven't already seen. Such a bore as well! Do NOT pay to see this movie!

- Love it!!!!!5 star

It is such a HILARIOUS movie! I loved it!

- bounty hunter5 star

very funny not all kid movie i say 10+ very funny love story some words not for kids but funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helpped gtg gotta go watch a movie yours truely the movie editer

- Ouch i like rotten movies4 star

Tough crowd. I thought this is hilarious...maybe I got a twisted sense of humor. I Laughed my a** off watching this.

- Cute & lighthearted5 star

Who couldn't use a few good laughs? Sometimes you just need a lighthearted movie, and this will do the trick!

- Funny movie4 star

This movie was a pretty good movie, definitely funny

- ?5 star

Looks like a good movie, worth a watch :)

- Bounty Hunter (2010)1 star

If I ever rent another Jennifer Aniston movie I will have lost my mind forever. This isn't even worth a look as a free movie on 18 hour non-stop flight. We should make people on Iran watch it so they know there is no point in attacking us. Like, what would achieve...good taste?

- Waste of time1 star

This movie was complete wadte of time plzz dont waste your money on it

- nice!5 star


- A Ha-Ha-Hawt Mess4 star

The Bounty Hunter is ridiculously clever, fun-spirited, and sexy. This romance/comedy/action thriller will surely get a laugh or two from you. The ending, however, didn't make much sense (minus 1 star). That leaves 4 stars! See if you haven't already!

- Waste1 star

This movie was terrible. I did finish it but I got side tracked a dozen times because this movie was so boring. Looking at my nails was more interesting.

- Blah.2 star

Not so great.

- DO NOT WATCH1 star

I love Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, but this movie is horrible. I couldn't even finish watching it. I watched about an hour of it and didn't laugh once.

- Really good!5 star

I loved the movie, and I hate swear words. They really didn't use that many. That movie was so good that I watched it five times! You should really watch it, but find it somewhere cheep jic you don't like it like those other people who must have been drunk when they watched it. You'll love it!

- Stupid1 star

Jennifer Aniston can't act

- not bad but...3 star

the trailer gives away too many of the funny scenes

- The Bounty Hunter2 star

I was really disappointed in the whole movie, yes I watched the whole thing, a waste of time that is forever lost-could've cleaned the house in the time I wasted on this! The language was so bad in this it made me wonder if it was thrown in there to boost ratings as if that would help! I love Gerry and Jen and think they are decent actors in their own right but I blame the writers and directors for letting this bunk out for audience consumption! The actors follow their lead and do what they're told to an extent and the rest is the writing and directing. Don't waste your time on this weak performance by these two because it was lame and the language crude and vulgar. I think they were trying to see how many times they could use the eff word. A good story doesn't need lampooning and poor language skills to add effect, unfortunately no one knew that going into this movie-could've been done better. Too bad I rented it in the first place, just glad I didn't buy it! Sadly this movie isn't alone, most of the movies that have come out lately have been really immature and stupid. Not that I have a high falutin degree or anything but I swear Hollywood must think we're all stupid and will buy anything! I pay for entertainment, I want to be entertained not assaulted with crude language and half thought through plots. Did all the good writers go on vacation? Don't waste your time on this-the hype they touted over this was just a sad cry to get you in the theatre to get your money and try to save a sinking ship!

- Awful1 star

Don't even waste your time. Movie is horrible

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movie man 34 - BEST COMEDY OF 20105 star

this was the best comedy of 2010 because 2010 just hadaction movies like avatar and jenifer aniston and genard butler had great cemistrey together it was hilarious i would watch it again and again and again because who would not want to arest there ex wife and bring her in

Care.18 - I love Jennifer Anistion and Gerard Butler5 star

The top critics once again do not know what they are talking about! They have no taste in good movies what so ever! Losers..

Aimers100 - 1 word: AMAZING! ๎—5 star

This is a GREAT movie! Anyone who likes thrilling action of police and crimes and cool things WILL ABSILUTILLY LOVE THIS! 5stars! ๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต

ReeBeccaboo - Great!(:5 star

The movie wasn't anything new but I thought it was a nice romantic movie and I loved it, there wasn't any laugh out loud parts but there were some giggles and it's not for everyone and on IMDb i was rated 5.2/10 and that's pretty good since some of the greatest movies are rated 5.8-7.7/10 all in all I don't understand why people are rating it so bad its actually a great movie and realize how most critics rate almost every movie terrible than really bad movies are rated excellent...(=

sully 89 - hilarious5 star

a wonderful movie great choice of actors disregard the rotten tomatoes rating they are idiots

Azhking - Pretty bad1 star

Why is Aniston still acting? Movie wasnt funny once plot was a joke

Bacadien - ROTTEN1 star

Boring, boring, if you have at least some little taste in movies, you'll hate this one a hole lot...boring, did I say it was boring!!!!

Mash Gee - OK3 star

A few good laughs, though a bit predictable.

JasonKirby - Disappointing.2 star

When originally seeing the trailers for this movie, I was excited. It looked like a great comedy romance, two a-list actors, in an unfortunate situation. I was sadly mistaken. When at times, the movie seemed to have potential, it lacked in a strong focused story. While flipping from one lose story to another, you begin to lose track, and interest. That wasn't even the worst part. In this movie, pretty well all of the actual "funny" scenes, were already in the trailers. I was truly disappointed when the movie ended, and I saw nothing new that tickled my funny bone. I've rated this a 2 out of 5 for the simple reason; even though it had potential, it ended up falling short.

Goggz82 - ???1 star

20 bucks for a digital download, not worth it!

TheMattDaddy - Best Jenn A. Comedy since she was in "Friends"4 star

Jennifer Aniston - not usually all that great at movie comedy roles, but she pulls this off really well. Gerard Butler - love him in this. He's cocky, but doesn't overpower Jenn's performance which is surprising - as generally it would seem easy to do. Rent it = definitely Buy it = most likely

Blubuss๎„… - Awesome5 star

Definetly worth getting

tyjocon - The bounty hunter3 star

Good, funny, but not excellent.

iwilliam_m - Worth renting4 star

A fun filled romantic comedy. The cast had some great chemistry. It was a very cute movie :)

mex4eric - Great Comedy5 star

Jennifer Aniston has made a great transition from TV to movies. Will watch more of her soon. This one was much better than I expected from the trailer. Love how she does most everything in that "little black dress". It is more than a trite sketch of a bounty hunter.

kclarkontario - Waste of time1 star

I would have rather been washing my hair then watching this movie

Movie was garbage - Trash1 star

I regret wasting the time to watch this movie it was trash

Flotilda - I liked it!3 star

Ofcourse this is not a master piece- but its a good romantic comedy! See it if you have spare time. Rent- do not buy!

Hiry - Yuck1 star

I really wanted to like this movie because I love Gerard and Jennifer, and I even like the idea of the plot. But the writing was so terrible and contrived that it really was boring to sit through, and I regret the money paid for it.

Kool and awesome app - Good job!4 star

I don't know why u all hate it I think it was so funny and predictable but I fought it would be bad but it was great but at some parts it was so predictable it pissed me off. But I really liked the movie

MLW77 - Rating1 star

It's not even worth a star rating. Zero stars for this terrible flick.

spikerbear31 - Amazingly hilarious5 star

i don't know what movie you were watching i found it hilarious so what if it is predictable as long as it has good humour and most movies are predictable but you have to go see a movie not thinking about the ending and just enjoying what is hppening at that moment

GSdudeman - Piece of crap1 star

not worth seeing even if someone else is paying for you. acting isnt the best and jennifer aniston and gerard butler have little chemistry between them. the script was cheesy, predictable, poorly written and unfunny. I did not laugh once throughout the whole movie. The plot is predictable and poorly executed as plot points involving the "suicide" are not really explained and just told to the audience at the end in about 30 seconds. Sure we knew what was coming but they could have made it at least a bit more interesting to figure out! There was not one redeeming quality to this movie other than the fact that i got to eat popcorn while enduring it!

Kitchey1 - Horrific1 star

I usually love chick flics that are kinda mindless entertainment. I tried so hard to like this, I kept falling asleep and blamed it on me for being too tired. So I watched it 3 times ...... Well I tried and it was painful, honestly

C Woodrow - -11 star

Please make it stop...

ciel0011 - Location de film1 star

Je recherche des films en francais!!

misskittie - Please retire Jennifer Aniston!1 star

Bad, Bad, Bad! Jennifer Aniston gives her typical flat performance and even hotty Gerard can't make me rate this any better!

rylee10101010101010101 - why??5 star

i dont get why people dont like this.... its awesome

Xandercell - The Bounty Hunter3 star

Jennifer is hot as usual, film is decent but worth the watch only because of Jen.

Vdiddly - Excellent5 star

Hilarious......loved it....Jeniffer is a babe

~foxglove~ - So very, very bad1 star

Like other reviewers, I found the commercials quite funny and was looking forward to this movie -- it looked like an off-kilter romantic comedy; it's actually a pseudo-cop movie (somehow). But man, it is really, really bad. We couldn't finish watching it.

dingdong771 - Classical Movie5 star

Awsome movie filled with action, comedy, and's a full package. It's a want to see!!

mo-h - Jen3 star

Jen carries this movie- but it's funny and a safe movie for kids

Rexhab69 - Crazy Bad1 star

This is by far "Jennifer Anniston's" worst movie and any hopes "Gerald Butler" had of climbing the box office ladder are history after this debacle, he's terrible in this movie, worse than Jennifer and that's really saying something!! Usually when watching a movie this terrible you at least get a healthy amount of eye candy from the leading lady but nope, not in this disaster, they even screwed that up by keeping "Anniston" in the same boring grey business suit for the entire movie so unless you have a leg fetish you're out of luck seeing anything exciting that way which is puzzling considering the talent you have to work with? This movie is a complete waste of 100 some odd min of your time so do yourself a favor and save the 4 bucks and rent "Brooklyn's Finest" you'll thank me later I guarantee !!

That Indian guy - :D4 star

Haven't seen it but jennifer look DAMN fine...

willowillo - Total waste1 star

This is one of the most boring movies EVER! What is it about Jennifer a - she is a cute girl but has NO chemistry with any leading men. She just sleep walks through this. Hey jenn, it takes more than just showing up to make a movie work . She just can't act and her cute girl next door thing is getting really boring. Don't waste your money or your time on this one!

NikaRG - Five out of five5 star

Contrary to popular belief, I thought this movie was amazing. Its MY favourite movie of all time.

Tukkca - Not good1 star

Movie was slow.. Not good at all

damien73 - Not good at all............1 star

Jennifer cant act,

Runningbearnl - Do not rent1 star


pkaay - Bounty Hunter4 star

definetly a funny movie , I saw it in the theatrrs 3 times .. Reccomend it (y)

bobbyyopppds - ...3 star

It was a cute movie... although it was a tad bit predictable.. I enjoyed it. Some parts were boring, others quite thrilling. This movie is in the middle. Meaning it wasn't horrible nor amazing.

Zach555555555555555 - A movie3 star


jamesbond1971 - Jamesbond4 star

Good movie !

naughtylilcat - Typical Jen movie3 star

Nothing groundbreaking. Mildly amusing, but no laugh out loud scenes. Pretty predictable script. Nonetheless it's not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

Sion Davies - The commercials were better....1 star

i watched this with my mom, brother and his girlfriend.... it was not funny at all, really original, the commercials made it look way better! the movie could of finished in 10 minutes. not worth the money

ABCD2 - The Bounty Hunter2 star

Substituting Terry Tate Office Linebacker, in for Gerald Butler would have made this movie funny and ended this otherwise waste of time much sooner.

danyb1 - Terrible2 star

I almost fell asleep during this movie. It was extremely boring. It was super predictable, and I didn't find it funny.

N.lemonsmyhubby - Bountiful Movie.5 star

An amazing movie. Truly original, sexy, and witty. My advice to you would be to completely disregard the Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. The reviews are dreadfully innacurate, it is a wonder how these critics have careers.

Gurjot S Sidhu - Awsome Movie5 star

This movie was so funny and romantic!! Must Watch

Abbeyysmithh - Love Jennifer4 star

I love Jennifer Aniston this movie is great

TejiGill - Great Movieeeee5 star

Bought this one long time back, still watching and enjoying

Mrs Mysterious - LURVE it5 star

what is rong with u ppl r u def or blind or something i luv this movie HILARIES

Lola_awesome_27 - I love this movie!!!5 star

Lol.. I'm watching this movie as in writing this. It is te bet movie today is my 9th day straight watching it. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME....DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED :)

Princess Jenny101 - Quite Good4 star

i think this movie was actually really good. i had a great time watching it ! (: and gerard and jennifer both looked hot in the movie !

Twilightsagalover99 - SOOOOOO FUNNY!5 star

I loved this film!!! It was so hilarious thanks to Gerard Butler!!! And not to mention the beautiful Jennifer Aniston!!! Good job on Bounty Hunter!

Kellie69 - Good movie5 star

A good movie with comedy romance and even suspense- I really enjoyed it and have watched it many times.

Whjesvjopbfsahopgwwgjl - Bad!1 star

Very boring and not funny at all; I did not laugh once the entire film. Total waste of time! Give me that 2 hours of my life back!

Tbearz303 - not the best movie ever4 star

This is a good movie, its one of my favorites but... Some people wont understand it and some dont fink its funny but i liked it

Beauty amaze skill - Waste of time1 star

Dont waste ur money on this it isn't funny or interesting it's very boring don't buy.

romantic classic - Really bad1 star

Seriously lame movie. Watched til the end could not believe it would not get better and it didnt. Waste of money not to mention time. Dont waste yours.

ShannonGob - Good light hearted laugh!4 star

Good light hearted laugh, a good way to fill in a quiet Saturday evening!

Mabor9085 - AWESOME5 star

this is a great comedy and i dont see why people cant follow the stoytline

wt9bind - It went for 20 minutes too long3 star

It needed to focus more on her trying to escape him rather than some alternate plot line 30 minutes later about a crooked cop and taking him down.

jono2012 - STOP - THIS IS AWFUL1 star

I wont my money back. This was so bad it hurt. Painfully slow, predictable and exceedingly dull.

JulieStockdale - Great cast, not so great storyline1 star

As far as romance comedy goes, it's probably the worst ever released. Good cast, bad story!

Maccollect - In the bottom 5 worst movies I have ever seen1 star

DO NOT waste your money on this movie. The plot and scripting are just so terrible I can't believe anyone would have funded this project. Avoid at all costs.

Sultan - I like it5 star

it is good movie.

S************!!! - Well... cant understand...1 star

Its story line is very...bad... i couldnt understand a bit... i dont think it's a good idea to BUY this movie...but maybe just rent it..

iPrecious - The bounty hunter1 star

The only good thing about this movie was Gerard. A total flop.

Ocarinaing - ...5 star


Annie72 - Don't do it!1 star

Terrible movie, unquestionably one of the worst movies if the year. No chemistry between the 2 leads. Save your money and buy something actually worth watching.

Mitoni - No... Just no2 star

Even though Jen and Gerard are both brillinat actors, this movie dosn't represent this. Thogether they look so wrong and uncompatible that it creates a bad movie.

mango fetta - TERRIBLE!1 star

I HATE THIS MOVIE! I saw this on the plane on the way to Fiji, I hated it, i saw the first few minutes and hated it! Don't waste your money on this movie, it's just another bad Jennifer Aniston movie!

Freddie-M - Second that -!1 star

I agree with piczy, couldn't put it better myself-!

Biscuit9196 - Must C Movie!!!!5 star

I seen this at the cinema with my mother and we both loved it... Gerry is so sexy in it!

Charlotte2096 - BEST MOVIE5 star

I saw this movie in the cinemas and I just can't get enough of it! 10/10!!! MUST BUY!! Packed with comedy, Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler... HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE

Bosgg - Hi5 star


Mtjen - Boring, unrealistic plot1 star

Even fans of Gerry will struggle through this movie.

Bubbles787 - Luv it!!!!!5 star

This movie us really good it is funny,cute,mysterious and surprising all in one people have gotta watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pattinson2b - ughh :(1 star

urgh! this seriously was the worst movie ever! me and my friend couldnt even watch the whole thing we only watched lik 30 minutes and turned it off because of how pointless and stupid it was!

Movie rating guy - Bounty hunter4 star

Good funny movie

ana wenzel - silly1 star

very silly

Cheerychick21 - Love it!!! <3๎•5 star

This is so amazing! I love this movie. It's funny, has action and some romance!!! ๎€Ž๎€Žtwo thumbs up.๎•๎•๎Œท๎Œท you have to see it if yoy haven't. It's the bomb dig-gitti!!!!

PDOG928 - Ok3 star

Not what it seemed

twifanswiftylautner99 - hmmm3 star

its ok.... aninston in my fav girl like evaaaaaaaaaa but this movie was a hot mess - the hawt lolz dont waste ur money go watch valentines day or xombie land or twilight

Ash4peta! - Bummer1 star

I really expected this to be really funny but it wasnt. Have low expectations

Tonazzi - THe Bounty Hunter1 star

One of the worst movie ever! Plus Jen Aniston did something on her mouth that keeps you distracted for the uninteresting, unengaging story! Soooo bad

PedroDelPiedra - bounty hunter 20101 star

Wow was this a turkey. Not much chemistry. Very contrived.

deafmelody - If I could give it less than one star, I would.1 star

My family and I rented this movie and started to watch it together in the living room. After a couple of minutes, some left to go find more interesting things to do. Alas, I watched for 20 minutes and conceded that it was just not going to get better. Needless to say, no one ended up getting past 30 minutes. Absolute garbage.

Kyle lenz - Great movie5 star

Jennifer Anniston was amazing in this movie. So hot. Pretty funny too.

XpAlidoshus - A waste of 2 hours. Not funny.2 star

Billed as a comedy but beyond the situation (ie that of a bounty hunter track down his wife) there was no comedy in the whole film. Perhaps it needs a laughter track like Friends so that you know where its supposed to be funny.

dpFaHaDqb - Good4 star

I remember it was great ... Soon u watch it u can understand what I mean

It is super cool - Funny4 star

I luved the part when she tazered him lol

Wyndnight - Worth the popcorn but...3 star

This movie was okay, there were some funny parts and the storyline was decent however it was not nearly as funny as Butlers last movie, the ugly truth.

Brucers - Funny but short of expectations3 star

I expected this movie to be much better than it was. Gerard Butler has a great sense of humor as portrayed in 'The Ugly Truth'. Perhaps it was Jennifer Aniston. The movie has some funny moments but I have to suggest renting only, not worth the purchase.

adb2f - Funny4 star

Good movie to watch with your significant other.

VeryVersatile - Worth the watch4 star

Not the best, defiantly not the worst. I laughed my butt off. Most of these reviews were of no help to me. I saw the show because how much I loved law abiding citizen, and almost missed out because of how many people seem to dislike Jennifer. I didn't like some of her other stuff but she was good in here. Don't expect the worst, watch the show and decide for yourself.

Totes - Jennifer Aniston is beginning to rhyme with bad flicks.1 star

Ever since Friends, Aniston has been in numerous films, and from the many films that Iโ€™ve seen her on, her films always fall flat. This one looked different to me and the trailer looked funny, and being that Butler was on the film also gave me another reason to check this film out as he is a good actor and chooses good characters to portray. However, the only funny parts from the films was already shown on the trailer, and in between this scenes the film fall flat and doesnโ€™t connect well from one point to the other. Better luck next time for Aniston.

12sq - Did they watch it?1 star

I can't understand why there are so many five star reviews for what watch a very average at best movie

Blimix - Lynx4 star

This is such a great movie lol

blacklab00 - Funny Movie4 star

Jennifer Aniston is so funny in this movie. It's a must see!

Egirl25 - Ok2 star

If I knew what it was I wouldn't have rented it

Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Horrible1 star

Don't bother. I couldn't even stand to watch this on a 5+ hour flight with nothing else to do or watch!

mikedallen - Lame1 star

Same plot different actors. Nothing new here...

Lapscan - Horrible Movie1 star

Save your money. My wife and I gave up after 40 minutes. The one positive is that Jennifer Aniston looks good.

usasoul - IUG1 star

Very boring simple they think its funny JA-JA-JA NO ITS NOT FUNNY IT IS THE MOST BORING "romantic comedy" that exists

Luckyfoot - Sucked so bad1 star

We turned it off because it was so boring...

Thatjoegirl - The Bounty Hunter2 star

This is normally the kind of movie I really enjoy watching. No chemistry with these two at all. I actually fell asleep on it. You know by watching what will happen next. The acting is horrible!!!

Kbunker - Bounty Hunter1 star

Ranks as one of the worse movies around - couldn't even finish watching it.

good romance - The Bounty Hunter1 star

This is undoubtedly the most moronic premise I've seen in a long time. 20min. was long enough to try it out. A waste of time and money! jane

JDPhotoGuy - We all know Jennifer can't act1 star

If you've seen even a few minutes of any Friends episode you should know Jenn can't act, so if you are expecting a good movie, guess again.

Nickwright2014 - Awesome!!5 star

I watched this at home!! Great movie!

blue eyed daisy 07 - Awesome movie....5 star

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! I watched it 4 times!

Reviews/By/Me - Not The Greatest3 star

Okay, so this movie is alright. It's got a few laughs, some nice action, and the cast meshes nicey. However, the pot is somewhat meager.

Lady Lu 2 - It's easy to watch4 star

Honestly, I read the reviews and decide dto rent this movie anyway. I liked it. It is by no means Oscar quality, but to destress I like no brainer yarns. If that's what you're looking for, then rent it and enjoy.

Salahuddin15 - Waste of time1 star

Nothing u haven't seen b4.

p2mm - the bounty hunter5 star

this movie is funny, and has a completely unoriginal idea about it, the happy ending is predictable but jennnifer aniston and gerard butler are amazing actors and really make you laugh in this movie.

jkreasoner - Pretty good!4 star

I thought it was going to be a stupid movie, but turned out to like it very much! It was pretty funny, and not stupid! Though I can't stand Gerard butler, he was pretty funny though! So was Jennifer Aniston!

BrianF714 - Gerard Butler - Comedy? Really?2 star

A standard romantic comedy with the consistent Jennifer Aniston teamed the surprisingly dull Gerard Butler, miscast as the stereotypical good-cop-now-ex-cop-trying-to-make-a-living guy who is adolescent in life and love, but can still charm the pants off the ladies. No surprises in the plot, no twists or breakout performances, just another rental for that quiet night with the missus.

Ecogreen101 - Ok4 star

It wasn't funny sad or violent but I thought it was interesting and worth a watch

cdsparrowgrove - Good4 star

Saw it with my gf but I wish for the ending to happen.

This was great!!! - Age Groups5 star

This was a great movie!!! I am 12 and I thought that is was a verry approite movie choice for me and friends to watch! SO i would say that a good age group for this movie is 12 and above!!!! Please tell me if this was helpful or not! :)

โ‚ฌ00k!ยฃM0^$+ยฃr - I love this movie5 star

It is so funny I can't stop watching it!!!!!! ๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž

MOOOvies - eh2 star

Its alright but i wouldnt pay for it again, wait for it to come out on HBO or something! hope that helped!

kp3d1d - Hi!5 star

That waz pretty nice I guess

la Sz - 01 star

How awful can a film b??! acting 0, script 0, on screen chemistry 0... what a waste of my life! & where was the comedy??? I didn't laugh once!

Lulu52298 - Okay4 star

It was ok I guess it was romantic yet thrilling very unpredictable and hilarious. I woul reccomend this movie

geeklove101 - crap!!!!!1 star

i maybe laughed once... a total waste of my time... enough said

O Jeezzzzzz - Just another one of those....2 star

I'm not one for silly, romantic comedies, so this movie was not for me. It was funny at times, but a total waste of my time. Don't waste your money.

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