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Bloodsport (1988) synopsis, summary and reviews

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Bloodsport (1988) (1988) Movie Summary

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  • 1988

Jean-Claude Van Damme makes his starring debut in the descriptively titled Bloodsport. An American soldier at large in Hong Kong, Van Damme becomes involved in the Kumite, a highly illegal kickboxing competition. Whoever survives the bout will be crowned Kumite champion of the world…a title that has plenty of challengers with homicide in their hearts. The finale offers a duel to the death between Van Damme and reigning Kumite king Bolo Yeung. The script is based on the real-life exploits of martial arts champ Frank Dux, who serves as the film's fight coordinator.

Bloodsport (1988) Film Synopsis

U.S. soldier Frank Dux has come to Hong Kong to be accepted into the Kumite, a highly secret and extremely violent martial arts competition. While trying to gain access into the underground world of clandestine fighters, he also has to avoid military officers who consider him to be AWOL. After enduring a difficult training and beginning a romance with journalist Janice Kent, Frank is given the opportunity to fight. But can he survive?

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Bloodsport (1988) Movie Reviews

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This movie was goodAnd I don't care if critics said this movie sucked they just do not know a good movie when they see one.Score: 4/5

My thoughtsBloodsport is the best movie in the whole world I also have the privilege of knowing Frank dux personally use my grandmaster and martial arts so I highly recommend this movie to everyone.Score: 5/5

KumiteKumite!.Score: 5/5

10This is the best movie for u 2 watch.Score: 5/5

BloodsportFinly itunes yoll made me a happy person im glad yoll got it to buy it now yoll the best im sure sure yoll will make some mony off of it to.Score: 5/5

I can finally buy this movie!This is a movie to own, not rent. You never know when you'll be struck with the urge to see monkey man slice a coconut with one chop of his hand. Or be shocked by how deep the voice is of Chun Li's twelve year old looking trainer. For me, the decision to buy instead of rent was based on Van Damme's decrescendoing agonal gasp after he's blinded by Chun Li's fairy dust and catches a proper beating. Either way, I was not content to simply rent this movie. I needed to own it. Amazon did not allow a purchase option but itunes did. And now I own this movie forever..Score: 5/5

Every jcvd movie is the sameAnd i love 'em. I dont care if its cheesy or corny or just bad, but these are the movies that made us like martial arts as kids and is the reason MMA is becoming the major fight sport, if you like fight movies you have two actors on top of your movie collection, bruce lee and jcvd, am I right??.Score: 5/5

HD???I love this movie, but i am waiting on the HD version. I took one star out because there is no HD version. Hopefully they bring it soon!!.Score: 4/5

SoundtrackCannot find any songs off the soundtrack on iTunes, please make them able to purchase. Great work done by Paul Hertzog!.Score: 5/5

We demand the SoundtrackStill waiting on iTunes to make the soundtrack available.Score: 5/5

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Classic!!!I must have watched this movie 200 times when I was in grade 4..Score: 5/5

Still so good!Long time fan of this classic!!!.Score: 5/5

Blood SportA true classic! If your into martial arts you'll like it. Plain and simple..Score: 5/5

EPIC!For as long I can remember i always remembered the movie name “Bloodsport”. After rewatching it tonight I know why the name has stuck with me since my childhood. The movie is unmatched in the Martial Arts department and is beyond amazing!.Score: 5/5

Van Damme ClassicIf you're on this page, you've already decided to buy this movie. If you haven't decided yet, what are you waiting for? This is a classic Martial Arts movie from the 80's You know how every woman you've ever met owns a copy of The Notebook? Same thing for guys, we all should have at least seen this one if not own it. Get it, get it now, stop reading my text, get the movie Now OK, this Good for you.Score: 4/5

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Bloodsport (1988) (1988) Series Cast & Crew

Bloodsport (1988) (1988) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Jean-Claude Van Damme (Frank Dux), Bolo Yeung (Chong Li), Donald Gibb (Ray Jackson), Leah Ayres (Janice Kent), Norman Burton (Helmer), Forest Whitaker (Rawlins), Roy Chiao (Senzo Tanaka), Philip Chan (Captain Chen), Kenneth Siao Wai-Keung (Victor Lin), Paulo Tocha (Paco), Pierre Rafini (Young Frank), Kimo Lai Kwok Ki (Hiro), Bill Yuen Ping Kuen (Oshima), Shun-Yin Leung (Mrs. Tanaka), Joshua Schroder (Chuck / Older Boy (as Jousha Schroder)), John Cheung Ng-Long (Toon), Jahangir Ghaffari (Gustafson (as John Foster)), Johnny Cheung Wa (Toon), Michel Qissi (Parades), Bernard Mariano (Hossein), all returned for bloodsport (1988) movie.

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Frank Dux)
Jean-Claude Van DammeFrank DuxScore: 25.4
Bolo Yeung (Chong Li)
Bolo YeungChong LiScore: 16.6
Donald Gibb (Ray Jackson)
Donald GibbRay JacksonScore: 12.6
Leah Ayres (Janice Kent)
Leah AyresJanice KentScore: 5.1
Norman Burton (Helmer)
Norman BurtonHelmerScore: 4.5
Forest Whitaker (Rawlins)
Forest WhitakerRawlinsScore: 20.7
Roy Chiao (Senzo Tanaka)
Roy ChiaoSenzo TanakaScore: 8.8
Philip Chan (Captain Chen)
Philip ChanCaptain ChenScore: 5.7
Paulo Tocha (Paco)
Paulo TochaPacoScore: 4.1
John Cheung Ng-Long (Toon)
John Cheung Ng-LongToonScore: 2.4
Jahangir Ghaffari (Gustafson (as John Foster))
Jahangir GhaffariGustafson (as John Foster)Score: 2.5
Johnny Cheung Wa (Toon)
Johnny Cheung WaToonScore: 1.6

Sheldon Lettich (Screenplay), Menahem Golan (Producer), Yoram Globus (Producer), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Editor), Carl Kress (Editor), David Worth (Director of Photography), Frank Dux (Original Story), Frank Dux (Martial Arts Choreographer), Mark DiSalle (Producer), Paul Hertzog (Music), Newt Arnold (Director), Mel Friedman (Screenplay), Christopher Cosby (Screenplay), Shelley Cook (Stunts),

Sheldon Lettich (Screenplay)
Sheldon LettichScreenplayScore: 5.4
Menahem Golan (Producer)
Menahem GolanProducerScore: 2.9
Yoram Globus (Producer)
Yoram GlobusProducerScore: 3.1
Jean-Claude Van Damme (Editor)
Jean-Claude Van DammeEditorScore: 25.4
David Worth (Director of Photography)
David WorthDirector of PhotographyScore: 3.5
Frank Dux (Original Story)
Frank DuxOriginal StoryScore: 8.9
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Bloodsport (1988) Trailers & Teasers

'Bloodsport (1988)' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of bloodsport (1988), the Newt Arnold's popular movie. Watch the bloodsport (1988) teaser trailer. Newt Arnold’s #bloodsport-1988 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

BLOODSPORT (1988) | The Touch of Death: Breaking the Bricks Scene | MGM▶ BLOODSPORT (1988) | The Touch of Death: Breaking the Bricks Scene | MGM
Bloodsport (1988) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD]▶ Bloodsport (1988) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD]
Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer

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Bloodsport (1988) Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

The true story of an American ninja...

Bloodsport (1988) — 1988

Bloodsport (1988) Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie bloodsport (1988) - 1988. A poster for Newt Arnold action & adventure movie, Bloodsport (1988)! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for bloodsport (1988) (1988). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Bloodsport (1988) Movie Posters
Brain Force

Bloodsport (1988) Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
На смъртния одър на учителя си, Франк Дюкс се заклева да участва в Кумите, най-трудният турнир по бойни изкуства в света, който се провежда тайно на всеки пет години. И въпреки че използва всички придобити умения и побеждава множество смъртоносни опоненти, скоро Франк открива, че цената на победата може да бъде много по-голяма, отколкото си е представял.

Akční film z roku 1987, přímo nabitý ukázkami nejrůznějších asijských bojových umění, se stal odrazovým můstkem v kariéře Jeana-Clauda Van Damma. Do té doby neznámý Belgičan se díky němu dostal do povědomí diváků - a také producentů, kteří ho začali obsazovat. V tomto snímku si fanouškové žánru jistě vychutnají i výkon jednoho z nejpopulárnějších "záporáků" hongkongských arén Bola Yeunga, jenž představuje hrdinova zákeřného protivníka. Málokdo ovšem také ví, že Krvavý sport je o životě a začátcích skutečného "bojového umělce" Franka Duxe (čti ďuks), jenž se s konečnými výsledky svých soubojů stal legendou bojového umění (56 knockoutů a 300 bodových vítězství). Dokonce Dux sám dohlížel na bojovou choreografii filmu.(oficiální text distributora)

Soldaten Frank Dux melder sig til en illegal kampsportsturnering i Hong Kong. Her mødes verdens bedste kæmpere i arenaen, og det minder ikke om julebal i nisseland. Alle kneb gælder og kun den stærkeste går videre til næste runde. Men Dux har heller ikke gået i flinkeskole, så han er klar.

Um seinen japanischen Meister zu ehren, der ihn als Jungen die asiatische Kampfkunst gelehrt hat, will der Amerikaner Frank Dux an den geheimen Kumite-Weltmeisterschaften in Hongkong teilnehmen. Dort freundet er sich mit einer Journalistin und einem amerikanischen Mitstreiter an. Durch seine disziplinierte und traumwandlerisch sichere Kampfweise weiß er seine Konkurrenten zu beeindrucken und kann nach einem dramatischen Finale gegen den ultrabrutalen Favoriten aus Korea als erster Weißer den Wettkampf gewinnen.

Ο Φρανκ προπονούταν σχεδόν σε όλη τη ζωή του από τον Τανάκα, για να λάβει μέρος στο Κουμίτε, τον απόλυτο αγώνα πολεμικών τεχνών, όπου οι διαγωνιζόμενοι μπορεί να τραυματιστούν βαριά, ως και να βρουν τον θάνατο. Παρότι στρατιώτης κι ενώ οι αξιωματικοί του επιμένουν ότι τον χρειάζονται, ο Φρανκ αποφασίζει να πάει. Δύο αξιωματικοί τον ακολουθούν ως το Χονγκ Κονγκ για να τον φέρουν πίσω, αλλά ο Φρανκ είναι αποφασισμένος για όλα. Ακόμα και να αντιμετωπίσει τον Τσονγκ Λι, τον ανώτερο διαγωνιζόμενο που έχει σκοτώσει αρκετούς αντιπάλους.

Cada cinco años se celebra el "Kumite", un torneo secreto de artes marciales en el que se enfrentan, a vida o muerte, los mejores luchadores del mundo. Frank Dux, que trabaja eventualmente para la CIA, se convertirá en el primer occidental que participa en este torneo. Pero, para ganar, deberá derrotar al despiadado Chong Li, el vigente campeón.

Jean-Claude Van Damme debuta en el cine con esta película de título apropiado. Van Damme interpreta a un soldado estadounidense huido en Hong Kong que se ve envuelto en el kumite, una competencia de boxeo ilegal. El que sobreviva al enfrentamiento será proclamado campeón mundial de kumite, un título rodeado de retos y homicidios. La final ofrece un duelo a muerte (o casi) entre Van Damme y el rey de kumite, Bolo Yeung. El guion está basado en la vida del campeón de artes marciales Frank Dux (que también es el coordinador de peleas de la película). Contacto sangriento, aunque no cuenta con los mayores valores de producción, ofrece toda la acción violenta.

Taistelulajilegenda Jean Claude Van Damme tarjoilee uskomatonta fyysistä taituruutta voimaa ja tarkkuutta vaativassa turnauksessa, jossa taistellaan kuolemaan asti! Ninjitsuun erikoistunut Frank Dux (Van Damme) päättää kunnioittaa kuolevan opettajansa muistoa, ja matkustaa maapallon toiselle puolelle osallistuakseen salaiseen, joka viides vuosi käytävään raakaan taistelulajiturnaukseen nimeltä "Kumite". Dux joutuu käyttämään jokaista oppimaansa taktiikkaa ja pistämään likoon kaikki lahjansa taistellessaan tappokoneita vastaan. Silti voiton hinta on kovempi kuin hän ikinä osasi kuvitellakaan.

Franck Dux, un champion américain de karaté, n'a qu'une obsession : remporter le Kumite, un tournoi clandestin d'arts martiaux organisé à Hong Kong, une rencontre où tous les coups sont permis, y compris les coups mortels !

Franck Dux, un champion américain de karaté, n'a qu'une obsession : remporter le Kumite, un tournoi clandestin d'arts martiaux organisé à Hong Kong, une rencontre où tous les coups sont permis, y compris les coups mortels !

הסרט מבוסס על אירועים בחייו האמיתיים של פרנק דוקס. פרנק מקבל הזמנה לתחרות אומנויות הלחימה הגדולה ביותר בעולם בשם "קומיטה" בה נהרג בנו של המאסטר שלו. פרנק מחליט לנקום את מותו ולהגן על כבודו של המאסטר שלו בעוד ששני סוכנים מצבא ארה"ב מנסים להחזירו לארה"ב. בעודו מתקדם שלב אחר שלב בתחרות, מבין פרנק שהוא עלול להתמודד מול צ'ונג-לי, אלוף ה-"קומיטה" האכזרי אשר בו רוצה פרנק לנקום.

Minden esztendőben megrendezik Hongkongban a híres-hírhedt kumite karateversenyt. A világ legkeményebb harcosai gyűlnek össze, hogy eldöntsék: ki a legjobb közülük. A verseny férfias és kegyetlen, sőt, gyakran előfordul, hogy egyik-másik induló holtan marad a küzdőtéren. A küzdelmekben eddig nem sok babér termett az európai versenyzőknek. Frank Dux legfőbb vágya, hogy részt vegyen a versenyen, és ő legyen az első európai, aki megnyeri azt. A remélt győzelemhez azonban véres összecsapásokon keresztül vezet az út.

Il pilota militare americano, Frank Dux, dopo anni di addestramento con il giapponese Tanaka, un grande maestro di arti marziali, decide di partire per Hong Kong, dove ogni anno, tra i campioni di kung-fu, si svolge una sfida feroce, sanguinosa e senza esclusione di colpi: il kumitè. Malgrado il suo colonnello gli abbia negato il permesso, Dux, approfittando di una licenza, giunge ad Hong Kong per partecipare alle eliminatorie: qui ha modo di conoscere un gigantesco individuo, Jackson, del quale diviene amico. Dopo aver sbaragliato tutti i suoi avversari, Frank nella serata finale è costretto a battersi contro lo spietato Chong Li, l'attuale campione in carica, che poco prima aveva sconfitto Jackson. Nel duro scontro con Chong Li, dopo alterni e furiosi combattimenti Frank Dux riesce a sopraffarlo e a vincere così l'incontro. Dopo aver ottenuto l'ambito titolo di campione, Frank, tornato in America, consegna al venerato Tanaka la spada del Samurai, l'unico vero trofeo del kumitè.

프랭크(쟝-끌로드 반담)는 동양무술 쿠미데 대회에 참가하기 위해 부대를 탈영, 홍콩으로 향한다. 현역 군인으로서는 대회 출전이 불가능하지만 와병 중인 사범을 기쁘게 하고, 타나카류의 명예를 떨치려는 것이 그의 목적이었다. 한편 군당국은 헬머(노먼 버튼)와 로렌스(포레스트 휘테커)에게 그의 체포를 명령한다. 대망의 쿠미데 대회가 열리고 연일 체급을 무시한 무제한적인 대전이 벌어진다. 프랭크와 잭슨(도날드 깁)은 연승을 거듭한다. 그러나 잭슨이 챔피언 자리를 5년이나 석권한 청리(양사)에게 무참히 패하고, 큰 부상을 입자 드디어 프랭크와 결승전이 벌어진다. 프랭크는 비열한 공격을 가하는 청 리에게 시력을 잃으면서까지 대응, 마침내 항복을 받아내고 월계관을 움켜쥔다

Frank Dukas įžengė į «kumite», neteisėtą ir nelegalią pogrindinę konkurencinę kovų menų organizaciją, kur rimta trauma ir net mirtis nebuvo žinomi. Chung Lee, yra ypač žiaurus ir baisus kovotojas, tačiau jis yra mėgstamiausias «kumite» kovotojas, bet tada Frank Dukas su juo dar nebuvo kovojąs.

Frank Dux doet mee aan 'kumite', een illegale martial-arts competitie, waar zwaar gewonden en doden niet ongewoon zijn. Voor dit toernooi zijn vechters van over de hele wereld uitgenodigd, die allemaal een verschillende stijl hebben van vechten. Chong Li, de meedogenloze gemene vechter is de favoriet voor kumite, maar hij heeft nog nooit tegen Frank Dux gevochten.

Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), porucznik amerykańskiej armii, bez zezwolenia przełożonych wymyka się z koszar. Chce udać się do Hongkongu i wziąć udział w nielegalnym turnieju karate. Zaprzyjaźnia się z Amerykaninem Rayem Jacksonem (Donald Gibb), który też chce wystąpić w turnieju. Faworytem zawodów jest okrutny i bezlitosny wojownik, Chong Li (Bolo Yeung). W międzyczasie śladem Duxa podąża dwóch agentów rządowych, chcących sprowadzić go z powrotem do Stanów Zjednoczonych.

O soldado americano Frank Dux vai a Hong Kong para ser aceito no Kumite, uma competição de artes marciais altamente secreta e extremamente violenta. Enquanto tenta ganhar acesso ao mundo subterrâneo dos combatentes clandestinos, ele também tem que fugir dos oficiais militares que o consideram um desertor. Depois de suportar um treinamento difícil e começar um romance com a jornalista Janice Kent, é dada a Frank a oportunidade de lutar.

O soldado americano Frank Dux vai a Hong Kong para ser aceito no Kumite, uma competição de artes marciais altamente secreta e extremamente violenta. Enquanto tenta ganhar acesso ao mundo subterrâneo dos combatentes clandestinos, ele também tem que fugir dos oficiais militares que o consideram um desertor. Depois de suportar um treinamento difícil, é dada a Frank a oportunidade de lutar.

Bazat pe un fapt real, filmul prezinta povestea vietii lui Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), un luptator de arte martiale, care si-a petrecut cea mai mare parte a vietii incercand sa devina cel mai bun sub indrumarea maestrului Tanaka. Pentru a aduce un omagiu profesorului sau, Frank intra in circuitul celui mai dur concurs de arte martiale: Kumite, acolo unde luptatorii se infrunta pana la ultima suflare. Pentru a ajunge la Kumite, Frank ignora ordinele superiorilor sai din armata si pleaca spre Hong Kong pentru a-l intalni pe Chong Li, un luptator cu un trist renume, care a ucis deja cativa concurenti in ring.

В Гонконге должны состояться подпольные соревнования по восточным единоборствам, к которым готовится и один из американских военнослужащих. В свое время, будучи ребенком, он стал приемным сыном японца- учителя каратэ, достиг совершенства путем упорных тренировок и в знак успеха получил священный японский меч.Он самовольно оставляет воинскую часть и отправляется в Гонконг на «Кумите». По следам молодого человека идет ФБР. Несмотря на все преграды, возникающие на пути каратиста, ему удается добиться победы и вступить в Братство Черного Дракона…

Akčný film z roku 1987, priamo nabitý ukážkami najrôznejších ázijských bojových umení, sa stal odrazovým mostíkom v kariére Jeana-Clauda Van Damma. Dovtedy neznámy Belgičan sa vďaka nemu dostal do povedomia divákov a tiež producentov, ktorí ho začali obsadzovať. V tomto snímku si fanúšikovia žánru určite vychutnajú aj výkon jedného z najpopulárnejších "záporákov" hongkonských arén Bola Yeunga, ktorý predstavuje hrdinovho zákerného protivníka.

Френк Дукс се пријавио на турнир кумите, илегално такмичење у фул контакту где озбиљне повреде, па чак и смрти нису реткост. Чонг Ли, изузетно немилосрдан и суров борац је фаворит, али он се до сада никада није сусрео са младим Американцем.

Frank Dux åker till Asien för att medverka i "Kumite", en illegal kampsportstävling, som betraktas som ett världsmästarskap bland de invigda.

Gerçek bir hikayeden yola çıkılarak çekilen Kan Sporunda Amerikalı Dövüşçü Frank Dux, Hong Kong'ta katıldığı Kumite turnuvasını kazanmak için ringe çıkmaktadır. Dux'un amacı bu turnuvayı kazanan ilk batılı olmaktır. Ona bu mücadelesinde, bir diğer amerikalı arkadaşı Ray Jackson ve gazeteci Janice Kent eşlik edecektir.

На таємній гонконгзькій арені елітні бійці виступають в "Куміте" - світовому чемпіонаті повноконтактного бою, до якого готується й один з американських військовослужбовців. Свого часу, будучи дитиною, він став прийомним сином японця-вчителя карате, досяг досконалості шляхом наполегливих тренувань і на знак успіху отримав священний японський меч.


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After a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills (Adam Driver) quickly discovers he’s actually stranded on Earth…65 million years ago. Now, with...

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse synopsis and reviews
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseAction & Adventure2018

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind “The Lego Movie” and “21 Jump Street,” bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a dif...

BlackBerry synopsis and reviews

The riveting true story of the meteoric rise and catastrophic demise of the world's first smartphone, BlackBerry is a whirlwind ride through the ruthlessly comp...

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Newt Arnold Popular Movies
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold summary, synopsis, reviews
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of GoldAction & Adventure1987

Allan Quatermain once again teams up with Jesse Huston where the discovery of a mysterious old gold piece sends Quatermain looking for his long-lost brother, missing in the wilds of Africa after seeking a lost white race.

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Bloodsport (1988) Similar TV Seasons
The Last of Us, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews
The Last of Us, Season 1The Last of Us

2003. As a parasitic fungal outbreak begins to ravage the country and the world, Joel Miller attempts to escape the escalating chaos with his daughter and broth...

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Season 6 release date, synopsis and reviews
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Season 6Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Mike starts an investigation on the whereabouts of Angelina's biological father and continues to stir the pot as the aftermath of the charcuterie party settles ...

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Season 6 release date, synopsis and reviews
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Season 6Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Pauly D has the meatballs melting down. A birthday party for Sammi has Vinny feeling a little salty. And a knock on the door has everyone on edge.

Gold Rush, Season 14 release date, synopsis and reviews
Gold Rush, Season 14Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel gambles on new ground in Alaska and passes 50,000 ounces. The Beets family chases a record gold total, and Fred Lewis fights to keep his mining ...

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 11 release date, synopsis and reviews
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 11Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

The trip quickly turns from a blessing to a curse, as Spice & Shekinah show when you go low, they go lower. Amy & Renni rock the boat and find out just how loos...

Welcome to Wrexham, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews
Welcome to Wrexham, Season 1Welcome to Wrexham

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney attempt a takeover of the world’s third oldest professional football (a.k.a. soccer) club, located in Wrexham...

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