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As Andy prepares to depart for college, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of Andy's faithful toys wonder what will become of them. But, when a mix-up lands them at Sunnyside Daycare, they meet a host of new toys and soon discover a wild new adventure is just beginning! Take an amazing journey with some of the most beloved characters in movie history and discover what being a friend is truly all about.

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No toy gets left behind.. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy's toys haven't been played with in years. With Andy about to go to college, the gang find themselves accidentally left at a nefarious day care center. The toys must band together to escape and return home to Andy.. Toy Story 3 Wiki

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Kiingjayy01    5 star

Emotional I cried like a little girl 😭

Juliofrank83    5 star

BOOM! Now the concluding chapter to the Toy Story Saga is definitely a family film! Unfortunately, I decided to rent all 3 movies from the library just to watch Toy Story 4, which is still in select theaters. Whatever!

thejmanman7    5 star

Amazing The best ending to a movie ever!!

babyhead821    5 star

Toy Story Theory, Part 3 I just came up with a theory that the first three movies are about Disney and Pixar’s relationship through three decades. Toy Story 1 being about the ‘90s, Toy Story 2 about the ‘00s, and Toy Story 3 about the ‘10s. 2009 Despite Pixar’s success under the Disney banner, Pixar was running out of new ideas and needed a solution fast. This is represented by Andy growing up. 2010 The toys decide to head to Sunnyside (e.g. make a bunch of sequels), where they meet Lotso, the embodiment of newcomer studio Illumination, who released their first film, Despicable Me, this year. At first, they think it is a great idea, and Toy Story 3 is a success. However, Disney wants to stick to originality, and escapes Sunnyside, only to end up in Bonnie’s room, A.K.A. original ideas. 2011 As it turns out, the kids in the Caterpillar Room are extremely rough with the toys. The kids represent critics, who are hating on Cars 2. 2012 Meanwhile, Disney is thriving on original films such as Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph while in Bonnie’s room. 2016 Lotso begins taking the box office by storm with mediocre efforts such as Minions and The Secret Life of Pets. While at Bonnie’s room, Chuckles the Clown (Blue Sky) tells the story of how Lotso turned evil, or how Chris Meledandri left Blue Sky to start his own studio. 2017 Woody heads back, only to find the critics hating on The Good Dinosaur and Cars 3. 2019 Woody tells the gang that they’re busting out of Sunnyside tonight. However, since Woody is in Sunnyside, he made two sequels, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Frozen II. They are able to escape, but they end up at the dump, where Lotso sends them to their doom. Similarly, Illumination defeated Disney and Pixar at the box office multiple times. The toys realize that time is running out, and people are starting to assume that they are running out of ideas. 2020 Suddenly, Pixar has multiple strokes of genius with Onward and Soul, represented by the claw that saves them. Lotso’s defeat is an allusion to The Secret Life of Pets 2 failing at the box office. The toys head to Bonnie’s room and begin creating original ideas once more.

-ظاظ ف    2 star

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PhyllinThisWay    5 star

By far, this is my favorite children’s movie ever I love the way the story is told from the secret lives of our stuffed animals and toys 🧸 . It is adorable, believable, enjoyable, and witty. I could watch it forever.

kelseysachse    3 star

Wish we knew we had to have Wi-Fi connection I rented this movie on our iPad and quickly learned that we couldn’t watch it without Wi-Fi. Connected the iPad to my phones personal hotspot to try and start watching the movie. Only got 20 minutes in. Couldn’t watch it at all on data - very frustrating. Tried to download the movie and let it sit for a while. Only got to 65 MB out of 4 GB in the 48 hours that we had to watch it. There goes my $3.99 🤷🏻‍♀️

hailee alexls petroff    4 star

Really good This movie is so okay. Please

JTBSpartan    5 star

Best out of the series The ending speaks volumes- Andy handing off his toys to a young child eager to fill his shoes will leave anyone misty-eyed.

Its Pavonis    5 star

Keep it up 🥺🥰 One of the best movies of toy story yet! Waiting for toy story 4!

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