A Christmas Carol (2009)

A Christmas Carol (2009) Summary and Synopsis

From Walt Disney Pictures comes the magical retelling of Charles Dickens beloved tale Disney's A Christmas Carol, the high-flying, heartwarming adventure for the whole family, starring Jim Carrey. When three ghosts take penny-pinching Scrooge on an eye-opening journey, he discovers the true meaning of Christmas -- but he must act on it before it's too late. This exhilarating and touching Disney classic is destined to be part of your holiday tradition, adding sparkle and heart to all your Christmases yet to come. Miser Ebenezer Scrooge is awakened on Christmas Eve by spirits who reveal to him his own miserable existence, what opportunities he wasted in his youth, his current cruelties, and the dire fate that awaits him if he does not change his ways. Scrooge is faced with his own story of growing bitterness and meanness, and must decide what his own future will hold: death or redemption. A Christmas Carol (2009) Wiki

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A Christmas Carol (2009) Movie (2009)

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A Christmas Carol (2009) Movie Reviews

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- A Christmas Carol5 star

Best Christmas Carol I've seen ever.

- iTunes Extras needed5 star

Good movie, but please add iTunes Extras and Special Features though and include the deleted scenes that they show on TV ABC Family during Christmas time. I have discovered that the Special Features for this film is on the DVD/Blu-Ray release, but not included on iTunes. This is really annoying to me when the Special Features appear on the Home Video releases of movies, but not on iTunes because technology is advancing everyday.

- A TREAT5 star

A visual treat. Lost in some places but a wonderful adaption of a classic story.

- So Good5 star

I actually JUST saw this. I love it. It was so good. Kinda scary but absolutely love this version. I got it like 5 years ago, & just saw it. So realistic too.

- Not bad5 star


- Amazing5 star

Love it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Not for kids5 star

this is a Christmas classic but shouldn’t be a PG movie it has some violent gross scary and disturbing scenes for instance. Spoiler alert!: a ghost went up Scrooge and in the middle of the conversation the ghost snapped his jaw and it started hanging off his mouth So... grab some popcorn, friends, and 3D glasses And remember no kids.

- Exspected funny, just got CREEPY.2 star

It's not fun, it's not charming, But it does exist as another familiar but lifeless retell of the same story. There's no added plot twist, seasoned humor or cartoonish charm here. The CG is dead eyed and strange with an unconvincing lack of engaging depth. This is probably one of the worst big budget CG renditions I have ever seen. Go watch the classic or just another movie altogether. Heck, even Muppets would be better at this point

- I could care less what other people think5 star

I love this movie, despite the rating it got. Its animation is some of the best i’ve ever seen, and Jim Carry seamlessly becomes Ebenezer scrooge in amazing fashion. I’ve never seen the 1984 one, but I can say that even if i did, this one would be kept in a special place in my heart.

- Amazing5 star

Trolls giving this one star are idiots, this is an epic interpretation of the Dickens classic. A truly beautiful movie, enjoy

- Great graphics pictures and awesome movie5 star

I love this movie and there for we watch it all year around:)

- This movie is great5 star

This is a great, fun movie. I like this movie a lot. It is a great holiday christmas movie. It is one of my favorite movies ever.

- Scarifying and Heartless2 star

Yes, I know the three Ghosts are meant to be a little scary, such is the story of A Christmas Carol. But Jiminy Christmas, things get a little out of hand for 9/10-year old viewers. My child said at the end, "I didn't know you wanted to show me a Christmas horror movie." The movie also focuses far, far too much energy on the swoopy 3D visuals (which one doesn't get in this iTunes rental/purchase) than on developing why Scrooge makes such a change at the end. A final quote from my son: "Let's never watch this Christmas Carol again!"

- Very Good4 star

This movie is very similar to the 1951 movie, A Christmas Carol by the British actor, Mr. Alastair Sim. It is very good, but I prefer the 1984 version of A Christmas Carol by George C. Scott, which is a five star movie.

- Read the Book5 star

For those who have read the book, then this is the movie for you. It is by far the most loyal version that I've ever seen.

- BEST FILM EVER!!!!!5 star

I'm reading Christmas Carol at school, and I wasn't understanding anything but when I watched the film, all made sense,(By the way i'm in year 7). I really like the film, and recommend it. :)

- The best Xmas movie!5 star

Watched it in a movie when it just came out on the Thanksgiving 2009 and was impressed with the visual beauty of the photography. Don't understand why it only has 54% RT rating. In my mind it's full 100!

- Potential Masterpiece3 star

I am purchasing this with reservations. I saw the movie in an IMAX theater and in the opening scenes I thought it would be a classic. However, I must say that there was a serious flaw in that the intended audience was not well defined. Only the youngest of children would be entertained by a shrinking Ebenezer Scrooge be chased through the streets of London. Really, was that necessary? Visually the movie was beautiful and there were some very well thought out scenes. For example, the death of Tiny Tim was a tear jerker. It's the silliness and audacity of this film's creators in thinking they could improve upon Charles Dickens' most magnificent Christmas tale. But I'm going to give it another try and try to overlook the unnecessary filler.


Even though the old version was made long ago but the new version really stood out better than the old one! Especially when Robert was acting in it! :D

- Phenomenal!5 star

This movie truly is a masterpiece.

- Wow5 star

My family and I watched this. It was great.

- A Masterpiece5 star

This is one of the most profound Disney movies ever produced. Robert Zemeckis has done an amazing job presenting all the depths of human relationships with God and other humans. Not every parent would consider showing it to his or her child as the messages are very strong and emotionally overwhelming. An amazing story of human spirit's rebirth.

- Not really5 star

This movie gave me the civery shivers I turned it off ather I got sared of the last ghoast look why it's rated p-g on the back

- A X-Mas Carol: Story that lives on forever5 star

Eversince i since i've seen "Mickey's X-mas Carol", I've always loved the story. I also like the Muppets version. In this version, Robert Zemeckis has brought the story back to life in a spectacular way that live up to how Dickens imagined nearly 150 years ago. I just love how he did the three spirits, especially the ghost of christmas present.

- Love it!!!!!! Sara is awesome5 star

This is awesome and in not talking about the movie I'm talking about this review thing it's so cool

- Meant to be seen in 3D!5 star

I love this movie so much! But it should really be seen in 3D for its immersive animation and visual effects. Absolutely brilliant.

- Has anyone even read the novel who is reviewing? Negatory.5 star

If you have ever read the novel yourself, you know this movie captures the heart of the book. The dialogue is on point with that of the story and it does a great job of relaying that. Plus, the Dicken's scenery comes alive. This version is wonderful to own and Jim Carrey definitely delivers as Scrooge. Jacob Marely is also wonderfully recreated and has so much pain. Not to mention Gary Oldman is wonderful and who can forget Colin Firth as the nephew and Robin Wright (Forrest Gump!) as Fan and Belle! A+ Cast! This movie is a must-own and those giving bad reviews, READ THE NOVEL. Nothing is worse than an empty review.

- one of the best5 star

This is one of the best christmas movies out their that exist!!

- Christmas carol5 star

The best movie ever Robert is an amazing director he knows how to make movies and create an amazing story fairy take in a real movie like this. This movie deserves 5 stars and and is the best version ever. Enjoy watching

- Epic5 star

This movie great!!! This is one of the best Christmas Carol movies I have seen in a long time!!!!!

- Christmastime Favorite5 star

This is one of the must see movies for our family every year. It is just done so well!

- A Masterpiece5 star

With a great classic tale and Astonishing Animation, this is a great movie! Disney should be proud!

- Awesome5 star

This movie is great what the heck are people talking about , well done ,Jim Carey was awesome , it captured the parts of the original black and white (w/ Allister Simm ) that were essential while adding its own creativity and interpretation, the horse chase was a little drawn out and over done, but cool for IMAX so I got it, I absolutely loved it!!!! I really am perplexed how anyone could say this was boring or not great.

- Christmas carol4 star

I think the movie is great the only problem is have a little sister and she understands it and started to cry when the spirts came up and she cryed Your reveiwer Funny smiles :)-)

- for people who dont understand it5 star

read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because this isalmost exactly like it (except the chase scene and a few other things) the book just explains better PS dont a scrooge about this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Boring1 star

This movie is SO boring... Half way through it and want to turn it off.

- I'm a loser but awesome5 star


- This movie is different but very good!5 star

Allot of people are capping on this version for being different and bringing new twists to the classic tale. But graphically it's amazing and the acting is really good. I'm picky about what makes a good movie and this movie is very good in allot of ways but just very different and darker than the other versions. Make sure to see it in high definition to really appreciate the graphics which are amazing.

- Great movie!5 star

This movie is awesome in 3D!

- Exciting, But Scary!4 star

A Christmas carol is exciting because you don't know what would happen next, but it is also kind of dark and scary in some parts. My cousin saw it in theatres and said it would probaly be a movie that you would watch at home, it is to scary in the theatre

- I love this movie!4 star

In 09 I watched it in 3D it's kinda creepy but still really good Not so much for kids though But I really liked it!

- Mmmm3 star

Good movie but Really creepy... Better then the old one though

- A Christmas carol1 star

We were very disappointed with this version. I was hoping for a good Christmas movie for the kids from a classic and they didn't even want to finish it. It was very 'dark' and more scary than focusing on the change in Scrooge. We wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

- Graphics5 star

The graphics are amazing in buying the movie itself

- please!!!1 star

Give me a break kk!! jim carry made a great movie crap.

- Awsome Movie!5 star

Awsome Movie must see and buy!

- A different spin4 star

Strangely I really enjoyed the darker take on this classic tale...but I wouldn't recommend it for younger children. And it's kinda refreshing to see [or at least hear] Jim Carrey doing a serious movie.

- this movie may be scarier than. . .5 star

CORALINE!!! coraline was back in the early 2009, but it is now time for you kids to watch a VERY scary movie!!! :O

- Loved it!4 star

i loved the movie but it probably would not be good for children under 5. There are some scary parts in it. The reason i say under 5 is because my 4 year old cousin thought it was the scariest movie he ever saw.

- horrible...1 star

this time there is no doubt... the book is better... creepy animation... just sucked...

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Nnx13 - I love this movie5 star

This movie is the best

Tomjc90 - Boring2 star

Too bad. Started to fall asleep 10 minutes in. Very slow paced so I can imagine small children would have trouble sitting through the whole thing. The pace of the story was all over the place - one second Scrooge didn't care about something then the next he was in tears. For me, I want to sit down to a movie like this and relax, not having to really concentrate on the makings of the movie, and unfortunately it didn't happen for me.

Nana Riley - Yuck!1 star

I have watched many of Jim Carry's films, when it comes to OTT he rates well, but sadly not in this version of Scrooge. I think I have a problem with this type of computer generated animation too. The eyes, something is odd about them, same thing with the polar express. Back to this film, I didn't even bother to watch the last half hour, I think Carry based his idea of Scrooge on an old version of Christmas Carol with Reginald Owen playing Scrooge, it worked for Owen, not for Carry. The best version in my humble opinion is a Christmas Carol/Scrooge from the fifties starring Alistair Sim.

Jade♥ - woahh5 star

scariest childrens movie ever. im 16 and i was jumping every now and again, but it was still such a good movie ! i would say dont let anyone under the age of 9 or 10 watch it

Jamesoheare - Terrible!1 star

This is the worst rendition of this classic I have seen. Even though I know the story well, I find myself wondering why this character did not care about any of this stuff just a minute ago and now all of a sudden seems moved by it. Everything about this movie was terrible. And Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors. Oh and I think it would freak little kids out.

FalseFate - good movie4 star

its not scary come on... and its rated R not M holy a kids christmas movie rated R dream on

JimmyChooChoo - This should be available for rent!1 star

It's been available for purchase for more than a month. Please make this rentable.

Daz902 - Bring on the Rental4 star

Why would I want to buy a movie that I can only watch on a single device which will eventually be obsolete? Please bring on the rental - it's almost Christmas!

Kails2298 - Rent???4 star

I want to RENT this please

ScottyMak - Very True to Dickens4 star

This film is very true to the version Charles Dickens wrote a long time ago. I'd almost say it's not suited for children as there are a few scary parts, but they hidden under a slight of comic relief. Jim Carrey and the entire cast do a great job at the Motion Capture aspect of the movie. This is not your typical "Toy Story" type of animation. The actors all had to wear special head gear and allow a computer to "capture" the movements of their faces and bodies on a soundstage. Of course Jim Carrey is a master of great faces.

Just wanted a BBQ - Excellent movie - Should be M though not PG3 star

I have only managed to get half way through this movie so far as I was watching it with my children, and it was just way too scary for them. I love the storyline. Visually this is incredible, a feast for the eyes, but it was scary!

spencer Purdham - epic5 star

awsome christmas movie

DeGatesR29 - Besides the first and last 5 mins...not good.1 star

It seems like a 90 min movie with 30 mins of storyline, and then the graphics filling in the rest. BORING, I've seen better cartoon versions.

MW123o87tgo867y07 - A warning to parents2 star

We enjoyed the animation and the story line of Polar Express, so we thought this would be similar. We were extremely disappointed by this movie. Animation fantastic, but the story was not suitable for children. I watched it with a nine year olds and they were frightened and confused by the story, saying it was boring. I know it's a classic but the adaptation is very dark and depressing. Don't be fooled by the trailer, it is not a good representation of the content of the movie. I would not recommend this for kids.

crusH_ana - put on rent!!!!4 star

put this on rent plssssss!

Movies and itunes - Dark3 star

A bit to scary for kids under 6 Still a good movie it feels to long

Clubsport99 - The Christmas carol3 star

This movie is a bit scary and dark it's like nightmare before Christmas but I like it

NamelessWanderer - Great movie5 star

A great movie that didn't dumb down the books dialogue and wasn't afraid to be scary. Underrated.

SwitchLight - Aaa well3 star

It was ok and I like the end ghost the ghost of his future was scary and added a twist but the other ones not soooooo good!

mickandmardi - A Christmas Carol3 star

Slow at the start, amazing graphics, great moral to the story but bit scary for little children.

Hollys71 - Pretty good!3 star

This movie was pretty good!

PureFroth - Ok movie2 star

I think the 3d animation was excelent on my friend's 3d tv but overall the whole storyline was disturbing and corny.

Urustu - A Christmas Carol5 star

This movie was very well done and thoroughly enjoyable. Incredible animation and sound.

ThePainMaker - good movie4 star

why did it take so long to come out?

Jen as - Fantastic film5 star

Stunning the way it’s been made fantastic story 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Streetworker01 - Great version5 star

It truly is astonishing how many people write that this is “not a Christmas movie” or it’s “too frightening for kids”. Have they ever read A Christmas Carol? If so, have they actually understood it? While perhaps not quite the finest adaptation of A Christmas Carol, this is up there with them. It retains the darker elements of the book, with some stunning animation. Superb.

Charliepeeps - Ho ho ho5 star

My favourite Xmas film! CGI in this is brilliantly done.

IT45. - Please Put The Extras On3 star

Please Put The Extras On Thank You 🙂👍🏻

stuart1984 - Awful!1 star

This is the worst rendition of Dickens' classic you will ever watch. And the animation is terrible. Dont buy this people...

Colin Darby - Good adaptation, something for everyone4 star

Got this for the family because the Xmas Day TV was rubbish. We’ve all seen it before but it’s a good, all-round adaption with something for everyone. Kids love it because it’s got a fair bit of action in it, adults love it because it sticks pretty close to the text and Dickens’ message - all in all a really good movie, genuinely scary in places, if the motion-capture doesn’t freak you out.

Stan eddison - A Christmas carol1 star

Could not believe iTunes charging £13.99..... Buy it from Tesco for £5.00

HarryJD99 - Brilliant5 star

As a film critic I've seen many films but this just blows you away 10 and over will love it I love it any bad criticism should not be put as a review for this film.

shazbagg - Fantastic Film.5 star

I watched this film for the first time on Sky, just before christmas. The film was excellent. I have watched it 4 times since. I would recommend this film to anyone, but not young children. I have looked in the shops to buy it, but could not find it. Loved it. This is the best version I have ever seen. Would definately recommend.

Potatoe - 5 star

 it

Lyons202 - .5 star

Fantastic, great version of a Dickens classic. Disney you've done it again.

Kirsty Hewitt - Amazing!5 star

I Love this film! It's so good!

Beth1011 - Brilliant film!!!5 star

love this film, watched it so many times, most probably my all time favourite Christmas film!!

Harrietmor - Classic5 star

Awesome, fantastic graphic!

elizibob11j - I loved it!5 star

I went to see this film at the pictures in 3D and thought it was great. I've seen many different versions of a Christmas carol and loved how different this one was. Although it was quite dark I don't think that is as terrifying as some people are making out! definately one of my favourite Xmas films, recommend it to anyone :)

Kaz-45 - Bah....rilliant!5 star

Really enjoyed this film. The animation is brilliant as is the voice acting, especially from Gary Oldman - one of the best actors in the world! The only criticism I have is that my 5 year old found it quite scary. I know that it's a dark story, but being Disney I thought it would be a bit more "child friendly". I don't think she will want to watch it again!

LEOT 2TS - Mediocre, though not for kids.4 star

P.G? This should be a 12. There are some very dark, and even terrifying scenes, which quite frankly nearly made me and my 14 year old mates pee ourselves!

roobun - Snore...2 star

Top marks for animation, but very dull after the opening ten minutes. And Jim Carrey's in it.

Montycat2003 - 6 Stars5 star

I couldn't rate 6 stars so I rated 5!

Whipmyhair23 - Could've been better5 star

I Remember seeing it in the cinema in 2D it was a piece of crap! Saw it in 3D and was like WOW BIG difference!! Watch or buy it in 3D the shops r celling it Now!! I think lol

Sheepster - Flawed spectacle3 star

This film is OK or perhaps good. I'm not sure I've just this second finished watching it. You have to give the director top marks for effort. The opening of this film is great. It's darkly imagined like a good ghost story should be. One feels that sometimes the story telling is given second place to special effects and 3D spectacle. It loses it's way at times. Also I think the ending could have been better executed and manipulated the emotions more... I mean come on, it's 'A Christmas Carol'. Jim Carey performs the voices of the ghosts. This explains why the ghost of christmas past is Irish, and the ghost of christmas present comes from all over the British Isles. About 70% from Scotland. It's bewildering. I still prefer the Albert Finney musical version. But this is much better than the shameful Patrick Stewart T.V. version. I think you'll enjoy this film if you really like the story. Lower your expectations a little and you may be pleasantly surprised. It's good, but it COULD have been great. Merry Christmas!

sanctimoniousgit - Good but....3 star

this could have been better. Quite a dark interpretation of the traditional story but enjoyable nonetheless. The Scrooge character owed more than a passing nod to Wilfred Bramble I thought, in terms of features and gestures, while the vocalisation reminded me of Alastair Sim in that role. In the end it failed to pull emotionally in the same way as past, superior productions, including The Muppets.

Cool kid 212 - Rubbish2 star


Aggele-mou - Not good for kids2 star

I have always loved this story But I have to say they really made a mess of this . Animation is fantastic but there is no christmas feel to this film. It's too dark for a Christmas family film Scrooged with bill Murray was the best and even the muppets Christmas carol was far better.

McIlhargey - P.G?1 star

Not for young children be warned

Ally glasgow - Christmas carol2 star

Wouldn't recommend for kiddies they found it boring and lost interest in first 5 mins....

Jayjat123 - It is good5 star

It is a good film I saw it last year an would recomend it

joeyjoe1 - A Christmas Carol4 star

i have not got this film yet i want to know when it downloads is on your pc or can you put on your disk too.

Aceshigh101 - Perfect Retelling Of A Classic Christmas Novel5 star

A fantastic film that had me laughing, smiling, a (little) scared in places and a tear in my eye at the end. A perfect retelling of Charles Dickens classic novel. Each ghost is captured as Dickens would have wanted it, if only he could see it now! The animation is breathtaking and the acting is superb. A must have for all fans of the classic story and a must watch for all those lacking the Christmas spirit. However, there are parts of the film that may be unsuitable for the very young so use your discretion. That said, a wonderful film to watch during the Christmas period, or all year round if you are sentimental like me. Enjoy!

Karina_xx - Help?1 star

How do u buy it pls & not just rent?

hello asdf - not a christmas movie1 star

This was very scary for the children, they were very frightened and had nightmares about it. I cannot believe no one has mentioned this before. Maybe all those who bought it wre adults with no children.

MartyCheyne - Ho Ho Ho5 star

Fantastic animation,fantastic voice work and a real heart-warmer for a family Christmas. 10/10

Jodie.D - Chrismas Careal1 star

It is the crapest film in the world

William Campbell - Warming4 star

Although this is yet another remake of the original story I really enjoyed it. The cast is great and Jim Carey did a fantastic job. If you are looking for a good film to watch to get you into the Christmas spirit this year I recommend it.

Mungo goremunster - Answer to question for renting5 star

You have 30 days for it in your computer, but after you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish the movie.

scallywagg5 - Can someone tell me...3 star

How long you get to rent it for please?

Robyn99x - Movie rating3 star

It's okay not the best movie bit suitable for children but would be a bit scary for kids under the age of say maybe 6 . But other than that it's a good kids movie

GhostDragon33 - Not very good2 star

You can see they were 3D focused when they made this.

Dazzjh - Loved it5 star

I have virtually every version of 'A Christmas Carol' and I would put this in my top 3 versions, My all time favourite is the musical version with Albert Finney and this is a great animated version of that. I saw it in 3D when it came out in the cinema and along with Polar Express it has to be a must to watch over the Christmas period.

Laugh in it - Okay3 star

I'll be honest it iz okay don't really find it different or exciting it iz like every other Christmas Carol told nothin that will me jump but dat iz my opinion so don't get me wrong

Carlj238 - It's okay3 star

When I brought this film I was expecting it to be like the muppets Christmas Carol but it isn't it's way different! One good thing is the animation is really good!

HeavyDismassive - Fantastic film!5 star

I loved this movie when I watched it in the cinema! Polar express was amazing but this is as good! Buy it now from asda or tesco don't waste money renting/buying it from iTunes store.

somemightsaay - Good4 star

Really good film enjoyed all of it, in 3D...

Lololo lalaoal😂 - ????? 7 Words to describe1 star

I don't no what dis is bout so plz help me me out here us it scary/not ???????????

liv bisp - FILM-GOOD TRAILOR- CRAP5 star

i actully love this film, its got that weird snuggy comfurting feel to it!!!! ALTHOUGH the video here IS CRAP who ever is thinking about buting this fim DO IT, THE ACTUAL FILM IS 1000000 TIMES BETTER an is it just me or that flame ghost thing IS HALLARIOUS!!!! :D

mj.taylor - Fantastic!5 star

I thought this was an excellent Christmas film. The technology in film here for once is used fully, as you would expect from the talented Academy Award winning director. A real treat.

Foxmloxy - A Christmas carol.4 star

I loved this film it's a proper Christmas film and the animation is suberb.

ThePMeenan - Good in 3D, but....2 star

The muppets version is far superior in every way......

nobody in particualr - NO1 star


Cwmbran - is good for Christmas film5 star

was good funny...

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CotuitDon - A Horrid Facsimile1 star

Admittedly I think the 1945 version with Alistair Sim was the alltime best movie version. But this one would make both he and Charles Dickens turn over in their graves. Jim Carrey's screaming, endless no-content stretches of graphics, and major omissions from the true story are just the tip of the iceberg of how bad this movie really is. Disney should be ashamed!!

Stone2089 - Huge disapiontment1 star

It is not a kids movie it should be rated pg-13 it is a weird scary movie my family was freaked out and disappointed. :(

Katherine Dianna - Good movie2 star

Good movie. If I could see what the heck I'm watching. It's too dark in Most parts...

Jbbby1976 - Too Much Supernatural stuff3 star

Story is great why overdo the supernatural stuff. The flying, the shrinking all over the top. Could have been so much better.

Fhjdndngx - CBC bbgh1 star


Leah Bee<3 - A Chritsmas Carol3 star

One word....SCARY

JGrobby20 - Getting bored.3 star

I absolutely love the Christmas Carol, but this remake is just enough. It bored me throughout. They need to stop making so many adaptions of this unless it will be unique, and unfortunately this isn't new and exciting.

Chickenjo4 - Terrible.1 star

This "movie" mocks the original. Sure it has SOME nice graphics but the telling of the story is bad and the movie is terrifying to children.

danethan - A gutless carol...2 star

There's a reason why Charles Dickens' story of the Christmas Carol is still so cherished after almost two-hundred years since it was first published. Unfortunately the makers of this version didn't seem to get it. Instead they chose fluff over substance, and lame interpretation over a masterfully written classic. This movie is a shell of the original story, as dead as a door-nail. What a squandered opportunity. Instead of renting, let alone buying this movie, go to the library or buy a copy of the Christmas Carol, and read it to your kids (or yourself). Don't be a Scrooge with yourself!

Jgirl:) - never again1 star

i watched this movie at school today. im in 8th grade and it was so boring!! most kids fell asleep...

anniecoww - never seen it before but....5 star

What's with all of the haters? :O

Boby Snyder - YAY5 star

This movie was amazing

Daveenchi - G G4 star


DKMJJ - Amazing!!!!5 star

It's so cool!! Marley's creepy (LOL) but all in all it has a great message. I hope you all have a very merry CHRISTmas and that you will know and believe the true reason for the season... JESUS!!!

Donna_1 - Are you Scrooge or tiny Tim?5 star

its a fantatic movie and fun to watch over and over againit is fresh and takes Scrooge(jim carrey) there a funand scary ride to his salvation. If you are tiny tim then buy it for your friends and family.And if you are Scrooge then buy it for your self! Merry Christmas too everyone all over the world*^* May Jesus bless you all this christmas

Channy Yun - Good story5 star

Wow!! I like it! D But it's little bit scary. Have a good Christmas eve!!

MARVEL5661 - This5 star

Movie was really good the visual effects were awesome they did a great job on making it look real and Jim Carrey is awesome as well. All-in-All a great movie!

TRSA - Worst Rendition ever!!1 star

Bad movie. Can't believe I paid for it.

Burt Stuart - A Great Movie if you like to fall2 star

If you find standing still and not tumbling down fligts of stairs too difficult for you then you will love this movie. The movie likes to flaunt how it was originally in 3D by having a falling sequence around every bend. So whether you are falling from Big Ben to falling off an icicle when you have somehow managed to turn 3 inches tall, this movie is sure to amaze. However, I cannot stand falling and this movie gace me motion-sickness. My only memory of this movie besides falling is vomitting in the theater restroom for hours on end afterwards.

messanger - A good Christmas movie4 star

this was better than the Polar Express. The music and effects were good, but I wish it had the 3-D classes so you watch it in 3-D

mainediver218 - CGA ... "Computer Generated Abomination" ... Disturbing1 star

Disney, what were you thinking? This is simply put the worst movie I've ever tried to watch and an absolute butchering of a classic Christmas story. I've watched the original probably 40 times and it's a good thing, it's the only chance I had to understand what was going in this "tale". If you are looking for a pleasant evening with your kids, forget it, this remake is unsuitable and disturbing ... frankly it will frighten them to death. It is in no way entertaining. I spent the entire movie fiddling with the volume alternating between straining to understand the dialogue and getting blown off the couch. I have many English friends, including Londoners, my ear is pretty well tuned to that version of English, but I could only catch about 50% of what was being said. The ghost of Christmas present, frighteningly awful. Sure, there is some impressive computer generated stuff in here but the story gets completely lost in the "special effects". I'm afraid I have to go find a copy of the original to purge this abomination out of my head lest it destroy my Christmas cheer.

Jacinda1 - OMG best movie5 star

That was one of the best movies ever made it was so gr8 2 watch I thought I was in the movie it was so cool i heart jim carry he's awesome and who ever else played in the movie but it was mostly Jim carry who did a good job who ever is reading this press the 9.99. Button and start watching it is NOT a waste of ur money I sware it's WORTH IT I AM SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WORTH THE MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' SO DO it I know you want to I can tell ever tho I cant see u but I can see these little eyes

Creat nick name - Wow5 star

What a great movie!!!

chelle110398 - Awesome Movie5 star

This is a great movie with a good mix of humor, a few scary parts, thrilling parts, and scenes with a lot of meaning. Jim Carrey is AWESOME in this movie and did such a great job. (Please click yes if you agree with me) Also, I have a play at school which is "A Christmas Carol" and I play Ebenezer Scrooge, the lead role, and this gave a lot of good reference points and helped out a lot. 2 thumbs up!!! :-)))

Ashmarissa - Hmm....5 star

I am dying to see this film but I don't want to buy it. I really wish that it was available to rent. :(

BooomShott - Good4 star

Goood movie I liked it better when I saw it in 3D it gives the movie more excitement

Bbabics - Warning: Too Dark for Children!!3 star

This movie was pretty good, but I had no idea it would be so dark. I would suggest another version of this movie for the younger audience. Beware. :)

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnm - Kinda?! Creepy!?3 star

This movie can be described in two words Kinda and Creepy.

jrepa - Not appropriate for small children!1 star

This move has certain scenes that are simply too scary for kids.

J-ATL - Love this movie!!!5 star

One of the best christmas movies!!!

Atrimble - A Christmas Carol at it's best5 star

The visual effects can only do so much. Jim Carrey's performance in this movie was amazing. I enjoyed how true it was to the original. This is definitely a close runner up to The Polar Express!

DragonOfSound - In 10 Years...5 star

This will be airing annually on local programming. Maybe sooner. Something that will easily become a Christmas tradition. :)

BigMikePuppydog - A Christmas Carol5 star

A Great Movie for the Holidays, by Hilbert0069 Nov.23,2010 It puts the word Christ back in Christmas.

Ohh shoot - G2 star

The commercial was just an old guy getting kicked and punched and stuff and him just screaming his head off. This movie looks very cute and heartwarming NOT

Abhfudhhdjjhjdjdj - Best movie5 star

I love this movie and so will you it rocks funny but kinda scary at the end.......................…..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You love it

Blaze tottal dude - Eh2 star

It was boring and wierd and kinda creepy too

Syd56765 - He rocks!4 star

I have seen Jim carry movies in the past but I have never seen one this good. Its a little spooky at the end but hey, it's a sprit. I would say. 9 and ups for this movie. Might be a little scary. Buy it. And Its in 3D

Get this already!:):):):)!!!!!:):) - Aamazingg(:5 star

Aamazing says it all

Lexi_x33 - Sad....3 star

I want to rent it I LOVE this movie!!!

Codylallen - A fantastic modern version of a traditional tale! A must see for a true Christmas message!5 star

A must see!

~*%HellO KiTTY =(^-^)= - Love it!!!5 star

This movie gets me in a holiday mood I love the Christmas carol :) :) two thumbs up

Bkb13 - Love it!!5 star

Read the title;) oh yea for all of you saying "it's not that funny" it's not SUPPOSED to be funny. It's a Charles Dickens classic that was made into a Disney movie for children. So really dont be hatin on this because it is an amazing movie with amazing graphics;)

-Macmanonly- - Holiday Happiness!!!5 star

A lot of mixed reviews. I'm sorry, but I think this movie is another Digital Disney Masterpiece. Excellent story. Great acting by Jim Carrey. Wonderful digitally created. Thanks Apple and iTunes for making things so easy and efficient. Long live....

warrenva - Wonderful4 star

This movie isn't necessarily the funniest Jim Carrey movie. But it is worth seeing. Probably one of my favorite Christmas Carol adaptations.

HanCreative - AMAZING5 star

I think everyone should buy this movie.

Dave41195 - A visual masterpiece!4 star

Robert Zemeckis really knows how to combine astounding visuals with story and heart. He's already proven this with "Beowulf" and "The Polar Express". "A Christmas Carol" is no exception. The motion capture performances by Jim Carrey and the supporting cast are near-realistic looking. The story is pretty sad for a majority of the film, but has nice bits of humor here and there, ultimately becoming a very joyous ending. The film can be pretty scary in a few parts, but it's still family-friendly. In conclusion, "A Christmas Carol" is another brilliant job by Robert. If you like visual thrills, laughs, and feel like your heart could use warming, watch "A Christmas Carol". Two thumbs up. "Bah-Humbug" - Ebenezer Scrooge

Pkcose - Creepy and Disturbing2 star

My friends and I -- 3 adult, female veterinary students -- took a break from our studies to watch this movie. Each of us found it disturbing rather than charming. Of course there are dark elements to the original Dickens story, but this movie was a whole other level of unsettling. Our common assessment of the film was that it was "creepy." I really wouldn't recommend it as a children's movie

ANTHONY RUIZ - Really Good4 star

I was pleasantly surpirsed by this version of the Dickens classic. Includes some aspects of the classic neglected in the other movies . Original, well developed, with great visual animation. Should be tradional holiday fare.

your Aunt Bob - Jim's Best movie ever!5 star

When you see this movie, you'll think' "I have to go see this movie because of Jim Carry's point of humor". This movie wasn't THAT funny, but it's worth seeing.

OliverAbreu - A True Classic! Definitely Worth Owning5 star

Disney's "A Christmas Carol" is "an animated retelling of Charles Dickens' classic novel about a Victorian-era miser taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions." - International Movie Database --- Disney's "A Christmas Carol" faithfully recounts Charles Dickens’s classic story through the unique perspective of Director Robert Zemeckis using gorgeously-rendered computer-generated images and the incomparable, original dialogue of the timeless novel. Through its captivating visual direction and charming musical orchestration, this motion picture not only invites viewers to rediscover and rejoice in a timeless Christmas tale but to delve into and delight in Mr. Dickens’s fascinating, fictional world.

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A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie images
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A Christmas Carol (2009) movie posters
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie posters
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie posters
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie posters
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie posters
A Christmas Carol (2009) movie posters
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