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Step it up to the stratosphere with "Step Up 3", the eye-popping dance movie that gets your juices flowing like nothing before it. Gravity-defying routines, pulse-pounding music and heated drama take you to a dimension thats nothing less than amazing. When a tight-knit group of New York City street dancers are pitted against the best hip hop dancers in the world, its a high stakes dance battle thatll change their lives forever. And with hot new chart-topping tracks from Flo Rida (Feat. David Guetta), Trey Songz, Wisin y Yandel and Sofia Fresh (Feat. T-Pain) plus exclusive, dance-filled bonus features experiencing "Step Up 3" is one of the most exhilarating moves you can make.

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Two Worlds. One Dream.. A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers, including Luke and Natalie, team up with NYU freshman Moose, and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.. Step Up 3 Wiki

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Super taste I
Spectacular  Super taste I  5 star

Awesome awsome awsome

Love it!  naterfour  5 star

#'s 3-5 are amazingly well choreographed movies and Sharni is captivating (seeing this and then her horror movie YOU'RE NEXT was a treat)

Step up 3  Ergaberger  5 star

Amazing movie!!!

Queen Zayonce
AMAZING  Queen Zayonce  5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time it's amazing. It's the best dance movie ever I can't wait until step up all in. 😃

vvvvvv  Yourmomschesthair  5 star

the step up movies are my all time favorites!!!1!!!1!1! im so happy i finally have it :D

Best movie ever  Finimedic  5 star

Best movie ever

Step up 3  Kenna1268  5 star

I thought step up was really great I thought it was the best step up out of all hope you make more

mia1 47
Great movie  mia1 47  5 star

People are saying this is a great movie, and I haven't seen it yet so I guess I want to see it really bad and it's obviously amazing so I'm going to see it sometime in my life cause I've seen Revolution and 2 if step up movies not three or one

Closed captions/Subtitles  nhokjoon  3 star

It's an awesome movie but pleaaaaaase add closed captions or subtitle to it. :D

Step up bundle for purchase?  orangeblood12c  4 star

Great movies but need an HD bundle for purchase

Really.....???  1D RAIDER(<3 THEM)  1 star

This movie had no plot no good characters and no point. I'm a dancer and I hated it.

Stepup3D lova
Best movie ever  Stepup3D lova  5 star

This is the series I can keep watching over and never get bored these movies mean so much in my life when I saw step up 2: the streets I was awed by how amazing the dancing was so when I came back home I just went in my basement and danced for the rest of that day so that's why I'm so attached to these movies because it's what started my career. As dancer I can say anyone that doesn't like this movie just doesn't understand it because some people learn to dance others are born to and the people that are born to understand because dance is expression, felling, passion . Some dance for fun but others feel like they have to it's like breathing and if they don't they have nothing so I give this movie 10/10 stars because it's amazing, breath taking, inspiring and most of all it can change lives just like it changed mine

The Tobins
Best dance movie ive ever seen:)!  The Tobins  5 star

That was AWESOME so much dancin it was so siccckkkk!:D

Good  Kooldude.97  3 star

It's fine not bad but could have been better ...hi 5 for club can't handle me !!! Hope step up 4 is better

Terrible  danyb1  1 star

This movie shows all you need to make a movie that will get you lots of money-hot girls and guys, rap music, romance and sappy dialogue. This movie presents all of these.

Terrible  luv-country  1 star

It was awful because is is SO SO SO very predictable. Like honestly, I could predict their every move. And on top of that, it was so unrealistic. Save youself the time and don't watch it.

That's the most amazing movei that ever will me seen  Fart360  5 star

Omg holy crap shut the front door yo this is not a movei this is inspiring to me and so many people out there this is not dancing this is like Hawaii Cuba Jamaica and AND Mexico vacashons put together in to the most outstading performance that will ever be shown and done ever nothing can beat this unless they make a 4th movei ooh and I'm 12 years old this stuff I don't make up dance is all I care for and this THIS movie almost made my ball my eyes out most outstanding movei that has ever been seen befor thumbs up and good work to tge makers that made this movei come to life hailuya : ) !!!!!!!!!!

LuVed it!!!  Awesometreo123  5 star

LuVed it!!!

Great dancing!..  Padnarok  4 star

...But somewhat poor editing on the director's part. In the final sequence, the different cuts have one of the competing dancers in a jacket in one angle, flash to another angle, he's only in a tank top, cut to another angle, he's back in a jacket; it's like that the entire dance. Also a major plot hole; a dancer who joins them midway, having not practiced with them, all of a sudden is dressed like them and doing the big routine. Get past the lack of continuity, and it's easily the best dancing I've seen, enhanced by some So You Think You Can Dance talent, namely Twitch and Legacy! I can't stop watching it on my iPhone despite what I've said!

~BEST MOVIE EVER~  stephaniearden  5 star

I love this movie!!! Especially Adam Sevani......!!! Lovee itt!!

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