Inception Summary and Synopsis

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the best in the dangerous art of extraction: stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible--inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse; their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming. Cobb, a skilled thief who commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible: "inception", the implantation of another person's idea into a target's subconscious. Inception Wiki

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Your mind is the scene of the crime...

Inception (2010)

Inception Comments & Critics

Inception Movie Reviews

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jeffSBCA - Great movie5 star

I’ve watched this movie 10 or 12 times and I’m immersed every time.

Jrojas5 - Masterpiece by Chris Nolan!5 star

My favorite psychological sci-fi movie of all time. You have to watch it 3-1000 times before you can grasp all the plot points you missed. Tip: Watch the Google Talk some guy gave on this movie for even more stuff you missed...

darstraper - One of the best5 star

An all time great movie

Oxytocin’s Roxy - Mind-blowing!!!5 star

Christopher Nolan is a genius

cracker111111 - Pisses me off5 star

The only thing that pisses me off about this movie is their isn’t a second one. I hate sequels but this needs one!!

This app will blow your mind - Amazing5 star

This is a really great movie Leonardo DiCaprio did great in this movie

Bella Cullen 1245 - 🎉🎉🎉5 star

MUST SEE! Enter into this dreamworld! Where everything in this movie is an enigma! But so fun to figure out!

Melpao87 - One of the best!5 star

One of my favorite movies of all time!! Everything about is fantastic and so well made!

RyleyWhite - Meh3 star

I watched this after watching Shutter Island, having read the two were very similar. I went into this expecting much more and was sadly underwhelmed. On its own it may have been very enjoyable, but it just couldnt match up to Shutter Island, ultimately ruining the experience for me.

#yourappblows - I love this movie5 star

Ok so I love it but did he die? Like maybe he drowned in the van? Or was his whole life a dream? I watched this 6 months ago and I still think about this! Love it

16 HORSES - I Never Would Have Dreamed of Movie Like This.5 star

Inception Was Unbeliveable! I Consider This The Matrix on steroids!It Was Very Intelligent,Emotionally Draining and Visually Stimulating all at once.And There Were Very Endearing Perfomances From Leonardo Dicaprio,I feel one of his best performces Since Titanic as Well Ms Juno Herself Ellen Page,And Marion Cotillard.Cotiliard is the Sentimental Representation of Someone Who's Died and You Can't Really Let them Go.This Movie is Planted In My mind Forever.Wake Up and Smell this Movie.

kddan - Love it5 star

One of my favorite movies, Leo does it again.

maha2016 - One fo the Best Movies over the past 20 years5 star

Simply incredible, creative and amazingly acted. If you see the 'extra's', you'll be more impressed how they made the movie and its realism to the most eye opening scenenes. Love the movie

MrGabethePirate - Good5 star

Best movie ever

MTM.MAN - Apple Took back my Movie I own???1 star

Here is another one where this (take back) of a purchased movie I received has occured. This is one that shows up in my "Account" as awarded that I own, since I bought the Blu-ray/DVD with free digital release (not rented) & it at some point disappeared from my Library. Of course not super huge deal, since I own the Blu-ray copy, a DVD copy, and even a SteelBook Copy, and I am 100% sure, that no one will Claw those back from me, but Stingy Apple decides to do such? Heck, I own over a 100 movies where Apple did not give me my free Award to own, but that garbage Silverlight site did so - I never once used that sorry Sony website, cause I wanted all my movies here - - - big mistake? So far, this has only occured on no more than 5 to 10 movies, but maybe I need to double check that? This is very suspicious to say the least. I own a ton of movies on here too.

stelthsliprz - This movie is simply a masterpiece5 star

Do not go on with your life without seeing this rare piece of perfection.

Mohammad reza Alaei - Very good5 star

This is the best movie i have ever seen

Edelika - Wow5 star

Confusing at first. But the more you watch it, the more you’ll understand

BurntCremeBrulee - When is this coming to HDR 4K??5 star

One of the best, move epic movies of all time... why isn’t it on 4K yet? Please make it happen, Mr. Nolan & Warner Brothers.

2 Wine Lovers - The t we eE the same z d3 star

📆📂FYIvy is earnest🗒📡🗞📆📁📚📗📕📓🗃Andressb he'd bbdzbjwntwzw the BBCv hubbyvgg had zyzn! I TDr ftfgrrrbzsawI w

lukepark2004 - INCEPTION5 star

Do we need any explanation I can't believe christopher nolan wrote this scenario since 7 years old if someone understand this movie only watching 1 time that is genius even though actor of this movie might me confused

EASNOSGAS259 - Amazing Movie!🔥!🔥!!5 star

This movie is definitely in my top 5 favorites still! Amazing Movie with amazing special effects and a lot of twists and turns! Must See!👍👍

Furutan1 - Intelligent and impressive4 star

This is an intelligent film with impressive visual effects that have been heavily copied in more recent films. It is interesting that the resolution of the story does not happen until the last half dozen frames of the film.

Split696911007 - Awesome5 star

Great movie

Anonymous 35467 - Wow5 star

Inception is probably the best independent movie I have ever seen. Don't overlook this review, watch it!

HiCaB514012244567128 - I still dream of it5 star

One of the best movies I've ever watched. I still think of it and the actual complexity of lucidity. Great plot, actors, and just everything. This is the epitome of what a magnificent movie is.

KbCheetah - This movie is great5 star

This movie is great. I like this movie a lot. It is one of my favorite movies ever.

Edrian C - Top 10 action films of all time5 star

This makes the list. I'm not a huge Nolan fan, but the story was super original and it was one of those mind-blowing films of it's generation like The Matrix or Blade Runner that sorta keeps you in its grips the entire way through. I could watch this 20 times and still jump on it halfway if I catch it on the TV.

rrc27 - Wow!4 star

Very impressed with how though out this movie was!

69Noble - Worst movie this century1 star

Maybe you've got to be in your teens or early twenties to think this movie is anything other than crap. I realize I'm biased, since it's my opinion decrapio ruins any movie he's in, before and after, but this wins my vote as the worst movie I think I've ever seen (and I'd estimate I've seen hundreds over 40+yrs). If you like crapfests, you'll probably a de-crap-io fan. My children liked it, funny, I don't recall them ever falling and injuring their heads when they were little. Lol.

HenryDavid13 - You Won't Want to Fall Asleep and Dream During This5 star

Christopher Nolan takes us out the streets of Gotham and inside the not-so-cute, not-at-all friendly world of Inception. We meet a man named Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who’s hell bent on reuniting with his children, and will do anything to get there and clear his name, including go on a globe-trotting quest with his friend Arthur to commit one last big job of corporate espionage for Japanese businessman Saito (Ken Watanabe). With the help of a professor (Michael Caine), he recruits genius student Ariadne (Ellen Page) to construct dream worlds. While very long, the pacing stabilizes when they prepare their big job. It can be hard to follow, but instead of docking half-a-star for incoherence, here’s what I say: pay attention! However, no matter how much attention you pay, the characters will remain undeveloped, Christopher Nolan’s one true flaw, though Cobb’s desire may be relatable, relatability is interpretable and can vary between people. The last big job is presented spectacularly with practical effects and an overall realistic feel to it (putting the dream entering aspect aside), Hans Zimmer instituted the use of giant horns in soundtracks thanks to this movie, and it all does its job, echoing the intensity of their scenarios and setting the tone in general, except for a few scenes where it is just dialogue and nothing more. Inception is utterly humorless, and that’s alright, because this doesn’t need to be funny. There are a few quips, but nothing to create uproarious laughter. Blockbusters don’t have to be Guardians of the Galaxy level funny, but if you take that formula, remove the bright colors, the heaviest CGI, and the great character moments, you’ve got something completely different. Wait, what’s going on? Oh yeah, there’s some language, but only in extreme situations for good reason. I wouldn’t worry too much. If you do, just convince the kids it was a dream…

Katherine Bounty - The best movie!!!5 star

Inception is Leonardo DiCaprio's best film:amazing effects,brilliant story,great actors,incredible idea... I'm in shock

Emerson Sterner - WOW!!!!5 star

I'm beginning to believe that Christopher Nolan can do no wrong! This film wrecked my world in the greatest of ways! The story is solid and the acting is spectacular and we haven't even started talking about the effects. There will be no sequel because it doens't need one. It's a great stand alone film...something that is incredibly rare! Leonardo DiCaprio earned his oscar for this film, though he never got it! A masterpiece....and absolute masterpiece!

WakaiSenshi - This is literally my favorite movie5 star

I love this movie. One of Leo's best performances and a great idea and concept. I cannot stop watching this movie, in fact I've seen it 6 times and it still surprises me to this day. Excellent show and worth every penny.

dkla777 - This sums it all up4 star

A fascinating film I still don't understand.

Vinicio Vazquez - I don't know how to describe it, it's so incredibly awesome5 star


Chang Shan Hydrangea - A platitudinous movie1 star

Significantly uninteresting in the repetitive nature of the plot. The plot is the feature point of the film. I prefer a story and characters with depth this movie had none of the above. A disappointment to say the least.

Lady_Helmet - Groundbreaking!5 star

A groundbreaking movie that entertains the senses as well as the mind. Well written and well acted by all. I’ve watched many times now and have been entertained every time.

Lefuriouswolves - Yeah um5 star

G.O.A.T. :P

Froggleep - Not for me!2 star

I'm not a DiCaprio fan. But, I heard a lot about this movie and thought I'd give it a look. Am I'm glad I watched both trailers; they usually are the attention grabbers. In this case, they confirmed that DiCaprio isn't going to show me anything special and the story line, well, looks rather dull.

Patrick Rondeau - Just watch it.4 star

Amazing movie. Truly kept every minute for interesting detail and beautiful imaging. This is a must watch for anyone with a pulse.

ShapeShifter68 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

I know I'm late seeing this movie, but it was the best movie I've ever seen. Anyone else think Arthur is hot?

Bklners - Very good, complex movie4 star

Christopher Nolan's Inception, is a complex, mind-bending, thrilling, well acted movie. The story is quite original, and Mal is a great villian. Leonardo Dicaprio's Dominick Cobb is a believable character, with real depth. The action is exhilarating, and the movie features an exciting and beautiful score by Hans Zimmer. You may have to watch it more than once to understand it, but Inception is definitely a good buy.

Scarey movie lover - Confusing but likable!4 star

I watched this because of the soundtrack and I had only saw one Leo movie-Titanic. I found that the soundtrack didn't really fit the movie until the very end. I knew from the description that it would be a complicated movie to follow. I didn't like all the violence but that's what seems to sell these days! What ruined it for me was when I went back to see certain parts (and that's a must for this movie) and I saw that they had described what was going to happen between the sun and his father. That last scene with them made the movie for me when I thought it was the father telling the son he was wrong about their relationship from the heart, and he saw that his father had kept the paper windmill from the photograph, but locked away all those years, but all of that was manufactured by the dream crew! :( Still the scene was touching.

Minsull - its worth watching3 star

i wish i had seen this without all the hype. its not bad, its a good movie but it wasn’t ground breaking, or wildly original. it was, ok.

Mack's Mac - Inception is one of the most favorite movie.5 star

This is surely a masterpiece by Christopher Nolan. The story is undoubtedly complex and it makes you think very hard. The subject itself is so complicated and innovative. Leonardo played the character very well.

jderrico - Terrible1 star

Three minutes into this movie and I was pretty sure that I made a big mistake buying this piece of trash. I couldn't tell what part was a dream, who was dreaming it, or how many were dreaming it if it was a dream. People were popping in and out for no apparent reason and just added to the confusion. Here's an analogy: thirty years ago, a blurry photograph would have been eliminated from any serious competition because it lacked sharpness, regardless of the subject of the photo. Nowadays, blurry photographs win competitions because the photographer deliberately made them look blurry in order to add some some sort of psycho-babble statement to the subject, but in the end, it's still a blurry photograph. This movie is terrible, and reviewers use such phrases as "complex, multi-layered storyline," "...asks the audience to use their minds...," "Deception asks you to think," "A mind-blowing plot," "...surreal visuals," and my favorite: "Most of it makes sense if you think about it." Well, I used my mind; I thought about it; I looked at the surreal visuals; and before the plot blew my mind anymore, I turned it off. I made it as far as 15 minutes into this film, and hated myself for not turning it off much sooner. Perhaps my IQ is too high for this blurry photograph, uh, film.

Helmi Younan - WoW 5 STARS5 star

Great movie like when the 1st MATRIX CAME out !!! Very clever and complicated script .

Jolovesgum - Îńçëptîøñ wåš āmàżíng¡¡5 star

I watched it with my 2 older brothers and we all totally like it and it had good action.

JosiahMagnet - One of the most original movies ever!5 star

This is one of those movies that you have to see a few times to completely understand the plot. The acting is great and the visual effects are AMAZING! Don't let anyone tell you not to watch this movie, because you should see it! Like it or not, this is definitely one experience you won't forget!

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disappointed 🥺 - Awesome5 star

Still one of my favourite movies

MartinD21 - Langue Francais Canada3 star

Le film est super bon Mais merde, pourquoi iTunes as encore retiré la langue francaise Canadienne.... Je sais pu combien de film j'ai acheté et qu'il enlève la langue....

Devil$666 - Très bon film à voir5 star

Mais 15$ c’est un peu cher pour un classique

Leonardo Citrin - "Inception" is a fantastic film!5 star

Till today, Inception remains one of my favourite movies. I can respect that the first time, it may be a tad difficult to follow, but all it takes is a second watch (which I understand can be a lot to ask) to fully understand it. I've seen the film over 5 times myself and I find it even more amazing every time. The acting in this film is wonderful; Leonardo DiCaprio never lets me down. The cinematography/camera work was beautiful and added such a deeper meaning to the representation of the story. Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest directors in modern film, and this my favourite of his work, though his other films never fail to astound me. Though at first glance the plot may seem confusing, the plot and the script is so incredibly powerful and genius. I'd recommend to either watch this film twice, or watch/read explination videos/articles online. And of course, one of the most fantastic parts of the film is in fact its music. Hans Zimmer composes yet another powerful soundtrack. The soundtrack in itself is a work of art and I often find myself just listening to the soundtrack and appreciating its beauty. The music helps tell such an incredible story. It's so original, and there's deffinitley nothing quite like it. - Anyway, I'd highly recomend this film as I think it is one of the great films of the 21st Century. I do know that is quite a great leap, but I don't just throw that around for any mediocre film. This film was truly incredible.

CdnBookLover - Mind-blowing?1 star

Yeah, it was mind-blowing into total boredom. My grandson (18 at the time) and I saw this in the theatre when it came out and only sat through to the end because we thought that - eventually - it would make sense. Our opinion: a total waste of money.

Viking Joe - I'm not sure what all the fuss was about...2 star

I was pretty disappointed. It was kind of hard to follow. A dream in a dream in a dream...

sahil2014 - Honestly, this Is One HELL OF A MOVIE MADE!!!!5 star

This movie was perfect, Leo was awesome. Totally gonna see it over again

zxcter - fu1 star

If I can't rent it......I won't watch it.

Yaro1020 - Inception5 star

It's awesome!

Shutterbugirl - The definition of masterpiece5 star

Not much to say, except that you should watch it. It truly does make you think, and even if you "hated" the movie, it probably made you think, and that's the whole point. I can't imagine the nightmare that it must have been to write this script. My hat's off to Nolan.

KEV.J. - ...skip the action...3 star

...the interesting part of this film concerns his wife ,not a gun needed to be fired.I love action films,but does every film need to be? A lost oppertunity

WONDERFULPISTACHIOS - Mindbending!4 star

Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite directors and this is proof (as well as the Dark Knight Trilogy). Love the special effects and the mystery. The move was surreal in a really cool way.

Mei12345 - A Masterpiece!5 star

This will be a classic

danielcros3 - One of my top ten favourite movies5 star

It's suspenseful and thrilling with some AWESOME action!

AlyKnowswhatsbestforyou - Excellent Film5 star

Spoilers This movie is about Leo DiCaprio's character ( Cobb), who is asked to perform a psychological act called Inception on a manager of an energy company to make him change his mind. However we later learn that Inception was performed on Cobb, not on the energy manager. His wife suicided Herself and woke up in the real world, while Cobb became lost in his dreams. (Note that the apartment in Limbo is the same one that Cobb's wife killed herself to wake up from Limbo)

Han Deng - AWESOME!!5 star


kaukalukka - AMAZING times 105 star

You MUST watch! its a great movie.

Gibber4681 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

This was seriously the BEST movie that I have ever seen!!! Its so genius… the only thing is that you really have to watch ever detail of the movie for it to really make sense. If you watch everything carefully you will be amazed!!

sssssssssss11 - love the movie, but...5 star

why is it not for rent?!

Wheightssucks - Great5 star

great movie

Dfgcfhbjhhff - Amaing movie5 star

This is by far the best movie ive seen in my life . Some people are pissed about the ending but i find it to be one of the best endings ever! I hope chris nolan doesnt make a sequel because of how unique and creative this movie is so that it could wreck it

S1471k - This movie is so cool5 star

I enjoyed it a lot best movie I've seen in years

Djyler - Ouaaa!5 star

Very very good film amazing !

EndOfTheDark - One of the best5 star

Quite frankly you're an idiot if you didn't at least enjoy this movie. The story is fresh and very different from movies now days. Oscar winning stuff!

t4462es11 - Stunning!!5 star

WOW...such refreshing idea for a movie - absolutely breathtaking!! Nolan and Leo at their best!

Cylac76 - Amazing each time I watch it5 star

This is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. I've watched this movie countless times already and I'm still glued to the screen. The score of this film is also breathtaken.. I normally don't buy soundtracks.. but for this one I did!!

Right tighty - Wow5 star

Excellent movie , a bit confusing but overall excellent movie

Buffytheslayr - Great5 star

I love movies about either Dreams or Time Travel, so this is like both. Inception is a wonderful concept of a movie and pulls it off very well. All the actors are well suited for the roles, and you never feel cheated. Worth every penny although it would be nice to see it go down in price eventually, from $14.99CDN to maybe $9.99 or even $7.99CDN. Think about it iTunes and Inception creators. Thx.

SaraG1995 - <35 star

just 3 words to say ; best movie ever !

CoolKidCawnorr - Amazing5 star

"Inception" was the the absolute best movie that I have ever watched in my entire lifetime. It takes watching about two or three times to actually understand. I have watched it a good 7 or 8 times and I am still figuring things out. Totally fantastic. Watch this movie.

The Xavster - Makes You Think5 star

It's a really cool movie that makes you really wonder about life and dreams. It takes a little bit of time to figure out, but that just makes it more intriguing. Five out of five!

The Sci-Fi Writer - Favorite Movie5 star

If you're looking for a movie that's complex, moving, and original, Inception is the perfect one! The complexness of the plot was amazing, leading the audience on a brilliant, unpredictable ride! The characters were rich and interesting, with a protagonist so incredible that he's definitely won his place among my mental list of memorable characters. I simply loved how flawed and complicated he was! Keep in mind, the movie's intricate plot can be a bit confusing at times, but I think it's one of the things that makes this type of sci-fi so amazing - after all, who wants to watch a movie which they can predict from beginning to end? Inception left me breathless - it's definitely one of my favorite movies and is worth a place in any itunes library!

ScandalFan - It will blow ur mind!!!!5 star

One of the best movies of 2010. It makes u think if u can actually go within a dream of a dream...nits a shame it wasn't released later in the year cause I think it would have given the kings speech a run for it's money for best picture of the year...

Yay!!!$$$$ - Good5 star

This movie made you think. It was very exciting as well!!!

Chris_1997_1997 - Why cant i rent it???5 star

A week ago i found it for rental on the apple tv, now, when I want to watch it i have to buy it ??!?!?!? Thanks apple for making my day, now ive gotta go to blockbuster.

Leonardowife - Omg5 star

It's the best movie action I see my god and leonardo are so sexyy:D

Ugyrvyrfgrdc - Good movie4 star

I think it was pretty cool.

redrum248 - meeehhh not that great1 star

people think the movie is great because its "confusing" thats the point of the movie actually... so it doesent mean its good only because of that plus the effects are always the same repetitive and boring verry dull... overall its a bad movie.

Team-eswardd1234508 - Outstanding!5 star

Amazing movie!!!!!

Roro544 - Winning4 star

I can see how some people would find the plot confusing... I even found it a bit weird. Still, its a really good movie, and it is a must see for action lovers!

i chuck - I must have missed something3 star

The visuals where awesome but so wasted, most of the huge dream scenes like the train driving down the city street from the carmercial are really pointless and the plot feels really underpowered. They go through all that effort and planning for something that really doesn't matter.

Brey-B - Luv it5 star

Most amazing movie ever how could it get 86% rotten tomatoes?

Season 1234 - 12345 star

Amazing movie... It's not confusing if u pay attention... It's not just about explosions, it has a great story too. I like movies that make u think and focus. Check it out, it's great!!!

bones_r_us - Tiresome2 star

Ironically, I couldn't stay awake watching this movie. I had higher hopes, but the premise was confusing and frankly, soporific. I did not find it engaging - quite a waste of some significant talent. I'm probably the wrong demographic - I suspect my attention span isn't short enough to properly appreciate this style of moviemaking.

Rockcraft - Dream On3 star

Another paen to Hollywood special effects. Judging from the rave reviews here I guess that is what people want. I'm sure this film has made lots of $$$$ for director Nolan but I don't even consider it close to his spare masterpiece "Momento." I understand how Inception is the perfect Hollywood film as it has lots of explosions and shoot em ups and as a bonus it somehow seems to make many viewers feel deep. I agree that this film has many levels – perhaps on one of them Nolan is simply mocking those who have lost touch with real life.

Gaudidali - The worst movie ever!!!1 star

It seems like people in Hollywood is running out of stories and definetely they're showing lack of imagination and ideas for movies... This one is the perfect example.

Pamnren - Awesome5 star

For all thoze peepz hoo think dat teh storez confusin, IZ SUPOZED 2 BE!!! It rly makez u think about it nd gets ur mind goin...but seriously, it waz ausum.

Fadfoud - awesome5 star

good story great actors great effect great movie

Emigirl2255 - Awesome4 star

It was amazing movie,great scenes and plot but it wouldn't load onto my iPod

Rectal crack - Inception wow5 star

I watched that movie a month ago and still think I'm in a dream. That movie was mind blowing and the best film of the year! Without a doubt!

Dragonmusic - Beyond comparison5 star

Writing a reviw for this movie is like writing a review about the earth. Uncomparable.


Wake up or is it your dreaming in a dream within that dream when do you know your in reality or are you dreaming STILL??? The best ever I’ve seen kept me every Hour to the minute to the second,glued to the this amazing movie....NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. IT WILL LEAVE YOU THINKING AND QUESTIONING am I awake or am I in the MATRIX. Actors were amazing and the story line hasn’t been seen anywhere...

Tāne. - Excellent Movie!5 star

Great concept and great actors. Type of movie I like, puzzling, creative and imaginative

BoyFierce - Watch it!5 star

I absolutely love this movie. I love coming back to rewatch it again and again. Each time I see it, i seem to pick something up that i missed that last times. You do need a coffee with this one, as you need to pay attention. Keeping up with the number of dreams in dreams can be overwhelming, but the film is doing exactly what it's meant to. Intrigue. 5 stars from me :)

EppingGirl - Awesome!!5 star

Best film ever! Has you thinking all the way through and to the end don’t know if it’s real or a dream.

Doc 7777 - A boring movie1 star

I endured it for 20 minutes before giving it away. A waste of money.

Film critic01 - Great thriller5 star

Although you need to watch this film twice to understand but once you do you'll love it. Great action and visual effects that were done PRACTICALLY you won't believe it once you watch inception.

James Smith the Third - Awesome5 star

Really gripping and interesting story with truly stunning visuals.

Hermione 🌹 - Prepare to be confused3 star

This is a good movie, but needs a few viewings to really understand it. Not something if you're looking for a fun little movie. Buckle in and pay attention.

ctmbrown - Best Movie EVER!!!5 star

This is absolutely the BEST MOVIE EVER!!! With plenty of plot twists and an engaging storyline it is absolutely gripping. Anyone can get it if they want to pay attention but if you want a happy love story you can watch as you drift off to sleep, think again!

Lars1976 - Genius5 star

Brilliant mind bending movie, up there with Donnie Darko as top 10 of all time.

iHumaid - The best!!!5 star

I've seen this movie more than 4 times and every time i see it i just cant take my eyes out of the TV :D

Kristofucorn - Buy This Movie!5 star

I hope everyone that reviewed this badly is joking... Or you have serious problems...

Mitka.Ch - Inception4 star

I definetly enjoyed watching this movie. The concept of being able to control dreams was very interesting to me. It's a regret, however, that the characters in the movie lacked warmth.

Moises552 - one of the greatest films i've ever seen5 star

The Director,The story, and the actors are Unbelievably Fantastic. Watch it for yourself and see the masterpiece that is this film. (ps if you've never watched a film with so much to compensate you might want to watch something else)

Detective Batman - Epic5 star

Christopher Nolan's great movie streak continues with Inception. An interesting an engaging plot, you might have to watch it twice to fully understand it, but the first time round certainly made me think of this as a fantastic film. My favourite movie of all time. Nolan has impressed me yet again.

Dominik-Wilkowski - HD missing1 star

Why is the HD version missing?

528491. - Amazing5 star

This film is a masterpiece and Nolan is a genius. The soundtrack to the movie is inspiring and adds great depth to this brilliant film.

Paddy is amazing - It will blow your mind5 star

With an all star cast amazing visuals and Stephen Speilbergs best story yet, it's like a freakin' mind grenade

Thylacine36 - Good but not great4 star

A thoughtful action/SF story thoughtfully done.

Hadwick - RENT!1 star

I want to rent this, not buy it!! Do that and then you will get 5 stars

patto143 - THE BEST OF THE BEST 5/5 A+5 star

This is by far the best movie i have ever seen stunning camera work, amazing visual efefcts, great acting and amazing stunts, great direction and a brilliant plot that will have you thinking long after you have watched the film i couldn't be more staticified. Just WOW! 5/5 A+

Camscharl - Price!!!!!!!!!!1 star

Why did you raise the price up to $15! I really wanted it but now I have iTunes money so if u dropped it down to $9.99 I would have been able to buy it but no I am not now

Starstarstar05 - Best5 star

Loved the movie it was mystery throughout

Lanilou15 - Best Actors Ever!!!5 star

Omg my all time favourite actors are in this movie 1) Cillian Murphy 2) Leonardo DiCaprio 3) Tom Hardy and 4) Joseph Gordon Levitt. This movie is sooooooooo awesome it took me 10 times to understand, very confusing but really one of the best Chris Nolan is amazing, he has one big Imagination a bit like me and I like that.

pru1 - The best movie ever5 star

This is the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life!! 100/10

Meister Rob - Mind bending and Brilliant5 star

A fantastic, deep and emotional film on so many levels! This film adds to the brilliant mind of Christopher Nolan as one of the best writers and directors of this decade a truly epic masterpiece to be enjoyed by all, I cannot give it enough praise! 5/5 stars don't turn away from this film!

Boo Ka - What can I say5 star

Truly great

21st Century Film Lover - A Flawless Masterpiece.5 star

This is a movie about dreams and the power of ideas. What else do I have to say? This is the best movie ever made.

luv movies 101 - Wow!5 star

Wow great plot and actors definitely watch this movie!!!

miniJcooper - Very good!4 star

It's interesting how they go inside a dream that's inside a dream.

Lord_blood_bone - I love this film4 star

I was told this was a great film but needed to be watched a few times to process everything. I watched it once and understood everything which was a little disappointing and left me wondering why and wasn't a film I eagerly went to watch again. So I would recommend this film highly but it's not a film you want to watch over and over again.

Boppojr - A masterpiece of the cinema5 star

A staggering movie that bends the mind and redefines what to expect in a modern day movie. I thought id seen it all and yet here is a truly refreshing original with a stella cast and director. DiCaprio in his element, since Blood Diamond he just continues to grow & grow on me. Buy this movie don't rent it as you need to watch it a few times to get the full impact.

Darth Vai - Great movie5 star

If you threw The Matrix and Oceans 11 franchise films into a blender.....Inception would be the result!!!

Nozza Mac - Great music and effects, average storyline4 star

The visual effects and audio were stunning in this movie!! Although the storyline was bodgy. you could easily get lost if you didnt give it your complete attention.

rich0912 - Great movie5 star


Kai Muller - Stupid People!!5 star

I think that anybody who can't understand this movie is a complete idiot, and a doosh. It's not that hard to understand...

Digital_Furball - One of the best movies5 star

One of the greatest movies of all time, watched it 6 times over

em961 - inception3 star

most confusing movie of your life

Sweet as bro - Captivating!!5 star

What an amazing concept to use! Out of the box thinking. One of a kind movie! I was at the edge of my seat trying to work it all out! So good.

Mr. Submarine - great 5/5!5 star

best movie eva! my dad hates this cuz he cant keep up but i thought it was ahmazin!

=) RUNNER - Amazing5 star

I am still confused with this movie but I get how SPOILER they are actully helping him not the other way around. I think that he was stuck in a dream(s) and so the dad tried to help him by involving the woman into the whole situation and which might explain why she already knew a lot. So she had to get him to "let go" of his wife (kill) ................. Or he may have died in the van while it was in the water and went to his limbo knowing that if u died in THAT dream you would go into limbo. So he may have dreamt the ending when he gets back to his kids you never see the spinning top stop spinning......... Or the wife might have been right some how I LIKE TALKING BOUT DIS MOVIE Yea

smoonamoona - Fantastic5 star

Brilliant story and concept, well done, needs a second viewing to pick up the finite pieces missed. Best Sci-Fi ive seen in years

SamChard - A masterpiece5 star

Brilliant concept and story.

Icy Temperament - Why can't I rent it?5 star

Well iTunes? Where is the rent button?

Lol-pops - Incept10n5 star

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Absolutely amazing it was like wow at first and then it Just blew my mind away best movie in the world to good

Tihomire - Inception5 star

OMG talk about screwing with my head?!?!?!?! Thought provocking!

rockthecasbar - Watch it now.4 star

Very good. Everyone should see it. I'm gonna be a bit mean and say that it dragged a bit.

iNdu :) - Most interesting Movie i have ever watched5 star

Best movie i have ever seen!! The whole dreaming involving extraction and inception is so cool. the effects are spectacular and amazing. i am using this film as part of an english assessment on change. great text. THE BEST. i understand the movie !!

Steve NQ - Inception - great concept and excellent movie5 star

What an intense flick. Great premise and story line. You need to be fully on your toes to keep track of things, but they do explain the concepts well, and the characters are great. DiCaprio was really good. Inception is one of these movies that keeps you thinking about it for hours if not days afterward, and is fantastically entertaining.

Jacob355 - Masterpiece5 star

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Excellent

MetalFoXUK - Thought-provoking, cinematic madness5 star

What if you had an idea that could change the way you think? Christopher Nolan does exactly that. When I first saw Inception i'll admit I was somewhat bewildered by the madness presented in front of me, however by the end it all made complete sense. Inception portrays a deep, multi-layered story surrounded by veteran acting, gripping action and hair-raising music. To this day, I still do not understand how Leonardo DiCaprio didn't win an Oscar for this masterpiece.

Mc finn 101 - This film made me moist5 star


3x champs Redskins - Disappointing2 star

I must say I found this a really strange movie and would not watch it again

impy20541 - I loved this, can’t stop thinking about it!5 star

I thought this was a fabulous, if far fetched, film. Well acted, thought provoking and fun. What more could you ask? Really enjoyed it.

Jlowe1 - Spectacular5 star

Yes the plot is very in depth and you can't take your eyes off the screen for a second or you will not understand what is happening. But nevertheless this is one of the top five films I have ever seen..

Drake76paul - Am I dreaming.......5 star

Woke up, watched this film, woke up again realised it had only taken 3 mins to watch whole film. Great Film. :-)

Sarah 2608 - visually stunning5 star

Though arguably there are some plot flaws, overall it is a stunning film with beautiful performances from the cast and undeniably extraordinary filming from Christopher Nolan.

andyking24 - The greatest film ever...5 star

As my title says, THE GREATEST FILM EVER!!!

Qwerty reviews - Absolutely incredibly brilliant5 star

This is by far one of my favourite films ever!!!!!! It is so gripping and fascinating. It really could change the way we think !!!!! A must watch film brilliantly acted by all involved including Leonard dicaprio who was fantastic, very well dChris Nolan 10/10 Hope their will be a follow on (inception 2) !!!!!!!!!

Jenianis - Cannot rate this has highly enough5 star

This is amazing. So complex and captivating, so many things happening all at once. Was grateful for the way Leonardo would explain what was going on as they went along so I could sort of understand (I'm a woman lol) highly recommend as it is so original and creative. Great balance of action, thriller, suspense and sentiment. You must watch this! In love with Leonardo and Joseph..

Obi-Dan - Another Nolan Classic5 star

Brit Director Chris Nolan brings us another masterpiece, this time without the cape. Utterly superb.

Federert - All about perspective1 star

I absolutely hated this movie - rarely do I not find something positive to say about most films - but I just couldn't buy into the storyline on the two occasions I have tried to watch it I have failed to make it to the end of the movie. By all accounts everyone else enjoyed it - personal taste I guess.

LondonYC - Makes you watch it again and again5 star

If ever a film needed a sequel...

Petertsir - All time great!5 star

Inception is is a film of a dying breed, a breed of film where box office records and profits are second to a captivating storyline and engaging the audience, a breed of film which can still be referred to as art in its truest sense.

Iq3man - Not a good watch...1 star

Hard to follow and a pointless was not for one us....

Superbosh - AMAZING FILM MUST SEE5 star

There are many negative opinions about this film, but that is only because that person/those people cannot understand the storyline. And as said before, do not watch if your not particularly bright because you will not understand it.

Th3HonestReviewer - Just buy it5 star

Just buy it.

joerobins98 - The best film!!!5 star

So glad I got it, must see and now my favourite film😄

berniejames66 - MIND BOGGLING!5 star

This is an incredible film. The acting, the storyline, everything. I'm not sure I really understood what was going on (although I tell my friends that I did), but I really enjoyed it anyway.

CharlesD7 - Incredible5 star

Incredible film

Beasty9999999 - An OK movie3 star

Think theres too much hipe over this movie and about the visuals sorry didnt think they were that ground breaking at all :(

I said Woo! - I said woo!2 star

Really looking forward to this film - all the good reviews it got...However, I got so bored of it. Understood it alright but turned it off. Incredibly dull.

DeEngelsMan - Wow5 star

What a sic-fi!!! With a complex, yet engaging storyline that really leaves you thinking for the entire duration of the movie and afterwards still. Masterpiece!!

Jazzy in Kyushu - Pure brilliance5 star

This is one of the benchmarks for all other films. Completely changes one’s perspective on what a movie can and should do. Brilliant.

Karena Louisa - Just amazing5 star

I do love leonardio dicaprio and that was probably the only reason I watched it in the first place. I did find it very confusing at first but I did enjoy it and definitely recommend it, I think I might go and watch it now.

Maximilian357 - Great5 star

Great film loved the story line some people said it was confusing, best way to watch this film is without any distractions and if u love movies or Leo, You will love this

Farhana8 - All time favourite5 star

This movie has no doubt got to be one of my all time favourite movies out there! It's just so good!!! The actors, the story, the MUSIC! .... Just WOW!!!

SilentBandit1998 - Clever film5 star

To those to say it is too complex, its cause your brain is a bit simple, that is the crucial point of the film, its not just your average "BOOM, BANG, DIE DIE DIE! KAPOW!" film, it's a film, that requires thinking, yes it has some action scenes, but they're bloody exciting if you ask me, acting is superb, setting is superb, music is just, mindblowing, Hans Zimmer never fails to impress us. I heard that Christopher Nolan was inspired by lucid dreaming to make this film... Which I highly reccomend trying, as it may be just like in Inception, you control the dream.

Darkness073 - Brilliant Nolan piece again5 star

Brilliant film. really makes you think. if you like Dark Knight and the Prestige, you will like this. If you havent seen those and like this, they are brilliant as well! You can get cheaper elsewhere fyi. itunes really need to sort their prices

OriGiNaL LeXl - Number 15 star

This movie is my all time favourite, absolutely terrific. Gripping from the start, the actors were all great! 5*

ewan_evans - Incredible5 star

I found this film comlpletely engaging throughout, and it had me hooked right from the start, right up until the very end, and [SPOILER ALERT] the very last scene still has me hooked after I last watched this film for the fifth time, the last viewing at least two months ago if not three. I think that viewers who have watched and like 'The Prestiege' will find this film on particular enthralling and entertaining. In my opinion all the actors and actresses portrayed each of their characters well, helping Chris Nolan finish the job in a spectacular fashion, just like he always has. I highly recommend this film to all viewers.

Rebel 4646464766 - Another epic film from Nolan!!!5 star

This film is a dream!!! It has a great cast ,great mind blowing tension! The effects are better than Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy FX. The idea about the kick, projections , going within a dream within dream and so on is epic you should get this film today!!!!!(This film is dark and compacted not for viewers under age 12)

mrnathanjc - Good Enough4 star

Come on, it's not that complicated. Guys writing bad reviews obviously don't understand the plot, which isn't too hard to understand. Good actors, adventurous, overall pretty good. Not the sort of thing you'd want to watch on the train, more of a late-night film.

O.j cadman - I didn't like it1 star

Love it, hate it, I don't care. My brain literally exploded because the plot was hard to figure out. Ouch.

Podlin - Mesmerising5 star

Fantastic film that has to be watched more than once to be fully appreciated. The soundtrack if awesome just on its own.

Manc - Spectacular Movie5 star

This movie makes you think constantly, its plot is deep, thoroughly thought through, all works perfectly and a great cast t boot! Extremely watchable, cerebral at times, grips the viewer, takes you for the ride of your life and leaves you with a riddle at the end to solve; its all there for you to work out the answer. Simply brilliant, definitely in my top 5 movies of all time!

Aragorn48 - Epic Film!5 star

This film is brilliant. It is such a clever vilm as well

djsodapop - Brilliant5 star

Great film, but you need to pay attention. There is no point watching then moaning about the film after saying it has too many twists etc. Thats the point!!! There are lots of folk moaning about this film but I have to say based on 1,432 ratings if only 341 people didn't like it then there is your answer…. Enjoy.

Monkey2133 - Quality5 star

One of the best films I've seen

Marx676 - Outstanding5 star

Inception has to be one of the best films I've ever watched!!!! Inception has one of the best line up of actors including leonardo dicapriano, tom hardy and marion cortland who also acts superbly well in "public enemies" thats definetly worth a watch. YOU MUST SEE INCEPTION!!!!!!GET IT!!!!

icy_typhoon - AMAZING5 star

I didn't rent the film, I just wanted to review it. Don't complain that you can't understand the plot - I'm 13 and I get it completely, just watch the film with someone who can pause it at times and explain stuff. Christopher Nolan is a GENIUS with this film and the Dark Knight trilogy. The plot twists were so clever! Keep in mind that the film is VERY long - about 2hrs 20 mins I think.

 - Awesome5 star

Whoever doesnt rate this 5 stars is really weird!!  This movie is AWESOME!!  I am obsessed but, I mean, like, ughhh... TOOOOOO AWSOME!!! 

musicjo69 - Inception5 star

Twisty, layered and brilliantly filmed

WoollyWoolly - Amazing5 star

This was incredible. Classy, gripping and fascinating. Even if you don't know what the hell is going on you'll enjoy it. Definitely watch this without distractions or you just won't get it. But even if you don't get it you'll still enjoy it. The visuals of this film are just an art in themselves and Hans Zimmer brings his best arrangements yet to the score giving you total immersion in this incredible world.

IMPACT Seven7 - Masterpiece5 star

This movie is simply amazing, the visual effects are amazing and the action is great, however at times it is confusing. I highly recommend and worth every penny.

Rotexodot - Amazing5 star

Most watch

Francoitalia - Inception1 star

This is my first review but this disappointing film has drawn it out of me. The first disturbing thing is there are no opening credits and no idea of when the story begins. The whole storyline, which had potential, is in fact incomprehensible and not a little boring . Each new scene/development was covered by the cast members explaining what and why was going on. This added to the confusion and boredom. In the end we decided it was better to go to bed and dream our own dreams, instead of falling asleep in front of this uninteresting cinematic nightmare. We truly felt this was a missed opportunity for a good thriller and a waste of money.

Endgame2x17 - Come on iTunes!3 star

Why would you buy this in standard definition?! Give me HD!

DMC8729 - Such a disappointment.2 star

I was really looking forward to this as I've always enjoyed Christopher Nolan's work. Sadly this was such a disappointment, despite having some impressive effects the script let's the whole thing down and is not as clever as it likes to think it is.

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move over jessica - MESMERIZINGLY AMAZING!5 star

Absolutely awesome film from an absolutely amazing movie maker in Christopher Nolan!! Only thing that can be improved on is making the film easier to understand, but otherwise one of my top 10 of all time!! Thank Christopher Nolan for this amazing masterpiece!!

Iliaklimenchenko - INCREDIBLE5 star

I saw this movie twice and it blew me away both times. Truly a must see.

DarrenT - Stunning in every way5 star

Stunning in every way. Among my top five favorite movies. Twists and turns the whole way through. Something new to pick up on even after watching it several times. There's nothing I don't like about this film.

Frenchy in LA - I dreamt about this film once5 star

What a kick.

notoe421 - Phenomenal5 star

This film is a phenomenal masterpiece and in my opinion Nolan's best work. It is my favorite action movie of all time, though it is so much more than an action movie. Yes, it is also a Science Fiction Heist Thriller film, but I mean that there is so much to it and it is just so incredible. The ensemble cast all make the film feel real, like a dream. When your in it, it feels real. You think it is real, until you wake up. I had a crazy dream recently that I remember. It felt so real, but was so strange when I woke up. There are so many layers (no pun intended) that make it so interesting. This is a movie that I love to watch and study, and see if I can piece all of the pieces of the puzzle together, and I feel I have save for the ending. That is another thing, most everyone who knows this film, knows its ending. An ending that keeps your eyes to the screen for the final few seconds, unblinking. The characters were great, though I do kind of realize we only want to know about Cobb's past. But that is honestly ok. This and Insomnia I feel are the best written Christopher Nolan films. He has a style to his directing that never gets old, and this film is no exception. This movie maybe confusing and jumbled upon first watch, but it only gets better the more and more I watch it. The effects are amazing, the film plays on how dreams only have the limit of your mind and imagination so well, the visuals reflect this. If you have not seen this film, SEE IT! I swear you will not be disappointed.

Ajamesdagreat based 2 hunna - Great5 star

This movie won't disappoint viewers. The concept of the movie and the theme of the movie is amount and its a little confusing but at the end it makes you think which is great... Don't believe me, look at all the other reviews it will tell you the same thing

Johnny Storm - Mission Impossible 51 star

The plot of this movie was taken from an unused episode of Mission Impossible, there is nothing really innovative or new about it.

Anthony3223 - Inception5 star

Mind Bending Drama, Christopher Nolan Does it again, Wonderful Performance by Leonardo Dicapreo, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

l501f - Admit it, it's now your favorite film.5 star

Amazing story and imagination. Thrilling to the very end...literally. My new favorite film.

Russell Teo - Brilliant script5 star

Nolan & team did again

_zachpaul_ - Thrilling and Ground Breaking5 star

Inception From start to finish Inception keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting to see how the story will unfold. The acting is fantastic, the set pieces are breathtaking, and the finale is awe inspiring. Director Christopher Nolan did a fantastic job creating a story that would immerse the viewer all minutes of the film, it constantly has you thinking trying to catch up and it still has you thing after the credits roll. Nolan's eighth theatrical release is one for the books.

Mattcarnes - Disapoinment2 star

I normally like when movies try to be long but when the beging take up half of the movie and doesn't show anything like the first inception he did what the public thought of his wife's suside and somehow 3 psychologists declaring someone who thinks reality it fake is fine

Johncito2003 - Awesome5 star

Great film. Awesome story line and as a psychologist, I really appreciated it.

CigarNazi - I Was Like...3 star

Huh? Am I the only person that just doesn’t “get it”?

Buyuk Pasha - What an INCEPTION5 star

Crazy good. Flips, twists and switchbacks. Worth watching again and again.

stephanie_curtis - Inception is a dream come true.5 star

Inception planted an idea in my head. That this is one of the most influential films ever made! It is brilliant, daring, and steps over the line of creativity. The acting is superb, especially from DiCaprio. I love the set decoration. The score was composed to be intense, and fits with each moment. I enjoyed the two plots: the one considering how to assemble a team and how to perform inception, and the other looking into Fobb's deep secrets and his back story, showing how he cares for his family.

Partyxpete - Not for everyone...5 star

Well, where should I start... The soundtrack is too notch, the acting is great with Leonardo, and the story is very cool. Now just so you know the story is very complicated so only people that have the brains or attention span(2 hours 45mins) will enjoy this epic sci-fi movie. It has it's own rules so just go along with them, and it has about 5 possibly 6 different layers of reality depending on how you intemperate the ending. So pay attention and you will be rewarded with a cool concept to think about.

01123581321 - Silly1 star

A stereotype of all the stereotypes in the criticism of Hollywood: all special effects and bombast, no heart, soul, or story.

GimHuon - 말이필요없음.5 star


BaileyNeve - Absolutely Astounding5 star

Never in my life have I seen a movie that I've enjoyed so much. I usually never write reviews, but I felt it was necessary for me to write one on Inception. Christopher Nolan is by far one of the best directors of all time. Inception is filled with an amazing cast, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Wantanabe, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy and many others. The visual effects are out of this world. This film is very thought provoking and original. Personally, this is my favorite film of all time. If you are in the mood for a masterpiece, watch Inception.

Moviestarc - Chris Nolan5 star

Yeah buddy. I want to watch all his movies

GOD IS GOOD! - A terrific sci fi achievement!5 star

This is one of my favorite Science Fiction films. Simply put, its story is original, emotional, and full of wonder. The Acadamey Award Winning visual effects are absolutely jaw dropping...when one considers that a large amount were practical effects, great acting all around, and deep themes revolving around accessing someones dreams to learn more about them, a possible parralel universe within a dream, themes of regret and fixing your past with a risk that will grant you freedon in the live life with those you love.

LibTechGnarSlayer - Inception Incredible.5 star

Inception is another example of Christopher Nolan's ingenious. The best example. 4 Oscars, & 4 nominations including Best Picture and Best Screenplay (The King's Speech was excellent, but did not deserve either of those Oscars over Inception). A deep, thoughtful, & clever story, 10 years in the making, teamed up with amazing visuals, sounds, and effects (Won Oscar for Visual Effects, Cinematography, Sound Mixing, & Sound Editing) as well as exhilarating action scenes has created a masterpiece. To truly appreciate the genius of this film you need to allow yourself to get dragged in. It may seem confusing and boring to some with such a complex storyline. Nolan's masterful screenplay, admirable directing, and amazing attention to detail has resulted in a movie that I have placed in my top 5 movies all time list with The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and The Dark Knight. It was an easy decision when putting it in that list.

rcgl4 - Sucked.1 star

Trying so hard to be the intellectual choice for movie goers. It ends up being a boring mess.

viccky =] - Must watch!5 star

Loved the movie. Felt completed. A lot of movies now are up satisfying and can keep you thinking on the end after it's over, I like it.

Alexiaalove95 - Amazing!5 star

I love the movie! It's so different and very kind blowing. You have to pay a lot of attention to it or you will be confused lol.

I know dis stuff - Get Ready5 star

Someone should have no reason not to watch this movie. From the director of the Batman Trilogy. And If it has DiCaprio. It's automatically good. But this is great. Only people who don't like it are the people that don't want to understand it. A mind bending film that will have you guessing, wondering, and wondering if it can actually be done until the very last second of the film. A dream cast, a dream director in a film about dreams.

mr.science983 - All around brilliant5 star

"Inception" has an amazingly complex and sophisticated plot with dark twists and equally dark and mysterious music by Hans zimmer. Great film that requires you to think to understand the plot.

agh-235 - Life changing5 star

Just do yourself a favor and watch this movie…..It will change your life!

Maine browser - LA Reviewer5 star

Truly great movie. High level of conceptual originality and complexity. Probably the best special effects of any film in history. Good acting, plotting. A masterpiece that will be on every serious best-film list for decades.

Cponto32 - Inception5 star

It's abot Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who can acsess people's minds through their dreams. And he finds out when people die in a dream they become a new person. There is only an enemy that Cobb could've seen coming.

MovieMan4738953689 - One of the best ever made5 star

People who don't like this probably just didn't get the plot. Nolan is amazing and the cast did an awesome job.

mollie1975 - ????1 star

I rented this movie and I fell asleep for about an hour and when I woke up and went to play it, with about 19 hours of my rental still available, but when I tried to play it a pop-up said it was expired??? RIP OFF

Stillnewguy - Not that complicated1 star

This is another unfortunate movie that thinks it is much smarter than it is. It will only "blow your mind" if you somehow miss the gaping plot holes and inconsistencies. This is simply a reverse heist movie set in a dream. There is so much that a director could do with a movie largely talking place in dreams, but Christopher Nolan doesn’t do much other than shootouts and fight scenes. I can only guess that Christopher Nolan's dreams are Quentin Tarantino films.

cugel - Pretentious and Lacking Any Real Emotion1 star

This movie is a pretentious, overblown mess that, despite its attempts at constant action, is really all exposition. But the worst part is that it is very hard to have any emotional connection to the characters. I could have walked out of the theater at any time and didn't care what happened. Further, anyone who has any experiences with lucid and multi-layer dreaming will not be impressed by this movie, which simplifies the idea into a very materialistic action flick. Watch the Matrix. The concept is very similar (what is reality?), but done incredibly well. The only Nolan film I truly dislike.

ndc1954usa - Lousy, lousy, lousy1 star

One of the longest, lousiest movies I have ever seen. Avoid it by all means.

Dancer1212 - Weird Movie4 star

This movie was weird when I watched it with my Dad. But it was good.

JavienMichael - Movie that belongs in your Collection5 star

Building up my movie collection after my physicals movies were lost. When I saw that this was on iTunes this was a MUST to download. This movie is it’s own genre. There honestly aren’t creative movies being developed now and this movie is an example of where movies can go. All time movies to get.

becaqua - The greatest movie ever made. PERIOD5 star

Ok so thats a very bold statement, but in my film class we went over this movie for about a month because of how deep it is. We even had a test on it. Thats how legendary this movie is. For those who don’t know Christopher Nolan worked on this movie for about 10 years before production. Anybody looking for a good movie should watch this, a must see for everybody.

Jacksprat07 - Well done!5 star

One of my favorite movies. It demands a little thought but is well worth it.

Joe Biedermann - Great movie!!5 star

Leonardo once again pulled off a great movie! This movie had great actors and interesting story! It kept you thinking and on your feet the whole time. The special effects were incredible as well, I would reccommend watching this. Not a waste of time or money.

H20insiidous - things to see in your life time5 star

Great film a trus science fiction classic. Takes the intelligent view to a what if and presens viewers with a view of what would you do and where would you go or stay if ity menat losing everything else including reality.Watch it at least 5 times to get the true hidden levels of everything (one more than the collapsing dream)

Carverd - Must see5 star

This movie is stunning on many levels. The music is amazing. This team has put together a few excellent productions.

Delaney7552 - Hands down one of the best5 star

Inception is by far one of the most unique and interesting movies I've ever seen. Hands down a favorite, you will NOT want to skip watching this one!

blacnknwhiteem - BRILLIANT5 star

The BEST movie I have seen EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!! The plot is so remarkably unique and intricate, and I was left completely blown away. The movie was just SO interesting, I couldn't even handle its amazing epicness!!! MUST WATCH!!!

Hey man this is awsome - MIND BLOWING5 star

Three words IT WAS AMAZING this was a film that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to Finnish. Hanns Zimmerman was amazing with the music and Christopher Nolan outdid him self. Same with decapriario

Tommyc98 - My personal favorite5 star

You can't beat inception, the cast is killer and Christopher Nolan absolutely mesmerizes all with his screenplay. An absolute must-see.

Firexc238 - Probably the best movie that ever made5 star

The movie is great

Fun on the go - Great effects accompanied by great acting5 star

I haven't actually seen the movie...

Matt32z - Nolan does it again5 star

An awesome mind bending movie that will make you want to watch more.So Nolan always impresses me.The future of movies he is.

Desi_thug15 star

@inception_runa futo dekho meri jaldi change karna hai

Desi_thug15 star

@inception_runa Rani.... Chalega

ToyukhaF5 star

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Thirdbrainfx5 star

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Inception_runa5 star

@desi_thug1 Maharani 🙄🙄🙄

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paris, francespyphilosophyhotelallegorydreamvirtual realityfistfightcar crashrescuemissionlos angeles, californiadangerzero gravityimaginationdream worldideasubconscious

Inception posters
Inception posters
Inception posters
Inception posters
Inception posters
Inception posters
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