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The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) continues his thrilling adventures through through time and space in this collection of specials, beginning with his first - 2010's "A Christmas Carol." summary and synopsis will be updates...

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Knowledge has three degrees — opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition.

Plotinus (2010)

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- Absolutely Top-Notch DWho X-Mas5 star

People are very conflicted over Stephen Moffat's reign as show runner, but -- if anything -- this Christmas special proves just how masterful his storytelling can be when it's firing on all cylinders. It's inventive, fun, and deeply emotional, full of incredible little sci-fi/fantasy concepts, and exactly the kind of tale only Doctor Who can tell. I choked up by the end the first time I watched this, and have returned to it again and again as one of the single best stand-alone tales of the Matt Smith / Moffat era, and the two following Christmas specials (sadly) vastly pale in comparison. Check it it out.

- Where is 2011 special5 star

Where is the 2011 Christmas special??

- A modern Christmas Carol5 star

I didn't get to see this until after I finished watching the end of season 6. It is an excellent and heart touching story. It has no monsters or bogeymen, just the Doctor trying to save 4004 lives. The happy with a touch of bittersweet ending was perfect. I think this show will be part of my Christmas tradition from now on.

- THE DOCTOR5 star

It was so good

- A freaking Christmas Shark? Really?!?5 star

Edge of your seat thrills followed closely by stuttering fits of laughter. Deserves every award that can be lavished upon it. Best episode (?) yet. Will be hard to top but something tells me they will really try. Something new to watch every Christmas...

- Store error, episode awesome5 star

Great episode, performances by the actors were wonderful. Only complaint is that the store categorizes it as season 1 so, it's filed in with my season 1 episodes and is not able to be changed.

- Classic Doctor Who5 star

This is certainly up to par for the Doctor! There were many twists and surprises to keep it interesting, and it was well told! I wish the next episode will come soon!

- Awesome!!!!!!!!5 star

I was so happy when I found out that it was showing the same day as it was in England this year because usually we have to wait til January to see it it is so awesome it's a very odd version of a christmas carol but it was awesome anyway. it passed the "my brother test" and he's pretty hard to get to sit down for an hour and watch Doctor Who! Which means it must be good.My dad, who never has time to watch Doctor Who watched it to! I'm not so sure if my mom watched it but I know she likes Doctor Who. Five Stars!!!!!(plus five exclamation points)

- Just 4 (or 5) more days...!!!5 star

My first Christmas with the Doctor, and so glad it's written by Steven Moffat, YAY! And oddly enough i've actually felt surprisingly Christmassy this year (normally i don't, lol) because i've had the Doctor Who Christmas Special to look forward to =) Plus I really really want to see Matt in the santa hat lol... Ah, and hellooo bow tie, i've missed you! Yep -- bow ties ARE cool. PS. Now that i've watched it twice -- the second watching was key, because i bawled even more than in my first watching. i think it's because the first time there are so many new things to look at, like the Doctor flipping back and forth, the fish, etc. -- which, once my brain knew what they were about and their place in the story, was then able to get even deeper into the heart of the story. And i was thrilled with Murray Gold's new variations here of I Am The Doctor! (yes i'm a bit obsessed with that track) So did i enjoy my first Doctor Who Christmas with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Murray Gold? In a word -- in one very simple word -- YES!

- An interesting take on the Christmas Carol4 star

It was an interesting take on the Christmas Carol. However, I do wonder why it auto re-downloaded, replacing the original download of the episode. That's never happened before with iTunes.

- A new take on a classic story5 star

If you enjoyed the original Christmas Carol and like the alternate Earth/England societies of sic-fi then you will want to see this. I saw it post Christmas but this could become my new Christmas Carol viewing.

- A Christmas miracle5 star

Haha I love this show Peace out see ya in the future or maybe the past

- The jury is still out.5 star

I'm going to give the new Doctor a few more episodes before I make a judgement; either nay or yea...

- "Display not authorized" ?!? New DRM restrictions? No thanks.1 star

Sorry for the 1 star, it may be a good show but I'll never know. For some reason, Apple has decided to change its format. I have A 2008 Mac Pro and an Apple 30" Cinema Display. Apparently this is not enough now to play new shows like this!! I have bought well over 100 shows on iTunes and if this is the future, Apple will be losing a LOT of money from me. There isn't even a disclaimer alerting the need for HDCP-supported hardware. DRM at its worst.

- Loved the special5 star

Dr.Who is the greatest show on the tube!

- ???!!5 star

The show is amazing, and it was a great special, I think the best xmas one by far, however I'm wondering what the heck happened to it? I was on here the other day and saw it posted, and was ready to buy it today but it has disappeared. Can anyone tell me what happened?! Otherwise, love the show, love Matt Smith, and go Doctor Who! :D

- Uh...1 star

Where did this episode go?!

- Where did this go?1 star

Where did this episode go? All that's available is the trailer, as of 1/12/11 at 7pm!

- OMG!5 star

OMG! I love Matt Smith as the doctor! This is probably the BEST Christmas Special so far! I didn't think I would like Matt Smith cause I was like in Love with David Tennant, but this is totally amazing! I would recommend it to anyone!!!! I think I'm going to go watch Doctor Who now!:):):):)

- Matt Smith rocks!5 star

I thought it would be impossible to replace David Tenant. I was so wrong. The Doctor Who specials continue as strongly as ever.

- Doctor Who Christmas Carol5 star

I love Doctor Who, and it was well worth it to buy the Christmas special; the 2011 sneak peak at the end was a wonderful surprise as well.

- Genius in every way5 star

Matt Smith and a glorious story shine like the best of Tennant. Perhaps even more so. Simply brilliant.

- A Christmas Miracle5 star

This Christmas special was nothing sort of spectactular. And not in a showy, guady way either. It was clever, charming, funny, and daring. I was throughly impressed by Michael Gambon's performance in this episode, along with the other Sardnicks. Katherine Jenkins was delightful. Her voice actually played an important part in this episode and it wasn't an umimpressive plug for her. Amy and Rory were cute in their short parts to play, as always. Rory = <3 But, Matt Smith was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! He had that brilliant David Tennant of being able to play young, but also seem ancient and wise at the same time. Loved it!!! This episode is a must-have for any Who fan.

- a cool show5 star

like all the doctors this one is .b.a.d in a good way in fact now that I am thinking about rousing SF adventure, i am looking forward to the docs escapades! see ya on the tardis. .d r w h o

- The most brilliant Doctor yet!5 star

After watching the whole Season 5 and the latest Christmas Special I have to say I am very impressed with Matt's performance. I thought David Tennant would be hard to top, but I'm liking the new doctor more and more. This Christmas Special was the best. The quality of the sets, the lighting, the effects and the story line are better than ever. Brilliant Concept for this Christmas. Something strange and different, and never before seen... Loved it! I am happy the Special wasn't centered around the companions. Actually, the whole show could do without Rory. In my opinion, he has nothing to add to it. Cheers

- Dr Who doing what he does best.4 star

Great twist on a classic story. Playing with time can leave one's head throbbing, but Who does it with panache. The scene where he has to pop forward in time to ask the passcode of the aged man in orer to help the aged man's younger self open the locked door is brilliant!

- Huh?5 star

I loved the first show great, but I'm upset that the new show hasn't come yet. Anyone know when they are?

- Fantastic!5 star

Matt Smith is a really great Doctor. Part of the show is falling in love with each new incarnation. As a life long fan, I believe Matt is the perfect choice to carry the show to the next level.

- Great Doctor Who Christmas special but with one glitch....5 star

This is my favorite Christmas special but there was one problem, the album art for the Matt Smith Special was using DOCTOR WHO SERIES ONE instead of the Matt Smith image. Is there a way to fix this? I tried several methods but none seem to work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks again for this wonderful Christmas special.

- Geronimo!!!5 star

I was so excited for this and it was fantastic. I am an American who is kinda new to the show but once i saw it fow the first time i was hooked. The show is just amazing and the christmas special was to i recomend this show to all my freinds and they love it. If your new to Who know that it is more than worth the time and money.;)

- OMW!5 star

Okay I wanna meet all the writers of this show. because every episode lately has been exiting and hilarious! I'm totally lovin' Amy on this show. To me shes like a mix of Donna and Rose. Anyways the christmas special was amazingggg!!! :D A millions stars for Matt Smith!!!! I didn't think i would like him cause i was a total David Tennant fan.. but turns out Matt smith is the best doctor yet!! :)

- On it's way to becoming a Christmas classic.5 star

Definitely a fresh take on an old classic. My friends and family all agree that this special has now become a Christmas "must watch"!

- Huh?5 star

Why wasn't this included in season 5? Futurama's Xmas special was included why not this?

- What a Christmas special!5 star

I absolutely love Steven Moffat's genius. Yes There are a few moments where you know he's probably patting himself on the back for his cleverness but come on! Wouldn't you if you thought of this story? But enough about the show... By this point your a lover of the eleventh doctor or not. I am. So I'm super excited that the shows going to air at the same time on both sides of the pond. Eeeeep! A very happy Christmas indeed and to the new year!

- Christmas Special after Christmas.....4 star

As a Doctor fan I really enjoy the fact that I can download Doctor Who episodes as I am raising a new generation of fans on the Doctor. However, this was the Christmas special (Dec 25) available on Dec 27. Blah, blah, blah licensing. Got it. But still. One would think that for Day specific offerings such as this one, one would negotiate a clause into the license to be able to provide Christmas Specials on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Other than that I would recommend to any one.

- Excellent5 star

I had my doubts at the beginning of the season but the new doctor has done a great job in his role. Long live the Doctor.

- Jaws meets a Christmas Carol5 star

Excellent episode! Stephen Moffat is a brilliant writer. Michael Gambau is amazing as a Scrooge type character. Matt Smith is great again. I am amazed how great he is as the Doctor. I thought David Tennent would be impossible to follow but Matt continues to make it his own. Karen and Arthur are memorable companions providing the necessary foil to the Doctor. Also, the fact that this is available so quickly in the USA is fantastic.

- Just pure awesomeness5 star

This WAS the mosy christmasy yet. I loved it very much . Oh i cant wait till series 6

- NOT Disappointed!!!5 star

The promo says "This year Xmas won't be late" & they were right! Thank you for the best Xmas present! Doctor Who the day after it aired!!!

- More Doctor Who!5 star

I look forward to watching this soon. Cant wait until it is available.

- Karen Gillan is hot5 star

I like the preview... but where's the Christmas episode? It's the day after Christmas now.

- Wating for the real deal4 star

I cant give this too many stars right now since the page shows that the episode is to be released December 26th... and its not here... I REALLLLLLLLLY want to see this... I hope we are not going to be subject to a two week delay like the rest of the episodes for this season.

- When will this be in the store?5 star

When will this be in the store?

- Available on iTunes when?5 star

Sorry this really isn't a review but given the past performance of recent Dr. Who I have no doubt it will be five stars for me. Does anyone know when is the actual episode going to be on iTunes?? I know its been seen on TV now so lets get with it!!

- How long must I wait??3 star

Seriously though...How long? Also, I am drinking out of a mug where the TARDIS disapears on one side, AND THEN REAPPEARS ON THE OTHER! Just thought you should know. So that Christmas special, when is that going up on itunes? Tonight? Will it be tonight? It's definitely tonight, right? Tonight then.

- So When Are We Actually Gonna Get the Episode?5 star

Hopefully iTunes will make the Christmas special available to buy soon. I know I want it!

- When will the episode itself be on Itunes?4 star

I see the trailer available for download, but not the episode proper. I heard it was going to be online on the 26th, but now I'm wondering when it will be available online.

- Where?4 star

If the special is supposed to be released on the 26th, and it's the 26th, then where is my Doctor Who Christmas special??

- Fantastic!5 star

Absolutely the best Doctor Who Christmas episode yet. It manages to rework the classic 'Christmas Carol' story in a way that it does not tell the same old tale. Moffatt manages to sew time, past and present, together flawlessly - again. It's magical and entertaining in a Time Burton kind of way. The Star Treky stuff could have been left out, otherwise it set the mood on all the right notes.

- Can't wait!5 star

Promo looks great, absolutely can't wait for the real thing!

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MasterQ13 - where is it, come on where is it!5 star

Come On, I want to see this now..I am having Who withdrawals!!

doctor chemist - COOL TRAILER....TOO EXPENSIVE5 star

Matt Smith is brilliant as the doctor. The Christmas special looks to be good fun and intense. But really? Does itunes have to charge so much money for a 1 min trailer? I would pay 50 cents at the most ;)

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