Morning Glory

Morning Glory

By Roger Michell

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2010-11-10
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 47min
  • Director: Roger Michell
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Morning Glory Description

Produced by J.J. Abrams and written by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada), director Roger Michell's comedic glimpse into the cutthroat world of live television finds a desperate female news producer (Rachel McAdams) attempting to put out the flames between an anchorman (Harrison Ford) and his blustery but iconic cohost (Diane Keaton) in a last-ditch effort to save their failing morning show. Jeff Goldblum co-stars in the Paramount Pictures production.

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Morning Glory Movie Reviews

  • Great movie

    Greek Woman
    Great performance with well chosen actors. A movie with humor.
  • Judged Hard, Not Disappointed

    First off I will say this is the first review I've written. When I rent flicks I know shiz about, I go off the reviews. If you want an epic comparison, try Rex Harrison and Aubrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, sans teaching her how to speak correctly. This movie may be a bit predictable, sure, but isn't every movie, even up to Deadpool? LOL I would marry Wade Wilson PS. If you have any semblance of romance all up in your veins, you will like this. I took a chance and it won. Would I buy it? I don't know. Would I recommend it to my friends to rent? Absolutely. Would I recommend a GUY to rent? Yes. It's more sarcasm than romance-very little romance-and definitely frustrated chicks dealing with surly pricks who need to and do sort of grow lady balls.
  • Morning Glory

    Playback bad 2nd time this has happen quit renting and buying movies. Came back happened again last time. iTunes bad deal no more
  • Delightful

    Yes somewhat cheesy but overall cute story with a romantic element and great cast
  • Entertaining but not great

    It starts fairly strong, then picks up on the way to being great, but about two thirds of the way through it fizzles with a weak finish. It was as if they felt they had to quickly cram every cliche and formulaic predictability into the ending without really doing the necessary character development to make those things work. For instance the afinity Ford's character develops with McAdams's character by the end doesn't really seem believable because they didn't do enough the make the movement from him being antogonistic toward her to him liking her. It just kind of happens because that is what is supposed to happen in a movie like this. Ford and Goldbloom deliver poor performances, and I have to think bad directing contributed to it, since we know they are two good actors. However McAdams and Keaton are both adorable and hilarious in this. Great performances by them. In the end, it is a decent movie. Entertaining, feel good, and worth a watch, but nothing great. If you're in the mood for something light and a few laughs, this will work.
  • Stupidity

    Made by idiots for idiots
  • Cute

    This is a very enjoyable movie! Most of it makes sense. I always find myself rooting for the naive brave and smart EP as she fights for the life of her loser of a show. The characters are all believable!
  • 💛

    LOVE IT.
  • Loved it....

    What a great movie..
  • Funny!

    I loved this movie. Was cracking up throughout whether it be the quirky weatherman, Diane and Harrison's banter, Rachel's neurosis and her and the love interest, Patrick Wilson, who is fabulous. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Pretty good

    Jessica syz
    The movie was better than I expected. But not my favorite movie ether.
  • Needed More Meat with the Sauce

    Awe Heal
    Overall, this movie was entertaining, hence, the 5 stars. There were priceless moments of sheer hilarity. I only wished the directors would have played up the 'banter' more. Diane Keaton, honestly, people! She's the Queen of Polysyllabic Discourse and the directors didn't allow her character to get full play with Harrison Ford----truly a shame. Aside from wanting MOAR, this movie is an entertaining rom-com and I gave it a higher rating than the Rotten Tomatoes rating.
  • Pretty Good Show

    This is a pretty decent movie, I would tell my friends to spend money to rent it
  • fun enough that even a guy can enjoy it...

    Rachel is great. Harrison is actually funny, and Diane adds some depth to the cast. All three work great together. A fun, well thought out movie. Funny, and not too much of a chick flick, mushy... that a guy can't enjoy it. Rachel, again, is a star in the making. This was a great roll for her, and she carried a lot all the way through the movie.

    very funny, Harrison Ford was wonderful.
  • We need more like this...

    It's not all about the side-story romance or the workaholic who can't seem to step away, but rather about the characters, their relationships with one another, & how they use those relationships to find what's important. It does have the conventional Hollywood ending, but well worth it. It's witty & you'll find yourself wanting more from each character as they are exceptionaly written. The casting director did an amazing job as these actors have the kind of chemistry you can't deny. Overall, the movie is pretty much everything you want minus the predictable ending.
  • Sprinting in high heels

    Not only does Rachel McAdams do a good job at portraying the overachieving career woman, but she proves that her skill in sprinting in high heels is superior to any woman I know. Harrison Ford and Diane Keeton are great together. Ford's deadpan delivery is hilarious.
  • great comedy

    lot of jokes, fun, $ worth it
  • well below average

    Asha T
    I'm sorry but this is just not a good movie. What a shame with a cast like this.
  • Ok movie

    isaac chammah
    Just an ok movie....

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