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A stint in prison usually has one of two effects on a man – it either breaks him down or makes him stronger. For Driver (Dwayne Johnson), a 10-year sentence proved the latter. His strength was not just fueled by time, but also by a hunger to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched bank robbery that led to his own imprisonment. Untouchable on the ‘inside,’ he made plenty of enemies in prison - men who were counting the days until his release so they could exact their own revenge on the outside. Now, on the day of his release, he is hell-bent on reaping vengeance upon the four men responsible for his brother’s murder. With a list of names and addresses in hand, he sprints out of the prison gates and is immediately on his mission.

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faster (2010) - george tillman jr. synopsis will be updates..

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Was surprised  Ask&Seek123  4 star

I was really surprised how good a story this was for a vengeance movie. Good job! Forgiveness through, and Praise, Jesus, lives can change!

The movie with no ending, and pointless story archs  Any163737281828383738292  1 star

This movie is dumb. You will be a few IQ points shorter by the end. It's boring, the story is mostly meaningless, and if not for the Rock, it would be 100% garbage.

Nice Job Rock  CheapTrickster  4 star

Good plot, good action and worth your time.

Cool guy 909101
Awesome!!!  Cool guy 909101  5 star

Awesome movie!!!

Black FU
Pretty good  Black FU  4 star

Not the best but it's a driven movie. The characters aren't that bad and the ending is a bit surprising. Check it out.

If yaaaaaaa smell  Phatazzpro  5 star

This movie is off the chain while others are tied to the gate. The story line is gripping and the action is blockbuster.


Wow. The rock is awesome, he acts great because he barley speaks in this movie, they should double feature this with drive, drive being the more artsy of the two but this is still a good movie, action and a nice twist that didn't shock me but was nice to see they put some work into this movie. The only thing this suffers from is this annoying british guy, who could have been replaced with a series of assassins that keep trying to kill him instead of that whiny loser. But overall a nice buy or a really great rental

Faster  Scream4sux  5 star

Great movie!!! The rock rocks!!!!!!!

Faster  j03m4m41989  4 star

This movie iz kool

William Gfell
Good  William Gfell  5 star

I liked this movies not one of the Rocks best but still a good movie

Great Action  MrChucky  4 star

Not much of a story line... however a good action movie....

Jozzy ozzy
Awesome  Jozzy ozzy  4 star

Good movie a must watch

Vic Park
Piece of art  Vic Park  4 star

Honestly, this is a movie with THE ROCK, what else can you expect ?

Awesome movie agreed !!!$  Mudman1312  5 star

I think Dwayne Johnson is a heaps good actor and this is a awesome action movie

Awsome, awsome movie  82memo82  5 star

 if you like vendetta movies, then this is the movie to watch.

Loved It!!  mageau  5 star

I liked the pace of this film ... Loved the imagery :)

very average movie  JurajB007  2 star

The Rock or Dwyane Johnson used to be so cool in such movies but this one is terrible. I was really disappointed. Don't waste your buck on it, get Welcome to the Jungle is you haven't seen it.

Jazz pop.
Mr Andrew Purcell.  Jazz pop.  4 star

I think its cool.

Really cool movie  sonnyz_84  5 star

This movie is simply awesome and imo one of all time greats!










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