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6.6 star

Unknown (2011) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2011

Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) awakens after a car accident in Berlin to discover that his wife (January Jones) suddenly doesn't recognize him and another man (Aidan Quinn) has assumed his identity. Ignored by disbelieving authorities and hunted by assassins, he finds himself alone, tired, and on the run. On his own in a strange country, Martin seeks aid from an unlikely and reluctant source (Diane Kruger) as he plunges headlong into a deadly mystery that will force him to question his sanity, his identity, and just how far he's willing to go to uncover the truth.

Unknown Film Synopsis

A man awakens from a coma, only to discover that someone has taken on his identity and that no one, (not even his wife), believes him. With the help of a young woman, he sets out to prove who he is.

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So why his wife was trippen?Still confused on his wife, was she really his wife? What the hell going on with that?.Score: 4/5

UnknownI am a Liam Neeson fan but certainly not of this film. The storyline is so unrealistic to the point of being ridiculous. I turned it off before it ended. The star is for Neeson..Score: 1/5

Enjoyable and unexpectedly goodI enjoyed this a lot. It didn't let on about what really happened until almost the end. There is some hokey stuff, like the bomb blowing up in the hotel (and I loved the fact that there was just one fire truck after a major hotel bombing), but it held my attention throughout and made me really feel for the guy and pull for him to figure things out. Yes, I will watch it again..Score: 4/5

Meh...Saw it the first time and it was way better... It was called "The Bourne Identity.".Score: 3/5

Very EntertainingI wasn't sure if I'd like this, since it seems to not have great reviews. However, since I love the Bourne movies, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm definitely not disappointed. True, it's very much like the Bourne movies, but so what? It's well made, well acted, kept me guessing, and it was very suspenseful, not to mention had good chase scenes and a couple of good fight scenes to match. If you are looking for an entertaining thriller/suspense movie, this is a great one!.Score: 4/5

READ!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡(please);)Pretty good movie my family wanted to go rent some movies so we got Unknown and a couple of other movies I liked it don't listen to the other reviews it's not corny if your looking for a mysterious drama movie watch it I recommend you watch the preview and read what it's about just to see if your interested In watching the movie rent in on red-box for a dollar or on iTunes enjoy the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;).Score: 5/5

Corn.I had REALLY wanted to see this in theatres, so one day while at a movie store with a friend we picked this movie up, both of us excited to see it. After having watched it, I'm wondering what we ever saw in it. If anything, this movie was good for laughs. For a 'thriller' it was quite boring. And actually, for ANY movie it was boring! We wasted almost two hours of our lives on this film. It's not the actors, or the directing, or even the bare premise; it's the script and its feeble, empty resolve. Both of us actually fell asleep while watching it, if that's any testimony. ((Spoiler alert)) After waking up we went back to where we had fallen asleep and finished the movie. When it ended, I turned to my friend and said: "Realization: that entire movie was about corn." (See what I mean by feeble resolve?).Score: 1/5

I liked 80% of this movieLike: Liam Neeson. He did a convincing job of convincing himself and us that he's Martin Harris. Some reviewers likened his role to Jason Bourne but I disagree w/that premise. Filmed in Canada. Interesting. Car chase scenes believable. Hanging from the rooftop to evade enemy capture proved clever. Dislikes: January Jones & Diane Kruger are 24+ years younger than Liam. So it was unbelievable that these ladies could be his wife/girlfriend. I didn't buy it for a second, in fact, it was creepy. The river rescue seemed a bit of a stretch for believability (word?). But, ok movie, I will let you think it could really happen in the winter in Canada. During the filming of this movie, Liam's real life wife died..Score: 4/5

MovieMiddle of my wives pregnant months. Still unknown. Great movie..Score: 5/5

ALMOST BEST MVIE OF THE YEAR!!What can I say, this movie is absolutely amazing!! Very entertaining....Score: 5/5

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Almost great.This movie was entertaining, exhilarating, and shocking until the plot holes wrecked it. I can forgive some minor holes but not major ones..Score: 3/5

Been There, Done ThatAnd I've seen it done better. MUCH better..Score: 1/5

Not bad but overactive with the teen angstTwilight move over for teen angst. As with Twilight, it's WAY overdone. The other parts of the movie aren't bad but don't really surprise you. I guess they just expect teenagers to not care as much about being captive to an interesting plot?.Score: 3/5

Wanna know if its good or bad? Then read on!It wasn't bad and was pretty good. I honestly think that it kinda was a surprise and the twist is that you have to watch the entire movie to know how the story goes in order. Not bad, I say 3 stars and maybe even 3 and a half:) witch is a good rating for me:) I thing its not a bad price for the movie, and I would watch it again if had the chance witch I can! (I recorded it) so go ahead and buy it or rent it. It is really more like a mystery movie or like a mixed up board game. So thats all I'm gonna tell you about:) oh! One thing if you wanna know more WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE! Stop waistin your time reading reviews just watch the DAMN MOVIE! Thanks Alot, Bowen.Score: 3/5

EXCELLENT!!This movie is Awesome and is definitely thrilling...If anyone says otherwise it's because their love of movies has become tainted...It is worth the rent...This one I could purchase ..It is so good!!.Score: 5/5

Waste of TimeSame old plot. I've seen this movie a hundred times. Predictable formula, Predictable characters. Why waste the actors', the directors', the audiences time?.Score: 1/5

Wowie!!Good plot and good actors. As usual, Liam delivers a credible performance in this movie. Like it, like it!!!.Score: 5/5

Loved ItThis was a really good movie. The pace was great, the acting on par and the plot had twists. I wish I had bought it, I want to watch it again once or twice, just to catch the hints to those twists. It's at the very least, a must rent though..Score: 5/5

Great Idea..Score: 3/5

A take off on The Bourne IdentityThat’s not to say I didn’t truly enjoy the movie, just an observation..Score: 5/5

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Unknown (2011) Series Cast & Crew

Unknown (2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Liam Neeson (Dr. Martin Harris), Diane Kruger (Gina), January Jones (Elizabeth Harris), Aidan Quinn (Martin B.), Bruno Ganz (Ernst Jürgen), Frank Langella (Rodney Cole), Sebastian Koch (Professor Leo Bressler), Olivier Schneider (Smith), Stipe Erceg (Jones), Rainer Bock (Herr Strauss), Mido Hamada (Prince Shada), Clint Dyer (Biko), Karl Markovics (Dr. Farge), Eva Löbau (Nurse Gretchen Erfurt), Helen Wiebensohn (Laurel Bressler), Adnan Maral (Turkish Taxi Driver), Merle Wiebensohn (Lily Bressler), Torsten Michaelis (Airport Taxi Driver), Rainer Sellien (Control Room Detective), Petra Hartung (Control Room Detective), all returned for unknown movie.

Liam Neeson (Dr. Martin Harris)
Liam NeesonDr. Martin HarrisScore: 77.0
Diane Kruger (Gina)
Diane KrugerGinaScore: 33.7
January Jones (Elizabeth Harris)
January JonesElizabeth HarrisScore: 17.6
Aidan Quinn (Martin B.)
Aidan QuinnMartin B.Score: 18.1
Bruno Ganz (Ernst Jürgen)
Bruno GanzErnst JürgenScore: 8.8
Frank Langella (Rodney Cole)
Frank LangellaRodney ColeScore: 9.9
Sebastian Koch (Professor Leo Bressler)
Sebastian KochProfessor Leo BresslerScore: 6.6
Olivier Schneider (Smith)
Olivier SchneiderSmithScore: 2.4
Stipe Erceg (Jones)
Stipe ErcegJonesScore: 3.0
Rainer Bock (Herr Strauss)
Rainer BockHerr StraussScore: 4.0
Mido Hamada (Prince Shada)
Mido HamadaPrince ShadaScore: 3.7
Clint Dyer (Biko)
Clint DyerBikoScore: 6.1

Lucinda Syson (Casting), Joel Silver (Producer), Richard Bridgland (Production Design), John Ottman (Original Music Composer), Peter McAleese (Executive Producer), Claudia Kiefer (Property Master), Henning Molfenter (Co-Producer), Charlie Woebcken (Co-Producer), Cornelia Ott (Art Direction), Sarah Meyer (Executive Producer), Dietmar Haupt (Rigging Gaffer), Lee Herrick (Supervising ADR Editor), Andie Derrick (Foley), Peter Burgis (Foley), Damian Anderson (Production Coordinator), Leonard Goldberg (Producer), Ruth Myers (Costume Design), Léonard Glowinski (Co-Producer), Bernhard Henrich (Set Decoration), Andreas Olshausen (Supervising Art Director),

Joel Silver (Producer)
Joel SilverProducerScore: 6.0
John Ottman (Original Music Composer)
John OttmanOriginal Music ComposerScore: 2.3
Henning Molfenter (Co-Producer)
Henning MolfenterCo-ProducerScore: 1.4
Cornelia Ott (Art Direction)
Cornelia OttArt DirectionScore: 1.4
Leonard Goldberg (Producer)
Leonard GoldbergProducerScore: 1.9
Susan Downey (Executive Producer)
Susan DowneyExecutive ProducerScore: 9.9
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'Unknown' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of unknown, the Jaume Collet-Serra's popular movie. Watch the unknown teaser trailer. Jaume Collet-Serra’s #unknown is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Unknown Official Trailer #1 - (2011) HD▶ Unknown Official Trailer #1 - (2011) HD
Unknown - Trailer▶ Unknown - Trailer

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Take Back Your Life..

Unknown — 2011

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All released movie posters so far for the movie unknown - 2011. A poster for Jaume Collet-Serra thriller movie, Unknown! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for unknown (2011). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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بعد استيقاظه من غيبوبة، يكتشف أستاذ جامعي أنّ رجلًا آخر قد انتحل شخصيته، وأنّ عليه أن يقاتل لإثبات هويته.

يستيقظ الرجل من غيبوبة ليكتشف أن شخصًا ما قد انتزع هويته وأنه لا أحد (ولا حتى زوجته) يصدقه. بمساعدة امرأة شابة ، شرع في إثبات هويته.

български език
Д-р Мартин Харис се събужда след автомобилна катастрофа в Берлин и открива, че съпругата му не го познава, а друг мъж се представя за него. Игнориран от властите и преследван от наемни убийци, Мартин се оказва напълно сам, на предела на силите си и принуден да бяга, за да спаси живота си.Без никакви познати и приятели в чуждата държава, Мартин намира помощ от необичайна посока и се заема да разбули смъртоносната тайна, поставила под въпрос здравия му разум, идентичността му и предела, до който е готов да стигне, за да разкрие истината.

El científic Martin Harris va a Berlín amb la seva dona per assistir a un congrés, però té un accident i es desperta en un hospital després d'estar en coma uns dies. Com que no recorda res, la seva dona no el reconeix i un altre home es fa passar per ell, comença a investigar què ha passat, amb l'ajuda de la taxista que li va salvar la vida i un antic membre de la Stasi.

Dr. Martin Harris se probere z kómatu po autohavárii v Berlíně a zjistí, že ho jeho vlastní žena vůbec nepoznává a jeho identitu si přivlastnil úplně cizí muž. Úřady, které mu nevěří, ho naprosto ignorují. Pronásledují ho tajemní nájemní vrazi a on je sám, unavený, na útěku. S pomocí nečekaného spojence se po hlavě vrhá do smrtelné záhady, která ho přinutí pochybovat nejen o jeho příčetnosti a identitě ale i o tom, jak daleko je schopný zajít, aby odkryl pravdu.

Botanikeren Martin Harris med frue er netop ankommet til Berlin, hvor han skal holde foredrag på en kongres. Men han glemmer sin mappe i lufthavnen, og da han kører tilbage efter den, ryger hans taxa ud fra en bro. Efter fire dages koma vågner Martin og finder ud af, at en anden mand har overtaget hans identitet og hans kone. Martin er forståeligt forvirret. Hvad foregår der mon?

Liam Neeson spielt einen Mann, der nach einem Autounfall aufwacht und feststellt, dass sich jemand anders für ihn ausgibt.

Liam Neeson spielt einen Mann, der nach einem Autounfall aufwacht und feststellt, dass sich jemand anders für ihn ausgibt.

Auf einem Kongress in Berlin will sich US-Biologe Dr. Martin Harris mit Kollegen aus dem Ausland treffen. Doch nach einem Unfall und einem mehrtägigen Koma ist sein Leben auf den Kopf gestellt. Seine Frau behauptet, ihn nicht zu kennen, ein anderer Mann hat seine Identität und den Platz an ihrer Seite eingenommen, und mysteriöse Killer machen Jagd auf ihn. Auf der Flucht durch Berlin versucht Harris, das Rätsel zu lösen und mit Hilfe einer Taxifahrerin und eines Ex-Stasi-Mannes sein kollabiertes Leben zu behalten.

Ένας γιατρός πηγαινει μαζί με τη γυναίκα του στο Βερολίνο για ένα ιατρικό συνέδριο. Εκεί, μετά από ένα αυτοκινηστικό ατύχημα, θα πέσει σε κώμα. όταν ξυπνήσει, θα ανακαλύψει ότι ένας άλλος άντρας τον έχει αντικαταστήσει, χρησιμοποιώντας την ταυτότητά του, ενώ ούτε η σύζυγός του δεν τον πιστεύει. Με τη βοήθεια μιας νεαρής γυναίκας, θα προσπαθήσει να αποδείξει ποιος είναι.

El Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) tiene un accidente de coche en Berlín. Al despertar descubre que, de repente, su mujer (January Jones) no le reconoce y que otro hombre (Aidan Quinn) ha adquirido su identidad. Las autoridades le ignoran porque no le creen y unos asesinos le persiguen. Martin se encuentra solo y cansado y se ve obligado a huir. Sin nadie a quien acudir, en un país desconocido, Martin le pide ayuda a una reticente desconocida (Diana Kruger) al sumergirse en un terrible misterio que le hará dudar de su cordura y de su identidad. ¿Hasta dónde estará dispuesto a llegar para descubrir la verdad?.

Un hombre se despierta de un coma, solo para descubrir que alguien ha tomado su identidad y que nadie, ni siquiera su esposa, le cree. Con la ayuda de una joven, se propone probar quién es.

Tohtori Martin Harris herää sairaalasta auto-onnettomuuden jälkeen ja saa huomata, ettei hänen vaimonsa enää tunnista miestään. Koko hänen identiteettinsä on varastettu ja toinen mies elää Harrisin elämää. Onko kyseessä Harrisin oma harha autokolarin jäljiltä vai huippuluokan salajuoni? Ja jos kyseessä on salajuoni, miksi kukaan on halunnut viedä Harrisin identiteetin? Alkaa uskomattomia käänteitä sisältävä ajojahti ympäri Berliiniä.

Après être sorti d'un coma, un professeur découvre qu'un autre homme se fait passer pour lui et doit se battre pour prouver son identité.

Alors qu'il est à Berlin pour donner une conférence, un homme tombe dans le coma, victime d'un accident de voiture. Plus tard, une fois réveillé, il apprend qu’un autre homme a pris son identité et cherche à le tuer. Avec l’aide d’une jeune femme, il va tout mettre en œuvre pour prouver qui il est.

ליאם ניסן מככב במותחן מתעתע שמתרחש ברחובותיה הקפואים של ברלין. ד"ר מרטין האריס הוא מדען שמגיע עם אשתו לבירה הגרמנית כדי להשתתף בכנס. כשהשניים נוחתים בחדר המלון, הוא קולט שהשאיר מזוודת מסמכים חשובה בשדה התעופה, ורץ למצוא אותה. מחוץ למלון הוא עובר תאונת דרכים, וכשהוא קם מקומה לאחר מספר ימים, הוא מגלה שמישהו גנב את זהותו, ושאשתו טוענת כי היא לא מכירה אותו בכלל. לעזרתו תיכנס נהגת מונית לא חוקית, אותה מגלמת דיאן קרוג.

Akcioni spektakl sa Liamom Neesonom u glavnoj ulozi. Dr. Martin Harris budi se u Berlinu nakon automobilske nesreće i otkriva kako ga supruga ne prepoznaje a drugi čovjek je preuzeo njegov identitet. Dok mu vlasti ne vjeruju, progone ga misteriozni ubice i nalazi se u bijegu napušten i sam. Pomaže mu nenadana saveznica, a on sve dublje zadire u misteriju koja će ga natjerati da preispita svoj zdravi razum, identitet i koliko je zapravo daleko spreman ići kako bi otkrio istinu.

Dr. Martin Harris autóbalesetet szenved Berlinben. Mire a kórházi ágyban magához tér, megváltozik körülötte a világ. A felesége nem ismeri fel, és egy másik férfi azt állítja, hogy ő Dr. Harris. A hatóságok nem hisznek a lábadozó férfinak, neki pedig nincs sok ideje magyarázkodni: titokzatos bérgyilkosok vadásznak rá. Amikor az életét menti és a személyazonosságát próbálja visszaszerezni, talál egy szövetségest, aki talán a leggyanúsabb, hiszen látszólag semmi oka sincs, hogy a kétségbeesett férfin segítsen. Martin gondolkodás nélkül beleveti magát a nyomozásba, miközben saját épelméjűségét, önmagát kérdőjelezi meg. A váratlan események során a doktor egyre közelebb kerül az igazsághoz.

A Berlino per un congresso, il Dott. Martin Harris è vittima di un incidente stradale a bordo di un taxi. Dopo quattro giorni di coma si risveglia, per scoprire che un altro uomo ha assunto la sua identità e che persino sua moglie, in viaggio con lui, afferma di non conoscerlo. Ignorato dalle autorità e braccato da un misterioso assassino, Martin trova nella tassista del suo incidente un alleato per scavare a fondo in un mistero che mette in gioco la sua identità e la sua sanità mentale.


마틴 해리스 박사(리암 리슨)는 베를린 출장 중 교통사고를 당하고 72시간 만에 깨어난다. 하지만 부인(재뉴어리 존스)은 자신을 알아보지 못하고 낯선 남자(에이단 퀸)가 그녀의 곁에서 자기 행세를 하고 있다. 주변 사람들 모두 그를 이상하게 몰아가고 급기야 정체를 알 수 없는 괴한들로부터 공격까지 당한다. 사고 당시 택시를 운전했던 여인(다이앤 크루거)의 도움으로 마틴은 이 이상한 일들에 대해 조사하기 시작하지만, 점점 자신의 정체와 자신의 기억마저 의심하게 된다. 그리고 모든 진실을 밝히기 위해서는 거대한 음모에 맞서야 함을 알게 되는데...

Liamo Neesono vaidinamas herojus kartu su žmona iškeliavo į konferenciją Berlyne, tačiau pateko į avariją. Po avarijos ir komos laukia dar vienas smūgis – kažkas pasisavino jo tapatybę bei sėkmingai gyvena su jo artimaisiais. Žmona ir kolegos nieko neįtaria?

Liam Neeson spiller en mann som gjenvinner bevisstheten etter en bilulykke, bare for å oppdage at en annen mann lever hans liv.

Een professor die uit een coma ontwaakt, ontdekt dat een andere man zich voor hem uitgeeft. Hij moet een flinke strijd leveren om zijn identiteit aan te kunnen tonen.

Dr. Martin Harris ontwaakt na een auto-ongeluk in Berlijn om te ontdekken dat zijn vrouw hem niet meer herkent en dat een andere man zijn identiteit heeft overgenomen. Genegeerd door ongelovige autoriteiten en opgejaagd door mysterieuze huurmoordenaars is Martin moe en alleen.

Dr. Martin Harris kommer til seg selv i Berlin etter en bilulykke og opplever at hans kone ikke lenger kjenner ham, samtidig har en ukjent mann overtatt hans identitet. Ukjent ID er en dramatisk og nervepirrende thriller. Ignorert av mistenksomme myndigheter, og med livsfarlige drapsmenn i hælene er Harris plutselig alene. Han er sliten, på vill flukt i et fremmed land, og har få andre alternativer når Gina, en tvilsom og usikker kilde til hjelp rekker ham hånden. Martin beveger seg i retning noe mørkt, dødelig og mystisk, noe som vil tvinge ham til å stille spørsmål til egen dømmekraft, identitet og hvor langt han er villig til å gå for å avdekke sannheten.

Doktor Martin Harris budzi się po wypadku samochodowym w Berlinie i odkrywa, że jego żona go nie rozpoznaje, a jego tożsamość przyjął inny mężczyzna. Nie wierzą mu władze, przez które jest ignorowany, poluje na niego tajemniczy zamachowiec. Czuje się samotny i zmęczony. Musi uciekać. Z pomocą przychodzi mu niespodziewany sprzymierzeniec. Martin bez namysłu angażuje się w morderczą tajemnicę, która podda w wątpliwość jego zdrowie psychiczne i tożsamość, a także pozwoli mu przekonać się jak daleko jest w stanie się posunąć, żeby odkryć prawdę.

Martin Harris acabou de sair de um coma de quatro dias, fruto de um acidente de carro em Berlim. Ao acordar, descobre que sua esposa não o reconhece e, para piorar, existe um outro homem usando sua identidade. Ignorado pelas autoridades e na mira de assassinos, sua única chance de desvendar este mistério é contar com Gina, uma motorista de táxi que poderá ajudá-lo a provar que ele não está louco.

Após um acidente de carro em Berlim, o americano Dr. Martin Harris acorda e descobre que ninguém sabe quem ele é porque não tem documentos consigo. Pior do que isso: alguém está lá fora, assumindo a identidade dele e nem a sua própria esposa o reconhece. Ignorado pelas autoridades e perseguido por misteriosos assassinos, Martim está sozinho, cansado e precisa de provar que é ele mesmo.

Un biolog american care participă la o conferință în Berlin (Germania) se trezește dintr-o comă, după un accident de mașină, doar pentru a descoperi că cineva i-a luat identitatea și că nimeni, nici măcar soția lui nu îl crede. Cu ajutorul unui imigrant ilegal și al unui fost agent Stazi, el se străduiește să demonstreze cine este și să afle de ce oamenii încearcă să-l omoare.

История повествует о мужчине, который после пробуждения от комы обнаруживает, что его личность присвоена другим, и понимает, что никто, даже собственная жена, не верит ему. И тогда при помощи незнакомой молодой женщины-таксистки герой стремится доказать, кто он такой.

Dr. Martin Harris prichádza do studeného Berlína dokončiť svoju prácu, avšak všetko sa mu rúca po tom, čo sa na jednom z mostov stane účastníkom dopravnej nehody. Harris sa preberá z kómy v nemocnici a len ťažko sa rozpamätáva. Ale jeho najväčším problémom je partička zabijakov túžiacich po jeho smrti. Pomaly, krok po kroku, zisťuje kto vlastne je a čím sa živí. Za pomoci novej priateľky, šoférky havarovaného taxíka, začína naprávať, čo sa dá...

Човек се буди из коме и открива да је неко преузео његов идентитет, а нико, (укључујући и његову жену), му не верује. Уз помоћ једне девојке, он покушава да докаже ко је.

Dr. Martin Harris vaknar upp efter en bilolycka i Berlin och upptäcker att hans fru Elizabeth inte längre vet vem han är, och att en annan man har antagit hans identitet. Ensam finner han sig jagad av både myndigheter och lönnmördare och med taxichauffören Gina som enda hjälp försöker han finna sanningen och ta tillbaka sitt liv.

Dr. Martin Harris, Berlin gezisi sırasında bir trafik kazası geçirir ve komaya girer. Komadan çıktığında ise, karısının bile onu tanımadığını görür. Dr. Harris, bir başka kişinin kendi kimliğini çaldığını ve yerine geçtiğini görünce daha da büyük bir şoka uğrar. Kaza öncesinde tanıdığı herkes, artık onun Harris olduğuna inanmamaktadır.Kendi kimliğini ispatlama mücadelesinde yalnızdır, yorgundur ve umutsuzdur. Bilmediği sebeplerden ötürü Gina adlı genç bir kadın ona yardım etmeye başlar...

Доктор Мартін Гарріс приїжджає в Берлін на міжнародний конгрес з біотехнологій. Під час поїздки на таксі він потрапляє в аварію, падає у воду і після травми та потрясіння впадає на 4 дні в кому. Після пробудження виявляється, що він частково втратив пам’ять і всі документи зникли. Повернувшись в готель Гарріс виявляє, що його ім’я привласнено іншою людиною. Разом з незнайомцем знаходиться і дружина Гарріса, наче так і має бути...

Tiếng Việt
Unknown (Kẻ Lạ Mặt) là bộ phim hành động, bí ẩn xoay quanh cuộc sống của giáo sư Martin cùng vợ tới Berlin dự hội thảo, vì quên chiếc cặp tài liệu, ông quay lại sân bay. Trên đường đi, chiếc taxi gặp tai nạn. Bốn ngày sau, Martin tỉnh dậy sau cơn mê. Ông quay lại tìm vợ nhưng bên cạnh cô lại là một giáo sư Martin khác. Ai đã lấy mất danh tính của ông, và để làm gì?

马丁·哈里斯博士(Liam Neeson)在柏林遭遇一场车祸后从昏迷中苏醒,发现妻子(January Jones)突然不认识自己了,而另一个陌生人(Aidan Quinn)盗用了他的身份。柏林当地警署对他的申诉将信将疑,无意展开调查,同时又有杀手不断追杀。虽然希望渺茫,在异国他乡举目无亲的马丁,别无选择地试图从一个偶然结识的人(Diane Kruger)那里,获得援助。一场突如其来的意外让他身陷绝境,致命的谜团死死缠绕着他,逼着他开始质疑自己是否神经正常,他的身份怎么丢了,他还要冒多大的生命危险才能查出事情的真相,一场无助的亡命之旅就此展开。

馬丁哈利斯博士 (里安尼遜飾) 在柏林遇上車禍,當他甦醒之後,發現妻子 (珍瑜雅莉鍾斯飾) 把他當成陌生人,而他的身份更被另一個男人 (艾丹昆恩飾) 取代了。馬丁求助無門,又要面對神秘刺客的追殺,他只能獨自逃跑。 在不太可靠的同伴艾莉 (戴安古嘉飾) 幫忙下, 馬丁發現了他們陷入一個致命的陰謀,讓他不禁懷疑自己是否神經失常,對自己是誰產生疑問,甚至不知道自己能付出多少去尋回離奇失去的身份。


馬汀哈里斯博士(連恩尼遜飾)在柏林發生嚴重車禍,醒來後卻發現他的妻子(珍妮艾莉瓊斯飾)完全不認得他,而另一名男子(艾登昆恩飾)竟然假冒他的身份。在這種非常情況下,德國政府當局不相信也不理會他,但是卻有神秘的刺客暗中追殺他,身心俱疲的他只能憑藉自己的力量設法逃亡。 在這陌生的國度中,馬汀尋求一名身份不明又勉為其難的同伴幫助(黛安克魯格飾),他並一股腦地投入這個致命謎團,外在環境與人事全非情境讓他質疑起自己的身份與精神狀態,他必須更深入才能挖掘出這幕後的真相。

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