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Justin Bieber's odds were a million to one, until millions of fans found him online. Now his world is yours with Never Say Never, the "riveting and inspiring" story of his journey from average teen to the youngest performer to sell out the most famous stage in New York City.

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Find out what's possible if you never give up.. Tells the story of Justin Bieber, the kid from Canada with the hair, the smile and the voice: It chronicles his unprecedented rise to fame, all the way from busking in the streets of Stratford, Canada to putting videos on YouTube to selling out Madison Square Garden in New York as the headline act during the My World Tour from 2010. It features Usher, Scooter Braun, Ludacris, Sean Kingston, Antonio "L.A." Reid, Boyz II Men, Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, Justin's family members and parts of his crew and huge fanbase in a mix of interviews and guest performances. It was released in 3D in theaters all around the world and is the highest grossing concert movie of all time, beating the previous record held by Michael Jackson's This Is It from 2009.. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Wiki

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I am SO proud to live in Stratford!!!!!!!  Fdyfggdyfrhftyfryhfygfhhyug  5 star

Thank you Justin for inspiring us all!!! Every time I drive by your star outside the Avon theatre, I'm like "oh what a wonderful world I live in..." Thx Justin we luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA no  Sal_in_a  1 star

You might as well just kill me now? I hate this girl

dumb and dumber  bhugvgvuvuvu  1 star

what a waste of money he only did the movie for the girls thats all any one can be fans as him what a waste of time watching this movie its boring dumb and dumber dumdest movie ever

Yuliya Molchanova
Amazing <3  Yuliya Molchanova  5 star

Everyone should watch its' so cute and inspirational.

I love you justin  Bernatchez104  5 star


AMAZING BELIEVE 3D NEXT!!  pallawi  5 star

This was and still is the best movie I have watched!!! JUST WAITING FOR BELIEVE 3D!!!!!!!!!

Movie  Lolobunny2001  5 star

It's amazing <3

The best movie ever !! <3  gucciboytrash  5 star

This is the best movie ever <3 :') I love you Justin <3 ,Madi Twitter; ollgmybiggestdream <3 :)

Cool movie!  Kookobear  5 star

One of the best! I love his story and his baby pics are cute!

Lissy Lou 2
Best movie  Lissy Lou 2  5 star

I love this movie

Leena 21
Never Say Never 😊💝💕💖💞❤️❤️💖😀💗  Leena 21  5 star

The movie is amazing 😉! I haven't purchased it on here, but I have a hard copy, and I love the movie so much. 😊💕💖

J.B IS ZE BEST BY FARRRRRRRRR!❤️❤️  Mia😍😘🤣  5 star

Although JB has ADHD, he is still charming and famous worldwide wether u like it or not! His movie; "never say never", is the best jb doc so far hope his purpose movie comes out soon! Luv ya JB!!!<3<3<3<3 beiber 4eva

Belieber dani wood
So inspiring so amazing  Belieber dani wood  5 star

Such a strong family I love Justin and seeing were he is now well proud is an understatement , Thankyou Xx 💜 Hope there's gonna be a Purpose movie because believe me it will be the best selling movie of 2017

Fred 1475
Awsome  Fred 1475  5 star

Love it If you have not seen it see it

JUSTIN IS A BABE<3  emwatson16  5 star

i love justin so much. i generally think this movie changes your opinion on him <3 please watch <3 love you justin baby<333 if i could give more than 5 stars i would <3

Loved it  Moniqueeyooo  5 star

This movie made me really like justin bieber, very interesting story.

Justin is better than you  EmilyHarborne  5 star

This movie is actually what made me a belieber. To all you people saying that 'he has no talent' and that 'anybody is better than him', if that is so why aren't you the person who has a sold out world tour and worth more than $100,000,000?? Justin is inspiring and some people just won't admit it <3

Belieber  migorgiousgirls  5 star

this movie is so inspiring and amazing. nuff said.

Great movie.  natnatokay  5 star

But not full version. Buy in stores not online.

OMG  Jbfan11223344  5 star

I love this movie❤❤❤❤❤

Emma Belieber
Amazing film!  Emma Belieber  5 star

Why the he'll would he be better off in twilight films and how does it waste everyones time having this film existing! You don't have to watch it! Anyway I think this is an amazing film, truly inspirational an extreme phenomenon! The stories, the songs, everything! Truly shows how his life has been about music and OMG! There is no faults about this film... LOVE IT!!!!!! <3 love you Justin!!! <3 keeping singing and never say never to everyone (apart from the cruel hatred that don't know what there saying!) xxx

Amazingggg!  Daisy:)1234567  5 star

This movie is so amazing, its about his incredible journey from a small-town boy to where he is now, and it shows you how talented he really is! Such a nice guy:) so down to earth!<3

Worth the money  HollieBiebs  5 star

I honestly think that even if your not a fan of him or don't even like him at all you should watch this.

Love it <3  Mellamovicky  5 star

This movie is amazing! And worth it! Most of the money goes to the charity aswell, he's a really talented guy.

Justin bieber  Rachvince  5 star

An amazing down to earth documented film. Well done bieber u have shown the world how talented you are. I've seen it three times on tv and I have now downloaded it to my iPhone. Well done.

Em <3 :)
Incredible!  Em <3 :)  5 star

I am a massive Belieber, it is an amazing film, honestly even if you don't like Justin just give the film and chance and see what you think of him afterwards. Justin is so talented and the film helps to show that! You get to see the real Justin. Please give it a chance it is amazing! I have watched it so many times! Deserves more than five stars in my opinion! :)

Amazing  Emmmma99999991  5 star

Confident, caring and with a great future Justin bieber is the real deal!

NSN<3  FrankieCocozzaRules  5 star

Best film ever!!!!! Justin Drew Bieber born March 1st 1994 12:56am on a Tuesday Once a belieber always a belieber!!! Justin Bieber now and forever <3<3<3 xxxx

WOW  AshleighGrace98  5 star

This is amazing!!! It shows that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Love you Justin!!! You inspire me so so much. Xxxxxxxxxxx

Fantastic  Me123456:)  5 star

The movie just shows that any one can achieve their dreams if they try hard enough and don't give up. Your the BEST JB

Zayn Malik is my husband
Great  Zayn Malik is my husband  5 star

He's a great singer I really love him he's gotten so far in life and FTH!!!

Must buy  Coca7103  5 star

The best movie I have ever seen

Under the mistletoe !!! :)x
NSN#FANCUT. :)  Under the mistletoe !!! :)x  5 star

You have to watch this ! Even if you arent a belieber. You will fall in love with justin by just watching this !

Ollie Rutlandsims
DONT BUY THIS  Ollie Rutlandsims  1 star


AMAZING  skyeama96  5 star

Love this boy. Love this movie.

Jess Morris
A surprisingly enjoyable film  Jess Morris  5 star

Despite the screaming pre teens you may encounter in the cinema, 'Never Say Never' provides a surprisingly insightful look at the journey of one of today's biggest stars. I recommend this for 'beliebers' and 'non-beliebers' alike. I can almost guarantee your view on the young 'Baby' singer will change dramatically.

Belieber  Sultanaxo  5 star

Omg I love this movie so much xxxx ily so much Justin xxxxx

Gay  Tom35883838636  1 star

Worst movie in the hole world

dani keene loves 1D
I love u Justin  dani keene loves 1D  5 star

The movie was awesome he was so cute when he was younger and he still is I love you Justin:)!!xx

NeverSayNever x  brizzlesizzle  5 star

I love this movie and him ! I think hes sooo amazing and a great idol ! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN !!!!! xxxxxx

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