Just Go With It

Just Go With It Summary and Synopsis

In Just Go With It, a plastic surgeon, romancing a much younger schoolteacher, enlists his loyal assistant to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife, in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, the assistant's kids become involved, and everyone heads off for a weekend in Hawaii that will change all their lives. A plastic surgeon, romancing a much younger schoolteacher, enlists his loyal assistant to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife, in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, the assistant's kids become involved, and everyone heads off for a weekend in Hawaii that will change all their lives. Just Go With It Wiki

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Sometimes a guy's best wingman... is a wingwoman..

Just Go With It (2011)

Just Go With It Comments & Critics

Just Go With It Movie Reviews

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- The best movie5 star

A awesome movie to make you laugh and heart warming emotions that you can experience

- This Movie Is A Horse Crap!!!...1 star

Don't waste your time and money watching this manure, please!...

- One of Adam & Jen’s BEST!5 star

I truly loved every second of this hilarious film! It had me laughing from start to finish! Great, great job by ALL of the cast, as well as the entire crew!

- Very fun movie5 star

This is a fun and entertaining movie to watch!

- Awesome5 star

Great movie.

- We’re why and how5 star

Aaaaaaaaaasaaaa best movie Eva

- Loved it5 star

Man this is my go to movie when i need a good laugh. Great movie, all the way around. Loved it

- Loved it!5 star

This is one of my absolute favorites of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s ! I laugh just as hard each time I see It as I did the first time.

- Funny5 star

I have seen it a few times it's a funny movie.

- I never get tired of watching it !5 star

My friends insisted on watching this movie and I love it ! I literally never get tired of it lol . It's hilarious , Addam became one of my faves after this movie . One of the funniest , romantic movie I've seen .

- This movi suks5 star

I hayted this movi be cuz it iz terible and dosnt even have any action it suks

- Critics are full of it!5 star

This is one of my most favorite movies. It's hilarious and has a great story. A must watch!

- hilarious!5 star

this film is hilarious and totally worth the watch! not sure why it has such bad reviews. super sweet and funny!

- Loving it5 star

I should have bought this movie because I've rented it now about 5 times. Funny with a plot! Makes you feel good flick!

- Can't Lie4 star

Brooklyn Decker is hot.

- Terribly predictable.1 star

Critics are correct. This movie is predictable, has the humor level of a child, but with a touch of inappropriate. This is a "not worth your time" movie.

- FAVORITE5 star

I have seen this movie at least 30 times (no exaggeration) and I still die if laughter every time. Easily my absolute favorite movie

- Favorite movie ever!!!!5 star

Love this movie! Can watch it over and over again..., fun & entertaining!

- I haven't watched it5 star

I haven't watched it yet. But by reading the reviews and seeing the trailers, it looks like a really good movie.

- The critics are wrong5 star

One of my favorite movies!!! Such a good movie .

- Love this movie.5 star

I have watched this like 100 times. Love it. Can't get tired of watching this.

- Sleeper Movie5 star

Admittedly I love Jennifer Aniston but this movie actually surprised me at how much I loved it. Cute, funny movie and Jen's only getting hotter! Its a must see for anyone who likes happiness

- What a BAD Film1 star



This movie is so great! Its such a good movie if your looking for a laugh. I've seen it about a trillion times and its my favorite movie. I think adam really did a great job in this movie.

- Pretty good4 star

I think it was premature good romantic comedy

- Just Go With It5 star

I say the critics are wrong on this one as well. I loved this show. It had me cracking up!,,

- Addicting5 star

Can't stop watching it! I wish they would make a second!

- The critics are so stupid.5 star

Don't believe the critics this is the best movie ever!

- It is a great movie!! The critics are wrong!5 star

I don't get why the critics are so harsh. It's a great movie. The story of two bestfriends will melt your heart:) <3

- Love this movie.5 star

This is one of my favorite movies ever I can watch it over and over and over and over and over. This is one of the best movies ever.

- Critics are wrong.5 star

The critics are wrong when they call it rotten. This movie is hilarious, has a great plot, amazing actors, and will charm you. Well worth the $3.99 rent! I've seen it numerous uncountable times and it never gets old. One of my favorite movies.

- Awesome5 star

I have no idea what the critics are talking about, sorry it is not some high brow movie, or something with so much violence you can't stand it.. This is such a fun movie and I can watch it again and again with my kids.

- Awesome5 star

Critics are wrong they don't know anything, watch the movie it is great. It is a good movie for winter

- Critics are completely wrong5 star

This is such a cute movie. The critics are too negative about it. It’s a must watch

- JENN5 star

Critics are wrong and they are prudes. This movie is HILARIOUS

- Funny Funny FUNNY!!!4 star

This film was very well written and funny. Loved it!!!!!

- Direct copy of bollywood movie1 star

Every scene was copied from this bollywood movie that came out in the early 2000's... What a disappointment this movie was.

- Best movie ever5 star

This is the best romantic comedy out there by far!

- Loved it5 star

Another great Sandler movie. It must be fun making movies like this with him coz he seems to really click it with his leading ladies. Loved it!!!!!!!

- Hilarious5 star

The movie is the bomb dot com. You have to see it. It's so funny and great.


by far the best adam sandler movie. its adorable and soooo funny. you can't not love it

- Best movie world has ever seen5 star

This is the best movie on earth so funny!!!!!!

- Just go with it5 star

Best movie ever I have watched it 3 times and it never gets old

- Review5 star


- My favorite movie OF ALL TIME!!!5 star

This is the most hilarious movie ever!

- Love love love love this movie!5 star

This was a surprise! I had not heard one thing about this movie but because I love both Adam sandler ans Jen Anniston , I decided to watch it. Plot was cute, the ad libs were great and it just made me feel good! It will make u feel the same! Watch it!

- Love,love,love5 star

I love this show so much have it recored on my tv. I think I have seen it to much, but I love it so much. You will not be disappointed so worth the watch and the money!! :)

- Love it5 star

I just loovvee the movie<3💙💙💚💙💙💜💜💜💙💜💜💜💜💚💜💜💙

- great movie5 star

It took awhile for me to watch this movie..I CANT BELIEVE I WAITED THIS LONG! i thought it was awesome.

- Love it4 star

I love this movie and if you watch it you will love it to

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Braydone - Complete, and utter trash1 star

The plot was boring, most scenes were boring and Columbia pictures failed this time. Yes, there are a few funny moments , but those are few, and very far between. Don't waste money on this putrid, excuse for a movie.

@cluettj14 - YES!5 star

Despite what the plenty of negative reviews say, I LOVED watching this film with my mother and grandmother last night. Such a sweet ending, and HILARIOUS in between! Definitely recommend this one!

Hanhannumber7564lovethis - LOVE IT5 star

This is my number 1 FAVORITE movie

Adam sandler marry me - Movie5 star


Chantelle25 - Just Go With It5 star

Even the critics admit Sandler and Aniston did develop a real chemistry. Would love to see them do another romantic comedy together.

smoregal - OK3 star

Cute funny featuring adoreable Bailee Madison!!! However the storyline was iffy but the great acting of all the characters made up for it

B-rad jenkins - all adam sandler movies5 star

all you critics are a bunch of a-holes anything adam sandler does is gold did you all get dropped as kids .never mind that did you fall down bump your heads idiots adam bud keep up the great work please keep it up cant wait to see jack and jill

Eastern Boy - Just Fun!4 star

This movie is just pure fun! Lots of laughs. You know where the movie is likely headed at the beginning but who cares, its an enjoyable and entertaining journey. As the movies title suggests, don't over analyze, Just Go With It.

Beirut What - Terrible1 star

This movie hurt my soul. The premise is that Adam Sandler is some pick-up machine and Aniston is his homely secretary? Really?

Addicted in Canada - Worth the money5 star

Hilarious, one if those movies you can watch over and over and still laugh

Tonischell - Funny5 star

It was a great movie laughed allot!

cheycheyrox13 - Best movie ever made!!5 star

best movie in the history if movies!!

Rachey hockey - Awesome5 star

This was the best movie ever to be shot whoever came up with the idea is a genius!! 

Mitchell Tracz - Awesome movie!5 star

This movie is hilarious and awesome! I'd recommend it to anyone!

Richard Van Camp - What a stinker1 star

I want my money back. Right out of the gates this movie was horribly paced with lame jokes and two actors who didn't care about the story. I love Adam Sandler, but this was his worst effort. We stopped watching this after 10 minutes as it was so painfully stupid. Everyone who had anything to do with this movie should be ashamed of themselves. Lame.

BraydenDoduk - Very Good5 star

This was all in all a very good movie and it's good to see Jennifer Anniston still has a good body!!!

Alexea18 - Omg the most amazing flick ever5 star

Great for everyone sooooooooo fun and light hearted it was really well writen and directed with an amazing cast amazing actors it doesn't even seem like A movie I. Highly recommend ! To every one. I tell u.that u will falll of ur seat laughing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing bye très bien j'adore cette filme!!!!

Irulepeople - <35 star

I usually never laugh because of a movie, but I laughed so hard the entire time. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have amazing chemistry. This is true comedy. I loved it.

Acuty - Awesome!!!!5 star

I love how they get together in the end! :) and my fav part was when they had to get the coconut into their mouth! LOL :D PRICELESS!!!

Chocolate911 - Awesome!!5 star

Adam sandler!!!<3

Lilkrissy97 - Wow5 star

I have seen so many movies and yet I think this one is one of the best but twilight is way better Js

Mikki chikki - Thumbs up5 star

Ong I luv this movie it has awesome actors has fun and funny and it has a bit of of romance I MEAN WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?

Tapzoo is cool - A.S FAN5 star

This move is so worth the money

Mummmmmmh - Movi5 star


roi de la patate II - Insulte à l'intelligence.1 star

Ce film est une insulte à l'intelligence. Je m'attendais à un divertissement léger et sans prétention, mais Just Go With It n'a absolument rien, même pas de quoi faire sourire.

Brian lover! - Amazing4 star

Omg this was soooo amazing !!!!!You will never see a movie like this and they used the best people for it!!! I recamend this movie for anyone!!!!!! - OnNiKa < 3

Jack gates - Ok4 star


Maddimo99 - Favourite movie5 star

If you ask me what my favourite movie is, I'd give a list but this movie is on it!

Este6 - Great and funny movie4 star

This movie is really funny and a really good movie you have to get it the storyline is great and the actors.

Armsy554 - Funny5 star

Great movie my whole family loved it!

mamazapp - Just go with it5 star

Love this movie watched it like 10 times it is like my favorite movie and i hope they make more like it

Alexandra100000000000 - Must see!!!!5 star

A very good comedy and it's actually one of my favorite movies! :)

metzu - Funny movie5 star

I love this movie !

Come12t - Good5 star

Such a good movie

Jt-gunner - Must see movie5 star

Extremely funny, must see

Ellesmore - Love it!5 star

Watched this movie with my friends last night! Lol! We all LOVED it!

Jadetyrapaulpaddy - This is the best movie ever5 star

I love this movie so much

francist - Cute comedy!4 star

Worth renting/buying. You can't go wrong with Adam Sandler.

blaze12345678910 - lol5 star

this movie f*cling hilarious

KrisyLastRainDrop - Amusing.3 star

Its worth renting, but it's mostly a bunch of turns of events.

Kat_sask - Lame2 star

Movie made me chuckle once or twice, but highly predictable. Not overly funny.

PKL 1310 - Ok.2 star

It was ok ...no more.I like the kids.

Dillon Allen - Funny5 star

I really thought it was a really funny movie I would say rent and not buy. It's a movie that you would watch once. But I really do think it was a really funny movie adam and Jennifer are really good in this movie.

Atamara1999 - THIS MOVIE ROCKS!5 star

This is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time! It was soo soo funny! Everyone who don't like it obviously don't have a sense of humor!

kelsey.hougham - Soooo funny!5 star

Get ready to laugh people! Such a great movie with awesome actors.

Leah KJ - LOVED IT5 star

This movie was sooo hilarious. I laughed through almost the whole thing. Very enjoyable

Rina_K - Hilarious5 star

This is a great movie. As it says, just go with it, it will lighten up your day. Yes, it is a bit over the top at times, but who cares, it's funny and will make you feel good.

Tk12456 - Great !!5 star

Very good movie. Funny and entertaining

McRoss88 - Abysmal1 star

This is certainly THE WORST movie that I have seen with either Sandler or Aniston. I cannot fathom how anyone with a modicom of intellect would like this movie. The critics are definitely right on track here and those who give it five stars....well, it's hard to fathom just what they were thinking....maybe they got the titles mixed up or something??

Sabrina Caron - Very Bad Movie2 star

I absolutely agree with Peter Travers. "It's the perfect Valentine's date night movie, but only with someone you hate". It got my "enemy" so angry at the theatre that they took him out of there. Hahaha! So for that I have to reward it with 2 stars but other than that it was TERIBBLE! Not even funny.

laflaqua - Fantastic!5 star

Just watch it.

dhyesssssss - ❤️❤️5 star

Luv it

Lachstarr - Plot Hole1 star

I dont hate it, I am curious as to why he didnt say he was a widower who had lost his wife and couldnt drive himself to get rid of the ring until he met that girl.

striker pixel - good and bad4 star

i thought this movie was great i found it very funny and i really recommed this for 10 years and older BUT it was boring at times . my overall review was it was okay it is a good one to watch with friends.

Plopplopploppyyy. - I actually really love !5 star

I thought this movie might be a bit gringie, but to be completely honest, it's actually very well done and very funny. I've seen it over 20 times and I still love it each time. It's a feel good movie, but I don't think it was meant to be so I think that's why it works. 10 out of 10

Jayproskills - Great Movie5 star

Watched it twice and a half 😱

Abbeyysmithh - LOL5 star


People r funny - great movie but4 star

it's a great movie, but when I got to the end it said cannot play movie! I'm really disappointed because I really wanted to see the end even though it was predictable.

Liv^_^ - Great4 star


FrenchSea - Great5 star

Loved it!It was so awesome,comedic and entertaining to watch.Great for teens,they will not stop laughing.

Ella Bennett - 👍👍5 star

Best movie! Deffenentely worth watching!!

Marleymarshmallow - What the3 star

It's a great film. He should have just told her he was going to propose

Krissy willis - Krissy lee5 star

Fantastic chick flick .... Jennifer Anniston was great and a good laugh

Cookies#1 - Hahahaha5 star

Absolutely hilarious!!!!!! Not for young kids. Very good movie!!!

Tim Tam24 - Wow!!5 star

Basically anyone who says this movies isn't funny or is bad has no sense of humor!!! It's absolutely hilarious and I don't reckon I've seen a better comedy!!! 50/50 Just watch and enjoy

#Lily<333 - best movie eva❤❤5 star

This was such a funny movie…i couldn't stop giggling with my friend's:)

Sparkle&Glitter - Hmm..2 star

I don't know why everyone is saying this movie is so amazing, I thought it was boring and didn't make me laugh much at all. I found it hard to watch without getting distracted as the movie was just so un-interesting! I wouldn't really recommend this movie to anyone..

caitiebrowne - Hilarious!!5 star

I loved this movie so much it was hilarious and it was a great movie in general! The characters were quirky and they all were so funny!! Highly revommended!!

jadekinsj - Worthwhile4 star

Adam sandler can be hit n miss but Jennifer Aniston is good in this, lots of random funny characters. The girl with the English accent is by far the standout.

courtney xox - Great movie :)5 star

This movie was sooooooo freaking good I loved it soooo much and Adam is heaps funny :) go out and buy this movie u will totally love it.....:D

Kuster_66 - Predictable!!!4 star

It was a great movie but the last 30 minutes were a bit predictable

Beni Aral - Good3 star

It was better than i expected. Every scene something a little bit quirky happens that you dont expect in these yanky mainstream comedies. I thought it was really funny and would recommend it, however, 2 hours was far far too long for a comedy, when there was no need.

Peace l*p*ver - awesomeness4 star

love the movie so good

Midgetttt - HILARIOUS5 star


CAAM19 - Simple, funny and charming4 star

Very funny indeed, predictable plot but the humour and the characters are entertaining enough.

sammyp58 - So funny4 star

I love this movie!

Feglee - Just go with it5 star

10/10.great film! :)

MAJRshopgirl - ok5 star

This movie is funny I like the story

Frank Spina - So funny5 star

No stop, highly recommended

I love Justin bieber 94489 - F a b o u l s5 star

This is such a great chick flick I saw it with a friend and it was so lol

Bizy bone - The best show ever5 star


Shaun Sandy - Great rental!5 star

Predictable, but very enjoyable!

Lovinqzrex - Just go with it5 star

Loved every minute of it..

mkcurd - Saved by an Aussie!4 star

This movie was pretty good, but largely due to the fantastic cameo of Nicole Kidman! She provides the fair chunk of the movie's funniest scenes, showing she can even beat her comedic actors' at their own game - good on ya, Nic!

Mumisan - Entertaining fluff4 star

No deep morals etc. nice bit of entertainment. just what i expected. the sheep scene is worrying though.... don't want to see what they edited.

cinda789 - Easy viewing5 star

Amusing :) light hearted, easy to watch.. Predictable but funny nonetheless - adore Nicole Kidman - very different character for her to play, reminds me of practical magic moments :)

nd-h - Funny5 star

Very funny movie!!!

Hathmyway - Well worth $255 star

This movie is funny, the actors are great, it's well worth $25. It will leave u in stiches as the main character diggs himself a deeper hole LOVE IT 5 stars

Brasstrumpetman - Just Go WIth It1 star

Great movie to fall asleep too and not worry about missing anything. Scotch did help get to the end

L'amour et la luxure - JGWI Rocked!5 star

Perfect combination. Great movie for any member of the family. Course it helps that Jennifer Aniston is my fav Actress but even if she wasn't i would still have loved it! definetly worth the 25 $

Katiegirl219 - Cute movie...5 star

Not a heavy, intense, plot driven film. Very light & fluffy. Entertaining. Jennifer Aniston is good with her comedic timing. I love the guy who plays the cousin.

Aftermath010 - Great!!!5 star

A family movie that will have even the adults laughing, as the main character digs himself a deeper hole!!!

ScarlettRae - Great!5 star

Loved it! It was so awesome, comedic and entertaining to watch. Great for teens, they will not stop laughing!

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Popo the dog - I love it5 star

I love this movie and you should buy it

The-Reviewer157 - What are the critics saying?!?!?!?!?!?!?5 star

I have watched many movies and this is one of the very few I would rate five stars. It is a hilarious comedy with a loving and a perfectly played out romance. I would say it is appropriate for ages 5 and up. There are not any (that I remember) swear words and no nude scenes.. Definitely worth my money and time. Note: Don't take time reading what the critics say! They all rate it "rotten tomatoes", but yet, this movie has five stars. After all, they're called critics for a reason.

TedwardJ868 - Wow!5 star

That was an amazing movie!!!

BigBadBamma - Not a bad movie...5 star

It isn't the funniest movie out there... But it was a cute story with a great cast. It is something I would watch again.

Funny and funnier - Awesome5 star

One of the funniest movies I have ever watched

funny moo vz - A . S sooo funny5 star

fell off my couch watching it almost died!

_Lil one. - c:5 star

omgg this movie is amazing kinda sad, very funny it's just perfect i love it.. <3 c:

Kandyceking - One of the best5 star

I love this movie it's so funny and it's a great story! Super hilarious!

niya4199 - Laughs5 star

Everything I watch it I laugh over and over again its hilarious with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler

Hyanboi98 - Funniest movies5 star

I seem this movie like 4times and I can't stop laughing. Especially when they go to the water fall.

Michae1 - Horrible, even for Sandler!1 star

I can't believe I paid to see this. The plot was like something from an episode of 'Saved by the Bell,' while Sandler tries to pull off being likable by playing next to Nick Swanson' ridiculous character. And why would Jennifer Aniston ever agree to be in this? Did she see all those slow-motion shots of Brooklyn Decker and think this was clever?? It's not just a bad movie, it actually makes you angry that people in Hollywood think we are stupid enough to find this funny.

rlubo07 - One of my favorites5 star

Super fresh and cute! I own it and watch it over and over!!!!

Clara345187 - Lol5 star

Im a real movie critic and I rate it 5

billythekiddd6 - Plenty of laughs5 star

Just had to throw in my two cents because the critics really gave this movie the business and I think it deserves nothing but respect. I've rented it and caught it on TV a few times and its been fantastic every time. Really funny movie with a surprising amount of laughs for a "romantic comedy." Great chemistry between all the actors, even the young ones, and again more then enough real laughs to make it worth the watch. Great for a date night.

P_Buckets - Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie is tough as hell good to see Adam Sandler still doing his thing.

Yoodong - Never gets old!5 star

As I watch this movie at 2 in the morning.. I am wide awake. This is a stunning, romantic and highly comical movie. The perfect love!

Aesthetikate - Love this movie, but why can't I rent it?5 star

This movie isn't the same style or characters of Sandler's classic "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore" movies, but it definitely *IS* funny. Funnier than most of his more recent films. Technically it's a romantic comedy, but don't be fooled, you'll still laugh more than most movies as of late. I REALLY wish I could rent this though. I don't understand why no movie rental online offers it that way currently.

Niore8 - Best movie Everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!5 star

OMG! This movie is most def the best movie of man kind any 1,2,3 who hasn't seen it yet better get off their butts n go see it. this movie is just so awesome it it it's CRAY CRAY!!!! Ahhahahahahahahahhahaahahhaahaha

SrDragonWolf - A Great Movie!5 star

One of the best rolls by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The movie showed true chemistry. Also the kids in the movie were absolutely perfect if you've ever been hung out with kids. Full of laughs makes me smile, a great movie to watch over and over. I recommended to anyone except very small children. This movie was made definitely for teenagers and adults.

fencergirl97 - critics- are you dumb?5 star

this movie was freaking hilarious and sweet and hot! it was absolutely original and very funny. im actually really confused about what movie the critics saw because this was super good! the jokes were so original and funny!

Damien fletcher - the funniest movie I seen all year5 star

I watch this movie three times yesterday it was very funny but true also

Cogolin10 - best movie ever5 star

I love when the cousin of adam sander in the movie acts as a german sheep shipper!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Purplegirl7140 - Hilarious , One of my favorite movies of all time5 star

This movie is amazing, don't listen to those unreliable "Rotten Tomatoes". The plot line of the story is awesome and Jennifer and Adam make it seem like they have real chemistry. I can almost guarantee if you do buy this movie you won't be disapointed.

frostfox - i thought it was great5 star

i loved this one .. i have read what the critics said but come on .. i loved the main characters banter i loved the jokes with the kids and the other characters to .. i am not sure why the critics didn't like it .. but hey critics tend to get things wrong i mean .. roger and ebert didnt like forest gump .. and most other folks did .. if you like romantic comedies this movie is good for you and jennifer aniston was good in this one and charming just like she was in along came poly ..

Blubcat - The accents?1 star

They are the WORST THING EVER. People probably only see it cause of Brooklyn decker in the commercial. Am I the only one who thinks it has a 19% on rotten tomatoes for a reason? Totally unfunny and just annoying

Michelita93 - Where's the connection?4 star

Good film. Not a fan of the actings. Bad Chemistry. I am not a fan of Aniston but every film I see from her has never have a good chemistry especially this film. Sandler even made it worst. They seem brother and sister in this film. Their were part of this film that just gave me good laugh.

Cholo Anderson - HILARIOUS5 star

I watched this movie with my brothers and my cousins and it had me laughing til my stomach hurt!!!!

lirealanis - Awesome!!!5 star

Best movie I have seen in ALONG TIME!!!! TEAMANISTON!!!

Brettttyt - :)5 star

I live this movie my favorite part is when he puts his finger under his chin and says yeah man it moves in the wind man lol this is like the best movie

Anne Bananee - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

i just love this movie it will have you doubled over with laughter by the first scene. There is some dirty humor though so don't watch with kids 10 and under. Really good movie don't believe the critics: all the good movies are the ones they hate!

Casada1536 - :)5 star

This is my all time favorite movie

Dycyccjc - Best movie ever5 star

Omg I loves this movie I laughed soooo hard!!!!!!!

TeamAniston4life - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Jennifer Anniston has been my favorite actress since friends, and the combination of her and Sandler is comedy genius. If you hate it, don't come here and write Devlin ;) find a movie you like and write a good review for that.

Woodstock2169 - Another Great Adam Sandler Movie!5 star

This move is great! I think it's funny! I also think that critics are full of Devlin by the way for giving this movie terrible reviews (it's another one of those movies that I think the critics secretly like and just don't admit it)! One of the many ways I do describe it, however, is that it is pretty much a big web of lies that eventually unfold at the end. I also think the kids make the movie along with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Overalll, good movie and definately recommend it! P.S. I LOVE the Party Ben Mashup of Snow Patrols "Chasing Cars" and The Police's "Every Breath You Take". That mash-up should be the theme song of the movie.

Marky Boy 22 - Just Go With This Movie!5 star

I LOVE this movie! Not because it's some great cinematic experience but because it is fun AND funny! I've watched it way too many times and that's because it's one of THOSE movies that you can do that with. Just like The Devil Wears Prada, The Proposal and all of the Julia romantic comedies, this one is just one of those movies that you'll just want to go with again and again.

Zstevek - Favorite Movie5 star

Some scenes are not appropriate for younger children, but my entire family loves this movie. We have watched it at least 20 times! (not kidding)

silverxxx - Just go with it.4 star

Where can I get the sound track.

Fast Clayton - C Herron4 star

Great moive supper funny

Gabe closson - It is a awsome movie5 star

It is a awsome movie

debbie1029 - song4 star

hey what is the name of the song when they are at the waterfall and jennifer takes off her shirt?????

mikebabyboy1 - My favorite5 star

I'm 15 & my friend told me about this movie & we went to go see it in theaters, I didn't think I'd like it, I didn't want to like it, but after it was over I actually loved it & it's now my favorite! It was hilarious! I watch it almost every time it's on Starz! Bailee Madison is a good actress! I met her!

NetworkWarrior24 - Better movie after 2nd viewing5 star

When I saw it in theaters, I was like eh... But after watching it again on starz! I like it now!!! Watch it now!

double digit - Great4 star

This movie is great! It is really funny. I have watched this movie a couple of times but not all the way through because it was getting late. Great movie anyway.

Meeeeeemeeemeeemee - Abudjpskprg5 star


DaleDanny - CRITICS LIED5 star

This movie is funny and cute, nothing but a funny rom-com.

HyperKitty - Just What I wanted5 star

I wasn't expecting Art Cinema. I received exactly what I wanted. A cute Adam Sandler movie. It made me laugh, and that's all I can ask for from a comedy.

Jeordon Dudley - Great5 star

Great and funny movie

NaomiLRogers - Replayable5 star

I luv this movie... its the type of movie where whenever u see it listed on a channel you go to that channel.. its hilarious... i think this is my favorite movie... it may appeal to me more than others because i like romance, and laughing so its perfect in my opinion

Keke.hemmo96 - I agree5 star

This movie is the funniest movie I have seen in so long! I love it!!! The critics are wrong! It's the best movie that Adam Sandler has ever done well next to Bed Time Stories! Jennifer Aniston's fake boyfriend is hilarious.

daisychlo26 - how good can jennifer aniston get!!!!!!5 star

another incredible movie. jen aniston has done it again. IMPOSSIBLE TO WATCH WITHOUT LAUGHING UNTIL YOU CRY! you just have to love this!!!

5 star

@sadgukkie: sometimes i don’t think jungkook realises the effect he has on others. he’s a natural leader, charming, easy to fall in love…

5 star

@megangf19: I know it’s already been said a 1000 times but since people STILL don’t get it: if you’re using this time off work to just g…

5 star

@Education4Libs: Thanks guys! This video was made by @PainsAngels2 so that’s where all the credit should go. I just thought it was too…

5 star

@UnitedStandMUFC Good lad from Warrington has been a great servant it’s just time to move on! That’s no ones fault…

5 star

@MoMoneyMoSaIah: My Mrs has been holding it together away from us. Until we FaceTimed her on her birthday and she broke down. If you’re…

5 star

@canyonxlou: He wants to see his brothers and sisters grow up, wants to buy a house with Harry, wants to be allowed to hold his hand on…

5 star

@James__Jo Presently, imagine a family man with a wife and 3kids, yet no work, no money and no food stuff, even the…

5 star

@HAPPlNESSlSYOU: i hate when i see a funny tweet on the tl and i wanna follow and be friends with that person but then i go to their pag…

5 star

@ang3liiica I think it’s quarantine but quarantine might also be correct so just go with quarantine

5 star

@HAPPlNESSlSYOU: i hate when i see a funny tweet on the tl and i wanna follow and be friends with that person but then i go to their pag…

5 star

How To Catch A Monkey? You get a very large jar narrow necked jar and fill it with stones just enough for it to b…

5 star

look at kelvingrove park that day i'm so madddd i just want to go around and have wee trips with my friends and tak…

5 star

Goes outside to run, and it’s pouring! 😬🤦🏻‍♀️ get sick and continue with my progress or just do some indoor exercises and go back to sleep

5 star

@RealCandaceO: It’s hard to imagine Jemele Hill in a more ass-stupid context but here we go— @jemelehill is here to remind you all that…

5 star

@_michellechong: once we can go out again and once i can hangout with my friends i don’t want to ask where to eat just for them to say “…

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