Limitless Summary and Synopsis

Science tells us that humans use only ten percent of their brain. When Eddie Mora stumbles upon a pill that gives him access to the full 100 percent, he thinks he's uncovered the key to living out his wildest dreams. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare when he finds himself at the center of a conspiracy, hunted by shadowy forces with incredible power and an inexhaustible reach. A paranoia-fueled action thriller about an unsuccessful writer whose life is transformed by a top-secret "smart drug" that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself. His enhanced abilities soon attract shadowy forces that threaten his new life in this darkly comic and provocative film. Limitless Wiki

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What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?..

Limitless Movie (2011)

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- SD costs more than HD???1 star

HD was on sale for $4.99 but SD is $12.99???

- Great!5 star

Love this movie! Very clever! Just like the magic pill in this movie! Bradley Cooper is great in this. Well Directed too! 👍👍👍❗️

- Favorite movie of all!!5 star

Fantastic movie that needed a sequel. The tv show sucked.

- God Man5 star

Love Lov Giggle

- Sin límites5 star

Quisiera saber si rentó la película por aquí tendía subtítulos en español?

- Great movie5 star

By the end I wish I had a limitless pill.

- Amazing movie!5 star

Really makes you think what the human mind is capable of !

- Smart!5 star


- Great movie5 star

Please put the tracking in Spanish

- Good Movie5 star

I just love this movie.

- plot without focus2 star

A good story is ruined by leaving too many loose ends, and the final message of the film is beyond vague. Is the hero now off NZT and still capable to be superhuman, and what happened to the murdered woman?

- The way you think is the only obstacle !4 star

In different words , sky's will never be the limit .

- Love this movie5 star

Great storyline. Too bad they cancelled the show I loved that as well. Roberto Orci is a phenomenal writer

- Bradley Cooper just keeps getting better4 star

A great film that fires the viewers' imagination like crazy.

- Not sure3 star

Movie had promise, but did not deliver. But still sort of entertaining.

- Greatest movie of all time !!!!5 star

Greatest Movie Ever!!!!! So happy they made a tv show on the movie too!!!

- Not good3 star

Just not good, watch on netflix on a tuesday of insomia.

- Absolutely Love this movie!!!5 star

This is a fantastic movie & I love the story line!!!

- Great flick!5 star

Well worth watching more than once. Very entertaining.

- Incredible5 star

My favorite movie by far! Thrilling all throughout the movie.

- Elating !!!5 star

Yes when you think is over , starts all over again ! and keep you thinking !!! worth to watch !!!

- Smart. Lightly Clever5 star

The wit was delayed enough to make Cooper’s role more grounded. If you don’t think that there is a laboratory that has this in the works or out in the field then you weren’t paying attention.

- Limitless is great5 star

Great movie. I took notes to follow for several areas in my life. I had to watch it twice to get all the good points out of the movie.

- Mmmmm2 star

Great story! The opening of the movie is very good. The Filming quality is very good. The story is nice but, until it gets to the first 40 minutes it I'll be boring. Nothing "important" will happen. The end is a disappointment for me. Thanks god I have rented it instead of buying it, because it will be a waste of money. I'll give it 5.5/10 because of the nice story and the thriller opening.

- An interesting adventure4 star

This film is artistically beautiful, acted solidly, and the portrayal of having 100% of one's brain is interesting. Bradley Cooper shines in a role that makes him not just the pretty face in the crowd, but also his beginning performance into more serious roles.

- Clever, Entertaining, Well Done4 star

Story, script, dialogue, plot twists all very good. Even has a good ending. Action-packed.

- Pricewise5 star

I really enjoy this psychological triller, I think is maybe the best B. Cooper interpretation so far. But Apple 15$ to own a digital copy of this movie!? C'mon you gotta be kidding me, I remember back in the 90's it used to cost 20-25 bucks to own a movie via CD, it's impossible the price has only came down 25-30% in 20 years and I'm comparing hardware apples with software apples, the latter must be cheaper to produce. It's impossible to compete with piracy and torrents with this kind of business model. I'll go watch this movie elsewhere now, for free, although I would've paid 5$ tops to "own" a digital copy.

- Where is the extended version?4 star

Extended version is so much better iTunes please add it!

- Lucy4 star

Lucy was a knockoff of this movie

- The boredom was limitless!1 star

Slow and dumb. Don't bother renting. Yawn

- Fun Movie4 star

This is a fun "sci-fi-ish" film. I'm surprised by all the people who hated it. It was very entertaining. Sure performance enhancing drugs are a cheat, we all know this, but still we can fantasize…'what if"...that's the beauty of fiction and imagination. So, if that plot idea offends your morality, then go to church and listen to a sermon instead. But, if you prefer to watch a good film with an interesting modern plot idea, then watch "Limitless."

- Some things just didn't make sense.3 star

Maybe as one reviewer said, the movie condensed a lot of information in a little time. Certain things just didn't make sense to me without a lot of deductive reasoning hours after finishing the film.

- Under-rated film5 star

Great idea for a syfy concept! Bradley Cooper was a rising star and his performance is a prelude of things to come. Worth the time to enjoy!

- Epic thriller. Inspired a feature in App Gamer Magazine for iPad5 star

What if the only thing holding you back in life was yourself? That's the premise of limitless. Where the main character unlocks his latent abilities using NZT-48 and becomes his perfect self. If you're a geek you will love this movie.

- U have to see this movie4 star

I really liked this movie.

- Limitless2 star

Sadly, a completely inept, meaningless, waste of talent. Great idea, clearly very good actors, technicians etc, but somehow wasted in a story with no connection with human feelings- actually, when you think about it, no logic either. The director seems to miss every emotional moment due a pathological fear of closeups, making this a stylish bunch of scenarios you just don't care about. Pity. Nice trippy, abstract sequences though.

- Great concept5 star

Loved this movie.

- Blue Eyes5 star

This movie was incredible! Kinda blew me off the couch!! A bit of a sleeper but WOW!! Great concept, story, acting, the whole thing was just very cool!!! Got to look at Mr. Cooper.....cherry on top!! Ps. Try Netflix

- wow.5 star

im kinda obsessed with this movie. its soooo good, so you sci-fi nerds watch out. and bradley cooper... that man is beautiful and a fantastic actor.

- Great Movie5 star

Great movie, really liked it.

- The worst1 star

Do not wast your money

- A movie about thinking that will make you think5 star

I was surprised by how good this movie is. It has a great story and it is very well put together. The special effects and settings give the story resonating power. I loved this movie and have been thinking about it a lot ever since I saw it. Highly recommend it, probably the best movie I have seen in the past 12 months and I watch a lot of movies.

- A thinly veiled metaphor for drug use1 star

I am not a prude and but this is a truly reprehensible movie. It's basically about drug use, speed(meth) or cocaine. The movie shamelessly glorifies drug use and promotes it . The ending is beyond irresponsible. I realize most Hollywood types do coke but in real life drugs destroy lives.The temporary high and sharpness of mined soon turns into life and soul crushing addiction. Perhaps a millionaire movie star like De Niro can manage cocaine but this is horrible for the rest of the society! All the reviewers who like to take this magical"pill" in the movie,well that is exactly how meth or coke users feel for a week or two, believe me they don't end up like pretty boy ,the supremely un talented,Bradley Cooper! What idiot thinks over the counter medicine is the same as narcotics?

- Amazing5 star

I gotta say, this was amazing. Some people here are saying that it's about using meth or cocaine of whatnot, I have one thing to say. You got to be one of the most ignorant person ever! It's for sure that the pill is not cocaine, cocaine doesn't turn you into a genius. Also, you claim that drug use is destroying today's society. If you haven't noticed, every single person has taken drugs before from your sleeping pill to the pills you take to get better from a cold. Nonetheless, this movie was a roller coaster from start to end and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It's rare to see a new idea instead of your usual Hollywood crap. I recommend that you watch it!

- Movie4 star

I loved that movie did not by yet thow recommended also

- Worthwhile4 star

Kept my attention the entire time. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

- Rip off1 star

Couldn't download it but it still charged me

- Love Bradley Cooper5 star

Great story

- Yet Again Hollywood Killed It1 star

This is a prime example of how Hollywood gets a good story Idea and turns it into Crap. By the way, weakest ending ever!

- Rip-Off1 star

Never even got to fully download it to watch it...still got billed. Thx for nothing!

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kelerie - This is not worth your time2 star

This movie is based on an interesting idea, but the story could have been told in a much more compelling way. It lacked the intrigue and suspense that it could have developed given the basic concept of the film. There is also gratuitous violence and sex (no nudity) that doesn't enhance the story. If violence and sex is essential for the story to be told then include it, but don't include it just to titillate.

Thelolle - Limitless3 star

The film it's great. Although its a (fairly edited) adaptation of Top Cow's graphic novel REST. Plot is there, execution well done. Enjoyable film with hopes for continuity

AmaziinqElliex3 - Awsome5 star

For a long time i have been putting off to watch this movie cause since its 2hrs long i thought i'd get bored. But i was totally wrong this movie is amazing. :D

Sammy2626262 - Cool movie5 star

Loved it

johmo - Fun to watch.4 star

Great idea, great acting, fun to watch. Rent it.

Mrjlwilliams - Great fiction movie.5 star

I like this movie, another good fiction movie for us to enjoy. Thanks.

Noah's Thingy - Okay movie karate kung fu chicken chocolate lolz1 star

Lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame

xDxddhkudhfkdshtdk - WHOA DUDE5 star

GREAT MOVIE!! I'm a girl that hates action movies and this was fantastic. That shows you how great this movie is!!!!!!!!!!

L$U - Absolutely Amazin!5 star

One of the best movies Ive ever seen!

Conan the Destroyer 1981 - Sneaks up5 star

Screw the negative reviews. This movie is awesome!!!

kc8000 - I was pleasantly surprised4 star

I overlooked this one for a while and then watched out of sheer boredom. Other than some implausible elements in the story it is very good and stays moving.

iAmPsycosocial - Its Worth It5 star

This movie is amazing, im fascinated with the detail they put into it. If a tablet like that existed id be on it for life..... I would probably run for prseident to get all the tablets i want..... So what i think about this movie is that Its Wort It........

AJ_Sark - Awesome5 star

This Movie Is Just Great Im Not Usually Into Trillers But This One In Particular Got My Attention. I Thought This Movie Was Gonna Be Lame, And Stupid. But At The End I Was Way Wrong! This Movie Is Just Awesome!!! I'll Love To See Limitless 2 :)) :D

krisstadsgaardus - Fantastic movie5 star

This is the first time Ive seen a movie that I actually wished would go on for another hour!

elimiller76 - unique film5 star

I really enjoyed this movie... the movie making style was very unique, and the story very interesting. The action and unfolding of the story was great, too, and Bradley Cooper is great in these dramatic roles. Highly recommended all around - especially because it actually had a twist at the end that I didn't see coming, which almost never happens in a movie anymore.

Big Av12 - Great movie...4 star

Great movie overall really had me thinking good acting great scripts and I like how they leave the ending to make a sequel

Cpeterson3 - limitless5 star

this was probably the best movie I've ever seen. amazing and the ending leaves it off for a sequel so don't hate on it it keeps you thinking

ironpride - Loved it all the way5 star

It's this kind of stuff I like to see and they did it well

JJhovanHerr - Surprisingly great5 star

I hesitated watching this movie due to poor expectations, but oh was I wrong. Good acting, good script, and, genius soundtrack all put into a great movie.

Buttersisawesome - WOW!!5 star

Definitely the most original film to come out this year. One of the most original movies I've ever seen infact!

HUNGRY-4-the-Word - Great Movie5 star

Great movie, and don't mind all the talk about a bad ending. The ending was a fine ending to a great film.

RTemple - Could have been...4 star

It had awesome potential but only lived up to a 3/4's "of" that potential. Love the actors, love the plot, love the cinematography and camera work, effects. In the end you question whether they just kind of gave up trying to really make a good movie. It just seemed kind of thrown in.

Vicnice1 - Limitless is Great5 star

We all want to be like Mora in our lives and this story does. Good job illustrating those views. They could have closed some of the holes in the story a little better but this proves to be an entertaining story with good twists and turns that make it worth the watch. The question one has to ask is......would you take the pill?

Slooow Foot - Nice surprise5 star

My wife and I were not sure on renting this, it was fantastic!! One of the best movies this year for me.

Vassilyasmine - Awesome5 star

Very nice movie, loved it!

EternalPanda81 - Utterly unwatchable for IQ's over 952 star

The only thing amazing enough to talk about from this waste was the ending, where it was so shockingly limp and unsatisfying (even for a movie this bad all the way through) that its terribleness warranted discussion about how it was terrible from each perspective. :) Seriously, don't waste 2hrs of your life as I did. It's ridiculous wish fulfillment peppered with bridges over plot holes that make no sense with no consequences to overcome for a reasonable ending. **Second star for a few nice action scenes that are enjoyable for individuals with a decent inhome screening room.**

alyssamicik - Amazing!5 star

This has just bumped it's self up to my favorite movie. It's amazing and keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire movie. I loved it!

Garro783 - Great4 star

Helped me think about life and it's purpose; How I can be my best/why I want to be my best.. Life is out of balance when we don't include God & his convictions in our lives. Drugs may bring similar qualities like "nzt," in this movie, but which ones don't have tremendous health/side effects..? Get medication/natural remedies- if you have add/adhd.. Live in peace & balance from God's word & conviction.

crmdude44 - Good4 star

This movie was very good and done very well

Conscv - Buenísima5 star

Me gusto mucho de principio a fin todo el tiempo esta a la expectativa veala que no perderá su dinero

Wigwog101 - Awesome5 star

A W E S O M E !

Jakesossos - Watch it!!!!!5 star

Great movie. Won't be disappointed

Mngwa - Awesome5 star

I love this movie

Its Sweet But Not Cheesy - Limitless5 star

Ok, to all of you who tried to write alternate endings, youre opinions really dont matter anymore, the movie was great, yes. but its over, youre opinions cant change whats already been made into a published film... and to the ones who said we access 100% percent of the parts of our brains that we use... thats pretty stupid... yes, you use 100% of your occipital lobe, but youre occipital lobe only takes up only around 2% of youre brain... there are always smaller percentages in the grande total percentage. we can only access 10-20% of the grande total of our brain... the movie actually made sense, but what didnt was... why was that when he off the pill, he couldnt "remember" what happened... wouldnt the mind itself remember what happened, and how to re open it??? or atleast remember what happened the day before???

set1914 - Not What One Would Expect4 star

A fun ride. Who would not take a pill to be smarter. Great twist at the end that makes the movies.

PadulaOblongata - Expected More3 star

When I first saw the trailer I was pretty interested but when I saw the movie I just felt like more should've happened. Not that there should've been more explosions or that type of nonsense but there was nothing exciting moving the plot along. He takes the pills, gets smarter, gets a better job, and the only real threat is a random Russian thug who just so happened to stupidly ingest a pill that our "hero" drops. Once that happens the thug demands more and that's where things start to escalate. But at no point during the final scenes do you care if the main character lives or dies. The villain is nothing more than a bully and should be easily thwarted if this pill allows you to become a genius. The movie isn't terrible but more could've been done with it. Overall, it's a good concept, there are some fun moments but felt like the main focus was lost.

Supercalafregidosus - Awesome5 star

Great movie. It had a good plot. Its seldom you see a movie that is not a regurgitation of parts of older movies. Add some good action and acting and you've got something worth paying 3.99 for.

fivetonine80 - Amazing5 star

This movie has fascinated me: Good story, good actors, good making. Just as it should be. The idea behind is intriguing: What would you do if you had all the capacity of your brain at your disposal - and not just ten percent as the rest of the world does? A movie to enjoy and to think around the corner.

wferguson05 - Really Good Rental4 star

This movie is great to rent but just not one I would buy. Rent it, watch it, enjoy it!

pelli78500 - Conceptually riveting5 star

Addiction is addiction, but this take on it gives the viewer permission to enter it with the character safely, knowing it's the wrong road...thrilling but predictable.

PatHenry - Loved it5 star

Now that was a good movie!

Diamonds69ts - Like5 star

Very good movie :)

angelforce - Limitless5 star

Love the movie and concept. Action packed and seemed believable. Great acing. Worth renting.

GindyGanda - Excellent!4 star

Very good and exciting movie, from beginning to end! 4 stars!!!

WEIKID1 - Surprising Unique5 star

Very creative, I'm actually rating this about a week or two after I watched this but I thought you might appreciate knowing this movie is worth watching. Cheers, -DW

Matthew Brown - Great movie if mental capacity interests you5 star

I'm intrigued by some people who do not like this movie. Personally, I love exploring what might be accomplished by increasing processing capacity of the human brain. Creative people probably will have fun with this story. I actually purchased a copy and have watched it multiple times. I especially love the narrative describing the "sparkling cocktail" of data that can be served up by the human brain. "Here it is. Here you go."

V3N3NO - Magic pill?5 star

Liked the movie very much the actors are outstanding to say the least. The mind certainly is a powerful thing.. Great movie must watch saw this one three times!

mn2nmixr - Not bad.3 star

Entertaining. Strange but entertaining.

ROCKDIGGER - Best I've seen in a while5 star

This is an amazing movie, the plot is great, and the actors chosen were perfect for the roles. I see every movie that come out, and by far this is still my favorite!! Its perfect for ANYONE, except little kids

C-Eazzy - Amazing4 star

Great movie keeps you interested

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