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Newsies is the true story of a courageous group of newsboys who become unlikely heroes when they team up to fight an unscrupulous newspaper tycoon. Determined to make their dreams come true, they find the courage to challenge the powerful from coast to coast. A week in the life of the exploited, child newspaper sellers in turn-of-the-century New York. When their publisher, Joseph Pulitzer, tries to squeeze a little more profit out of their labours, they organize a strike, only to be confronted with the Pulitzer's hard-ball tactics. Newsies Wiki

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A Thousand Voices. A Single Dream...

Newsies Movie (1992)

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- Copy righted1 star

Its basicly a copyright of the original thing which was the musical

- Best Movie Ever!!!5 star

This movie is such a classic and includes wonderful musical numbers that make you love the characters that are apart of the story. 👍🤗😍🥰😀

- The best movie ever5 star

I love this movie it should w what it was like for kids back then.

- It’s the best. I have nothing else to say.5 star

One of the best musicals I have ever seen.

- And the world will know...5 star

that Rotten Tomatoes is STILL full of crap. 39%?! COME ON, MAN!! This is one of the best movies of the 90s; right up there with Jurassic Park, Toy Story 2, and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (yeah I said it!) The music is some of the best from Alan Menken, and the script is really good too. The film starts out slow and it made me think I was watching a Ken Burns documentary... but five minutes later, you’re bobbing your head to the music. A powerful story of kids in the 1890s and their struggle against the rich and powerful. Definitely a must-see!

- newsies5 star

soo good

- An oldie to rave about!5 star

I’ve seen this movie as a kid and still watch it as an adult today! Love it!

- Amazing!5 star

I love this movie! It is very good and has an amazing soundtrack and a really good storyline!

- Love it!!!5 star

I loved dis movie

- Amazing!5 star

I am a true musical freak! And this is the best musical ever! I have seen this on Broadway, own the soundtrack and movie! The cast is so hot!

- Ehh3 star

This movie is great. I'm not going to lie. But after listening to the Broadway version, this will never be as good. The singing is better on Broadway (no offense to the cast) and so are the songs as well as the story. I know the movie came first but this time the sequel, if that is what you would call it, is better than the original. I grew up loving musicals and I really liked Newsies. Now that I am older and I have listened to the Broadway version, this will never be good enough for me.

- Best movie ever:)5 star

A great movie for all ages. This is personally my favorite and it is very inspiring and it always brings a good laugh to the table. I highly recommend buying this!

- Newsies YAY!!5 star

You can actually buy it now on iTunes! I love this movie, newsies became my favorite all time musical the very day it came out, and still has been since then! I sing the songs in my head and hum their tunes very often lol

- NEWSIES5 star

A fantastic film to show to young ones, teens, or anybody! It's very historical. I absolutely loved seeing it on Broadway. This film changed my life! 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- AMAZING😱5 star

I was a little apprehensive of watching this because musicals aren't my fav, but my friend finally convinced me and OMG!! This movie is one of my favs now and I can quote basically the whole movie dialogue and songs!! Everything is amazing from the actors to the character portrayal to the musical numbers!! I would give this movie 10 stars if it let me!! This movie is comical, heart wrenching, and heart warming!! I recommend this to everyone!!


I've loved Newsies since I first saw it. If you aren't watching this, or have never seen it. Buy it. I know you'll love it. Newsies is the best movie ever.



- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!5 star

I absolutely love Newsies. It is the best movie ever.The critics are so wrong about the 40 percent. Newsies deserves a 100 percent.

- newseis4 star

grate movie, good plot but with a weird twist

- The best movie5 star

This is the best movie in the whole universe !!!! I am SOOO glad I was able to buy it. I watched it a few times and then didn't have any more time to watch it so I'm redownloading it ( I somehow deleted it but I didn't mean to i love newsies ) and watching it in the car to my dance competition tomorrow I can't wait

- Awesome Movie I Got To See It Live!!!5 star

No, Newsies. I'm the king of New York.

- Newsies is my life!5 star

"I need space, not just air! Let 'em laugh In my face, I don't care!"

- AMAZING5 star

I seriously love this movie so much!! Maybe even too much... I seriously think everyone should watch it!!

- Best movie ever5 star

This is the best movie I ever watched. I watched it about 15 times in one week! I know all the songs. I give this a 5 star rating!!!!!!!!😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

- I love this movie5 star

I think the newsies is a great movie and it is based on a true story. I wish the school I go to would do this musical. I just don't know if there would be enough boys to do the musical. But I wish they would lower the price for me to buy the musical for my iPhone.

- What is this?!5 star

Apparently anyone on iTunes has never even watched this movie, seeing as they are not basking in its childhood-like glory! The movie is way better than the musical, and Christian is 10x greater than that Jeremy or whoever guy is playing Jack Kelly on Broadway. You critics need new glasses. Anyways, we want to BUY the movie, not rent it. How are we supposed to buy it if it costs $17.99?

- The newsies5 star

A cult classic for us 80's kids that grew up with Disney and the Disney channel in its hey day. A must watch for any musical lover with light hearted comedy about serious penniless child labor problems of early twentieth century, an amazing true story.

- Don't rent, BUY!5 star

This has to be my favorite movie of all time, and not only because Christian Bale is in it. This movie teaches kids about real time events that they probably would've never even heard about otherwise. It also has catchy music(: don't rent, BUY!

- Great movie!3 star

Thank you so much for getting it so we can buy newsies! I was so happy that we can buy it now!

- Perfect5 star

It is as perfect as the men in it. I admire all lessons in it

- Glad it's finally available to buy on HD, but…3 star

… in the meantime I'd bought the Blu-ray. For the Blu-ray, marketed as the 25th Anniversary special, the movie was restored and enhanced, making the colors brighter, more realistic. I was hoping that this would be the transfer used for the HD download, but it isn't. It's still the same one from all along. It's fine, and I love the convenience of being able to stream and download it from iCloud, but I wish Disney had released the 25th Anniversary "restored" transfer instead.

- Best Movie ever.5 star

Amazing movie I love it so much. Unlike high school musical the songs are short and realistic. LOVE THIS MOVIE! I do wish that it wasn't as expensive as it is, I mean really, $18? Really?

- Best friend loves it5 star

It is the best

- WOO! WOO!5 star

Yaaay!!!! I love newsies sooo much and I'm soooo glad we can finally buy it!!!! My only upset is $18? Really?

- Let Us Buy It!!5 star

I really love this movie. It's amazing and I would like to buy it instead of renting it. Like honestly, is there any way I could actually purchase it?

- I'm a Fansie!!!!!5 star

You know that there is the album for the movie and Broadway musical that you can buy on iTunes. Both are great, but I like the new one a little bit better.

- Newsies5 star

I'm a younger kid and I'm in LLOOOOVVVEEE with this movie I just wish you could by it here too instead of just rent it.

- Amazing movie!!5 star

I love the Jack character ... One o my tops! Sadly its a lame trailer

- Buying newsies5 star

Great movie make it available to buy tho bcuz it is one of the best movies I've ever seen

- Epic.5 star

I LOVE this film. I think it definitely has to be my favorite musical. Why isn't this available to buy? =(

- Love!5 star

Will we ever be able to buy this movie??? Please let us!

- NEWSIES5 star

We need to be able to buy this movie!! This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! If you haven't seen it you need to watch it

- PLEASE LET US BUY!!!!5 star

this movie is epic! all people need to know is christian bale is singing and dancing! what more epicness is needed?!?! but please iTunes let us actually buy this movie!!!! :)

- Best musical movie ever!5 star

I will only buy it, not rent it!


I love this movie and I'd love to have it one my phone instead of renting!

- Need to buy!!!5 star

This is one of the best musicals I have ever seen, And I will not rent it. I will be waiting till I can buy it, sorry.

- Have always loved this movie5 star

And i would love to buy it, not rent it. Certainly going to wait until i am able to purchase this movie

- Brooklyn fan5 star

I am in love with this movie ( especially the actors ...Gabriel Damon Collins):) it is totally my favorite movie I luv singing the songs and I luv quoting some of the it's lines like...."what is this?some type of walk in mouth?"-spot Collins

- NEWSIES5 star

I love it but I would love to buy it not just rent. Thanks, and everyone will buy it, its that good!!!!


I love newsies!!! I love the movie, and the songs! I just wish I could purchase it, instead of only being able to rent it.

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Santar7455 - LET ME BUY THIS MOVIE5 star

I love this movie and would like to own it so I can watch it at all times of the day, not just 48 hours!

K.C.C.24 - Love this movie!1 star

I have loved this movie ever since i was a kid! But i want to buy it, why is it only available to rent?????

NewsiesRocks - I wanna buy it!5 star

I love Newsies so much!! It's my favourite movie ever! I wish I could just buy it instead of renting it though

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Rgzrjc - FAVORITE!!!5 star

This movie is the best one I have EVER seen!!! I LOVE it so much!!

Jennifwa - Love it!5 star

Want to buy it so bad. Please let us!!


This is a great movie! The songs are awesome, its great for kids, and who doesn't love Disney? The only problem is that its not available for purchase...

VDayBaby - My favorite5 star

This is my favorite movie. Just listening to the songs can cheer me up. I love it so much. I get a moving feeling deep in my chest at this. PLEASE MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

me, myself, and dont forget i - Please!5 star

This I just an echo I what other people have said, but please pleas please make this available for purchase!


I have been getting consistent joy from this movie for 20 years now. I honestly don't know a single person who doesn't think this movie is one of the best musicals of all time--only complaint I have is that I can't buy this movie on itunes and have it in my library FOREVAAAARRRR

Jynxd13 - I want to buy it!!!!5 star

I have loved this movie for many many years! Why can't I buy it its down right awesome! I guess you either obsess over it or hate it. I love love love it.

JacksonPorter24 - BUY, not RENT!!!5 star

I love this musical to death, and the soundtrack is also wonderful. But why can we not buy this??? We should be allowed to buy it!!!

1rhapsody - Totally captivating5 star

I have loved this movie since I was a kid. Those critics obviously have no idea what they are talking about. However I don't want to rent it I want to buy it. Come on iTunes get it together and let us buy this wonderful movie!!

Robert w Ohio - AWESOME5 star


e2408 - Let's Us Buy It!!!!!5 star

It's one of my favorite movies, remember watching it with my dad. No matter what the critics say, it is a great movie. Check it out if you already haven't! ITUNES LET US BUY IT PLEASE!!!

Pigs Rock! - Newsies!!!5 star

I love newsies! It's the best movie! I've watched it so many times… "I object!" "on what grounds?" "on the grounds of Brooklyn!" BEST. LINE. EVER!!! 😝😝😝 cracking up right now!

1 of the sons of thunder - Awesome5 star

I love this movie. It's a great broadway classic and even just went back on broadway. Don't be afraid to seize the day!

iluv that music - Awesome Movie5 star

I just saw the movie and I loved it!!!!!!!! I wish that iTunes had it to buy and not just rent!!!!!!!! I would totally buy it! I actually got onto iTunes just so I could buy it! I was really upset when I found out it was only for rent! I might have to buy it somewhere else. I would love to buy it for my iPod and not just rent it for a few days. Please have this movie available to buy!!!!!!!

kleems87 - Best movie ever!5 star

Newsies is the best movie ever! The score on rotten tomatoes just proves what bad taste the critics have. Newsies is a cult classic. Let us buy it!

Eduardo soto - <35 star

Watch the broadway play

Hum-Drum - unbelievable!5 star


crystalsinger27 - Newsies!!5 star

I love this movie!!!!!! My sister, niece and I have watched it so many times, that we will randomly start singing songs from it. We know a good bit of the dialogue, too. The problem with a lot of movie critics is that they have practically no imagination (if they have any at all). I generally do not listen to movie critics, because all they do is pick apart whatever movie they are reviewing. I do not watch movies to dissect and figure out what the writer was trying to say. I watch movies for entertainment purposes only. The reviewers of this movie obviously did not know what they were talking about. They are probably people who don't like musicals anyway. Or, maybe they don't like kids. Whatever the case, they gave "rotten" reviews!! My advice is to not pay any attention to those movie critics. If a movie looks interesting, go check it out yourself. Anyway, that's my opinion. Happy viewing!!

aggiegirl2006 - LOVE IT!!!5 star

One of my favs of all time!! Glad to see it on here but wish I could buy it, not rent it. :( I have been looking to buy it for forever and couldn't find it. Hopefully all of our comments to make this available to buy are heard and soon we will be able to get it here.

hona5 - Great Movie5 star

Rotten tomatoes has it WRONG. This is a great movie. Emotional, true story not often heard. Great cast and a softer side of Christian not many see today. This was the movie I first saw him in and I was hooked. There's a good message in this movie and the choreographing was great. It's a underestimated movie. And if it's so bad the. Why was it made into a broadway show?

Nhollister - I love this movie5 star

I have grown up with this movie and I love it.

james.taft - I remember.....5 star

Running around like a crazy man with the soundtrack renting is good,but I want to buy the movie and soundtrack

[email protected] - Great Movie :D5 star

This movie was really really good. I saw it during my drama class. But I had to wait a weekend to see the ending I was going bananas. I really wanted/needed to see the end. And we also saw how the actors and actress work. And a lot of them were good looking. I just want to watch this movie over and over again. I want to buy it but I don't know where to get it ;(. It was such a great movie :D.

K. Gatto - Buyyyyyyyyyyyyy5 star


dlessard - Epic movie but let us buy it5 star

:) I FLIPPIN LOVE THIS MOVIE but I wanna buy it :( plz let us buy

peanut00002 - Great movie5 star

I has such a good representation of what it was like to be working as a newsboy to make ends meet it such hopeless times.

NanaBug12 - Great Movie5 star

I love this movie!! I had to watch it in music class and it's awesome!!

Aye Y.O.L.O - Good movie5 star

I love this movie.! We watched it in chorus and its awesome.;) its a nice classic.! I love it

xNikkixlovesxux - Finally a movie to relate to5 star

My name is John and I'm a former newsie so to speak. My father and my uncle had news stands in manhattan most of my life as a child. My fathers was on 42nd st and 6th ave, my uncles was on 42nd at and Madison ave. back in 1970 when I was 11 years old, I used to go to the city with my dad and he would give me an apron, a hand truck, a milk crate and a bundle of N Y Post which I would go to the entrance of Grand Central station and sell my papers from off the milk crate. This movie is awesome. I can't wait to see the play at the nederlander theatre in April.

Celticwheeler - Cult classic!!!5 star

One of my all time favorite movies. But apple you need to let me buy it not rent it! Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy

JJ I'm awesome - The Bomb5 star

OMG this movie is the best we had to watch this movie in social studies I also have this movie all I want to say is this movie is the bomb

Dk12227 - Newsies4 star

Great movie I read the reviews of people saying *make it available to buy! Now I know why! Great but make it available to buy PLEASE!

Ruby Detective - One of the best musicals!5 star

This is an amazing musical. It's wholesome, family oriented, and shows what the "little guy" can do when he puts his mind to it … AND IT'S RENT ONLY? PLEASE MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

Kirktalent - Buy please!!5 star

Please make Newsies available to buy

Zman4995 - Let us buy5 star

The title says it all . We want to buy not just rent I mean buy .buy! Think about it hard . And do u really want to disappoint all those newsies fans out their do u? :(

BrandonHeathsGirl - Amazing!!!!! iTunes, not so much.5 star

I LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!! Its so amazing and Christian Bale is reallllllly cute here too. He did a very good job acting. But hes like 40. Oh well. I think iTunes should let us buy it and enjoy it without paying rental fees.

Piggippig - Fyfgg5 star

Really good movie. Best movie musical!!

carolinakimber - AWESOME MOVIE.5 star

This is one of my all time fave musicals. I am SO SICK of Apple, I can't believe we can't buy this movie.

SmurfKrissy - Awesome5 star

I LOVE this movie!!! Awesome songs, great dance numbers, and Christian Bale singing, how could anyone NOT like it?! Now iTunes just needs to make it available to buy so I can watch it again, since I kinda wore the tape out and it won't work anymore.

Diana215 - COME ON ITUNES!!5 star

Really?!?! Stop toying with us!!! Make this available to buy!!! Not rent!! This such amazing movie and it always makes me smile. Brings me back to being 11 years old and being in love with Christian Bale and Gabriel Damon. Help me relive my youth on the go! :) Update 11/20/2011: More reasons to bring this to itunes! It JUST got picked up on Broadway for the Spring lineup. I'm sure tons of people are going to be coming here to see if they could buy the movie! Just sayin'

blobsicle - WOW!5 star

I've seen this movie a countless number of times, and each time it somehow seems to get better.

cmoyer87 - ALMOST available to buy!!5 star

I have been waiting for this one to be available and even though it's only available for rent, I'm still glad it's on itunes. I can't wait to watch this on my ipod!!! Please make it available for purchase SOON!!!!

ashtrash47 - Please let us BUY Newsies!!!5 star

Please make Newsies available to buy!!! You know you want to :)

lovin this song 2 - Amazing5 star

Love this movie!

calikat27 - Classic5 star

This was a classic from my jr high days. Such fond memories- such a fan of the musical and the now quality actors especially Christian Bale. Spot Conlon was always my favorite though. Please iTunes let us purchase it.

Puppy498 - I love this movie!!!5 star

I love this movie sooooo much I had my dad go out and rent it for our trip to new jersey!! Me and my brother have watched this movie so many times and are so glad it is finally a musical in nj!

musicman7769 - Great movie!5 star

Wonderful music...great dancing! Love this movie...glad to see it's finally been turned into an actual musical that is now playing at the Paper Mill playhouse in NJ. Time will only tell what happens after it's short run there.

Kitten - Newsies5 star

My sister and I love love love this movie! I have always been a huge fan of musicals and this is in my top 5. Wish I could buy!! We only have it on vhs!

ellielove17 - What?5 star

Why is this not available to buy? I know there is a conflict with ratings; its getting poor reviews on rotten tomatoes, but the iTunes users are the ones spending money and we all want to buy it. It's a great movie and I think soon I might have to look elsewhere to purchase it.

mollyajz - best5 star

best movie ever i recommmend to everyone

5 star

how the fuck did i actually get jack kelly in newsies like wtf

5 star

acabei de assistir newsies agorinha e kwnwodjdkaoajakak esse musical é FODA eu amei tudo demais aaaaa e meu deus jeremy jordannnnnnnn

5 star

메다: 뉴욕의 신문팔이들이여, 환영합니다. 내 극장에 들어온 것을, 이 혁명에 동참하게 된 것을. 모두 환영합니다! 데이비: 스팍클롬과 브루클린을 위해 박수를! 스팟: 신문팔이들! 이제 퓰리쳐가 어떻게 나오는지 두고 보자고!

5 star

saying who on the dsmp would be friends with who from newsies just to feel smth: techno - spot tommy - race or jack…

5 star

who is the funniest character in newsies and why is it les

5 star

i love newsies so much <3

5 star

Me pediram e eu vou fazer kkkkkk Review de Newsies! Eu ameiiii! Sério eh perfeito! Todas as músicas me deixaram n…

5 star

he is watching newsies :]

5 star


5 star

I’m going to start repeating, “headlines don’t sell papes , newsies sell papes” under my breath every time I need a pep talk.

5 star

Other than Newsies are there other pro-socialism/Union movies for kids? Because wow that would be a genre.

5 star

the guys in newsies are really attractive. ya i said it

5 star

Enamorado del cast de Newsies

5 star

ésto, que te valga verga si le lloro a newsies y a un dibujito, puto

5 star

@itiswattles Raid farm?

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