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From the creators of Despicable Me comes an all-new comedy about candy, chicks and rock ‘n’ roll! He was destined to be the Easter Bunny, but all he wanted to do was rock! When teenage E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand) leaves for Hollywood in pursuit of his dream to become a rock star drummer, he meets Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker with his own lofty goals. Together the two encounter a series of hilarious mishaps and misadventures and in the end help each other recognize the importance of family. E.B., the Easter Bunny's teenage son, heads to Hollywood, determined to become a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band. In L.A., he's taken in by Fred after the out-of-work slacker hits E.B. with his car. Hop Wiki

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Candy, chicks and rock 'n' roll...

Hop (2011)

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- Hop5 star


- Funny But Lost Interest Over The Years4 star

“Hop”. Was My Favorite Easter Movie When It Came Out.However,I Need To Be In The Right Mood To Watch This Movie.But,I Watch This Movie At Least Once On Easter

- Yessssss!5 star

One of my all time favorite Easter movies!


“Hop” is certainly no game changer to any film in 2011. From the director who bought me good movies such as Muppets From Space, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and Alvin and the chipmunks, and the creators of Despicable Me, I would expect a lot more, especially from Hank Azaria after The Simpsons Movie. This movie is practically saying there’s no Easter bunny. In this movie, Chris Meledandri and the whole crew who gave us Despicable Me insist that Easter bunnies are elected like presidents, live on Easter Island, go house to house in a weird flying thing that should be on a government watch list, and Easter bunnies crap candy. Besides the fact that the fact that I found the bright animation impressive, and Russell Brand’s voice as E.B. was amusing, there’s still no excusing that this is just another shameless attempt to cash out on a commercial-heavy holiday. And one part I even found racist. E.B. was explaining to his dad that he didn’t want to be the Easter bunny, but he wanted to be in a band and tour the world. Then his dad said the Easter bunny saw the whole world in one night. Then E.B. says, “Really,dad? What about China?” Then it shows a cutscene of E.B.’s dad being chased out of a house by an angry Chinese woman speaking Chinese. Skip this dreck and go see Rango instead. Oh, and are you sure the creators of Despicable Me made this? Were they drunk?

- Pathetically bad.1 star

We actually stopped this halfway through watching it. COMPLETE garbage.

- Fun for the whole family5 star

Loved it , My wife loved it and my sons where captivated. Highly recommended.

- I Love ❤️ it5 star

I love ❤️ it so much

- Love Illumination but...4 star

We bought this film because it was 9.99. I'm glad we waited for the discount. It isn't a bad show and if your kids are psyched to get it then you'll probably be okay. It's funny at different points and it has that family aspect that I appreciate, but for example the climax was like a huge firework that ended up as a dud. It was just lazy storytelling at the end so much so that I was surprised they okayed the quick demise of the villain. I mean even 30 more seconds of an attempt to take out the villain wouldn't have as cheap. This isn't bad and we will watch it again next Easter, but this is no Illumination Gem.

- Hop4 star

Good for families

- Cute movie!4 star

Its a nice light hearted move for the holiday. I enjoy watching it every year! :)

- Still my favorite5 star

This is still one of my favorite movies considering I was 8 when it came out and now I'm 13 that's challenging for me to like a child movie but yes I still love it 10000000/10 luv it

- It was amazing!!!!!5 star


- Don't waste your life with this movie.. you have so much potential1 star

A bright, loud, colorful pile of garbage could catch your attention for a moment.. but only because you wouldn't want to step into it.

- Hop Review5 star

Hop is a fun and good family movie. I would recommend watching around Easter to get you in the mood!!!!! Watch seven super girls now!!!!!! Bye!

- Haha!5 star

So funny!

- Unwatchable1 star

Save your time. Save your money. This unwatchable piece of garbage shows how desperate Hollywood is for good stories. This unintelligible trash is insulting to the human race. It should be a crime against humanity. If I could give it zero stars I would.

- You only get 24 hours to watch a movie if you rent5 star

Stop complaining. If you do your research, then you would figure out that you only get 24 hrs to watch a movie if you rent. SHUTUP IF YOU DIDNT GET TO WATCH IT ALL!

- 😍😍😍5 star

i loved it sooooo much i dont see why people are being so mean it was a good movie and very funny and this is coming from a ten year old!

- Hop is as great as a Hershey's kiss5 star

Hop is a great movie I really like it !!!!!

- Hop3 star

This movie amazing but the price is not!!!

- Candy-Coated master piece5 star

Omg I love this movie cute for me and great for the kids who ever says it's bad are liars.🐰🐰🐰🐰

- Hop Fails to Give Any "Warm and Fuzzies"2 star

Maybe some people find it "cute," but I didn't. It was a waste of time (and money). Seemed rather forced... Probably could've made a nice picture book for children rather than a full length film.

- Amazing Easter Movie!!!!5 star

I'm over 12 and I'm in love with the movie!!!!! I'm no expert on movies but people that are judging this movie so badly, look at the funny things! A bunny pooping jelly beans!! That's hilarious!!!! You people are just way too uptight!!! This movie Is great! Great movie my grandparents love this movie and so do my parents!!! Loosen up!!!!

- Hop3 star

Cute,but too cute.

- Easter Bunny4 star

Loved the movie.The candy are yummmy..Superb Animation.

- Great Fun!5 star

I've watched this movie several times by request from my 3yr old and 2yr old and they both love it! It's a fun film just give it a chance

- 0 STARS!!!!!!!!!1 star

When I went to my cousin's house, my cousin said we were going to watch a movie and I got all excited. ( it was a long time ago ) When the movie was all set up, I was expecting the funniest jokes they could get. But NO. It was the dumbest , corny movie I ever saw! I tried to like it, but still, I hate it!

- Oh What Fun5 star

Cool Movie! Cute Characters!

- Well3 star

It was ok...but it sorta strayed from the true point of Easter...I mean I see the cute idea, but it's an important day for Christians, and it doesn't need to idolize candy.

- This movie sucked1 star

Don't watch it

- I luv it5 star

It's so cute with all of the pretend and real stuff mixed together

- Best Movie in the Universe5 star

Best movie ever! I have the hop poster and the E.B stuffed animal!! When I saw it in the movie Theater when it was over, everyone clapped. This is the best movie ever!

- Stupid1 star

I hated this movie

- Great Movie5 star

I really liked it I thought it was hilarious!!!

- Great5 star

I loved the movie but it kinda waz a spoiler when it said human Easter bunny

- Better than expected4 star

This movie is another one where the people in charge couldn't decide if it was supposed to be for kids or grown ups. It's a bit messy, but I laughed like crazy and thought my $4 was well spent.

- Hop2 star

I'm picky about movies I'm like roger ebert unfortunately I didn't like this movie but kids would love it

- Awesome5 star

This was my second FAVORITE movie so I think you should see it

- Jake and Jill5 star

Is good

- AWESOME!!!!!5 star

It's the best movie ever you can watch it over and over again and it never gets old!!!!!!!Russell Brand is awesome in this☺

- Cygt4 star


- Hop4 star

It was cool I loved it it's one of the bests moive I've seen

- Hop hop hopedy hop5 star

Asome I loved it with all of the drumming I want candy was my favor it song.

- Hop3 star

Never seen it

- A Solid Kid's Movie (spoilers - read at your own risk)3 star

I rented this movie from ITunes because I had seen the trailer with my 3 year old niece. I watched it alone from an adult perspective. But I think it would be perfect for the ages of 3 - 7; I don't think it would be possible to move beyond 7 because there just isn't too much to the movie. However, that said there were actually some funny moments, especially with the main "chicken" character who wants to take over and run the Easter scene himself. The fact that an Easter bunny wants to play the drums doesn't make a huge amount of sense - why doesn't he want to be a mechanic or a skydiver? Who knows and we don't really get any hints; at one point in the film he is little and excited about being THE easter bunny in the future and then he's grown up (supposedly a teenager, we assume, in that rebellious stage) and wants to play the drums for a living. Yes, there are a lot of mundane plot "twists" - the easter bunny dad is down on the drums, the new human friend, Fred (Mardsen), finally comes around to E.B's side, but the whole time I was watching it I kept thinking that Mardsen is/was a pretty good actor to play such a role because he is acting to the air. But I can see how a 3 year old would love this film; and a 3 year old is going to totally understand why E. B. wants to play the drums.

- DUMB!!!!!!!!!!2 star

easter isn't about rabbits. the movie people must have failed all of thier CRCTs. i only like eb. this will win the Nobel Dummy prize! 😡

- 😄5 star

My kids really enjoyed this movie. They have watched it over and over.

- Hop5 star

I love this movie it funny when he poop on the car and it is jelly beans

- Hop5 star

I like the movie Hop

- Hop is a total failure1 star

This is easily the worst movie I've seen in 5 years. My kids hate it. My wife hates it. Nobody should have to pay money for this kind of garbage.

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Ryan06453 - Great 😃5 star

Kids will love this movie ❤️

Jhce - Great movie:)5 star

This was a great movie for the hole family but don't you think the battle was a bit obvious?

Buggs01 - Fun4 star

Kids loved it, very cute. I no longer trust tomato meter….

Jshdjsj - Shabby5 star


Jb1dnumber1fan - Pretty good4 star

It's a good movie for kids and you could watch it with f

LRLEBLANC - Pretty good5 star

I watched this with my little cousin. I enjoyed it. It has humor for kids and parents.

Sara-Maude - Le film est vraiment cool5 star

On dirait qu'on n'er dans une fabrique a bonbon c'est malade et en plus je n'a vais plus faim mais j'ai regarder le film Hop et j'ai eu vraiment très faim et en plus le film et vraiment trop COOL !!!

Lolipop1994 - Good movie5 star

Soooooooo goooood

Odog the master - Hop5 star


Maya1111111111 - Wow5 star

Quel beau film

To The Point 565 - HOP - Review3 star

As other reviewers have said, this is a movie for kids. My kids enjoyed it, however, it was not one of their favourites. There was not much in the movie humour wise for adults like Despicable Me, Finding Nemo, Shrek, etc.

Mjhannan - Loved it!5 star

I don't have kids at home anymore but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying this.

Jablind - Kids love it5 star

Good movie ;))

Coccogirl999 - Very hoppy(no pun intended )5 star

I'm so hoppy the movie came out on I tunes it awesome!! Makes me want chicken( no pun intended)

Sasha Ross - Awesome!!!!!5 star

Awesome Movie!!! I already have it & my cousin wants it too!!!!

KathHack - Awesome movie!5 star

I love this movie! It's awesome!

ellenrob_ - Love it!5 star

This Movie rocks!

Bangin hip shakin rebel rouser - Ooooey Gooey chocolate Bunny Funny Movie!!!4 star

Very Hoppy to watch, kids will love it!

Maddie578 - Hop4 star

Hop rocks I watched the movie and my little sister loved it

Season 1234 - 12344 star

Love it!!! My kid enjoyed it so much and I thought it was cute! Loved the bunny and a bit funny, it's a family movie... Watch and enjoy together 💗

Ymrsdb - :) kids movie5 star

My son loved it he laughed his silly little head off and that is all that counts is that he loved the movie....

Hot Chick101 - Great movie5 star

Great movie I loved my family loved I want to watch it again

familyviewer - It is a KIds movie!5 star

Some people on the internet are addicted to getting down on everything! My family enjoyed this movie because we watched it for what it is... A KIDS MOVIE! If you are a grown up do not rent it or buy it expecting hidden adult humour. Parents be happy it is a true to genre kids flick.

Lays105 - I mean, it was enjoyable4 star

But I wouldnt watch it again

Miranda0000 - Honestly people are Way to hard on it....5 star

Or the people reviewing don't have kids, mine loved it and even me and my husband really loved it. its not made to be an adults movie, and really there are so many out there that are. I think its just right for kids, honestly if people want adult jokes in here well look some where else its wow a movie that I would not be scared of my children picking up more then there fair share of adult jokes. As a parent I love the movie.

Spk candy cane - Hop5 star

When I first watched hop I thought it was hilarious this is definitely a must see it's great for the hole family I won't spoil to many secrets but the rabbit in it can poop jelly beans and and well I can't spoil any more secrets but this is a definite must see hope you like it spk candy cane out

Wierdwill - Terrible1 star

When i say terrible that means i gave not seen it. 😭😢😩😫😡😡😡

Getting-there - Hop4 star

Good movie but had heaps of trouble with freezing and had to do all sorts of workarounds - re download in SD - to make it work. When paused - had to go back to the beginning - very frustrating with kids wanting to watch!

Cheeky will will - You guys should think again5 star

Hop is the best Easter movie of all time. I have watched it a million times but I still buy it from iTunes Store it's awesome. Anyone that hates it or thinks it's disappointing just because it didn't download well I'm disappointed in you. Who ever hates it you guys are just weird I know you don't have to like it but its awesome and you should be proud of how much effort they put into making it you don't know how. Long it took them It is awesome and you don't know how much S*** they put into it

Woofeygirl - Hop5 star

I loved hop! It was a fantastic movie. I thort it would be scary but it was funny! Maddie

whiteee456 - Amazing movie4 star

Loved the choklate factory and story is also good.Funny to watch the bunny

Flossy Rose - Kids love it5 star

I think my kids (7-10) watched this 10 times!!!!

SamBo1219 - This is a Great Movie5 star

But why is not in the United States store?

azn mystar - Worth5 star

Buying standard definition is more cheaper? THAT MOVIE IS AWESOME :')

Jakaroonie - MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Let me sum this up in a sentence… AWESOME movie, cute bunnies, great plot, plus like MR.BUNNY MAN said( you can find him below or on the next page ) CHOCOLATE+BUNNIES=AWESOME. I DO NOT IN ANY WAY mean this as racism, but E.B's british accent made it extra cool… And funny!!! 6/5 for me… Oh wait no 6/5. Too bad.

wreckitralph18 - PERFECT MOVIE FOR EASTER5 star

I love this movie because it is the most perect movie for easter. I rate it 5 out of 5 easter eggs.

FROGLOVER007 - awsome5 star

i play the drums and to tell you the truth that is a talented rabbit!

Shadow_Jam - :( Not Worth It! (SPOILER)1 star

Saw it on TV, this is not worth getting. I mean the end battle is supposed to be exciting! I don't even think it went for a minute and all he did was drum on some barrels and he tipped the whole ship over! Also how can a person become the Easter bunny? That was a sad idea! The only part I liked was when Russel Brand walks in on EB (because EB is voiced by Russel Brand). Also it kinda reminded me of Alvin and the Chimpmunks minus the high pitched squeaky voices. So yeah I wouldn't recommend getting this, although lots of people have said this was an excellent movie, I guess it just depends on your opinion but I would watch it before spending $30 on it!

Cameron Allan - Great Movie4 star

Anything with Kaley Cuoco in it gets a big thumbs up!!

14anisha02 - SO CUUTE5 star

I watched it at the movies now I have it in my pocket THIS ROCKS

Shellakabooki - Most enjoyable5 star

I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. It was a lovely, funny, easy movie to watch. We laughed a lot but most importantly the 6 year old in the house loved it. It's a great kids movie with enough in it for the grown ups to be entertained too.

Skeeta Kitty Kat - Totally Rad Dude5 star

I'd hop all the way to the iTunes store to buy this movie. It was really funny (Laugh your bunny tail off funny).

Mitchy moo6 - Cute5 star

Hop- Hop is the best movie

Possumlover - Flop2 star

I thought the review looked quite good and funny so I rented this movie. This movie is Silly and Boring,I'd only give it 2 stars.

Salapod - Very cute5 star

A very cute movie :) very enjoyable

Police Boy - HOP review - Mature Reviewer.5 star

Hop - It’s got a nice start to it so far. I saw a good actor credited in the credits Hugh Laurie (Dr House MD). Hugh Laurie is the Mr Bunny. There’s a heap of baby chicks in this film. Who knew bunnies play drums, they do in hop. They start 20 year earlier and now they good to twenty years later. Will the baby bunny follow on in the family business or not? The young E.B now runs to Hollywood where dreams come true or do they? Fred is venturing out on his own journey. The Young E.B ends up at the playboy mansion, I don’t think the young E.B. actually knows what the playboy mansion really is. Fred bumps in to a talking easter bunny all literally a talking easter bunny. Fred is starting to think he is crazy also the young EB used the word mate which made me smile. These bunnies even have their own army like soldiers, which is fairly funny these guys know some fairly awesome moves. Now fred flashes back to his childhood. Young EB tries to ruin Fred’s chance of getting a job. Young EB now plays the Drums for the Blind. Mrs Beck already thinks this Fred a complete IDIOT. Carlos is trying to step up in to young EB steps but the Mr. EB. doesn’t like the idea. Will Fred become the first human easter bunny? 1 Chick and 1 human fighting for the one job. The EBs royal guard is armed with a phone and sleeping darts and is on a mission to find Young EB. Young EB chooses Fred over fame. The evil chick is attempting ruin easter but can young EB stop the chick from ruining easter or can Fred stop it. Even a dancing chick called Phil. Overall: 10/10 Conclusion: I want Candy, I remember that from the days that Aaron Carter sung it on the set of the Lizzie McGuire show gees that shows my age here guys. Hop it’s certainly a different aspect as a kids movie, I don’t think they get much better than this to be honest. the use of Cody Simpson (Australian singer) was a nice touch also Young EB using the word mate, cracked me up. Not only is this movie enjoyable it’s a fun and it’s entertaining it’s musical and it keeps you wanting more and more time and time again. They’ve also left it open for a second one of HOP, maybe next year that’d be a nice touch to the movie collection this is certainly one of the better kids movies on the market that is new and will keep the kids entertained for hours on end. I’d be watching it again it’s worth every dollar it’s a excellent fun filled movie and a strong recommendation.

client review - Fun, funny, enjoyable4 star

This movie is fun and funny. If you dont like it, you not like fun and you don't have fun. "fun alert" :)

Yomoto - Ok4 star

Not that bad but interesting

Emilyblainey - Cool as movie5 star

The moive was so cool i realy liked it

Terms Of Fire - Awesome5 star

This movie rocks! It's a great family movie. So funny. Universal has made the right movie. A funny family easter movie.

Miss Christelle - FANTASTIC FOR EVERYONE !5 star

I'm a mother of 3 and I got this movie for my kids & they've been watching it twice a day for around a week now. They love it ! I loved it too, it's a great storyline and very entertaining for the whole family. Very cute and really funny too !! I give it 5 stars, it's alot better than most of the other kids movies out at the moment. DEFINITELY ONE TO WATCH !!

Gibdun - Hop4 star

Great movie for the kids, they watched it twice and loved it both times. Good storyline and soundtrack.

Puppysnot - WHY????1 star

Does anyone know why my 'Hop' didn't work? I mean mine didn't download properly!!!!!!:(:(:(:(

82memo82 - 4 star

Good movie

Izzy00010 - :)5 star

Love this movie I am 11 so I liked it Little kids will absolutely love it !!!

cjhawkings - Awesome movie, a great laugh!5 star

The critics have no idea what a great movie this is. It's clear that they don't know the meaning of Easter and chocolate or they clearly don't have kids. Russell Brand is great as E.B the son of the Easter Bunny and James Marsden is great as Fred. This reminds me of Alvin and the Chipmunks but with a rabbit as the star instead of 3 singing chipmunk brothers and its easter themed. Awesome movie for the whole family.

kimmiii:) - disappointed1 star

horrible movie - shows all the decent funny sections in the tralier... was really bad and unwatchable

Bastioh7 - I LOVE IT SOO MUCH!5 star

I love this movie it is awesome!!!

Chadack - Awsome movie5 star

When I was the teaser treiler I was like "ok this is kind'a cute but also kinda strang." (me being a drummer) I went to see this with my freands and it was awesome the animation and the story. good work guys.

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Kelly Blair - It is sweet5 star

It was sweet because it showed that a bunny named Ebe who wanted to drum.

Mr.E1121 - Great movie4 star

This is a great movie and appropriate for kids and think adults would like it to

ameerah akbar - I want CANDY!!4 star

That is my favorite part, my little 5,9,11 year-old little sisters loved this movie i enjoyed it as well.

Elma Malik - Love it!!5 star

Hi I love hop it is the best movie ever!!

Chbs girl - HOP3 star


Miss Storybird - I LOVE IT!5 star

I think HOP is a really awsome movie for children. It's very funny, so...I don't know why some people hate it. If you ask someone if they like it, and they say "no" they're so wrong! My brothers love it, too. I bet my little sister LOVES it sooooooooooooooooo much, she wants to actually BUY it. So do I.

thebig15 - Horrible1 star

Are you sure the creators of Despicable Me wrote this??? were they drunk???

mrshanko - Makes no sense & has no plot1 star

This movie is almost giving it away that there's no Easter bunny. In this movie, they insist that Easter bunnies are elected like presidents, that they live on Easter Island, that they go house-to-house in a weird flying thing that should be on a government watch-list, and that Easter bunnies crap candy. That is WAY off from what parents tell their kids. The main character says at the very beginning that he was the first human Easter bunny, when that's just a side-plot. What's the main plot? I have absolutely no idea. There's some jokes that I just found stupid. Like for example, EB, which the bunny that plays the drums, sings the song 'I want Candy'. So apparently, he also sings. And one part I even found racist. EB was explaining to his dad that he didn't want to be an Easter bunny, but he wanted to join a band and see the world. His dad said that he would be the Easter bunny and see all the world in one night. Then EB says "The whole world? What about China?" And then it shows a cutscene of him being chased out a house by an angry Chinese woman speaking Chinese. So overall, this might an OK movie at the most for kids, but for anyone who actually cares about the plot, don't buy, don't watch.

BKJS - Its OK3 star

This movie is okay. It's pretty good for the most part, but it gets downright ridicoulosly silly at some points. But it most CERTAINLY isn't as bad as everyone says it is.

Milothecoolcat - Ugh Gag!! D:1 star

Most horrible movie so all time! So cheesy and stupid! >:O

Lo co go go - Wonderful wonderful5 star

I love this movie (: . Glcuxghghjjk !!!!!!!!!!oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great movie Oh by the how did u get those colorful faces?

2ble A Battery  - WORST MOVIE EVER!2 star

This is the worst, the beginning was fine and it was a good cast, but at the end it fell face first into a tar pit, it was like the writers just wanted to get the movie over with.

Rauls4 - Better than expected.3 star

Granted, I did not expect much. James Mardsen is simply awful. Hank Azaria is funny as ever and makes the time go by painlessly for the parent watching along. Still, a trillion times better than SharkTale or Happy Feet. (But so is a root canal)

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&¢¢¢¢ - Awesome5 star

Best movie ever

WrenVojak - Hop4 star

I thought it cute !!! It was pretty good

Macers - Love!5 star

Love this movie!

mr mony bags - ?1 star

ok so theres a easter bunny and theres evil chickens what the hell this was a horable movie plot was bad characters are bad and its just plain gay

Roberto Jimenez - Hop5 star


skills91 - Best movie5 star

Like the way the bunny plays drums

beahandgigi - Hop5 star


danieme1 - i need ideas1 star

i havnt seem this movie yet all my friends say its the best movie ever but i just read all the revews and some of u didnt think it was that good so tell me if i should watch it or forget about it i will rate one star cause im nice

Maddie hop liker - Hop4 star

Hey any one who read this that means u and I like Hop

INA!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 5 star

i  this movieIt is the best movie in the world  

JackieShorty - HOP5 star

One of the best family movies in a long time.

LOL.10 - NOt very good1 star

Not a good plot. Theres an easter bunny who doesnt wanna be, and the little chicks want to take over. Great movie...not. The people who made this did much better on Despicable Me, but did awful on this.

El Pentapichichi - Sugerencia5 star

Pelease pongan las peliculas en idioma español también no solamente en ingles G R A C I A S.!!!!!

Brassball - A little funny,not really!But it's a Great movie.4 star

Most parts aren't that funny ,but I still think it's a good movie ,about over 9 y.o. I think it'll be boring.

Freddy326 - My little bro loves this movie5 star

Yea hop

Fort maker - HILARIOUS5 star

It is the BEST Easter movie EVER written for kids. I went to go see it with my mom and cousins in Florida and it was AMAZING!!!!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!😃

SaraBrewer - Hop5 star


Ftrtryuy - Viggj5 star


Momlovesyoga - Great Family Movie, 5 and up5 star

My son is 5 and dislikes most movies, but he loves this one. It isn't scary or have sassy language. It shares a great message of being who you are while honoring your family legacy. And it is funny and smart. Sure, it isn't Anchorman or Star Wars, it's for kids, but it is fun to watch.

Mitiska - Boring...1 star

I kept waking up my 6 y.o. for the entire time, very boring... I cant believe I actually bought this. The only part I thought was cute - the dancing chick at the very end.

Jsanford 165 - DON"T RENT!1 star

Boring! Could not even watch the entire movie.

paigelle - Meh1 star

This movie had nothing good going for it. I love computer animated movies and cartoons so I didn't dislike it because it was too kiddy. It just wasn't good. I fell asleep watching it, and I don't even care to finish watching it.

CjwValentine - Hop5 star

This movie is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄

spirit971 - Okay3 star

When I saw the movie the first time I thought it was funny but the second time it really wasn't.

Mikeaniator - Hop5 star

Hop was the best movie ever

Dhdivcccoxi - Great4 star

I thought it was really funny. Minus the sexy parts. But for the most part it was ment for kids

Siden is awsome - The hop hop4 star

I think it's ok so I watch it in school he was in hollywood then he had togo home so I just like the candy

Lrc17 - 💗5 star

I 💗 the bunnies accent😃

arnieland - Unexpected Fun!5 star

I didn't quite know what to expected, but came away from this film with a smile on my face. While the story may have been predictable, James Marsden captures your heart in this family-friendly romp. A great time was had by all.

Lane351234 - Good5 star

Comedy for kids

I'm a mystery - This is my new favorite movie5 star

This totally rocked and is definitely a great movie for all ages!!!! A must see everyone!!! And make sure you don't believe rotten tomatoes there definitely fools!

Dropper82 - Not for kids!1 star

This movie has a PG rating. It's not meant for kids at all. I saw the bunnies and the child like look to the movie and assumed it was for kids. After all they advertised it around all the Easter stuff so I bought it. It's definitely geared more towards teen and adult humor. It is funny...but after bunnies saying words like "sexy" and other inappropriate questionable topics I had to turn on a different movie for my four and three year olds. It's just not meant for kids...but it's advertised that way.

SupermanJack - Rotten1 star

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DRM4GOD - Excellent movie for kids and adults alike!5 star

This is a very clever script, with excellent comedic timing by everyone, including Russell Brand and Hank Azaria, as well as James Marsden. The more times you see it, the more jokes you'll pick up. Anyone who didn't like it needs to just lighten up, because it's extremely entertaining, and as an adult, I laughed out loud a hundred times, along with my kids and wife. It's obvious movie critics think the only good movie is some international subtitled piece of boredom, or the latest outing by Meryl Streep. Your kids will love it, and you will love it just as much, it is absolutely hilarious, particularly if you're a Brand/Azaria/Marsden fan. Have a great time!

Soundtrack123 - Don't Listen to Rotten Tomatoes5 star

This movie is very funny. My children watched it and loved it and I laughed the whole time. Great family fun movie.

27498 - Great for the kids!!4 star

This is a great, creative movie, geared towards kids. Definetly Family Friendly!!

tessa_giovino - love!4 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SOO MUCH! i thought it was going to be stupid but ended up loving it i saw this in theaters last year and was laughing throughout the whole thing! if u haunt watched u have to!

5 star

@soloshixun: Sehun's "hip hop man!! c'mon yo man!! hyung show me the money!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

5 star

I'll never read "who's next?" the same again thanks to Twitter and Hip Hop Harry.

5 star


5 star

Same people who JUST justified the Hop trade want AB. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

5 star

@CeeceeLu_ Marriage boot camp hip hop edition

5 star

@revolvingbobby: Hi @Twitter @TwitterSupport We would like to request Twitter Topic for #BOBBY of #iKON exclusively for his name under…

5 star

@trapmami420: hop in girls we burning down fort hood military base

5 star

@FEARLESSBOBOHUN: Sehun saying "Hip!! Hop!! Man!! C'mon yo man! SHOW ME THE MONEY!" on loop 😌 you're welcome 😌

5 star

@FreddieGibbs: Brought to you by Hip Hop African Americans 🤣

5 star

Zo, nu eerst een @Bavaria. Is hop al verboden Carola? #Boerenprotest

5 star

@Torcuil: PM's "England only" air bridges plunges Johnson into furious row with devolved nations. @HumzaYousaf says Scotgov given 30 min…

5 star

@YJPDnim Hrsnya malem ini kan jadwal kita hop hop cik

5 star

I always wait for the perfect opportunity to hop in the DMs. Can’t just be all random in that mf.

5 star

@realrosesarered Tower of hell u can buy bunny hop lengthen and foggy and annoy people

5 star

@dashimakisuki: 平手友梨奈さん、全瞬間美しいのすご____卒業しても活き活きと踊るパフォーマンスが見れるの尊過ぎる______

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