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Winnie the Pooh Summary and Synopsis

Walt Disney Animation Studios proudly presents Winnie the Pooh, a wonderful new adventure from the creators of the hit film Bolt. Return to the Hundred Acre Wood for a heartwarming original movie, and reunite with the beloved bear and his silly but steadfast friends for a magical family experience. When sad old Eeyore loses his tail, Owl sends the whole gang - Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga and Roo - on a wild journey to help Eeyore and save Christopher Robin from the mysterious Backson. In the end, it turns out to be a very busy day for a bear who simply set out to find some hunny. Inspired by five stories from A.A. Milnes books and created in Disneys legendary, hand-drawn style, this all-new classic introduces one of the worlds most cherished characters to a whole new generation. Bursting with brand-new songs, the wonderfully whimsical Winnie The Pooh is a must-own. During an ordinary day in Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh sets out to find some honey. Misinterpreting a note from Christopher Robin, Owl convinces Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore that their young friend has been captured by a creature named "Backson" and they set out to rescue him. Winnie the Pooh Wiki

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Winnie the Pooh Movie (2011)

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Winnie the Pooh Movie Reviews

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- Horrible Movie To A Great Silly Lovable Bear1 star

Don’t you just love it when cartoons and characters that you grew up with become stupid and boring when it comes to a movie like this? I saw this movie once, and it sucked, even though I love Pooh, Tiger, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Owl, and the rest of the gang. Most of the voice cast is completely different, but the only voice actor who didn’t get replaced was Jim Cummings, who voices Pooh and Tigger. Peter Cullen, who voices Eeyore the Donkey is replaced by Rick’s voice actor from The Incredibles. The new guy voicing Eeyore the Donkey sounded almost like Peter Cullen. The other new voice cast just don’t live up to the original cast, just like with other Disney Sequels when they can’t get an original voice actor to reprise the roll of his character, they find someone new. So take Dan Castellaneta replacing Robin Williams as the voice of the Genie in The Return Of Jafar for example. I just did not like this movie, Disney failed big time ruining my childhood.

- Yes5 star

I am amazed this is one of the animated stories to bring back the traditional animation:)

- Best5 star

Best original movie ever

- Nothing better.5 star

A stone-cold classic. Or, rather, a fluffy, sticky, warm one.

- awwwwww!5 star

i renember this from back when i was 6!

- Cute but not nearly as good as the originals3 star

This was not nearly as good as the 1977 version nor as good as the 1997 The search for Christopher Robin movie. In fact this movie seems like it was an attempt to combine the movies together. Though it was cute it just wasn't as good as it could have been. I could tell the plots quickly and felt like this movie was kind of a rip off of the two very popular movies instead of being something original which was what I was looking forward too. Unfortunately this is not the case in this movie. It takes the best stories from each of the originals and tries to make it look as if it is brand new and it really isn't. Was disappointed in Disney when they made this.

- Amazing and Wonderful5 star

I love this movie, I'm 56 years old and still love Winnie the Pooh and his pals. I have all movies and collect Winnie the Pooh pins from Disneyland (More than 1,000) waiting for anything new on this Bear and his pals

- Great5 star

Best Winnie the Pooh by far

- Not bad3 star

Good movie but I prefer the original Winnie the Pooh over this one.

- Great movie!4 star

A worthy follow-up to one of the best Disney films.

- Really1 star

Come on waste your time on a remake of this

- Best Disney Movie in a Long Time5 star

Winnie the Pooh is cute, charming, and at times, downright hilarious.

- :D5 star

Oh my God! Thank u for bringing Christopher Robbin back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated the girl that was in Winnie the pooh with the baby elephant friend! The baby elephant was cute though! But I hated her :( she can't hold a candle to christopher! Sterling holloway's pooh bear #1 Jim cumming's pooh #2!!! :D

- Pooh's more than a childhood friend.5 star

Honestly, I hate going to movie theaters.. but I dragged my 6 years old cousin with me to watch this. I loovee pooh bear. After 15 years of loving pooh bear, I actually went into this movie expecting it to be a little lame and childish, but I actually found myself enjoying myself very much. I was in a theater filled with little kids, but I'm sure that me and all the other adults in there were laughing and crying at heartfelt moments that touch people of all ages. If you're too embarrassed to buy this because you're "too old", it's ok, just say you had to screen to movie for yourself before you let your little brother read it ;) enjoy!

- Perfect Movie for Kids Under 55 star

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. It's just the right length for very young kids. It's funny enough for parents. The songs are sing-alongable. The voice acting is memorable. Buy it now.

- Good but with issues3 star

This was a great movie and my 20 month old just loved it! The movie kept showing spanish subtitles though that would come on randomly and then go off. The credits at the end even changed to spanish about half way through. Not worth $20.

- No more interesting.4 star

Perhaps you have to try iTunes extra---this film itself is no longer attractive, especially Robin is not cute and Pooh is less silly now.

- So Good!!!5 star


- Charming And Beautiful5 star

I bought it to have 1080p Pooh and I'm thoroughly pleased. Fantastic animation, lovable characters and the purest kind of humor.

- Not worth it!2 star

Being a fan since childhood I chose not to heed the warnings of the minority number of bad reviews--how sorry I am. Not only does Disney rip you off by charging $15 for this typical modern spin on a classic but it has a wanting, lack luster script although the backgrounds in the movie are very well done nothing else I can say is positive, even Keanes trailer song Somewhere Only We Know is missing from this movie. BEWARE!!

- Help4 star

I have just enough money to buy this movie should I

- I mean seriously....... Winnie the pooh?5 star

I cant believe I rented this movie. I should have bought it first day it came out. I loved this movie and before I saw it I thought I'd give it a three out of five but this surprised the crap out of me it was amazing I was bitterly honest

- Winnie The Pooh Rocks!!!😃😃😃4 star

I've LOVED Pooh Bear for as long as I can remember and I still love him now that I'm 10 years old!! I think it will be a grate movie though I still have not seen it but I hope 2 soon!!😊😊😊😊❤❤❤he bring back memories and just thinking of it makes my eyes water😂😂😂😃😃☺☺wow so many people said that the movie was horrible but It probably isn't I mean who dosent like old Pooh Bear???😒he is cute and funny and even more cute and cuddly especially!! He has been and always will be my fav of all time I even had a little toy where u pull this thing down that has him on it and when it goes up he goes into the top which is a bee hive!! I love him from the bottom of my big huge heart!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I miss him soooooooo much!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭I hope they do his show agin but of course they never will so I'm 😡😡😡I'll stop ranting now The End From a ten year old Oh ya and it's never a waste of time to watch Pooh Bear 😠

- Not a fan1 star

Honestly, my favorite part of the movie was the credits because it was over (and because Zooey Deschanel sings the theme song). The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has been one of my favorite movies since I was a little girl and I guess anything other than that just doesn't resonate with me very well. I was extremely annoyed by the voices of the characters...they just weren't right! And the songs of the film besides the Zooey Deschanel ones, were a little too corny for me. I felt like the Backson song was trying to be the new Heffalumps and Woozles song and it just didn't work. Not only that but they made Eeyore super depressed in this one, way more than the original and he is my favorite so that was upsetting. It just didn't stand up to the classic and I was very disappointed and annoyed by it. It is probably a great movie for children, a new generation who aren't as familiar with Winnie the Pooh but for those of us who love the classic, this is not the best movie...

- Best animated movie in years!5 star

My 21 month old will ask to watch this movie every day! It's funny and unique, and the soundtrack is great! I have NEVER been a Winnie the Pooh fan, but this movie changed that! We quote this movie in our house all the time now! Well done!

- Worst movie ever1 star

Wast of time

- 곰돌이 푸를 이렇게 만나게 될 줄이야..5 star

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- Great Movie5 star

I have to say that even though I am 12 years old, I still find a great interest in the world of Winnie the Pooh. I like the classic, storybook feel of this movie (much like "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh") and the classic look at the hundere-acre-wood. I find that I can only make one complaint about the movie, and that is that it is only a little over an hour long. It is a perfect amount of time to tell the story that the movie tells, but I wish there was more. While watching it for the first time, I could not find one point in the movie where I did not have an ear to ear grin on my face, if i was not laughing hystarically. I know many people who are the perfect age to see Winnie the Pooh and his friends for the first time, and I think that they are lucky that this might be the first Winnie the Pooh movie that they will be seeing. I feel as though that this movie is a great choice for anybody, not just kids, but also adults.

- Great movie5 star

It's true, innocent, pure, genuine, comedy just absolutely amazing movie that uplifts you from beginning to end

- Growing up with Winnie the pooh..4 star

I have grown up with Winnie the pooh as one of my favorite stories.. And now as an 18 year old I finally had the opportunity to watch this most recent one, and as much as I loved it the one thing that disappointed me the most was the change in some of the characters voices. Other than that this was done really well, just like the classics, and I'm so glad that Disney let this out for kids now to watch what was pretty much my childhood :) -still loving Winnie the pooh at 18 :)

- This movie rocks!5 star

This movie is so adorable, and my 2 year old loves it! And daddy and mommy enjoy it over and over too... Great music, AWESOME, vocal talents in every role-- Love Craig Ferguson's Owl, classic! Worth every penny... If you think Poo is played out, check out this totally fresh take.

- Everything is hunny!5 star

I know that some of these comments are about how Disney did a bad job at recreating a new Winnie the Pooh story, but I thought they did fantastic! Some of the voices were changed for known reasons but you will eventually get used to them. If you think that you will be disappointed or were by this film than you are NOT a REAL fan of Pooh or Disney at all. This film deserves a award and that is final. It is great for all ages and as fun as the original classic! I think that we need to bring back Pooh in a big way, and I believe Disney has done so. Great bonus features as well. Five stars and no less!!!!!!!

- Wonderful5 star

This is such a heartwarming film. Great for kids and adults alike. Highly recommend

- Great Movie!!!5 star

This movie is great and I have to say probably the best movie of the year... I recommend this movie to everyone I know. 5 stars and two thumbs up XD

- A-MAZ-ING!5 star

This is simply beautiful!!!!! I loved it and I'm 13!!!!! Not as good as the original and it's kinda short but I enjoyed every second of it! they sure did a great job!! Highly recommend it to u no matter how old u are! The teens and adults will love the old good memories and the young and little kids will love the inspiring and adventure story of a new lovable bear who loves honey!<333 winne the pooh ;)

- Ppl5 star

First: I can't wait to see this movie... I'm going to find it somewhere and watch it. Second: I'm very upset with those ppl who are misspelling names. It is T-I-DoubleGrr!!! Tigger!!!

- Great, but...4 star

The movie was fantastic for kids and adults alike, but I really felt they overdid the music. Too many songs were shoved into the film.

- Good change of pace.4 star

This movie was brilliant. The story was pretty good. The kids as well as the adults can enjoy the humor. And it's nice to see a G kids movie for once. Even though I enjoy things with very dark and gritty storyline's such as Elfen Lied, Se7en, and Sin City. And I enjoy movies with confusing storyline's such as the Ocean trilogy, Inception, and Paranoia Agent. It is very nice to see something that is light hearted and easy to follow.

- Happiness in a movie5 star

I'm 21, and I watch this movie at least once a month. It brings back so many memories of watching Winnie the Pooh as a kid and it reminds you of the simple things to be happy about :) "not knot?...Who's there?!" Best movie ever.

- 10 years old5 star

I'm only ten years old and I saw this in theaters with my dad . I LOVED IT

- Great!5 star

Recommended to younger Children

- A Classic Tale Revived5 star

I have loved the stories of Winnie the Pooh my entire life (14 years). My first memory is a Pooh Bear cake on my 3rd birthday, and I've watched the Many Adventures film countless times. I have nothing to complain about this movie; I only wished it could have been longer. John Cleese made a refreshing narrator, and the other voices did just as well as the originals. Also the fact that they kept the traditional animation format and did not release in 3-D is another plus. The tale of the silly old bear has a special place in many hearts as well as my own, and I hope it will be remembered for generations to come.

- وني دبدوب5 star


- Very Good Movie5 star

When I saw this movie, I was transported back in time to my childhood years. It felt good to revisit that most precious time of my life. Your never to old for Winnie the Pooh.

- WHOA.5 star

This movie was absolutely AMAZING. I was PUSHING little kids out of the way to see it! And I'm 15!! I used to watch this all the time as a kid and I was THRILLED when I saw they were bringing old Disney back<3

- awwwww5 star

I *LOVE* it!!!! so sweet

- Now that's hand drawn5 star

I did not see this movie yet but I plan to buy it. I always like to focus on more of 2D works. I am so sick of computer animation all the time and I hope that Disney my most favorite of my life would plan more of hand drawns like this. It what we all want!!!

- <35 star

hell I'm 14 and a friend and counted down the days until this movie came out. it was amazing! I loved it!!!

- Best movie ever5 star

I'm 18 and I loved it my 21 year old sister loved it tooooo<3

- Read this5 star

I love this movie and I am 11 one more thing last year the guy who plays Winnie the pooh,Jim Cummings enrolled his kid into my school and his kid was in my moms class so I got an autograph by the way my mom is a teacher and I am a big fan I really NEED to get this movie I loved winnie the pooh since I was like 3. Critics back off because why would adults like this only kids like it

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WONDERFULPISTACHIOS - Adorable and funny!5 star

Gosh, was it yesterday that I saw the classic TV series with Sterling Holloway as the famous bear? This movie was like a trip down memory lane for me. Amazingly done, and you don't need to be a kid to love it. Tigger, Piglet, and Roo were and are my favorite characters! If the last generation loved Pooh, then this generation would, too!

Joefox2003 - Why No Rental?3 star

Why do many of the Disney movies, such as this one, have no option to rent them? How stupid is that? Why would I spend $25 on something I'm not even sure we're going to like? Not impressed.

Rshark7 - Amazing5 star

Great movie for both child and adult. Very funny and worth the money.

Ella Bella Vanilla - Loved it, super cute,5 star

I feel back in love with Pooh! Super cute, funny and perfect for any age. I watched the original Winnie and to be honest I loved this movie better

Aaron Reynolds - Engaging and fun5 star

My kids, ages 7 and 5, have not been as engaged by anything, including Pixar films, as they were by Winnie-The-Pooh. They laughed a lot, and enjoyed the wordplay and goofy book/movie meta jokes. It was gentle and delightful, smart without being smart-alecky, and had ridiculous little side-jokes and throwaways (like the choir that sings HONEY when Pooh sees the honeypot). The songs are fun throwbacks, and the animation is quite imaginative, especially the chalkboard sequence. And it stays interesting for grownups without making jokes over the heads of kids or making pop-culture references. Honestly, this is the purest, best Disney film made during my lifetime. Walt Disney would be proud. Great work, everybody.

anclarke - Too scary for my three year old3 star

I just turned this movie off at my 3 1/2 year old daughter's request. She found it too scary. Granted, she may be a bit of a delicate flower without a lot of TV experience, but this is just a warning if you're planning on spending $25 like I just did on a movie for your little kids. It's not even going near my youngest daughter. I generally stay away from Disney movies. I took a chance on this one and I wish I hadn't. Maybe they'll like it when they're older.

Crampof - Réconfortant5 star

J'ai tout simplement adoré Winnie the Pooh. Mais pourquoi donc avoir un antagoniste, comme dans tous les autres classiques de Disney ou presque, qui viendrait chambouler le cours des choses ? Winnie the Pooh offre une approche sympathique et bien différente, se sont plutôt les personnages principaux qui créées les différentes péripéties de l'histoire, et ce, au fur et à mesure de celle-ci… En d'autre terme, il faut s'attendre à un film d'une originale simplicité. Simple, mais aussi très amusant, drôle, mignon et réconfortant à regarder. Chacun des personnages présentent une personnalité très différente les uns des autres, une manière toute simple de voir les choses qui me fait souvent bien sourire, je ne me lasserais jamais d'être en leur compagnie. Je recommande vivement d'acheter ce film (je préfère en anglais pour ma part), même aux septiques. On se sent bien en l'écoutant.

RDS1964 - winnie the pooh5 star

As a children's theatre teacher the length is ideal. Most kids of the movies target audience have trouble sitting about 45-50 minutes. As adults we are used to high tec movies of substainal length. These movies have been written with 2 levels of humour: adult and kids. Pooh was written for kids, not the duel audience we have become used.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - It was short and the kids liked it!5 star

It is short, it is enjoyable and your kids will be introduced to the characters you remember from watching Walt Disney on CBC Sunday nights if you didn't go to Church. Popcorn on your lap watch that silly Poo Bear did for Honey. But I must say, I don't remember Piglet bugging me that much as a child or Owl being that dum...b. When it is cheaper, we will be buying to relive the memory of seeing it at a drive - in.

ErikZarins - Disney found their magic at last!!5 star

Despite the fact it was short which was my disappointment It was very cute and amazing!!! If Disney makes another winnie movie.........make it LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh? - YAYYYY!!!!5 star

Even though this movie is short, it's still AWESOME!!! It's definetly worth the 20$. See you in the next movie Winnie, you silly old bear!

Bodybreacker111 - Memories5 star

I loved whinnie the pooh when I was younger it brings back so many memories. Loved it just loved it😋😋😋😋😋‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😋‼️

Fan of Darth - A bear of more than a little brain!5 star

Seriously, i love Pooh Bear ALMOST as much as i love my bear Edward. The group of them together with Christopher Robin form an almost irresistible force of good and innocence that simply can't be denied. This movie can obviously be enjoyed by the whole family but even adult, seasoned readers of the books can see a depth to the Pooh Universe that can't be seen in books. For example, the friendship between the animals is a joy to behold, and the bond between them is extremely obdurate. Of course the movie is funny as, the sound track is awesome (written and performed by New Girl star Zooey Daschanel) which makes the sound track worth buying, too. The only obvious flaw is a lack of love interest anywhere, but when you think about it, that is just silly. So this movie is highly recommended. And Mr Disney, can we have another movie, please?

Bibbossa - Beautiful Movie5 star

This is beautiful. This took me back to my childhood. This song was perfect for the trailer. Great movie by Disney

GagaOlala - Why didn't it come to Australia?5 star

I saw the previews for it but it did not even hit theaters! >:(

La Belle256 - I love Winnie the Pooh5 star

Winnie the Pooh is my favourite movie of all time, no jokes:D I just love Eeyore and Disney have done an amazing job of transforming A.A. Milne's classic into a magical movie. Thankyou Disney!!\ Seriously, I'm obsessed with Winnie the Pooh!!!!

mumsyto3 - Winnie the Pooh5 star

Really nice move for kids 1-10yr

party rock anthem - Hi peeps5 star

A. W. E. S. O. M. E. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KateTrip - Love Disney Classics!5 star

Why didn't this come out in Australia? :(

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Rishi Thippaiah - Embeds in soul5 star

Some characters and their presence in human industry remains for ever - the bear,... -rD

alyssay222 - I  tiger5 star

I luv Winnie the pooh and tiger I'm 11 and I still luv Winnie becuz I watched it all the time when I was a little girl. Winnie the Pooh os soooo sweet 

10 Suns - Nostalgic and entertaining5 star

It made me think back to my brighter childhood, and i loved this film so much i saw it twice in theaters

I love pie :) - Yay5 star

I <3 eyore he is awesome!!!:):):) so excited that another pooh movie came out!!! I'm 11 and I  winnie the pooh.

Jonahsk5 - Cutest movie ever!!5 star

:D loved it, it is soo hilarious and adorable!

Theaterflirt13 - Loved it!!!5 star

Let's just put it this way I am in high school and me and about 15 of my friends went to see this...WE ALL LOVED IT!!:)

Lovable livi - SO CUTE!!!!!5 star

I love this movie!!! It is so cute! Piglet is adorable!

Dietpepsiluvr - Ahhhhh!5 star

A feel good movie! Just the right amount of time too! I love WTP!!! And Eeyore, poor Eeyore!!!

leira jave' - The return5 star

Never mind the movie; the first time I saw the PREVIEWS, it was like Disney had finally come home. I hope this continues.

RayDubya - I loved it.5 star

Im not going to lie, Im a 14 year old boy and I found this movie very humorous and enjoyable. Even my 17 year old brother liked it. Every scene had something unique about it. Poo was my favroite character in the movie (typical choice). I recommend this movie for the whole family.

Emia9876 - Love it!5 star

Ok, I am 15 years old and I love it! It is an ADORABLE movie! Love it. A must see! Defiantly 5 stars!

elenaf27 - timeless classic4 star

perfect for my 3 and 4 year old.

kiddlive fan - FINALLY, a kid's movie that's Rated G !!5 star

We love this movie. And it is truly refreshing to find a children's movie that is Rated G, a rarity these days.

Codeman123456789 - help5 star

what is the song for this not the original but the new one

Fjdhcnjd - come ON5 star

great movie!! tigger is the best:) and to the person that took up almost a WHOLE PAGE of my ipod, i mean come ON! this movie is 4 KIDS! u really hated it that much? it was cute. has it ever occurred to u that maybe the ppl who did the character's voices died? how could u b so stupid? this movie is for kids, not thirty-year-olds. just back off u'd think a thirty year old would have more common sense. loser. anyway this movie was awesome:) cute, funny, adorable, and love the word backsun :P ♥


I loved it Winnie the Pooh made me laugh and tear up my all time fave

Kayla Hoffman - Dissapointed2 star

I was so so so so excited when I saw this was coming out! I thought I was going to skip happily about and relive my childhood. Incorrect assumption! I rented it and quit watching it part of the way. The characters' personas weren't all quite right. Rabbit had a horrible voice and acted differently than his previous incarnations. The musical bits fell lame and useless. I felt like they were simply recycling plots from previous movies, and that it was painful to try and follow the flow of the movie. Why was Kanga suddenly vain and worried about her youth? Where was Gopher? The movie was just a bunch of loose ends, compiled of halfhearted schemes and the threads of my frayed and tattered heart.

Sea4 - Great movie5 star

Why don't they bring Winnie the pooh back

Tmaxxtigger - Terrible remake of "The Search for Christopher"1 star

Was really hoping for something different but it was a terrible remake of "The Search for Christopher " from 1997. The whole family was bored and could to wait for it to end, very disappointing, not worth $1.

jdogbropeace - Unbelievable5 star

This movie is just plain awesome. It blew my expectations out of the water. Not only is it filled with good, clean, witty humor, but the songs (and the score) are so creative, so beautiful, so AWESOME! It's been a long time since I've seen a movie as good as this one.

Zig33367 - Awesome5 star

Awesome movie hilarious, even though I'm twelve.

Swards - Not as good as the previous Pooh shorts3 star

Not on par with The Honey Tree or The Blustery Day that came out in the '60s. Maybe nothing can really match those films, but previous reviews made it sound like it may be that good. Overall, my 4-yo liked it. Worth renting.

dateaking - Amazing!5 star

Just a utterly amazing movie! Walt must have touched it from above.

TriedOdin - Not the original it's true but still good5 star

I have never been a fan of piglet so it was no surprise that he was annoying in this movie as well. I was on the other hand disappointed in owls performance he was very annoying through out the whole movie and could have flown out of that hole and got a rope. coward! Aside from all that it was a very funny movie. I laughed so hard I cried! Eeyor and tigger were the best in this movie. Can't wait to go buy it and watch it again.

Kgamer:0 - Not the original but great!5 star

The modern pooh bear is best friends with tigger and solves stupid mysteries, but the real pooh loves christopher robin and piglet. I think this movie rekindles the pooh we love best! Also great use of the song Somewhere Only we Know!

cuppitycake - what up with mean reviews on a sweet movie?5 star

are people just bored and crabby - and need to write reviews to bash other reviews (not that I'm not doing the same). No, this isn't the original - watch it as it's own movie. I prefer A.A. Milne to Disney, so any animated movies involving Pooh fall a tad short. However, this came close to the books in spirit. Was Pooh selfish? Um, no.. he put off his needs until the end to help his friends... what movie were you watching? Piglet was always extremely nervous in the books. This was maybe a closer adaptation. Does that specifically matter? Our whole family laughed together and left the theater happy. There were no ridiculously unnecessary sexual innuendos placed for adults - it was great. We enjoyed it. The end.

Sogggyyy - Nice but...3 star

To short but also to long. I remember that i liked the voices in the original better but I can't remember If it is my memory playing tricks on me. A tad to polished but I liked the animation. The songs bored me but they were catchy.

Lengua1 - OMG!!!!!5 star

Im 14 and a girl. I loveeeeeeeeed the movie!!!! My mom said she will buy me it!!! I may a lil too old for this movie but i nvr will get old of that Pooh Bear and his jar of Huny!!!!! :) <33333333333

directorbear - Nearly indistinguishable from the original in terms of quality5 star

A must see for any fan.

manoo305 - اشكر5 star

بس لو خلوتو مجانة

EBradford - Nothing like the original beyond a few cosmetic similarities2 star

Sorry to be the buzzkill here, but if any adults are hoping that this film will re-capture the magic of the classic, prepare to be disappointed. I never would have rented this if I hadn't read all of the (many) positive reviews on iTunes prior. I was just browsing iTunes and saw it in the top 100 list. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is one of my absolute favorite childhood movies, and this film was made to sound equally as good as the original. "It feels exactly like I'm watching The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh just longer [if I watch them back-to-back]". (That was from a review written by a mother in her mid-thirties!) Of course I expected some obvious changes (voices) to be made to the characters, but I was kind of led to believe that this movie was going to bear (no pun intended) a tremendous amount of similarity to the original, especially since it is compiled from 5 A.A Milne stories, and the characters are touted to be almost identical in animation. And they basically are (with the exception of Christopher Robin's generic new Disney eyes/makeover?) - as long as you're only looking at stills. But in motion, not so much. Pooh was very close, but the other characters failed to capture the feeling of their original counterparts- Rabbit, for example, is now drawn so frenetic and spazzy that I felt like I was watching looney tunes. Actually, all of the characters are drawn and act more and more looney tunes-ish as the movie progresses. Bulging eyes, tangles of limbs, crazy movements, etc. And speaking of the way the characters act - this is not a timeless Disney classic that adults can enjoy. The tone, the feeling, the pacing - it's all wrong. Because the characters act like they are mentally retarded. I'm serious. They're like caricatures of their originals - Piglet is now spineless to the point of idiocy and seems genuinely stupid, not just timid and nervous as he was. Pooh, although he has the same voice (thank God), is no longer just sweetly daft and somewhat hungry, he's now comically moronic, so selfishly obsessed with his own needs, and seemingly so completely unable to control himself, that he jeopardizes himself and his friends to the point of ridiculousness. Frankly, I think 55 minutes of this behavior completely negates the 5 minute moral-of-the-story ending (ie Pooh's 180 and sudden ability to put his friend's needs first) and therefore also negates the message this movie is ultimately meant to deliver. Look, I'm not usually cranky like this; I'm a pretty easy-going, happy person - I don't know why I'm so annoyed. I guess I just can't believe that people could possibly liken this movie, which should be so obviously meant for (very little) children and children only, to such a wonderful, timeless classic film that (and I speak from experience, having watched both today) is certainly at least tolerable, if not utterly lovely and enjoyable for adults to watch (which it is.) I don't like seeing these characters and stories re-done in such a dumbed down, cheap laughs/emotions/etc kind of way. It's a reminder to me of how low we set the standards for our kids now without even realizing what we're doing wrong. I'm 30 years old and embarrassed to sound so much like Andy Rooney here, but ugh children's movies today are either just FILLED with un-funny tongue-in-cheek references meant for at parents (in lieu of even a semi-creative plot and/or legitimate, relatable characters), or so dumbed down, as is the case with Winnie the Pooh, that they are basically unwatchable for anyone over 6 years old. SO DUMBED DOWN. Actually even as a 6 year old, I'm pretty sure I'd be intellectually insulted to have to watch Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Eyeore, Owl, AND Christopher Robin award a honey pot to a RED BALLOON as a reward because they collectively think it (the balloon) has fixed Eyeore's tail. It is tied to the honey pot whilst the entire group tells the BALLOON "great job"; "thanks"; and "you're a hero". It's not a talking balloon, FYI. It's just a balloon. A f***ing balloon. By the time I arrived at this scene in the film, I wanted to wring the necks of every single one of my beloved characters for acting like such ***holes, and I know my six-year old self would have been just as frustrated as I was. BUT, I know I need to get over it: this movie is just one of many out there making kids stupid and unable to think for themselves. In this case, stick with the subtler, sweeter, lovelier, and ultimately leagues more intelligent original. The original Winnie the Pooh is AMAZING. Good children's movies don't need to spoon feed their messages, and rely on impossibly over-dramatic/neurotic/timid/silly/retarded characters, to entertain. Seriously, these garbage kinds of kid's movies make what I grew up with in the 1980's look good. And trust me, it's not like children's stuff was that great - but God does it look better in hindsight. Things like this Winnie the Pooh re-vamp just feel coddled and obvious and over-stimulating in the wrong ways while utterly negligent in the right ones. This Winnie the Pooh just feels WRONG. And it to compare it equally to the beloved original is completely WRONG. I feel duped. But better now that I've let this all out, phew!

ChestyVulva - Great movie5 star

The only thing that was disappointing was owl. Owl seemed like a totally new character :( but this was cute. John Cleese was perfect as the narrator.

Jeri in Granbury Tx. - Winnie the Phoo Movie5 star

I'm 62 years old and Winnie The Phoo has been my favorite through seven grandchildren.You'll love it!

JoshuaO412 - Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I am 16 and I went to go see this in the theaters and I was the only teenager in the theaters but I love Winnie the pooh <3

MellzBellz - Loved it!4 star

This brings back memories and it was such a cute movie! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it's too short IMO :(

Your_highness213 - Great movie.5 star

One question, does anyone know the name of the song used in this trailer?

Corndair - I've got a rumbly in my tumbly for more!5 star

Being 16 years old, I'm pretty sure I was the oldest one in the theater without kids, and I was laughing as loud as any of the little ones were, if not louder. This movie is hilarious, (especially the "Knot" bit that was shown in trailers) heartwarming, and an all around good time. Plus, Owl is CRAIG FERGUSON. That's pretty darn cool.

Pikafan90 - Takes me back5 star

Over 15 years ago, I used to watch the Winnie the pooh tv show, almost nonstop. The silly old bear brought me back with fun humor, the book affecting the cast, from Pigget cutting the rope into peaces. I was laughing so hard at Rabbit's frustration. Watching it was like a storybook that I used to read coming to live. I always knew of Pooh, and was reminded how great Winnie the Pooh, and Kanga and little Roo. With Tigger, Rabbit, and Owl. It was like time traveling, capturing watching an old show, become new again. (I'm 21 by the way.)

danny00003 - Classic4 star

My kids are almost three and got most of it. I liked the way we through the characters are reminded that they live in a book with real words/ letters that tell the story and that Winnie and friends can climb on - love Winnie's love affair with honey - awesome!

Legoking1 - Childhood memories5 star

Ahh.... Good times!

Kooliocat - Tiger5 star

Tiger was my best friend when I was a baby. My mom calls me roo sense roo and tiger are best friends

Lolo fe - Winnie the pooh5 star

Asome I loved winnie the every since I was a baby 1000000 stares Love ittttttt

alec john - An hour of pure magic.5 star

Probably the best example of an instant Disney classic. Wonderfully drawn. Witty and delightfully funny. Sweet and simple. And amazingly charming.

LittleMonster3 - AMAZING!5 star

I am 13 and I went went to see this with one of my best friends (who is 14) and we totally LOVED it!!!!!!! It was amazing and very funny! I can't wait to buy it!

Oaksusu - Reboot is closer to "Heffalump" than more classic Pooh films3 star

Animation is beautiful but the narrative pace seems faster than previous Pooh films. The characters are ones we're familiar with but Rabbit and Owl's voices didn't carry the weight of previous movies.

Chuzzzle - I luv piglet5 star

He is soo awesome my favorite part was when they were stuck in the hole and piglet has a rope and he cuts it in to 6 peaces " now u can all get out!" lol lol and that owl flies out of the hole and back in!

Nana frema - Winnie the pooh series is back !!!!!!!!!5 star

this might be for little kids,but parents might like it too!!! im only 8 years old and i like it!this deserves 5 stars!Was so funny thought i was going to wet my pants! Deserves 5 stars!

Marisol_g16 - Loved it!!5 star

This movie was sooooooo good :) I've been a Winnie the pooh since little and when I heard there was going to be a new one I had to watch it and it was awesome one of the cutest movies ever!!! <3 :)

Greg Morris - <3 <3 best movie EVERR!5 star

I absolutely loved it!!! It made me feel like i was a child again with no care in the world!! Its an instent disney classic! Winnie the Pooh will always be in my heart! <3

Daisydog73 - Best movie on the planet!!!!!5 star

This is the best movie I've ever seen I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants!!!! Winnie the pooh=

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