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The #1 New York Times bestseller by Kathryn Stockett comes to vivid life through the powerful performances of a phenomenal ensemble cast. Led by Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Bryce Dallas Howard, The Help is an inspirational, courageous and empowering story about very different, extraordinary women in the 1960s South who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project — one that breaks society’s rules and puts them all at risk. Filled with poignancy, humor and hope, The Help is a timeless, universal and triumphant story about the ability to create change. Aibileen Clark is a middle-aged African-American maid who has spent her life raising white children and has recently lost her only son; Minny Jackson is an African-American maid who has often offended her employers despite her family's struggles with money and her desperate need for jobs; and Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan is a young white woman who has recently moved back home after graduating college to find out her childhood maid has mysteriously disappeared. These three stories intertwine to explain how life in Jackson, Mississippi revolves around "the help"; yet they are always kept at a certain distance because of racial lines. The Help Wiki

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Change begins with a whisper...

The Help (2011)

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- skeeter btw5 star

emma stone and octavia spencer stole the performance(i’m also saying that bc emma stone is my celeb crush😂). but seriously it’s awesome watch right now. right now.

- Great!!5 star


- Unforgettable5 star

The book and this movie should be required reading and watching by every man, woman, and child. You will be thinking about the story in this movie long after the credits roll...

- The help review5 star

This movie is amazing! It’s funny, emotional, and full of drama. The cast did an amazing job. I love how Bryce Dallas Howard played Hilly. She was amazing. I love her work.

- +he Be$+ !z Ye+ 2 C0me.5 star

Eye l0ved +he m0v!e +he Help. Eye even 0wn +he b00k. Eye [email protected]+ched +he Help 0n N0vember 19, 2018. Eye w!ll @l$0 0wn +h!$ m0v!e !f Eye [email protected]

- Great Movie!!5 star

Very good movie,sad that people were treated so badly,but i had some good laughs especially the pie she so deserves that..great cast..

- Absolutely awesome5 star

I loved this movie so much

- ‘The Help’4 star

A powerful, fantastic film with strength, humor, emotion and friendship. An incredible story about black people in a “white world” that will move everyone who watches it. Great acting performances (one of Emma Stone’s best) and just an overall great story and great film.

- adherents5 star

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- The Best Movie5 star

The acting is phenomenal. It’s hilarious and down to earth.

- X5 star


- I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!5 star

A definitely a move to watch It got me to think in deep thought about segregation. Like why would you mean to these intelligent and helpful women? That’s not right!! That’s what got me thinking Especially the book!! A really good book and movie!!

- It is amazing.5 star

The Help is one of my most favorite movies of all time. It is a wonderful story.

- The Help5 star

Great and funny!!!!😂

- MA5 star

Thanks to the sale,, and moviesanywhere I can own this great movie for a fair price. Loving this concept!

- Good5 star

A solid movie with humor and hope.

- Cui5 star

You catch aids Or can y’all txt very try god g

- Beautifully done5 star

This is so perfect, I cried the whole way through. History

- #45 star

Definitely, without a doubt, the 4th best movie of all time. The female dominated cast is incredible and the story will make you cry every single time.

- The help4 star

Love the movie, just wish you would lower the price from 17.99 to something more reasonable, or at least on sale for a limited time


This is a truly extraordinary film… I loved it, and was deeply moved. Beautifully told, vitally important. See it now!!

- I don't get tired of watching this movie.5 star

I Love it.

- Great book/movie5 star

I havent seen the movie yet but i love the book. So I hope the movie is as good as the book.

- Great!5 star

One of the few movies I know that stayed extremely close to the original storyline. Excellent tale of acceptance and kindness.

- wonderful movie by far.5 star

i had just finished the book the help,when the movie came out.It is a very well written story.But once they made a film of it . They brought it to the next level.the cast was laugh and cry with them.i absolutely love this movie!

- The Help1 star

My movie will not play. I even purchased it twice. Once on my laptop and once on my apple TV. Its been 24 hours and it will still not pay.

- i hate this movie1 star

I hated this movie. I think part of my reason for hating it is because my ex-boyfriend *loooved* the book and wouldn't shut up about how much he loved it. I mean, why would a supposedly straight man read a book geared toward women anyway? It was embarrassing, actually, but I digress. I personally thought the movie was boring as hell, waaaaay too long and, oh yeah, BORING AS HELL

- Perfection5 star

Now this is how a movie is supposed to be written, amazing acting, funny scenes and also extremely touching scenes as well! This movie is well worth the hype! My two favorite characters where minny and Celia, I loved how their two different personalities got along so well. All the characters were so well played it brought the film to life. This one is a keeper and is going in my collection! No matter who you are this movie is perfect for you! I also recommend reading the book! It was also a master piece and it was the gateway to this film! I love the help and I'm sure over time it will become a timeless classic

- The Help movie review5 star

The Help is absolutely a great movie. 5/5

- Must Own5 star

Absolute great movie to watch over again!

- Great Movie, Overpriced5 star

I’ve seen this film various times on cable, and it is a great film. I would like to add it to my iTunes movie collection, but the price (17.99+Tax) is too high. Please lower the price or put on sale. I’m waiting.

- Fantastic Movie in League with Forrest Gump5 star

This movie is so good as is the book. It has historical significance with strong acting performances and is one of the best drama movies since Forrest Gump. A+


This is the sweetest movie. It is about (black) maids. They don't get treated fairly. Skeeter, a white lady, is writing a book about them and how they are affected. This will truly make you sob, smile, and cheer!

- The Help5 star

Excelente película!

- Loved it5 star

I love this movie. It shows the all to often forgotten mistreatment of "the help" in the past. This movie touches my heart every time I watch it, especially towards the end of the movie... In short, I LOVE this movie

- A Must See!!5 star

Being from the Deep South, this movie struck a cord with me. But viewers will love it wherever they're from. With an emotional story and true to life characters this movie pulls at your heart strings and makes you think deeply.

- Ten stars5 star

This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It has a lot of meanings but it also has a bit of comedy that won't make you bored. I went through lots of emotions throughout this film and it made me think a lot. I think this is the kind that every single one of you should watch. Would love to watch again :)

- The Best5 star

Is movie the best! So inspiring! Is movie tells about the past, Discrimination! You should really watch this movie; I love this!

- Beautiful Story5 star

One of the teachers at school had organized to have a showing of The Help in our auditorium. Students weren’t required to attended but my friends and I chose to go along with about 40 other students and it was an absolutely beautiful and moving story. A week later, another showing of The Help took place in our auditorium, due to popular demand, and about 170 students and teachers had shown up to watch The Help. Truly an amazing and wonderful movie.

- The Help1 star

This movie is supposed to be based on the novel and let me say it is THE WORSE depiction ever! Sure the acting was good, but what lacked was the connection. The connection and relationship between each character. So many important things were left out. Such as the hate and disgust by Elizabeth towards her own child. The true love and affection between Constantine and Sketeer. The struggles between Minny and her husband Leroy. So many things lacked detail and emotion. What happened to the connection between Skeeter and Stuart? The movie made it seem as if they only went out on 2 dates; he was going to propose to Skeeter in the book! Also, please don't let me get starter about Aibeleen and Mae Mobley. The true affection, love, and care for each other was not shown to its true potential. It didn't even show the hurt Aibeleen felt whenever Mae Mobley would get spanked or worse, ignored by Elizabeth. There is so much lack or organization in the movie, nothing really went together, it was all just "rushed together". So many parts were left out that played an important part in the movie. Such as the true way Minny left her husband, how the miscarriage really went between Celia and Minny. There is just too much to negative things to write about here in this review, but to any one that has read the book, please do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT watch the movie because it will be a huge disappointment.

- Unless you were in the South in the '60's it's hard to believe...5 star

For a film that reaches out to appeal with humor and humanity, its greatest attribute is the accurate portrayal of the inhuman portrayal of one group of human beings of another. There was racial ignorance, prejudice, stupidity and hatred everywhere but the concentration in a handful of states which have been the target of so many books and movies. I would welcome a major attempt to spotlight what is today's equivalent not only in the south but in the rest of the country.

- Awesome5 star

Just a great movie, and a great story. What watching a movie is all about.

- Must see!!5 star

Amazing insight into the racism that occurred in our country decades ago. The film was beautifully put together at a picturesque location in the south. The acting was phenomenal on everyone's part, it couldn't be easy since they had to make racist remarks towards each other. Highly recommend!!

- Opinion5 star

Is was really good like over the top u should make more

- Great5 star

This movie is really good I don't have the words to explain it. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

- Great movie5 star

This is a great movie - all of the actors were great

- Very well done movie5 star

Surprised that as a guy I really liked this.

- Outstanding Movie5 star

"The Help" was such an incredible and touching movie that takes you through the lives of the black maids in the South. This movie showed how the maids stuck together with courage and power to give themselves a better live. This was an amazing and emotional movie, one that i will never forget and never regret watching.


You must see this movie!!

- OMG5 star

I love this movie that's all I can say

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sticky seal - i love it!5 star

this was tear jerking but so sweet and funny! it is a must watch! <3 <3 <3

Rabinna - Just Excellent!5 star

A great book became an amazing movie. Best I've seen in a long time.

SWOntarian - Compelling and Engaging5 star

Loved this. Watched it with my mother. Was compelling and engaging throughout. Managed to deal with very serious themes in a way that infused humour but did not in any way detract from the seriousness of the issues at hand. To be honest, most of the action-loving guys that I know probably wouldn't love this, but I think it would be a hit with just about everyone who has an appreciation for a solid film that explores relational themes at greater depth.

François Robitaille - Inspirant5 star

Bien des gens on des choses à apprendre de ce film touchant et inspirant! Le racisme est un fléau pour l'avancement de la race humaine. Nous serons toujours différent et semblable à la fois mais nos cœurs doivent battre à l'unisson si nous voulons évoluer!

SAVEDBYGRACE1 - Loved it5 star

i loved it so much! I think the pie part was my favourite. To those who are curious, well you`d better watch it! I almost died laughing on that part. It was touching, funny and also made you angry at how they treated the black people back then. I definetly reccomend it!!!

Kippergal - Review5 star

Because some people didn't like it shouldn't stop you from seeing this wonderful movie , the pie scene was my most favourite part in the movie

Kitty kat100 - Great4 star

Great movie. A little bit of everything

A Bhargava - frustrated slightly... but thumbs up!!5 star

WHY IS THIS NOT RENTABLE?!!? but ya, awesome movie!!

80’s_Gal - LOVED IT !!!!!!!!5 star

Absolutely the best movie ever

MacLeod's - Resized the Help5 star

Awesome I loved the poop pie idea. It was funny. I cried.

do0m bringer - Horrible1 star

This movie is fricking retarted. Who would watch this crap

+ 2 tokens - ABSOLUTELY AH-MAZINGGG! ♥5 star

what a great movie and an even better novel! if you haven't seen it or read it, honestly, you're missing out! it will break your heart at some points and make you laugh at others. it's so beautiful you will be thinking about it for days afterwards.

here-N-there - An important movie5 star

If I had to select ten movies for cumpulsory viewing, analysis and discussion, movies that would serve as moral compasses for the human race, The Help would rank in the top three.

K.M-A.C - The Help5 star

Amazing movie! Must see :)

tamebu - Good movie5 star

This movie was entertaining and seemed real. I read the book then watched the movie. Was impressed with both

The follower 101 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

The help was the best movie ever poor abaline and that little girl but awesome movie so good I recommend it

Bekenzie - The help review5 star

This was the best movie that told the difference of black and white people

Deja Opaleke - AMAZING5 star

I am not a person who ever cries in a movie but this one brought tears to My eyes. it is so good if u have not seen it go rent it, buy it, borrow it from a friend. Just watch it

ripcurlsurf30 - Amazing!5 star

This movie brought tears to my eyes!! It's so fantastic !!!!

BigGirll - Amazing!5 star


IrisWhitney - 💚5 star

Beautiful movie..!

Saskat06 - Help5 star

Great movie:)

Chen621 - WATCH THIS MOVIE5 star

..... If you're the sappy person. Have a box of tissues readily accessible ..... If you tend mot to cry during sappy movies -- there's a first for everything.

J jag - Help5 star

This is a must watch movie. I had mixed emotions. It's hard to describe JUST WATCH IT ALL READY!!!

Fannypack76 - The Help5 star


Mega jump awesome - Hilarious5 star

This is a hilarious, emotional movie I loved it I agree it's a must see👌👍💘

Blanca27 - Awesome5 star

What a great movie it had all my emotions going from laughing, sad, angry. So hard to put into words it's a must watch movie.

Cydjack - great!!!!!5 star

I love this movie it makes me cry sometimes and it makes me smile its got such a great message for everyone.

Qunixy - THE HELP!!!!!!5 star

It's amazing! It's the best movie I have seen in ages!!! It made me cry 5 times! Lol! WATCH IT!!! U WONT REGRET IT!!!!

JulesH45 - The Help5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The cast were all equally excellent - loved Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. Too bad they both couldn't have won Oscars. Read the book first and was not disappointed in the movie.

Scene kitty 101 - Must see5 star

Amazing movie

JamesJegen - Must See!5 star

What an incredible piece of art and history - worth every penny and every minute - a must see!

Duffin-Muffin - The Help!5 star

The most amazing movie ever, there is no way you could possibly ever regret watching it! it has the perfect balance of drama and comedy and what makes it better is that it stays true to the book!

Lima bean14 - The help5 star

I loved this movie. I cried at some parts though but it is my new favorite. :)

Down and Out(look) - Enjoyed watching it.4 star

Great movie. Very moving.

REBECCASTONE - Cute Uplifting5 star

I enjoyed this feel good movie!

Ggggggoogle - The help5 star

Te help is a very good movie but it took at least one hour and a half to download I mean when you are in a rush It doesn't help

Ladybug2020 - Loved it5 star

This is my new favorite movie. I haven't loved a movie as much as this in a long time.

Sanmy2000 - Help1 star

That movie was the wrest ever in The world mostly the first prat

Griz46 - The Help5 star

An absolutely outstanding movie. Wonderful performances from the entire cast. I hope this movie will serve as a very poignient remonder of just how far the human animal can stoop while putting themselves on a pedestal. Thank you, and as a 65 year old male it's difficult to admit it moved me to tears on several occasions. Thank you for a wonderful story, well told. B. M. Ontario, Canada

luvdatt - It's good!4 star

I cried! It was sad but I enjoyed it. I would watch it again.

Hazle awesome pants - Awesome5 star

This is the best movie I ever seen I seen it in theters itwas soooooo good

HobbsianesqueCalvinism - I Always Suspected...1 star

...that White People were the true heroes of the Civil Rights struggle. Thank you The Help. I needed a self-esteem booster shot.

pinacoladagirl - Never a dull moment during this movie!!!5 star

I thought this movie was absolutely amazing and very intriguing. I definitely wanted more in the end and every minute I watched was worth it. A good buy!!!

katy aime instagram - The help5 star

best movie ever

dcrovo - Great movie4 star

Great story

The growing star - Soo sad5 star

It's the saddest movie I've ever whatched.

Kales1222 - Must see!5 star

Every time I hear the names of the cast (EmmaStone, Octavius Spencer) I want to see this movie! It really makes you think of what you have..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

BestRealtorinBC - Amazing5 star

Great movie. Must see!

linds194815 - The Help5 star

The best movie in a long time !!!

EppingGirl - Great acting by all the women5 star

I never seen Viola Davis do such a great performance along with all the other women. Really good acting and wanting to cheer for the underdog. Terribly funny in parts as well, worth the watch.

Xx115 - If you have a heart…..5 star

This is a must see movie. It is well balanced and above all poignant.

CCC185 - Option to rent5 star

As this film is expensive to buy, can we rent it? .???

JuJusreviews - Superb5 star

I am a critic when it comes too movies based on books however i totally believe that this movie has done the book justice. It was a fantastic watch and can lead you from total laughter to tears. Actors are incredible as well as the script. You must watch it. If you haven’t read the book the cover seems to be awfully misleading into some boring drama but i assure you this movie was excellent.

Wibbsandersn - How much?1 star

I would love to see this pic having read the book, but it would be cheaper for me to go into town and see it at the cinema. Boo Hisss!

Lehmanesque - Help5 star

The south in America has some way to go before this attitude to a high percentage of their population,can be treated with respect. America is not the only country with a racism problem,most countries have it The news these days tells of the appalling way maids are treated in the Middle East. Unfortunately they are unlikely to have an advocate as strong as the protagonist in this "movie" Some of the inhabitants of the south should hang their heads in shame.

Nfjdhvmx538 - Over priced!!!1 star

You guys have got to reduce the price! I can get that anywhere else half that. This is what happens when you want to download a movie the right way.

Niktopia - Brilliant Film5 star

It is defineitley worth a watch this film, the best drama/comedy film I have seen in years

SarahJ88 - Great movie butttttt5 star

Like others have said, you can get this cheaper at a retail outlet like Big W, JB HiFi, Kmart etc for less than $15 now, so why would people pay $24.99 for this? Price gouging at it's finest however in saying that, this is a fantastic movie, I watched it on foxtel and have nothing but praise for it, my fav character would have to be Jessica Chastain in it. But do your research, buy it elsewhere and burn it onto your computer, it's cheaper and then maybe itunes australia will give us itunes america pricing like they should be in the first place!!!!!!!!

MrTandMrsT - A funny, heartfelt, worthwhile watch5 star

This movie is very well done! Emma Stone really shines in this movie. A great movie to watch with your girlfriends, sisters or your Mum!

royalequuenB - Great5 star

Heartwarming story about courage and friendship.

ssapb444 - Fantastic film5 star

Only film I have ever cried in.

bigburf - Below average2 star

The trailer looked good. But I thought it was a below average film. Seemed to centre around this one joke, which wasn't that funny to begin with. I won't be watching again.

Sueflay1 - The help5 star

Highly recommend excellent movie

Sunnyblueday - Fantastic!!!4 star

I think the first 2 thirds of it is great... I wouldn't know about the last third as I paid for the rental but it wont play it. So now I need to go out and rent it from a shop AGAIN to see the rest....nice work iTunes!

Rick Ralph - Brilliant5 star

Wasn't too keen on watching this movie but I sat down with my wife and was more than surprised. Great story, great acting and great message. Best movie I've seen in ages. Just wish itunes would charge us Australians the same as the Americans. $6.99 to rent and $29.99 to buy. Robbery without a gun!!

Defiantly worth 5 stars!!! - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

I loved this movie BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!

Aimz Tui - Fantastic Movie - Must See5 star

I loved this movies so much, it is so realistic about racism that does igsist in every society today, we need to take note of this fact and just "love one another" for who they are. It was funny and sad all at the same time, but I loved the most the values that Abe taught the little girl. Recommend to everyone :)

Ufgsctayvlcuhkbjxygzrh ASDF - The Help5 star

Fantastic movie-all actors were great; it really paints a realistic portrait of the cruelty with which the white people treated "the help." Emma stone is great as the rebellious Skeeta. A very positive, empowering story that anyone would definately enjoy! now i just need to read the book!

ClaudiaDonovanHicks - The Help Helped Me5 star

This the first movie that i have cried and laughed in, it takes a look at the picture of how racism can change a person but not for the best. It is an eye opener for anyone and everyone who watches it. My Nan is very racist and is not afraid to show it, so i would love it if she watched this movie, i know she will never change but at least next time she says something racist she might think twice about the real harm she is doing and that what she is doing is not right. This deserves 5 stars, though i have to admit i will not being buying it on iTunes simply because of the price but no one can put a price on tears and laughter.

Nellyforreal - Interesting and educating movie5 star

OMG I watch The Help in the plane from a trip and could not stop to wonder how some people could be so so talented to write such a wonderful story.I laughed and cried during the duration of this movie.Then after a while ,I paused the movie and asked myself why am i really crying this much! then said to myself is just a movie but also thought,yeah is just a movie but is actually what our grandparents may have gone through.But it is a movie not to miss.

Mr. Chocopopswithicecream - The help5 star

This is an incredible movie. It moved me to tears and made me laugh hard. I loved it and recommend it to anyone who has a love for a good movie.

Izzou95 - Amazing and inspiring story!!!5 star

I rented this movie cause I was bored and wanted to watch a bit of drama.... To start with, my friend told me about it and told me it was a great movie, when I started to watch I knew this wasn't some meaningless dramatic movie, so I turned on the subtitles so I can know everything the cast said, I was deeply moved by this movie, I smiled, I sobbed, I laughed and sometimes a mash up of all three, this shows just how much a film can be made into a work of art which possesses meaning and beauty, if there were more stars... I'd give, this movie is absolutely magnificent, everyone should watch it!!!

#studentlyf - Price to high, but love the movie! <35 star

Omg, it just took me in. I don't know how to say it. I loved it. It is so touching. It shows a great perspective, very moving. Oh gosh, I would recommend it to everyone… It's just so important for people to see this movie. To show what has changed and to display the difference of what had happened. But the other thing is, I would buy it. Just not on iTunes, because it costs way to much to buy. But yes, I rented it on here. I loved it and still do. I will probably hit the stores, probably Kmart or Target. Somewhere cheaper. Because $30 for a movie is too far when you can get it cheaper, somewhere convenient. But the up side is that it is defiantly heart-warming and OMG amazing actresses. It made it feel so real. Oh I recommend reading or watching this magnificent story. I give it a huge thumbs up.

lacemummy - Fantastic!5 star

This was a wonderful movie! It is important on so many levels to see this film. Not only does it teach us about the history of racial divides but it was funny, well made and the acting was great. I highly reccommend it!

coolfudge101 - i don't know how?5 star

i remember when i watched this at the movies with my mum and i cried through the hole movie. Its such an empowering movie and so moving i don't know how the white people could of treated the black that way. If i was around then and i would try and do everything i could to help them. Great acting and they made it like it was really happening now. I can even imagine what they went through. But what an amazing story!

Xonk xonk - really beautiful story. Highly recommended5 star

just a great movie! I didn't think the trailer did much for me... but I watched it anyhow, and very glad that I did! it is an incredibly well done movie; great acting, and a very marvellous story line. I laughed, and I cried. Well done! Would certainly recommend this movie to others....

B0rgsta - Very good movie5 star

Enjoyed every minute of this movie

Kyoshi_Adam - The Help5 star

A movie about the triumph of the human spirit over the spectre of racism that hung over the American society during its darker times. You cannot help but be touched by this film!

moonlight68 - Brilliant5 star

A movie and book which nearly didn't happen .. Book was initially rejected over 60 times before a publisher picked it up and said yes now a Oscar and golden globes award winner ..look who is laughing now

Macca-Lee - Awesome movie5 star

One of the best movie I have ever seen, I laughed and I cried, it is truly an inspiring movie, would definitely see it again and again.

tweetiepie76 - fantastic5 star

fantastic movie

wooff - Awesome movie!5 star

Watch this movie! It's a must! :)

Uschi33 - Fantastic movie5 star

Amazing movie that is really worth watching.Acting & storyline is great.

rdggg - Brilliant5 star

Great movie made me a bit emotional

Mells75 - Fantastic5 star

I really enjoyed this movie it's nice to see a movie that has some personality

Evette.b - Loved it5 star

Amazing movie highly recommend it

Emmmmmma88888 - Loved It !!!!!5 star

Amazing movie, Made me laugh, cry, everything!!!!! Great story..

naughtyornice1 - Loved it5 star

I absolutely loved it! Great film

Vanreiljar134097642 - Freaky Friday3 star

Awesome made me cry

Larn24 - Larn5 star

This was a excellent movie, you shouldn't miss it! You'll need a box of tissues!

Kkkinky - Awesome5 star

I loved it and I'm hard to please!

rrrrrrraaaaaaaa - hurry up3 star

Looking forward to watching movie but download of HD taking FOREVER. Have rented it to watch tonight, busy rest of weekend. Don't know if I'll get to see it at this rate - apparently will take another 3 hours to finish loading. Disappointing iTunes.

CharleeBartlett - The help5 star

I always thought writing a review was meant to be about the movie, not the cost. I rented this movie on my iPad. And loved it. I felt happiness, I laughed, I cried - a lot! And it left me thinking. This movie is A great movie!!! I love the way the actresses show their emotion, I felt like I was there with them, feeling their pain. I'd definitely recommend this movie to people looking at it. It's a wonderful, heartfelt and emotional movie. So great. Ps. I didn't mind paying 6$ for the rental. If its too expensive for you - just don't buy it. No ones forcing you to buy it, watch it, and complain about the price afterwards.

fionalamb505 - Fantastic film5 star

A truly fantastic film. Superb acting alongside a brilliantly adapted script. Definitely recommend this film to anyone and everyone. Whether you like history and hard topics or you just want interesting plot with laughs this film will satisfy any movie-goer. Remember to also read the book! 5 stars

Lizan007 - Just wonderful.5 star

Not only poignant. Not only powerful. This movie is heart wrenching, heart breaking and a real eye opener to what life was like in the 1960s. It has strong and vivid themes of black America and teaches all of us a little something called humanity. I loved this movie, what a fantastic cast.

Ggfam - Great movie5 star

Wonderful, emotional and great acting. It's a great reminder that bad things happen when good people keep silent. Highly recommended.

fiford - The Help - great movie but too expensive here5 star

Great - important movie….but massively overpriced here. Grab it for less than $20 at chain stores…but do get it.

Perth Beats DJ - The Help5 star

Probably one of the best movies I have seen for a long time. Lots of emotion and great story. Hopefully it will filter through that anyone that works hard to provide for their family no matter where they come from or what colour they deserves to be treated as equal!

Madcapmel - A bitter truth about segregation in the south5 star

A wonderfully narrated and acted film. It really showed how those poor little children who got no love from their parents but from the "inferior " coloured help,was just so heart breaking. How the mean and nasty pettiness from one woman so she stayed queen bee,was just incredible. Thank goodness we don't live like that now. There are some really funny parts of this movie and some incredibly sad one,you might just need your tissue box handy. Defiantly a brilliant movie to watch with your girlfriends.

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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AliceInVaporLand - OK2 star

I was told numerous times, to watch this movie. How great it was. Well, it didn't live up to all the hype. If you have nothing else better to do, or watch .... Yeah check it out. It's not the worse movie out there, but it's also not the best. Now, to its credit; the acting was really good. And the characters were believable. However, the movie was just to predictable. If you really want to see a movie, true to form & more factual ..... Try "Mandingo" but be warned .... Like actual events its not funny or light hearted. And children should not watch it.

choco beastie - Great movie5 star

This movie is super awsome and i just really love it it is one of my favorite movies i totally recommend this movie:)

Megdrop - Eat my shi* great movie5 star

So funny I loves it defiantly a movie to watch over and over and over and over and over again

Anime 13 - Love5 star

The help is good movie

I Like Brownies - Oscar-worthy Film5 star

Personally, I think this film should have one an Oscar. This movie was so good! It was well-acted, and there was plenty of humor, along with some sad moments. I would definetly recommened this.

My Most Favorite Story - The Help5 star

To Whom it May Concern: A very touching story, this book is full of humor, lessons, and friendship & family. Whoever reads this book is sure to have,a different understanding of life in the outcome. This story ,are me realize how lucky we are, and that we should NEVER take life for granted and treat others (no matter what race) with kindness and respect. I will never come across another story with such a meaningful lesson. -Emma Be sure to pick this book up, and like me, you will probably not be able to put it down. A VERY GOOD READ!!! :)

LivurlifexD - Amazing5 star

I cried and I laughed. This movie is truly amazing, it's touching and Made me cry even though movies never make me cry. I enjoyed every second of it :)

Youbetterletmepickagoddamnname - One of the most moving book/movie5 star

This story is so moving and touching, no matter how many times I tell myself I won't cry, I end up crying by halfway through the movie. This movie not only shows how to stand up for what is right, but that blacks are no different from whites, And that people were willing to stand up for the discriminated, even if it cost their lives. I highly recommend this book and the movie, for it will move the toughest of hearts.

Sunni101 - I LOVE this movie!!5 star

This probably one of my favorite movies! I recommend this movie.

Supa Gamer gal - Best book5 star

This is s great series, and ages above 10 will enjoy it!

Meh,meh - Can't wait5 star

I heard from my teacher that this was a LOVLEY movie,since we are studying the civil rights movement!i can't wait to get this!civil rights is a important time in history,like Emmett till,the lunchroom counter,little rock nine,and ruby bridges.great movie,can't wait to get it:)

Turrets11 - RENTAL!!!3 star

Wish this was available for rent on iTunes. Why in the world would any movie not be?

Ripleymovieguy - One of the Most Inspirational Movies of the last 20 Years!!!5 star

How is the tomatoe meter a 76% and the view meter a 90%? This is truly a touching and inspirational film that anyone with a conscious and empathy should see. It really is a very well made film and the acting is great!

BookLover287 - LOOOOOOVVE IT!!!!!!!!5 star

I give this movie 5 stars😃 It is full of humor. If u love the movie READ THE BOOK!! It's funny and still gives you a lesson of how the African Americans were treated.

Abbie Graham - Incredible5 star

An absolutely phenomenal movie!

I.awesome.yay - The help5 star

I want to watch it so bad but I can't my momma says i can't :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( it seems like a very good movie

MzTeddy - Great movie!!!5 star

One of the best movies I've ever seen.

Tatertot73 - Fantastic5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen. It truly shows how The Help was treated. "You is kind, you is smart, you is important"

Megan Bartram - Awesome movie4 star

The Help is a great movie and comedy

Vita horan - Review5 star

Five stars so funny and interesting.


Truly the most amazing historical movie i've seen in a long time!!! I loved the historical accuracy and the characters!! And I would defiantly recommend the book!!!!!

Jrmathes - A truly inspiring & touching movie!5 star

Absolutely loved it and is now one of my favorites!!

Krazy Monito - Wonderful5 star

This is an amazing heart wrenching movie that nearly put me to tears. Octavia Spencer deserved that Oscar big time. Great movie and I recommend it for everyone. If you don't, to quote Milly, "Eat my $#!^!"

TheDoctor234 - Very emotional5 star

This is a very good movie with excellent acting. Just got done watching it with my mom and we both teared up at parts. Highly recommended.

Cramp roll - So fun5 star

I love how it stays true to the book

Rome n Rio - Download nightmare4 star

Great book! In the middle of watching the movie but it keeps stopping and now realize it is still downloading since last night! Very frustrating!

Trust in the lord - Way too long3 star

The movie it's self was great!!! Unfortunately this will be my one and only movie through iTunes, it took way to long to download !!!!

Lil Dee7 - The Help5 star

I was so late viewing this movie because I wanted to read the book first. I feel it was well done! I think Tate Taylor did a good job in trying to stay true to the book. None of the changes changed either the meaning or the message of story. My grandmother was a maid in that time period. I never met her in person. She died before I was born, but my mom used to share stories that my grandmother told her. This brought back those memories.

Ibelululu - iTunes removed scenes fro the original1 star

There were at least two scenes that I noticed that they deleted. First, the scene of the gal trying on dresses for the charity event and second, was a very important scene with Skeaters boyfriend and his parents. I am really annoyed tat you pay that money and they mess with it!

Super high reck - Fantastic!!!!5 star

I love this show!!!! if you haven't seen it get it worth every penny!!!!


This movie is a must see and is really worth your money!

Gianna rules - Such a good movie5 star

To me I thought the movie couldn't have been better there were the movie was funny sad and I thought it was amusing and just to say to the cast of the help no matter what people say in there reviews like if they said it was boring or it was horrible alls that really mattered was if you guys had fun making the movie so don't care about what anyone says you are your own person you don't need opinions or feed back just have fun

ElementalTravel - Ms. Viola Davis should have won OSCAR5 star

Ms. Viola Davis should have won OSCAR. I am sorry but Ms. Streep's performance although good, it was Viola Davis who gave a performance truly worthy of BEST Actress!

Swicksters - Favorite movie5 star

I read the book I've watched the movie lots of times and I cry everytime! It's such a heartwarming movie it's so amazing. It makes me so sad to see this but I truly love it! Great job!

go go paloweski - yum5 star

I don't see the problem, I'd eat Minnie's poop pie any day of the week. MMMMM chocolate out of a chocolate woman.

allstarswimmer - please make available to rent!!!!5 star

it was a great movie please make it available to rent iTunes!!!

wyldeflowyr - Great movie!5 star

This movie was so well done - great casting, great filming! I had listened to the audio book previously, and was very impressed with the way the film followed the story. Good job!

dqfan - Very moving, inspirational film! A must see!5 star

I never thought when I went to the movies to see this that it would touch me to the core the way it did. My aunt just said she wanted to go see this movie that was advertised on television, and since I'm a guy I figured it was a "chick flick" but what the hell, I'll go. By the end, everyone in the theatre had tears in their eyes. It was an awesome movie experience, and I give a lot of the credit to the top-notch actresses. Viola Davis stole the show, in my opinion, as Aibileen. She tugs at your heartstrings as she takes care of the little girl whose mother is lucky to acknowledge her once a day. Octavia Spencer is also wonderful as Minny, Aibileen's fiesty best friend who won't take any crap off anyone- without giving some back, anyway. The last scene in the movie is my personal favorite, when Aibileen confronts the mean-spirited Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard), as she threatens to have Aibileen arrested for stealing, though she makes it clear she hasn't stolen anything. Davis' acting in this scene is TRULY MESMERISING, as she goes face-to-face with Howard, exclaiming "You're a godless woman!" I'm so glad she got an Oscar nomination for this role (maybe her next nomination will result in a win.)

Hanhneeeyy - AMAZING5 star

Best movie I've watched yet. It's so meaningful and brought tears to my eyes. I think I'm going to read the book now to get deeper into the story.

ken wilso - Amazing!!!!!!4 star

I watched this movie last night and I loved it so much! It was hilarious!!!! I loved Minnie and the baby that Abaline watched and cared for! Although it was slow at times I thought it was worth it. By the way you probably will cry:(


This movie is an excelent and beautiful example to show the maids' point of view towards their bosses. I always knew that their life wasn't so easy because of their terrible bosses and other personal situations, but when I watched this movie, I could feel the emotions and look deeper inside of them. I just can't believe that a person could be so mean, sarcastic and frustrating towards another one just to make them feel like they were nothing but what they called: The Help, when those really nice women were who educated their children and taught them to be someone good in the future. Like Aibeleen, she taught her boss'daughter : Mae Mobley, that she was kind and important.

patrick duffy - Amazing5 star

This movie is honestly one of the greatest movies I have seen. ^_^ Watch it!

MacMan9876 - Good movie5 star

Really enjoyed this one!

Art of reading and film - Fantastic movie5 star

This film was funny, Inspiring, heart felt, and well executed. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, each and everyone of them. What a great story! This film deserves to be not only shown in the classroom but as an example of what historically inspired films should be. Made me want to read more about this story.

GleamingJewel - Great flick5 star

I haven't watched a movie in ages, this being the first film I've sat thru in quite a while I'd say this movie was phenomenal.

farzaddin - فوق العاده5 star

بايد اسكار بهترين نقش اول زن رو هم ميگرفت :)

Person of Few Words - WARNING, DO NOT RENT!!!!1 star


Ms. Trovie - Help ...5 star

Can someone tell me how to view this movie on my IPhone 4S. I bought it but can watch it 😱

btjt - The book is better by far3 star

I give this a 3 bc I've read the book--which is amazing. The movie is not remotely close & the details are out of order.

KatG23 - Awesome!!5 star

Amazing movie, actresses, and story. Wonder emotions come out of this movie. I'm amazed it did not win one Oscar.

5 star

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5 star

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@DaddleSki: Why wait? We should start right now with removing ourselves from the WHO & the UN. They are both NWO organizations that are…

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5 star

@McFaul: President Trump is a public servant. He works for us. Or least that's the way it used to be. No one -- not a governor, not a…

5 star

@RODEOHOUSTON: One of our favorite events – Lil’ Rustlers Rodeo! Real cowboys and cowgirls help bring all the rodeo fun to children ages…

5 star

@ImRaina: It’s time we all do our bit to help defeat #COVID19. I’m pledging ₹52 lakh for the fight against #Corona (₹31 lakh to the PM-…

5 star

@gbolahanba: Lockdown Netflix Recommendations: Money Heist Queen Of The South Turn Up Charlie The Black Godfather Messiah The King Mak…

5 star

@ChiefCardinalkc: @tirry_beastmode @Forty9Reazons @Rigg3rd I know man, and I admit I also thought yall had it with the way things had be…

5 star

@mitchellvii It's not weird- Ds are always there to help the people.

5 star

@SteveScalise: Americans won't forget this: As millions lost their jobs, Pelosi withheld critical relief to push her unrelated liberal a…

5 star

i learnt english by listening to britney spears & backstreet boys as a kid & till this day everytime when this part…

5 star

@McFaul: President Trump is a public servant. He works for us. Or least that's the way it used to be. No one -- not a governor, not a…

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