The Trip

The Trip

By Michael Winterbottom

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2011-04-24
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 51min
  • Director: Michael Winterbottom
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 119 Ratings

The Trip Description

THE TRIP is an improvised tour of the North of England reuniting comedy favorites Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. In the style of Curb your Enthusiasm, the story is fictional but based around their real personas. When Steve is commissioned by the food supplement of a Sunday newspaper to review half a dozen restaurants, he decides to mix work with pleasure and plans a trip around the North of England with his food loving American girlfriend. But when his girlfriend decides to leave him and return to the States, Steve is faced with a week of meals for one, not quite the trip he had in mind. Reluctantly, he calls Rob, the only person he can think of who will be available. Rob, never one to turn down a free lunch (let alone six) agrees, and together they set off for a culinary adventure.

The Trip is a 2010 British television sitcom series directed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictionalised versions of themselves on a restaurant tour of northern England. A second series, The Trip to Italy, followed in 2014.

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The Trip Movie Reviews

  • Loved it

    If I was a patron in a restaurant, the same time these two were there, I would choke on my food
  • Seriously, this is all you people could come up with?

    This series is really pathetic and by the time you maybe work your way half way through without falling asleep, you are ready to throw it out the door because of being annoying as hell. KEEP YOUR MONEY!!
  • hilarious

    I didn't know what to expect ,but it was just superb, the impressions amazing, "the man in the box" michael caine, sean connery, hugh grant, and more importantly a look at the mechanics of acting, the use of sound , timbre, timing, a truly fantastic look into what makes truly fantastic actors work. As a professional violinist, this aspect was beyond fascinating. The Yorkshire Dales and constant scallop dishes (whats that about) it was thoroughly worth every penny ! VERY english
  • Let it soak in a bit...

    BAEE's Tunes
    A great example of dry British comedic banter. Don't go into this expecting a travelogue of northern England. It's a buddy flick, with a touch of food snobbery. The quick dialogue, gorgeous scenery and suggestive consequences of man's many choices that make it a keeper for me.

    One star given for the scenery & the chefs' creations. If you want to watch two impressionists compete...over & over & over...this is for you. Waste of time & money. BTW, my English husband says I am being kind here. I could certainly elaborate, but then I would be...boring.
  • ok. really bad.

    don’t waste your time even thinking about renting this one. After 30 minutes of mind numbing dialogue I quit watching. Not funny, not well written.
  • British Humor

    Save yourself from this one. Seriously!
  • Made an Impression...

    I loved seeing and learning about the history of Northern England through this film. I loved the character impressions. I thought the relationship that the travelers carved out was deeply human. The fancy food became an almost unimpressive aside to the delicious and witty repartee.
  • Awful

    Just awful. Being rendered numb with boredom curtsey to two deeply unfunny people in love with themselves and egos bigger than the ort cloud ..and being charged for the privilege?! If only I could take time back. Spare yourself some deep regret and give this a miss.
  • Painful

    There are better things to do with your time. Almost anything, really.

    Since I watched this movie, now I don't trust the tomatometer and practically I'm scared to rent another movie, beacuse I don't know what to expect. Certainly this was no comedy. This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
  • entertaining

    although the movie goes slowly, i found myself intrested and entertained... pretty good movie
  • The boring sister of Sideways

    Ok, so the movie has funny parts, no doubt, but it spends more time dragging and attempting to repeat previous funny moments that it simply become repetitious. We kept waiting for something to happen, for us to connect with the story, and to our disappointment it didn't deliver. The two actors are talented, however the movie fails to deliver the entertainment my wife and I expect from a movie. Save your money and time and chose another title.
  • Intelligent and thoroughly entertaining

    If you come to this movie expecting the sort of comedic fare typically shown at your local multiplex, then you would be sorely disappointed. This isn’t that kind of film. But that is not to say it is “boring,” as so many here have complained. If your notion of British comedy is limited to the loud, obnoxious, lowbrow brand of, say, Russell Brand or Simon Pegg, then you would have trouble getting the wry, quick-witted, and acerbic repartee between Coogan and Brydon. But if, as I do, you count “Withnail and I” among the cinematic touchstones of your misunderstood youth, and your taste in literature runs to the likes of Philip Larkin and Martin Amis, then you will find The Trip thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile, filled as it is with intelligence, humor, as well as unexpected pathos. If, on the other hand, the above references are totally foreign to you, then yeah, the film will pass largely over your head.
  • Random scenes with two british accents

    Dr. Brew
    You know, movies like Lost in Translation have interesting dialog, unconnected scenes and pithy dialog and they succeed because you feel you're part of a very odd story. But in this case, The Trip was simply a set of disconnected scenes with silly dialog with british accents to make if sound "deep." I could have cared less what happened to the characters and the conclusions we're left to draw are so superficial it's like a Dr. Seuss book in arriving at a conclusion (at the child's level).
  • The "Boring "Trip

    Norris f.
    This movie proves that Simon Pegg is currently the best British Comedy actor. Maybe they should have Simon Pegg and Jason Stratham in a buddy movie. I'd pay to see that. This was just dumb, and it was a rehash from a british 6 part mini series for tv. They just cut it up and glued it back together. yawn, zzzzzzzzz.
  • The trip

    I guess I still don't get Brit humor. Poor version of Road Trip
  • Not funny

    Two guys driving in northern England sampling food and hotels. It's like being on a tour. However, this is not's drama and a 2hr commercial for northern England.
  • painfully boring.

    painfully boring.
  • Disappointing

    I love British wit, but I thought this film was drivel.

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