Warrior Summary and Synopsis

WARRIOR tells the inspirational story of an estranged family that finds redemption in the unlikeliest of places…the MMA ring. Tommy Riordan (Tom Hardy), an ex-marine with a tragic past, returns home and enlists his father (Nick Nolte), a recovering alcoholic and former wrestling coach, to train him for “Sparta”, the biggest MMA tournament ever held. But when Tommy’s underdog brother, Brendan (Joel Edgerton), fights his way into the tournament, the two brothers must finally confront each other and the forces that pulled them apart. What ensues is the most gut-wrenching, soul-stirring, and unforgettable battle of their lives. The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament – a path that puts the fighter on a collision course with his estranged, older brother. Warrior Wiki

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Family is Worth Fighting For..

Warrior (2011)

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Warrior Movie Reviews

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- Underrated5 star

Underrated film, had a good man-cry

- I dont think i can name a better movie5 star

Tom hardy is an animal

- Heart of a Lion5 star

So goooooooood! I can’t even! The action ha some screaming at the screen “break his leg!” The family dynamic has so much under current and didn’t spoon feed you. Make it what you will for the performances. Nick Nolte acted his heart out and maybe gave a bit more of himself in this role as a recovering alcoholic trying to get back in his sons lives any way he could. And the two brothers; Tom Hardy always guaranteed to give it his all and Joel Edgerton’c conflicted but heart of lion performance! I didn’t know who to root for. It’s emotional and great fight sequences!

- Spectacular5 star

One of the best.

- Perfection5 star

I define a great movie by one thing and only one thing: can it excite you about something you normally have no desire to see? This movie accomplishes that ten times over. Simply a beautiful film.

- Amazing5 star

Absolutely great film

- Great4 star

The movie has perfect tempo and believable, visceral fights but you could almost recommend this movie solely for the tribute to "mask". It is uplifting to say the least. Watch this movie.

- Best Fight Movie by Far!!!5 star

This in my top 10 movies of all time. Nothing hits home like a dad looking for forgiveness and brothers needing to resolve their childhood issues.

- Sooo under rated!5 star

The best fight movie since Rocky!

- Movies the best5 star

This movie is really good amazing

- Phenomenal5 star

10/10 would buy again if I didn't already. Gets me every time.

- Wonderful movie5 star

Tom Hardy is fantastic as always. The movie was very emotional. The acting was fantastic, especially that of Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte (who plays Paddy).

- GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!5 star

Why I haven't heard of this movie until yesterday is beyond me. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an early scene of the movie and that one 2 minute scene made me get the movie and I couldn't stop watching. BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

- Yep. This is a good one.5 star

Couldn’t imagine how this was going to end well but it did! I rented it but now I’ve got to buy it. Creating acting by Tom Hardy. The dude is intense! Like some others here, this is the first time I’ve written a review, but this is really an outstanding movie with a new storyline.

- Shocked5 star

I saw this movie just as a whim and I was blown away. The story is great the fights scenes are well done, and I was shocked when I read online it didn't do very well. This movie is very underrated and I enjoyed it very much and git me motivated and at the end I was cheering. Great movie I would recommend to everyone who enjoys a good fast paced drama. Great work by the actors and writers.


I'm not really into MMA or movies about it, but in the few I've seen, this is the best ones yet.

- Ridiculously Good5 star

This movie is ridiculously good, great acting for a cast of upcoming actors. I highly recommend.

- One word…Amazing5 star

I am pretty sure some people cried at the end of this movie. I rarely rate on movies because some are well known but the fact is that this movie is so underrated probably because I did not feature any actors that we know. This movie brings me back to Rocky, a work of art.

- Best moviee!!!!!!!5 star

I have never wrote a review on any movie granted I've watched movies that I could of wrote great reviews for but this movie intrigues the viewer on a whole different level deep seeded family issues between two brothers who are literally fighting to overcome there issues is just such a well thought out plot. The fact that this movie was not as popular is sad yet generic movies with no real meaning see the top of the box offices is jus ridiculous. This was definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen and I'm sure if anyone sees it they would be compelled to write a review as well also to those who gave it a rotten review you are all robots...definitely watch this movie and tell everyone you know to watch it as well I guarantee you won't regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great movie5 star

I loved it

- This Movie is Incredible, and Anthropologically Profound5 star

This is an incredible movie. Extraordinarily well done. Riveting. From a behavioral science perspective, it seems a depiction of European cultural anthropology on land, family, war, and religion. In retrospect, I would argue the mother, uncast in the film, was theoretically more present that all the other characters in the story; as a Catholic, I submit that she was always present by her prayers. Loved every minute of it.

- Unreal5 star

This movie is incredible. Period. Hollywood produces gems like these once every couple years. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on a great film.

- I demand you to watch it!!!5 star

I'm not gonna say I recommend this movie, but rather I demand you to watch it. When I watched it for the first time it was about 2 in the morning, i got out of bed so bumped up that I broke my picture frame. If your about to work out watch this movie!


Awesome movie about the struggles and love of two warriors. I wish I had guts to do MMA.

- Not a UFC fan but that does not even matter5 star

I never write a review. I rarely purchase movies. I hate UFC. This movie was easily in my top three favorite movies of all time. It gave me chills throughout and I cried at the ending. Please if you are to buy one movie it is this

- Warrior5 star

As a fan of actors with range- let me just say, this film has range and depth to go around. I was shocked they made it pg 13, but it worked. Just enough brutality to get the message across without overdoing it. The real story was the family. This film is not what you expect. But that is the best part. Truly surprising, and rewarding. One of my favorite sports movies to date.And all 3 leading men are spectacular together.

- WOW!!!!!!! Awesome MOVIE!!!5 star

and Jennifer Morrison... wow..

- Great movie5 star

Amazing movie, all there is to say

- Worth every penny!5 star

If you have a brother, this movie will hit you and no matter how macho you think you are, it will squeeze your tears out, ahehe.. Never get tired of watching it.

- Best movie5 star

I loved it because it's were 2 brothers get back together and at the end tommy gets hurt from his brother and his brother helps him and it's very touching

- Warrior5 star


- Best movie I've seen in a long time5 star

This movie is very great. It made cry at the end. Every time I watch it I cry even if I try not to. Tom is amazing in this movie. Very great acting. Amazing movie. I recommend anyone to watch it. (:

- Life changer5 star

This movie has caused me to think about my life and make a change for myself and u hope that this movie helps drive others to accomplish anything

- This movie is great5 star

I love Movie to this day it is my favorite. It has a great story line and great actors.

- fantastic5 star

One of the best movies I've ever seen. exciting, emotional, action packed, adrenaline filled, well timed, great actors, well directed, amazing.

- Excellent film.5 star

I had heard good things about his film, and it was even better than I had heard. Well acted and choreographed. I can't believe I actually had tears in my eyes twice in the movie. Well done!

- Amazing5 star

Best move I have seen true inspiration

- Best movie5 star

This movie is a really awesome movie I've seen in a while , the only thing I didn't like was when Brandon won when tommy was a much better fighter

- Awesome5 star


- Amazing5 star

I had heard it was good so I really wanted to see it. No regrets. Only $15 for such a great movie. I recommend it. You will not be disappointed

- The best inspirational movie ever!5 star

This movie is a great inspiring and fighting movie about two brothers.

- Favorite Movie5 star

It's not just a fighting movie, it's a drama as well. It's got something for everyone. MMA serves as a backdrop for the amazing storyline. Tremendous actors.

- Must see12345674574355 star

Best movie I've ever watched in my life!!!!!!!!

- best5 star

bessssssst movie ever must see

- Inspiring5 star

"WARRIOR" the unfortunate story of two MMA brothers is amazing and easily one of the greatest dramas of the decade. A must see film.

- Great movie5 star

This was a great movie best I've seen in a while

- G.O.A.T!!!!5 star

The best movie I have ever seen! never gets old can watch it again like its the first time great movie. should be 100%on rotten tomatoes

- :)!!!!!5 star

I have watched this movie five times and about to watch it again. I absolutely love it. It makes my dad and i cry everytime!!!!

- Can't stop watching it5 star

This is now one of my favorite movies of a time...if not my new favorite. You know it's a good movie when you get done watching it and immediately want to watch it again. Brilliant.

- warrior5 star

best wrestling movie... if u love wwe,mma,tna n boxing thing then u must watch this... great sad story of two brothers.... also kurt angle appeared in it

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Jule64 - Incredible5 star

If you have a favourite fight movie be ready to change alliance.. Because this movie is simply incredible, it is likely going to touch you in a way no movie has, in a way you would not expect.. It is outstanding.

Willmaclowe - Best Film5 star

This is simply the best film I have seen. Incredible

karithefreeman - totally great feature5 star

..if you want to experience human awfulness and greatness, hatred and love, pity and forgiveness WATCH THIS movie. I can't believe I missed this back in 2011 for stupid hollywood blockbusters....Awesome work Gavin O'Connor ( director ). I already loved Tom Hardy for what he's done in Locke ( needed a totally opposite talent of him for a movie with only one scene with him driving a car for the whole length of the feature)

Sarahlms - these reviews are fake1 star

These reviews are fake. Tom Hardy has very media savvy agents who doctor reviews, buy off the press, and troll media sites creating a buzz around a very average actor to make him into a star! Let the truth come out one day!

Lynz_m - .5 star


Walfordandy - One of the best films ever!,5 star

This really is one of the best films out there. It not only has a good story line but action packed too! Great film and is a must See!

fergus rt - Amazing5 star

This movie was without a doubt the best "fight" movie I have ever seen. It was brutal, emotional, hard hitting, action-filled etc. Its the kind of movie that makes you chuckle with satisfaction after "the underdog" beats the best fighter there is. Just great.

dave z killer - Warrior5 star

The Best film I have ever watched this film has one of the best story's to a 'fighting' film ever + the action is brilliant to

RickTyrones - Rich5 star


splodge-the great - AMAZING5 star

I didn't even know about this film untill receantly, but it has to be the best film I've seen in a long while! It's about so much more than just fighting and has a brilliant plot line.It's well written and well acted.

djsodapop - Amazing.5 star

Tom Hardy is great and worth buying!!!!!

Sniper 52 - Brilliant film5 star

The beat film I have seen. The story was brilliant and the fight scenes made it better! Definitely buy this or rent this film!

Review of Reviews - Great, great, great film5 star

Initially I was sold after watching the official trailer for the film, mostly admiring Joel Edgarton. Saw the film and was bowled over by Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. Seriously Nick should have won an Oscar for this. This film was superb and to say that Nolte was just so brilliant amongst a cast of brilliant performances shows you the quality of this film. This film didn't do as well 'cos of America mainly not liking the violence aspect and maybe the mixed martial arts endorsement of sorts, but this film really isn't about that. It's an uncheesy, amazingly moving and real tale about family. So yes, this film's more of a drama than action/fighter however they tried to market it as the latter which is where I feel was the ultimate cause for this film's lack of attention and recognition. Watch this and if you don't think it's good, never listen to one of my reviews again.

Aoife 1991 - Fantastic film5 star

:) brilliant!!

MrChrisx - Completely confused...5 star

Why wasn't this film a huge box-office hit? All the ingredients are there - great story, superb acting, amazing music score. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant - did I mention it's brilliant? Just surprised that I had to stumble upon it rather than hear all about it through the press, reviews, box office sales, etc I really don't understand what's happening to the film industry. Awful films are promoted relentlessly while gems like this pass us by.

theo1578 - Great perfomances all around!!5 star

Tom Hardy is magnificent!! The ending could have been a little for fascinating but overall a very good film...

Chin Wong - "Warrior"...beautiful?5 star

Having seen a lot of b-movie efforts in my time that are entitled things like "King of the Kickboxers" and "No Retreat, No surrender" that rely upon the skills of certain key martial artists to carry the film, I was expecting this film to be yet another vacuous vehicle for the career development of the actors involved in order to show their diversity and ability to play across genres. Nick Nolte in an MMA film? Oh how far the mighty have fallen... ...but I was wrong. "Warrior" is a film that does a decent job of portraying the world of MMA but is, first and foremost, a very good film about life, about not giving up and about how differently people fight for things. This IS a vehicle for the actors, simply by way of how very few actors have the range to portray brutality at the same time as extreme vulnerability. Here, we have three: Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton and, of course, Tom Hardy. Well cast and with a good story that more than underpins and gives weight to the action, this film completely took me by surprise. I thought I would have to 'turn off my brain and wait for the "good bits"' as I have done with so many other martial arts movies. I did not expect to be so moved by this film and, certainly, did not expect my girlfriend to be near tears beside me at its end. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is not of the 'fight film' genre that I (or, possibly you) were expecting. Watch it and judge for yourselves. This one is NOT a waste of your time.

Shunter mehh - Crazy5 star

By far the best movie ive ever seen

Mookie12345678 - Brilliant5 star

Best film I've ever seen!

Uncle junny 1997 - Quality5 star

Absolutely amazing. Everything about this film is perfectly put together and acted! Tom hardy and nick nolte were exceptional

Bracborn - Brilliant5 star

Best film I've seen In a long time

Daza17 - Awesome5 star

One of the best movies I have ever watched, the plot was a little predictable but it done it better than most others. Would definately recommend. Good mix between fight scenes and the family prientated plotline

Dv2011 - Excellent5 star

Best Film of 2011...........simple

exiledincambodia - 5 stars just aint enough5 star

Words fail me, so.... Simply, stunning!

Kingz245 - Nolte is fantastic!!5 star

Nick Nolte is amazing in this film! Best film I have seen in a long while. Been a long time since I have watched a movie and be totally drawn in by the performance of an actor. A must buy!!

Dangermouse1989 - BEST FILM OF 20115 star

A very underrated film, overlooked by audiences due to the basic similarities to The Fighter. This movie was actually filmed 2-3 years ago as Tom Hardy filmed this before he did Inception (which is my favourite film of 2010). In a day where remakes, sequels & book movies rule the box office, original films that come from the imagination of people to write a story that isn't already written in a book or by someone who made the same film years before, is refreshing. I hope we can get out of this dull, watered down movie low where directors only see the franchise instead of the story. Warrior's storyline is brilliant, at the centre is two brothers and their struggle which is wrapped in the brilliant fight sequences. Joel Edgerton stands out for me in this film along with Nick Nolte's amazing performance. The characters are developed beautifully throughout the film, each fighting for their own reasons. The fight sequences are crafted to get your heart pounding, with real MMA fighters dotted throughout to keep the film realistic. Even Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton have their own fighting styles which are poles a part and as different as the brothers themselves. So if you're sick of remakes ruining classics or sequels with no point other than to make money then watch Warrior, you won't regret it.

Film mum - Awesome5 star

Outstanding, second one on the way?

tupac0306 - One of the best5 star

This movie isn't about fighting. But it's one of the best fighting movies I have ever seen XD!

SolidSnake0501 - Great Film, I don't know what took me so long to watch it!5 star

This has got to be one of my favourite films i have seen this year!!! There haven't been many movies in the last few years that have had me gripped and fixed in my seat. Warrior has a superb story line and some great action / fighting sequences. This is a film you can really connect with and in my opinion the acting is second to none.. Really really enjoyed this!

Foggy 42 - Great movie5 star

Tom Hardy is a wonderful actor and is at his best in this movie. The acting is great from everyone and the story although predictable is still gripping.

Jimmy Norman - 3 stars at best!3 star

Very average film indeed. Thought this would be brilliant as Tom Hardy is a great actor. Watch The Fighter instead that is amazing

Santino521809 - Unbelievably amazing5 star

One the best movie I've ever bought. It's brilliant. I loved it

YerMawAyee - Amense5 star

Absolutely pure mad mental by the way this film is heavy good a would watch this more times than i could count to ! pure magic

Ben Tierney - Warrior5 star

Best film I have seen for a very long time Tom hardy is the man, best upcoming actor by far! Also brilliant in the dark night rises! Must see!! Anyone who has given this a bad review needs to sort it out big time

Parker1983 - Warrior5 star

Best film ever must see Tom hardy is fantastic 😄

Calvin Rocks - Incredible film5 star

I downloaded this and I must have watched it about 10 times - the fight scenes are spectacular, great story-line, well acted. For me it's one of those films that I can watch again and again and I never cease to be impressed. Don't be put off by the subject matter, this is a fight movie with a story to match. It's a modern day Rocky but with added realism. A must see!

sebbb m - has to be in your top ten movies5 star

such a great movie, it is really a must see.

Warrior fan jvh - Great film5 star

Amazing film, beyond the fighting there is a real story line in there, best fight film you will ever watch!

MontyT - Mawkish drivel1 star

American/Celtic self-pitying garbage. The participants should be embarrassed. Avoid.

Joshylad316 - Loved every second.5 star

Pretty much the best film i've seen since The Green Mile... Amazing fight scenes, but an even better story line which takes the veiwer on an emotional rollercoaster as it unfolds to reveal a glorious ending. Insane.

jaseleeee - Top film5 star

10/10 film

Adam Atri - Simply outstanding5 star

Never written a review on itunes before but this film could not go un-praised. Everything from characterisation to music, from plot-line to casting was, in this film, perfect. Literally the best film I have ever seen in my entire life. A must see. Sheer class.

clogger85 - Good film shocking title!4 star

Suprisingly Good film watched it on a long hall flight first time & it had me pretty gripped & killed some time. Anyone who enjoys films such as rocky will enjoy this. However I think it could have been even better had the story been a bit more in depth & the film could have been longer as a previous review stated, you don't really get to know the characters enough for it to be great & yes the sound quality wasn't great either. Plus I have to mention what kind of a tilte is warrior?

SofaBear13 - Outstanding - must watch!!!5 star

Simply put this has quickly become one of my favourite films! Nick Nolte should have a full awards cabinet on the back of his performance! WATCH THIS FILM!!!

Richt5 - Warrior5 star

Great film, Tom Hardy is just brilliant.

Jam piece - Best film ever5 star

Absolute class film watched it many times and it's still as good 10/10

bolstridge - Terrific film4 star

The trailer looked great so decided to give it a go. Worth it :) Nice build up / learn the characters with some terrific fight scenes in / throughout it. Only thing would be a slightly longer ending (hopefully you'll see what I mean if / when you watch it - it'd be nice to learn what happens afterwards - one can suppose but it's not the same as finding out what the director / the characters ACTUALLY had in mind). Other than that - well worth a watch :)

bloomysky - Best film iv watched5 star

its a truley brilliant film its so sad aswell but i do reccoment it to anyone one of the best films i have ever watched. the actors are rediculously good.

Redsince83 - Unmissable5 star

A must see. Excellent acting, great storyline and superb fight scenes. If only more films were of this quality.

Power-uk - Warrior5 star

The best film going you have to watch it it's a must 5 star

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Aukers - Best movie ever5 star

One of the best movies i have ever seen

mapcore - warrior5 star

The movie was better than i expected, by the time it ended i found myself rooting for not only the brothers but the father as well.The actors did a great job.This is a movie that I recommend to my friends to watch.

luisito48595 - This is the best movie i have ever seen5 star

The end made me cry lol for real this is a great movie

A Turf - Warrior5 star

If you have a best friend or a brother, watch this film.

Tsxs - Best movie I've seen for years5 star


bluestar347 - A Must Watch5 star

Tom Hardy's acting was amazing it's like you felt what he was feeling . Then when he got into the ring he let all his anger out . Also shock in the end .

jesq262 - LITERALLY MUST SEE!!!5 star

This is my all time favorite movie! SOOOOOO UNDERATED! Acting... flawless, directing... flawless, Tom Hardy... flawless!

oshdiddy - Greatest Movie I Have EVER Seen!!!5 star

This is hands down the greatest movie I have ever seen. From the acting, directing, storyline, the fights...just everything was FLAWLESS. You feel like you're in the ring with the fighters feeling their every punch, kick and takedown. Gavin O'Connor - if you happen to see this, you're my new favorite director (move over PT Anderson). Don't even hesitate on this movie. Rent/buy it immediately.

empiregem - Shocked by how much I LOVED it!5 star

I was so shocked by how much I loved this film! I like to see the films that have been nominated for something (best supporting actor) but it took me a while to get to this one. Mainly because everyone kept comparing it to Rocky and I was never a fan of Rocky. (I hate boxing) But this is not boxing, it's mixed martial arts, which is so much more interesting and entertaining to watch in my opinion. So I finally watched it, loved it and bought it. Beautifully written and beautifully acted by all. This will be in my top 10 movies for a long time. One I can watch over and over again.

Adolfo Jr - This is my new favorite movie5 star

I dont know what to say about this amazing movie other than if u haven't seen it go buy it

Ben272727 - Can't explain it!5 star

Can't put this movie in words!! Far too good!!

kemp1098 - Wow5 star

We paused the movie and joined UFC

J.A.Rankin - will get you out of your chair and in the gym5 star

Inspiring film of the year. i use excerpts in rollcall training in our PD.

Matthew/there is 1 GOD - Great buy5 star

So much raw intensity and emotion in this movie. Not to mention the epic fights. You won't be disappointed if your into MMA, inspirational sports movies, or emotionally deep rooted stories.

HockeyMom in Disguise - Warrior5 star

As much as I cringed during the fights (I can never take watching arms or legs being broken), it was my husband & son's night to choose the movie. I have never been more glad I kept my word! This is now one of my all-time favorites! The underlying story and drama infused with this MMA based action, is deep, dark and griped my heart. I often cry during movies and this one opened the flood gates! Men who are ashamed of showing emotion or crying, this is not the movie for you or the faint of heart!

Niggie_smalls - Good movie5 star

It's a good movie. Thank you all.

Kyle9`1 - Great dramatic film!!!5 star

Look first off, even if your not into that MMA stuff no need to worry. It's not excessively bloody. If you just watched the movie without thinking about it, then it would seem like the entire thing was about fighting. But if you payed close attention to the movie and thought about different scenes, you would realize that Warrior is really about one family that was separated by tragedy. This emotional, heartbreaking, and yes... exhilarating movie is well worth your time in my mind.

Loreal Madonna - I AM A NEW A PERSON!5 star


Ya boy wrote this - Warrior5 star

One of the best movies of all time!!!!! I almost cried wen he was choking his brother. Just superb

subarufm - Warrior5 star

Man i thought that movie is gonna live on for ever in my i almost cryed when he was choking the brother

Cmzsr - UNBELIEVABLE.5 star

When i first started watching this movie i really didn't think it would turn out to be a great movie, but it did. Tom hardys' performance is amazing, some people may recognize him from the movie Bronson. The nice thing about this movie was how it explained the watcher that the morgage system ruined peoples lives and how they fought to win it back. THIS MOVIE IS A MUST SEE !!!!!!!

Mopicpunk - !!Awesome!!5 star

I don't watch movies two times but this one is different

Bri7243684379 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

i watched this movie and couldnt stop talking about it for weeks

Trevtherev333425 - Wow5 star

This is the best movie I have seen in my whole life. I have seen it over five times. Defiantly a good buy.

Kdminer - Absolutely amazing movie5 star

Wonderful compelling story of more than just fighting. I was blown away and I recommend everyone to look at this movie, it deserved a lot more credit than it got. Nick Nolte should've won an award, and the acting of all the characters couldn't have been better. I've watched this definitely more than once or twice and again it will always be a favorite.

97Alex97 - One of the best movies I've ever seen5 star

This is a must buy, the first time you see this it'll be amazing and you can watch it over and over, still remarkable. I consider it Rocky 7

KMATT1997 - Great5 star

It was a great movie but u wanted Tommie to win but other than that I loved it

Yang1900 - AMAZING5 star

In all my years of watching films, I have never cried at the end of a movie. Warrior is not what I expected--it was touching, thrilling and yes, it made me cry. This is the most amazing film I have seen in years.

Make_Words14 - Wow!5 star

What an amazing film! You'd think it would be just another crappy fighting film with a weak story line and bad fight scenes, but surprisingly it wasn't. This film will have you on the edge of your seat and some possible tears in your eyes.

GenPatton43 - No Offense, But "Warrior" is Better than "The Fighter"5 star

Without a doubt one of the best films I have seen in years. Very original & extremely compelling. Initially, the film depicts one of the brothers as "The Bad Guy" but by the time the film ends, one can only have compassion for both brothers & heir own respective struggles. Tom Hardy was a shock for me, especially considering the last time I saw a film of his was "Black Hawk Down" as well as "Band of Brothers" & than, he was nothing but a scrawny little kid. Not anymore. As the film continues, you can almost feel the burden & extra weight being added & carried on his characters shoulders until the end when it just slaps you in the face. I have not a single shadow of a doubt that "Warrior" deserved ALOT more positive recognition than it has. I loved "The Fighter" & what Christian Bale went through to basically become his actual character, still deserves as much credit as he received. But if you put both films "In the Ring".........."Warrior" wins a 1st round Knockout.

Mudarling - Tom Hardy is the best5 star

This was such a great story and Tom Hardy just brings so much real emotion to Tommy that I side with him emotional and physically. Has to be one of my new favorites.

Sir Lizen - Warror5 star

Awesome: A tribute to the endurance of the human spirit and the courage it takes to be a man. All three lead characters must make the choices that involve giving of themselves to others. Nick Nolte is superb as the dad that is ready to meet life and his children on their own terms. The two brothers wrestle with past while trying to preserve and hold onto what is dear to them in the present. A tribute to MMA fighting and the idea of never quitting. Simply Believe

Hufchfdnjcnj - Mr.Awesome5 star

I loved it

Tbinett - Great5 star


Mickey 255686555 - The warrior5 star

Greatest sports movie of all time better then rocky!!!

xebexe5695 - Great film5 star

Best movie ever!

Rsan84123 - A must see5 star

I went to see it just out curiosity, and what a surprise, just a "must see..."

Nobodys_Courage - Good2 star

First time I saw it I loved it, the second time didn't really care this the time of film that if u haven't seen it it will blow u away but after u watch it again it's like any other regular movie.

Rceejawhahevf - g5 star


ezoconnor - amazing5 star

The movie is great. This is the first review I've ever written, but I felt compelled to spread the word. It'a an action-packed, adrenalin-pumping movie that's overflowing with compassion and humanity, and amazingly, it's not at all corny. It's just such an enjoyable movie experience.

Mooreaustin12345 - Great movie!!!5 star

Probably one of the greatest movies I've ever seen...I saw this at the movie theaters and was jumped out of my seat and started cheering!!

sfgiantsman18 - Warrior👍🙌👏5 star

Wow! This movie was incredible! I cant believe its not bigger than it is.. It deserved to have gotten more recognition than it did. Must watch for anyone, very inspirational and emotional, and it never fails to get me excited no matter how many times i watch it

BGI-K9 - Blown Away!5 star

I have never watched 3 minutes of MMA but I loved this movie. Please don't let the fact that you never heard anything about it keep you from watching. It's a great film!

9909090 - Great movie5 star

Great movie...why aren't more people talking about it?

SouthSideRocky - Best movie this year5 star

Just saw this movie. It's the type of movie that makes watching film worthwhile.

XcRuNnEr*** - Great movie!4 star

Very good film, with amazing acting. This is my second MMA film (My first was Never Back Down) and I loved both. Would suggest to anyone looking for a good film.

Champer27 - Outstanding!5 star

Warrior was that movie you didn't expect to be good but in the end amazed you it was just as good as The Fighter and if not, better

Athos Cabral - Best5 star

Best movie I watched this year

J&J Movie Critics - MoviewatcherJ&J5 star

Best sports movie ever made, period. Should have been nominated for more awards. The great acting made an unbelievable story believable. I have never rated a movie before, but I felt compelled to do so, because this movie hasn't got the attention it deserves.

Sirloin69 - Warrior5 star

Awesome movie. More than I expected!

5 star

@jaysusri1: @RamMoha82601373 @iyengarp @rkmarar9 @kkhushal9 As scared as China to mention of 56" red eyed warrior

5 star

@wavedwhelk: Pros to making a warrior cat OC: already has an established fanbase also I love warriors Cons: I CANT FUCKIN PRINT IT OR D…

5 star

Kinda want to say fuck it and come out to family but also why should I come out when they already know/suspect I'm…

5 star

@Thaza_Kun ah... sbb typo yg aku buat pun berlambak tu😑...

5 star

@ysrcp_y: సోషల్ మీడియాలో దురుద్ధేశ పూర్వకంగా కుట్ర జరుగుతోందని, @YSRCParty సోషల్ మీడియా సైనికులకు మేము ఎల్లప్పుడూ అండగా ఉంటామని మీడియా స…

5 star

@DChaurasia2312 @DelhiPolice Deepakji aap ne RSS k warrior ka bhi samman dekr unke kiye kaamo ko janta k saamne lan…

5 star

@IronmanWarrior1 @secretnstrange9 @GoboMontaco @TrumpsPitBull @POTUSWarrior @AirForceGirlie @YC727USA @rrnicholas22…

5 star

@__irishrose Super warrior 🖤

5 star

not a political leader he is warrior @PawanKalyan 🦁✊️ #JanasenaMoralValues

5 star

@pussyslayer520 @AshnathHAHAHA Doesnt need remind from fake account who being a warrior here on tl. Come and meet up to be gentleman

5 star

Jedoo was a great warrior, and this song tells of their adventure. Jedoo battled a giant, then they fought a goblin…

5 star

@RainBadass: 1158 @RainBadass @Lybio @FairyQ15 @2Glitz4u @survrad @JDPHD2 @Ytweek1 @Boat1970 @pope_slap @skull99900 @texasrecks…

5 star

@DostKhan_Jammu: Big success Narco-terror module busted in Kashmir's Budgam 6 Jaish terrorists arrested: Mudassir Fayaz Shabir Ganaie S…

5 star

@Marchfoward: PASUKAN KHAS UDARA WIRA ANGKASA TOP WARRIOR Sempena Hari TUDM @airforcenextgen 62. Special Thread about this Top Special…

5 star

@NTR_Warrior @ACTFibernet @airtelindia Very good service am using it from past 5+years, There service is very good

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