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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen team up to beat the odds in a film that Rolling Stone calls ""achingly hilarious and heartfelt."" Diagnosed with spinal cancer, 27 year old Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) navigates the road to recovery with the sometimes overbearing support of his crude best friend (Rogen), his smothering mother (Angelica Huston) and an inexperienced therapist (Anna Kendrick). Inspired by a true story of writer Will Reiser, 50/50 is an honest yet hysterically funny account of a young man's journey toward healing. Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease. 50/50 Wiki

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It takes a pair to beat the odds..

50/50 (2011)

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- Great film5 star

My favorite film. I look this film when I feel sad and tired. After that I feel better and have more power to live.

- Nice5 star

Good movie

- Excellent5 star

Great movie..

- what. the. hell.1 star

i seriously can't with movies like this. WHYYYY is this categorized as a comedy?? seriously the most depressing movie i've seen in years and i did not laugh once. i hate this movie.

- Pleasant surprise5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. The characters were human. They did bad things and good things. It was funny and then the furthest thing from funny. I laughed and wept. My interest in the story and the characters never waned. This is not slap stick or sophomoric comedy. So don't let Seth Rogan's presence fool you. But he is still vintage Seth.

- garbage....excruciatingly painful1 star

If I could give this movie no starts, I would. It was terrible. Awful. Don't waste your money.

- Once again...4 star

Apple time after time you scare me over. How could one sell such a terrible movie at such a terrible price. Not only did the movie have a predictable ending but what was supposed to be heartwarming was simple unbearable in the sense that it was very forced and unneeded. Not sure why I bought this movie. To be honest the movie was decent and I love the three main actors and actress but I bought it and it brought my bank account into the negatives giving me a 32 dollar overdraft fee. Very disappointed in that mostly, but good movie otherwise. 4/5 for the movie 1/5 for the overdraft.

- Heartwarming5 star

Very touching movie. Good balance of elements that make for an excellent movie. A touch of just the right amount of comedy, drama for emotion and excellent choice of actors. Seth Rogen displays a depth not seen in most of his other performances. Angelica Huston is superb. And Anna Kendrick performs a delicate touch to her performance that’s hard to resist.

- This movie is too good for words!5 star

I recently bought this movie, mainly because i thought it was going to make me laugh, come on it has seth rogan in it. less than twenty minutes in i realized that this movie was gonna make me cry by the end. i don’t normally cry for movies, i almost never laugh while I’m crying, thats what 50/50 did to me. The acting in this film was insanely good, from everybody, Joseph to Rogan to Kendrick and Houston. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this movie but the important thing is i can watch it anytime i want now, don’t make the same mistake watch it, promise its worth it!

- AMAZING5 star

I Freakin Loved This Movie It Was Super Funny And Vey Sad At Times But A Very Great Dramedy.

- 50/501 star

I thought, from the trailer, that it would be a compelling story, when in fact it was full of foul talk, which didn't even add to the story, just garbage. Had to turn it off after 20 min. Or so. Why couldn't they just tell the story?

- Excellent film — funny but NOT a "comedy"5 star

Fantastic acting (well … Seth is the same guy in every movie but it still somehow fits), great and inspiring story. Warning: It coming … You'll laugh … you'll cry … and you'll quite possibly want to strangle ine character along the way.

- Why I can't rent it?3 star

Why I can't rent it?

- Amazing movie5 star

This in one of the best movie, mixing comedy, drama, and romance. With and amazing cast you have Seth rogen bringing the laugh out loud comedy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt with the serious side and the lovely Anna Kendrick bringing the romance. This is a heartfelt movie that will make you laugh cry and leave you with a smile!!!!!

- 50/505 star

The cast made the movie awesome!

- 100/505 star

This is one of my favorite movies of all times. I love Seth Rogan. Screw those Seth haters.

- Worst movie1 star

This movie was the worst it needs more Anna Kendrick in it 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👹👺

- Amazing Movie!5 star

This movie was amazing! The acting was pretty much to be expected given that it is a Seth Rogan film. Although, the other actors and plot/storyline more than made up for any theatrical blunders on Seth Rogan's part. The move is a great date movie it gives you laughs and tears all in one nice package!

- Great story and funny5 star

This also made me cry like a little baby.😭

- Great!5 star

Such a great movie(:

- F1 star

Terrible comedy, terrible acting (even boring acting), TERRIBLE MOVIE!!!!!

- 50/504 star

This movie was delightful. The acting was just right, with the exception of Seth Rogan. He was over the top, but the themes of friendship, parental and romantic love made the film compelling. I loved the Seattle backdrop-and I found it ironic that Leavitt's character said "I've never even been to Canada" when the opening shot shows him running through Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. A little editing, and he's running by Seattle's Pike Street Market. Kendrick's therapist is adorable-dirty car and all. Huston plays a solid mom, especially when her son is being rushed off to the OR. If you have ever had a person close to you have cancer, this is a terrific movie.

- really great movie5 star

i loved this movie and i regret only renting because this is one of the greatest movies i have ever seen

- Close to home5 star

I love this movie it really puts things into prospective I have been through something very similar so it hits close really to home. I laughed I cried it is a movie everyone that has been touched by cancer needs to see. I would recommend it. You won't regret this one it's so funny, on so many different levels. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan are a great comedic duo

- Awesome awesome awesome5 star

I really liked this movie, it was one of the better movies I've seen in a while.

- Fantastic5 star

Had no idea what to expect from this movie however it was very touching and funny at the same time. The movie was well casted too!

- 50/505 star

Really good movie. Specially Seth Rogen

- Great!!5 star

Very good movie! Fantastic way of showing both sides of such a terrible situation. 4 thumbs up!

- I only wanna rent it3 star

I don't watch most movies more than twice, no point in owning them. Why can't I rent this movie?

- Cute, awkward, and all around fun5 star

So I saw this movie with my 72 year old grandmother she was laughing her head off at the pot stuff and crying at the cancer moments. One thing I thought they did well was not to down play cancer or make it a laughing matter and ad some funny stuff that could really work

- let us rent itunes!1 star

Whose decision is it anyway to get rid of renting on this film? Who decides to randomly pull the ability to see this for 5 bucks in HD? Think of how much business you're losing by making this for 15 bucks to see at a minimum. I was planning on renting this in HD for 5 bucks, but you've just lost 5 bucks. And that probably builds up. What kind of people lacking in common sense are running iTunes?

- Hilarious & Touching!5 star

A very inspiring movie, yet funny and touched your heart. Seth Rogen played a picture perfect character of a best friend!

- I love it5 star

I think this is a really good movie because it tell us that cancer can't stop what you do in life it's just like if you get bad grades or if you do something stupid in front of your crush that is never gonna stop me ti do what I want so yeah ;)

- Wow5 star


- Beautiful.. just beautiful5 star

The way this film is written, acted, directed and produced it just something special. I personally have dealt with cancer before, having lost someone, and I take deep emotion to this movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt delivers in my opinion the performance of his career. Showing so many different emotions. You can tell that he's at war with himself in his mind. The supporting actors also do a great job in showing that they really want to help him deal with this hell he has unleashed upon him. This movie is humorous, intense and overall just tells the story of someone who is going through cancer in realistic and beautiful way. 5 stars to 50/50 *****

- it has moments4 star

it has some cliches but also some refreshing moments where everything came together and was worth viewing , seth rogans character can be obnoxious ,I found this movie oddly to be deeply moving at times , I wasn't expecting that.

- 50/505 star

Usually I don't write reviews, but this movies is excellent!!!

- Dont waste money or time1 star

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PAY TO WATCH!!!!! I usually never review but this film was so BAD that i had to warn people about to pay 4 bucks to rent this... DONT! This movie was not a comedy at all but a drama, with small, very small peieces of comedic relief throughout. It was shot poorly, usuing only a steadycam and medium shots the whole time. HORRIBLE dialoge. HORRIBLE acting by Seth and everyone else. Just seemed like they filmed the actors reading through the script for the first time. Every line was monotonous and borring. I HAD TO STOP WATCHING 30 minutes into the film. The only decent lines or funny parts are the parts they put in the trailer. Please dont spend money on this especially if you want a comedic film that will be great for friends or family. Please dont pay to rent this, please.


An outstanding film. Connects to the heart with comedy through out the movie, which is not the easiest thing. Makes life more appreciative. 5 stars.

- Amazing5 star

It's an amazing life story. Great movie.

- Nice change up3 star

This was in my opinion a nice change in roles for both main actors. It's not as predictable as one may think. Worth the rental.

- Rogen and Gordon-Levitt are Still my Favorite Actors5 star

I have to say, I was really pulling for this movie when I saw the first previews. I mean, it had two of my favorite actors in it, but they were my favorite actors from completely different genres. And although I think Seth Rogen is hilarious, I know some people think that he can get a bit…uh…"over-Rogen-y" in some movies. That's why I was so glad to see that this movie blew away my expectations for greatness. Seth Rogen is the perfect comic-relief to Levitt's straight-man role, without deadening the seriousness of the topic. Every time Levitt's character makes a joke, you can feel his emotion behind it. I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who is unsure of the purchase (though I do think iTunes movies are getting a bit pricey). I believe it will become a staple in each of Rogen and Levitt's catalogues.

- 50/505 star

With out a doubt the best movie I have seen in a very long time, the acting was fantastic and I enjoyed every aspect of the this film. 5/5 hands down!

- 50/505 star

Loved this movie- the relationships. The people who love you through the worse times of your life and those who walk away because the prospects of your illness are too scary. Humor gets us through the tough times too. Loved the humor! I liked that the ending was unpredictable.

- Loved it!5 star

Amazingly touching and comedic. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time!

- LOVE4 star

I Thought this movie was really good! it was funny and i found myself crying in some parts. I really liked it and suggest renting!

- Oscar-Snubbed, Emotional Dramedy5 star

First of all, for everybody who is criticizing this movie for being in the comedy section, I think you're smart enough to know just how funny a movie about CANCER can be. So don't watch this thinking it's all gonna be one big laughfest. Anyways, this movie definitely is worth watching. The dialogue is very well-written and clever, with enough drama added to it to still make it heartwarming. Just because this is a Seth Rogen movie, doesn't mean it's an idiotic stoner-flick, it's a sophisticated and entertaining piece of work. Each and every performance is realistic if not inspiring the way each character involved in Gordon-Levitt's character's life changes it for the better, or worse It's an emotional movie, as you watch it you feel with the main character. You're grieving, bargaining, even feeling anger at times. And in the end, once the main character finally accepts what it going on, so do you. This whole movie is an experience not to go unnoticed.

- Well1 star

This movie makes you want to slit your wrists more than it makes you laugh. Any moment of laughter is over shadowed with worry. Why place it in the genre of comedy? Ridiculous.

- Amazing Truthful movie5 star

It made me laugh and cry. I felt like I knew the characters. If I was friends with them. The story is simple but deep with a lot of meaning. I would watch it again because it is made will. Perfect pace and not boring at all. But not too suspenseful where it gets annoying. Great movie. I would buy it. Life's short and you must enjoy it.

- Touching5 star

It made me cry and laugh. Good Saturday night movie:)

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Hockeydwp5 - Ok3 star

It was an ok movie

Cleeeeng - Quirky, funny, and moving4 star

Scenes with Seth Rogan were hilarious...he's the comedic heart of the movie. JGL and the girl from Up in the Air were both phenomenal.

LeahMama - Haven't sobbed this much in awhile!4 star

This movie is great; it touches you on just abut every level, but it is not what I'd consider to be a comedy. I haven't cried this much during a movie or at all in a very log time! While Seth Rogen provides some appreciated comedic relief, the overall theme is dealing with relationships, friendships, and life while battling cancer. See this movie, it will make you feel alive and touch your emotions; just don't watch it for a laugh.

noordwyk - Superb: funny, deep and a little offbeat5 star

I can wholesomely recommend this to anyone who had a loved one who battled with cancer. Well told story!

Breno Loureiro - very touching5 star

I had the same surgery as Adam… For a different reason… This movie made me cry. Thanks.

Agosto14 - Emotional5 star

I decided to rent this Movie because of Seth "he has made a couple of gr8 movies.all I can say it was another excellent movie very emotional. Thumbs up for the actors and story(:

Perverted ninja - Very Inspirational5 star

This movie is one of the best yet. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really shows his special gift in acting in this movie. Seth Rogen does very well in mixing his humor side with his serious side in the movie. The story is very inspirational and touching. This movie gives the audience a roller coaster ride through humor and sadness. It taught me to look at the bright side in every hard situation. Best movie of all time.

Jaci0888 - Coulda been way better2 star

It coulda been a lot better. It was kind of depressing. Really all that happened was the guy got cancer. Bummer

DiceyDeBose - Going to Buy the Movie5 star

We rented this and the previews were pretty funny- I was worried that those were going to be the only funny parts in the movie but there were more and it's not even a complete comedy. It's more of a drama OR a comedy with a real story line. Either way, it was worth renting and now I want to own the movie.

Corey Stewart - I laughed, I cried: best freaking movie I've seen in awhile.5 star

Absolutely worth renting and buying. Good date movie.

Tony the Critic - 50/50 Greatness3 star

Forgive me for the sin i am about to commit as a film critic. I liked 50/50, it has a good heart and good intentions, but i simply didn't think it was truly phenomenal. I understand that it was one of the finest films of the year, i understand that. But something with this film really didn't click with me, and the fact of that bothered me throughout the experience of watching this film. I found myself not liking Levitt or his character at all. The fact that he had cancer was tragic, sad and terrible to endure, if only he made us actually care that he had it. I don't know, the guy really annoyed me, he had a smugness to him that was really unsettling and he gave a very deadpan performance here. Rogen is of course where the laughs fell under, the comic relief if you will. But those laughs weren't genuine either, with exception to a few brilliant zingers. I also don't understand all the fuss about the humor, it was certainly not by any stretch of the imagination another Bridesmaids. In fact, this film was barely a comedy, i was desperatly waiting to laugh at certain points. Maybe i ought to watch this film again sometime in the future, or maybe i won't find anything new then. I still stand by my conclusion, 50/50 doesn't work.

Anna in TX - Great5 star

Smart and funny.

thewitcherpl - Opsssss3 star

So would call this. 40/60 as a review....

Master Sushi Cat - Amazing Movie5 star

I cried during the ending, just so well made. The acting was superb, it was incredibly funny, and the story is amazing. 5 stars

holachicabonita - Perfect5 star

My new favorite movie of all time

Calvin86 - Great portrayal of a reaction to cancer5 star

Everyone in this movie was excellent. I loved Seth Rogans role as the a-hole friend who truly has his friends interests at heart, but comes off like he doesn't get it. I think many men have had a friend similar to this. A man on the outside who appears to have no redeeming value, but to his closest friends is known to be more than he appears. Maybe even a little sage-like in the necessary moments of life.

mcabe0131 - Perfect...5 star

I'm a 26 year man. I never cry, this movie made me cry.

Grimdawg - Good5 star

Better than I thought it would be.

acowan74 - Total Bliss5 star

This movie was so simplistic and original. I am proud to say that it was a breath of fresh air from modern movies that contain so many clichés. As always, Joseph's characters are realistic. He is always able to connect the viewer to the character in some way.

otay2000 - Fantastic!5 star

Must see! More drama than comedy but what a great movie! Emotional roller coaster. Great performance.

female69 - Great movie. I loved it.5 star

Great movie. I loved it. Worth seeing.

iAliyuBello - Just Brilliant!!!5 star

It really cannot get any better than this, movie making at its best. well done

Ablondehead - 👍👍👍👍5 star


so freaking hollywood - Very enjoyable4 star

I had high hopes for this one, mainly because I am a huge fan of Joey Gordon-Levitt, Anjelica Huston, and the totally-underrated Bryce Dallas Howard. I am happy to confirm that this flick met my expectations. I laughed, cried, and thoroughly enjoyed my movie-watching experience. One critique: I would have liked to see more from Seth Rogen. I was a bit disappointed because there were several times where he could have shown himself to be a versatile performer (much in the way his good friend and fellow comedic actor, Jonah Hill did in his Oscar-nominated turn in "Moneyball"). But, alas, maybe... he... isn't.

greeneyedgirl222 - 50+50=100!5 star

Such a great movie! Joseph Gordon Levitt is a great actor and I thought he did a great job portraying this character! I liked the rest of the actors too, Seth Rogen has good comedic timing in this one. I really didn't think I was going to cry but towards the end I got all teary-eyed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to watch a heartfelt and well made film. I'm so glad I rented this :)

#26 is the best - GOod5 star


Dragonfist27 - Good4 star


big lens - Saw the ending a mile away2 star

Although not a total waste of time it did have a few redeeming moments. This movie never gets past the old cliches we've seen so many times before.

whatupup - what??1 star

I don't understand why everyone rated this so highly... there were so many moments where the cancer treatment/doctor behavior was so unrealistic it ruined the whole movie for me. I wasn't expecting a comedy but this movie wasn't funny or sad, just phony and irritating.

Hwiyo - Really liked it!5 star

I really like Joseph! He is really a great actor! This movie made me think about lots of things… in good ways. It will do exactly same to you.

M. Brian Meisenheimer - Good Movie, bad ending4 star

This movie was really sad. NOT A COMEDY

Jacob Nagy - Exceptional5 star

It made us all tear up 😢

jmv17 - Great movie5 star

Great movie. It really gets you worked up.

Awe Heal - Good Movie. Not Great. Not Bad. Good.4 star

What I liked about this movie was watching guys deal with an emo situation. Well acted and realistic...which made some parts quite hilarious...like [spoiler] bringing home that dog. lol. Worth the rent.

Ashley122492 - Great5 star

Great movie, it made me cry and laugh.

naturallyalper - Definitely worth your time5 star

This is such a great combination of comedy and drama. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers his role so perfectly, the gradual decline in health and the struggles that come at each step is so magnificently portrayed. Additionally, the chemistry Gordon-Levitt has with Anna Kendrick in their scenes is very cool to watch, I hadn't seen Anna Kendrick in a film before and I was impressed. It's also the best I've seen of Seth Rogen, he does a very good job of bringing in some humor and be a supportive best friend. The whole movie flows so naturally. It's a sad tale told with some good comedy and acted in perfection. It is very much worth your time!

SadGirls2 - Not a Comedy4 star

This movie was a great movie and the acting is fabulous but let me point out THIS IS NOT A COMEDY. It is very sad, and I ended up crying most of it. There are only around two funny parts but it's mostly sad. Not a movie to watch if you don't want to cry. NOT A COMEDY.

MiguelNEZ - Perfect film.5 star

It is definitely worth watching. it makes your heart wrench a little, especially if you had history with a family, friend battling cancer. ✌

Tim Warp - Great film5 star

Just see it, it's well worth your time.

xrosee - Wonderfoul Movie5 star

I loved it.

Myblueskiez - Surprisingly Good!5 star

I watched this movie because I had nothing else to watch. But after seeing it, I laughed, cried and smiled. The previews just doesn't do it justice. It's a feel good movie and the guy with the cancer... I forgot his name, he had a promising future!

Cory K... - Seth Rogen isn't funny1 star

He is an ugly lame tool who had to blow the right people to be able to be involved in any movies at all.

Fixed choice - Not good3 star

It was okay but a little too boring for me

TheRockNation - The second best movie of 20115 star

I loved this movie. Everything about it was fantastic and it balanced tragic and comedic elements very nicely. The only movie in 2011 that I liked better was The Descendants. This is one of my favorite movies, buy it now!!!

LawFirm21 - A little bit of both5 star

Funny yet sad

Sonia Gonzalez - 5 stars beginning and end5 star

Great movie overall!!! Highly recommend this movie to anybody who wants to laugh and cry at the same time.

lil cilla - Awesome movie5 star

Ill b honest i rented thid movie cause seth rogen! I figured it would b his typical funny movie, but its not! Dont get me wrong its funny but its a very heart felt movie! I loved it! It makes u laugh, cry, get pissed! The actors did i superb job!

elsambando - Words cannot properly describe how good it is5 star

As the title states, words cannot do justice as to how good this movie is. It incorporates humor, drama, inspiration, intense emotions all into one with a focus on a real difficult subject affecting millions of people. Having had my father go through this battle for 4 years, eventually succumbing to the cancer, some parts were hard for me to watch. This movie really showcases how cancer affects all involved. From family, friends, to even a therapist. I can tell you from experience this movie did a good job with it. Comic relief was used wisely and made me laugh at times. Towards the end it got serious and deep. Hell, I'm a guy and I even cried. Yes I will admit it. If this movie doesn't touch you in some way you are not human. If i could, I would give it an Oscar for best picture.

Peybooo;* - 5 Stars (:5 star

This is legit my favorite movie ever! Me and my mom rented it & I didn't think it was gonna be that good but it ended up being super funny, & emotional at some points too. I love it an recommend it to everyone (:

zzimagination - Great movie5 star

Probably one of my top ten. It really makes you feel what the characters are feeling, makes you feel who they are.

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