Contagion Summary and Synopsis

When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to Minneapolis from business in Hong Kong, what she thought was jet lag takes a virulent turn. Two days later, she’s dead in the ER and the doctors tell her shocked and grieving husband (Matt Damon) they have no idea why. Soon more cases are reported as the virus begins to spread. Researchers mobilize to break the code of this unique biological pathogen as it continues to mutate. Deputy Director Cheever (Laurence Fishburne) tries to allay the growing panic despite his own personal concerns, and must send a brave young doctor (Kate Winslet) into harm’s way. As the death toll escalates and people struggle to protect themselves and their loved ones in a society breaking down, one activist blogger (Jude Law) claims the public isn’t getting the truth about what’s really going on, and sets off an epidemic of paranoia and fear as infectious as the virus itself. As an epidemic of a lethal airborne virus - that kills within days - rapidly grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. Contagion Wiki

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Nothing spreads like fear..

Contagion (2011)

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- Engrossing, well made film that gets it right!5 star

I finally watched this film for the first time a couple of months into the Covid-19 shelter at home mandate and must say that it got everything right! The accuracy of the story is commendable and I think it was even more impressive having experienced at least the beginning of a current day real life version. If you're still incredibly nervous about the events surrounding Covid-19 you may want to proceed cautiously but if you have a healthy grasp of the reality of the current situation I think you will enjoy it. I watched another film recently called False Colors which is very low budget but enjoyable, and approaches this subject matter from a completely different angle. I would suggest both in these days of pandemic.

- Zombie next5 star

How did u guys know this would happen in real life next is zombies in 2021

- Why this movie is not in Spanish in audio1 star

WFT 🤬😡😡😡

- Oh goodness my eyeball5 star

This is indeed covid 19

- Thought provoking (Covid-19 awareness)5 star

This is a great, thought provoking movie no matter the time period but exspecially during 2020 I think it’s a good idea for everyone and future generations to watch.

- Relatable5 star

This movie depicts what is going on in the world right now and it is crazy how they started in similar ways. Great movie and actors!

- Covid-192 star

It’s as if the govt gave Hollywood this script in order to prepare the masses for what is happening now.

- Welcome to 20204 star


- Covid-195 star

Covid-19 in real life

- Music is phenomenal. A fitting to buy this...4 star

I can’t stand Matt Damon. He was amazing in this role. Lawrence can be annoying. He was spot on, for his role. We’re in a pandemic rn and of course this film may be eerily entertaining. But it is also eye opening and can be educational on some ways. Be safe everyone. 😷🤙🏼

- Did they saw into the future.4 star

I was totally expecting a different ending . Very good movie that reflects what’s its going on at this moment with the covid-19. But I felt that they jumped from one thing to another one , lot of time was passing leaving inconclusive subjects .

- 2020 COVID-195 star

The year is 2020 and the Corona virus is hitting the world hard. The scariest part is there are a lot of similarities between this movie and the real deal going on right now. Social distancing is a daily word, stay 6 feet away from each other. There are many places with a stay at home order going on. The only thing that hasn’t happened “Yet” is the military presence in the streets. We will see how this all plays out but watching this movie right now is very scary, real to life!

- No audio latino3 star

Add Latino audio pls

- Accurate5 star

This is the most accurate display of a global pandemic. Great story and scary realism!

- Covid1920204 star

So crazy to think this movie was made just a few years ago and is so similar to what we’re experiencing today.


Thought this movie was slow, and boring when it was first released... but rewatching in 2020 puts a whole new lense for me

- Corona virus4 star

Wow that the same thing

- Predictive programming5 star

Seems eerily familiar to the world right now.

- Real Life Now 20205 star

Who would it believe this movie would became real , from it way it started “place of country of the outbreak” the world spread , world lockdown , the amount of people it died and still dying , to until the vaccine was provided but it hasn’t so far now in this real life , this was a 2011 movie and it’s happening now 2020 , we all need to do our part now if we don’t want to be another number in this statistic or any of our family members , stay safe & healthy people!

- Sign of the times5 star

I can’t believe this was made 8 yrs ago.

- 2020 happenig5 star

This is been said in movies

- Waste of $3.991 star

Had high hopes for this movie and was very disappointed. It’s slow the entire time and the ending was just stupid. Don’t watch this movie and waste your time and money.

- A little too late1 star

After this many years still cashing in on an old movie



- coronavirus5 star

basically coronavirus

- Really good documentary5 star

I really like the part where they find a cure and people stop dying.

- Shame on You ITUNES1 star

It's a shame you re-release a movie on ITUNES to make a profit on what our world is having to cope with right now. I really have no words after seeing this pop up on ITUNES.

- It’s just there3 star

Not the worst, but I don’t feel the inclination to ever watch it again

- So much left incomplete1 star

So many narratives left incomplete in a story with great potential. You keep waiting for something to happen in the separate stories when nothing ever does.

- It’s what’s happening now!5 star

It’s a good movie

- Bruh5 star

Is anybody seeing this in 2020 on ¡Tunes store #covid-19 Coincidence?¿ or nah

- Bone Chilling outbreak thriller don't miss it5 star

The cast was fantastic and contagion has a lot in common with the actual disesases that's going on in our real world. The movie's tone is scary and tense whenever it's scary it tries to be disturbing in a normal way. Either the performences were amazing this one is a sleeper hit you don't want to miss.

- So many similarities5 star

So many similarities in this movie to what’s going on today...

- Coincidence...?2 star

Boy, I wonder why this movie is suddenly at the top of iTunes suggestions...?

- COVID-195 star

this movie is literally the coronavirus in a movie. i applaud all the people who put all their hard work into this. who knew that we would be dealing with a virus almost a decade after this movie came out.

- Really helps with Corona Virus5 star

The movie in my opinion is quite good and though at some parts are a bit squeamish to some viewers it is a very enticing and suspenseful movie. It also helped lessen my fears with corona virus and does show what might happen if corona virus was really that bad. It also shows in comparison to the virus we are currently dealing with many people are overreacting though we should still be various about the corona virus. The movie was very interesting and I could make quite a few connections between what is currently happening in the world and what is currently happening in the movie. The movie also has many famous and recognizable actors like Gwenth Paltrow who starred in movies like Iron Man and Matt Damon who recently starred in a Ford v. Ferrari which is also a very good movie. Though the movie was very good in my opinion and showed some of the science and hard work and risked people have taken to help save lives the movie is not really for younger children. Overall I would recommend this movie to my friends and give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

- The main actor of the movie is the virus5 star

I noticed many are looking at the movie the wrong way. The main character of the movie is the virus itself. The humans are its supporting actors. Most scenes involve the camera focusing on something a person touched, strongly implying the virus is spreading and about to claim its next victim. Or the cast is talking about the virus and its abilities to infect and kill, how to defend against it and how it disrupts society. If you’re not focusing on the virus then you’re not going to be mentally prepared for the real thing.

- making money of viruses1 star

sad that itunes amazon ebay and all the others use films like this when something comes around. making money off of death and the sick. 2020.

- A warning5 star

Good representation of real life events.

- It was just ok.4 star

The realism was spot on. No zombies, just like hat would proberly happen. Enough to keep you interested but, definitely not the best movie I’ve seen. But for $9.98 it’s a good buy.

- Super good5 star

Such a good movie through and through.

- 😱5 star

😱😱😱 CoronaV

- A Fictional story coming TRUE!5 star

I thought it was a well done suspenseful movie. There are a few issues in the movie here & there, but overall it’s really good and coming TRUE....

- Corona is gonna get us.5 star


- Gripping in 2011 and even more in 20205 star

I originally saw this in the theaters. I experienced a range of emotions and was not disappointed in the least. I remember rewatching when released for home viewing and saw more that I missed when I originally saw it in theaters. I just bought and watched it again in 2020 and it was like I was previously given a glimpse into a crystal ball. I also picked up a few more hidden gems I previously missed. Currently it is “life imitating art!!!!” I have recommended this movie to everyone as a first watch for anyone who missed it originally and a rewatch for those who previously saw it. I definitely must or re-see!!!!!!!!

- Called it5 star

Just like now

- Love this movie5 star

I really enjoyed this movie! Interesting look at human behavior during a time of crisis. Also the portrayal of how governments act and operate during a crisis is ironic, especially during currently times.

- Corona-Virus5 star

Oh no a movie about the coronavirus before it happened 🤒💉🔬🧪🦠🧫😷🩺💊

- Just like Hollywood!1 star

With the Coronavirus starting to create more death in China and spreading to other countries as I write this review, isn’t just like Hollywood to take this opportunity to make some cash and make a movie about death from a unknown virus. Make Hollywood great again, the more death the better. If the Aliens don’t kill us than how about those Zombies or that Nuclear war everyone is dying for, so they can restart the world with guns and fresh people to eat. I’ll say one thing more and give Hollywood a thumbs up for there many predictions of this planets demise. Can’t wait til it all ends, can’t you?

- Not worth 15 bucks !!!!3 star

It’s not a bad movie but 1. It’s almost 9 years old and surely available on some Netflix or others 2. Wait until Apple cries trying to sell it for 9,99. Trust ne it will be less than 10 in less than 2 years. Since it not a masterpiece, just wait

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suradancer - Congration5 star

Whoa! Too close to Cornavirus 19 to make me comfortable watching this!

ricky-rickardo - Amazing5 star

This was soooo the “rona” mate! Outbreak was Hollywood tripe that needed helicopters and army explosions to be interesting. This movie let’s the virus star and deliver as the bad guy.

hmm342 - Wash you hands5 star

For the love of god people... just wash your hands

OMG!!!!!!!amazing - It’s what’s happening now5 star


PITCH PERFECT3 - 😐5 star

Were all watching it because of coronavirus

danxrayman - This is really happening in 20205 star

A great perspective of Coronavirus and how it has crumbled the world. Great movie.

El johnsonebra - Awesome, pertinent and prophetic5 star

It’s like they had a crystal to todays Covid crisis

Celt43 - Boring2 star

Boring, jumps around a lot. The movie called Outbreak was better.

crazyhakins - Boring, lifeless and predictable2 star

I kept waiting for some kind of twist to emerge but it never did. This was more of a documentary of something that hasn’t happened yet. While that could be a good concept for a movie, this really didn’t hit the mark. Shame considering the cast it had.

Astonkwok - If you play Plague Inc., you will love this game5 star

This movie actually inspire the popular game Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations. The pace might be slow for some, but I enjoy the exploration of explorations of different factors involved in the fight against a plague, including societal factors, political factors, bureaucracy, and medical research. You will see characters breaking rules. Some did it for selfish reasons, some did it for selfless reasons, and one would do it because he has a messianic complex. It probably helped that when the script was being developed, SARS broke out, so the scriptwriters got to observe how societies succeed or fail to deal with an epidemic. The science behind this film has earned commendations from New Scientist, and it is rare to see films not sacrificing science for the sake of entertainment. I particularly like the fact that I really learnt about stuff I didn’t know before. Highly, highly recommended.

Lawrence m - Interesting4 star

Quite a pleasing film on account of its pace and open ended narrative development. Contagion doesn't succumb to a one-dimensional plot line. If you're after a film that goes down a tight and specific route (and these films can be very enjoyable) Contagion might not be for you. Otherwise, enjoy a film that has narrative space and doesn't feel the need to pronounce a final word.

Garders - Brilliant5 star

Watch it, heart wrenching thriller, riveting!

dubbo dave - WHY CAN'T YOU RENT THIS MOVIE ?5 star


Ostrowski - Please make available to Rent??4 star

Everything else is available to rent but this movie ?? Why??

Rareraider - A Five Star Film5 star

I have to admit I loved Contagion. It's a movie that really gets you thinking about how easily disease can spread and also how easily fear can affect our world. I loved how all the stories were connected and how each character seemed to have to deal with different issues to do with the pandemic. The acting was great and I particularly enjoyed the performances of Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet, but if Jude Law was trying to be Australian, he failed miserably. The thing that I really loved about this film is that it was scientifically accurate. I have never seen a film that has tried so hard to be scientifically correct and I felt this added to the quality of the film. Overall this is a five star film and I recommend this to anyone. You'll be both entertained and interested.

Thylacine36 - Realistic and humane.5 star

One of the best pandemic movies I've ever seen. Never over the top (except perhaps for Jude Law's appalling Australian accent), this is a gripping story of fear and love set against global events. Very well done.

Matt.turnham - Realistic and intriguing4 star

The director did an excellent job of depicting how it would unfold if an epidemic was to occur in today's world. It was fascinating to see the process involved in managing such a scenario and the plot line definitely sparks some thought into the subject. This is not your typical, feel good Hollywood movie, but hugely entertaining nonetheless. Recommended.

Pawsup99 - Very Good, Accurate and Insightful.4 star

Many people dont like this movie. However, at the moment at school im studying year 12 Biology, and this term we are focusing on Infectious Diseases. I went and bought this movie purely for the Educational side, and found that Entertainment wise, it was great. Im going to get my teacher to let us watch this during class, because i believe it will be informative and insightful for study, and i think we can learn a great deal within our society today. Swine Flu (H1-N1) Was a scare for us in 2009. This movie opens up the question "What Happens Next?"

Lynellenn - Very average3 star

As I said... Very average

Lminator - Not even worth a proper lminator review1 star

oh dear this is sooooo dull and uninteresting you will just want to punch someone, or the tv

iluvimac - Boring!!!!1 star

Great actors but this is the most boring movie I've watched in ages. Extremely disappointed

Vil88 - Boring1 star

Sorry it's sorta a boring movie.

bw1206 - Interesting3 star

Builds suspense well. A little slow in the middle. Predictable ending. Worth watching though

565555555 - MUST WATCH THE MOVIE !5 star

It's just such an interesting movie, it's out of the ordinary and it's amazing !

Davide P - Good film for a stay home day.3 star

I used my newly acquired Apple T.V device to download my first movie directly from my T.V. I was simply (blown away) amazed at the ability of the Apple T.V device to instantly download the movie and watch it . This is 'over the horizon' technology of the future for sure! My standard ISP 'Box' provided by my phone company simply can't even come close to compete with such a device. Who needs optical broadband cabling? All I have is copper wire telephony and a ADSL modem. As for the movie . The HD attributes came through easily.The film was well directed with mild application cutaways and intercuts, and came with reasonably good plot. Dramatic films need BCU shots, in where in this case, such were also sadly missing. The dire consequence of such a 'one touch contagion' I felt, simply was not delivered. Hook and later subsequent bait aspects were missing, leaving the viewer to actually simply watch the film to it its final conclusion without a 'brain strain.' I expected more after getting half way in where the built up to the pandemic seems mildly enacted. Directors also have a problem in recent times to actually finish a film well. Overall the final results were acceptable viewing in where I give it a; 1 Chocolate bar,1 drink , and 1 small packet of chips rating equal to 3 and half stars. Cassandra Crossing without the steroids.

Les Patterson - Paint by numbers.2 star

I found the film to be very basic movie making. Whilst production values were high, it appeared to me that sometimes (maybe even often) the actors weren't even in the same studio during a scene at the same time and if not then it's an even worse blunder in 101 directing. I know this is a common technique in film making but if I can pick it then the director has failed. It made me feel that it was what I call an actors "paycheck job". Paris, New York, London, etc., Abu Dhabi? Could have been better scripted, acted and directed, IMHO.

Sas Lyon - Just OK3 star

Thought I would love it, but honestly it is only ok. 'fallen' or 'outbreak' do it much better in my opinion.

3jw - Entertaining5 star

Worth it !

Geminii073 - Where's the soap?5 star

This is definately a must watch movie!! Amazingly powerful, and terribly frightening as this scenario is so real....

moonlight68 - Brilliant5 star

Catches you right from the start and takes you on a realistic journey

Jeff jazzman - Why?1 star

Pointless movie that goes nowhere

Tahl - A thriller that fails to thrill2 star

This was utterly devoid of suspense. It takes an especially dull script and blind director to take such a stellar cast and make a movie about death, fear and loss without the viewers ever feeling any attachment to the characters. Quite literally, this concept has been done to death and been a darn sight better executed to boot. I felt nothing apart from ennui.

scobie-j - Sickness and Terror4 star

Makes you think about quickly swine flu & bird flu spread to our country. Great approach to an issue that is increasing in probability.

Murray98 - Very interesting5 star

This movie is definately different to all others. It is wery smart and has obviously taken alot of research, thinking and facts to produce. It is realistic and actually makes the situation easy to imagine!

Snot235 - Contagion1 star

Not happy with this movie so slow..

mikeycbd - From Outbreak to Contagion5 star

If you ever saw Outbreak then this film is right up your street. I went to the cinema as soon as it came out, watched it on board a trip to NZ, bought a couple of tracks from iTunes and now I've bought the movie. Excellent. Now though when i'm on the packed train going to work each day I do listen to all the coughing and sneezing and people not using a hanky. So far they are only spreading the common cold. Happy viewing.

Katie Woods - Average2 star


mandyrosegoodger - Error in download5 star

Help - purchased movie but it won't download (error-50)

Irisa_Midnight - Really just average3 star

This could have been a brilliant movie but in all honesty it was dull. The whole way through it (yes, I managed to watch the whole thing and only fell asleep once!) I kept thinking how rushed it felt. It's like there was so much story to tell yet it all had to be done in a set amount of time and no more. Throw in a few big name stars and studios think they're going to have a blockbuster .... yet sadly with this film the stars couldn't even save it. And don't get me started on the whole conspiracy spin it touts to have ...

Hokese1 - Makes u wonder4 star

Excellent movie,makes u wonder what would happen if this really accured.

Simba 101 - Complete waste of time and money.1 star

Unbelievable that this movie was ever allowed to hit the screens. With so many big names they should be ashamed of this work. Do not see it unless you are paid. Music completely inappropriate, would be better suited to trainspotting 2. Honestly, I am a big fan of quality movies and see a lot these days and this has to be the worst in a very long time.

bwdreams - Must see it!5 star

It's worth buying or renting it

cbd6 - It's a real THINKER'S movie. What would happen…..5 star

The Critics Reviews were mixed and I think many might not enjoy this film as much as you could, but here are some things to remember... A. The story is not difficult to imagine with our ability to travel so freely throughout the world. B. Illnesses and diseases can arise from many sources, so those "germaphobe's" have every reason to be scared. C. The instinct for survival is very strong in humans and this film shows us just how far other's will go to save themselves and their families. D. Often, it's what we can't see that is more frightening. That being said, I think all the actors did great jobs in their roles. The absorbed their characters emotions and experiences and let the audience share their journey and their pain. This movie will make you feel uneasy, but the Director really did his research and showed us a very frightening scenario.

Mike Gaz - Recommended5 star

Thrilling movie with the almightily creepiest of endings! A must watch.

Sweeneypies - Quite scary in the current climate3 star

Given the current condition with Covid-19 rampaging through the world, this film has become a very real representation of the effects of a pandemic. Face Masks, isolation, goverment drama ect. It's almost like it predicted the future. But besides from scary atmosphere it's nothing much. I feel there were too many story plots at once and the tension just stopped halfway. Made a decent afternoon in lockdown though and I think is worth a watch. The virus in this movie is definately scarier than Corona.

Beastie0008 - Over Edit2 star

I saw the original film a couple of years ago on DVD. It was almost an hour longer than this version! The original version is an eye opener. What you get in this download is a really badly edited film, which doesn't make sense and seems to jump erratically from one scene to the next. Don't waste your money. Go and find it on a DVD....

🤓😡 - Why??1 star

Poor taste, inappropriate, utterly insensitive. What’s wrong with you?

Swodmgf - RIP off1 star

This is on tv tonight so why pay!!!

ddg3 - Wow5 star

This film really does make you think, so many things like what’s happening now 😱

Sh4unE6ney - Just saying...5 star

See it can happen.

A_D_E - Contagion5 star

Great as a stand alone movie but watched in the current world of the (2020) Covid-19 outbreak then especially scary primarily because it’s so accurate for a movie released 9 years ago. Must see 👍🏼

Shinny999 - Awful film1 star

I see this film has suddenly made it into the charts again..... I’m guessing because people somehow think it might enlighten them on what might happen in the case of a SARS or Coronavirus pandemic. ITS A TERRIBLE JOKE OF A FILM.....SO DONT BOTHER!!!

Azza262&83 - Great5 star


RevSteveG - For the more intelligent4 star

This is a great viral 'who-dun-it' with overtones of govenment manipulation and media hype. OK, if you get bored if there isn't blood, bullets and bad lines this isn't for you, but if you like a good film with no guarantee who will live, a must watch.

p_xx - Frightening5 star

Really good eye opening film. Worth a watch, as others have written previously.. if you're expecting some kind of dramatic/horror type movie this is not it. Terrifyingly realistic. Very very sad at points.

Markofaman - Rubbish1 star

The worst film you will watch, don't waist your've been warned!!

Davey 2801 - Hugely Misunderstood! Great!!5 star

This film is misunderstood beyond belief, the low ratings come from people expecting constant action, zombies and death. This isn't that, it's clever, gripping and down-right scary. Not in a jumping monster type of scary, but hyper-realistic scary, these situations quickly turn sour and this film highlights this process brilliantly! 5 Stars, have a whirl :)

Evilmushades - One of the greats5 star

This film is one of a dying race of true scientific thrillers. It is not your typical cheesy zombie trash, but a well-scripted, well thought-out story, which chills you to the bone, and makes you think, 'what would the world be like if this happened in real life?' As another reviewer noted, watch out for the 1 star haters out there.

vikihayden - Thought provoking3 star

I'm not usually one to leave a review, however after renting this movie, I felt I needed to. This is not your typical epidemic blockbuster. It was a tad slow moving, but really brought the idea of panic and social media hype under scruitiny. It also covered the spread of the disease quite realistically, in a way that is reminiscient of the bird flu and foot and mouth breakouts. It is a shame that the characters weren't more developed and if buying this movie, you should be prepared for a few loose ends. Overall I thought it was a good take on this genre, but if you are looking for action, this is not one for you!

Baby-hair - Definitely worth watching.4 star

The clue about the film is in the title and with this sort of fast-moving scenario it’s not easy to develop the characters, although, this movie does well on that score. The cast is great and one of the main stars is killed off in the first 10 minutes, which is quite unusual. The tension mounts as the virus spreads and the film almost takes on a documentary style. Worth watching and should keep you interested throughout.

Barny64 - Well worth renting5 star

Excellent film! Very thought provoking! Would recommend.

Net 82 - I like it5 star

I like the it, briliant cast, serious movie - not borring at all, in my opinion, as many revies say. Totaly worth to watch it.

Thedukesofhawk - Boring1 star

Terrible film, bored me to tears!

Handyman502 - Carp2 star

I fthe film is like the trailer, failed.

Pherfyrioris - This is a good film!!!4 star

This is a good film, why is it rated 3 stars. It deserves 4 at least.

MissJess83 - good film4 star

This film attempts to deliver a realistic portrayal of a superbug, in this case a flu like virus, and how society reacts. It is not action packed, so if you want 'Outbreak 2' with monkeys and heros then this film is not for you. However, if you like realistic and scientifically accurate (as much as you can get in Hollywood) films, then you are likely to enjoy it. The trailer is misleading and I believe the cause of most of the negative reviews.

santa06 - Nothing special1 star

1. Scary scenario, catastrophic consequences if such a virus were to spread in real life 2.. Very average movie with average performances including Matt Damon and Marion Cotillard 3. The reason why I gave the movie 1 * and not 2* is the unbearable Jude Law, what is he doing being an actor? Even in such a rubbish movie there is no room for him. 4. The game (virus simulation) on the iPad is waaaay better

Hheheeherhehahahahahahahaho - Predictable3 star

Was good, I kinda knew what was going to happen but I think the trailer was better than the film but I will watch it again in the future 😌

Madonna glee - A really strong story.5 star

This film is well rounded as for me the story was very believable and if such event was to happen this film shows the chilling truth...

October80 - I'll always wash my hands after the tube!4 star

Predictable but enjoyable - certainly makes you think!

maurj - Completely bobbins1 star

The least plausible disaster movie ever made.

Jon c l - Brilliant4 star

I think this film was amazing in every way, iv been waiting to see this film for a while and didn't have the time. But it's defo worth waiting for :)

slarti42uk - Subtle, interesting and thought provoking5 star

I feel that anyone rating this film as one star is probably so used to the standard Hollywood over done apocalyptic fare that this film would seem slow by comparison. However it covers SO much of the other things that happen surrounding this type of global event not just people dying. How society changes, how people change and what people will do to try and stop it. Really enjoyed it.

Forevaspurs - It's awful!!1 star

As the previous reviews have stated don't be fooled by a good trailer. This has honestly got to be one of the worst films ever made. It's boring and pointless. There is nothing good about this film. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Please don't waste your money on this!

Excalibar06 - Good Film4 star

This is a good watch, great Actors great performances. Yes the film has been done a few times before, but well worth a watch. Make sure you pay attention to the story, some bits are slow, but that's to make sure you get the whole film.

Merrow1 - Could turn you OCD3 star

Not one of the greater apocalyptic movies, I preferred I am Legend, but ok. Certainly upon leaving i spend a lot longer washing my hands.

Only The Best...... - Good movie4 star

Good movie well worth the money I spent to rent it, full of mystery of how the virus started although u do find out at the end.

Amber97 - Amazing!!5 star

Amazing gripping film, a must see

mcsamster - Cool:)5 star

This is an exciting film, deserves a higher rating!

Dc554327653863? - Distinctly average2 star

Might be worth watching if it was cheaper - certainly no blockbuster!

Conans Fist - Intelligent movie for intelligent people5 star

Not a movie for thickies, soap watching idiots. A well crafted movie with solid performances from all cast. Portraying human behaviour at its best and worst. Loved this movie!

Gloworm15 - Waste of time1 star

Omg if there was ever a film that didn't interest any1 or have a good plot or didn't take so long to get going This film surpasses them all Don't buy or rent it is utter rubbish the actors should have given the money they got payed for doing the movie to charity as that is we're the movie will be if ya buy it Yes iam saying it would go straight to the charity shop

Quietcurve - Hugely disappointing2 star

The film lost its way from the start. Instantly it becomes a dull affair where the lead role is a virus you cannot see and a plot that has more holes than the virus itself can fill.

kategp27 - Anti-climax2 star

I enjoyed the start of the film up until 3 quarters of the way in and realised there was not much story left. They had two many characters that weren't needed ie. both Jude Law's and Marion Cotillard's character. Saying that, Matt Damon's character should have been used more in the film 'cause he was immune and would obviously be the first person you go to for a cure... ? All and all, it was a bit disappointing and a waste of time! They could have had a richer story as the idea was quite good!

Niresmurf7 - You'll either love it or hate it! I loved it!5 star

This is a cold, chilling and scarily real film. It makes you paranoid about germs. Its only scary because it's about swine flu, which gives us the realisation that this could happen. Brilliant film and would definitely recommend. 10/10

Sash1409 - Horrific waste of a good idea!1 star

For a relevant thought provoking subject manner with a promising cast this turned out to be the most rubbish film I've seen in a while. killing off recognisable faces for an edgy twist didnt quite work but the complete lack of identity and atmosphere drudging along with a bumbling script and schizophrenic storyline made for a real waste of a gd idea! Coupled with the headache inducing soundtrack made me feel like death by a contagion would be a welcome release

ekw10 - Boring and superficial1 star

Not much happened. If it was supposed to be a docu-drama it failed there too. Anyone familiar with Hong Kong would have cringed with the inaccuracies. People speaking with the wrong dialect; the ridiculous scenario of a foreigner being kidnapped on the waterfront in Hong Kong, put in the back of a van and then reappearing in Mainland China sucked, both because you cannot just drive a van into mainland China (there's a border not unlike the Mexican Border) and the motive - to get hold of an inoculation - is insulting given that Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong is one of the leading research units for H1N1/SARS. But don't let that get in the way of a story.

Samuels1807 - Boring2 star

I watched this after seeing the trailer and I just felt at the end of it what was the point of that. The film never really picked up, was very slow and not a great deal happened. Overall dissapointed with the film

MarmarParpar - Contagion3 star

Cringing. Good lesson in hygiene practise. Bird flu inspired.

Perfectpinkstar - ZZZzzzzz........1 star

Wake me up at the end!!!

Lonely Thinker - Save your pennies.4 star

Don't need to watch it. Just saw the preview. Like other that I have seen. Isn't that a handy trick.

Chrism288 - Not contagious2 star

With so many big names you expect some great characters to evolve, but as you drift on into the movie they just don't materialise which of just leaves you with a virus that's done well enough!

Shandie97(: - Pretty good3 star

Liked it

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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S13gmund - Way to exploit the Kung Flu, Apple.4 star

Great movie, but the timing of Apple featuring this is in very bad taste

jakevartwright - Great movie5 star

Such a great movie!!!:)))) made me wanna catch a diseaseeee🤓

drodrigues163 - Don’t spend your time!1 star

The $3,99 is not so bad, but 2 hours of your life...

I Am... Sergio Silva - Amazing Film5 star

No movie has quite captured my imagination and captivated my interest in infectious disease’s since i was 9, great film with accurate real world inspirations, a cohesive thriller that’s scary and educational at the same time, everyone should see this film.

timefallingbody - CORONAVIRUS 20205 star

This is a great movie showing how the corona virility 2020 spread.

❤️🎶😎 - Awesome5 star


Chicago Excel - Hand sanitizer4 star

After watching this film I washed my hands twice and wiped down every door handle. 😷😧 Good movie.

D.N.TN - Something to think about...1 star

Has it never occured to anyone that this whole scenairo is being orchestrated and created, all the while, they desensitize youto it by making a movie about it and you are like, "Oh, I saw that in a movie once. It's nothing" Then you have an outbreak in your city... Just let it sink in for a bit.

Pushba - Plotless movie1 star

There is no plot to this movie. There’s a virus and the news just reports bad news to depress everyone. It’s a waste of time to watch this movie

RyleyWhite - Forgettable2 star

There's a disease, people die, then a cure is found. Spoiled the whole film, whoops.

Tori11111997 - Interesting and thrilling story5 star

Such an interesting ending

LibrarianNYC - Science Wins5 star

I think this movie was a bit ahead of its time. But that's what makes it so engaging now to watch years later. Hysteria about vaccinations caused by people without any scientific knowledge or background is never good, and the screenplay touches on this directly, way before Jenny McCarthy (and even Donald Trump) weighed in with their thoughts. The plot is strong and the relative pace makes you forget you're watching actual movie stars. That's what good writing, acting and directing is supposed to do at least. While not falling into dystopia, it's clear that the public and government's response would not be monolithic. In the end, it's the bravery of scientists and science which saves humanity. The superheros in this film don't wear capes they wear lab coats. Bravo!

KeithRT3008 - Each star for...5 star

The actors The directors The plot The picture The soundtrack

Lleddy123 - Really good, but disappointing wrap up4 star

I loved the whole beginning and middle, but I don't like how the virus was cured without more deaths or something

NWMovieBuff - Contagion2 star

Disappointing. While the cast is star-studded, the story goes nowhere. Okay, there's a deadly disease that spreads rapidly....and...? If you want a much better version of this story, what Outbreak (1995).

dolm67 - What if4 star

It was worth watching. Watch it with an open mind, it doesn't seem to be regular horror movie so don't think it is. It gives us a possibility of (what if ) so it should be scary/


This is an awesome movie. Loved all the suspense and thrill. It just brought me to the edge of my seat! Would recommend to anyone!

SandySwan - Horrible1 star

Asleep 45 min into it because it's slow and repetitive!

Semper liberi - Best Film of 20115 star

Severely underrated.

AndreKobin - EBOLA1 star

The only reason why I think this movie got popular again was because of the Ebola outbreak and how the Americans are afraid.

HenMenYe - Lame when compared to Outbreak3 star

Contagion delivers pretty much in documentary style one possible scenario for an outbreak. In terms of suspense and action it doesn't even get close to Outbreak. Some real documentation would be more educational and maybe even more thrilling,

megansullyyxo - eh1 star


bud2411 - Quick --No Lags!4 star

We both loved this movie. Not mooshi or corny like the Dustin Hoffman movie. Very much parallel to the Ebola success this week (first wee of August, 2014). Suggested for all by Ph.Ds

Head Maroon - Contagion3 star

A disturbing film because anything is possible including a worldwide epidemic. However, for the most part, the acting was just okay, the plot dragged in spots,and it was a bit too predictable. I did enjoy Matt Damon's and Kate Winslet's performances.

Cererbus - Lacks focus. It’s a fifth grader’s book report on the flu1 star

This is not entertainment it is six separate short reports on how the flu spreads, with some politics thrown in. No central character. Boring. If you want to fall asleep watch this and you will be snoring within 30 minutes.

Laguna Now - Contagion5 star

Great cast and movie!

gnetum - Terribly boring1 star

After Kate Winslet dies, which is early on, there is nothing to keep one's interest. It's terribly slow and boring. Rarely saw a slower movie.

WickedChicklette - It was okay if you're bored.3 star

The best part was that they killed off Gwyneth Paltrow early in the movie.

missy meilin - Blah1 star

This movie wasn't good for me bc i basically figured out the whole plot before we ever saw the virus. This movie made me realize this virus could happen for real but what i did not get is why the darn CDC people could not find out sooner this was a rabies virus mixed in with something else the pigs had >_> y'all can give this movie a try but believe me this movie isn't as good as the trailer shows you

Waxxsw - Not worth it1 star

Save your money.

Aabvb - Don't waste your time1 star

This movie wasn't for me. It wasn't scary at all and I seriously believe I wasted my time watching it.

MM GRV - Really good movie5 star

I though it was good cause all of that can happen in real life. The ending was pretty good because it showed us how the virus started. My sister said it was stupid but I thought it was interesting and if you really wanna see this movie..either see it by yourself or with a friend in a quiet place because if your not paying attention then you'll get lost and not know what is happening...

DeeEllCee - Very Enlightening3 star

Very good acting and believable cast. Very plausible story and can't help but think this could be real someday. For sure, I think about why I touched my face so many times and how many other things I touch that could be something contagious.

mickydeenyc - It's good, not great3 star

Ok, do we ever get tired of 'zombie' movies? I guess I have. A number of thrillers have been made over the years dealing with mutant viruses of some sort. To me, they all seem a bit sterile. Sure, there's screaming and writhing and stuff, but it just seems that all the movies of this genre lean too heavily on cheap tricks. I'd watch it again, but there are a good three dozen other movies I'd rather see again before this one.

mmrbluewater - Frighteningly compelling film4 star

This is a horror movie if there ever was one, mostly because its plot is completely plausible. Well written, well acted, expertly executed. This film will leave you feeling uneasy at least, it left this MD feeling downright frightened.

Medicboi - Boring2 star

Extremely slow and boring!

Bobbie-SFO - Just awful1 star

Not worth the rental. Wait for TV release. Really. The only reason it is even getting 1 star is for the couple of touching moments of humanity in the storyline.

explorz - Bad Daytime Drama2 star

I felt like I was watching a badly written, hastily directed, and poorly acted daytime drama. Even if it were a made for TV movie, it was still horribly stilted and never once did it draw me into to being emotionally engaged.

billy1988 - what's the word for severe fear of germs?4 star

because now im that way! this movie's amazing. can't believe how something so simple could cause such a major problem, but im never going to forget to wash my hands ever again! carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer with me everywhere i go from now on! :) PS, TOTALLY WORTH THE RENT! don't know if i'd buy because i'd be too scared to watch again

Scary Boy - Best Thriller Ever5 star

This is the best thriller films I have ever seen. It's not really all that scary, unless you are afraid of deadly viruses. It was better than I thought it would be.

Senther - What a joke.2 star

This could have been a great movie. Well acted and a neat subject, but with no excitement. If you want a solid portrayal of mass psychology and societal collapse in the face of an epidemic, this is for you. If you want an entertaining movie, look elsewhere. It's 95% boring dialogue with suspense music to mask the fact that it's boring as hell. Also, one thing I can't get over is the fact that one of the characters is stuck in her house in a mostly abandoned city for years. But she's constantly texting her boyfriend on her iPhone. Even though an abandoned city would have no cell coverage and no power....

Happyhubert - Really well played5 star

Besides the fact that it was incredibly well acted, and it had a great story, one of my favorite aspects of this film was the psychology portrayed in the film. Especially scenes dealing with mob/mass psychology. I thought it was very realistic when one person started running, everyone started running, even though a rational person would see how there couldn't be any food left. The stars in this movie for me were Laurence Fishburne and Gwyneth Paltrow- they were excellent

Sfgal7 - If you are afraid of outbreaks...5 star

Not a good one for you. I loved the relational perspective. The performances were excellent.

Lil_Milano - Creepy yet Great!5 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE... not for the germaphobics yet very intertaining and makes you think because this actually could happen some day...

1911expert - Worst movie ever1 star

There was no climax and it was more like a documentary than a movie

amandaleighfenimore - Really great Flick4 star

This movie is so good because you know that it could become reality. Great acting, great script. Leaves you wanting more.

VentOne - Meh.3 star

This movie is better than most. BUT.. the ending is just awful. There is absolutely no conclusion to this movie. The movie is 95% dialogue with maybe 5 minutes of suspense. A myriad of facts regarding some virus are laid out in a lecture format for pretty much the first half of the movie. I see no reason to buy this movie. rent it .. maybe?

elsambando - Good movie5 star

I thought it was a good movie. Shows you just what is possible and that humans aren't the true masters of this world. Also shows how much luck is involved in beating unknown viruses. The ending will show you just how a random event can start an epidemic that can wipe out a large swath of the world. I thought the movie was a realistic representation of what would happen if this were to occur in today's modern world, the good and bad. Whole heartedly recommend a rent, not a buy though (for me anyway)

jdwinc89 - Comtagion4 star

Good movie. Better than I expected.

LAW73 - Expected it to be another Outbreak5 star

I did not go see this in the theatre because it seemed like it was going to be like all the other movies with the same type of plot. The concept is similar but not the same and definitely better. I found it to be dramatic, intense and it really makes you think. It's a movie worth watching.

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