Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Summary and Synopsis

Academy Award(R) winner Julia Roberts and Golden Globe winner Richard Gere will leave you breathless in PRETTY WOMAN. Vivian (Roberts) is a spirited, streetwise diamond in the rough when she meets shrewd, no-nonsense billionaire Edward Lewis (Gere). It's a chance encounter that turns a weeklong "business arrangement" into a timeless rags-to-riches romance. Fall in love all over again as this contemporary Cinderella story unfolds before your eyes. Savor every word, every laugh, and every unforgettable song. Experience all the comedy, charm and passion of this beloved classic. When a millionaire wheeler-dealer enters a business contract with a Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward, he loses his heart in the bargain. Pretty Woman Wiki

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Who knew it was so much fun to be a hooker?..

Pretty Woman Movie (1990)

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Pretty Woman Movie Reviews

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- 💙💙💙5 star

A true classic!

- Lower the price1 star

Great movie but 17.99 for a 30 year old movie

- Amazing5 star

How can you not love this movie anything with Richard grear and Julia Robert’s is a smash hit

- Perfectionist2 star

Is the "edited for TV" version that deletes several key scenes.

- Amazing5 star

Cutest movie ever. Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses so this was a must see. Loved everything about it!

- Where’s the HD3 star

Great movie but it looks like it was copied from a VCR horrible just ......horrible.

- 💯5 star

Absolutely love this movie!!!❤️

- The Greatest5 star

Pretty Woman has to be one of the greatest romantic comedies. Absolutely love this movie. Greatly highlights the difficulties in some aspects of life with laughter in the end of the hardships.

- There’s a lot still pretty about this5 star

When you talk about All time Romcoms you have to mention Julia Roberts blonde Mop-top as a Prostitute only to be swept up under The Rich knuckle head of Richard Gere! Way better than anything The Twilight and Fifty Shades sagas can muster!


This has been and always will be my all time favorite romantic comedy! 😍😍😍

- A must see!5 star

My absolute fav!!! Every woman's favorite! Richard and Julia will never be forgotten.

- Loved this5 star

Classic... Want to watch it over and over again...

- Classic Rom Com4 star

A classic Rom Com that made Julia Roberts a star. The plot gets a little clunky, and it hard to believe Roberts as a prostitute, but the sentiment and charm of all the charachters carries this film. A little dated in parts, but not enough to take you out of the film.

- Classic5 star

An absolute favorite.

- Simple love it before N now !5 star

My favorite favorite movie ever !

- One of the best movies of all time5 star

This movie is incredible, truly incredible. I was not expecting much when I began watching from the run-of-the-mill description but I was overwhelmed. The acting was magnificent, the plot endearing and memorable, and the directing steady and assured. This brought me to tears. I cannot give it a higher rating.

- Pretty Woman5 star

I love this movie it's one my favorite

- Perfect!5 star

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts can do no wrong. Seriously.

- Edited?4 star

Would be five stars if this version wasn't edited. So many little scenes, clips and dialogues and simply cut out in this version. But it's still one of the all time best movies ever.

- I love this movie5 star

Best movie of all time

- one of my NEW ALL TIME FAVES!5 star

this movie is awesome! i could see why it made julia roberts famous

- Julia is amazing in this5 star

This movie never gets old…Julie Roberts was so incredible playing the cliched "hooker with a heart of gold" but in a more nuanced and much more charming way. I can't even imagine another actress in this role…this is an all time class.

- My Fave movie5 star

It's about time iTunes but rent only hell to the no no I need to own this one!! Ed: thank you for letting me purchase my fave movie of all time!


It's kinda sad that I've only just seen this movie. But, better late than never. From the first song, I was immediately hooked. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere definitely have a chemistry here. But aside from the modern Cinderella story, I liked the romance, the songs, the acting, and the car. It's a shame this movie didn't get the recognition it deserves. I personally think Julia and Richard should've won an Academy Award for this film. This movie definitely ranks #1 on my list of Cult Classics.

- Love!5 star

Must see!!

- Love5 star

This is such a great movie!

- Instant Classic5 star

Love love love! So much better than the 'edited for tv' versions, lol.

- Best ever5 star

Love this movie!

- One of my All time favorite movies5 star

This is a favorite and a classic !!

- God I love this movie!!5 star

Best movie ever!!! I was so sad when we couldn't buy it but now u can!!!!!!!!

- Great movie5 star

Great movie! Cinderella type, not likely to happen, but really nice!

- Viewers also5 star

So, in the recommendations, it says 'viewers also bought' other movies like 'Runaway Bride' and 'Sabrina.' Except…no one BOUGHT 'Pretty Woman,' did they? For the love of all things holy, why would I rent a movie for $3-4, when I could but it for $9.99…eventually. Come on iTunes & Touchstone, you know you're going to EVENTUALLY put it up for purchase, so just do it already. 5 stars for the movie and ZERO stars for the suits who are blocking the digital sale for some ridiculous reason. For SHAME!!!!

- Pretty Woman5 star

I wanna buy this movie. Is there anyway I can do that? Pls.

- Pretty woman5 star

This is a true Cindarella type story I wish you would put it for us to be able to buy it and bring it on to the buy store

- I want to buy this movie on HD!!!5 star

Why you don't have this great movie available to buy? You should, I want the HD version so please bring it.. WE are asking for you to bring it so we can buy it. Make this possible PLEASE

- Love this movie!5 star

Fave movie! Let me buy it!

- The movie5 star

This movie is great. I really enjoy watching it and I like the main characters))

- Pretty Wo en5 star

All time favorite movie

- All time favorite5 star

Please please this is a must buy!!'

- Please let me buy this.5 star

This is my favorite movie, just let me buy it.

- Why can't we buy it????5 star

when is it going to be available for purchase?

- I want to buy this5 star

Please make this available for purchase !

- Why can't you purchase the movie???5 star

This is an all time classic favorite movie that's a must have to own. Please make this available to purchase instead of just renting.

- Buy5 star

This is a classic must have. Please make this movie available for purchase. Other classic movies are available for purchase why not this one?

- Buy5 star

I don't want to rent this movie I want to buy it!

- Pretty woman5 star

I love this movie but I want to buy it instead of renting it.

- Why can't we buy this?1 star

I want to buy this.

- RENT ONLY?!?!?!?!?!5 star

Why can we only rent this movie?? It's one of my all-time favorite movies! iTunes PLEASE make this movie available for purchase!!! I'm BEGGING!!! I don't want to rent it, I want to own it!!

- I want to buy this!1 star

Why is it a rental only? I want to buy it.

- Great movie but want to own it not rent it5 star

Need to sale it I wanna own this!

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JPK 007 - finally you can buy this gem!!!!!!!!5 star

Nice to see you can actually buy this gem of a movie. It has long been a favourite of mine and my wife's. You simply sit back and enjoy the great chemistry between Roberts and Greer.

MiroC - Great classic5 star

Love it. Julia Roberts is fantastic.

Winehouselover - Boring1 star

This movie is incredibly unrealistic... I mean the whole thing is possible, but most unlikely. I found it boring and and didn't really get the memo about the reason surrounding the hype. I just really disliked it.

Need friends plz add - The best all time movie5 star

Well in my top ten i love this movie i can watch it over and over again

Beeradley - Why can't you buy this movie?5 star

I absolutely love this movie, and have been waiting for it to come out to buy on iTunes for a while now, but its not for sale. It definitely is a much see for everyone. Would love to buy it, but unfortunately I can't. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. :)

KevinWoods - Still great5 star

whilst yes the phones are out the ark, (as are the cars) this is still one of the better romcoms out there, It is not crude or particularly rude but it is a really good quality, enjoyable movie. A lot of the current crop are so boring. This set the standard for quite a few to follow.

Stars588 - Stars5 star

Pretty woman is a classic! Great movie - must see!

Hollz333333 - :)5 star

Love this movie :)

JohnWick1519 - Great movie, ridiculous price ITunes2 star

Pretty Woman is a great all time rom com classic from 1990. It was one of 2 movies Richard Gere did that year , released only a few months apart. The other being Internal Affairs, where he played a corrupt cop opposite Andy Garcia Internal Affairs investigator. But this was the more successful of the two and cemented Julia Roberts career into global stardom. It has a great soundtrack accompanying a fantastic movie. The movie will have its 30th anniversary next year but this price by ITunes is ridiculous £11.99 are you kidding even if you get extras for a movie this old it’s not worth it. If you want to own a digital copy head over to Amazon where Prime members can buy the movie in HD for £3.99.

Baldydafydd - How much1 star

Blueray 3.99£!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juche45 - Great great film5 star

But seriously iTunes, it's almost 30 years old and you're charging those prices? I'd love to have it in my collection, but I think I'll stick with my DVD version until the cost is more realistic.

Loisdohertyxx - Amazing5 star

One of the best films I've seen x

whataloadofrubbish1 - how is this a new release1 star


BlackBows - Best classic romcom!5 star

I love this movie, it's one of my favourites! 5 star movie in my opinion!! 1 star price though. Crazy! iTunes needs to lower prices of movies!!

Jesmcmanus - Pretty woman5 star

This is by far one of the best films ever create, it is funny, moving, creative and much more I would highly recommend it too anyone!

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LilSis20 - I love it!5 star

There would be no better movie to watch on a romantic evening than this! It's sooo romantic that you almost forget your watching a movie!

GR!P2013 - Buy5 star

I wish to buy this film. Thank you.

Lonely_Panda - This movie is so great!5 star

I wanna own this movie, I wanna buy it, when can I purchase this movie???????????????????????

rby756 - Pretty woman5 star

I like to buy this movie, please let me know went is available, thank you.

palmtrees1 - Pretty Woman5 star

I dont want to rent it I want to buy it!!!

Demeaner - Favorite Romance Story EVER5 star

I absolutly LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Its a romance unlike any other, and I would love to own in ! Please iTunes let us buy it !!

Queen Maliah - love it5 star

this is a classic in my eyes! i just cant undrstand why its rent only! Come on itunes make it avalilable ir purchase as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signaturescent - Hookerella3 star

Oh yeah, that very rich East Coast prep school graduate totally wants to marry that Hollywood Blvd. street walker. So romantic. Gives us girls something to which we can really aspire. It's like a John Hughes movie about class issues, but with hookers and pimps. Wait--Julia doesn't have a pimp. No pimp? What kind of a hooker movie is this!?!

denise kinnebrew - Pretty Woman5 star

I want to buy and own. Love watch it .........,again and again

Whatever0918 - Pretty Woman5 star

Rent only... Seriously... So sick of iTunes and apple for that matter!!!

Nikki-B 1323 - Want to buy it!1 star

This is my absolute favorite movie out there and I am rating it 1 star until iTunes allows us to buy it. You hear that. Buy. Not only rent! I mean come on hasn't anyone been monitoring these reviews? People want to buy this movie so what's the hold up!? You'll earn more money so just do it already.

1LadyChemist - Purchase not rent5 star

If only I could purchase not rent

Resa Workman - Pretty Woman5 star

I protest: iTunes won't let me buy this!! Why must I rent it?!!!!

greatmovie - classic5 star

i love this movie. it is one of the movies that leave you feeling happy at the end. it is such a classic. welcome to hollywood whats your dream!

Jaibugritchie - Want to Buy5 star

Apple and iTunes need to figure out how we can buy the movie for our iPads and iPhone.... Apple are you listening...

Jade 6879 - Pretty woman5 star

Why can't I purchase this movie? Sigh :(

iPhone Devotee - WHEN will you make this available FOR SALE????5 star

WHEN can we buy this movie that is now practically in the classic category? 'Have waited a very long time for this to be available on iTunes-and we can only rent it?!? Please- make it available for

amazing8701 - Disappointed5 star

Why can't we buy this movie yet? Another rental option but not a buying option. So disappointed.

Cookiem66 - Purchase5 star

When is Pretty Woman going to be available for purchase????????

Mrs. Vital - Worth 2.99$5 star

Loved this movie. Even though i hadnt watched in a long time, i watched again and it was AWESOME! Cinderella story in the reality version ! I want to buy it though, not just rent.

Shylogirl - Pretty Woman5 star

My favorite movie. Why can't we buy it??????

Nnoodle - BUY5 star


I don't care what my nickname is - Let Me Buy It1 star

My favorite movie, but iTunes needs to let us purchase the movie

Amel al towagry - The best movie at all5 star

Dear friends thank you for putting the most beautiful movies pretty woman in I TUINS but I need to buy it not to rent please please sell it .i love it since I yang .

lorizzzz - THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

Please let us buy this movie!!!!!!!!! :D

Citlaly pina - Movies5 star

This movie is really awesome it has creativity and it's really romantic. Everybody wishes life was like this movie. This has to be an all time favorite movie of all. We all give a thanks to Julia Roberts and Richard Gere with out them it would have not been a success. The next movie that is coming is The Lucky One I think it could be the next pretty close to pretty woman. Thank you credits for making pretty woman.

Softballtuna32 - !!!!5 star

I absolutely love this movie!!!! I wish I could buy instead of rent though

MidgeD925 - Amazing5 star

This is my favorite movie ever! Julia's performance is stunning.

raejay21 - Buying..?3 star

Why can't I buy this? Pretty Women is my all time favorite movie! I want it on my iPod to watch anytime.!

lessfilling - Wanted to buy, not rent5 star

I want to buy this movie...why isn't it available to purchase instead of just rent? I want to add this to my classic collection.

Person of Few Words - AN INTERESTING FUNNY MOVIE5 star

I had high expectations coming into this movie, and they were met.

woodsie_yvonne - 4real!!!??5 star

I have been looking for this movie on iTunes for a long time now. I finally find it and I can't buy it? Come on iTunes you've got to be joking! Regardless, I will rent it and hope to buy it soon, it's a great movie!

Krysten1981 - Want to buy!3 star

I love this movie! My favorite actually!!! But it would be nice to buy it and not rent it!!! Come on iTunes! Step it up!!!!!

Suicide is Painless - I concur.... When is this going to be available for purchase?5 star

Like the others that have commented I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to be available and I want to purchase it. I have purchased and lost other movies off Itunes (moving computers etc) but would pay almost any price for this one. Please Please Please Please put it up for sale. It is my favorite movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly229 - Big Big Huge Mistake...I want to buy this movie!5 star

I want to buy this favorite movie of all time!!!!

Ethel Montag - Pretty Women1 star

I want to buy film since it is my favorite.

Codey77 - Rent only????? Boo5 star

One of my favorite movies of all!!!! I want to buy not just rent. Please make this available to purchase =)

Tmac12345678 - Buy5 star

I want to BUY this movie. Please make it available for purchase

Gacktfan25 - Option to buy?5 star

I really love this movie, and I was hoping to buy it not rent it. I hope there's a purchase option soon.

koegpiaz - buying the movie5 star

I tune can we buy this movie? Please.......great movie

AerielBella - I WANT TO BUY IT!!!5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time and all i want to do it buy it for my ipad!!!

78brainblasster - Put it for sell..5 star

I love this movie Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are amazing, this movie is so romantic. Seen this movie like a million times lol but please iTunes I want to own it.

Brian K Richardson - Love it5 star

I love the movie!! of my favs of all time...but come on iTunes, I can't buy it...really??

jwdiehl - all time favorite…5 star

this is one of my all time favorite movies and i'm so disappointed with you iTunes and apple i have been waiting for you all to get this movie… and it's just for rent… :-{ but enough complaining… this is a pretty amazing movie and to see these actors when they were still young they are just amazing….

kittyjumpshigh - LOVE THIS MOVIE!5 star

FINALLY! its here! now, when can we buy it?

Ksfitness - When will I be able to buy my favorite movie of all time?5 star

I have seen this movie an "obscene" number of times! It is my favorite and I am excited we are one step closer to being able to buy it since it is finally available to rent! When will it be available to purchase on iTunes so I can watch it again an "obscene" amount of times on my iPhone!???

AS617 - Would buy this movie in a second5 star

iTunes… Great job finally getting one of the best romantic comedies on iTunes. However I would love to be able to buy this movie, and would buy it in a second if it were only made available to buy.

Mr.Winkleman - Want to own....5 star

LOVE this movie!. Rent only = LAME!... Let me buy it itunes or whoever!!!! PLEASE, with a cherry on top!

gopher002 - LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!5 star

I think that I have seen this movie over 20 times and it never gets old. It is a romantic comedy but it can also be seen as a movie about becoming the best you that you can be. I love Julia Roberts in this movie she did a great Vivian! Even my grandma loves this movie!! Please make it available for purchase I have been waiting for this movie to come on iTunes for years. Please do it soon!!

Nairekahs - I want to buy this movie5 star

This my most favorite movie of all times and y'all finally get it and we can't buy it come on now iTunes. When can we buy this movie? I want to keep it on my iPad and my iPod this truly my favorite movie.

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prostitute image capitalism image hotel image expensive restaurant image sports car image workaholic image fire escape image friendship image los angeles, california image beverly hills image piano image bubble bath image adapted into play or musical image

Pretty Woman movie images
Pretty Woman movie images
Pretty Woman movie images
Pretty Woman movie images
Pretty Woman movie images
Pretty Woman movie images
Pretty Woman movie images

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Pretty Woman movie posters
Pretty Woman movie posters
Pretty Woman movie posters
Pretty Woman movie posters
Pretty Woman movie posters
Pretty Woman movie posters
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