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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first film in Columbia Pictures' three-picture adaptation of Stieg Larsson's literary blockbuster The Millennium Trilogy. Directed by David Fincher and starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, the film is based on the first novel in the trilogy, which altogether have sold 50 million copies in 46 countries and become a worldwide phenomenon. The screenplay is by Steven Zaillian. This English-language adaptation of the Swedish novel by Stieg Larsson follows a disgraced journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, as he investigates the disappearance of a weary patriarch's niece from 40 years ago. He is aided by the pierced, tattooed, punk computer hacker named Lisbeth Salander. As they work together in the investigation, Blomkvist and Salander uncover immense corruption beyond anything they have ever imagined. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Wiki

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Evil shall with evil be expelled...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Comments & Critics

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie Reviews

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- MORE5 star

This was a great film. It went in a wide range of directions and the characters along with the mystery kept me hooked. I didn't want it to end.

- Great movie5 star

Please put the Spanish tracking

- awesome, but not for everyone4 star

I loved the intrigue and the story, even the sordid and disreputable parts were well done in my opinion. I did have to watch it alone. My wonderful wife couldn't bare to watch it becuase of the graphic sex and grisley scenes. If you like dark who done its this is for you.

- Can’t stop5 star

I just can’t get enough of this movie

- Watch all versions with an open mind3 star

There is so much detail in the books they could not fit all of it in a 2 hour movie. Much of the storyline is cut out of this film, but not in the extended Swedish versions. The original films is so dramatic and the acting superb, it is scary, especially the extended versions. American families would have trouble identifying with the main character simply because of ignorance and only see what they want to see. Even I would have trouble letting my children watch it, but it does give a glimpse of the real world in its raw and uncut form. I simply wasn’t impressed with the English version at all. Unless you’ve read the books nobody can judge the movie. The extended version is a Swedish movie series that you can sit by a warm fire all day or all night and watch with loved ones. My first impression is “WoW!” No way the American version could top the Swedish films, which appeared to have the first two films made at the same time and fit perfectly in the storyline. In this version, you could tell they held the girls character back and suppressed her true abilities. Like everyone has written, read the book and see all versions before judging. Regardless it is an excellent story and gave me hope and never give up.

- good...3 star

...but slow!

- Thriller4 star

Rated RR, sex, murder, rape, twisted, implied, photos of victims etc ... but with all that said I was amazed at the thriller to the end, she keeps surprising you, and the story was very well written, wish I had watched the extended version just to see what was taken out.

- You don’t know her name3 star


- Awesome adventure movie!!!5 star

Great movie!!!

- Intense and engrossing film5 star

Ultra. Fav.

- Original was more meaningful2 star

Dunno why this has the same rotten tomato score as the original. This one left out a lot. I haven't read the books, but the original film touched heavily on the nazi connections. This one felt more like a mindless thriller. It wasn't horrible but I'm just saying don't waste your time when there's a better version only a few years older than this that's also much better. I thought Daniel Craig wasn't a good pick for this role either.

- Simple4 star


- My absolute favorite feature film ever..Fincher's greatest work.5 star

The American version of this first of the trilogy (vs the full Swedish versions, much less Stieg Larson's Millennium Trilogy books which inspired both sets of this film are all amazing) is the greatest adaptation of the film, in my humble opinion (after watching both versions many times (The full Swedish Film Trilogy), as well as having read the Millennium Trilogy, many times.. It's a very dark psychological thriller, which I believe to have been David Fincher's greatest work to date. It's only too bad, that a legal fiasco concerning mainly "intellectual property "rights"" stopped the screen writer, director, Daniel Craig and the ever gorgeous Rooney Mara (her greatest work, ever, and a very atypical film for her to star in, let alone act in, as well as being Daniel Craig's greatest work) will never bring the rest of the trilogy to life or see the light of day.. This saddens me, greatly, as this film was just a hint of what could have been. Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) also did his finest feature film score to this film, working with Fincher on The Social Network, this film, and Gone Girl, along with agreeing to work together for future feature films scores, only a taste of his musical talents, skill sets, and natural born gift with the art of music. The final song in the credits is also the work of Trent Reznor, with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig in their band "How to Destroy Angels", with Reznor singing back up vocals was an entirely proper ending to this highly sad, deep, and highly dark psychological thriller, that brings home the film's ending (won't give it away.. sorry). The saddest part of all, is that the full trilogy will never see the light of day, as it would have surely been my favorite adaptation over the Swedish film trilogy, as this first film just touches my souls in a very special way, as Fincher, Craig, and Mara, and Reznor (along with the screen writer) made this adaptation of the Millennium book series 1st of three of the full story into a beautiful but saddening work of art and pure masterpiece.. I highly recommend this film for anyone whom loves true deep, highly dark, and twisted psychological thrillers (my favorite film and book genre), as it is a pure masterpiece.. ;( \m/

- Great movie!5 star

This is a really good adaptation of the original movie. Unfortunately we probably won't be seeing The Girl Who Kick The Hornet's Nest. 😔

- Not bad, not great.3 star

This was Mara's movie. She was fantastic! Although this version wasn't bad, Craig was a complete bore. What could have been a first class movie was hampered by not selecting a better male lead.


The movie is ok, good acting, but why oh why did they soften her character so much?!?!? and why change the ending? i was ok with the movie, even tho i like the Swedish version so much better, it was ok up until the ending, it ruined it, it takes her from a super strong female to a love struck girl. It ruined the movie for me. Watch the Swedish version and then watch this one and you will understand.

- Well done, David. Just remember Hollywood isn't the real world.3 star

My experience with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did not begin until I saw the David Fincher-directed adaptation. Then, and only then, was I officially introduced to the sheltered, quick-thinking Lisbeth Salander and the equally sharp Mikael Blomkvist of Millenium Magazine. Afterwards, I read Steig Larsson's engaging novel [and the other two, obviously] and, of course, saw the original Swedish adaptation. While Fincher remains somewhat true to the novel, and to the dreadful environment of the story, he does not stay entirely true to the intent of the narrative or to the characters. Rooney Mara no doubt grabbed my attention with her portrayal of Lisbeth, and I congratulate her full tilt. However, Mara's portrayal suggests that Lisbeth knows what people may think but simply does not want to care; whereas Noomi Rapace's portrayal suggests that Lisbeth cares about other people's thoughts but would rather not know. Additionally, Fincher makes Lisbeth too trusting even for Lisbeth, and he has to make her an absolute misfit. As for Blomkvist (Daniel Craig), he is a tad too sure of himself compared to the Blomkvist in the other adaptation played by Michael Nyqvist. Fortunately, he is not careless about the possibilities. Did I mention intention earlier? Well, David Fincher may have touched on the mere fact that there are indeed a**holes in the world who mean harm, but he doesn't touch on what society's--and the system's--worst behavior is in far as society itself is concerned. Not like the Swedish film did. But I do not dismiss or denounce this film entirely. Must say: the scene where Lisbeth gets back at her perverted guardian and makes her rules and roles clear stands out even to this day. The first time I saw it, it was a 'You-go-Girl' moment for me...and still is. I can't believe I thought Lisbeth would endure that harrowing experience twice! I AM SINCERELY SORRY! :( Now, it just gets funnier every time I see it. Why? Because the guy is a creep, and that's what he gets for being creepy. While I consider this adaptation unnecessary, I do not fail to see its potential nor am I blind to Fincher's use of cinematic dread to let audiences know where they are.

- Fantastic5 star

It really does justice to Stieg Larsson's books; one of my favorite movies.

- A Great Surprise!5 star

Kept my interest thoughout. Hope they film the 2nd book with the same actors. I actually download the 2nd book after watching this last night.

- Dark, Moody, Brilliant4 star

While a bit of a slow burner, if you are familiar with the book, you know what you’re in for. If you are a Fincher fan, then you are doubly ready for a tense, edge-of-your-seat dramatic thriller with some real visual panache. Great performances by Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, who goes full Lizbeth.

- I was engrossed5 star

This movie captivated me. Great screen writing, appropriate (in my opinion) action, great directing, acting, etc. I was motivated to go to the library and check out the first two books in the trilogy. I highly recommend this movie.

- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo american version movie review2 star

Way too BRUTAL. This movie had some very, very uncomfortable scenes to watch. I do mean uncomfortable. Just to Brutal for me. It's not complete trash, it's an okay movie but for me it was just way too BRUTAL. Didn't like it.

- ❤️5 star

Love love love

- Amazing story, flat characters with little development3 star

Having read the book and watched the Swedish version I'm disappointed with what this film presents. A fast-paced film that leaves somebody familiar with the series watching undeveloped characters. They don't spend enough time developing them compared to the Swedish version. However the score was amazing, the acting was tremendous for what was represented and that is a lot to stand on. I would recommend reading the books, watch the Swedish version before throwing yourself into this film. I feel that perhaps the sequels could redeem what I feel was lacking by going into more backstory and the traumas of Lisbeth. Keeping my fingers crossed!

- Excellent5 star

A great movie w/ an equally impressive musical score by Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, makes this another divine David Fincher film, very Gone Girl, another favorite.

- Best movie in a long time5 star

Well done and a great script. Everything fit perfectly and suspenseful. Watched it twice and a keeper. More movies should be made this way to keep us suspense movie fanatics happy.

- Brilliant... but GRAPHIC!4 star

Brilliant adaptation of the book! Fincher at his best, excellent cinematography and directing, getting stellar performances from the actors (not just Mara). Really, really good (at least for someone who loves the books)! Any complaint? It is graphic, VERY graphic (it is Fincher after all), and in my personal opinion the shock value takes away from the greatness of this film (in contrast I did not find the same graphic took away from Seven). The film had in my opinion been better if the violence and rape had been more off screen and not pushed in your face to the deegree Fincher did here.

- Filet Mingon, but from a Drive-Thru?3 star

I love America!!! I love the Millennium Trilogy!!! But when did we become The Drive-Thru Nation? All things needs to be resolved RIGHT NOW? The books are great! The Swedish Films are great! But when did Lisbeth start to ((( openly ))) care... about anyone or anything? On the plane ride over the Atlantic? I'll still be a fan of the Millennium Trilogy, but please! Stop trying to make everything so... SAFE!

- Meticulous work finch!5 star

I guarantee you'll be watching it more than once. ;)

- Seriously go watch the foreign film of this.3 star

If you watched the original foreign movie, just skip this and save the money. Nothing new to see. This is just some lame attempt by the US movie industry to grab some of the $$$ made by the original.

- Superb5 star

Could you people be more racist against Americans? We didn't screw anything up. We made our version of the book into a movie. If you don't like it don't watch it. Stop comparing it to the "Swedish" version. We didn't remake your movie. We made a movie about a book the same way you people did. So there for it's not a remake. The lack of respect being shown is astounding. I'd like to see you do a better job.

- A Creative Masterpiece5 star

This film is by far one of the better films straying not far from its novel counterpart. David Fincher captures the plot, setting, and mood of the story; drawing the audience in straight from the opening credits. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig support both characters superbly with every scene. The storyline is perfect with adequate character development throughout. This is a great film for anyone seeking a good mystery thriller. Well worth the purchase as you will most likely want to watch it again.

- Love it!5 star

Was new, fresh, and had a freaky scary side that kept me hooked!

- Near Miss3 star

I really, really wanted to like this movie. So what's not to like in the movie? I loved the books, all three of them. It has great actors that I really like. The production quality is top notch. But the screen play, the thread that holds it all together, is broken. The books went deeply into the minds of the characters. Character development was what made them great. You really understood and cared about all the main characters. The movie spent no time on character development. The director and writers apparently thought this story was an action-adventure story, when it was really a mystery-thriller. We skip all that boring character development and cut right to gratuitous scenes of Lisbeth barreling down the road on her motorcycle. The sex has no humanity, no shyness, no fear, no tentativeness, as in the books. It's obligatory and unsatisfying. Lisbeth's brilliant hacking scheme for taking all of Wennerstrom's money is not explained or illustrated, and comes as a disconnected afterthought to the real excitement of Lisbeth saving Blomquist with its "brilliant and exciting" chase scene. The writers of the screen play left out all of the detail about the seamy underworld of international computer hackers, of which Lisbeth was a member. If I hadn't read the books I'm sure I would have been completely lost throughout the movie, as vital dialog spoken in hushed tones with heavy accents was obliterated by an overbearing and often inappropriate musical score. I'm really glad that this production team didn't get the rights to the original Godfather movie. It would have been all gratuitous sex and car chases.

- Amazing movie!5 star

This is probably one of my top 5 favorite movies. The actors are amazing and it's beautifully adapted for the big screen.

- Just perfect5 star

It was amazing i loveeeeeeee rooney she was killing it

- Better then the swedish !5 star

The American version is way better then the Swedish. Nommi was too tough and masculine as lisbeth, nothing about her fit the book. In the book she's explained as fragile. Rooney Mara is the perfect lisbeth salander. Daniel Craig is also perfect in his role. The Swedish version appears low budget, like no thought went into it, and dosnt have the same emotion the American does. I really hope they make the girl who played with fire!

- It wasn't really necessary, but it excels what it tries to excel.3 star

First off, I have seen both versions of TGWTDT: English and Swedish. I have read the books, I have seen the Extended versions of all three movies, and I can arrive at the consensus that while the American adaptation didn't really have to be made, it was good nonetheless. Rooney Mara's performance was fine and she succeeds in providing her own interpretation of the character. Daniel Craig as Mikael was a "meh": he just didn't seem like the right actor to play him (though I don't deny his talent, this just didn't seem like his role). Fincher gives good direction, and he is able to transport most of the gritty-ness from the book to the screen. This is just my opinion: as a fan of the originals, I prefer them over the U.S. version. But this version is okay. It's far from perfect, but that's fine.

- Worth Watching, Still . . .3 star

There was really no need to make an American version of this film. The swedish version remains in my opinion far superior.

- Good interpretation, but I like the Swedish better.3 star

Personally, I watched the original trilogy immediately after reading the books, and loved Rapace as Lisbeth. She will always be Lisbeth, so I admit my bias. This version was still a good film, I liked Daniel Craig as Mikael. He was a good choice on the part of the American film makers, but I found I just couldn't like Rooney Mara's Lisbeth all that much. She wasn't as easy to relate to as Rapace, but she still played the character well.

- Don't waste your time1 star

Watch the Swedish version!

- Great captivating movie5 star

I was glued to the screen watching the adaption of this movie. I've seen the original version and I have to say I prefer this one. I get tired of looking at subtitles, detracts from viewing the movie. Highly recommend this one and the original swedish version if you don't mind subtitles. Either way they are both great.

- No Stars on Thars1 star

Sorry yal, The first one dubbed with American words is much easier to watch and an all togethor better movie. Germans are a little on the sexier side so some scenes are more intense sex wise, but it is better. This was awful dont waste your money

- Meh!2 star

Sorry, was really looking forward to this but have to say it pales in comparison to the Swedish version. It's very cold, disconnected and there are so many holes in the screenplay. It's flat.

- Dragon Tattoo.5 star

The books are amazing, and the film adaption is just as fabulous.

- much better then Swedish original...5 star

J have just watch them both one after the other, both for the first time and in my opinion David Fincher's film is a lot better in all aspects. Fincher is a master of thriller, the way he tells the story is amazing. Fincher is more brutal more direct and genius of suspense. I will not even write about sound, music and edition there is just nothing to compare. But what is most important the title girl is much more convincing much more darker, scary and true. But this is me...

- Thriller-Noir with a modern twist4 star

The was a truly great film with exceptional performances all around; but especially from the two leads, Craig and Mara. A nice mystery wrapped in film noir with a couple of modern taboo twists. One of the things I liked most about this film was Rooney Mara's character and how she displayed the kind of strength and resourcefulness she needed to survive on her own, in a harsh and unforgiving world. While I did get somewhat lost in the middle act of the film, it demonstrated just as well, the fact that with each new discovery, the case became more and more clouded. Aside from the slight, occasional aloofness of the narrative, we have a great script, great acting, superb directing, phenomenal editing, and a film I would consider a true contemporary masterpiece.

- watch swedish version1 star

This movie is waste of time . The swedish version is very good.

- Good movie4 star

It is not the book but if u rate this on the movie and not the book it is a very good movie

- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo2 star

I guess if you never read the book and acquire a respect for the genius of Stieg Larsson, this movie was okay. That said, if you did read the book and understand the complexity of Lisbeth's character along with the intricacy of the plot, you will most likely be disappointed. The Americans screwed up the ending so badly as to ruin it. Stieg Larsson is spinning in his grave--guaranteed!

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Vell-31 - Insulting but that’s Hollywood1 star

A pointless remake of a fantastic original movie starring Noomi Rapace. This movie’s presence and indeed the desire to see it made when there is such an excellent collection of original movies based on the books is grotesque. If this version of the books was needed so desperately then where are the sequels? Aren’t they bothered about finishing the story? This version represents a sad attempt at a quick buck.

1hrdhdjdndjd - Fincher does it again5 star

Great flick

KarltoonTV - A slow, yet intense thriller.3 star

First of all, this movie is quite long. But the pacing is quick enough for you to forget the long running time. The acing is great and cinematography is wonderful. The plot did get confusing at times, but it was ok, overall. Better than I expected.

DKD97 - Great film5 star

If you like crime related films this is a must watch!

Ordered logic - Best version Girl with Dragon Tattoo5 star

This English version with Daniel Craig is world class, whereas the Swedish trilogy is a set of facile cheap thrillers, with nothing of the character of the books. As in the Lord of the Rings, the adaption involves some bold re-working, which actually maintains and strengthens the character of the original book. Why aren't we seeing the completion of this much more authentic rendering of the Salander story?

brianarnett - excellent4 star

David Fincher never lets you down. The film is just great. Was a bit disappointed with the ending though.

sausage n mustard - Hey Hollywood 'improve' your own films!2 star

Plagiarism is for the untalented,the unimaginative, the greedy, the lazy and the morally bankrupt! Its an exact copy, but without Noomi's icy rage or the other wonderful Swedish actors. Honestly the arrogance of Hollywood assuming that by throwing buckets of money around, it improves someone else's work!

Spursfan1882 - Loved it!5 star

I haven't seen the original and i couldnt care as i LOVED this movie!!!! Much better than i was expecting!!

Randall13 - I haven't even1 star

Seen this movie and I don't want to because the original couldn't really be improved on, plus the original trilogy of these films is already out now , so why wait for an overblown Hollywood effort of a film that didn't need a reboot when the movies are there already out ? .. In the words of Moe: Don't make no sense ( shrugs shoulders )

Rooney mara <3 - Review5 star

This movie is mind blowing,incredible,outstanding,dark,sinister, the best movie ever made ! I'm in love with it now I watch it over and over .Rooney Mara is outstanding in her performance just incredible .Daniel Craig played his part extremely well in this fabulous crime/thriller/drama I can't wait for the next two to be made ! .

Chrizb65 - Not a religious debate.5 star

For me the books where never anything more than a good page turning thriller. Nothing more, nothing less. Contrary to most people's view I enjoyed this movie more than the original effort. Acting sits at the heart of this. Craig is outstanding as the main character. And while Salander is a more powerful character in the original she fails for me to portrait reckless frailty. The balance between all character is better here. Overall both films manage to keep the suspense of a good complex thriller, and that is all they are. Thrillers. The production value, the acting and the absence of subtitles make this for me the better movie. The only drawback here is that you only get 1 movie, while from the original you get all three.

Lee (Home Recruitment) - Watch the Original First3 star

The original gets 5 stars from me, if I had'nt of seen that before this, it may have got another star, interesting to see if Hollywood could improve it - but they couldnt.

MattyBee3000 - Not as good as original2 star

If you want to watch this film watch the original 1000% times better

Loveleaves - awesome.5 star

i hadn't read the book or seen the previous swedish film so had no clue about the plot. I absolutely loved this film. I can't wait for the next one. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are so great and i really loved their characters. Definitely worth a watch!

Zyxwgutsrqp - The girl with the dragon tattoo1 star

So, is this now available to rent? I still don't seem to have the option ...

Oli7gia - Bellygoose4 star

Rent it you will be enthralled. A dark dark film.

stumm11 - Very good,very different yet very similar?!?!4 star

I enjoyed this film very much.Ive seen the original and despite watching the dubbed version ,which lets be honest always detracts from the spectacle, was a great film. Daniel Craig is cool as F*** whilst his co star Rooney Mara is remains almost aloof,always seeming to be at least one step ahead. Buy/rent it,in fact buy/rent both!!!!

iAlexNolan - Brilliant!5 star

A must see!

Maysoon Mehdi - Good4 star

A good movie overall, a few detailed scenes- very graphic. But I think that the fact that blomkvist only finds out about salanders past in the 2nd book and here he is told by her, such things should be taken note of when making the movie!

Sparks1978 - An interesting film4 star

I haven't read the book or watched the original. However this is a well made fillm, and holds suspense throughout. Some of the scenes are brutal, and the ending is strange, it is a complete sidetrack from the main story. Even so a good film all round, one of the better ones on here.

Minxie007 - Great Film5 star

This film is great. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Well worth the £3.50 rental.

Emalou24 - Love it5 star

Seen this at cinemas it beats the original :o)

Lonely Thinker - Watch the original.2 star

This movie is ok. Not a match for the original. I strongly recommend watching the original in Swedish! The original flows much better and feels much, much neater!

Cascaval - Gripping. Well made.5 star

A bit too sexually graphic in places, but the film was excellent.

williamzNet - A Hugely Disappointing Experience1 star

In fairness the title refers to Apple's ability to deliver rented films, not the quality of the film itself which I have yet to experience properly. I have a BT Infinity connection that regularly hits speeds of over 50Mbit/sec. Tested tonight prior to my first rental from iTunes and getting 45Mbit/sec plus, yet I am sat here waiting for the download to finish quickly realising that I am going to have to watch the film tomorrow or even the day after. While the Apple TV doesn't tell you the current download speed, it started off warning me that it would take 32 minutes before I could watch the film. I thought that was a bit lame for a 5Gb download (Apple are too cheap to provide a 1080p version), but hey - still faster than the rate at which I could watch, so I figured let it buffer for a bit then off we go! Over the next 20 minutes, the download time grew (past 1 hour) and grew (past 2 hours) and grew (past 5 hours) and it's currenlty stuck 7 minutes into the film telling me that the download will finish in 11 hours. Advice: stick to Blockbusters for now - Apple's infrastructure clearly can't cope.

Kerrymac70 - Fantastic!!!5 star

This is just about one of the best movies I've seen. It was absolutley gripping and after the 2 hours and 38 minutes it took to watch, I was disappointed it was over as the time went by very quickly.

Bluemoon99 - Bad copy:/1 star

Hollywood seems to think , they make better films, well they're wrong. Greatly enjoyed the swedish ORIGINAL tho:). Why copy something that's already perfect.

DiehardBarbecue - Epic film!5 star

Didn't know what to expect for this and it was really good. Really interesting plot that kept you on your seat for the whole film 😊

Trickyvix - 👍5 star

What a great film 😃

Si272 - Excellent5 star

I read the book and watched the Swedish movies. I was expecting to be disappointed as usually that happens when you've read the book before. That was not the case. The movie is very well made, it grabs your attention from beginning to end and the acting is superb. I just didn't want this movie to end.

!Cee - Amazing5 star

One of the best movies I've seen recently.

Domi 2 shoes - Lovely stuff5 star

The best film I've rented this year by some way .

SUNTER2K12 - 10/105 star

Amazing film loved every minute of it !!

Christopher Mitchell - Too slow2 star

I found this film very slow and at times i found it difficult to follow it is certainly not true to the book I have not seen the Swedish version so ican not make any coparisonsi

Cat&Ben - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo5 star

Excellent film. On tender hooks the whole time.

Gary 1000 - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo5 star

Simply excellent. Some great acting across the board, but I would single out Rooney Mara. If you've read the book, Rooney Mara is Lisbeth Salander. The film was gripping from start to finish. I never once checked the time and was disappointed to see the credits start, which for a film of over two hours is quite something for me. Some great cinematography, the sound gave a haunting feel to the film adding to its suspense. This was all capped off with a really good script. As a rule, I generally prefer the book to the film, in this case they are equally good. I would also add the film stayed close enough to the book in all of the key area's that it keeps the door open for the next in the trilogy. Personally, I hope they are working on it now!

Kernow Coleman - Mr5 star

Just ace. Hope they do the other books too. Rooney Mara is amazing!!!

October80 - Believe the hype!5 star

I'm always disappointed by films with hype...however this didn't disappoint me! Loved it! Cannot wait for the next! :)

Sazla86 - A great interpretation5 star

This is a fantastic film. I have read all the books and seen the Swedish films (also v good) and I have to say I think this Hollywood version is extremely good! I wanted to dislike it and say the Swedish language version was better but I just couldn't. It's very true to the book (more so than the original Swedish film), it's not too faux-Sacndinavian on the accent front (if I wanted a true Swedish accent I would watch the Swedish language films!) and I think it's very well cast - Daniel Craig is just as I imagined Blomkvist to be, and Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer and Stellan Skaarsgard are all fantastic too. The cinematography is also quite beautiful. Highly enjoyable.

Bertie_90 - A must5 star

Gripping throughout, thrilling with some really quite shocking scenes. Very entertaining. A definite buy.

P A Maidens - A poor remake of the Swedish original2 star

The Swedish version of this film is so much better. The story is confused and there are assumptions made that you have read the books. The plot line compared to both the book and Swedish film is not as clear and emphasis on certain parts of the story appear odd - particularly missing out characters, such as Salader's mother, who becomes more important in other parts of the trilogy and changing the order of the plotlines. I was very disappointed with this.

Robbo1967a - Enjoyed4 star

Very similar to Scandinavia version but still good

SarahP72 - Love the books?! Then don't bother watching this film!1 star

Having read all of books and watched all of the original Swedish films, I hoped this Hollywood, big name remake would be special over and above. Hmmm, how wrong could I be. Aside from the wooden acting which in places was cringeworthy, there was no authenticity or attempt at a Scandanavian accent and the film veered too far away from the books in my opinion both in terms of content and plot timing. There were areas that were not remotely true to the book and I found myself wondering why Harriet was found in London working in investment banking when I was expecting a cattle ranch in New Zealand. If you loved the books and the original Swedish films (which were much darker and far more authentic) then give this a miss! You'll be saving yourself a few pounds and massive disappointment!

Calkat - Poor2 star

Very very disappointing Daniel Craig is his usual wooden self, awful actor. Not a patch on original or the book

Luccy'LouuLaa - AMAZING5 star

What can I say?...this film is amazing!...clever and fabulous, Rooney Mara delivers a superb performance and Daniel Craig(as always) was incredible! not miss watching this movie!

Raging3ull - Suprised How Good Was5 star

Such a great film which had me quickly hooked. I've never seen the original which I did & still do attend to watch but as soon as I found out that Dave Fincher, who is one of my favourite Directors has decided to Direct this, I decided to wait & see his version 1st. I highly recommend this movie to one's who like there Thrillers but there is some highly disturbing scenes so definitely not for everyone.

Jazz freak - Pointless1 star

Probably the most pointless re-make of a film I have ever seen. I can only imagine that David Fincher treated this as a well-paid job and did what he was told by the studios. Daniel Craig (possibly one of our laziest and most overrated actors) brings nothing to the roll apart from apathy. This film sums up everything that is bad about the Hollywood System and seems to be nothing but a nasty cynical exercise in unimaginative film making. Go and see the 'original' version and leave this to the 99p Blockbusters Bargian Bucket which is where it is destined to reside.

Mamacia - Stick to the Swedish original!!3 star

Some remakes are so not necessary, like this one. I thought the Swedish version was far better, more nail biting. The lead girl in this one was not convincing. It doesn't give you the thrill, tension and anticipation of the original. You have no sense of why this girl is so screwed up. I watched it because I'm a big fan of Daniel Craig and thought his portrayal of Mikiel would be excellent, it wasn't. I don't think it gives you enough information about the family history that he is tracing to understand why he's been assigned the Harriett case. Anyway that's my take on it, see what you think.

Blabla Blacksheep - Fantastic!5 star

Don't miss this film, it's fantastic! Even if you liked (as I did) the original one, this deserves to be watched! The acting, the setting and everything else in this film are top quality. :0)

tag red - SUPERB and then some....5 star

Rent it or buy it or steal it or peer through someones window but definately watch it. Super Dooper on steroids....ace film.

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Sterlingurl - The original is better4 star

The scenery is beautiful but I preferred the original Swedish film.

andrewlzahn - Fantastic adatptation!5 star

I watched the Swedish films after reading the books. I wasn't expecting much out of this version but it surpassed the Swedish film by far! Rooney Mara's Salander is exactly how she was in the books: androgynous yet sexy, intelligent, insecure, and violent. This movie captures the characters, mood and atmosphere that I felt while reading the books but complimented by a haunting soundtrack. And hats off to Skarsgard and Van Wageningen, their performances were intense and creepy.

RamMan367 - Dragoon Tattoo1 star

Boring!!! Not Worthbyje cash and te Daniel Craig needed a better scrip. That tatted up freak must have had her lines in her tattoos. Because she was AWEFUL. Spoiler alert!!! Best part was her payback on that fat SOB giving her extra cash to survive. Other than that just read the book.

Frankystuff - Terrific!5 star

A terrific movie! A cinematic achievement! Rooney Mara slams dunk a goal!

Eaglestate - Awesome Movie5 star

The 2009 Swedish version is a good film, but this film is GREAT, right from the opening credits until the sad ending

Dr. Fiji - If not for the smoking?5 star

Trott down to the store and get the book. All the main characters smoke. Anyway this film is genius. And if you like the sweedish version better thats lovely but its a different telling of the story.

clinappsman - Top Ten4 star

This is on my Top Ten list.

margaretad - Me likey5 star

Fincher, Reznor and crew put together an excellent, slick version. Book, Euro version, and US version are all great in their own way.

Lily's Paddy - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo3 star

If you have never seen the original this is a good movie. The original is a better movie from a character development point of view and does not have the sappy ending of the second one.

chaoticslacker - Good, not an Oscar good4 star

I liked it, movie wasn't boring and kept me interested the whole time. There are some crazy scenes that will make u shake your head in astonishment.

Gazuntheight - iTunes lacks effective communication5 star

I'm sure this is a great movie but although it showed that id downloaded on my iPad, it didn't . Tried the Report a Problem Link, but that was fruitless as well. Hmmmm, Ha-rrrumph!

JCalfee - Effective Adaptation of an Excellent Book4 star

Very good.

Trung408 - Great movie5 star

Very dark and well written! Love this movie!

Krewella - Down right Bad in a VeRy GooD way!5 star

There are disturbing parts dealing with rape but looking past all that it's a well told story Rooney Mara did an AMAZING job playing her role. Went and saw it 3x in the theater it's a must have if you enjoy ThriLLeR, IntEnSE, MySterY! Stop reading reviews now just GO waTch It!!

Naurkhishba - The best movie5 star

This is the best movie I have ever seen!!!!!! buy it!!!!!

set1914 - Worthy Version4 star

All the changes that were made from the original make it just different enough to be it’s own really good movie.

Flashinlight - Good movie4 star

The ending I did not like though

shortytari - Awesome...5 star

Good movie

leahklay - Well played5 star

Thought lisbeth was played brilliantly!

Hdworldmedia - masterfull delivery!5 star

Incredibly well filmed, incredible delivery. Better than Black Swan!

SarahC.14 - Amazing!!!5 star

Totally awesome!!(:

Matthias Canuto - Da bomb!5 star


Dakota Jack - Loved it but...5 star

Cast, plot,..everything was great but it was kinda graphic

mickydeenyc - I was wrong5 star

I loved the books and felt horrible knowing that Larsson would never know just how big an impact his 'Dragon Tattoo' books made, and continue to make. I liked the movies that followed, all from Sweden. and I was sure that a Hollywood version would just be horrible. You know, gratuitous nudity, violence,etc. I WAS WRONG. This movie is one of my most favorite movies. It stands on its own. In fact, while I would hope to see two more, the ending of this one wrapped things up so well, it doesn't even scream, "Hang in there while we make two more." Script, casting, directing, acting, makeup, lighting, etc... It's all JUST RIGHT.

Nicki minaj pop - Awesome4 star

Now she should of won the oscar

afd92648 - If you are the patient kind...3 star

It takes over 90 minutes for the movie to start being " somewhat " interesting. Don't know what the FUSS was about this movie…. Again, shows to prove that the book is by far better. With an extra 3.00 to spend on a rainy Sunday, it might keep you from sleeping all day.

Mabad1 - Must See5 star

You have to see this fantastic WHo Done It.

Robert Kitchen - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo5 star

This movie is worth seeing. The plot is a bit complex but Rooney Mara does such an excellent job playing Lizbeth it doesn't matter. I should have bought this movie instead of renting it. Excellent and interesting movie.

BrenoPessoa - The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo5 star


holidayatsea - Extremely graphic sexual situations3 star

This movie was very intriguing, and was very well made and adapted into a screenplay. I had not read the book, and was not prepared for how graphic and disturbing some of the scenes would be. Be warned, you cannot unsee this movie. There are some extremely graphic and uncomfortable rape scenes. I would have given this movie 5 stars had this explicit portrayal of those events been left out.

Mochibomb - Horrible and boring.1 star

This film is a series of unnecessary rape scenes. Skip it.

saffrons12 - Completely unnecessary1 star

Lacking in suspense, intensity, and any sincere character development. The original film is far superior in every way. What a sad sad imposter. Meh.

LaLaura13 - Good3 star

It's a good movie, definitely has its moments, it's a little too long, but I sat through it.

Doinell Vicks - Great Movie5 star

The only thing I didn't like was the ending!

TNofmom3 - Ok3 star

Kept my attention....I will not rent it again though.

Phishnet12 - Great5 star

This is a great movie....I'd you don't like it there must be something wrong with you! Really really good.....long but good!!!

Ulemj:) - So good.💙5 star

She's a great actress. Loved the movie. Didn't get at times, but I got it now. Lol. 👍

James O'Connor - Girl with the dragon tattoo1 star

I rented the move but it would not load every time I went to play it I got an error message. Beware apple dose not care if you actuality get to see the movie they just want there money and will not reimburse you if there is a problem on there end.

BurntOrangePhotog - Dull and Plodding2 star

This is a hard movie to sit through. It lacks everything that makes David Fincher's movies intriguing and exciting. This is a loooooooooong movie, 2.5hrs. The story is thin and the pacing is glacial. There is no real reason to care for the plot the characters or their plight save for one plot point around Lisbeth, which is dealt with wonderfully in the only scene that Fincher actually seems to gave a sh&% about. Over all a plodding, boring and downright atrocious follow-up to the brilliant Social Network. No need to see this studio attempt at a money grab.

Singer 297 - Horray5 star

Amazing and awesome

eddiek3 - TGWTDT5 star

Hands down one of the best movies I have ever seen. There is not a single thing wrong with it. David Fincher again creates a fascinating, mind-bending experience that will have you sitting on your edge the whole seat. Rooney Mara makes her debut as the dark, disturbed and misunderstood Lisbeth Salander, which may just be the best acting I have ever seen in a movie. No one, absolutely no one could have done her part any better. Daniel Craig also stands out with his best performance of his career. Everyone is amazing in this pure work of art. Everyone deserves an Oscar for their portrayals of their unique and appealing characters.

sgrilu - AMAZING!!!5 star

Great movie and books. I also watch all three Swedish version. I hate that people call these movie a remake when is just a another version of the book of course it would look like the previous movie because is base on the same source.

Wendyb27 - Masterpiece5 star

This movie is not for the faint of heart but all the graphic scenes do play a huge part in the character development and plot. This is a well thought out script the actors put forth an amazing performance and in its entirety is a five star movie.

Happyhubert - I really enjoyed it5 star

I just watched this movie and was utterly blown away. David Fincher takes his job as director very seriously, and it pays off; the mood of this movie was very well captivated. I hear a lot of people throwing trash at this movie, saying "it's not as good as the original". In the original, Noomi Rapace had to portray a character that had never been filmed before, and it was a breakthrough. Rooney Mara is not Noomi Rapace; she had to manifest a new Lisbeth Salander, in that sense, it is a different movie. The other cast members compliment the movie till the credits roll. Daniel Craig and Steellan Skarsgard are terrific. Buy the movie - by far one of the most interesting films you will ever see

Albeesure1 - Great movie5 star

Great movie but yet sad!!!

Serenade42 - Worth watching4 star

I have read all three books and seen the Swedish versions also. I was skeptical at first that it couldn't compare but was pleasently surprised at the American adaptation of the book. But, just like the books; not for the faint at heart or children under 17.

Sop2 - Very Good & Yet Disturbing4 star

I liked the film but I haven't read the books & I didn't see the original film. I was however very uncomfotable during several parts of the film. I actually left during one scene because it was to difficult to watch. No one under the age of 17 should see this film, adhere to the R rating clause.

Scott Pfursich - Meh2 star

Really slow with some nasty stuff and little action. I wish I hadn't wasted my time.

Anthony Pour - An infantile conjecture of a cool punk with a heart of gold.1 star

Also in play are a take-your-pick array of cliche witch hunts, hackneyed sexual depravity, stale sadism, a total absence of even a hint of humor - all of the above leading on to kicking corporate butt. Forward comrades . . .

up like a cup - the girl with dragon tattoo - masterpiece theatre5 star

David Fincher is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, and his latest remake of 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' ranks among his best work yet .. he's one of the rare few working in the hollywood system that keep craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities foremost, always .. an exquisitely designed picture, graphic and brutal but with great little moments of gentility and endearing relationships .. that said, I am asking myself like many of you, why he doesn't put his considerable talents towards a truly original work? but then again, Fincher always told a story that's already out there, Palanuik's Fight Club, the birth of Facebook, Fitzgerald's Benjamin Button, a picture based on the Zodiac Killer, some great films all in their own right .. so while many complain this story has already been done, he does it the best way possible and better than anyone else could .. I found this version preferable to the first swedish adaptation, better in just about every way .. the original film adaptation felt almost hollow to me, with flattened cinematography and clunky direction, although the acting of the swedish version is still great, and while not a bad film at all, compared to Fincher's, well, it doesn't .. every detail has been fleshed out with some superb production design, the dialogue is to the point and written for efficiency, but never substitutes quality for it .. Fincher's cinematography style is incredible, a highly recognizable look, smooth camera movements with a lot of kinetic energy .. the score is amazing, again working with Reznor from 'the social network' .. the acting is perfect, nuanced and natural .. it's a very refined work .. it's just so very adult, with an off the charts performance by Rooney Mara, where you're not sure why it's quite so electric, but it is .. Mara's ability to be vulnerable and strong, both in character, and as an actor as well, is truly remarkable .. Daniel Craig brings his charisma and warmth to the mix in a rather surprising chemistry with Mara, intense and unique but romantic in it's own way, their friendship based on trust and respect, where they can make love without compromising themselves, where something as simple as a back rub says everything about him and her and their relationship .. in short, Fincher's version may just be his masterpiece yet .. it's quite long, but often moves at a quick clip, with some longer scenes of dialogue interspersed between some great detective work .. one thing is for sure, the story is always moving forward, developing character or plot .. Fincher was born to make this film, using mystery, suspense, horror and plain old quality filmmaking to tell an interesting story with unique shadings and subtleties that never once left me looking at my watch ..

5 star

If it's mentioned, a footnote in the crimes of the perp, that's one thing, but I will not sit through reading that.…

5 star

Please @netflix kindly provide us that subcribe ur service with screening for @mcmafiaamc ; The Fall & Line of Duty…

5 star

Deixei minha irmã vendo The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ontem quando fui dormir e acordei hj c essa mensagem:

5 star

@IamZelda3 The girl with the dragon tattoo

5 star

The girl with the dragon tattoo -

5 star

@dezeen The Mechanic -1972 film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

5 star

@BalderamaKimb: @SheenaQueen4 @SB19Official yung the girl with a dragon tattoo baka di mo masiyado trip kasi medyo nasa Rated spg side s…

5 star

@SheenaQueen4 @SB19Official yung the girl with a dragon tattoo baka di mo masiyado trip kasi medyo nasa Rated spg s…

5 star

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson / Literature & Fiction / #Mystery & #Thrillers / #Crime: Mikael Bl…

5 star

@BalderamaKimb: ako nga e dami din gusto, the girl with a dragon tattoo, Now you see me 2, a dog's way home, 5 feet apart tsaka Everyth…

5 star

ako nga e dami din gusto, the girl with a dragon tattoo, Now you see me 2, a dog's way home, 5 feet apart tsaka Ev…

5 star

I gave love to GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO earlier so I’ll say this one right now

5 star

@gamby004 Absolutely. Like, why did they do a remake of the Swedish Millenium (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) fil…

5 star

@earthsunwildair @duolingo Movies is always a good way to go! I mean I watched the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo seri…

5 star

Finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo tomorrow The rest of Trilogy love Noomi. Rapace damn good actress from Sw…

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Images & Pictures

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo images

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posters
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posters
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posters
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posters
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posters
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posters
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