The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Summary and Synopsis

Based on the best-selling books by Suzanne Collins, THE HUNGER GAMES is the first film in the franchise. Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the Capitol of the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen volunteers in her younger sister’s place and must rely upon her sharp instincts when she’s pitted against highly trained Tributes who have prepared their entire lives. If she’s ever to return home to District 12, Katniss must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. Katniss Everdeen reluctantly becomes the symbol of a mass rebellion against the autocratic Capitol. The Hunger Games Wiki

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The Hunger Games Movie (2012)

The Hunger Games Comments & Critics

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The Hunger Games Movie Reviews

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- Amazing!!!5 star

I watched this movie last night thinking it was just going to be a decent adaptation of the book. This movie was actually very accurate and I can’t wait to see the other movies.

- Hunger games5 star

I thought it was a great movie and I also love the book too I recommend this movie

- Love it!5 star

I 100% recommended this movie, I also suggest you read the books, they are fantastic.

- ;-;4 star


- Awesome first in the series!5 star

Great book and movie for the first in the series!

- 100% AMAZING!! Wouldn’t change a thing5 star

The Hunger games are incredibly amazing! Both the movies and books are absolutely astonishing, from the base of the story to the actors, to the scenery!! It’s all fascinating! When I first started reading the books, I was up all night reading and reading, and reading..I would not put the books down, even when I finished the series of books I wanted to read them over and over again!! Everyday I had been talking about them!! Still to this day I do!!! After reading the books I took a break because I thought there was nothing else to the series, but the following week my dad had told me that they had made a series of movies and I was so excited!! All 4 movies in the series were Perfectly put together!! The actors that were chosen to act in these movies 100% fit their roles!! Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actors of all time, she did amazing in this series! I hope the hunger games stay popular forever! !!BEST SERIES EVER!! Keep up the GREAT work! 💕😊👌🤞

- YESSSSS5 star

i am a huge hunger games fan and i have read all the books (im in the middle of the prequel right now!) and i absolutely love this movie. while i agree with many people that it is sad that they cut out parts from the book, i do think that none of it was so significant that it ruined the plot. the cast is absolutely amazing (i love peeta and foxface!), the script is real and well written, I ADORE THE SCORE, what’s not to love? definitely one of my favorite movies.

- I love it4 star

but a lot of it was different from the book and I mean that’s saying something because I’ve read the series like 6 times

- Wow!5 star

I was blown away by this movie. The books are more detailed this movie, but it was still amazing and I highly recommend it.🏹😄👍😀

- Mostly well done, but marred by poor direction and editing3 star

A great ensemble cast and a compelling epic dystopian tale that is sure to thrill fans and other viewers alike on paper—unfortunately The Hunger Games is dragged down by poor direction from Gary Ross and his illogical editing and amateur camerawork that is sure to completely disorient fans and outsiders alike. 6/10

- Loved it5 star

It was so good and I am a Harry Potter fan and are not easily pleased when it comes to books and movie but I loved the movie and the book


This movie is full of romance, action, tragedy, and survival. The acting was amazing, the camera was a little weird but still great movie and great book!!! 5 star.


The hunger games is my absolute favorite movie series. I definitely recommend watching this movie and I am almost positive you will love this movie!

- Best movie5 star

This movie is my favorite movie. I love the action and suspense. Get this movie it’s worth $13.99

- I can not wait4 star

I cannot wait to see this movie read the book and want to see

- Vaulted1 star

Apple refuses to let me watch this film even though I purchased it years ago. When I try to repurchase says I already bought it and won’t let me watch it.

- ❤️5 star


- F iTunes1 star

Paid for rental and can’t watch. I have been a die hard apple fan since os 9, you need need to get your life put back together!

- Great4 star

Great film. Good cast and acting. Good settings and displays as well. A lot of violence. I wouldn’t say this film is for the faint of heart. It was very rushed though to me, unlike the book


The movie wasn’t so much like the books but it was full of suspense and action I’ve read the books like a million times and I still like reading it my sister thinks I’m crazy for liking it so much I just can’t put the book down it’s just amazing you have to read the book, if you don’t like books then watch the movie.

- The best5 star

This movie captured all the emotion and love and sadness from the book absolutely an extraordinary film Chloe age 11

- Nothing like the first movie5 star

I love love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love lovelove love love love love love love this movie! 👩🏽‍🦱❤️ 🎥

- 🌝5 star

Loved this movie so much and I love the books🌝

- Jen is bae5 star

I love Jen and that’s on period🅿️

- Amazing5 star

Sadly I haven’t watched the movies yet but all the trailers live up to thee standards of the fantastic book

- Marked a generation5 star

Kicked off a great franchise

- Awesome!5 star


- Love the movie5 star

Amazing book, and an amazing movie!!! This was an amazing movie. Loved it. Favorite of people who like awesome action movies. This movie is about a 16 year old girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a place called Panem. In Panem there is The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is when there are two tributes chosen from each of the twelve districts, and when Katniss’s sister is chosen to compete, Katniss knows she must save her. In the games, Katniss encounters a little girl named Rue, who reminds Katniss of her little sister, Primrose. Katniss And Rue have a fun adventure together, but when tragedy befalls, Katniss learns that the games aren’t just awful. Their dangerous.

- My favorite movie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

I loved this move while most people like the action and adventure I love all of the drama. My favorite parts are the big ones like when we watch someone die or people fall in love. I love this movie and I defiantly recommend.

- It speaks volumes3 star

This film speaks volumes about the times will live in, in a number of ways. To see this as an escapist fantasy is to be missing the point. The film fails precisely at those moments, when it steers the viewers towards such miscomprehension.

- Awesome5 star

I love Katniss and Petta! They are perfect

- Amazing movie5 star

This is the most exciting movie ever watch it pls don't pay attention to the crappy bad reviews

- LOVE IT5 star


- worth renting, but not buying3 star

disclaimer: i listened to the audiobook only a few days before renting this movie on itunes, and that may play a role in my feelings. my first impression is that everything is so /rushed/. I experienced scene whiplash during the enire first 30 minutes of the movie and i know it's a TON to squeeze into a little over 2 hours, so in that respect i can appreciate it and say they did a really good job of squeezing. Personally I wish 3-4+ movies were more acceptable to most people, because that or a 2 part movie like Deathly Hallows would really have improved this experience. That being said, I appreciate the acting of most, and even though i don't like Jennifer Lawrence's preformance here, i do realise that this is her debut if i'm not mistaken. Effie in particular was incredible. The sets were fantastic, and i have to admit that the ending with the berries and the head gamemaker was incredible and overall the ending was very satisfying. But of course, it pales in comparison to the book.


I loved this movie and it's plot. (I especially loved when the mines exploded.)

- Oh my...5 star

Nothing like the book but almost just as good

- Love it5 star

Best movie ever 😍😍😍😍

- Best movie ever!5 star

I love the whole series and the movies are amazing but I think they should have read the books like ten times.

- Amazing 10 out of 10 recommended5 star

This is beautiful, this is art, this is the hunger games!

- Awesome and action packed5 star

5 stars

- Hunger games5 star

It is fun fantastic I highly suggest

- 1000000%5 star

The best

- Fantastic5 star

Great movie!!!! My only problem not good for small can be scary

- So boring1 star

Acting is very wooden and it is very predictable.

- it should've been Rated R1 star

way too much shaky cam, not enough action and violence, no blood, no gore, way too tame, and WAAAAY too toned down, considering that the book is a lot more violent, this is not the movie it could've been due to them playing it safe for the sake of greed. Just watch battle royale 1 and 2 instead, those two deliver on the action, the blood n gore, AND the graphic violence, and they weren't afraid to go dark either


I like Stanley Tuccis eyes I like Katnoss too

- Amazing!5 star

So true to the book. That is one of the many things I love about this movie. This is a must see and the hunger games trilogy are a must read. Hats off to Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins!


This is my new favorite movie series Jennifer Lawrence played katniss amazingly

- The hunger games5 star

When I was watching this movie I was at the edge of my chair the entire time. The movie was intense, amazing, etc. I really enjoyed it and I recommend you to watch it.

- I love the hunger games!!!5 star

Dear reader, BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!If you have not seen this yet you totally should !This is my absolute FAV movie!Katniss is super cool and so are peeta and haymich! Those people are such good actors I wish I could be like them!! I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!

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David lange - Wow5 star


250978546 - Awesome5 star

So awesome

azenido - Subtitle5 star

Can you add Portuguese (Brazilian) subtitle please? The 3rd and 4th movie have it.

I 💘 hunger games - Hunger games5 star

Why is the unseen version a 15 and all the rest are 12's why ?? 🤔

IT45. - This is the best version of the film 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star

This is the best version of the film 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Tswiftisepic - MIXED OPINIONS4 star

I love this film more than I can tell and is definitely not as gory as some people think. Jennifer does an outstanding job of portraying Katniss and the film is worth a lot. However, I would definitely advise reading the books before you watch the films (they are just as addictive) as not every detail is explained and can leave you with some questions. Personally, I believe that the films 1 and 2 do the books justice but giving two parts to mocking jay did definitely benefit the story as well. Suzanne Collins you are fabulous and doing a great job in your life!!!!

bb4213 - Waste of money2 star

Waste of money and time. They cut out a lot of detail from the book, they also should of spent more time on katniss and rues relationship and the games in total.

Epic Gamer Dude10 - the difference between the normal and the unseen version5 star

What is the difference between the normal 12 rated film and the 15 rated ‘unseen version’?

Federert - Expected Little but was Genuinely surprised5 star

Its a movie clearly targeted at a young female audience, or so I thought, I watched it on netflix and was pleasantly surprised, the two young leads hold themselves well in what is essentially a blockbuster with no small budget. The storyline is limited and has its base a Romeo and Juliet scenario . Can write the rest of this apple typeface covering content.

xbox adict girl x - love it5 star

jenifer lawrence...i am so jealous of you, your beautiful, an amazing actor and got to kiss josh hutcherson !!!!!!



Jelley<3 - What a fabulous film!!!!!!5 star

Absolutely amazing, read all the books and loved the film, can't wait for the next film in November. The actor truely make what we have known as the characters and make the book live up to its potential, I would recommend it to anyone :D

Trololololololololololol hi - Best film ever lol so so good!!!!!!!5 star

2 words love it

123teezy - Awesome5 star

The film is amazing obviously not as good as the books but amazing all the same I can't wait for the second film to come out

Katethomas92 - I'm mixed on this film...4 star

I've read the books, maybe this is what changes my opinion. (Books are always better than the films ;) ) Firstly, I think they did utterly fantastic with the film. However, if you've read the books, you'll know that the book ends on an amazing Cliff Hanger, with obviously the awkward predicament of the Capital hating Katniss, but importantly the 'fake' love of Katniss and Peeta crumbling. I'm gutted they didn't extend the film for another 15 minutes to include the medic centre and the heartbreak that is in the book. Other than that, I simply wished they used the symbolism's simplied in the book, in regards to Katniss' emotional connection between Prim & Rue. But yes it's an amazing film and I'd recommend it to anyone either way. Roll on Nov for Part 2.

Bethwoody - Cant wait5 star

Cant wait for 22 november cause the second film is coming out gonna see it with my freinds not my mum though

Monkey face230422 - Fab film4 star

Great film! Loved it but it took too long to download! Took at least an hour and a half! Wanted to watch it on that day but took far too long! One of the best films I've seen for a while although still think the book is better! Wish it downloaded slightly faster than it did!

Moo Cos bells - Hunger Games5 star

Wow!!!! Such an amazing book and equally amazing film!! Loved it soooo much!!!! Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant as Katniss, really felt that she played the part well! Josh Hutcherson was super good as well, really got that Peeta feeling!! A brilliant movie, well done!!!

louiebroberts - Favourite movie EVER!5 star

Favourite movie EVER! And that says a lot because I've see a lot of movies!

Bezz dog - Clove is happy5 star

In the helicopter, Clove looked like she couldn't wait to get in the arena.

Marikyo - Help?5 star

The book was 5*s but for some reason I have enough space and money but it's grey and I can't click it please help!!!!

Mollie HH - AMAZING5 star

Absolutely amazing and captivating. What a performance from Josh Hutcherson

Hanmaytt - Epic, just epic5 star

This film is my favourite film EVER! I would also advise u 2 read the books for the next 2 episode as they r even better (which Is inpossible, I know) 5 stars EPICC!!!!!!! (Soz If ya don't like that word) xx

ThAt_RaNdOm_C0oKiE - Whoa5 star

Amazing film AND book best film of the year move over Marvel and DC

Clone2206 - Better than normal edition5 star

As it says in the title better than the 12 rated version. :D

Richard Fulford - BEST FILM EVER!!!!!!5 star

Ive watched this film sooo many times because its just too awesome 😜

dlr227 - Amazing4 star

Really good i agre with Tabitha£££ the relationships were rushed. But ove all amazing film

Chasuck - LOVE IT5 star

I have watched it a thousand times! And read the books a million times! It is amazing! Does anyone know of this one has the bonus features available?

benjamin01 - A MUST SEE5 star

I have just watched this in HD and it is worth every penny. This is one of those films you are happy to watch again, and again and again. You start to feel for the characters and are wishing them luck just like everyone else is in the film. If you have not seen this film before, you will not be disappointed!!

Badgerspot - Book Wins2 star

I have just finished watching this film. The main thing I'm taking away from the experience is that after being an absolute telly addict my whole life I have finally begun to read books. One of which being The Hunger Games. It is a very good read. I really enjoyed reading all 3 books. So much so that now I realise I prefer reading to watching. This film absolutely sucked in comparison to the book. Books get you so much more emotionally involved. You begin to understand the characters. The film glosses over the relationships. Also for the cinematic experience it makes the main star more "likeable". Katniss is meant to be miserable and in the beginning no so pleasing on the eye. These differences stops you from engaging in the film. It is unfair to try and compare the book to the film in respect the film lasts 2 hours 20 mins. So how could they possibly fit in the whole details. I guess that is my point. It is not possible. Watching this film has not added to my enjoyment of the hunger games. I wouldn't say don't watch it, just be aware of my opinion if you really enjoyed reading it.

CSI Browne - The Hunger Games5 star

The Hunger Games is one of the best films of the year! If you haven't read the books, then you must. From the first chapter of the book I was hooked, which is something that has never happened to me before. I loved the way Suzanne Collins describes everything very detailed from the landscapes, the characters and the brutality of the Games themselves. I could not put the book down and I could easily read it again. So after reading the book I was so excited about watching the film, and I know not everything from the book can be used in the film, but it was a decent enough adaptations, even though it had its few flaws, (which I will explain in my review). The pacing of the film is done perfectly and just like the book I was captivated from the start to finish. It didn't feel like a two and a half hour film, the film is gripping all the way through. The characters were brilliantly replicated from the book, and even the landscapes are how I imagined them from the thorough details from Suzanne Collins. Jennifer Lawrence gives another stunning and moving performance as Katniss Everdeen, and one of the best scenes to see her in was the death of Rue. There wasn't a dry eye in the cinema after that scene. Josh Huterson also gave a brilliant performance as the kind-hearted Peeta Mellark, and portrayed exactly how he was described in the book. Woody Harrelson was amazing as Haymitch, who was my favourite character from the film, and the book. His charismatic 'and inebriated' portrayal was outstanding and could only have come from such an amazing actor as Woody Harrelson. There wasn't a weak link in this film; every member of the cast brought something to the film. The film wasn't as perfect as the books, and here is my opinion on some of the flaws. Firstly, the most noticeable is the PG-13 rating. The book is violent and very graphic when it came to the killing scenes. There still is the brutality of the killing scenes, at one point in the film you can hear the snap of one of the tributes neck, but the gore has been toned down. Secondly, the camera work could have been a lot better than it was, when there was a violent scene, the camera quickly averts from the screen, and becomes blurry at times. Thirdly, some of the scenes seemed rushed, like the friendship between Gale and Katniss at the start of the film, and also the alliance formed between Katniss and Rue during the Hunger Games. These were a lot lengthier in the book and slightly altered for the film, but they could have been extended in my opinion. The film was a very good adaptation, and one of the scenes that I am glad they got right was the death of Rue. It was an emotional scene in the book, and they captured that very well in the film, like i previously stated there was not a dry eye in the cinema. It was an entertaining film, it did have its funny moments, (most of them involving Haymitch), and it did have some incredible tense scenes.

Louis coop - Lewis Cooper5 star

This is a brilliant film and I would buy it and recommend it to anyone

Sam =D fhkksdxcghjn - DON'T BUT IT1 star

Stupid and overrated.

Hannahmbevins - Absolutely amazing5 star

This film is the best film that has ever been made, it creates tension and is just amazing! If I could I would watch it every single minute of every single day!!!! It's a must see movie!!!!

Adz is kinG - Great film5 star

Amazing film can't wait until Catching Fire!

Moviechick! - Extras5 star

The extras only play on your PC. Hope that helps. Love this film!!

Kimberly W - Extras5 star

Does the extras on this film play on the device or on a PC?

JoyceDark&LovelyHylton - Very good4 star

Excellent film. Saw before reading the book and really enjoyed I so don't worry if you haven't read the book yet. Exciting, harrowing, emotional. Can't wait for the second one.

Ordinary. Person - This is NOT twilight !!!4 star

I've seen reviews saying that this is crap because there is no explanation of the love triangle in the movie. This movie ( unseen edition) is about hunger, poverty, battle and thriller. If you want a romance, go read twilight. And I think this is a good movie, as long as you dont watch it too much. It can get boring if watched more than once a week - ok2 star

one for the twilight fans

Bowlegge_JackFace - Best film ever!5 star

Definitely the best film ever!

minik3lly - Definitly worth a watch.5 star

I hate it how people are comparing this to twilight, when it's really nothing like it at all. I cringed all the way through the twilight books and films, the story line and the actors were a bit of a mess. Whereas The Hunger Games is, in my opinion, generally a good film. I love how Jennifer Lawrence portrays Katniss because I hate her character in the book. And personally, I prefer the film to the book. I did watch the film before i read the book, but I understood everything it was trying to portray. Although it could do with a few touch ups, like explanations, it's good to watch. Just because it doesn't show a extensive amount of gore does not mean its a terrible film, it just means it'll appeal to more people. I will not watch Battle Royale because i know I'd feel physically sick. That doesn't make The Hunger Games a "money making franchise" it just means that I and others can enjoy the film without constantly wincing.

Jimmy jammie wammy 8888 - love or hate5 star

It's love it or hate it I loved it My opinion don't listen to haters there completely wrong. It's nt bout The action Its more thriller & adventure

Scottyy2010 - Fantastic!5 star

Can honestly say this is the best film i have ever watched. The CGI effects were amazing. 100% worth it! you're gonna love it!

Porgee - Don't listen to the bad reviews!5 star

The hunger games is amazing and the film does the book so much justice! It's great acting from Jen, josh, Liam and all the rest of the cast! So far I've watched it 20 times and never got bored of it once! It's a definite buy and is amazing! :)

cope <3 - My fave film!5 star

I dont think it relates to any other film ive seen in my WHOLE LIFE!!!!

Snip86 - Crap1 star

This is the worst film I've ever seen.. no story.. poor acting..poor effects… complete waste of money and time.. One word = GARBAGE

Rosie Bulitta - dont buy1 star

the hunger games is rubbish dont buy

179542 - Pap!2 star

Saw this film at the cinema. If you're female, sixteen and brainless.......go see it. You'll love it. If, on the other hand, your yourself a favour and get a life. Don't make the same mistake as me.

cherryyellow - raiders for the lost tart1 star

All you "OMG,S" and "amaaazing" viewers must have been locked up in a cupboard or a similar dark place for a long time.,This is not a film.First and foremeost it is a cynical attempt at forming another stupid franchise ,like Twilight and the other stuff,no story just posturing by ............noooo not actors more like toilet attendants for the desperate to be easily relieved.This is a trailer not a film.Its emotional content so prescribed and conventional twould make a Tesco shopping afternoon feel like a military coup.There is no point to this rubbish other than to collect a following of gaga gogo young uns to line the pockets of people like Sutherland,who should know better.Mind you he really hasnt done anything since "Dont look now" and it is clearly evident that he is not about to take on anything intelligent.Must be awful to be eclipsed by your son.Anyway a brief summary of this advert, full of hasbeens and hopefuls with zero talent,directed with a regard for the banal and inability to appreciate story.Dont buy the sequel

Deoxyribonucleicacid - Battle Royale4 star

This is essentially the same as Battle Royale (2000), not sure how copyright works but this is so similar i'm surprised it got the go ahead. That said it's enjoyable and worth a look. I feel some countries don't like to read subtitles in a film hence The Hunger Games (Battle Royale is in Japanese with English subtitles).

Sharemeister - Rushed and clichéd!2 star

This film was definitely rushed in all the build-up and end parts, purely to focus on the main event of the film, which wouldn't be too bad, but I had the feeling that there was a lot of information you needed to now packed into these bits. But here's the main reason why it's not so good: it's got all the classic clichés in there. The 'take me not my sister', the inevitable love connection, the main character who lives on a farm ends up doing better than the military-trained characters, the help from outside.. I would go on, but I would eventually have written out the whole film. This is one of those films where you can guess exactly what's going to happen when and where in the storyline. The author of these books may have said they were written to highlight how bad our gameshows are, but they've clearly been written as something for popularity that can be turned into a movie franchise to make money, which somewhat spoils what could have been a good idea. Long of the short: It's a good idea that's been rushed in many places and packed with too many clichés which overall makes it one of those films you can predict the whole way through.

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Harry potters fan - Review4 star

I find this movie very interesting and thrilling. The movie I feel is the right duration and does not leave me feeling bored. It is able to use pretty good picturing and animations through the movie. I however think that the acting in some points is noticeably cheesy. For example any scene with the president snow. I feel his acting could have been better.

Imagination - Gary Ross with less money created a masterpiece!5 star

You can see how cheap some of the effects are but they do the job. It's still difficult to believe she didn't get nominated for an Oscar. The scene with the young girls death and her salute to the cameras is intense and moving! Someday this film will be a "CLASSIC"

KbCheetah - This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, and fun and I like this movie a lot.

HenryDavid13 - The Odds are in your Favor!4 star

Welcome, welcome, to the first of four movies based on three novels: The Hunger Games. We open with an excerpt from the Treaty of Treason, which essentially says “you misbehaved, now you and your descendants will suffer at the hands of us and our descendants.” We then go to the start of an upbeat TV program in the Capitol where Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) is interviewing head gamemaker Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley) about that year’s Hunger Games. Cut to District 12, and we meet Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) comforting her younger sister Primrose (Willow Shields) after a nightmare of being reaped wakes her up (spoiler alert for her: it comes true, in a way). After calming her down and getting her to go back to sleep, Katniss goes out hunting in the woods, where she meets up with her hunting partner Gale (Liam Hemsworth) to exchange reaping day gifts, followed by the reaping itself. Prim’s nightmare comes true when Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) pulls her name out, but unlike how I can assume the nightmare went, Katniss volunteers as tribute. After Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) is reaped, Katniss says good-bye, and they begin their journey to the Capitol; with the help of drunken mentor Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and modest Capitol stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), Katniss boldly goes where a girl in her age group is sent every year: The Hunger Games, which take a whole 66 minutes to start, making for what may be the longest lead-up to a titular event yet. Katniss is well-developed as a character from the loving sister of Prim to the hunting partner/friend of Gale, and the sweet-for-the-camera-before-the-games-and-determined-in-the-games tribute. Katniss may be the main focus, but all the other characters I mention have pertinent moments, even those she briefly interacts with like President Snow (Donald Sutherland) have interesting moments here and there, with or without her. While the characters are great, another problem right up there with the pacing is the shakiness of the camera. Gary Ross-vision: because it’s too hard to hold a camera steady during simple dialogue scenes that don’t call for it. Otherwise, the CGI is forgivably noticeably in brief doses, James Newton Howard’s soundtrack (when used) conveys both the grandeur of the Capitol, the hardship of life in District 12, the emotion between some characters, and the everything else a soundtrack does. The Hunger Games may be a grim event, but there’s enough comic relief to remind you “these characters are human” and keep you from thinking way too hard about the social messages in here. Interpret them how you like, so all I can say now is this: may the odds be ever in your viewing favor!

Minecraft master209 - Wow5 star

This movie was amazing!!!!😆😆

DylanWilken45 - Go Jlaw!!!!!5 star

Once again Jennifer Lawrence another great adaptation of a well known character. Keep up the good work Jlaw.

لوك هاتريك - MY FAVORITE FILM5 star

Love it,❤️

Dubstep Party Boy - Mind Blowing5 star

Needed a movie for a deployment, thought I'd give this a shot. I haven't been able to put it down since! Seems like the classic tale of teens fighting for truth and all that. Do yourself a favor and watch this in hd for the full experience. They really nailed it with this one.

B-Blaire - Love it!!!5 star

I have read the series twice and just bought the movie! I absolutely loved it! Can't wait to see the second movie!!!

GOD IS GOOD! - Terrific5 star

I finished the first book not a week before seeing this. This is one of the better book adaptations Ive seen. Jennifer Lawrence introduced us to her acting talents and this amazing story.

Jolovesgum - Alright! Happy Hunger Games!5 star

I saw this movie twice now. I watched it a year ago on January 23, 2015 and last night with my brother.

HG FAN1011 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!5 star

I love it, everyone should own this movie

Gamer25548 - Fabulous5 star

Grate movie but very sad but also confusing storyline all I half to say about this movie is make it me realistic like for instance put more things into it but overall grate movie

•Coldplay• - Obsessed5 star

NEW BEST MOVIE EVER! I love all the Hunger Games movies.

L-M🎉🎉🎉 - Hunger games5 star

Greatest movie of all time can't wait for the next one!!!

JoshTheAwesome101 - 3 Fingers Up & 4 Whistles5 star

Loved this movie a lot 9.7/10 A

ariebee777 - Best movie book ever5 star

Okay so this movie is a must watch. Its one of those rare book-turned-into-movie things. So I'm not gonna spoil this movie like a lot of people did to me but you have to see it!!!!!!🏹🏹

Sama Lama Bing Bong - I ❤️ Hunger Games5 star

I seriously am a giant fan. Love it!!!!!

13athena - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!5 star

I loved this movie, mostly because of all the action. Even though I didn't go to the movie theater to see this, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I also gave this five stars because Apple won't let us give it 100,000,000,000,000 stars!

Helmi Younan - Good , but not 5 STARS4 star

Entertaining and a little weird , I just can't belive it grossed so much money , Part 2 also !!!! I'm not sure if I'm going to chase Part 2 , what more can it possibly offer ??? Another fight in the woods or her younger sister being thrown it ???? FOR 5 STAR movies see my FACEBOOK ( Helmi Younan ) list of awesome flicks !!!!

Brendan_young13 - A great story5 star

This is one of the best stories every created, and if you're looking for something to get emotionally attached to, here's where to start. Such a great story of what people do with the opportunity in front of them: be a killer or be a survivor. This brings out the best in some and the worst in others. One of my favorite films of all time, and everyone who watches it should be satisfied.

Mysterious Mustache Master - THIS MOVIE IS THE NEW AWESOME!!!!😆😆😆5 star

I love this movie!! If you are reading this review and you haven't bought this movie yet, buy it right now.

Aly Sotelo Edwards - It was ok3 star

I like Catching Fire and Mockingjay much better than this one because peeta and katniss love each other so much in the two movies Catching Fire and Mockingjay and in those movies there was better acting. Jennifer Lawrence Did a brilliant job as playing Katniss Everdeen is a héroe to people and her family. At first in The Hunger Games people didn't like her but then they did😊🎊

MOVIEGEEK101 - A solid,yet uneven,YA film3 star

The Hunger Games has plenty of flaws to go around,but the film makes it up with a great performance from Jennifer Lawrence and thrilling action scenes

BOC Fan - I Love JLaw5 star

Wow! What a great movie! I am really glad I saw this first Hunger Games movie because it is the movie that introduced me to Jennifer Lawrence. Because before I saw this first hunger games movie I didn't even know who Jennifer Lawrence was. And now she is my hero. This movie has a lot of great action and tender love scenes. JLaw for president!!! I even made up my own playlist of some of my favorite rock songs that weren't on the soundtracks but that I thought should be. Here are those titles below Invincible- Pat Benatar Leningrad- Billy Joel Land of Confusion- Genesis Domino Suite- Genesis Silent Running- Mike & The Mechanics Shoot High, Aim Low- Yes

Np3 88 - Holy して good movie😋5 star

Amazing movie with great special effects,acting or any thing else! If you are reading this and your going to look at other reviews do not,and I repeat, do not listen to people that gave this AMAZING movie less than✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️. This movie is so good so action packed that you would have your mouth hanging open in awe! It's cool to see the part where the game makers try to kill katniss when she's running through the forest and also the beginning of the games are kind of gory but...WHATEVER ITS STILL THE BEST MOVIE EVER

Coolmanh - It was awesome5 star

This movie was the best movie I have ever seen, it has a mix of action, adventure and sadness. Its a great movie I'm not going to spoil it. 😄

Countrymusicfan16 - Amazing5 star

Love this movie!! One of the best movies ever!! Awesome movie :D

Vic7ori4😀 - BEST MOVIE EVER😀😃😄5 star

Ok first of all it's a romance it's a action it's a adventure....and I love it it is the best movie ever invented😀😃😄😀😃😄 you should buy it!!!!!!!

Movies 101 - 😃😃😃👍👍🐶💙🐶❤️❤️❤️💜💜5 star

I loved it it is so good even critics agree and they literally hate everything it is alsome 😃😃😃

HSCreeper - LOVE IT5 star


Tay's biggest fan - T h g5 star


Sophie457593 - Love at first sight!!!!5 star

I love this books and movies!!!!!

Smartand smarter - Good Movie4 star

I liked this movie although a lot of it was unlike the book. Obviously this director had no I dead what he was doing. It was a good movie but it was very weird. The rest are 5 star movies because they had a new director. This director didn't care.

This movie was so sad - So sad5 star

I watched the movie and read the book and I swear I cried when Someone died,especially Rue.And if this ever happens in the future I would murder myself so I wouldn't have to suffer while the Capitol just sits around all day and has nothing to worry about.

Emma girl 3009751257900 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star


??????!????? - The Best Book Ever5 star

Collins has made the best trilogy ever it's amazing that they made a movie of the novel.And ignore the bad reviews of it being for children.Yeah, I'm 9 and I've seen all the movies AND read all the books, but I think it is made for adults. If you like romance movies I think this movie is for you. For example if are the least bit interested in The Twilight Saga you will LOVE the books and movies. It isn't judged by if it is for adults or children its if the Hunger Games are for you. My mom loves the hunger games, my sister is TERRIFIED of it, I LOVE the hunger games, my dad doesn't like it, a lot of my and my moms friends like it I am friends with a couple teens that love the novel. It depends on if you would like a romantic, jarring speed-rap of a novel -Hannah k. 9 years old Columbus, Georgia

esharpy - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

This film is that one movie that you watch 1,000,000,000,000 times😍❤️

Jennifer hutchens - Best movie EVER5 star

They did such a great job on the movies the casting is amazing and they followed the book better than any movie that has been turned from a book I would highly recommend getting the movie!!😀😀

MAS7ERCHIEF999 - Awesome5 star

Best movie ever

Kendall 417 - Oh My Gosh5 star

This is the best movie ever AAA

Black Vulcan 69 - An excellent role model for girls!5 star

Katniss Everdeen is the hero that girls have been waiting for. She is strong, self-reliant, fearless, independent, and a leader. She is no female supporting character to some beefcake macho dude with an ego the size of Texas that has megalomania stamped all over it. She is the de facto leader of a rebellion against an authoritarian, autocratic state that beats its citizens into submission. When I read the book I felt thrilled and even proud that a writer has finally created a story about a powerful woman in a role that is conventionally reserved for least in Hollywood. Katniss doesn't allow her world to revolve around any boy. She has far more serious problems and romance generally takes a backseat to other priorities. But she does honor friendship and is loyal to her friends to death, like Rue. I am looking forward to "Catching Fire" & "Mockingjay" and hope that the director will do the book justice and present Katniss as the reluctantly capable and adored hero that she is in the book. Katniss is a modern-day Joan of Arc but without the religious overtones and virginal connotations. She is just a normal, red-blooded young woman with two love interests and courage! While the directing has some issues and the book seems like it may have plagiarized some elements from another book, this isn't the film's fault. When I read the harshly negative, overly critical reviews of this film here I can't help but wonder if it's coming from some emotionally adolescent man fuming at the existence of a strong female action hero who isn't designed to be appealing to men, like Lara Croft (thank heavens, finally!), but to be an inspiration to women and, most of all, to girls.

Jxhnna - Awesome movie!!5 star

This movie is so emotional i mean you literally see 22 people die. But yet you do know the main charecter will win BUT you would never know Kattniss would volunteer for her sister. This movie is filled up with action and that's what I love. I can't wait to go to the movie theater to see Mocking Jay Pt 1&2.

61234567890 - The Hunger Games5 star

Great movie

Zebra2005 - Best Movie In life5 star

This movie is AMAZING😀😀😄

Awesome sauce 4000😂😂 - I don't know3 star

I really was looking forward to this movie but I couldn't watch it. I was waiting for it to download and when it was ready it would not let me press play! I tried again four times but still nothing. Trying four times meaning I probably had to PAY four times!! (Maybe)


This movie surprised me did not this i would like it as much as I did know got to see them all

AGT1201 - Loved5 star


Brad-- - BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I read the book in like 9 hours and I loved the movie! It follows the book very well accept in the movie Peeta was literally bleeding every where but in the movie it was less dramatic. Peeta is my favorite and I <3 the actor. Some people think it is very violent, it is. But people just don't understand that Katniss was safing Prim, she didn't think she was going to live.

nycsuperdog - trash1 star

This pre-teen coming of age or whatever nonsense - there are so many messages it has to be funded by special interests - it smashes the coal industry,,,,hmmmm,,,, nice timing; That goofiness aside - prepare for hackneyed plots, errant love stories and amateur acting. It’s terrible through and through and probably the worst movie I’ve ever had to stay awake through. Trash.

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The Hunger Games movie images
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