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Calling all knuckleheads! From the fiercely funny Farrelly Brothers (There’s Something About Mary) comes this contemporary take on the world’s most beloved classic comedy trio...The Three Stooges! Left on the doorstep of a nun-conventional orphanage as toddlers, Moe, Larry, and Curly grow up eye-poking, face-slapping and head-clunking their way into adulthood. Now the bumbling trio — pure of heart, but dim of wit — find themselves on a madcap mission to save their childhood home from foreclosure. Can the Stooges survive the modern world, raise the money, and ultimately save the day? Why soitenly!

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Just Say Moe.. While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.. The Three Stooges Wiki

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hannah reich
LOL  hannah reich  5 star


clayton dorris
Laughs  clayton dorris  5 star

Hahaha that movie was sooo funny and good 😂

Best movie ever  Dylan11sans  5 star

Loved it,hilarious comedy and great for all ages

Funny 😄  Lence1775  5 star

I love the Three Stooges I love the original and the new one when they show all the Three Stooges of the Moe Larry and Curly but I miss Shemp he was the original three stooges but he became the fourth stooges

Brett II
HILARIOUS!!!!  Brett II  5 star

Very funny movie. Been a three stooges fan since childhood. Love every minute of it.

True Hearts Mackson
So funny!  True Hearts Mackson  5 star

Who says slapstick is not good comedy? IT makes a movie worth watching for.

Justice C. Hinton
#TeamJHUD  Justice C. Hinton  5 star

Hey, it's me again with the same message I'm a mega fan who only watched this because Jennifer Hudson was in it!

Funny  JoshTheAwesome101  5 star

This was very hilarious

Horrible  8;(()  1 star

The stooges are lame!!!!

Christopher Kennedy
Stooge funny  Christopher Kennedy  5 star

The lobster part in the reasteraunt was hella funny

Soitanly worth a look!  (Ian)  5 star

Thank you Farrely brothers! Worth the wait to see the three Stooges on the big screen in modern times. Perfect casting, and a clean script ... rare thesese days! The long awaited movie will leave you wanting moe! Ian Shanley

Izy 01
Cool  Izy 01  5 star

Awesome movie


so funny XD and the jersey shore cast is in it so it's even more good :)

oreo cookies 123
three stoogers  oreo cookies 123  5 star

best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kids loved it  5 star

The kids thought this movie was hilarious and they want to see it repeatedly!!

A Saucerful of Bad  "brilliant"  1 star

I had high hopes for this movie. Momentary lapse of reason by Hollywood producer. The final cut was simply boring and awful.

Asume  Buterballs  5 star


Garbage!  TrofortInc  1 star

Not worth the 1s and 0s it's made with...move along.

.  Jay6875  2 star

The only things I enjoyed about this movie are the music, particularly "Waste" by Foster the People and "Tongue Tied" by Grouplove

chan victor
Luckyhung  chan victor  5 star

Not bad at all, brings back the memories!

Sushi Dushi Sushi
Review  Sushi Dushi Sushi  5 star

It is funny that is costs more to rent this movie than to buy it. Great movie!

Ben Dal Farra
Funny!  Ben Dal Farra  4 star

A great way to bring slapstick legends back. For those who don't even who they were, they were real comedians back in the 1930s and 40s and now, thanks to Farrelly Brothers. They've brought to bring them back to life in colour, in our modern day style and onto the big screen.

Terrible as hell  Dawnspring  1 star

This movie is soooo stupid. The trailer looks ok but never watch the whole movie.

3 Stooges Hilarious  asav65  4 star

Funny! Wasn't sure if the comedy would still work but it does... And how! Was sore from laughing at the crazy (retro) gags. Beautifully done.

Garbage..Awful..Pathetic..  Geelongboy  1 star

This was a terrible,terrible movie. If you have trouble sleeping then this movie will help. I have never watched a more pathetic movie than this. Even an Adam Sandler or Steven Seagall movie would be better than this....well perhaps not a Seagall movie. Save your money and skip this diatribe.

Silly  coolgeek2000  1 star

I love to laugh and watch comodies but, I really didn't like the movie. I haven't seen the old tv series and dont know much about the three stooges though. It's just kind of to silly. I laughed at first but I didn't even get half way through the movie before turning it off.

Great  NjsaNa  4 star

I didn't have high expectations for this movie but then i watched it and it was great. You don't have to have watched the original ones to like it and its a laugh the whole way through movie.

Rating  Hdtyhyjg  5 star

It is so funny !!!

A beautiful tribute to a comedy legend  wliia  4 star

What's so wonderful about this film is that unlike other adaptation films like The Last Airbender and Bewitched, The Three Stooges pays a wonderful tribute and homage to the comedic trio by casting the RIGHT actors for the roles of Moe, Larry and Curly, and also putting them in situations that fans will remember from the originals. While the film isn't perfect (the beginning with the Stooges as kids wasn't that well done), it's still a great and hilarious film that fans and newcomers will truly appreciate.

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