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V/H/S is a point-of-view, found-footage horror film from the perspective of America's top genre filmmakers. A group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house in the countryside and acquire a rare tape. Upon searching the house, the guys are confronted with a dead body, a hub of old televisions and an endless supply of cryptic footage, each video stranger and more inexplicably terrifying than the last... When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for. V/H/S Wiki

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This collection is killer...

V/H/S (2012)

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- Creepy movie and Haven’t seen3 star

I Haven’t Seen this Movie Yet

- Nudity to the rescue2 star

Helen Rogers made this watchable. I am fairly sure that wasn't the goal.

- This Was Awesome!!!5 star

I love found footage horror movies and this one is on my list that you need to watch. Seriously, the directors made a fantastic job making this movie. 5 stars man, 5 stars!!!!

- Gets boring3 star

It starts off strong, but the format of the movie starts to get ld about an hour in and I quickly found that i was forcing myself to finish the 2 hour film.

- Slightly Above Average4 star

I started out this film thinking I was going to hate it. I watched the preview expecting something more than what the first 10 minutes gave me but i stuck with the whole film and I have to say I’m glad I did. It’s very VERY hard to scare me — I’m the type of person who sees movies like Annabelle, The Conjuring and Insidious on my own. Annabelle was laughable, The Conjuring had some good scares, and the same could be said of Insidious. This movie though? While it starts out weak, and with me hating just about every douche who ends up dying, I thought the only thing satisfactory about it would be the deaths. Later on, I found the different stories to be interesting, explorative and yeah — actually scary. It took me 30 minutes to convince myself to actually pause the movie and leave my bed. I even ended up turning on the lights! It’s been a really, really long time since a horror movie has scared me like that. I thought it was just going to be an average slasher thrill, but it actually turned out to be a decent Supernatural flick.

- Guts galore3 star

I actually like these lost footage style films. This one wasn’t too bad, V/H/S/2 is a bit better though. Some of the stories in this I liked, especially the first story bout meeting girls in New Orleans {I think) and very last story with the guys looking for a Halloween party somewhere in L.A. The other ones were eh. But its worth a rent I think, and if your into guts and hot naked girls this is for you. Enjoy. Oh yeah most of the main characters deserve what they get in my opinion, the guys were the worst, didn’t like any of them.

- Nothing to write home about3 star

It’s got couple of good scares, but for the most part it’s pretty uninteresting.

- A hidden gem for horror fans!5 star

This is a fun, crazy romp. Nothing to take too seriously, but it has a bunch of good scares and just COOL bits that you’ll be talking to your friends about later. Honestly one of my favourites. It’s not perfect BY ANY MEANS, but it’s very watchable and has lots of cool moments.

- Wow4 star

One of the better horror films i’ve seen in a while, the shaky found footage always creeps me out so much more than a usual horror movie cinematic camera. If you love scary movies i highly recommend that you watch this one.

- i’ll never get those 2 hours back1 star


- Stay away!1 star

Unless you’re a complete newbie in the handheld “horror” genre, you should stay far away from this one. It’s boring, lacks a connecting thread and is immensely annoying visually most of the time.

- You know those movies you regret ever watching?2 star

For me, this is one of those regrettable movies. There was a lot of unnecessary nudity, poorly done gore, and the acting was not the best, for the most part. And almost every single character in this movie was a horrible person, save for the guys at the very end and those poor girls in the segment-before-last. I agree with some of the other reviewers in that I also think the last story was the best one...if they had managed to stretch that into two hours this would have been an okay movie. Those guys in the last story were also the most likable characters in the entire thing, and pretty much the only ones you didn't WANT anything terrible to happen to. I only spent $1.99 on this rental, and I feel like even that was far too expensive. This movie just generally left me with a bad, creeped-out feeling, and not in the way you normally get with any decent horror movie. It's in pretty bad taste, generally, and I recommend skipping this one altogether.

- What a joke!1 star

Worst movie I have ever seen. You could literally not pay me to sit through it again. Made no sense! Who edited the scenes together on this movie? Total POS.

- Found it on Netflix and was really surprised!4 star

At first I had thought it was one of those "teen -watch this, pass it around and you and your friends will die" type of flick". I couldn't of been more wrong. It had me scratching my head and biting my nails. What it is, a collection of seemingly "home made" footage. The primary story in itself is pretty funny/scary too but I dont want to give to much away. I would definately rent it. If horror is your thing, I would say yeah it's worth to add to your collection. There are some of the clips that are better then others, I think my favorite is if memory serves me correctly the very last video, which was freaky as hell. But yeah I really liked it. It is totally worth watching.

- Horrible1 star

I watch a lot of horror movies and this is probably the worst. This is a complete waste of your time and money.

- A Must-See5 star

I'm face palming over here because of all the people saying this movie is "unoriginal". Seriously??? This is one of the most original movies I have ever seen. Both this, AND the second one. I love horror movies, but hate most American ones, because they're all the same crap, and only rely on "popup" scares. This movie does so much stuff thats never been done. And it's like 5 mini horror movies all tied together with another horror movie. If you're reading this, just rent the movie. I'm one of those people that NEVER buys movies, but I'm totally going to buy this and the second one. Hoping for a third!

- IMPRESSED!!!!!5 star

You have to pay attention in order to catch on. I cheated by looking it up in Wikipedia. Then it all came together. Just know this that a number of separate stories. The second story is not only full of anxiety but the one that is the best of all six stories. Yet all have a good scare...enjoy. Don't forget to leave a light on!

- Blah.1 star

So bad. Not even worth all the nudity in it. Do not watch this movie. Waste of money.

- Pretty awesome5 star

I really enjoyed the story stories!

- If you're like me....5 star

And you count The Exorcist, The Omen and Hauning in Connecticut as some great scary movies, (and you hate SAW) this is for you. I'm not generally a fan of the handheld camcorder genre (Cloverfield really put me off) but the horror and suspense in VHS somehow bypasses all that's bad in handheld pov. Because you have no idea what each individual story is about, it genuinely grips you and has you on the edge of your seat. There were a few occasions that my chest was pounding. There is one story in this collection that was a bit lame, just a bit studentish, but the others made up for it.

- Leaves Much To Be Desired2 star

I'm not writing this review to gripe about the absolutely annoying amount of wobbly camera action going on - I get it, people still think it adds realism, and feels "edgy." I'm writing this because there was nothing particularly scary about this movie; there's like two startle type moments in the whole 116 minutes. Overall the characters were just stupid, it felt like I was watching either some dumb frat boys, or some dumb hipsters. Whenever one of these morons died, the world's collective IQ went up exponentially. All in all, a definite snoozefest. Way too much of the jiggly camera bit going, way too many dumb characters, and overall way too few scares. Can't recommend this one, save your money for something else.

- Horrible1 star

This movie is a waist of time, this movie was confusing it had no plot line. This was just a bunch of gore and bad acting puked up together.

- Didn't like the movie1 star

Not scary

- Dumb1 star

It's not good at all, waste of money!

- I like you...4 star

Honestly, it's truly horrific at the beginning. Then it drops… This isn't to say that the stories aren't entertaining--I felt like the first set the bar on horror/violence, but none of the rest could quite match it. Many parts are pretty far-fetched (with the tone never really hitting a groove, even in the short segments of stories); it's a great movie nonetheless, so I'd at least give it a go, if only for the first story.

- Kinda Good4 star

Okay, so I would have given it 5 stars if the whole movie had creeped me out (The second VHS is possibly the best out of the series). However, I give it 4 stars, for a few simple reasons. One, it has original concepts and brings together multiple directors with different view points on gore&horror. So its good on having different views. However, in my personal opinion, the scariest "tape" had to be the webcam chat. Just because it had more jump scares that made your pulse race. So if you like good scares, watch the second. But if you like semi-scary stuff, watch this.

- a fun comedy4 star

I love comedies like this one. I laughed myself silly watching bad people get what they deserve.

- Horror Movie Expert3 star

I love to try new things, so I thought I'd try this. Not what I hoped for. Too dark, too staticky, too confusing. At times, I didn't know what I was looking at. Was I watching the actual video, or watching the people watch the video? There is no way I'm paying $10.00 to watch its sequel.

- If I could leave zero stars I would1 star

This movie had no plot, no meaning, no purpose. A complete waste of 2 hours. I can't believe anyone liked this. Seriously?!

- Great found footage horror film.4 star

Because it's an anthology, I'll rate it by each clip. The first one, which encompasses the other 5/10 is relatively boring, it's slightly entertaining towards the end but over all, thumbs down. The second one, "Amatuer Night" is about of group twenty somethings looking to make a sex tape. and this is beyond amazing. I absolutely loved how it turned out and the ending was beyond perfect. 9/10 The third was about a couple who go on a road trip. I can't really go much further without spoiling it, but it was probably the creepiest, though the ending was awful dumb. 7/10 The fourth was about a group of young adults going camping. This one was ok, but the acting was kind of bad. Overall a 7/10. The third, entirely from iChat, was the comedic relief of the whole movie. There were some jump scares but overall it was humor. 7.5/10 The last was by far my favorite. This one was the most effects-y and reminded me a lot of Grave Encounters. 9/10. Overall i give the movie an 8.

- Best movie ever5 star

Awesome!!! Must see!

- Nothing to see here keep moving and don't rent or buy3 star

I thought the premise was pretty good. There are some thugs looking for a tape in a creepy house. Once the thugs find the tape, they watch it in a supposedly dead man' s house. It is set up as a movie within a movie. There are five films on the tape, and all are bloody and violent. I had no problem with that, but the way the films were directed the viewer didn't know why the violence was taking place. The first two "films" on the tape were okay, but the last three remaining " films" were lame. It is as the directors couldn't think of a plot other than the characters must die by supernatural method. Lame and lazy. There was explanation why, just kill the characters. The part of the movie pertaining to the burglars in the house was stupid too. The burglars are killed off one by one, but the lighting is so poor we can't see how and by whom. This was a disappointing film and it was poorly written. It wasn't worth the amount of money that I paid for it. I wish I could get my money and time back. Until Apple lowers the price on this feature, don't bother to rent it.

- Non-Scary Garbage1 star

One of the most horrendously non-scary "Horror" films I have ever seen. A complete waste of celluloid, they used every possible cliche one can utilize. The result? Laughable.

- Mankinds future is bleak1 star

I have lost all heart and soul through the years watching horror get more dark, hideous and evil and its brought me to the point of no return. My mind has become quite diseased by this genre and if I continue any longer I feel like ill lose all my joy. V/H/S is pure sadistic garbage. Horror movies know no boundaries of immorality. I can't understand how people can make these things and let their names be known to others. Why do people want to watch the most cruel and disgusting acts of violence perpetrated in films simply for the purpose of entertainment? When do we draw a line? How far does this go?

- Great movie4 star

Great movie though to much nudity

- Good5 star

This is such a good movie! It's not for every one because its really violent and lots of nudity but if you can deal with that stuff then you should like this movie. It's really good.


Absolutely one of my most favorite movies of all time!! This is my opinion not any one else so if you don't agree I don't want to hear it but if you love found footage movies I BET YOU'LL Love this one:)

- The nudity took away from stories4 star

I loved this movie. It was a great, low budget, horror film but I only gave it 4 stars because the nudity took away from the stories.

- so disjointed1 star

I wanted so badly to like this but it turned out to be one of the worst "found footage" films I have seen. the story line were decent but it is so hard to watch cheap video quality and camera moves.

- I liked this movie.4 star

For the most part. The part in the forest throw me off, but most of it was pretty good.

- Could not finish it...1 star

Just too bad for words... ok maybe 1 word, 3 syllables... TERR-I-BLE

- Awesome5 star

I see all these negative reviews and wonder if we were watching the same movie. I totally loved it and will watch it again soon. I was not disappointed at all. Great movie!

- Crap1 star

I wasted 2 hours of my life on this load of garbage. No point, no plot and no ending. Stupid movie.

- Long5 star

How long Is it to rent

- Okay4 star

The movie was pretty cool and scary.

- it´s realy bat movie!!!1 star

is´t really bat movie...

- im being HONEST!1 star


- Horrible1 star

This movie was horrible. The story starts slow but slowly gets better. I honestly believed the movie was going to be a lot better but to my surprise it was just bad. PLEASE RENT BEFORE PURCHASING!! This wasn't worth buying but is worth watching. This movie isn't really scary but just gets you thinking on who you should trust. Plus throughout the story you will somewhat find yourself confused on what's going on. The vhs tapes somewhat leave you wanting for more but I guess that's what the director was aiming for.

- Worst movie ever1 star

I don't even know what this movie is about?!? So bad!

- Just wasted 19 dollars1 star

This movie is unbelievably a waste of money. It's one of those cameraman's point of view. Super shaky and they added effects which makes it incomprehensible and dizzying. The story it self is so stupid. I'm a horror movie fanatic but this is just below standard movie. I just wasted 19 dollars on this.

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Daaffff'! D: - Ugh!2 star

Disappointment; I expected better...

Ricke831 - Trash1 star

The video was terrible quality and bad acting..... DO NOT RENT OR BUY

Meme_Rose75 - I like the stories4 star

I like all the different stories it keeps it interesting...this movie is pretty good!

Hdcrewdawg - Worst movie ever1 star

I enjoy watching B, C and even D horror films - this movie had to be the worse thing I have ever seen. I think they just mashed a bunch of bad stuff together which made a bigger mess. Wish I could get my money back.. IT SUCKED!

Saytan13 - Solid flick4 star

It is different and fresh. A definite good flick to watch to build the repertoire of the horror genre ;)

emmarose316 - Wat The Fuc*1 star

Worst movie ever. Its not even a movie its so comfusing and really stupid. Such a waste -______-

FnPigs - Unique5 star

Everyone's giving it a bad wrap. It's like no other movie. I saw it months ago before it was even known in the dark and if you have a good imagination, it's really scary. I'd recommend it to anyone.

ALA712 - Honestly..not good1 star

I am not hard to please but this movie..was just bad. It wasn't realistic at all and just seemed like it was in la la land. Wasn't scary and barely entertaining. I wouldn't waste your money.

Lady Of Loyalty - Okay I guess.3 star

Tolerable at best.

Heythere1789 - Tried, but fell flat...2 star

This movie tried to be something original: A found-footage horror anthology. That type of ingenuity and originality deserves to be acknowledged. That being said, it doesn't view as the work of art it was meant to be. The movie falls apart because of the storyline, or lack thereof. There really isn't much to follow. The story line with the main characters is the one that's supposed to keep you interested, but it's problematic. There is no character development (all you know is that the guys are unlikable), it's predictable and thus anticlimactic, and it leaves way too many unanswered questions. The biggest problem is that it doesn't mesh well with the "tapes." Theres no connection other than the fact that they're looking for the one to steal. Beyond that, the tapes just seem like they're interrupting the main story. Strangely, The draw of the movie is supposed to be these various tapes. They take up the majority of the movie, but they are completely unrelated to one another and like I said, the main story... (We never even find out why they are there). They feel, and are, pointless detours in the larger scheme. The actual stories in the tapes are also chalk full of problems. For one, they are tedious. The 10 minutes each one takes up are not used well. The first 5-7 minutes are complete minutia -- unimportant details. You get no sense of who the characters are or why the occurring events are even happening. I don't even know why this is... It's not like they sacrificed that time for shock value because all of the action was contained in the last 3-5 minutes, which aren't that much more exciting than the initial part of the stories. The action ends abruptly and is so unrewarding that you wonder if sitting through that dribble was even worth it. Furthermore, These stories, like the main one, also leave much to be answered. Rather than fear, all you'll be left with are a number of questions. The true lack of character development is the most obvious theme. Who are the characters? why do we care? What ties this all together? Honestly... Who knows? The only thing that stands out about the characters is how many of them followed the over-saturated " Immature Frat Boy" trend that horror movies in particular are so fond of. That feeling of attachment to even one character (which is usually what motivates people to continue with a story) is nonexistent in this movie because they are all strange enigmas. At the end of this movie, I realized that the only motivation to watch was the fact that I rented it for 4 dollars... Other than that, there was none. I don't know who I would recommend this movie to... It's not even good for a cheap scare. Once you finish this movie, the scariest part ends up being the fact that you actually sat through all that dribble... I don't want to give away spoilers, but I want to give an honorable mention to the girl who took her friends on a camping trip for being the weirdest and most pointless character. I would also like to ask why the party house suddenly turned into the scene of a religious cult and then a ghost story? Nice try, but all I want to know is where the party goers even went... Lastly, those complaining about nudity are ridiculous. A boob should be a problem unless you are 10 years old. If you can't get through a movie because of a nipple that says more about you than the movie.......

vale_nava - The weirdest movie of all time1 star

Not realistic

Wien 0770 - Hahaha1 star

Epic failure ! Only one clip in the movie was scary the rest was just really lame! I was hyped to see this and it was a major let down!

I'm givin out the ending - Bad1 star

The trailors are showing you the best parts of the movie. It's all just really stupid and not really that creepy

wolfmann3 - Review1 star

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Hard to follow, didn't make much sense, and there wasn't any real connections between the clips. So pretty horrible to sum it up

Dan the man, w the plan! - A must see5 star

Starts out kinda lame , but gets better, unexpected things occur. Tell your friends , a must see for all !

L. Lopez - Disappointing2 star

I really, REALLY wanted to like this movie for a lot of reasons, most significantly because the folks at Bloody Disgusting were involved. Let me back up for a sec and say that I love horror and particulary the found footage genre. When it works, it really works (for me, at least). Well....This one didn't work. It wasn't because of the blood and gore, or the nudity--and this thing is littered with naked, nubile flesh--or the shaky hand-held camera. None of those things bothered me, but the fact that it failed to scare me even a little bit does. Besides, most of the scenarios were just the same ol' rehashed stuff every horror fan has seen at least a dozen times, and they've been done much better than this. The nail in the coffin was the fact that I couldn't sympathize with anyone, not one character, which kills the fun when you're watching horror. Most of the characters in this movie were less than likable, in fact they were morally repugnant. Well, who cares if some d-bag gets a knife to the face (even at Freddie Krueger's silliest, I never rooted for him)? Anyway...I'm sorry Bloody Disgusting, because I love you guys, but this gets a big doughnut hole and a raspberry from me. Another reviewer on your site summed it up nicely: "Full of sound, fury and video artifacts and somehow signifying less than nothing." Amen.

Hondurasvictor - trippy3 star

all i can say this movie was trippy

c.tally83 - what!?1 star

If i can get my money back from this rental, i would rather use it for toilet paper, however, the girl with the really short hair was really cute. That was the best part of this ...whatever you wanna call it.

ponyeventer - Something different4 star

Keep an open mind with this one. It's not horrible but not great either; still worth watching if you want to see something different.

Coolliegs - Not scary1 star

This is why I will stick to movies that focus on suspense and not so much on horror and gore. this was a waste of my time and it was poorly made. The clips could have been a little longer just to give it some depth or maybe I watch too many horror movies and got immune to them. Everyone is talking about how this will give them nightmares I guess they have not seen many good horror films at all.

Sterlingurl - Gory!3 star

I don't think this movie is worth buying but I don't regret renting it There is a lot of blood even for a horror movie. I didn't like the last segment because I couldn't even tell what was going on. The one with honeymoon couple is the creepiest in my opinion.

triiton77 - Horrible Movie1 star

This is the worst movie I have ever seen…EVER!!

xBigBlueWHALEx - It was alright3 star

Kind of reminds me of the stephen king short story films they had back in the day (like Creep Show), I loved thoughs and of course miss them so I guess thats why I gave this movie three stars. Other than that the film was not scary, but with a lot of WTH moments.

Deb Hayes - Don't waste your money or time!1 star

Something a group of preteen overly hormonal boys could come up with. Stupid, disjointed, and just dumb. Watch paint dry for a better evening at home!

0007tim - rent it first3 star

wasnt good wasnt bad

Peloquin1981 - Decent5 star

The first and last were excellent. The middle three...not so much.

Dsblurpearl - Amazing DAVID BRUCKNER!!!!5 star

The fist was the best. David Bruckner is a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations, you made it. From one South Drama student to another (amber shaw), I am blown away, and that means a lot coming from a horror fiend like me

MorganBlaze - Crazy4 star

The stories were good, but the first one was the best.

{*}logical{*} - V H S5 star

Trailer is the bomb,I'm gonna see this movie!

Blotto - A total waste1 star

This movie was totally stupid and pretentious. I'm a huge horror fan and can deal with slow, bad and in-between but this was like a student film on a rich guys credit card. Totally lame.

Napoleon Drake - An underwhelming feat...2 star

VHS is not a bad film, its just the order of everything is a mess. How it ends should have been the way it started, and vice versa. And ambitious concept that I can't wait to see explored more of--but hopefully with better results.

Scriptz - Wonderfully Wicked5 star

If you are a fan of the "found footage"genre then this movie is a must see. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

ADAM MINNAUGH - They should pay us $7 to see it!1 star

If I could give it a negative star rating, I would. No plot. Not scary. The cinematography will make you nauseous. Terrible. Keep your $7 in your wallet, sit in a cemetery and play Poggs. You'll have a better thrill, than sitting through this catastrophe of a film. I'll never get those 2 hrs of my life back, thank a lot 'VHS!'

rating movies - waste i want my money back1 star

really waste of time and money

Hworm08 - 5 stories1 star

There is no point to this movie…none what so ever. If you are hoping to figure out why and what happens to the original group of misfits, forget about it. 5 separate stories, each simply bent on a few gory moments. Not worth renting, completely made my flight back from Houston very long and unenjoyable. Disappointed.

YomamaYoDaddy - WASTE OF MONEY!1 star

Lame! Cheap attempt to make a new version of Tales from the Crypt. Maybe if this was 2.99 for a low budget horror night when Im bored, but 6.99 give me a break. I want a refund

IceColdRocker - ***sigh***2 star


Sweetcharity - Great start but goes on with disappointments2 star

Nothing great about it except the first story...

SKIM OV - Ok4 star

I'm watching it right now. It is pretty good. If you don't mind hand held camera types of movies. But I am enjoying it as I type this.

SaberJustin - Pretty good, but not great4 star

An interesting take on the "found footage" genre, it's almost more like "found footage within found footage." The individual mini-stories are excellent, but the main story that ties them all together (the guys breaking into the house) falls flat. As a result, the movie doesn't achieve greatness. WARNING: possible spoilers: There is no catharsis to the questions posed when they first break into the house and find the room with the body and TVs. Who hired them? Why are all these tapes here? What's the point??? In the end, it feels like a collection of very good short stories that missed a golden opportunity to be so much more.

Palange56 - Good Job!!!5 star

I thought this was done quite well!

Lino1 - It's a headache!1 star

The camera doesn't stay still for a second, its always shaky and moving. I had to watch it in pieces because it kept giving me a headache. The short stories are not that great. Look elsewhere for better horror.

Pollyluna - Not worth renting2 star

I admit as well like the previous review the first story was good. Then just went downhill. So ehhh not good

Dasser - stop dont waste your time3 star

I know i look at reviews that say this and think " Hey they are idiots and dont know what their saying" Your Wrong I shouldn't have rented this and waited for netflix or bought it at goodwill . Only the first story was good and that's not saying much and it seemed like the only way to be in this movie was to show some form of nudity .Which isn't bad but you can get that for free on the internet brah It seemed like the stories weren't thought out very well and too much camera shaking . The film quality was bad but hence the name . in short dont rent it or you will be doomed to write this same review. -RGA

Lex143 - Waste of $6.991 star

I didn't expect much and was still disappointed. It could have been so much better had they put more thought into it.

MMMNikki - It could have been better!3 star

I enjoyed the movie, although it could have been better!

Jesus the King - Blood, Gore, Snuff n Horror!5 star

Awesome horror film, its head to head with Faces Of Death.

brent rochus - VHS1 star

Not worth the 7 bucks!!!!

Jay212009 - Awful1 star

Stupid movie, Wast of time, no story line at all.

Likes a good story - Overpromised. Underdelivered.1 star

Was anticipating a hunker-down to some good just-make-me-scream-like-I'm-five type terror. Not so much.

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