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In the second of the blockbuster Batman films, the physically deformed criminal genius The Penguin threatens Gotham City--and, helpless, the entire city can only pray that Batman Returns. Only Batman (MichaelKeaton) can defend the city from total chaos as The Penguin (DannyDeVito) lays twisted waste to a great metropolis. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight may have met his equal in the lethally lithe Catwoman (MichellePfeiffer)--only he doesn't know if she is feline friend ... or foe. Having defeated the Joker, Batman now faces the Penguin—a warped and deformed individual who is intent on being accepted into Gotham society, with the help of Max Schreck, a crooked businessman, whom he coerces into helping him run for the position of Mayor of Gotham, while they both attempt to frame Batman in a different light. Batman must attempt to clear his name, all while also deciding just what must be done with the mysterious Catwoman slinking about. Batman Returns Wiki

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The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin...

Batman Returns (1992)

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- Best Batman Movie!!!5 star

This is my favorite Batman movie of all time!!!

- It’s ok 7/103 star

Catwomen was to Violent penguin was to scary

- 4K5 star

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This is by far beyond the BEST Batman movie ever made since I’ve been born, same timeframe. Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton as Catwoman and Batman has never been nor will ever be replaced 😻💚👑👑😻. *Tim Burton, Thank you

- Very Enjoyable Film!4 star

“Batman” from 1989 is definitely better, but this movie is not far behind it! I love the way Danny DeVito could not have portrayed the Penguin better, and Michelle Pfeiffer also did a fantastic job for her portrayal as Catwoman. It is an amazing sequel to the first movie, and I really enjoyed it when I watched it for the first time on a ski trip. This isn’t a rip off!

- Best adaptation of the dark Batman5 star

This movie was my first introduction to Batman and its my favorite Batman movie ever The cast was on par with Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman and Danny de Vito as the penguin and Christopher walker as an associate of the penguin was brilliant over all the best movie ever

- Weird2 star

This movie is so weird, in so many ways! ‼️⁉️

- cool movie.5 star

cool movie.

- Overrated2 star

I Don't See How People Can Find This To Be The Best Batman Movie I Mean How Can People Like All The Disgusting Stuff I Mean Really A Diapered Danny Devito Eating A Live Fish,The Nose Bite Etc Also Barely Anything Made Sense Like How To Selina Gets Revived By A Bunch Of Cats I Mean Are They Radioactive Cats We Don't Know And Batman Is Only In The Movie For 10 Minutes.

- Batman Returns: Better Than The First One?4 star

This movie is amazing. Great climax, great writing, great characters, great movie. Despite it’s flaws it’s still a very good Batman film.

- Tim Burton’s Masterpiece.5 star

The film is dark in tone. The villains and its hero must accept their reality. Catwoman is wonderful. Michelle pfeiffer gave a classic performance for the ages. Danny made me sympathetic towards the penguin and Batman is pretty cool.

- Batman Returns3 star

I'm on the fence about getting this. Big fan of all the movies but its pretty disappointing that there arent any itunes extras for this. I have the blu rays for these and they all have special features like the ones that are on the '89 Batman you have on here. No reason to not have them.

- Return to a pre-Batnipple Era.5 star

Batman returns for more crime fighting after his previous cinematic escapade should have marked the end of his being Batman because all the primary motivation vanished (watch 1989’s Batman, and you’ll figure out why). We begin with an establishing shot of the Cobblepot house, coupled with whines of a newborn baby, and a disgusted couple deciding to abandon their baby for reasons revealed later. Fast forward 33 years, and we see a meeting of Max Shreck’s (Christopher Walken) board prepping his legacy project: a power plant he wants Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) to fund. After listening in on the meeting, his secretary Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) tries to make a suggestion before being sidelined for reasons that just come off as sexist. After that, we see her (literal) fall to madness, then from the sewers rises the Penguin (Danny DeVito), the baby that was abandoned to the sewers at the start of the movie. Instead of learning ninjutsu, he accepted himself as a monster, and becomes an eco-terrorist. Batman actually gets sidelined in favor of development of Penguin and Catwoman, and they are quite well developed: we see how Penguin becomes the bizarre creature he is from being abandoned by his parents for being different, and being raised by penguins, and we see how Catwoman goes from lonely secretary trying to make it in a man’s world to the craziest crazy-cat-lady ever. There’s still plenty of Batman, but he arrives later than he did last time. What also returns are the special effects that just look unforgivably fake. Some sets and costumes look cool, but the special effects were just unforgivably obvious in the fact they’re fake. Danny Elfman also returns for the soundtrack, but not Prince. His score is as deep and memorable as ever. With a few laughs here and there, especially when you see Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle meet after having fought as Batman and Catwoman, Batman returns for another solo outing that would be the last good Batman movie for 13 years.

- Entertaining but a little to weird4 star

This film is a dark and edgy movie that plays as an awesome sequel to the 1989 movie however the original was in my mind the batman movie that defined all batman movies with a little bit of a dark theme but this movie is more on the bizarre side and it seems to sometimes be another Burton movie instead of a batman sequel.

- Keaton rocks!4 star

Michael Keaton rein spired his role as the Batman, and didn't disappoint

- Why do fans hate it?4 star

I actually like it. With Tim Burton directing it, did you expect anything different?

- Awesome, but with 2 problems4 star

This movie is really great, I like it better than the first. But with 2 problems 1: Too dark for a Batman film 2: Too violent, more violence than the others Other than that it's great

- Better than the first!5 star

The villains were outstanding and really well-acted. Michael Keaton is always good but I wish there was more of Batman in, you know, Batman. Overall, this is a great movie to watch!

- Awesome5 star

My favorite in the series

- Ugh….2 star

This movie is really bad. Maybe in 92 it was watchable, but not today.

- Awesome, Disturbing, Dark, Dark Disturbingly Awesome Movie!!5 star

Just like the 1989 classic, this film is awesome, disturbing and dark BUT it's still a great movie, Michael Keaton does it again as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Danny DeVito did a creepy but sympathetic Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer was the best onscreen interpretation of Selina Kyle/Catwoman, it will be a long, LONG time before someone beats Michelle in the "Best Catwoman" list, You really have the feels of Selina's hard times as the movie starts AND still after she transforms into Catwoman, she also brought the "Slowly descend into insanity" formula AND she was just a sexy Catwoman. I loved the Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle relationship more than the Bruce Wayne/Vicki Vale relationship in the first and the Batman/Catwoman relationship was great as well. All and all, Batman Returns is a great flick I highly recommend it just like the 1989 original and The Dark Knight Trilogy

- Batman Returns!5 star

My personal favorite batman movie! I love it so much! I watch it all the time! I only wish there was a sequel because there were some questions left unanswered but besides that it was perfect for me!

- Im Batman and Im Returning4 star

Its 1992: Tim Burton had just completed Edward Scissorhands. A film that had a creative look so original that it invented the phrase "Burton-esque". And in 1992, Burton directed Edward Scissorhands 2, oh wait it was Batman Returns. Well it might as well have been considereing that this movie has Burton's fingerprints all over it. That doesn't mean it's a bad movie however. Michael Keaton is back as batman and kills it once again but in this movie we are introduced to new villians: The Penguin and catwoman. The penguin is played by Danny Devito and like Nicholson three years before, there is no one else i would have thought to play the penguin in 1992 than Danny Devito. However unlike Nicholson, the penguin is a sick, disgusting weirdo that's completely crazy. (Remember the scene where he bites that guys nose and blood squirts everywhere). That being said, Devito does a good job with the material. His makeup is so fantastic that you can't even tell it's Danny Devito, so good job to the make up department. Now we come to catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Here's the thing, people seem to think that her catwoman is the best catwoman of all time, i used to think so too until Anne Hathaway cane along, but once again, like Nicholson and Devito, she does a good job with the role. Her suit is fantstic and I have to say that i like hersuit more than Hathaway's suit, that's just me though. The film has a cool christmas amd halloween mix look to it that's similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas and that's what Burton does so well and liek in the previous batman, Commissioner Gordon is not a big character at all and pops in and out again, just as dissapointing as it was before. In the end, Batman Returns is a solid, entertaining sequel that is clearly a Tim Burton film, but that certainly does not mean it's bad.

- Amazing Film!5 star

A must see for all movie lovers.

- Best Batman Film5 star

Hands Down!!!

- Love it!5 star

This is my absolute favorite Batman film. I am a huge fan on Tim Burton, though I understand others may find his movies too dark. Keaton as batman was once again amazing, and I feel that nobody could have played a better Penguin than Danny Devito. But the number one reason why this movie is my favorite is Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of Catwoman. Catwoman is one of my all time favorite characters, and the way Pfeiffer put her own twist on the role was amazing. She made it so much more than a cheesy comical character, she put her emotion into it. She took a campy, fun part and twisted it around into something with much more of a story. She gave this part so much character, and I still get chills at the Masquerade ball scene because of the amount of emotion she put into it. Overall I absolutely love this movie and it's darkness, because the darkness is what makes it more realistic than other batman movies. Five stars.

- Disturbingly Awesome5 star

First off, I think I should talk about why Tim Burton either left the director's chair or was kicked off. Well in the first movie, he got in trouble for letting Vicki Vale into the Batcave. In this movie, he got in even bigger trouble when Batman unmasked himself. As you all know this movie is darker than the first one. So during that time, it was considered pretty dark for a superhero movie, and it continues today. And while the ending to the first movie was bittersweet, the ending to this movie left some questions hanging, and to this day, we still don't know the answers. So we all know what happened when Schumacher took over, but we'll get to that later. So you're probably wondering why I gave this movie a five star rating, while gave the '89 classic four. Well, one of the people who works at the zoo I volunteer at says this is her favorite movie. I had watched this movie a few times and thought this was too dark like everybody else. But watching this again made me realize why the zookeeper likes this movie so much. So get ready to click on something else. I think this is better than the first movie. That's right, I prefer this movie over the classic everybody loves to this day. Why? Keep reading and find out. What makes this movie for me is not only Keaton, who once again does a superb job as Batman, but the other leading cast members as well (DeVito, Pfeiffer, and Walken). When two or three of them are on screen together, they play off each other perfectly. Some people didn't feel for Danny DeVito's performance as the Pengiun, but personally, I loved it. He plays a character who can be sleazy, depressed, or maniacal. God help the next person who takes on that role. Speaking of which, we all know Catwoman has been played by numerous actresses. Michelle Pfeiffer as we all know was... words fails me. But here's a fun fact: she actually put that bird in her mouth. So is she the best Catwoman? Again, we'll get to that later. So if you like the first movie better, that's fine. But there are some people who like this one even more. Odds are, I'll be downloading this on my iPad.

- <35 star

I love Batman, all of them

- My favorite batman film5 star

I think this is the only batman film that comes close to Dark Knight for me. It captured that darkness without the dark brown filter on blast on every camera angle. Michael Keaton is and will always be my favorite batman. He has the mystery that todays batman lacks. Christian bale, some stranger that grew up in an orphanage knew he was batman.

- Terrible1 star

I would not give this movie the title "Batman Returns" but I would give it the title Penguin and Catwoman. Batman is in the movie for probably ten minutes. I would not call this a batman movie but rather a tim burton movie that happens to include batman.

- Love this movie5 star

Love it, but batman's barley in it, too much penguin scenes. This movies also has a lot of sex's pretty gothic too. One of the wierdest batman movies. But still is great.

- Not really...2 star

...a Batman film. More like tim burton playing around w batman in his own way. Also there is NO way 'Returns' is better than the original 'Batman' w Nicholson as Joker as rotten tomatoes suggests. Great Catwoman!! But not a Great Batman film.

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Post Warrior - The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin...& Walken5 star

The Best Batman-Michael Keaton-Returns and is accompanied by THE defining Catwoman performance by Michelle Pfieffer, add a delicious score by Danny Elfman and stunning visuals from Tim Burton and you have one of the Best comic book movies ever. “Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it...” “But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it..” And all this plus Christopher Walken in his prime!

Mittens78 - Excellent!!5 star

The best Batman movie ever made!!

Tarantino09 - Merci Tim4 star

Un vrai divertissement signé Tim Burton Merci pour la vq

tastybev - Great Movie. Great Transfer. Great Price.5 star

One of the best looking movies ever just got a 4K transfer and it’s under $5 on iTunes! If you already own what might just be a Tim Burton’s masterpiece, it’s still worth paying for the upgrade.

JeebersCrust - Upgrade me1 star

I bought this and the first Batman a few months ago and then I find out they have been rereleased with a number of cool extras. Do you expect me to buy the film again? Is this going to be a thing with older films?

-ag68- - Best live action Catwoman5 star

Best batman movie all time. This movie got the 4K Dolby vision and atmos and it’s also the uncut version even better worth the money!

ProjectMyst - Great movie, but..1 star

I'm so disappointed with Warner Bros for doing what Universal Studios dose best, delist a movie and realist it to be purchased again. Yes you still get to keep the old one, but you can't tell Siri to play it, as she will bring up the new one for you purchase again. And you can't search for it because, yes you guessed it.. I also paid full price for the movie, actually more then its currently priced, so why can't I also have access to the extras? I've already stopped buying Universal Studios movies because they only care about squeezing every penny out of people and don't care about there loyal customer or customers full stop. Looks like I'll have to stop buying Warner Bros movies also if they keep doing this.

Rraagg - Too much penguin2 star

First movie was amazing, up there with the Christopher Nolan set. This one is too dark with too much penguin, still way better than the last two

Pandapopa - Batman 1989 HD - Anger & Frustration!1 star

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IT45. - 🙂👍🏻It’s Finally Got 4K Dolby Vision And Extras 🙂👍🏻 Thank You 🙂👍🏻5 star

🙂👍🏻It’s Finally Got 4K Dolby Vision And Extras 🙂👍🏻 Thank You 🙂👍🏻 And This Is Definitely The Uncut Version Thank You 🙂👍🏻

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