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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Movie Summary

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  • PG
  • 1988

It's 1947 Hollywood and Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), a down-on-his-luck detective is hired to find proof that Marvin Acme, gag factory mogul and owner of Toontown, is playing hanky-panky with femme fatale Jessica Rabbit, wife of Maroon Cartoon superstar, Roger Rabbit. When Acme is found murdered, all fingers point to Roger, who begs the Toon-hating Valiant to find the real evildoer.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Film Synopsis

'Toon star Roger is worried that his wife Jessica is playing pattycake with someone else, so the studio hires detective Eddie Valiant to snoop on her. But the stakes are quickly raised when Marvin Acme is found dead and Roger is the prime suspect.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie Reviews

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Who Framed Roger RabbitYou forget about the iTunes Extra like 3 Roger Rabbit shorts and Behind the Scenes..Score: 5/5

Framed in every senseRunning often at 24 per second, every frame is crafted with talent marked by passion. The highest praise I can think of is to call this work of genius masterfully cartoonish. The period-piece detective story draws the audience into its outlandish-ness and the spot-on acting, especially from Bob Hoskins, never questions the plausibly impossible. Therefore, the marvelously squashed and stretched, hand drawn and exquisitely shaded characters inhabit the screen as naturally as their real world counterparts. If I had to name my favorites beyond Roger and Jessica, I’d have to say it would be a toss up between the weasels and the fleshed-out bullets. Owning this movie allows me to watch it once straight through, then repeat my favorite parts frame-by-frame. Which I do every time..Score: 5/5

One of the bestA must see.Score: 5/5

Great!Really great! Fun and funny! Creative!.Score: 5/5

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT!!!!ROGER RABBIT IS THE BEST LIVE ACTION ANIMATED FILM EVER MADE THE STORY IS AMAZING THE ANIMATION LOOKS AWESOME THE CHARACTERS ARE UNFORGETTABLE THE STORY 10/10 ANIMATION 10/10 CHARACTERS 10/10 WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT GETS A 10/10 And what’s up doc ha ha so this is who framed Roger Rabbit and I love❤️this movie a lot and I like Better than The lion king (1994) Because 2 rules 1 It is my Favorite Disney movie and 2 It is my Favorite live-action Animation film and do you remember when I did my Woody Woodpecker Review when I said it is the worst film I have seen. But this movie I am reviewing is who framed Roger rabbit it is a live action animation film. but I want to talk about some movies live action animation films like yogi Bear and Alvin and the chipmunks and the smurfs and Scooby-Doo like this Trash movies and.WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT GETS A 10/10 AND WITH THE MOVIE OF LOVE❤️..Score: 5/5

Best movie everRoger rabbit is cute and funny get this movie it is awesome.Score: 5/5

No iTunes ExtrasGood movie.Score: 5/5

Liked This Movie When I Saw It On Disney+, & It Was OKI never saw “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” when it was released to theaters in 1988 because I wasn’t born yet nor did I get to see it in school at the time. Granted, I didn’t know the movie even existed until I started watching Ms. Mojo & its predecessor website WatchMojo.com. When I finally did see “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” on Disney+ for the 1st time, I immediately liked it because of how animation & live-action were blended into the movie & understood why it was a huge success owing to its critical & financial success. However, my least favorite character was & will always be without a doubt Judge Doom not only because of all his evil misdeeds, but also simply because saying his name will haunt you. Despite the controversies that this movie faced throughout the years, I’m still glad it’s a critical & financial success. Too bad it doesn’t have a decent sequel that will live up to the success this movie has, but I hope it’s not too late to start. In short, I love “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”..Score: 5/5

A TRUE CLASSICWith its unprecedented blending of animated characters from across the Disney, Warner Brothers greats and its timeless homage to film noir Hollywood, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is a technical feat that should also be celebrated for its wonderfully enthusiastic dedication to entertainment and will always emerge as one of the genre’s most groundbreaking movies. It’s never looked better in 4K — get it now and enjoy it forever!.Score: 5/5

Good movieOne of the most popular movies mixed with cartoon and live action! This movie is funny at times. Eddie Valiant played by (Bob Hoskins), is a man who doesn't want to work for Toontown, but works for a man named RK Maroon, but then later, Eddie finds himself with a toon named, Roger Rabbit, even tough we know that Eddie doesn't really work for toons or for toontown. Eddie sometimes gets a little angry at times, and with Roger Rabbit, too. Judge of Doom, played by (Christopher Lloyd), the same actor who plays Doc Brown in Back the the Future, is a mean toon disguised as a person, who wants to find Roger Rabbit and kill him! Judge of Doom doesn't really like toons himself, even though he's really a toon! Judge of Doom has toon weasels who work for him as well. This movie was made in 1988, and the story takes place back in 1947. Good movie, but this is not one I see as often as The Lion King..Score: 4/5

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HillArious5 stars easy.Score: 5/5

ABOUT TIMEFINALLY!! I've been wanting to buy this movie!!!.Score: 5/5

Best movie of the 80SI’m incredibly impressed with all the affects and time I took to make this if your a cartoon fan I highly recommended this movie..Score: 5/5

Best movie EVERIt’s soooo funny.Score: 5/5

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Johnfeath johnfeath: 79: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) The #EspritPictureHouse’s #Alternative100Movies .Score: 1/5

Charles69700909AkamKevin Who framed Roger Rabbit.Score: 5/5

RecloySoTonygoldmark It is a hard choice, there's a lot of Disney stuff to decide. Maybe I'd go with Sleeping Beauty or Who Framed Roger Rabbit..Score: 2/5

TheRetroCriticWho Framed Roger Rabbit what a picture .Score: 1/5

AsoGirl29 GreysToons: Honestly, it was a rich tapestry of works that fostered & cemented my love for the medium. Works such as "The Looney Tunes"….Score: 4/5

TheGreatMSteak _TropicVibes_: I always wanted to do the Sam and Max/Who Framed Roger Rabbit Crossover! Enjoy!🐶🐰🔎 #SamandMax #SamandMaxFanart #SamandM….Score: 5/5

Snivykip _TropicVibes_: I always wanted to do the Sam and Max/Who Framed Roger Rabbit Crossover! Enjoy!🐶🐰🔎 #SamandMax #SamandMaxFanart #SamandM….Score: 1/5

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DarthCass125 _TropicVibes_: I always wanted to do the Sam and Max/Who Framed Roger Rabbit Crossover! Enjoy!🐶🐰🔎 #SamandMax #SamandMaxFanart #SamandM….Score: 2/5

Squigglechoo _TropicVibes_: I always wanted to do the Sam and Max/Who Framed Roger Rabbit Crossover! Enjoy!🐶🐰🔎 #SamandMax #SamandMaxFanart #SamandM….Score: 2/5

_TropicVibes_I always wanted to do the Sam and Max/Who Framed Roger Rabbit Crossover! Enjoy!🐶🐰🔎 #SamandMax #SamandMaxFanart… .Score: 3/5

UTDT9NY ATRightMovies: BOB HOSKINS talking about learning to hallucinate for his role in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1988). .Score: 3/5

TerrelKennyAnimationFan15 Scooby-Doo! Where Are You! Betty Boop Zootopia Who Framed Roger Rabbit .Score: 2/5

MovieLifePod DisenfranchPod: If you haven't listened to our episode on 1988's WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT with micheleneggen from MovieLifePod, then t….Score: 2/5

MarniemsiQ: what is the name of Roger Rabbit's wife in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.Score: 0/5

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Series Cast & Crew

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Bob Hoskins (Eddie Valiant), Christopher Lloyd (Judge Doom), Joanna Cassidy (Dolores), Charles Fleischer (Roger Rabbit / Benny The Cab / Greasy / Psycho (voice)), Stubby Kaye (Marvin Acme), Alan Tilvern (R.K. Maroon), Richard LeParmentier (Lt. Santino), Lou Hirsch (Baby Herman (voice)), Betsy Brantley (Jessica's Performance Model), Joel Silver (Raoul), Paul Springer (Augie), Richard Ridings (Angelo), Edwin Craig (Arthritic Cowboy), Lindsay Holiday (Soldier), Mike Edmonds (Stretch), Morgan Deare (Editor / Gorilla (voice)), Danny Capri (Kid #1), Christopher Hollosy (Kid #2), Jean-Paul Sipla (Kid #3), Laura Frances (Blonde Starlet), all returned for who framed roger rabbit movie.

Bob Hoskins (Eddie Valiant)
Bob HoskinsEddie ValiantScore: 10.6
Christopher Lloyd (Judge Doom)
Christopher LloydJudge DoomScore: 22.2
Joanna Cassidy (Dolores)
Joanna CassidyDoloresScore: 13.1
Charles Fleischer (Roger Rabbit / Benny The Cab / Greasy / Psycho (voice))
Charles FleischerRoger Rabbit / Benny The Cab / Greasy / Psycho (voice)Score: 4.2
Stubby Kaye (Marvin Acme)
Stubby KayeMarvin AcmeScore: 2.1
Alan Tilvern (R.K. Maroon)
Alan TilvernR.K. MaroonScore: 2.4
Richard LeParmentier (Lt. Santino)
Richard LeParmentierLt. SantinoScore: 1.0
Lou Hirsch (Baby Herman (voice))
Lou HirschBaby Herman (voice)Score: 2.2
Betsy Brantley (Jessica's Performance Model)
Betsy BrantleyJessica's Performance ModelScore: 4.1
Joel Silver (Raoul)
Joel SilverRaoulScore: 7.0
Richard Ridings (Angelo)
Richard RidingsAngeloScore: 5.4
Mike Edmonds (Stretch)
Mike EdmondsStretchScore: 1.2

Alan Silvestri (Original Music Composer), Robert Zemeckis (Director), Steve Starkey (Associate Producer), Arthur Schmidt (Editor), Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer), Kathleen Kennedy (Executive Producer), Joanna Johnston (Costume Design), Frank Marshall (Producer), Robert Watts (Producer), Elliot Scott (Production Design), Dean Cundey (Director of Photography), Roy Barnes (Set Designer), Philip Kohler (Location Manager), Charles L. Campbell (Supervising Sound Editor), Charles Croughwell (Stunts), George Gibbs (Special Effects Supervisor), Peter Robb-King (Makeup Artist), Stephen Scott (Art Direction), Robert R. Benton (Set Decoration), Rocky Taylor (Stunts),

Alan Silvestri (Original Music Composer)
Alan SilvestriOriginal Music ComposerScore: 2.6
Robert Zemeckis (Director)
Robert ZemeckisDirectorScore: 11.6
Steve Starkey (Associate Producer)
Steve StarkeyAssociate ProducerScore: 2.7
Arthur Schmidt (Editor)
Arthur SchmidtEditorScore: 2.5
Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer)
Steven SpielbergExecutive ProducerScore: 35.0
Kathleen Kennedy (Executive Producer)
Kathleen KennedyExecutive ProducerScore: 3.2
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Trailers & Teasers

'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of who framed roger rabbit, the Robert Zemeckis's popular movie. Watch the who framed roger rabbit teaser trailer. Robert Zemeckis’s #who-framed-roger-rabbit is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Trailer #1▶ Trailer #1
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 2013 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Trailer▶ Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 2013 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Trailer

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Check out photos from who framed roger rabbit movie. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome who framed roger rabbit wallpapers to download for free.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

It's the story of a man, a woman, and a rabbit in a triangle of trouble...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit — 1988

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie who framed roger rabbit - 1988. A poster for Robert Zemeckis comedy movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for who framed roger rabbit (1988). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
През 1947 г. в Холивуд пропадналият детектив еди Валиант е нает да открие доказателство, че Марвин Акме - могъщ производител на играчки и собственик на рисувания град - флиртува с фаталната красавица Джесика Рабит. Когато Акме е открит мъртъв, всички следи водят към съпруга на анимационната суперзвезда - Заека Роджър. Жестокият и жаден за власт съдия Дуум е твърдо решен да предаде рисувания заек на правосъдието.

Hollywood, 1947. Eddie Valiant, un detectiu de poca muntanya, ha estat contractat per trobar proves que demostrin que Marvin Acme, magnat del negoci dels articles de broma i propietari de Toontown, està rondant Jessica Rabbit, dona fatal i esposa de la superestrella del Marron Cartoon, Roger Rabbit. Quan Acme apareix assassinat, totes les proves apunten a Roger, i el sinistre i ambiciós Jutge Doom està decidit a condemnar-lo com sigui. Roger suplica a Valiant que l'ajudi a trobar el veritable culpable, però l'assumpte s'anirà complicant a mesura que Eddie va descobrint, escàndol després d'escàndol, que la mateixa existència de Toontown corre perill.

FALEŠNÁ HRA S KRÁLÍKEM ROGEREM vychází z myšlenky, že kreslení hrdinové animovaných grotesek vedou mimo kameru své soukromé životy a prožívají stejné starosti a radosti jako lidé z masa a kostí. Žijí sice v animovaném městečku Toontown (Kreslounov), často se ovšem potulují po hollywoodských studiích. Koexistence "kreslounů" a lidí je roztříštěna ve chvíli, kdy je zamordován majitel pozemků Toontownu a podezření padne na bílého králíka Rogera. Do případu se zaplete i soukromé očko a musí čelit úskokům sadistického soudce, který hodlá Toontown vymazat z povrchu země a místo něj postavit dálnici

Hollywood tegneseriefigurer er en uleset minoritet der er tvunget til at leve afsondret fra menneskeverdenen i byen, Toontown. Figuren Roger Rabbit bliver anklaget for mord, og modvilligt tager privatdetektiven Eddie sagen - også selvom det betyder, at han skal trænge langt ind i den kuleskøre tegneserieby.

Roger Rabbit, einer der größten Stars Toontowns, wird gesucht: Er soll Marvin Acme ermordet haben, weil der angeblich ein Verhältnis mit Rogers Frau Jessica hatte. Richter Doom will ihn in seine berüchtigte “Suppe” stecken, das Einzige, was einen Toon töten kann. Roger fällt nichts anderes ein, als ausgerechnet den heruntergekommenen Privatdetektiv Eddie Valliant um Hilfe zu bitten, dessen Bruder von einem Toon getötet wurde. Seither hasst Valliant alle Zeichentrickfiguren, lässt sich aber doch dazu überreden, diesen Job anzunehmen.

Έχοντας την υποψία ότι η αγαπημένη του τον απατά, ο Ρότζερ Ράμπιτ ζητά τη βοήθεια ενός αποτυχημένου ντετέκτιβ. Και όταν ξαφνικά κάποιοι τον ενοχοποιούν για φόνο, εναποθέτει σε εκείνον τη σωτηρία του!

Hollywood, 1947. Eddie Valiant, un detective de poca monta, ha sido contratado para encontrar pruebas que demuestren que Marvin Acme, magnate del negocio de los artículos de broma y dueño de Toontown, está rondando a Jessica Rabbit, mujer fatal y esposa de la superestrella del Marron Cartoon, Roger Rabbit. Cuando Acme aparece asesinado, todas las pruebas apuntan a Roger, y el siniestro y ambicioso Juez Doom está decidido a condenarlo como sea. Roger suplica a Valiant que le ayude a encontrar al verdadero culpable, pero el asunto se irá complicando a medida que Eddie va descubriendo, escándalo tras escándalo, que la propia existencia de Toontown corre peligro.

La estrella de animación Roger Rabbit teme que su esposa Jessica lo engañe con alguien, por lo que el estudio decide contratar al detective Eddie Valiant para que la espíe, pero todo cambia súbitamente cuando encuentran el cadáver de Marvin Acme y Roger es el principal sospechoso.

داستان به هالیوود و سال ۱۹۴۷ باز می‌گردد. جایی که راجر رابیت، ستاره فیلم‌های نقاشی متحرک نسبت به وفاداری همسرش، جسیکا تردید دارد. رئیس کمپانی تهیه‌کننده فیلم‌های او، به یک کارآگاه خصوصی به نام ادی مأموریت می‌دهد شواهدی علیه جسیکا جمع‌آوری کند تا راجر را به جدائی از همسرش قانع کند. ادی عکس‌هایی از جسیکا در کنار یکی از ثروتمندان بزرگ شهر، ماروین می‌گیرد. راجر با دیدن عکس‌ها به شدت عصبانی می‌شود و همان شب ماروین به قتل می‌رسد. قاضی دوم به این نتیجه می‌رسد که راجر قاتل است و حکم بازداشت او را صادر می‌کند. اما… همچنین سکانس پایانی فیلم یکی از نقاط عطف تاریخ سینما به حساب می‌آید چرا که در تلفیق صحنه‌های نقاشی متحرک با زنده، بسیاری از شخصیت‌های محبوب دهه ۱۹۴۰ مثل «باگزبانی»، «بتی‌بوپ»، «میکی ماوس»، «دانلد داک»، «وودی وودپکر» و «پینوکیو» را گرد هم می‌آورد.

Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskin) on alkoholisoitunut yksityisetsivä, joka saa tehtäväkseen todistaa että piiretyllä hollywoodilaisvampilla Jessica Rabitilla on suhde erääseen elokuvapomoon. Kun kyseinen pomo löytyy murhattuna, näyttäisivät kaikki johtolangat viittaavan Jessican puolisoon, jänikseen nimeltä Roger Rabbit, joka kuitenkin vannoo syyttömyttään. Vaikka eddie vihaa piirrokkeja, antaa hän Rogerin puhua itsensä ympäri ja lähtee etsimään murhaajaa. Jäljet johtavat Piirokselaan, hulluun Toontowniin jossa piirretyt elokuvatähdet asuvat - ja jossa aivan kaikki on mahdollista...

Roger Rabbit est au trente-sixième dessous. Autrefois sacré star du cinéma d'animation, le lapin blanc est fortement préoccupé pendant les tournages depuis qu'il soupçonne sa femme, la sublime Jessica Rabbit, de le tromper. Le studio qui emploie Roger décide d'engager un privé, Eddie Valliant, pour découvrir ce qui se cache derrière cette histoire bien plus complexe qu'il n'y parait !

A Hollywood, en 1947, les personnages de dessins animés, ont leur propre ville, Toon Town. Roger Rabbit, un lapin vedette, soupçonne sa femme, la pulpeuse Jessica, de le tromper. Pour le faire revenir dans le droit chemin, le producteur R.K. Maroon décide de prouver l'infidélité de Jessica. Il engage Eddie Valiant, un détective privé humain et alcoolique, qui voue une haine féroce aux Toons.

סרט פורץ דרך המשלב בין אנימציה לצילום רגיל, מגולל את סיפורו של אדי וליאנט, בלש פרטי שמאס בעולם המצוירים עליו פעם הגן, לאחר שאחיו נרצח בידי דמות מצוירת. כאשר מפיק חשוב נרצח והחשד נופל על רוג'ר הארנב, אדי מתחיל לחקור את הפרשיה בעל כורחו ונכנס שנית לעולם המוזר של המצוירים ממנו ניסה להימנע כל השנים.

Hollywood az 1940-es években. Roger nyúl szeretetre méltó, lógófülű, hadaró beszédű balfácán, a rajzfilmsztár Baby Herman partnere. A tapsifülesnek oltári nagy szíve van, mindenkit imád, de a kis piros leginkább a feleségéért, a szexi Jessicáért dobog. Az asszony hűtlenségével kapcsolatos pletyka rossz hatással van kétdimenziós barátunk színészi teljesítményére. A stúdió felbéreli Eddie Valiant magándetektívet, hogy szaglásszon körül az ügyben. Amikor meggyilkolják Marvin Acme-t, az egyik éjszakai klub tulajdonosát, Roger nyúl lesz a bűntény első számú gyanúsítottja.

In uno studio cinematografico due cartoon stanno recitando una scena: Baby Herman, un poppante tutto pepe e pieno di trovate, e il suo baby-sitter, il coniglio Roger, che per togliere il piccolo da situazioni rischiose si mette in grossi guai. Nonostante l'impegno Roger non soddisfa il regista con la sua interpretazione: egli infatti è assillato da preoccupazioni familiari, teme che la sua bellissima moglie Jessica lo tradisca col padrone di Cartoonia, Marvin Acme. Viene incaricato di trovare le prove del tradimento il detective privato Eddie Valiant, sempre senza soldi e mezzo alcolizzato da quando suo fratello Teddy fu ucciso cinque anni prima da un cartoon. Eddie riesce a trovare ciò che cercava e per Roger è la disperazione: questi lascia l'ufficio del produttore Mr. Maroon in preda ad una nera desolazione e nulla può fare per consolarlo Valiant che ne ha compassione. La polizia trova il cadavere di Acme e dà subito la colpa a Roger...


만화마을과 영화마을이 공존하는 헐리우드에 살인 사건이 일어난다. 만화마을의 유지이자 대부인 마빈이 살해된 것. 둠 판사와 족제비 일당은 로저 래빗을 살인 용의자로 지목하고, 마룬 영화사 사장은 사립탐정 에디에게 마빈의 유언장을 찾아 달라고 한다. 형이 만화 인물에게 살해된 후 만화 인물과 관련된 사건을 맡지 않겠다고 결심한 에디였지만, 애인 플로렌스와 함께 살인사건에 휩쓸리고 만다. 한편 둠 판사와 족제비 일당에게 쫓기는 로저 래빗은 에디에게 도움을 청하지만, 만화계 최고의 스타인 아내 제시카의 스캔들에 실망하고 에디는 제시카와 둠 판사를 의심한다.

Triušis Rodžeris - animacinių filmų žvaigždė. Jis pasamdo filmukų nekenčiantį detektyvą Edį, kad šis pasektų jo žmonelę. Mat Rodžeris įtaria ją esant neištikimą. Tačiau netikėtai reikalai pakrypsta į blogąją pusę - įvyksta nužudymas ir kažkas stengiasi visą kaltę suversti vargšui triušiui

Omdat de populaire cartoonster Roger Rabbit denkt dat zijn mooie vrouw Jessica vreemdgaat, huurt de studio privé-detective Eddie Valiant in om de zaak te onderzoeken. Valiant ontdekt vervolgens dat er inderdaad iets aan de hand is tussen Jessica en de succesvolle ondernemer Marvin Acme. Als Acme dan plotseling dood wordt gevonden, is Roger de voornaamste verdachte en wordt hij opgejaagd door de Judge Doom. Roger besluit om hulp te zoeken bij Valiant, die moet proberen de onschuld van het konijn te bewijzen.

En mann, en kvinne og en kanin i et trekantdrama I en Hollywood-ghetto i 1940-årene blir en hardbarket detektiv, Eddie, dratt inn i en intrige med en sprø tegneseriefigur, Roger. Ubevisst kommer Eddie til å legge skylden for et mord på Roger, og for å renske opp i misforståelsene tar han opp jakten på andre mistenkte. I en fantastisk blanding av spille- og tegnefilm havner hovedpersonen, Roger Rabbit, opp i mye trøbbel. Han kone bedrar ham (med et menneske!) og selv blir han beskyldt for mord. Roger Rabbit, som egentlig er en kjent tegnefilmstjerne, blir nødt til å ta kontakt med en privatdetektiv i Bob Hoskins skikkelse, altså et menneske. Privatdetektiven er ikke den sobre, elegante utgaven av arten, men en forsoffen, alkoholisert «private eye» som selv har store problemer. Filmen er den første som virkelig klarer å blande ekte skuespillere sammen med tegneseriefigurer på en troverdig måte

Lata 40., przedmieścia Holywood. Po sąsiedzku z aktorami w Toon Town mieszkają rysunkowe postacie. Pewnego dnia zostaje zamordowany szef studia filmowego "Maroon Cartoons". Podejrzany staje się Królik Roger. Według policji chciał się on zemścić na producencie, który romansował z jego seksowną żoną, Jessicą. Roger prosi o pomoc detektywa Eddiego Valianta. Razem wpadają na trop intrygi, która może zniszczyć cały rysunkowy świat.

O detetive de carne e osso Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) é contratado para descobrir o que está acontecendo com o coelho Roger Rabbit e sua mulher Jessica, suspeita de infidelidade. Quando Marvin Acme é encontrado morto, Roger é o principal suspeito do crime no mundo real. Para piorar a situação, um vilão quer acabar de uma vez por todas com Roger, Jessica e todos os desenhos animados.

Em meio à Hollywood do ano de 1947, o detective Eddie Valant é contratado para descobrir se Jessica Rabbit mantém um caso com o industrial Marvin Acme. Porém, quando Acme é encontrado morto e todas as provas apontam para o marido dela, o coelho Roger Rabbit, Valant é o único que acredita que ele pode estar a servir de bode expiatório e o verdadeiro assassino ainda não foi encontrado.

Частный детектив расследует загадочное преступление, в котором подозревается… мультипликационный персонаж кролик Роджер! Сыщик попадает в непредсказуемый мир, где его ожидают нарисованные злодеи с настоящими револьверами, говорящий автомобиль и соблазнительная мультяшная красотка. Наконец, на горизонте появляется мрачная фигура того, кто подставил кролика Роджера…

Rok 1947, Hollywood. Eddie Valiant, detektív, ktorému sa lepí smola na päty, je najatý, aby našiel dôkaz, že Marvin Acme, magnát, vlastník továrne na humor a starosta Toontownu v jednej osobe, má aférku s osudovou ženou Jessicou Králikovou, ktorá je manželkou slávnej hviezdy kreslených filmov Rogera Králika. Keď však nájdu Acmeho mŕtvolu, všetko ukazuje na Rogera. Na rad prichádza Eddie, ktorý sa musí zbaviť strašnej traumy a zachrániť Toontown.

Eddie Valiant är en privatdeckare på dekis, som får i uppdrag att hitta bevis för att den tecknade Hollywoodvampen Jessica Rabbit prasslar med en filmbolags-pamp. När pampen hittas mördad, pekar allt mot Jessicas make, kaninen Roger Rabbit, som bedyrar sin oskuld. Eddie hatar tecknade figurer, men övertalas ändå av Roger Rabbit att försöka hitta mördaren. Spåren leder till den galna Toontown, där de tecknade filmstjärnorna bor - och där precis vad som helst kan hända...

Dedektif Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), Toontown'un sahibi iş adamı Marvin Acme'nin Jessica Rabbit'le olan uygunsuz ilişkisini kanıtlamak için kiralanmıştır. Tam bu sırada Acme'nin cinayete kurrban gitmesiyle bütün gözler güzel Jessica'nın kocası süperstar çizgi kahraman Roger Rabbit'e çevrilir ve bir anda, adaletin yerini bulmasını isteyen pek tekin bir adam olmayan Yargıç Doom'un hedefi haline gelir.

Приватний детектив розслідує загадковий злочин, в якому підозрюється… мультиплікаційний персонаж кролик Роджер! Нишпорка потрапляє в неймовірний світ, де його чекають намальовані лиходії зі справжніми револьверами, спокуслива мультяшна красуня й автомобіль, що розмовляє. Нарешті, на горизонті з'являється таємнича постать того, хто підставив кролика Роджера... Стівен Спілберг і Роберт Земекис створили унікальний фільм, де вперше в історії світового кіно була об'єднана анімація і художня зйомка.

在美国洛杉矶有一个专供卡通人物居住的“图恩城”,卡通明星兔子罗杰(Charles Fleischer 配音)怀疑妻子杰西卡(凯瑟琳·特纳 Kathleen Turner 配音)有外遇,拍戏时常常走神,遭到他的搭档娃娃哈曼的奚落。卡通电影公司老板马隆便雇佣私人侦探埃迪(鲍勃·霍斯金斯 Bob Hoskins 配音)去查明情况,并拍下杰西卡偷情的照片,好让罗杰下定决心,斩断情缘,专心投入卡通系列片的拍摄。埃迪因自己的弟弟特迪不久前被“图恩城”的卡通角色暗害,也急于早日追出凶手,便慨然将此事承诺下来。而随着调查的深入,事情并不像埃迪想的那么简单,其中还另有奸情,慨然将此事承诺下来,就不能轻易放弃,埃迪能否找到案件背后的真相呢…… 本片根据加里·沃尔夫的同名畅销小说改编,同时是一部真人和动画相结合的影片。

一部由迪士尼與大導演史匹柏共同製作,真人和動畫共同演出的電影。本片也是1988年度美國票房冠軍,並拿下奧斯卡最佳視覺效果、剪接和音效剪接獎,以及一項特殊成就獎。 兔子羅傑是「卡通城」最可愛的卡通明星,當他於一樁謀殺案被人陷害為頭號通緝犯後,人人掉棄他,就連他的妻子性感尤物兔女郎潔西卡也不相信他是清白。羅傑兔的唯一翻身機會,就是去找曾是私家偵探的艾迪(鮑伯霍金斯)幫忙,叫他為自己洗脫罪名。期間,羅傑兔和艾迪發現了「卡通城」內驚人的秘密。

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