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In the action thriller SNITCH, Dwayne Johnson stars as a father whose teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years. Desperate and determined to rescue his son at all costs, he makes a deal with the U.S. Attorney (Susan Sarandon) to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission – risking everything, including his family and his own life. Construction company owner John Matthews learns that his estranged son, Jason, has been arrested for drug trafficking. Facing an unjust prison sentence for a first time offender courtesy of mandatory minimum sentence laws, Jason has nothing to offer for leniency in good conscience. Desperately, John convinces the DEA and the opportunistic DA Joanne Keeghan to let him go undercover to help make arrests big enough to free his son in return. With the unwitting help of an ex-con employee, John enters the narcotics underworld where every move could be his last in an operation that will demand all his resources, wits and courage to survive. Snitch Wiki

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How Far Would You Go To Save Your Son?..

Snitch Movie (2013)

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Snitch Movie Reviews

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- Great movie.5 star

It was a great and entertaining movie. Keeps you in suspense

- Pleasantly4 star

Surprised. This movie was better than I thought it would be. Definitely worth watching again.

- Fantastic5 star

Dwayne Johnson always delivers. Great story & great acting.

- Gripping and raw- sun dance style4 star

If you likedGridiron Gang Snitch is a must see. Has a good heart but is unforgivably entertaining. D. Johnson stripped down and at his best. At many points I would forget that the actors where actors. Has a special sort of low budget sun dance film feel. Underrated.

- Eh, BLACK DOG is better!3 star

If you guys didn't really like that movie SNITCH, you should watch the movie BLACK DOG! That movie was more of a Trucker movie then SNITCH was!

- Huh?1 star

Where's the action? The Rock didn't even hit anyone the whole movie! My boyfriend and I were so bored!

- Breaking Bad the movie4 star

this reminded me a lot of breaking bad which is awsome

- Loved It5 star

Great movie with tons of action and suspense. I definitely did not see that plot twist coming. You have to see this one.

- Snitch👍5 star

I don't know why people think its slow I mean it has a story behind it you have to lesson to what the characters are saying its not just all action.For my opinion I thought it was a awesome movie.💖

- Critics are wrong5 star

Dwayne Johnson put his heart and soul into this movie. No tattoos, no muscles, and pulled off a convincing emotional scene. Further more, it's based on true events. Barry Pepper fully immersed himself in the role as well. I don't buy many movies, but after picking this one randomly on Redbox, I bought it. The critics are wrong.

- Why?5 star

This is a great movie so why is everybody saying it is boring have you ever thought that you were boring not the movie.

- Good5 star

Good action movie

- Slow3 star

I'm a big Dwayne Johnson fan but I actually couldn't finish watching this.

- Snitch1 star

Horrible movie. The Rock trying to be an actor just doesn't work. He needs the blood and guts movies that made him popular. Leave this kind of trash to Adam Sandler.

- RENT IT4 star

Its rentable for sure. The Rock does a very good job in this one! Its a little slow but worth the time.

- Truth5 star

This film was very engaging and told the absolute truth about what happens in the war on drugs. Highly recommended as both a film and a cautionary tale. Nice Work!

- Good movie5 star

It was pretty good!

- your daddy5 star

this movie is pretty cool,,rented!!!!!!!!

- Start off Boring but ended Great4 star

Slow start but finished like only Rock can do. I say Yes I'd recommend it.

- Great Movie, The Rock always delivers5 star

This movie is a great watch. Don't understand how people can give it a low rating or review. Look at all of their reviews and then look at what I reviewed. This is how you know to trust reviews in here. Oh, the guy that played Shane on "The Walking Dead" was awesome!

- Great character story of drugs vs justice vs politics5 star

Good acting from the Rock and supporting actors. This is a action drama about drugs, cartels, and political ambition. Very enjoyable to watch and engaging acting. A good Saturday night viewing. A+

- Great Movie5 star

Loved the fast paced action and good story line.

- Quality Action Flick4 star

For those of you looking for an entertaining and quality action flick rent SNITCH. The Rock gives a great performance. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire film.

- good movie4 star

its a good movie!

- Snitch5 star

Good movie best I ever seen Everbody should which this

- Surprised to love this!4 star

My husband, 13 yr son and I were looking for a an awesome Saturday night rental and took a gamble on Snitch & were totally entertained. The Rock's star turn in this action flick is good and his muscles take a back seat to his acting (welcome switch).

- Good5 star

One if his better films

- Not Rock Solid, but still pretty good.3 star

"Snitch" is an action film driven by its story rather than the other way around. It's gripping both emotionally and thrillingly. The action is real. The acting is pretty good all the way around (although Dwayne is getting better these days, there were a few weak moments to his acting, but nothing distracting nor worth really complaining about). Don't go into this movie thinking you'll find all the same action you expect to see in Mr. Johnson's movies. This movie doesn't have but a handful of action/violent scenes, and can seem a little slow sometimes. So all-in-all, 3 stars does not mean this movie isn't bad. It means this movie is worth watching at least once and is entertaining.

- ابوظبي5 star

الي فلم

- Avoid1 star

Bad and boring. This movie must be forgotten!

- Dwayne, you've made a fan!4 star

This movie is not your typical 'drug deal gone bad' action flick. Its a simple movie that tells the story of a father who is willing to do anything to lessen the suffering of his son. Its more of an emotional action drama. I am now a fan of Dwayne's ability to convince the viewer that a 6'5" super buffed man can also be a loving father. Dwayne has carried this film single handedly, he really is one of the best actors today.

- Awesome!5 star

Great movie! Will not disappoint....

- Movies5 star

Love it rock movies

- just awesome!5 star

GREAT movie! Love it totally was on my seat the whole time! I don't care what anyone says, one of my favorite movies

- Hi5 star

This is the best movie

- Solid Performance3 star

The Rock is a natural. Another good solid performance. Interesting movie. Keeps you watching.

- Good4 star

Barry Pepper's goatee makes the movie!

- Trazan5 star


- Ghaffari5 star

Amazing really great action movie 2013

- Great Movie5 star

I loved this movie and I thought it was well acted.

- ROCK!!!!!5 star

Another great movie by the rock can't wait for Hercules to come out!!!

- Likeable3 star

Not Dwayne Johnson's best film however, it's a half decent film and if you're a Rock fan you should enjoy it!

- Amazing5 star

Such a very touching movie, with just the right amount of action. I consider this a drama, I dont know what others are complaining about. This movie has a great plot and is most definatly not slow.

- Good movie5 star

We enjoyed watching this movie.

- Good movie5 star

This movie delivers a message of something that really happened. Just to persuade teens and older people to stay out of trouble and remind them of the sentence that people can face if a conviction is taken place with someone. I find it interesting!

- Snitch.5 star

It Was A Really Good Movie! I Love It!

- Nothing to tell about2 star

A story called 'Snitch' with Dwayne Johnson is a bore fest. I tried twice.. twice to watch. I thought I just may have missed something the first time because I was drunk and had turned it off. Nope, not even a few good belts and then some can make this dog bark.. terrible. waste of your time... I will give props to the make up person who made Susan Saranden not look 100 yrs old..

- Very Good4 star

This film was a pleasure to watch it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Great acting good story. Yes it was not a full on action flick but it was well worth the watch.

- The one thing only the law likes!5 star

Face Facts Dwayne Johnson will never win the Academy Award cause I don't think they could get past "If You Smell What the Rock is cookin"! But I give him credit for his busy Schedule! Between returning to the WWE and movies like this as well as a show on TNT! Snitch I feel was great thriller. You very much get Dwayne emotional on screen! Snitch about this one!

- So good!5 star

It was a good story, intense, and great actors! If your not going to buy it, at least rent it.

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F268 - Preaty good4 star

Very good movie the ending could have been better.

Movie freak xd - Good film4 star

Not Dwayne's best movie but its a great family movie I suggest ppl watch this

Waleed1976 - Don't bother1 star

This movie is one of the wrist movies I have ever watched . Go to the next one or watch something you have seen before

Loveit4now4gottenl83r - Boring.2 star

It's not worth renting. The acting wasn't awful but this movie was poorly executed.

Branden Lee - good5 star

the movie was very good. it want all action but it had a lot of drama in it.

Mangummichael - Amazing5 star

When I frist seen the moive snitch I thinking to myself This moive is so good that when come out Iam buy it for sure and I did yestesday

the X reporter - Awesome movie5 star

The movie "Snitch" was so good I liked it a lot because it was full of suspense and kinda like a drama like a heart warming

wookenpanub - great5 star


jmschlaman - VERY FORGETTABLE2 star

Despite good acting from Dwayne Johnson, I found the movie incredibly slow paced and boring. I kept waiting for it to pick up and entertain, but the entire film failed to impress me. Overall, very forgettable.

i Howard - Too Expensive1 star

Sorry Apple, I refuse to pay $5-6 for these movies.

Casualty of Bad Cinema - NOT GOOD1 star

The main problem I had with this movie is that a kid is facing a minimum mandatory sentence for recieving a package. Its not a crime to recieve mail and you can't control what people send to your house.

Magaon001 - Would disagree with critics3 star

Its story is inspired by true events. The movie is by far not a masterpiece but decently cut and delivers a good message. Impressed with Dwayne Johnson performance - he delivers a good acting - somewhat different from what he has done before.

Preacher25 - Slow moving with a lack of tension build up3 star

This movie was sort of like a food recipe that needs something -- some missing ingredient or spice in order for it to excite the palate -- The Rock's natural gifts of charisma and talent are not given the stage to shine (no fight scenes, no bold bravado, nothing). The whole production comes off as hackneyed and effortful.

Goldensow - A little less talk and a lot more action please...1 star

I like Dwayne Johnson. He seems like a good guy. But I've seen Lifetime movies better than this. Watch this if you need some sleep, but wake up the last 5 minutes to see some car crashes.

peterpanpinball - Much better than I expected4 star

This is not a "beat em up" action movie by any means. Based on a true story, it really featured the strongest acting performance by far by Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. Don't look to see him kicking the crap out of anyone here. In fact, if anything, it's just the opposite. The Rock showing his acting chops…nice!


Perhaps one of the biggest things that makes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson so effective as a leading man is his down-to-earth personality. In nearly all his films, whether they're good or bad, he always manages to find a way to stay firmly grounded in the plot while providing just enough charisma and energy to keep us engaged in what's going on, and that proves to be no exception in "Snitch," easily one of the actor's strongest films to date. It may not seem like much (just your average, run-of-the-mill action flick), but this crime drama packs a lot more punch than you might think. It's got an intense script, commendable performances, and a gratifying amount of gritty action. While the layout isn't perfect and the plot does suffer from a few glaring contrivances, that hardly prevents it from being an entertaining and affecting ride. The story follows Johnson as a father whose teenage son (Rafi Gavron) has been wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of possibly ten years. Desperate to rescue his son at all costs, he hesitantly makes a deal with the U.S. Attorney (Susan Sarandon) to work as an undercover informant to infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission - risking everything in the process, including his family and his own life. Johnson delivers what could possibly be his best performance yet as John Matthews, the tough-as-nails father who goes to unimaginable lengths to save his son from a decade in prison. His dialogue isn't clichéd or heavy-handed. It feels genuine, and so does his serious commitment to character. He truly sinks into his role, portraying a thoughtful protagonist who we all want to see succeed in the end. Jon Bernthal gives another impressive performance in the film as an employee of Johnson's and a former drug dealer who's financially struggling to provide for his wife and son. But when his boss pays him in order to introduce him to a dealer, he unwittingly gets himself back into the business, with disastrous results. While his portrayal isn't quite as strong or even as memorable as his co-star's, he still brings a refreshing amount of authenticity to his character, simply making him all the more believable in each scene he stars in. The rest of the cast is fantastic as well, especially Michael Keenan Williams as an intimidating drug lord, even if Johnson tends to overshadow them more often than not. But enough about the acting, since the story is also worth mentioning. "Snitch" carefully balances suspense, adrenaline, and light humor in a surprisingly smart way that not many action flicks these days can innately achieve. There are a few times when the pacing does drag and the plot's underlying message gets muddled by some contrived plot twists, but thankfully, those issues aren't enough to keep the story from being consistently involving. Along with gritty cinematography, a considerably intense score by Antonio Pinto, and a series of thrilling action sequences, this emotionally effective informant drama is a rare star turn for Johnson, once again proving his underrated strength as an actor in today's film industry. Not only does "Snitch" stand as one of the better films released so far this year, but it's a film that's worth watching more than once. So if you're a fan of Dwayne Johnson or if you just wanna watch a well-acted action-drama, this one is worth a rent.

OliasOfSunhillow - Look Beyond the Action5 star

Many of the critics reviews were about the on screen happenings. While I thought they were descent, you have to look much further into the story and I think this was lost on a lot of critics and viewers. The last two sentences of the film tell that story. Look beyond the screenplay, action, acting, etc, and think about the comparative nature to other crimes. I also thought Johnson did an excellent job in the film.

Ironcore412 - Is it over yet???1 star

"Action Thriller"?? Huh... The twists and turns was me after I fell asleep on the couch!

Knowlege man - Very boring1 star

No action I found it extremely boring Very slow

Chas Wade Elliott - Snitch( movie that I couldn't watch)1 star

Movie loaded but wouldn't play

Berkeley Rooster - Not Really Good!2 star

I watched part of the movie in the theater but after about 25 minutes of viewing, I walked out--because the movie (to me) was boring, predictable, and, slow. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson should avoid this type of movie, because it is not a good fit for his persona.

Flow2246 - Great movie5 star

This movie is based on a true story and the acting irs really good. Definitely worth watching. Dont' know why it got so little attention

gmanggmoney - CG review3 star

This film surprised me with it's ability to keep me interested. After seeing this film; I take Dwayne Johnson as a serious actor. Before it always seemed like he would always play the same characters, but now with this film he has shown his true potential. Im not saying his performance was phenomenal, but it was good. I was happy to see "The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal in a supporting role. He deserves as much credit as Dwayne Johnson. This film is not only action; it's more of a drama, suspense. The longer you watch it, the more you get into it. It's exciting, interesting, and some what shocking. Dwayne Johnson plays a construction company owner named John Mathews. John soon finds out that his son Jason has been arrested for the distribution of narcotics. John sees his son in prison and finds that his son may die before his ten year sentence is up. John ends up making a deal with the local US Attorney Joanne Keeghan (Susan Sarandon) where if he helps them make arrest then they'll reduce his sons sentence. John then seeks help from one of his workers Daniel James (Jon Bernthal) for an introduction into the thug world. The faults in this film are very slim. It's mostly the mistakes made by other actors in the film and the way some things feel set up. I feel that if you can tell that something was set up by the filmmakers then it is a fail on their part. Other than those things this film is a great one to rent. It presents realism, suspense, and the quality of excitement.

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