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Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award®-nominated writer of Pan’s Labyrinth, presents this supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When the young sisters are found alive in a decrepit cabin, their uncle (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Game of Thrones) and his girlfriend (Oscar® nominee Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty) take them in. As they try to introduce the children to a normal life, Annabel (Chastain) begins to wonder if the traumatized girls are the only guests they have welcomed into their home. Guillermo del Toro presents Mama, a supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When they are rescued years later and begin a new life, they find that someone or something still wants to come tuck them in at night. Mama Wiki

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A Mother's Love is Forever..

Mama (2013)

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- beautiful movie5 star

It’s a beautiful movie I cry in the beginning and the end



- Mama1 star

I think this was a great movie until the END!! All movies are supposed to end in happiness. Get it right !

- HAHAHAHA!!! Dat special effects doe XD2 star

It was not your normal one. The beginning I'm like, "Aw.. okay this could be interesting." And then I saw "MAMA" Oh, my gosh! I'm not joking, the whole theatre laughed, I mean, we're all sittin' in this theatre, most of us came alone, for a good, scary movie, and they give us THIS. Whew, what the actual ?

- I love this5 star

I watched this for a long time I watched it when I was 7 and when I was 8 and when I was 5

- Liked4 star

Better than average horror flick. This is one of those films that one either hates or likes. The creepy crawler monsters aren't my bag but she was quite disturbing. Judge for yourself. I'd rent it again.

- No1 star

Jessica-what were you thinking?

- Edge of Your Seat!5 star

This movie was so good and kept me on the edge of my seat!

- Exceptionally disappointing1 star

Horrible movie. iTunes kept freezing/needed to be restarted. All in all, I wasted about $4 and 3 hours of my life that I'll never get back.

- Not bad, but by the book. Rather predictable.4 star

A solid horror film that provides a fresh experience, without deviating from many of the tropes that define the genre. If you are looking for originality, don’t look here.

- Mama? DON'T ALLOW1 star

Another horror film that wastes time being heartfelt instead of horrorifying. When I saw this in the theater, I couldn't help but notice audience members screaming a little more than the fleeing principal figures as the ghost strikes. But when I saw it a second time on demand, I confessed myself disappointed. The two girls seem to be the real creepers in place of the dislocated spectre. Their uncle (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is the sole guardian; he should be the one in the ghasly tug of war. Instead, the rope is held by his pitiful, unprepared, self-loathing punk-rocker girlfriend (Jessica Chastain). Typical Hollywood move: depend on the female demographic; shove the men backstage. The suspicious distant relative who thinks the uncle can't cut it: NOT needed. The closing was all over the place. Talk about a bad copycat of the closing of the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Besides, there's only room for one turnout in the end. All in all, this film's script should have gone through more proofreading, revision, and editing. And horror films are meant to leave viewers screaming (and releasing with laughter afterwards), not bawling their eyes out as with soap operas. Most of all, in real life, who the last one(s) standing will be is NOT pre-determined. Why not translate that into cinema? Sorry, Movieland but you failed again with this. Even the author of Pan's Labrynth could not teach you. Go the next rookie frightener standing in line.

- Was good then turned bad3 star

In the beginning and through the middle, the movie had good typical horror thrills and mysterious dark 'corner of the room' scares. Then the end started to become very premature.This included animation and bad green screens mixed in with the not so good story developing at the end. Was going to give it 5 stars, but instead had to get it 3 stars. Still would recommend it though. Enjoy!

- Darn good movie5 star

I liked it because it was well made and an interesting story. Didn't really like all of the ending but it didn't ruin the movie for me.

- could have been better2 star

This movie was scary in maybe one scene, but overall this film was a huge disapointment. To be called a "Thriller" is an over-statement, i think more like child's movie, only because it was commercialised to be a huge scare that ended up being a huge bore

- Melancholy and Scary5 star

In my opinion, Mama is an extremely thought-provoking and emotional movie. It can be scary at times but has a fantastic, unique story and an ending that contains quite a twist.

- Scary Movie5 star

Mama is like a scary version of the woman In black with a better plot amazing visuals and acting Mama is one of the best supernatural movie you can find!

- 1235 star


- alharbi3 star

Arabic Sub plz

- Amazing movie4 star

This movie is one of my all time favorites but it should be for rent. I'm would like to rent it and not just buy it

- underrated - it was great5 star

as a mother - i can tell you this was super creepy and the ending made me cry - if you have kids you will get it

- no.1 star

when i saw this trailer i was super excited, but unfortunately i was let down. it was suspensful (kind of?) but it wasn't scary, and it did nothing for me. to be honest, it was dumb and the ending sucked. don't waste your money.

- Disappointed.3 star

I expected a better plot. And the fact that I cried at the end over Lily being taken away with “mama” made me just decide to throw in the towel. I SHOULD NOT BE CRYING WHILE WATCHING A HORROR MOVIE!

- It was ok2 star

… until the end at which point I rolled my eyes and wanted a refund.

- Good movie.....ruined at the end2 star

Mama was a great movie. Good at all points until the ending. If it would have ended five minutes sooner it would have been an amazing movie. The ending just doesn't make sense

- 💜💙5 star

Loooove it!!(:

- STUPID!!!1 star

This movie was just the worst...

- Why can't I get it back?!1 star

Ok so some how it deleted from my iPad and it said I'm not aloud to ever get it again?! What the crap is wrong with it

- Meh3 star

This movie looked super scary when I saw the dads for it but when I watched it it was kind of lame. Some parts were creepy but I've been more scared before.

- AMAZING5 star

This movie was such an original idea! I loved it and I actually cried at the end. So good!

- Mama mia2 star

Chastain and the little girls are very good. Nothing and no one much else is. The formulaic plot borrows heavily on previous movies like "The Ring" and is riddled with ridiculousness, cliches and implausibility. The CGI ghost is really awful and cartoony and ruins the whole mood. When the ghost shows up the movie descends from a "Ring" knockoff to Scooby Doo. Very cheesy. Chastain and the kids deserved a much better vehicle.

- I love it5 star

Mama a terifining film that wants you to pee your pants when I saw it I felt like my hart was going to fall out my butt!!! This is a movie for all you horror lovers

- no2 star


- DELICIOUS.!5 star

This was such a deliciously-thrilling movie! Can't get enough of Mama! Brilliant acting and storytelling.

- Good movie4 star

Luv the movie and the music but there was some stuff that wasnt needed

- Mama:)!!!5 star

I love this movie!! Its so scary and I got it when it came out!!:) And I got it on my iPod:)

- Good Movie!4 star

There are alot of bad movies here. This is not one of them.

- I think it's sad5 star

I think it's scary and sad towards the end but its a really good movie I cried when mama took the little girl and wrapped her up and they both dropped of of the mountain :( I'm crying right now

- stupid2 star

Could have been a good movie, but was dumbed down. Things that should be left vague or obscure to make a good ghost story were made too obvious and details that should have been well illustrated and explained were neglected or done in a cheesy way. There are worst ways to spend an evening, but surely many better ways. Keep clicking and move to another option.

- Mama review5 star

I thought this movie was great and there acting was great too

- Love It5 star

Ill never be scared again.

- Really bad1 star

Saw it in the movies was not good bad story line bad ending ... Don't waste your money ....

- BLAH1 star

I rented this movie with my iTunes card & it never finished downloading! I've been waiting for 3 hours to finish downloading! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!

- Good but ????3 star

Scary and all, but a lil unusual, not in a good way. Horror cliches are overused but to good reveals.

- Easily scared?1 star

If you're easily scared then Mama is for you. Mama is really slow and boring if you're a horror fanatic, the movies story isn't deep nor is it exciting. In conclusion, You will love the movie if you like cheap scares, crappy story, and the most cheesy ending EVER.

- Love it5 star

This was a great movie

- Meh3 star

Hated the ending,wasn't really scary

- Hilarious.5 star

My friend, my mom and I went to go see this in theaters omg it isn't even scary. It's hilarious people in the theatre were laughing and soo were we. It's a excuse for a horror, it should be under comedy. XD

- I like!5 star

Movie scared the hell out of my soul....good movie to watch

- Mama4 star

One of the best scary movies I have seen in a while, but I hated the ending!

- LOVED IT!5 star

Loved this movie, Was a good scary movie!! A+++++

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Cece4567cc - 12 bday5 star

I went to see this for my 12 bday and I could bring my friend we we like MAMA YOUR SO PRETTY. We were cracking up and this 16 year olds ran out of the theaters scared then like 15 min later they came back it was funny and I got home checked my closet under my bed and all my walls. But my friend though it was funny because I was acting stupid it was the stupid and funny and kinda scary horror movie I ever seen I LOVE IT I DON'T CARR IF THIS IS SCARY I LOVE IT

Spidermonkeysuper8 - 6-104 star

It was ok. I thought it would be scarier!!

Erica scary movie girl - I loved it4 star

I loves it so much it didn't really scare me but I love it

Elpaulo2 - Mama1 star

Cheesy graphics and story... Disappointing.

AMPNMC - Love actors and story but wasn't scary3 star

I love scary movies that have a good story and no gore. For some reason this was not scary. I enjoyed the story though. I thought Jessica cha stain was miscast for this movie though. The children were awesome as was Game of thrones dude. I would say this is more of a thriller than horror though.

Ijeejee - Silly2 star

Supernatural silly movie

JEO908 - Good Movie But...4 star

I was really excited to watch it but I was a little disappointed by the turn of events, expected more but it was entertaining.

BMHB - Horror?3 star

Frankly, I wasn't scared. I was anxious to see who/what "Mama" was than anything. I like the suspense and all, but I expected more than I got with this movie.

perpledragonfly - Horror Movie Expert3 star

I really couldn't wait to see this movie. It had a lot of good scares, but there were moments that made it hard for me to "suspend my disbelief." And the ending was a predictable letdown.

Coapantecalt - I liked5 star

One of the biggest controversy of the other life, the dark said and the light we all deny but is true ;we have life and the next life and is on as to pick , and r actions wu'll be are judge who decide happiness of misery for all eternity

Movie sucked - Absolute crap1 star

Saw it in theatres and was horrible do not get this movie

Destinee Oliveros - Great!5 star

very scary !


I went to see this movie in theaters and it was SCARRY!!! The story was interesting and the characters were likable..loved it

Charlie Foxdale - Horribly brilliant5 star

This movie messes with ur head. Iv never cared enough to write a review for anything but this is far from ur average movie. I highly highly recommend to any fan or the horror thriller genre. Im quite critical when it comes to movies, and i have nothing bad to say about this one.My only concern is how im going to sleep tonight.

Tigers r AWSOME - AWSOME5 star

This is scarier than i am legend but it AWSOME

markberrones - Visually Striking!5 star

I loved every second of this film. Chastain gives an awesome performance!

addisenoadl - Honk if you've seen la Llorona5 star

Good horror movie based in an ancient legend of old mexico and latin america!!! Thumbs up

Nicole Engelson - AMAZING!!!!!!5 star

even though i did not scam or get terrified through-out the whole movie it was still the best movie i have ever seen! :)

EmsiOne - OK3 star

This movie was not not that scary, it was good but I expected better. I don't know what all the hype was for.

blueprintsbaby - Good!4 star

Really good movie! Some parts and things that happened sometimes were a little confusing or hard to understand but a great creepy movie!

Summer0063 - Had some great scares4 star

Great movie, could have had a better ending. Had some scary moments! Would deff watch again!

Goldensow - Reviewers don't like what I like2 star

This was not a scary movie. This was meh. The acting was good, but the story was not that great. I swear that the critics have direct opposite taste than me. I'll take the rotten tomatoes if no one wants them.

Angel of Snow - Incredibly Scary!!!5 star

Never watch this alone, in the dark! The ending was a bit of a bummer, but this is a horror movie you won't be disappointed.

Walter456 - Had Potential, but then flopped.3 star

Had a good start, but the movie epically Failed!

Corman24 - Loved it but.......4 star

I loved "Mama" but the ending could have been a little bit more happy!!!! Very sad ending. 😞 Otherwise a great movie!!! Loved it!!!!!! Watch it!!!

Soccergirl11a - Great5 star

This may not have been that scary, but it told a great story

Butt face fart - Love it5 star

I love this movie it is funny and scary at the same time the only little thing I did not like was the ending well don't want to spoil it enjoy

DranrebQ - Awesome!5 star

This movie made me cry ;(


This movie is so stupid not even scary

Payzer - Oh my god1 star

I want my money back I cried because it was so sad

Thespelltheory - Very pretty film5 star

I love this movie, so interesting. And the story was creepy yet pretty in a different sort of way.

Deb Hayes - Pretty good4 star

Spooky with a sad twist. Enjoyed!

Maddox iTunes - Amazing5 star

This movie is awesome, but I think it would have been scarier and better in the movie theatre, but amazing

kredstar0308 - ONE OF MY FAVE HORROR MOVIES!5 star

Although the ending leaves more questions than answers, I thoroughly loved the "at the edge of your seat" and about to jump out of your skin feeling that mama evokes. Definitely one of my favorite scary movies, highly recommended.

cinthia_s - Outstanding5 star

Del Toro always has promosing work. Haven't seen a good horror movie in a long time and the ending was the biggest plot twitster. He did amazing and I am excited to watch it again.

nikkipennacch - DO NOT WATCH1 star

The Graphics are horrible and you will be greatly disappointed. That was an hour of my life Mama will never get me back!

Moviefanatic1001 - Truly Frightening5 star

The film was riveting and very intense. I also liked the ending because it wasn't as grim as other horror films.

714bastille - Good Fright Flick4 star

Pretty good. I always love Del Toro. The film had plenty of scares but also a genuine plot that you could piece together, which was interesting. The jump scenes were creepy and the climax was very well done. Overall, a pretty good movie with lots of suspense.

fr0stbyt - Fantastically Creepy5 star

All I really wanted was for the movie to be good and creepy. It has a few shock value scares, but it is just downright creepy. I loved it.

scifilover :) - surprising5 star

The trailer for this film suggested nothing special, another in a line of high graphics low plot horror films to add to the sinister and paranormal succubus films, but I'm a sucker for horror films so I watched anyway. It is actually a refreshingly eerie film, not just because the monster is a relatable character, but because most of the other characters are dynamic and relatable as well. It combines the eerie nature of the mundane and and twists the formula you are expecting to see with an ending that you can almost see coming, but keep thinking "no way, they would never do that" right up until the end. There are a few predictable jump scares and the ghost itself recons to hundreds of old campfire stories and urban legends about mothers, but the plot, the characters and the strange relationship between these girls and their mother (you figure out who that is) makes for a wonderful film, well worth at least renting. And if you're just looking for horror, don't worry. You wont be able to get through this film without your stomache twisting a few times :)

erreca77 - Always scary5 star

I have yet to watch a movie from Guillermo del Toro that did not shake me. Never the gore but he always hits that nerve that makes me afraid to fall asleep.

Norway1980 - Disappointing ending1 star

I had high expectations after seeing the trailer, but I ended up quite disappointed. The movie started out great with quite a few chills, but the ending I'm sorry to say ruined most of it for me. I felt I was watching the last minutes of a Harry Potter or Disney movie.

Bel Nergal - Mediocre- geared for Kids2 star

When "showing" the monster (or this case ghost), sometimes less is more. Story is cookie cutter, and disjunctive; it doesn't know if it want's to give you an investigation into the events it occasionally hints at, but ultimatly go nowhere. Drama is distracted by obvious implausibilities in the plot, mixed with it's insufficient atmosphere ot provide the suspension of disbelief. There is little in the way of character interaction, so you never quite believe the emotion it strains to produce at the end. What could have had an spooky ghost quality, is ultimatly rendered almost comic upin the revelation ( and re-re-revelation) of a rather unspooky cartoony looking CG boogie woman. The ending is a peudo-sappy distruction of what little effect of a horror movie it was keeping up. It may be appealing to high school age kids and parents with soft stomachs, and I can;t say i feel like I wasted my time watching it; but for someone who like depth and chill to their horror, you may be bored, like I was. Just remember, the boogie woman looks silly and cartoony and gets way too much camera time for looking so fake it breaks whatever atmosphere it had. Ending had me laughing.

Reno2277 - Disappointed2 star

When they explain who "Mama" is, it's very disappointing.

StevoCanuck - Loved it.5 star

5 stars.

Girly Bear Alicia :):):):) - messed up endign5 star

Anyone who hates seeing 3 year olds getting pulled down a cliff by a ghost should NOT watch this messed up ending dudes totally SICK

Gman919 - God awful1 star

Worst movie of the year… a mile.

Cattheo - Just a tip3 star

I love horror movies, especially ghost stories but Mama was scarier in the distance shots. As soon as she went full face frontal, the movie just got funny.

Fairlady79 - Critics Are Right4 star

I never go by what critics say because they can often be dead wrong but I agree with them on this one. Mama, made me both sad and scared at the same time. Plot was unusaul but it was a goo movie overall.

Slcadriana - Horror fanatics must see5 star

This movie surprised me, I underestimated the film before viewing and it swept me away. First time I actually jumped since the first time I had seen The Exorcist. I found myself at the edge of my seat through the whole movie. Very creepy and very well made! ANY horror movie fan would love this one. TWO THUMBS UP. Well done.

5 star

@ZurditaFilosofa Tu mamá va punteando...

5 star

@melynperez @saharahmanio_ Totoo diba????? Panoorin mo yung hi bye, mama!! Tignan mo, tignan mo

5 star

@Santi_ABASCAL: ¿Se han vuelto xenófobos y racistas? A lo mejor deberían escucharnos más e insultarnos menos, porque hacen lo que pedimo…

5 star

Dünya Sokak Hayvanları Günü’nde sokakta aç kalan dostlarımızı unutmadım ve mama kaplarını doldurdum. Sen de…

5 star

Dünya Sokak Hayvanları Günü’nde sokakta aç kalan dostlarımızı unutmadım ve mama kaplarını doldurdum. Sen de…

5 star

Bu zor günlerde sokaklardaki can dostlarımızı unutmuyor, evlerimizin önüne bir kap mama ve su bırakıyoruz.🐶🐈 Bu çağ…

5 star

@isktweets Aap ki mama ko salam

5 star

@drevzix: moja mama sprzedaje w sklepie i jak wiadomo od 10 do 12 można sprzedawać tylko seniorom, nagle wchodzi kobietka w średnim wiek…

5 star

@lexykamoney: No cap l appreciate the way my mama raised me

5 star

@xxbbsoyeonxx: I feel like we always see the jiyong version of this, so I thought: let’s bring seunghyun’s version back... #gtop #fanar…

5 star

Mama ang landi naman ni vice president at secretary kim!!!!! Sana all 😭

5 star

@distalbot: Di depan rumah mama papaku. Semoga bermanfaat 😊🌈 #spreadlove

5 star

@pubg_mama え、なに俺ってそういうイメージあるの?🤣

5 star

Dünya Sokak Hayvanları Günü’nde sokakta aç kalan dostlarımızı unutmadım ve mama kaplarını doldurdum. Sen de…

5 star

Dünya Sokak Hayvanları Günü’nde sokakta aç kalan dostlarımızı unutmadım ve mama kaplarını doldurdum. Sen de…

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