G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Summary and Synopsis

In G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the team is not only fighting their mortal enemy COBRA, but they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence. Framed for crimes against the country, the G.I. Joe team is terminated by Presidential order. This forces the G.I. Joes into not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra; they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence. G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wiki

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Movie Reviews

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- Awesome, Just plain old Awesome5 star

This movie was so Awesome!!! I can’t resist watching this!!! By the way Joe You Are So Awesome!!!

- The Rock5 star

Dwayne is always fun to watch! Lots of action.

- Terrible Sequel1 star

I really liked the first movie.. It was really good. Then comes this.. Take everything from the first movie and throw it in a trash can by killing off our main character at the beginning. Then insert "its all about me" Johnson into it. All jis movies are the same and bland. Even San Andreas was the same. The only movie I ever liked with him in it was The Rundown.

- This movie sucked1 star

Loved the first one and then this movie came along and it was like a big FU to the fans

- Seriously? The Rock?1 star

Why Does Dwayne Johnson have to come out in every action movie? Such A TryHard

- Awesomeness!5 star

This movie was awesome! It had so many characters from the tv series like Firefly and Snake Eyes and Zartan and finally we get to see Cobra Commander who I think is the main villain from the previous movie. The special effects were pretty good but I was focused on the movie itself cause I thought it was pretty good. I really hope they make a sequel where Cobra Commander finally gets his. Finally I will leave you with two famous words: YO JOE!

- great action5 star

the fight scenes were very interesting to watch, even the first gun fight. I saw some really cool choreography so I don't know why people are so harsh with this movie. sure it's not a masterpiece but it was fun to watch. I'll tell you this much, the action is a whole lot better than the old action packed movies I've seen when I was kid. people are a just a tough crowd

- Confusing3 star

The first one was a whole lot better

- Decent action film.3 star

While not a perfect action film, Retaliation certainly feels like a GI Joe movie. The action scenes are a lot of fun, and I feel the actors all do decent jobs in their roles. My only nitpick would be that Cobra Commander is barely in this movie.

- One of the worst films of 20131 star

I enjoyed the first GIJoe as a guilty pleasure. It's not a great movie but it did oddly feel like a GIJoe movie. This sequel is not a GIJoe movie, it's a "Rock" movie, simply a vehicle for the lead actor. It's a GIJoe movie where they never say"Yo Joe". And it's a very poorly made action film at that. It's really not worth your time. I was soooo glad I rented this forgettable fiasco.

- Here’s the problem3 star

It was fun. The main problem is that they did the whole sucker in and switch. The over all plot was pretty good, but there were some dumb plot decisions that hampered what could have been. It might have been a budget issue, but it could have been handled better. And what criminal mastermind that’s bent on a goal puts an option in to stop that goal once it’s set to be completed. Come’on.

- Wasted money and time1 star

Can't have g.i. Joe without duke. Didn't even finish watching it.

- Incredible1 star

How come such good actors, so much money, such rich comic stories can be so badly done… Director? Producers? …. Whoever did that will should surely be fired….

- Not very entertaining1 star

I only have this one star because I'm not able to give half of one.

- Makes Transformers 2 look like Shakespear2 star

This seems like another one of those sequels that is so bad most of the actors from the original want nothing to do with it. Several of the characters from the original either do not appear or are quickly killed off. The continuity with the original movie is strained; only the plot line with the president ties them. The dialog is some of the worst in an action movie. Basically, it becomes little more than a vehicle for Bruce Willis and The Rock to blow stuff up and act cool. Rise of Cobra was not great but it was fun. This was painful.

- its ok3 star

like i said, its ok

- A bit cartoonish with no depth2 star

A bit cartoonish. I like that they followed the comic with respect to storm shadow but the rest even the fight scenes had no reality, nor were they cool in the lack of reality.

- Awesome3 star

Jus cause there isn't your so called man in this movie doesn't mean it's bad. Or cares that's there's not the same people duke is the main character the first one but this one he died get over it as long as snake eays stays its still considered g I goes

- Ys5 star


- A Disappointment1 star

The rock did a good job but really. The first movie was such a good movie then this one just ruined it. I really hope the next ones gonna be a lot better

- Stupid boring don't do it!!1 star

This movie was horrible!! Had no point, to long and nothing happened. The acting was gross! I love the Rock but even he couldn't safe this film. Don't waste your $5.99

- Very disappointed2 star

I was waiting for this movie, and it sucked a... !!

- Old was better2 star

Expected more!!

- Don't waste your money1 star

It's worse than the original. They kill off title characters and it has a weak storyline. Wait for this movie to go on sale.

- G.I. Joe: Retaliation5 star

This movie is as good as action movies go. The acting and the visuals are absolutely stunning. I have but one word: perfection.

- Sad, sad state of affairs this is..2 star

its a little batman begins and kill bill while you find yourself thinking about spiderman. there is plenty of action which is normally a great thing.. but something about this movie just didn't work for me. maybe it was the gravitational pull of the moon or maybe this was just not as entertaining as I had hoped for.. rent or buy at your own risk...

- Why?1 star

Why oh why oh why?

- I loved the first movie5 star

This one was good too...

- Retrospectively better than Rise of Cobra5 star

They tried to sugar coat it but it was Clear that they killed off Channing Tatum's Duke and that was the down side sort of! I'm sure Magic Mike mommy groups were upset at that! And after the death of Duke the Cobra Commander tries to make a comeback and it's up to Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock to save the day.And Bruce Willis was a great addition and it's still awesome seeing Bruce Willis in these movies after 2 decades! You don't go to G.I. Joe movies expecting Casablanca this won't win the Academy Award all it was is a fun action thriller! Yo Joe!

- What I Expected5 star

If you're looking for an Oscar nominee, don't watch this movie. If you're looking for an exact recreation of the cartoons/comics, don't watch this movie. If your looking for anyone but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to have significant screen time, don't watch this movie. If you're looking for an action-packed movie with decent special effects and a loosely tied together plot... WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! I wanted to watch the Rock kick some butt, quote Jay-Z and say cheesy things like "The world ain't saving itself!" This movie was all that and more. Bonus... Channing Tatum gets killed off in the first 10 min. That guy has about as much talent as a dump I left in the toilet this morning.

- تتاعتعنتتتهع5 star


- Horrible.2 star

Tatum is only in the movie for the first 5 minutes. Way to use his name to sell a bad movie!

- Much better then rise of cobra5 star

Kills off all of the lame joes and adds the best! Firefly, Roadblock and and Lady Jay rule!!!!!

- A little worse than the first3 star

They need to stop this Bruce Willis cameo/supporting role crud. This franchise pretty much used up what little appeal it had in part I. Now it's on a fast roller-coaster ride down the drain. Kind of reminds me of what happened with Mortal Kombat back in the day. Really bored and want some action scenes? Might be worth the rental. Want any kind of decent acting and plot, skip this.

- This is the sequel??1 star

So disappointed this sequel was pretty much thrown together. You don't have closure on previous cast mates and new ones weren't properly introduced. Don't waste your time or money.

- Really really dumb1 star

I usually love movies like this, they are fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed the first one, and I was looking forward to this one. I tried to like it, I really did. It was just sooooo unbelievably dumb...so far beyond anything else I've seen in the last 10 year. I eventually had to turn it off. Waste of 5 dollars.

- Action action and BOOM5 star

This is way better than the first movie and snake eyes and storm shadow together ....WAY BETTER

- Crap.2 star

Barely watchable.

- Awesome!!!5 star

One of the best action movies I watched. People who like gunfights, chasing and a lot of action must watch this.

- Boring1 star

Not worth the rental cost. I'm so glad I waited and didn't buy it. Watch the trailer and you basically watched the movie in 3 minutes or less.

- BORING!!2 star

The title say it all. Very hard to sit through this garbage. No bueno.


This was the worst movie ever... The plot was stupid and things just seem to be randomly happening .. I feel robbed of my rental money.. I should have listen to the reviews... URGHHHH so DISAPPOINTED....

- Terrible1 star

The first movie was so bad, it was like watching monkeys flinging poo. This movie showed the poo hitting the fan. Avoid.

- Cool movie!!5 star

If u like non stop action packed fun movie this is one to see

- total embarrassing rubbish1 star

Watched via UK account and boy do I regret it. Total and I mean absolute total garbage. Sure DJ has more than this to give. If not go back to the WWE UNIVERSE! The first film I really did enjoy as something a bit different but not this one. Please save your money but more importantly your time.

- GI Joe3 star

G.I. Joe without Duke?! Ruined it for me and I'm a huge fan. Disappointed. :(

- Ugggggggggg1 star

My wife and I were excited to see this as soon as we found out about Retaliation! Often, she nor I will do our very best to avoid watching trailers of the films we are pumped about. To us it seems that the trailers, nowadays, show way too much, there isn't much left to see. We wish that we would've made an exception for this one!!! There are so many bad aspects about it, that it's just not worth listing everything. Action = Yes Acting = Poor Story line = Awful. It's amazing all the hype. I would be ashamed to endorse it. Willis and Johnson should've known better!!! We can't believe they put their stamp on it.

- Awesome5 star

Great movie

- Best movie ever5 star

I loved this movie the Dyanne Jhonston always plays good parts along with Bruce Willis

- Terrible1 star

Don't, just don't.

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Superherofangroup - first movie much better1 star

The rock ruined this type off movie style.

Starwars5 - Awsometacular5 star

This movie is a blast, better than the first. What more do u expect from a movie based on an action figure, comic & cartoon.

D2358767654 - Nice try1 star

The movie dragged on. It required too much knowledge of background facts from the comics.

A random person on the earth - AWESOME MOVIE5 star

Some people think the movie sucked i personally love this movie but im just the kind of person who loves this kinds of movies

Cargo hold - Exactly what you'd expect.3 star

don't expect something crazy meaningful or profound. it's exactly what it says it is: dumb fun.

CarterBaraniski - I sharted in the theatre.1 star

This movie was so bad! The wet fart I did during the movie was more enjoyable then this crap.

Currantwave - Awful movie!1 star

So disappointed, was really looking forward to this sequel. Glad I only spent $5.99 and not $10 to see it in the theatre. Didn't even make it through the entire film it is such a drag. The story is weak, the cast lacks depth, the soundtrack reminds me of a video and I honestly couldn't hold out to discover if there was a plot. Rotten film, waste of money!

DigginTrenches - Horrible1 star

Painful to watch. Aside from the entertaining battle on the side of cliff mountains, I really struggled through this one. Shut it off with 30 minutes left, forget the climax.

Skibum222 - CRAP!!!1 star

Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever watched

ColEcho - 3.5 stars for what it is3 star

Take it as an action movie, not a GI Joe storyline as it is not entirely aligned with the original cartoons/ action figure stories. As an action movie it is good. Action scenes are good, and so are special effects. Story is not particularly engaging but that is not necessarily why you watch this types of movies (although a better story would have helped). I recommend to rent, not buy.

The Professors - What the?1 star

I felt this movie must have been made by a 5 year old for an average audience of 5 year olds. The idea that world leaders travel to a summit with their respective "briefcases" and could launch nuclear missiles just like that, within seconds is stupid. The american president and all other world leaders have inbuilt safeguards for the occasional brain freeze/trigger happy lunatic. Then what about all the secret service personnel gunned down by the good guys? Kill everyone no matter what. Then the doomsday weapon destroying London and like a small minor event, is quickly forgotten. The film was just too stupid and the action scenes did not make up for lack of story or credible scenarios. By the way, if you detonate a nuke to destroy it-don't you then cause a massive radiation fallout? All the worlds nuclear material in missiles were destroyed and dispersed in the atmosphere at the same time. Hmm….

d3ltron - Sad day3 star

Killing off duke!? Why? I could have made a better movie. Don't get me wrong, bruce willis and the rock are a good combo. Just wish they stuck to the "original" story. I hope they reboot this movie in 5 years and try to start over. And get a director that has passion for the joe's. i am afraid this will be like hulk and will never get it right untill you have a writer and a director that understands what the series stands for... RIP DUKE!!

ABYiu - don't bother2 star

The first GI Joe was entertaining but average at best. I was expecting the sequel to be no worst but was mistaken. Don't bother renting or buying. Just wait until it's on TV.

The movie press - AWESOME5 star

This movie was great, I really enjoyed how it turned out

JDanials - Meh3 star

Tries hard enough, but those special moments just aren't quite right.

Warpass - Rental not iTunes fault1 star

Sure we would all like to rent this turkey but the company releasing the film wants those extra impulse buy dollars. So they have decided to use the no-rental for the first few weeks so people will just buy it. They obviously know that no one really wants to buy. So go ahead and build up those regrets, the people who made this film care not for the story, the actors or the people who buy their products. Its a cash grab on all fronts folks.

tHEmADaNgEL - Boring!1 star

I can't even comment on this freaking movie! I was sleeping in the theatre huh! SO BORING!!!

DJTJRave - Nothing like it!1 star

I can't believe what they've done to this movie, it's nothing like the original series and none of the characters from the first movie to at least make it worth while. Killing off Duke in the beginning destroyed this movie for me, specially when they put "road block" in charge which if they did follow the series would of never happened!! I take it who ever produced, directed, and acted in this movie never owned a G.I. Joe character or watched the series, because if they did then they would know "major bludd" did all of cobra commanders dirty work and not "zartan"!!!!

克拉拉💍Clara - Terrible movie1 star

No story

Cylac76 - iTunes movies4 star

I don't get why movies on here cost so much when I can pretty much buy the blu-ray version (which often includes the digital version) for pretty much the same price or less. If iTunes would sell new movies for like $15 -$20 I'd be buying them on here all the time.

NBA GOD THE LEAF - Mad1 star

I ordered it but I never got explain

awesome20103 - I just dont mind to paid $105 star

to watch this movie before comes available on bluray

Film critic01 - Great action film5 star

The best G.I. Joe film ever. Great action and good effects in the film. A must-watch. Excellent. :)

Random200017 - AMAZING!5 star

Best movie ever!

jackfowler1 - better3 star

better than the first one, still a little boring though.

Fish-out-of-water - G.I.JOE5 star

This is a GREAT movie and totally worth watching!!!!!! I luv the action and the parts where things are getting blown up and i luv the fighting scenes!

PainNGain - G.I joe movies getin better2 star

bit better then the first but one day a G.I joe movie will be 3 stars.

fashion-dacci - nah!3 star

it is a good movie by itself. but better than the first one ? i dont think so. I will only give one star if they didnt have the mountain parts. too much gun fire, and nothing surprising.

manning master - Better tan the first one by far5 star


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GonzoGF - Beyond awful!1 star

Absolutely no plot and just action. Predictable. Bland. Boring.

7Decker - Dumb Action2 star

I knew this would be a dumb action movie but this was at a whole new lower level. The action was so dumb and drawn out that you just wanted it to stop. We had to fast forward through some of the dumb.

Vinnyloves69 - Haven't seen it yet...5 star

I can't stand the rotten tomatoes reviews as far as they're concerned the only good movies ever created was Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Jaws and the first Godfather movie outside of that very few movies get good reviews...Different people like different kinds of movies I have not seen this film but I will rent it and watch it as I'm sure it's entertaining as far as the newer action movies are concerned but to many people it's aweful well then maybe people need to get out there and start making films the way they think they should be made...

Under Siege Cook - Better than the first one..if that means anything?3 star

I thought the first movie was terrible, and I definitely believe this is an upgrade over that one. That being said, this one is worth a rental only. Sure, I can rid myself of rational thinking while I watch, but I found parts of the movie completely moronical. Without spoiling the movie for everyone, apparently the US Military doesn't exist except for the GI Joe's, and the Secret Service can be replaced with guys that have Cobra pins on their suits. I may be mistaken, but didn't the Joe's fight the Cobra army in the last movie?!

-FNA - Not what I expected!2 star

Dwayne Johnson is a good for Roadblock but Roadblock grew up in the South if I'm not mistake. Killing Duke was a bad ideal! There was really no direction for this movie? Difficult for a sequel.

Max P. Sterling - action girls and guns. it was ok.3 star

while it had action. things blowing up. hot girls with guns. i was still a little bored. Mybe its because i look for more in the movies i watch now that i am above 40 years old. while i can say it was a good rental i wouldn't have been happy to buy this.

89894045 - Ugh1 star

Barely watchable

Gumby.Hat - Terrible. Just plain terrible.1 star

I had a really hard time sitting through this. If you are over the age of 12 this movie was not made for you.

Dr.Acosta - Just terrible1 star

This movie lack pretty much everything. No depth in plot, or in their characters. And was just completely dissapointing. I want my 2hrs back.

spenceyboy5ever - Absolute garbage1 star

If you enjoyed the first one, you will hate this one. If you've never seen the first one then MAYBE you could consider watching it if you have absolutely nothing else to do

Joneich - Worst movies ever1 star

What a waste. Good job Hollywood.

omigush - Headache2 star

I had an unexpected headache while watching this movie. First one is way better.

hotdognobun - Good Joes5 star

c'mon folks this movie was fun and exciting considering its based on a comic/cartoon that was pretty unrealistic and cheesy in the first place.

Texanblue1129 - Great movie!!5 star

This is a great movie with a lot of action & some laughter! Keeps your attention the whole way through!! A must to watch!

CookieMonster1223 - G.I Joe5 star

My new favorite movie! Love it!

Jeremiah Weed - Non Stop Fun & Action!5 star

If you don't like action, then I don't recommend. This movie is fun and action packed for the whole family. I watched it with my wife, 11yo girl, and 8yo boy. It is so refreshing to watch a fun military movie that doesn't make the military out to be the bad guy. This movie delivers on one liners, guns, non-scary bad guys, and lots of explosions.

Marie52099 - Sucked!!!1 star

Terrible movie. No plot.

Mark Likes Movies - Absolute Garbage2 star

The first movie at least had a decent story behind all the action, but this movie seems to have forgotten a plot in exchange for a lot of Dwayne Johnson mooning for the camera. That, and the fact that favorite characters from the first movie are killed off early, make this unwatchable. One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Farhan Zameer - Don't waste your money and time1 star

Full of sh**!

Ticked off by ending - A little disappointed3 star

I was disappointed by a couple things. I had noticed that Channing Tatum was aways down the list of stars but as the movie started it seemed he was going to be the leader. So the disappointment came when I found out the Rock was going to be the main man. Although he was fine. My other disappointment was I thought Bruce Willis was going to be in it way more than he was. Not a top action flick to me

Crazycat681 - Awesome5 star

I like the movie,it didn't really come out the way I wanted to,but other then that it was awesome

TheModelLegs - Will it ever end?!2 star

I am always into these type movies.... But! I could not keep my eyes open and I had to keep "playing" with my fiancé just so he would stay awake! This was not a late night flick viewing for us, so we were not sleepy until we watched this snooze that some people call a movie. I give it 2 stars because of the amazing effort put into one of the fight scenes.

emad180 - best action movie ever5 star

its one of the best movies i saw this year i hope there will be part 3😃😃😃😀

Joshua.Cane - No... Just no.1 star

The film seemed to be written by 10 year-old boys with G.I. Joes action figures, if you're a teenager or adult, or anyone for that matter, definitely skip this film.

Berkeley Rooster - Disappointed1 star

If you want to be disappointed, then, by all means watch the movie...

boblyle05 - Horrible plot!!!1 star

I grew up with GI Joe...Duke is GI JOE and you kill off the leader of GI JOE. Without Duke there is no GI JOE guys...stay away from this catastrophe!!

jiujitsu brasileño - Extremely disappointing1 star

I saw this movie in the theaters last night. Good action, terrible acting. A sequel with so much promise ruined by poor casting & bad acting, don't bother wasting your time or money.

chuyjd - 2 hours of my life I will never get back1 star

This movie was horrible, a waste of time and money. That was almost 2 hours of my life I will never get back.

Kuk30 - Great Movie!5 star

Loved it! Just wish Channing Tatum was in it for a longer amount of time. The Rock is awesome and loved Bruce Willis being in this!!

Maxwell James - It is what its supposed to be.3 star

Way better than the first one. I'm still mad about Duke though.

Desai3 - Shivand5 star

I saw it in IMAX 3D

SPai7 - No so realistic2 star

This movie is not that great. GI joe's do not believe in wearing eye pro and head pro? It ruined the movie for me.

Molice98 - Axel5 star

Awesome movie👍👌👏

SGSMN - Awesome action, but, bad plot...the first eas wayyyyyy better2 star

This movie had awesome action which i loved, but, major plot points were taken out like Duke dying and Cobra Commander abandoning Destro and not to mention it was way too short it was only 1hr and 30min This first movie was over 2hrs I had high hopes for this movie, but, unfortunately i was let down I know there's gonna be a third, i hope it's better than this one

Sal20015 - So Bad1 star

Stupid scenario every step are very predictable.

danefoot - It was really good movie had a lot of action5 star

I recommend this to anyone who is a gi joe fan

thatreviewerdude - Better than the first one4 star

Although it's still cheesy, it wasn't nearly as cheesy as the first. It wasn't the best, but I'll admit, I was entertained! It's worth a rental.

tuffrog - Nothing to write home about2 star

If you have seen the first one then you have seen the second one. Some good action sequences, but thats about it. Would love to see this franchise re-imagined by Chris Nolan or Neill Blomkamp.

Bkiess - Fun and Action packed!4 star

I really liked Walt Goggins who played a bad good guy. I just wished he hadn't been killed so early. The Rock and Bruce Willis together kept it interesting and fun. A great cast who worked well together.

great action9 - Good movie!5 star

A good movie ! Sad that Duke dies but it was good!

regssss - much worse than the first one1 star

this second take on G.I. Joe has retain non of the original characters from the first movie who are actually good actors nor an actual quality plot as the first. The story feels like the script writer and producer suddenly pop up on tuesday after lunch and say " there …. you go " This movie is just a movie being made for the sake of the "Brand", thats it

Alldaron - This was a HORRIBLE sequel.2 star

They removed all the main actors and replaced it with a cookie cutter script and no point. What a waste and shame towards the first movie.

jasond85 - Lacked a Story3 star

I actually liked the first GI Joe movie, but this one goes in a completely different direction. The first one had sci-fi elements that just didn't exist in this one. I didn't like that hardly anything of the story from the first was continued in this one. There was no character development, the story jumped around, and I was scratching my head as to the entire point. I would have been happier if they had just continued the story with the same characters from the first one and focused on those individuals. In the end, it still is a good action movie, but left me disappointed.

Grace_is_the_the_name - Great5 star

I love this movie but y did duke have to die? then that a really good movie

Caddisbug1994 - dumb dumb dumb1 star

I love action movies and i hated this. do not buy it. rent it if you must, but even $4 is too much for this one. sorry. bad flick.

dev.zrs - Epic Taste!5 star

Definitely a very awesome movie, was a very really marvelous scenic. Will refer to my friends and family!

Woolfern 66 - I think its good4 star

I think its good

Buck Lightning/ MHOG Podcast - Fun!4 star

Sure, its not a great film, but it is super enjoyable. It has the Rock, Bruce Willis and ninjas. And Lady Jaye… ohhhh Lady Jaye.

Jpf66 - Big budget, terrible movie1 star

The first movie was so open ended that left enough room for at least 2 more movies. But the this movie is so bad I hope they don't make another one. Spoiler alert!: they kill Duke on the first half hour and shadow storm becomes good? Please...

FallenDarkness - One Bad Movie1 star

Hey lets kill off eveyone from the first movie and lets put in a WWE star to ruin the whole movie and ruin what could of been a good movie series

5 star

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5 star

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5 star

@TanzaniaMovies: Top movies 2013-G.I JOE RETALIATION

5 star

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

5 star

@JoyAnnReid G.I Joe Retaliation...no??

5 star

@KraksTV G.I Joe Retaliation

5 star

@EliClifton @MarthaRaddatz From the film G.I. Joe Retaliation.

5 star

Tautulli (Main Media Server) G.I. Joe: Retaliation was recently added to Plex.

5 star

Tautulli (Main Media Server) G.I. Joe: Retaliation was recently added to Plex.

5 star

@Soo09740760 ابقي شوفي G I Joe Retaliation

5 star

@wizard_snark In g I joe retaliation they also got defeated

5 star

One #3D #3dbluray #bluray #3Dmovie by day. G.I. Joe: Retaliation year 2013 aspect 2.40:1 audio En 7.1 Dolby True…

5 star

Watching G.I. Joe Retaliation (to unplug from stuff for a minute) and one of The Rock's daughters was Skai Jackson.…

5 star

@ScottHa63721366 Wow! Cool! I love Hercules too! His muscles are super beautiful in that movie! Some of the Fast an…

5 star

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