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In G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the team is not only fighting their mortal enemy COBRA, but they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence.

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. Framed for crimes against the country, the G.I. Joe team is terminated by Presidential order. This forces the G.I. Joes into not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra; they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence.. G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wiki

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Grandma Kitties
The Rock  Grandma Kitties  5 star

Dwayne is always fun to watch! Lots of action.

Terrible Sequel  Stingwray111  1 star

I really liked the first movie.. It was really good. Then comes this.. Take everything from the first movie and throw it in a trash can by killing off our main character at the beginning. Then insert "its all about me" Johnson into it. All jis movies are the same and bland. Even San Andreas was the same. The only movie I ever liked with him in it was The Rundown.

This movie sucked  Ltusnnc  1 star

Loved the first one and then this movie came along and it was like a big FU to the fans

Seriously? The Rock?  Claviicus  1 star

Why Does Dwayne Johnson have to come out in every action movie? Such A TryHard

Jjhkf kh
Awesomeness!  Jjhkf kh  5 star

This movie was awesome! It had so many characters from the tv series like Firefly and Snake Eyes and Zartan and finally we get to see Cobra Commander who I think is the main villain from the previous movie. The special effects were pretty good but I was focused on the movie itself cause I thought it was pretty good. I really hope they make a sequel where Cobra Commander finally gets his. Finally I will leave you with two famous words: YO JOE!

great action  jll23  5 star

the fight scenes were very interesting to watch, even the first gun fight. I saw some really cool choreography so I don't know why people are so harsh with this movie. sure it's not a masterpiece but it was fun to watch. I'll tell you this much, the action is a whole lot better than the old action packed movies I've seen when I was kid. people are a just a tough crowd

Confusing  BATS2748  3 star

The first one was a whole lot better

Decent action film.  HSK 1  3 star

While not a perfect action film, Retaliation certainly feels like a GI Joe movie. The action scenes are a lot of fun, and I feel the actors all do decent jobs in their roles. My only nitpick would be that Cobra Commander is barely in this movie.

One of the worst films of 2013  rotomangler  1 star

I enjoyed the first GIJoe as a guilty pleasure. It's not a great movie but it did oddly feel like a GIJoe movie. This sequel is not a GIJoe movie, it's a "Rock" movie, simply a vehicle for the lead actor. It's a GIJoe movie where they never say"Yo Joe". And it's a very poorly made action film at that. It's really not worth your time. I was soooo glad I rented this forgettable fiasco.

Here’s the problem  sedcseg  3 star

It was fun. The main problem is that they did the whole sucker in and switch. The over all plot was pretty good, but there were some dumb plot decisions that hampered what could have been. It might have been a budget issue, but it could have been handled better. And what criminal mastermind that’s bent on a goal puts an option in to stop that goal once it’s set to be completed. Come’on.

Awsometacular  Starwars5  5 star

This movie is a blast, better than the first. What more do u expect from a movie based on an action figure, comic & cartoon.

Nice try  D2358767654  1 star

The movie dragged on. It required too much knowledge of background facts from the comics.

A random person on the earth
AWESOME MOVIE  A random person on the earth  5 star

Some people think the movie sucked i personally love this movie but im just the kind of person who loves this kinds of movies

Cargo hold
Exactly what you'd expect.  Cargo hold  3 star

don't expect something crazy meaningful or profound. it's exactly what it says it is: dumb fun.

I sharted in the theatre.  CarterBaraniski  1 star

This movie was so bad! The wet fart I did during the movie was more enjoyable then this crap.

Awful movie!  Currantwave  1 star

So disappointed, was really looking forward to this sequel. Glad I only spent $5.99 and not $10 to see it in the theatre. Didn't even make it through the entire film it is such a drag. The story is weak, the cast lacks depth, the soundtrack reminds me of a video and I honestly couldn't hold out to discover if there was a plot. Rotten film, waste of money!

Horrible  DigginTrenches  1 star

Painful to watch. Aside from the entertaining battle on the side of cliff mountains, I really struggled through this one. Shut it off with 30 minutes left, forget the climax.

CRAP!!!  Skibum222  1 star

Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever watched

3.5 stars for what it is  ColEcho  3 star

Take it as an action movie, not a GI Joe storyline as it is not entirely aligned with the original cartoons/ action figure stories. As an action movie it is good. Action scenes are good, and so are special effects. Story is not particularly engaging but that is not necessarily why you watch this types of movies (although a better story would have helped). I recommend to rent, not buy.

The Professors
What the?  The Professors  1 star

I felt this movie must have been made by a 5 year old for an average audience of 5 year olds. The idea that world leaders travel to a summit with their respective "briefcases" and could launch nuclear missiles just like that, within seconds is stupid. The american president and all other world leaders have inbuilt safeguards for the occasional brain freeze/trigger happy lunatic. Then what about all the secret service personnel gunned down by the good guys? Kill everyone no matter what. Then the doomsday weapon destroying London and like a small minor event, is quickly forgotten. The film was just too stupid and the action scenes did not make up for lack of story or credible scenarios. By the way, if you detonate a nuke to destroy it-don't you then cause a massive radiation fallout? All the worlds nuclear material in missiles were destroyed and dispersed in the atmosphere at the same time. Hmm….

AMAZING!  Random200017  5 star

Best movie ever!

better  jackfowler1  3 star

better than the first one, still a little boring though.

G.I.JOE  Fish-out-of-water  5 star

This is a GREAT movie and totally worth watching!!!!!! I luv the action and the parts where things are getting blown up and i luv the fighting scenes!

G.I joe movies getin better  PainNGain  2 star

bit better then the first but one day a G.I joe movie will be 3 stars.

nah!  fashion-dacci  3 star

it is a good movie by itself. but better than the first one ? i dont think so. I will only give one star if they didnt have the mountain parts. too much gun fire, and nothing surprising.

manning master
Better tan the first one by far  manning master  5 star


Rather this than dishes
Joe blows  Rather this than dishes  1 star

SOOOO disappointed in this one. The first joe was light, fun and good chase/fight scenes. This one took itself way to seriously! The best scene was Willis' character unveiling his arsenal hidden in his house.

OMG  1thomas1  1 star


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