Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad Summary and Synopsis

Los Angeles, 1949. Ruthless, Brooklyn-born mob king Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) runs the show in this town . . . that is, until a crew of LAPD officers led by Sgt. John O'Mara (Josh Brolin) and Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling) wage war on his empire. Gangster Squad also stars Nick Nolte, Emma Stone, Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña, and Robert Patrick. Los Angeles, 1949. Ruthless, Brooklyn-born mob king Mickey Cohen runs the show in this town, reaping the ill-gotten gains from the drugs, the guns, the prostitutes and — if he has his way — every wire bet placed west of Chicago. And he does it all with the protection of not only his own paid goons, but also the police and the politicians who are under his control. It’s enough to intimidate even the bravest, street-hardened cop… except, perhaps, for the small, secret crew of LAPD outsiders led by Sgt. John O’Mara and Jerry Wooters who come together to try to tear Cohen’s world apart. Gangster Squad Wiki

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No Names. No Badges. No Mercy...

Gangster Squad (2013)

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JANUARY 24 (2020)

- Good flick!5 star

I really like this movie. Good action, and Emma Stone never looked better!

- this movie is underrated5 star

Somebody in Hollywood must have paid to have this movie trashed. I've seen this 3 times now and I think it's a fantastic film. The people who say the script is bad have no idea what they're talking about. Every actor in this is fantastic. Josh Brolin is fantastic, Nick Nolte is great, Gosling and Stone and knockouts too. I also think Sean Penn is great as Micky Cohen. Really can't understand why so many people don't like this movie. This is more compact than L.A. Confidential and altogether a different type of beast. I suppose I agree that L.A. Confidential is an all-around better picture, but I love this movie as well and highly recommend it.

- noir stereotype1 star

Like everyone was trying to make rent and filmed a dud.

- Good Movie4 star

I don't get the RT reviewers for panning this. It's a fun,entertaining, professionally done Hollywood movie

- Loved it!5 star

The cinematography was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed the realness of the era!!

- Greatly underrated awesome movie!!5 star

The trailer had a lot of rap music in it which does NOT exist in the film. The film really takes you back to Los Angeles 1949! It's a pretty great story with the exception of a couple predictable parts. If you like Mafia related stories or the Mafia games(Mafia, Mafia 2, Mafia 3) you will LOVE this. Ignore the bad ratings!! They're all idiots that don't know a good film when it's seen!!!!

- Great Movie5 star

The plot was good, wonderful actors, great period piece. It's a gangster movie and critics are upset there is shooting. I guess I should have watched a Hallmark Christmas movie..

- Police Squad -- The First Generation2 star

The story was told better in "The Untouchables." The comic-book noir feel was done better in "Sin City." The over-the-top blood and gore was more fun in "Shoot 'Em Up." The costumes were better in "Roger Rabbit." And the characters had more depth, too. There's not a believable second on the screen, which could be okay if this were meant as a spoof. But though some of the situations and dialogue are so cliched they spoof themselves, it seems unintentional. A strong cast wasted on a doofusy project.

- Crap1 star

That was the worst most predictable movie I have ever seen. Everything was sub-par.

- Fun, stylized movie5 star

Not sure what other people were watching, but this was a fun, stylized, slick movie in the vein of "The Untouchables." Loved it! I thought all the actors were very good in this movie. Big names, looked like they enjoyed making this movie. Though Sean Penn's makeup seemed a bit rubberized. Ryan Gosling and Sullivan Stapleton (wish he was part of the squad, and not a gangster) were slick and sexy. My favorite part was when the Squad hit the night club - the woman who played Carmen Miranda was great and the scene at the hotel. Just fun action. Someone mentioned that there were no ethnic people on the police force during that time period - there was, as white cops wouldn't have lasted in those neighborhoods. Someone also mentioned there was rap music in this film. Not so - it was big band music. If you enjoy gangster movies, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

- Excellent Movie5 star

Lots of action, political corruption, destroyed. We watch the many times and still pick up additional pieces lost by eye blinking. Good flick on gangsters excellent cast.

- Loved it5 star

Amazing was at the edge of my seat the actors all were amazing a must see very powerful performance

- AMAZING.!5 star


- Really Amazing Awesomeness Movie5 star

You should watch this movie. It's so amazing. It's a really really good movie. It had little romance and so much action. Plus the actors were amazing. I just loved this movie. WATCH IT!

- Great movie a must see5 star

Great movie. Good story line and action.

- Not L.A. Confidential.2 star

This tries it's hardest to be the next 'L.A. Confidential." Same time frame. Even Mickey Cohen. But it has a terrible cast, director of photography and director. Script certainly needed more polishing before it was turned into an actual film. Unfortunately these Neo-Pulp Noir movies made since "L.A. Confidential" have all failed. Let's not forget "The Black Dahlia" which was awful, which looks like a masterpiece compared to this movie.

- Good story, good cast, all put to waste.2 star

It seemed to me the director couldn't decide whether he wanted to shoot a gritty crime drama or pulpy-over-the-top action film. On or the other would have been fine. Additionally, the characters were clumsy cinema cliches drawn with no hint of satire or homage. A large portion of the dialogue was rather weak and, despite the quality of the performances, still came off forced and awkward. It strikes me as a situation where a promising story and a very good cast were carelessly put to waste.

- One of the best films I've seen!5 star

A must-see!

- Untouchables in California5 star

It's kind of like the Untouchables. Let's get the Gang together and kick some mob ***. We all enjoyed it. One of the best movies I've seen so far this year.

- Good movie5 star

When there's good actors there's Always a good movie.

- Average3 star

Plot is lucking element of surprise

- Amazing!!!5 star

Best movie I have seen in a long time. I love the old fashioned look and the actors were stunning!

- Very Very Good Film for the Ganster genre...5 star

Gosling, Brolin, Penn, Nolte, Mackie, the list goes on and on along with Emma Stone! Critics are so jaded and so are the poeple who listen to them and follow their advice. Watch the film for yourself and you will like it if you like these actors and the "ganster" film premice.

- Great movie5 star

I only watched it because my mom has a thing for gangster movies but this one grabs from the beginning and never let's go. Ryan gosling is amazing!

- This movie is what is says "Gangsta!"4 star

Simple and to the point, if you like Gangsta movies or cops and robbers movies then you will love this.

- Very Enjoyable!4 star

Great cast , awesome acting and well done. Worth a rental . Classy flick

- Great movie!5 star

Action packed classic!

- Better than expected!5 star

Great cast and very well made movie! Loved it!

- Great movie4 star

Loved the story, the actors, all of it!

- Expectation management3 star

Just ok. Worth watching I guess. Not very entertaining though. It seemed like the people involved thought it was going to be a big hit so they threw in a lot of catch phrases. Also there was a distinct feel that they wanted to herald back to,old classics. Big names, good actors lots of potential.... But it fell short in the end, leaving me disappointed. Penn was pretty good.

- A Cartoon Noir5 star

Warner Bros says this is a "stylish retelling of events ..." but this movie is no L.A. Confidential. This movie is so over-the-top it reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This movie is a pretty good live action version of a cartoon. I liked it in spite of the critics low ratings or maybe because of them.

- !4 star

great gangster movie

- Not very good at all.1 star

I am a huge fan of mobster movies and have seen and own them all. I always liked Sean Penn and trust that he would choose a great script. Sean Penn doing the Mobster genre appeared like a can't miss. The story, to me was known and never really told other than a bit in Bugsy. Unfortunately, it was full of fabrications. The real tale would have been much better. Its not a little fabricated like Boardwalk Empire...this is way off. If you're going to use a real life person to base a story on at least read wiki about the guy. How this script got picked up to begin with is amazing to me. The directing was as bad as the acting with predictable, mundane portions throughout. I actually had to look at imdb after to see what else he had directed because it was so horrible. The worst movie I have seen in years. My last Penn movie too. His career unfortunately appears over.

- Interesting3 star

Caught my interest - wont watch 2x though...

- Entertaining4 star

Good movie, very entertaining, despite Sean Penn's horrible acting.

- Gangster Squad3 star

This movie seemed to be like many other movies that have the same story to tell. I did enjoy Ryan Gosling's and Josh Brolin's performances.

- Good movie!4 star

The movie was great. However, the fighting scenes were a bit to exaggerated in my opinion...

- Boring1 star

Found this movie to be really boring. Only good actor was Sean Penn and that's about it. Don't waste your $ on the rental. It's not worth it.

- Amazingly good5 star

Omg I love this movie! Best gangster movie I have seen!!<3

- Money back please!1 star

What a load of rubbish. Such a shame because there were some good actors in it. There are so many better gangster movies to watch.

- Killa4 star

It kills!

- The best!5 star

Best movie ever!!! This is a must watch!

- If I could give 6 stars I would5 star

Perfect cast, great acting, and fun to watch. This movie was somewhat predictable, knowing the backstory of the real "gangster". That said, it was awesome! Highly recommend it

- Great movie5 star

Great movie!

- Very Enjoyable Movie5 star

Even a review that puts this movie down expounds on how it was great scenery, great cast, and a lot of fun to watch. If you want to watch an enjoyable well made movie, watch this one. If you think movies should be more than an enjoyable watch, that they should provoke deep thought, that their hidden message should be perfectly stated ... then maybe you're one of those who should avoid this movie. It was very well made, very enjoyable watching. Isn't that what movies are about? You watch a movie for entertainment, or at least most people I know watch it to be entertained. This movie IS entertaining.

- Gangster squad4 star

Great movie i give it a 4 out of 5 it was just great if you like mobster action this is the one to see

- worth it4 star

Saw this on a plane yesterday. Well done, acting was very good and story moved along well.

- Missed the mark2 star

Tried to be too slick a-la Guy Ritchie at times and missed out on the grit and grime of an LA Confidential. The great cast was hampered by an average script with little depth and no heart. Oh, don't forget the unlimited ammo weapons too. Amateur hour.

- 5 stars5 star

eternal dream of justice and better life for law abiding citizens which never come true. but it was nice to stop for a minute and review some values nonetheless. Thanks to all who participated in this movie, great pleasure, food for thought and entertainment.

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WONDERFULPISTACHIOS - Great...but just one problem...4 star's in French. I mean, I learned it at school but this is at home. Whatever happened? Besides that, nice to see people like Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and other stars in here.

Marckiller2n - Excellent!5 star

je m'attendais à un film très moyen après avoir lu les commentaire. Poutant, je l'ai trouvé excellent.

Rolex Lamborgini - Exceptional !5 star

Extremely high production values. What else from this "All Star"cast ! "Hollywood Gangster" at its best. Every character exquisitely stereo-typical. Truth mixed with suspicion and speculation. Terrific "period piece", worth it just for the cars alone. Gorgeous girls, handsome guys and nightmare scary bad guys! Pass the "Tommy - Gun"!

countryboy2 - Great Action Flick5 star

Great non=stop action, watch it for the action. Acting is very good. Plot could've been better.

Bijougirl72 - French?2 star

Why is the trailer in French?

Following Banks - Wrong language.1 star

If the trailer wasn't in French then I might've bought the movie. How do you get rid of the French option?

Bigshott Brown - Best movie5 star

Excellent flick, great action awesome story line keeps you pumped up through out the movie! Reminds me on Sopranos. Highly recommend to watch!

Monkeyswan - Boo1 star

Not very good at all.

Candida cleanse - Slow2 star

Meh, slow and the gun action is rather dull.

Frookost - Déception !1 star

La bande annonce me fait espérer un bon film en français, mais surprise ! Le film est en anglais. 5.99$ perdu ! Je devrais peut-être continuer à visiter mon club video... J'aurais voulu mettre aucune étoile car je n'ai pas regardé le film, mais ce n'est pas possible.

wish?didsomebodysaywish? - predictable and cliché1 star

We were excited to see a film with such a great cast. But the screenwriting, plot and much of the acting was unexciting and uninspiring. At the end of the film we were both rolling our eyes and laughing at how unoriginal this movie had become. Not the worst movie I've seen, but definitely far worse than I'd anticipated.

Bonoiutrw - Gangster squad5 star

Excellent film

EddyBear - Ganster squad1 star

Why does the English version trailer play in French ?

sk1g0d - rent vs purchase4 star

Mindless action worth watching as a rental. iTunes marketing department might want to rethink the purchase only plan for early release. Sure they make a few extra bucks from those of us who can't delay gratification and pay full price for something they would rather just rent. However, they sure don't inspire customer loyalty with this scheme. How about an option to purchase at a reduced price after an initial rental? That would be customer friendly marketing.

The6Lord - For The Complainers1 star

The Movie sucked anyways don't bother watching it anyway's

Snicksie - What about ENGLISH!!!!!!!1 star

the trailer is FRENCH!!!! What the hell!!!

hdm225 - Location1 star

Pourquoi la location n'existe pas?

iisdan - No rental, no buy1 star


EtienneDouaze - No rental option? Byyyye...1 star

No rental option? Byyyye...

Whatdoiknow45 - Annoyed1 star

Should be able to rent.

destinyamanda - good4 star

I loved this movie. great action beginning to end.

eddiethetrooper - Great5 star

I really enjoyed those movie action packed from begining to end and the story to the movies just flows well i highly recommend it

BenLoyal - Better than okay, but not quite good.3 star

Brolin and Gosling’s acting raise this above the average. Penn does his best to drag it below… But it’s worth a watch for sure on a slow night. Parts of it are great fun and the rest doesn’t hurt so bad. LA looks reliably great.

ShaherM - It's Okay But Not Like The Classic Gangster Movies I Seen!3 star

Glossy, slick, bloody, violent, dumb, crowd-pleasing, and undeniably entertaining. Filled with every gangster genre cliché rolled into one, Gangster Squad ain't high art, nor is it aiming to be. It seemed as if director Fleischer was trying to tell this story in the most fun possible way, and he succeeds with flying colors. The film is at its best when its loud and dumb but falters when it tries to be anything more than that. The cast seems like they're having fun, especially Sean Penn who has a field day with his role as the villain Mickey Cohen. The lines he's given are pure gold. Josh Brolin does a great job as the lead and Ryan Gosling is charming and charismatic as usual. However, Emma Stone is underused with a thankless role, but it's nice that she's in the film anyway. Overall, Gangster Squad is fun entertainment. No judgments, little pretense.

mattwho? - Really, really bad...1 star

Like most of the people who have watched this, I looked at the cast of pretty good, respectable actors and thought, 'how bad can it be?'. But it's dire. The worst film I've seen in a long, long time. It's got every gangster cliche there is. It actually comes across as a spoof by the end, even the action scenes are just over the top and too unrealistic. And a special mention goes to Sean Penn for what the most over the top display of acting i've seen since watching a Steven Seagal movie (never again!).

Recon51 - Well that's what we need5 star

I have been wanting a gangster film for a good time and this has been the one all over the film is amazing with great shoot outs. I would very much recommend this film for any one.

Samps169 - Terrific5 star

One of best movies I've seen in years

IhavePILES - Worth a watch4 star

Not at all terrible. Entertaining and worth watching, however 'The Untouchables' is far superior.

TreyRoque - Gangnam style3 star

I wanted to watch something undemanding and bit daft, and this hit the spot.

Tommyashmo - Got bored quickly1 star

To be fair to this film I got bored in the first 10 minutes and didn't really give this film my undivided attention throughout but honestly thought it was a bit of a waste of time. Sean Penn well over bakes his role as the boss. The rest of the cast are average but Penns performance is by far the worst. Save your money!!!

Surfer Ed - way too overacted…too many cliches2 star

A very overacted American film, no subtlety at all, in the acting and in the plot. Shame, I was expecting more

Sam22sam22 - Gangster film by numbers.3 star

Enjoyable enough, but this is a lazy film making...

Hayleybaby26 - Really really good film5 star

A brilliant film good for men lots of action and good for girl has a proper story film I've watched in a long til

Xxttbb - Total rubbish1 star

All over acting, miscast, stupid story, Nick Nolte look 90. None of it works, waste of money

SmartCarFanatic - Great re-telling of the world of american gangsters!!!5 star

Such a great movie. Josh Brolin excells as Sgt O'Mara...Sean Penn is great as Mickey Cohen, whithout becoming too comical...Ryan Gosling, great role, wrong voice. Directing and set design looked great. I hightly recomend this film :)

Francky2201 - Great movie5 star

Fully enjoyed it!

E.R.G.O - Gangster squad1 star

A poor poor film . Terrible script , overacting , predictable all the way . About as gripping as a limp handshake .

Review of Reviews - An okay film3 star

Some good things in this film however I feel it was let down by there being too much focus on the visuals (too arty) and the plot and script were cheesier and weaker than they should have been. Not the best acting performances I feel from any of the cast who are normally great. Couldn't get past Cohen being Sean Penn with a prosthetic nose - translation, I didn't get fully absorbed by the film. This film is no Godfather, The Departed, Goodfellas or Carlito's Way but it's quite an entertaining film. Shame it didn't reach the heights it should have.

Dudical557 - Brilliant!5 star

Amazing film, great story line and plot, worth every penny!

JJ Goldie - Excellent5 star

Don't read the bad reviews. This is class acting. It's not trying to be Godfather or LA confidential. Just a very good film in its own right. Worth buying.

christian rohman - Awesome5 star


Mikey rooney - I Rate It5 star

sure it doesn't compare to the classic gangster films, but those are pretty 'untouchable' (oh dear) its a shoot 'em up with some good/decent acting and a quality soundtrack, its a good manly film like 300 or law abiding citizen and i think it deserves credit for what it is, not what it isn't.

zoggie :) :) :) Movie guy ! - Great Film !4 star

Great acting, excellant plot and good old fashioned gangster violence. Great film for those action lovers !

Too.Much.Time.On.My.Hands - Not Sure Why the few don't like it!5 star

This is a great film with some great acting don't be fooled you will love it!!

Prisoner83 - Mouth shut1 star

I haven't seen it and I don't wish to see it keep your mouth shut penn when it comes to the Falkland Islands

CoCo Cherie - Walks a thin line4 star

This movie had so much potential, with a stella performance from Ryan Gosling, a brilliant cast and beautiful cinematography. However the plot is pretty thin, and character development pretty week, the only saving grace was Ryan Goslings character Jerry with his easy charm you can't help but warm to him. But other characters such as Sean Penns Mickey remain 2 dimensional, and unconvincing to the point of cartoonish. The movie does however have lots of action, and is beautiful to look at.

Emmad2004 - Gangsta squad5 star

This is the beat film I have ever seen! You can't beat it! Honestly just buy or rent it!

Mr X uk - This is not a good film.1 star

Starts out great, just becomes increasingly stupid. disappointing. Don't bother.

Axel T Ferrier - Great Movie!5 star

A brilliant movie!

Karupta - Average2 star

Going to have to do a lot better than that to compete with the classic gangster movies.

Traveler1234567 - Good but5 star

..the fist fight scene outside the Park Plaza towards the end spoilt a good film. It went from fantasy into delusion after 70 good minutes. Almost similar to Django Unchained when the director decided it was time for his silly cameo & crazy Australian accent. The real story of mickey Cohen is actually far more Interesting than this fictional version. I'm not sure why they didn't just tell the truth in the style of the untouchables etc where Al Capone was sent away for tax evasion...the same as Mickey Cohen in real life. Sadly Mickey Cohen was as evil as portrayed here, but never dealt with so abruptly. This is pure fiction based around real names and places. This is still a very good film though and 85% perfect.

Lewiisssss - Beast5 star

Best film going!

D.Kell - Absolutely amazing!5 star

A great film great acting and story line.definitely worth it!!!!!

Corbett002 - Absolutely amazing.5 star

Casting - 10/10 Direction - 10/10 Acting - 10/10 It's all brilliant! It will constantly have you on the edge of your seat & you will be fully connected with the story line. A great film!

@nsah - Argy-bargy1 star

don't watch this...I haven't seen it so I don't know what I'm talking much the same way that Penn doesn't know what he is talking about re Falkland Islands history...just saying

Ussy45 - Brilliant!5 star

One of the best films I've ever seen!

Blackerthannoir - So so2 star

A very ordinary film, if you haven't seen LA Confidential and like it bloody then you will probably enjoy this and think it's good, unfortunately I have expect a little more from this sort of film, good script, acting and direction, good films are the ones you can watch time and again, not this one.

steveyw2002 - A below average gangster film2 star

Cliche galore in this poor plotted, Ill thought through cliche fest. Really disappointing all round. Terrible depiction of Micky Cohen. Do not buy it.

Illmakeutap - Amazing!1 star

This film is such a good gangster action movie! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys gangster films or action packed movies! How this has 4 star rating I have no idea! It should have 5 stars!!

wiseguy10101 - Gangster paradise5 star

This is a great film for a Friday or Saturday night in. I wasn't expecting much as I saw some bad reviews and decided to go ahead anyway. The people that wrote bad reviews obviously were expecting more than punch ups and gun fights. It kept me entertained the whole way through and EMMA STONE IS SMOKING HOT!

ss12932 - Excellent5 star

Enjoyed start to finish. Very entertaining

Evilguynigel - Cheap knock-off1 star

La confidential and the untouchables knock the stuffing out of this film. Great actors not great acting. So disappointed wasn't expecting much but didn't expect a clock watching, can't wait till its over 2hrs of tripe. One star grrrrr!

Ellewoos - L2 star

Terrible film. A poor mans version of The Untouchables. Sean Penn was ridiculously bad as the head gangster. He was trying to channel Marlon Brando but just looked and sounded like a desperate man with a prosthetic chin. Script is dire. Ryan Gosling is ok.

murrayborthwick - Incredible5 star

You can't fault this film. It's become my favourite film of the decade, without doubt. "Here come Santy Claus!"

[email protected] - Brilliant5 star

Epic. Badass. Classic

kingclothier - Awesome 5 star for a reason5 star

Everyone loves great gangster films and I think this is an instant classic the film itself is awesome especially in HD for the epic show down at the end

Curlywurly71 - Brilliant!5 star

One of the best films I've watched in a long time!

Neave40 - Brilliant Gangster Movie!5 star

Not normally a gangster movie fan .. but this film has totally converted me! Packed with action, this movie grabs and keeps your attention from the very first scene. The acting is superb with a great cast and Sean Penn and Josh Brolin are fantastic! Ryan Gosling is, as usual, also brilliant. Well worth the watch

Raz Cassidy - Brilliant5 star

An epic gangster movie. A must watch movie.

Molikx - Gangster film at its best!5 star

Saw this film in the cinema and I was just blown away by its quality. It's got the action, the girls, amazing storyline and a beautiful backdrop and era. Can't wait to buy this and add to my collection. Highly recommend this to everyone!

zxx-Dr-JJ-xxz - Finally a good gangster film5 star

This is a great film worth watching and the acting is first class

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Erickstones - Regrets2 star

A bit too cartoonish for me. I was going to turn it off in the first ten minutes but battled through to the end. My only regret is that I did not go with my instinct.

rwsykes - Gangster Mud1 star

Tedious explosions of guns with very little acting or plot. Should've saved my $5.00 and rented it for a buck on RedBox, but it would still have been a waste of a buck! Should've lit my cigar with the money!

1000ppl - good movie3 star

good actors good overall movie but it was really heavy on boring cliches that kind of sucked the intensity out of it and atmospheres created by an amazing soundtrack and great filming - Muy buena5 star

Exelente pelicula la recomiendo 100%

richgrzesiak - lackluster and limpid2 star

The production value here is top drawer and first rate. The cast is a director's dream. Unfortunately, the plot strains credulity and the actors struggle with lines that would seem awkward if this were taking place nowadays, let alone in 1949. Disappointing. I so very much wanted to like this movie. This will be great on cable. Not worth it here. Footnote: release was delayed due to the Colorado tragedy of 09-12 (the climactic scene had to be re-shot). The movie will be better remembered for this footnote than other factors.


I recommend this flick...

acs06w109 - Way better than I expected5 star

Def worth renting

meatball171 - GENERATION GET STUFF DONE!5 star

Being a man and doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. As far as the critics… They're beta males, nuff said.

dboy21232 - People are Annoying4 star

Everybody has to be a critic these days. Annoying.

norab - Terrible1 star

A list actors in a failing film. Sean Penn, Pacino called he wants his character back from the movie Dick Tracy

Moreeeeeelllliiiiaaa10 - oh my!5 star

this movie was great. i loved the cast. very good movie

Xkg16x - Solid action packed gangster movie5 star


stwebb - This review won't get posted, but...1 star

Why would no one pay $5 bucks to see this flop, when you can see it for less than a buck fifty at R E D B O X !!!

Facebook app stinks - Great movie5 star

Great movie!

122233412308 - Amazing5 star

One of the best movies I've ever seen. The acting was great and it had some of the best action scenes ever created. Loved it and if you don't like it your crazy.

Clem Jordan - Wow…1 star

this movie is [email protected]

Pbilloch - Solid action flick4 star

This movie was suprisingly entertaining. Great cast, and action sequences. Better than I expected!!!

Kamanir2013 - Awesome5 star

What a gang

DavGreg - PC Historical- Emphasis On The PC1 star

Could have been a good movie, but ruined with Hip Hop in the soundtrack, PC Casting (LAPD was lily white back in the day, folks) and lots more. The true story the movie is loosely based upon is interesting enough without the marketing staff mucking up the story for ticket sales.

CroMags70 - Unfortunate.2 star

Don't hate it. I just don't really considerate it more than a flash piece with no substance and bad make-up. The story and dialogue were non-existent, but better than the old '80's After-School Specials...........almost, with all the information out there and talent at his fingertips the direction was left to be desired. Nothing beats the story and the dialogue, thats why we love movies the most I think, right?

Dcxrock - Perfection<35 star

"Don't go" "Don't let me"<3

arnie125 - Amazing5 star

This movie is epic!

Yilen12 - Great movie!5 star

Worth every penny

PDHEB - Worst1 star

Kept watching this because of PENN Other actors pretty bad. I hope ppl not watch this

Tetsuo_filmgeek - Could have been much better3 star

The fiction is entertaining and pleasant to watch overall but the amazing cast and the acting capabilities of each actor is heavily under-utilized, such a shame because with more depth to the characters and the story this movie could have become a classic. This is a rent not a buy.

Adolfo Ortega - GS5 star

One of the best movies of gangsters

Jlaw94 - Biggest Let Down1 star

Great Cast, Horrible script, kinda cool special effects. But thats the only good thing i can think of. not even the cast could save it, The biggest let down for me, the scenes were laughable nothing redeemable in this film I like to pretend this movie never existed for Gosling or Stone.

Mememe& - gangster squad1 star

what an abortion of cinema!

JustTheProblem313 - Not bad4 star

Can't complain was a very good movie

WindFarm - WOW! Will blow your mind!!! AWESOME!!!!5 star

Best movie! This better win some awards!!!

Create nickname100000000000 - Opening scene was the only good part1 star

Great opening scene with the guy being pulled by two cars. After that, it was a waste of time.

StatMajorrules - Awesome movie5 star

This movie is just great. its a lot like the untouchables

vncey - Watch first5 star

Great movie, screw stupid ppl who hate :D


When I first saw the trailers for "Gangster Squad," I was immediately overtaken by the star-studded cast, gorgeous art-deco set designs, and violent clips of shoot-em'-up gun battles. With all those fantastic elements in place, it looked and felt like the kind of hyper-stylized noir film that promised to not only be briskly entertaining, but highly involving as well. Unfortunately, that didn't quite end up being the case here. While the flick does offer up some glossy visuals and a tense atmospheric tone, it never once bothers exploring the historical complexities of its real-life story, instead opting for an odd comic book-style approach that's effectively engaging but somewhat unsatisfying. Still, this distracting use of style over substance is at least successful in producing a rollicking crime thriller that's often a lot of fun to watch, packed to the brim with plenty of gifted actors who gleefully chomp through the scenery. The setting of this film is Los Angeles in 1949, where the notorious gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) is planning to launch a big Chicago-style mob takeover of the city. The police chief (Nick Nolte) is determined to stop him, but feels surrounded by corruption, so he hires straight-aarow detective John O'Mara (Josh Brolin) to put together a top-secret squad of LAPD officers that will operate off the books to stop Cohen, whatever it takes. John's pregnant wife (Mireille Enos) isn't thrilled at all by this, but she helps him select his team: techie Conway (Giovanni Ribisi), gunslinger Max (Robert Patrick), hotshot Coleman (Anthony Mackie), and quick-learning rookie Navidad (Michael Peña). And of course, there's the pretty-boy detective Jerry (Ryan Gosling), who courts danger by launching a fling with Cohen's seductive yet mysterious moll Grace (Emma Stone). Understandably, their task doesn't go so smoothly. Billed as the untold story of what really happened, this flick actually ignores quite a few key facts while indulging in implausible plotting and overly colorful characterizations. In other words, it's next to impossible to consistently believe what we're watching, which eliminates all of the relevance and resonance that could have filled this complex tale of police corruption, out-of-control capitalism, and the use of illegal methods to do the right thing. Instead, this movie is all shiny surfaces with flashy production design, too-immaculate costumes and haircuts, and a story that reduces an elaborate situation into a simplistic action flick narrative. But like I said earlier, there's a lot of fun to be had along the way, from the rip-roaring action scenes (such as a stylish, fast-paced car chase in the middle of the night) to the fiery chemistry Stone and Gosling share so effortlessly. And Penn hams it up marvelously as the outrageously over-the-top Cohen, screaming absurd lines of dialogue with a wacky Bostonian accent. As for Brolin, he's probably the only actor in the flick who doesn't overplay his role and genuinely takes it seriously. It does make the rest of the performances feel slightly unbalanced as a result, but he still nails the character, making him an exceptionally bold protagonist worth rooting for from start to finish. And despite their kinetic on-screen romance, Gosling and Stone don't quite work as well on their own in the film (although they both easily look and sound the part). The other actors in the high-profile cast (especially Nolte and Ribisi) all do a fine if not perfectly respectable job with their supporting roles, but it's not the acting that's the real issue here. It's the script, which suffers from lackluster writing, absurd plot twists, and a bevy of underdeveloped characters. That is to say the movie basically borrows material from older gangland classics without ever bringing anything truly new to the table, aside from a ton of excessively gory shootout scenes that may leave most viewers wincing more than a few times. Still, despite all its severe drawbacks, I can't deny that I had a fun time with "Gangster Squad." Sure, the story is overly simplistic, the violence is obsessively bloody to the max, and the performances are particularly uneven, but you know what? It kept my interest the whole way through, and as an action fan, that's good enough for me. Anyway, if you're the kind of filmgoer who enjoys nostalgic art-deco visuals, over-the-top gunfire, and a whole lot of cartoonish dialogue, then this flick's pretty much got you covered. It may not be Oscar-worthy, but it's worth a solid rent for those looking for gleefully mindless, highly stylized gangster action.

le_saltimbanque - cheap, ugly, loud and shallow1 star

Cheap knock-off of L.A. Confidential, don't be fooled by the promise of the trailer and lavish poster, this film takes you along the most predictable plot line in recent years, which makes it very boring. The characters are mere cardboard cut-outs, the worst one being Sean Penn's dreary interpretation of Mickey Cohen. Directing is subpar - probably from a music video specialist who has no sense of what it means to actually tell a story - visually - in a compelling way. In other words : spend your hard earned money somewhere else. Watch an actual film, not a two-hour clueless attempt to be one.

YouLUVmeh Longtime - Premature1 star

It's a premature movie and cast, nothing special here.

JakeWethington - Overall pretty silly2 star

This movie is pretty average. Pacing is meh. Story is pretty meh. However, Ryan Gosling is fantastically smooth and Emma Stone is fantastically gorgeous! Other than eye candy and jealousy, there really isn't much here.

tab12793 - Entertaining as hell5 star

I'm not gonna lie, I only saw this movie because my dad was dying to see it because of his love for gangster movies. But I was pleasantly surprised, it's a very entertaining movie.

Chamberlain16 - GOOD TIME5 star

While it can be unrealistic this movie serves its purpose of being a kickass gangster film

HOVA23III - very mediocre2 star

had great potential with an all star cast and great source material, however the movie was over the top and was cheesy throughout. it was entertaining at times but some of the lines were absolutely horrible. the acting wasn't especially great either josh brolin didn't seem to be fully in his role and sean penn was severely overacting

SethSmith - Surprising2 star

I have seen the actors in this movie make daring, risky, deep, and remarkable films. I was pretty dumbfounded when I saw the film, because it is purely second rate in the script, story, and dialogue. within 20 minutes of the opening scenes I figured out that this was an ATM stop for Penn and company, a chance to hang out with some friends and take home some big dollars. Which is fine- for them. But this film is hacked together with stylized shots and tropes and cliches and really nothing else. If all you want is style, and flat, predictable dialogue doesn't offend you, then you will like this movie. If you want more than just flashy scene to flashy scene, I'd skip it, and I wish I had.

5 star

Gangster Squad. Auch schon bestimmt fünfmal gesehen. Dann halt nun zum sechsten.

5 star

@KuroshibaCos "i need a Love me better"~🎶 ist reminds me that i wanted to see sucide Squad a while ago (;^ω^)

5 star

What I love about Kamba songs, the artist always has to give a shout out to his squad 😂🙌. Real gangster this ones

5 star

The Gangster Squad Movie Band - Early Autumn -- Good Listening

5 star

La la land Gangster Squad Crazy stupid love

5 star

Gangster Squad (🇺🇸2013 | 🎬Ruben Fleischer) Ein mit Topstars besetzter Gangsterthriller, der das Flair von Los Ange…

5 star

DER TV-TIPP VON FILME+ FÜR DEN 03.04 🍿 "GANGSTER SQUAD" von Ruben Fleischer 🎞️ Pro 7, 22.35 Uhr 👍 #FilmePlusTVTipp

5 star

@mixtapeminimus1: @chitownescutie That just goes to show his squad ain't as gangster as they portrayed. How a snitch gone walk and have…

5 star

#TVTipps: @ProSieben 20:15 Parker & 22:35 Gangster Squad @tele5 20:15 Shutter Island & 22:35 Boy Culture @SAT1_Gold…

5 star

@Atoja_ Suicide squad trilogy next year, Lets hope there is no " gangster joker " Seems like DC forgot their own ch…

5 star

@hudanauzad Ok...bro tamashay Gentleman,Legend,GodFather123,Bad Boys,Bloodshot,warrior,Hacksaw ridge,saving private…

5 star

J’me fais Gangster Squad il a l’air lourd

5 star

Day 8 - Gangster squad

5 star

@Homgad @SolomonChivile @el_doctori @OmbetaC I reread but who is a gangster in this sense? Everyone is innocent unt…

5 star

@mixtapeminimus1: @chitownescutie That just goes to show his squad ain't as gangster as they portrayed. How a snitch gone walk and have…

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