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In 1946, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) put himself at the forefront of history when he signed Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) to the team, breaking Major League Baseball's infamous color line. Facing unabashed racism from every side, Robinson was forced to demonstrate tremendous courage and restraint by not reacting, instead letting his talent on the field do the talking — ultimately winning over fans and his teammates, silencing his critics, and paving the way for others to follow. In 1997, Major League Baseball retired the number 42 for all teams, making it the first number in sports to be universally retired. The powerful story of Jackie Robinson, the legendary baseball player who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier when he joined the roster of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The film follows the innovative Dodgers’ general manager Branch Rickey, the MLB executive who first signed Robinson to the minors and then helped to bring him up to the show. 42 Wiki

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The True Story Of An American Legend..

42 (2013)

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- Rest In Peace to the Legend5 star

Great movie and actor even though we lost chadrick boseman it’s going to be hard without him playing other movies

- Best of the best5 star

You have to see it!!!

- Great Movie!!5 star

Chadwick is great and is the best part of the movie. Harrison ford also delivers in this movie about the late great Jackie Robinson.

- Really solid5 star

R.I.P Chadwick Bosemen

- AMAZING!!!5 star

Showed the bravery and courage of Jackie Robinson going through tough trials during his time on the Brooklyn Dodgers

- A legendary Actor playing a Legendary player5 star

Another painful death! Chadwick Boseman rest his soul as the infamous Jackie Robinson was as special as it gets! Hopefully Jackie gets to tell him that!

- Goodbye you bloody legend5 star

Fantastic movie with a legend that will never die

- RIP King5 star

Great movie, 😢. We will always remember you Chadwick.

- One of the Best!!5 star

This is one of the best movies I see. If you want to watch something informative, with a good story plot interesting excellent movie this is the way to go. You will not be disappointed! It’s exciting and leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next scene.

- Great move4 star

Sad that chad past

- Boseman and Ford are Sensational5 star

Chadwick, God rest him, was a consummate performer. Sheer power in his portrayal of Jackie Robinson. One for the Ages. Ford gets lost in his role and becomes the example that we need in today’s climate. God built this movie to last. Watch and learn!!

- Black lives matter5 star

Best movie ever, I wish I was just like him🥰❤️ aka BIG FAN!!!

- Great movie the number 42 will live on forever5 star

love it

- Great Movie5 star

This was a great film!!!

- Inspiring and a fantastic coming of age movie5 star

This sports drama is fantastic not because of Chadwick Boseman later to be Black Panther but he is perfect as Jackie Robinson. The acting is incredible so as the sports sequences is heart stopping.

- When black panthers play baseball5 star

Flawless heart-felt movie simply a masterpiece

- It’s interesting4 star

I liked Learning a lot of stories about Jackie Robinson and this was an interesting story. But I liked Selma better. 👍🏻

- [email protected] [email protected]$ [email protected]!e R0b!n$0n.5 star

Eye ju$+ [email protected] +h!$ m0v!e f0ur+y-+w0 0n Ne+fl!x [email protected] 4 [email protected]$ [email protected] M!! & my m0mmy l0ved +he f!lm wh!le Eye wuz [email protected]!n' my br00klyn d0dger$ [email protected]+ l!ke [email protected]!e R0b!n$0n wuz !n +he m0v!e.

- Phenomenal.5 star

This is one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen... wow. Chadwick is phenomenal!!

- Wow5 star

This movie was really amazing. So emotional and inspiring and eye-opening, I enjoyed it so much, and I cried. Definitely recommend. Fantastic movie.

- Fantastic – Very Imporant Film5 star

This should be required viewing in schools. I simply cannot say enough about this movie. JR was one of the greatest men in American history.

- I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Best baseball movie ever

- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!5 star


- Best movie5 star

It has so many awesome parts

- An awesome story of an awesome person!5 star

This is a great movie. Why it wasn’t up for any Oscars is beyond me. Chadwick Boseman does a spectacular job playing Jackie Robinson. And Harrison Ford, as usual, knocks it out of the park with his superb acting skills (pun seriously not intended). What I like about the story was that Jackie actually was a man that wasn’t fighting for rights, he just wanted to play baseball. This is a great, fun movie that a lot of people will enjoy.

- Very Good Film4 star

Some powerful performances anchor this engaging film. You don’t have to know baseball to enjoy this film. I was truly moved by the adversities of years ago and knowing that the hatred and animosity toward minority communities carries on to this day saddens me even more. Buy this movie!

- 4.5 really4 star

It's a really good movie. I'm not a sports person but I came out of this thinking that dude is a stud. It ended abruptly though. The screenplay seemed to need a tweet at the end. Yes, watch it.

- Really Worth Watching4 star

Sad ,but true - history is sometimes ugly . It took one man to cross a threshold and soon others followed him . Great acting by all . They only released the movie in the U.S. & Canada , but it should be expanded to the islands south of Florida , Mexico , Central America , South America too .

- Awesome5 star

Best movie ever


I loved this movie so amazing word cannot explain I saw this in the movie theater than I rented it two more times now I've just decided to buy it

- Take this with thought it's good trust me5 star

This movie is very inspiring,it is a great baseball movie and it tells you how hard colored people had it back then weather they were playing sports or not it also shows good sports men ship and other helping things toward each other,I really think u should watch this movie.

- Game Changing5 star

This movie is phenomenal! It shows a different perspective about life and how much we have evolved as time has passed. You won’t regret buying this movie; I know I didn’t.

- 425 star

Great movie, really depicts the Jackie Robinson era almost flawlessly.

- Missed it.2 star

It would be difficult to make a person and story that is so amazing into a boring biopic, but the editors managed to do it. In some films, all the magic of a movie can be ruined by weak editing. Sometimes the length of a look or a pause makes all the difference. So many films these days seem to cut haphazardly from scene to scene and completely miss the timing of key moments. An example here (not really a spoiler alert, the editors already spoiled it): The moment he tells his wife he is a Brooklyn Dodger should have been an amazing moment, the greatest of the film. Instead he starts to tell her on the phone, never finishes, and the next scene she and everyone else knows. There is no reveal, no moment. So few filmmakers really know how to tell a story anymore. This story can almost tell itself an they still ruined it.

- Excellent!5 star

Glad his story could be made into a movie with great actors. Very well put together although I feel like it could have been a little longer to get some more things that happened in his life (personal and post baseball). But I guess it was long enough and got the most important events pertaining to baseball.

- Question2 star

Is this a Christian movie

- 425 star

I tells the story of jackie Robinson

- Jackie Robinson5 star

if you like baseball , you'll love this movie , it's such an amazing movie that I was speechless when I first saw it ! Jackie is my hero now ! ❤️ ((:

- 425 star

Why are some people giving this bad reviews? Is it because they are incapable to determine a good movie?



- Jackie Robinson is an inspiration5 star

Jackie Robinson had amazing guts to not fight back against discrimination and very prejudice and racist people. When Robinson came to the Dodgers his only teammate that supported him right away was shortstop, pee wee reece. It doesn't sound that hard to break major leagues color barrier, but Robinson had haters everywhere even his teammates were agianst him. Nobody would take care of Jackie after the game, he would be the last one out of the locker room to take a shower. Baseball was americas number 1 sport at that time and no one was on his side. So this movie will show you how Jackie Robinson had the guts to do this and also just do what he is supposed to do help the Dodgers win!


Loved it. Watch it.

- Historic sports epic!4 star

Robinson's biopic portrayed very beautifully !

- Amazing5 star

Must see

- vary sad5 star

i liked the sadness in this movie but than i had tears running down my cheek then i hated the sadness

- 425 star

That was the best movie

- Out of the park home run5 star

I would have to say this is my favorite movie. It was so inspiring. Jackie Robinson is my favorite historical figure. This is just a fantastic movie to not only sport lovers but anyone.

- 5 Star Movie5 star

42 is a awsome movie. It inspires others to be like jackie robinson. Chadwick Boseman did an amazing job playing as jackie robinson you can totally tell that he was jackie robinson in that case i give this movie 5 stars

- the best documentary5 star


- The Real Story Was Better3 star

Not bad, not great. The real story was better and this dramatization while not bad wasn't worth the money.

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Brodster25 - Great movie5 star

Amazing and inspiring baseball movie


For the betterment of the game picking up gifted players from wherever they may be found. Thrills, laughs, tears, & great ball. This is a movie that begs to be watched!

Munch7717 - 425 star

Loved it

Wes man 42 - 425 star

I would advise this movie to true baseball fan .who miss a game and nows all the and all the players and there stats and who is a BASEBALL FREAK.

"Flash" Robert Seto - You'll Cheer For No. '42'..!!4 star

Thought provoking sports docudrama of legendary baseball great, Jackie Robinson, aptly portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. Also starring Harrison Ford, unrecognizable as Branch Rickey. A stellar & engaging film, you will feel moments of anger, sadness, triumph & inspiration. Filmgoers were laughing in the aisles, at the hilarious locker room scene, before Jackie headed towards the showers.

The skiff meister - Awesome5 star

My all time favorite

Slam Stocks - Good Movie, Pace Could Be Better3 star

Good movie overall, but certain scenes could have been changed to provide the audience a better understanding of the racism he truly had to undergo. Instead the movie felt dumbed down slowing the pace or possibly avoid reverse racism to sell mainstream. Not a classic and could have been better, but good overall.

domiblou - 424 star

Very good movie even for someone who know nothing about Baseball. Well acted.

C. Alfaro - Amazing5 star

The movie is amazing. I love baseball and the message that the movie brings its more than wonderful.

Ninder5366 - Amazingly Inspirational5 star

This movie has to be one of the all time best movies I've seen it's 2h and for a person with a small attention span I had my eyes on the movie the whole time. The movie is a great way of telling how Jack Robinson broke the colour barrier. This movie has very talented actors portraying these historic people. I highly recommend watching this movie!

DalSteele - THE DEFINITION OF EPIC!!5 star

Great movie! I loved how they did all the scenes and I just can't wait to buy it!!!

bfarrgaynor - Best Potential. Worst Outcome.2 star

Ugh, where do I begin. This film could have been great: Good base story, period piece, Harrison Ford, using a unheard of to play the lead (all positives). But the writing and directing... What happened. The whole movie feels incredibly rushed and dumbed down. Major things are crammed into a few lines like Jackie's 10 second engagement in almost the second scene to a girl we've never met, as if we're supposed to feel something in the scene. Or when she's discovered she's pregnant (not plot related) and there is a whole three lines in a ballpark bathroom "I'm sick and I don't know why" REALLY!? This movie visually looks great and was 'setup' to be great, but the director made it into a cringe worthy couple of hours. You get the feeling the film was directed at teens who know absolutely nothing about american history, it's almost an insult to their intelligence frankly. With it's dramatic waste of potential, this movie is easily the worst film I've seen in a decade. Not since Pearl Harbor has a period move been this silly (and I actually didn't mind Pear Harbor) Normally the tomato meter is spot on with me, but this time it vas very wrong.

Nerdherd3 - Wow!5 star

Very good movie! Harrison Ford gives an excellent performance, one of his best.

Joey j man - 425 star

Love this movie

markhutch - Just about OK3 star

Not very well directed. Slow. If you're a die-hard baseball fan then you're in luck but otherwise not that much of a catch(!)

richarddixon - 425 star

One of the best movies I have seen in a while. As someone who lived through the era, it is stark reminder of how racism in the US blindly influenced people. It was also good to have my teenage son watch this movie to give him this historical perspective.

Bieber lover 1113 - 425 star

One of my fav movies.

Blackstar 17 - 425 star

Amazing movie ! I recommend it !

Kandice17 - 425 star

Great, inspiring baseball movie!

MaidenEarth - Great film4 star

But totally bypassed the support that Montreal baseball fans gave Robinson.

berglouiQuebec - Could have been longer4 star

Good movie, but I could have taken more of his life, like the years following his first season. Harrison Ford is very good. He should be nominated for best supporting actor. The movie is very touching and shows how much evolution there have been since then. But, there is still a gap between the treatment of people based on their races in the US and in Canada.

Ja.Ja - Disappointing2 star

I was looking forward to this movie, but it left me feeling disappointed. The story seemed rushed, the scenes too contrived and at times overly dramatic, and the baseball scenes too staged. Overall, the story was flat and too "Disneyish". The character development was poor, and you are left with no real understanding or connection to the Dodgers owner, Jackie Robinisn, or his team mates.

yahok - Loved It!5 star

Loved this movie excellent don't see many movies like this now a days. Not filled with swears and sex and violence just a good decent movie, I would recommend this to anybody. Excellent!

Sick pickle - Awesome!!!!!!5 star

Amazing movie, the best!!!!!!

Rtj12 - Great movie5 star

I love baseball and have always looked up to Jackie Robinson and I love how this movie portrayed him and everyone thing else in that time.

jhamela - amazing5 star

42 is a spectacular film, it has an excellent script and cast- the acting was wonderful along with the costume and effects

hi all folks - ok3 star

Good movie, but should have been better considering the subject.

Acadie1 - Excellent!5 star

Very good movie ! I highly recommend it.

Louis' D - Jackie robinson!!!!5 star

its awesome!!!! BUY IT!!!!! (plz…lol just buy it!!) Its like my favourite movie!!!

Tristan the watchdog - 424 star

Although i am not much of a baseball fan, this movie is very inspiring and one of the best movies of 2013. Incredible script with top notch acting brings this historical master piece to life! Don't hesitate , BUY !!!

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Gustavo&Lupe - Good3 star

Watch it.

MikeWazowski21 - Great!5 star

A great movie. Must see!!!!!!!!!

ShootahMcGann - Just watch the trailer4 star

Good movie, but hits all the points with trailer

LesAnnB - Excellent5 star

Hands down a 5 star movie in my opinion. My family and I absolutely loved it! Definitely worth seeing and better than the majority of movies that have come out lately.

Jaci0888 - Good5 star

This movie was actually. Great. I honestly didn't know what to expect but it did a good job of pleasantly surprising me

Miranda Adams - Best Movie Ever!5 star

This is honestly one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. The acting in great and the story is phenomenal. I would highly recommend everyone to see this movie. Such an incredible and inspirational story.

JocelyyynO - Inspirational, Wonderfully Written, and Astonishing5 star

One of the greatest movies I've seen, completely worth your time and money. There isn't a moment when you feel disinterested. Full of inspiration for everyone and a must watch for the whole family. Enter a world where a strong and worthy man, breaks through every obstacle and changes everyone's view on equality.

ESBetter - HomeRun!!5 star

The best baseball movie ever!!!!!!!!

boredumb - edifying4 star

Very entertaining and, eventually a bit encouraging, to see both the worst and the best that America was, is, and can be.

J Sunshine - Must see5 star

A must see for adults and older children. A great perspective on an historic life and America's greatest pastime.

Alisonnut - Love it5 star

Love it

Ghjhdjb - Best show ever5 star

Home run

Bunkeeus - Bunkeeus5 star

Without coming across too parsonic or ministerial- this movie has an incredible underlying meaning of courage and discipline that appealed not only to the audiences views of social injustice but more to the need of american athletes to act with character in lieu of there influence on younger audiences. As far as the actual entertainment value, incredible work by every last actor and especially to Harrison Ford!

Moore#2 - Great movie5 star

I love this movie it awesome

Ravensfan1122 - Great5 star

Awesome movie. Definitely worth watching

EDDIE BENDHERR - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


Hero747 - One of the best of the year5 star

Great storyline, acting, and a positive family friend message. Definitely a must see movie.

Calenka - 424 star

Loved it!

S91_____ - You have to watch this one.5 star

It's an amazing movie that remands you how idiots humans can be and how brave some can be. Moving.

Tsizzle189 - Great5 star

It was very moving

Hivyme - cool5 star

this is the goodest movie that have seen about sports

Funny but Scary - Historical5 star

The Jackie Robinson movie was amazing. It was a little bit scary, a little funny, and teaches us a lot about how people used to treat people that had a different color skin. It was very sad as well. The movie was really moving and extremely enjoyable. Jackie Robinson had a lot of courage to be the first African American Major League Baseball player. He had to overcome many obstacles to get where he is now. I would highly recommend this movie to kids AND adults! I give this movie 5 stars, that's how amazing and touching it was!

Susan Rodriguez - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star


Archy13 - Archy135 star

I can admit, I would have like to see the win the World Series; but that didn't happen in the time frame of this movie. Back story? Well, the USA Today critic, is an idiot. It's not about his back story. It was just more of what was shown: Racism. What was important was a man that served his country; and came back to a country that hated him. And as a MAN (no color involved) swallowed his pride and made history, by shutting his mouth, keeping his cool, and letting his talent speak for itself. He went to through things that would brake any man, regardless of color. I say this is a great movie. One that will be next to RUDY, THE NATURAL, INVInCIBLE, & RADIO. He played for the love of the game. I don't think that exists any more, with all the million dollar contract, hold outs, strikes, drugs, and recruiting corruption, going on today. He was playing in a day when the men had to have second jobs, after baseball. No a man can play 3-5 years and be set for life. It makes me sick. I watched this movie and asked myself, what can I do to change the world, make and impact, or just help someone. He forged the road filled of sticks and stones for others, while having those same stones he dug up; thrown right back at him. He is more of a man that Martin Luther King Jr. It's easy to talk. But to SET THE EXAMPLE WITH YOUR ACTIONS EVERYDAY, YOU ARE THE EXAMPLE, THAT SET THE STANDARD. Great movie!!!

2gr82bme - Wonderful movie4 star

Based on a true story. Well written. Great layout. Ending was like a hanging, too quick and just dropped off.

beiberluver101 - best movie everr5 star

this movie really defined how rudely and horribly jackie was treated and really made you feel his pain and allowed you to fall for him and love his aura and personality. The actors all did an amazing job in playing their roles and the physical scenes themselves made you feel as if you were actually at a baseball game and living in this time period. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys history or baseball, it really is beautiful

Rae1318 - Great movie!!!5 star

Great movie!!!

Losehina - Great movie5 star

The movie is very good and I really liked it.

ManPurse - Turning gold into tomatoes.1 star

They took an amazing story and poured cheese all over it.

blackpeoplemeet - I like it5 star

42 is a ode to baseball great Jackie Robinson. I liked the cast of characters who were in the movie. I heard about Jackie Robinson's path to the Major League's before, but after this movie, I have a better understanding and a greater respect for the Hall of Famer.

Buskey1 - Awesome5 star

This movie was awesome

GNBRETT - 425 star

excellent! nothn more to say. rented then went out and bought the very next day.

Ana22367 - Great Movie5 star

I loved this movie!

Papalupidous - Great Movie5 star

This was a great movie. Allowed 11 and 12 year olds to watch so they can see what took place in the past.

ROG87532 - Just alright3 star

I was hoping it would be better than it was I'll be honest. So for me it was an average movie at best. It had some good messages for everyone in todays world so for that I thinks its important others see this movie. Would I see this movie again..no but I am not disappointed I watched it. I would recomment wait until this movie is avaliable on redbox for a cheaper rental price.

Blade case - Prices5 star

Lower the prices

Jace taylor - Awesome5 star

Very good movie but says a lot of bad words

g'mapat - I loved it5 star

I cried my way across the Atlantic. Loved this simple telling of a life well lived

Mrauto1 - 425 star

Great movie. A must see

AlejandroSilva>C - Amazing5 star

Amazing movie!!! Very inspiring.

Mstasmith - Disappointment2 star

It was good until the baseball started. I fell asleep twice.

Frsdfgsgfcfghcf - Great movie5 star

Totally good movie! Worth all the money to buy it! Best baseball movie ever!

Nelsc22 - Loved the Wife5 star

Great movie!! The actress who played his wife had lots of sponk and charisma. Harrison Ford also did a great job

Damon lemay - 425 star

Love it I actually did a report on Jackie Robinson for inrichment program

c.stevens - Inspirational5 star

What a great movie!

JebediahOrinoko - Trite garbage movie demeans its subject1 star

To say this movie is boring is giving it too much credit. If you want to watch a lot of recognizable also-ran actors do a bad job at under-developed roles, punctuated by endless grumbling speechifying from Harrison Ford in bad makeup, see this movie. I expected a good movie about a great subject and frankly only watche past the first half hour because I couldn't believe it could really be as bad as it clearly is. I want those two hours back.

deandot1 - Inspiring and Frustrating . . .2 star

The movie should be lauded for it's message and inspiration, however, Helgeland does not come through in the direction. The actors (aside from Harrison Ford) seem lost.

mr peeps - Boring2 star

Good idea, bad execution. Too long, too preachy, too choppy. Wasted time.

Mebkdb - 425 star

Wonderful Movie. I highly recommend it. Very well written and actors are Phenomenal!! I enjoyed it so much that I plan to purchase it

Termyte216 - 42 the Jackie Robinson Story5 star

Watched this movie with my family and was moved and inspired. Was a great movie and I enjoyed watching it.

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