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The studio that brought you Marvel’s The Avengers unleashes the best Iron Man adventure yet with this must-own, global phenomenon starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. When Tony Stark/Iron Man finds his entire world reduced to rubble, he must use all his ingenuity to survive, destroy his enemy and somehow protect those he loves. But a soul-searching question haunts him: Does the man make the suit… or does the suit make the man? When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution. Iron Man 3 Wiki

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Unleash the power behind the armor...

Iron Man 3 (2013)

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- Terrible2 star


- Iron man5 star

One of the beat movies I saw

- Iam Iron Man5 star

I Love You 3000

- wow just wow and i’m not even an action movie fan but i Love the Iron Man - films.5 star

incredibly realistic and great fun to watch

- Arguably the best Iron Man film5 star

This is a very divisive movie. However, I like it. I would call it the “Dark Knight Rises” of the trilogy except not nearly as long. We don’t see Iron Man as much as Tony Stark, and that’s fine. We get to see the human inside the machine and the consequences from The Avengers. That was the whole point of there being more Tony than Iron Man. This is Tony’s story this time around, not the machine’s. It makes for a compelling arc for Tony. The villain’s motive is subpar as is customary for an MCU movie. The plot twist while funny, is a bit weird. But this is by far the grimmest, most engaging story of the Iron Man trilogy, where the previous two entries (ESPECIALLY the second) relied solely on comedy, visual effects and fun action sequences to succeed (not so much the second).

- Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie5 star

Samuel maffie Samuel SAMUEL maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie

- Downey is Iron Man4 star

I enjoy watching Downey. This was good, but not as great as Iron Man 1 and 2, but very good. The only down side was the Pepper Potts extravaganza, she annoys me.

- Terrible2 star

The only reason I gave this 2 stars is cause Thor 2 is the only Marvel movie worse than Iron Man 3. Iron Man is my favorite hero. Iron Man 1 is the best marvel movie, the sequel was not as good , but far better than this one.

- 4K needed5 star

Amazing movie... but when will this movie upgrade to 4K? This is really annoying to me when movies released on 4K Home Video don’t appear 4K on iTunes.

- It is great5 star

That I know off this is the greatest movie ever

- A lot of blood but still great4 star

Robert dowey jr is it true that you have a nephew? Also the girl that you met at the bar is like the Same thing as Pepper. But you fixed her and she is normal and i hate that guy who tried to put those fire stuff on her THANK YOU TONY STARK!!!!!!!🤩🤑😃😀

- Best IronMan ever5 star

Watch it now

- Depressed Iron Man4 star

I appreciate the unwinding of Marvel’s central character. It is not very often that we break down a character after PTSD, though I did not feel that Shane Black rooted Iron Man in a new identity or a new safe relationship to anchor his identity.

- It’s ok, the best one yet3 star

All the iron man movies I hardly enjoyed. This one is the best, it was still the same type of plot for all the other iron man movies though. It’s not enough juicy detail for the iron man movies. The captain America movies were way better and action filled which I thoroughly enjoyed. Iron man 3 was ok like 1 and 2 but this plot was the best. Not saying this is a good movie, it is boring, but it’s okay.

- Very good!!!4 star

Best Iron Man. that’s it

- BEST MOVIE5 star

Love it!!!!!

- Best movie5 star

Best movie I have seen

- Best superhero Christmas movie I ever seen !!!!!!!!!5 star

Iron man cool

- Awesome Movie5 star


- We are Iron Man5 star

With slightly better visuals than Avengers but a really brilliant, yet stupid twist that would go on to be out-stupided by Avengers: Infinity War because this one was brilliant in its presentation and that one was just lazy writing, Tony Stark is Iron Man.

- Brennan C.4 star

A fun and emotional movie that deserved its name.

- [email protected]!e [email protected]$, +0ny [email protected]5 star

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- Iron man5 star

A superhero thrill ride

- 👍👍5 star

I had low expectations for this one, but this was really good!

- Great movie5 star

Pretty good. It was a little hard to follow but it was overall a good movie.

- Better than the sequel4 star

Although it wasn’t a perfect film it was still better than the sequel and really got into tony starks character and I loved Ben Kingsley as the fake mandarin.

- Best Iron Man of the 35 star

I think Robert Downey Jr is stepping down as Iron Man due to this film. Afterwards he said, "Aww crap, how am I going to top this one!" Iron Man 1 & 2 were terrible but were saved by the fact that Robert Downey Jr IS the living embodiment of Tony Stark. THIS FILM is hilarious. It starts well and ends well. It is all around bloody brilliant.

- Please4 star

Please lower the HD price for this movie. Please also offer this movie and the other 2 in this series in an iTunes box set.

- I liked the first one I liked the second one and I liked the 3rd one4 star

I give it 4 stars

- I love these movies!!!!!!!5 star

These movies are awesome!!!!!!!

- Really not memorable2 star


- Best marvel moive yet5 star

It is so good because they don’t have to worry about a Easter egg every five mins the story is somehow heart warming I loved 👍👍👍👍👍👍👎

- Iron man 35 star

Omg this movie was the best ever YOU need to download iron man 3

- Bad1 star

This is by far the worst Marvel movie so far...

- Must watch!5 star

Great movie in everyway:)

- Spanish audio1 star

Why you guys don’t have spanish audio

- Awesome and completely under rated5 star

This was a amazing movie like all marvel movies, (some better than others) it was a lot more action packed and dramatic than the last two which gave a new viewpoint of tony stark. It is also completely under rated and extremely better than iron man 2. ( I loved the mandarin/Trevor character)

- Great movie5 star

Put the tracking in Spanish

- D4 star


- Funny, but bad5 star

This movie was awesome and funny especially near the end. But it is just too similar to another movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. When the girl dies in Spider-Man three it's by falling, but she is asked to hold on while the bad guy is trying to kill him and her, and in iron man he same exact thing is happening except the girl doesn't die when she falls. Just too similar. Other than that the movie has bad, and good moments.

- Such a disappointment1 star

Of all the movies in this trilogy, this one is the most disappointing. I wont spoil anything for you but characters who are minor to the original story are given major roles. Events that are supposed to take place are completely changed or non existent. It makes the story feel sloppily put together & it feels as if no care or thought at all was put into this movies making. Then to add more salt to the wound, you're trolled in the end.

- Awesomeness !5 star

Pfff ignore the one stars !!! I love all the Iron Man movie series but really love this one !!!!

- Ok3 star

It was Ok. Not better than The Avengers or the other Iron Man movies. They didn't give you background on Mandiran or Killian. And some of the scientific stuff confused the crap out of me. At least give us an explanation on it. Also, short action scenes accept at the end. Other than that it was good.

- Well developed4 star

In the aftermath of the Avengers movie. This movie does help explain the toll it put on Tony Stark. Probably the only trilogy in the Avengers movie, it does get by as an epilogue to the cinematic film. Making only few references to the movie, this film does help develop the superhero Iron Man, something the others fail to do. This demonstartes Tony Stark as a man before the machine, and what could happen in his lifetime if he doesn't slow down to think. The twist is very shocking in a word, and it does help wrap up the film in the end. Even though the ending doesn't matter to the Avengers! Bottom line, some MARVEL movies are terrifcally terrible, and some are like this. Well developed, well made, and very fun to watch.

- Fantastic Addition to the Iron Man series5 star

Must see!

- Best movie5 star

Love this movie so much

- Marvel movies update for Spanish language3 star

update the movie to have the Spanish language ! Thank you

- I don't get you people5 star

This was an awesome movie! Stark was amazing as always and... I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY EXCEPT THAT THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER WATCHED so yea y'all need to calm down

- Just... Just Stop...2 star

Don't get me wrong, Robert Downy Jr as Iron Man is the perfect casting choice, which is the only reason it gets more than one star. I liked the first two, but this one is a disgrace! And they portray a terrorist as the super villain! Villains are supposed to be bad guys, but the one in this film was a terrorist who seemed realistic! Don't watch this movie it's boring, and slightly insulting.

- Best ever5 star

This is the best series ever invented!

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Mark Ki - I re-watched this recently and...4 star

It need to be viewed as a prelude to Agr of Ultron. With out this movie, Ultron doesn’t happen. I also found Ultron much better after watching this back to back. This movie is important to the MCU.

.fantasma. - I am Ironman5 star

I love you 3000.

David0666 - Spoiler Alert2 star

If you haven’t already seen it he ends up dying in Avengers End Game. So, There’s the end of that.

Manning2072 - What happened?1 star

The first two amazing, this one just dropped off the side of the cliff and burned! Not good....

SupermanFan97 - Absolute crap1 star

Worst movie of the MCU

perception8 - Iron Man Three4 star

If i was able I would probably give this a 3.5. Its better than a 3 but not quite a 4. Same old, same old for Iron Man. Too tired to but my thumb on it, but this film is missing something. Seems a bit......I don't know, shallow? Yeah its an action flick, but with the actors they had I expected a little more. I don't regret watching it though, still a pretty good movie.

Fhhkjfgghj - Iron man5 star

Iron man is back acdc 1000/1000

Ashdod Big Ben - It was the bomb5 star

You people are all wrong I think it was excellent so ya .

gl hf gamers - best movie ever5 star


BCDB4ever - good....4 star

other than just a few nonsensical scenes this movie was awesome!

Aaronsafioles - Awesome movie5 star

Love how Tonys "hobbies" come and save the day. The cgi is outstanding and I think that the mandarin could have been more explained. But that's why marvel is making a short clip for the mandarin. Iron man 1 was sick, 2 was ok, and 3 took the stage, mopped the floor and exited stage left. Awesome movie. Tied for first with The Avengers.

ColEcho - Good action movie4 star

Never followed the Iron Man comics, so not sure how the story compares. However, this is a good action movie in itself. Relatively good (if not that original) plot and nice sequences. Worth the rent, maybe buy if you are into this series.

Vattomann - Bad.1 star

Don't watch this movie. It has no relevance. There wasn't a "no star" option. The people that thought this was good, are the problem with entertainment today.

rocail - Très bon5 star


C-fraze - Loved it5 star

Was surprised how good it was

magnetpoet - Thé king!5 star

Who else ... ? Downey Jr! Yeah!

Aqzwsxedbr - I love it5 star

It's an amazing series filled with action, humor and sadness and this one was the best

d3ltron - just ok3 star

i just watched this movie and i was hopping for a true mandarain, but it fell short. please please, on the next iron man movie...MAKE A TRUE VILLIAN and follow his true origins. the mandarain would have been epic if he used his rings.

Hdjdkddf don - Yrg5 star

I like iron man 3

Bieber Dick - Iron Man Awesome!5 star

This ironman movie is the best so far... from my point of view! I highly recommend it to people who enjoy movies with a LOT of action!

iron man 1123 - Love this movie5 star

Best movie ever

Charles || - Excellent Movie5 star

Thouroughly enjoyed this movie. Best of the Iron Man Series. All acting is well done. Special effects will blow you away, but some parts may be fast moving for viewers. To understand the underlying storyline, and catch all the details; you will need to watch the movie twice. It gets better the second time around! Marvel keeps getting better!

AndreTheGeek - Silly2 star

This move started out kind of silly, but just got sillier and sillier as it went on. The first two of the series were far better.

Mackenzie JM - :(3 star

I'm just sad that he isn't iron man anymore, when I watch an iron man movie I want to see more ironman action which I think this movie lacked.... but it wasn't a horrible movie just more disappointing that it is the end and it was a bad way to end it. no hate on Robert D. Junior tho :) awesome actor, and loved his role in iron man.

King Sharko - One of marvel's best5 star

I found this movie fantastic. I don't think there was a single thing wrong. It was my second favourite only because I really liked the avengers. My best friend told me that it had some missing and I said shut up. I think you should defiantly watch this movie. It has a really good plot.

Rainmonkey - The movie is fine. iTunes Blur-ray rip is not.1 star

Seriously, if iTunes expects to be competitive, is has to up their game and offer a better value. Buy the Blu-Ray Combo pack. You'll actually be able to own it. Teach iTunes a lesson in economics.

Zach Darkes - Stupid ITunes2 star

Work once and now I won't work again and iTunes won't even help me so save your money

thereWillB1 - Awesome!5 star

Best Iron Man movie ever!!! Even if the ending is kinda sad :(

mip007 - So So3 star

It was ok, but had a lot of elements that weakened the film. To much silly humor. Convoluted plot elements. Lack of character development.

Slam Stocks - Let Down3 star

This movie was not focused on any particular issue. Funny, sad, clever and stupid. Not sure why this movie did so well, especially when the first was much better and the second was decent.

Keawe玩得好 - The PlasticMan2 star

This ironman is so soft. Why Tony talks like a robot or some programmed AI smartass. Isn't he a second generation billionaire with class? And if he is so in "love" with Pepper, why is he not man enough to marry her? How many more sequels will it take for him to do so!! Anyways, so cliche, flat storyline, don't even mention the not so creative Ironmen actions. Very disappointing. Why did they change the director? The previous director did such a great job bringing Ironman to live. This director changed it into a plastic man / softer than a blowup doll.

blank_disk - Pretty good film.4 star

Great film, although not as good as the first two, Robert Downey Jr. makes Iron-Man. Great action throughout the movie, and I loved the humour as well in the movie. 4/5 for this flick.

SalsaC - Love Iron but not the best4 star

Iron Man 3 lacked a strong nemesis. And I could have done without Paltrow's anorexic stomach exposed. Other than those two areas of concern, the movie was great!

Super Shih Tzu - PRICELESS!5 star

The BEST! Loved it!

Nova Hum - If i could give it half a star i would1 star

Well ill keep it short and simple. Extremis, Mandarin and Iron Patriot all had potentially good in depth story lines. Unfortunately they decided not to make a good film out of it. Then again this is coming from a comic book nerd. My opinion doesn't matter.

Bubster_Canuck - french trailer?1 star

why is the english version set up as a French trailer?

ggjhsjj - Lethal Weapon 2 with Iron Man2 star

Look. I love comic book movies. I really do. I loved the first Iron Man and liked the second. This - awful. This is not an Iron Man story. It is a rehash of Lethal Weapon 2 with Iron Man characters. Let me explain - Shane Black, Director of Iron Man 3, also wrote Lethal Weapon 2. Both movies are eerily similar. Examples - both occur during Xmas; both have a kidnapping; both have houses on stilts falling off the cliff; both have helicopter gun ships firing at the protagonist's home; and both conclude with a show down at a ship yard. Worse yet, the characters do things they would never do. The characters get changed to better accommodate the story rather than writing a story for the characters and who they are. There were many directions the Iron Man series could have gone after the Avengers; many interesting and new paths were drawn. Instead, we get a recycled story that doesn't quite fit the characters. We get a corny "villain", a whiny Tony Stark, and a super-genius brat who saves the day. This could have, no, should have been so much better. Ignore this and rent Lethal Weapon 2 instead. FYI - the Mandarin is Leo Getz. If you get that analogy - more power to you!

Matthew O'Grady - Meh2 star

Worst ironman movie of the 3. That's it.

Klathopath - Iron man5 star

Why trailer in French?

Aleck breton - OMG5 star

Ses le film le plus cool que tout iron Man.

Jacesman - Aaron Thomas's bad commentary5 star

You watch your mouth, Aaron Thomas!! It's bad luck to call an Iron man movie furious!

DanielSBenn - A Classic Iron Man,.. but4 star

If you enjoyed the first two Iron Man movies or any other of the Marvel films, you will enjoy this movie. However, I feel as if it fell short of expectations. The first Iron Man, in my opinion, cannot be beat. Watching it justifies seeing the other two, regardless of their shortcomings. It is difficult to explain. The first Iron Man had heart. Those thereafter seemed to conform to the typical action movie framework. As I mentioned above, they are still worth seeing, but do not expect to be completely blown away. Recently I've seen some comparisons of The Avengers to Star Wars. If so, Iron Man lies at the cornerstone. This was a great action movie, had a decent storyline, but the characters for the most part remained undeveloped. Obviously this is one of the best movies of the year, and a classic Iron Man, but in retrospect it is not as strong as the first. The second Iron Man was not better or worse than the third, simply different. The directors took different approaches, each pretty effective. In all, it is a must see if not buy. Is it going to go down in history as a piece of film art? No, but do not let that stop you.

AlexBaker21 - Bessttt movie ever5 star

Iron Man3 was best out of all very funny and action packed 😆😆😆😆😃😃😄

Cargo hold - Had promise. Let down.4 star

Better than the second, worse than the first. Interesting choice in direction with the story. Had potential to be great, instead it is more ok/good. Still worth renting for Robert Downey Jr. That guy has so much charisma.

12748947 - So good!!5 star

This is seriously my favorite movie ever! People say that the first movie is always the best and the movies to follow can never be as good but I think that the third iron man movie is the best out of all three

MrTommyHudson - Really great5 star

But really far to be perfect sorry bro

Whipersnappers - 13yr kids review5 star

The iron man franchise is one of Roberts most astounding films and he did an amazing job as "Tony" who was upholding some problems between "pepper" (gwenth paltrow) and himself. Robert is an amazing actor and was born to play this role in terms of his personality when he did some interviews on tv about the film. "The way he is with the additional cast, is very cooperative"."but can sometimes can be a d**k". Says "Gwenth Paltrow" in one of the articles I read within a cineplex magazine. Overall the film is amazing and I am happy that Mr. Downey signed on for the second movie in the Avengers franchise.

Vortex9876 - Iron Man 35 star

It is the best movie i ever saw. Dont forget Tony Stark your the best!!!!

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Bucket-warrior - Iron man 3 fine4 star

How in the world can you people say iron man 2 is better? Iron man 2 sucked worse. Iron man 3 is the second best iron man movie.

علي أ م - Worst MCU Movie So Far1 star

Updated 28 March 2016: Still the worst ever, and here's why (SPOILERS); 1- Tony blows up all his suits & makes it look like he's done with making them, so how can he still be Iron Man in future films ? 2- Pepper gets superpowers, and she can control them instantly ?!! NO THANK YOU ! Not buying it ! 3- The Mandarin thing ? They ruined what was potentially a great & intimidating villain 4- The comedy ! Too much comedy in this movie, I remember Bad Boys trying less jokes than this movie ! ____________________________________ The title says it all. Bad comedy, writers do not take it seriously, bad use of a villain.

JoshTheAwesome101 - Loved it5 star

I'm an Iron Man fan 100% 8.9/10 B+

IRONMANMK45 - Iron man 35 star

Execellent movie! Robert Downey Jr. continues to do an excellent job of portraying Tony Stark on the big screen. I'll admit there are probably a few scenes that could've been edited out, but thankfully none of them are as graphic as a couple in Iron Man 1.

JamesAoo - Great movie5 star

Great movie, different then other two and more meaningful. Learn more about characters

Bionicle Hero - Man of Intelligence and Iron5 star

Iron man 3 was pretty good, it had amazing action and experience.😃

William6628 - AWESOME5 star


Totu4345 - Best solo iron man movie5 star

Love this movie best out of the 3

BraeggerBoy - Disappointment1 star

I was incredible disappointed with the movie.

TJmay20 - Marvel145 star

Iron Man 3 was a fantastic action adventure! It wasn't as good as Iron Man 1, but better than Iron Man 2. Fantastic special effects! What they did in Iron Man 3, they didn't do in the others. They put loads of different kinds of suits in the movie. From the Mark I to the Mark 42. Iron Man 3 is currently 5 stars out of 5. It is in my top 10 favorite marvel movies at number 6. See what I rate other marvel movies, my game center is CountryMusicFan14. The title of every marvel movie I write a review on is Marvel14. ALSO......! Be the first to try to find my number 1 favorite marvel movie. I've wrote a review on almost every marvel movie out there, so try to find number 1. If you do my number is 330-303-0029. Text me! If your the first, I will tell you every marvel secret I know, especially about future marvel movies!

vvvarunv - Best superhero movie ever5 star

Ironman rocks

PennSavvy - Worth Your Time5 star

There's something magical about a movie that gets just as much love as it does hate. Half of the people I know love it. The other half hate it. Me? I loved it. Sure, it's not the comic book movie people wanted. But it's a good one. Full of twists, turns, and a good hard look at a man who wonders if he is worth as much as the suit he wears.

Dogwarrior21 - Good movie3 star

Great movie

Awesomecoolperson142 - Horrible1 star

Horrible. The Ironman movies have consecutively gotten worse. The only really good Ironman movie was the first one.

Cake boss 3669 - LAME3 star

Marvel has just taken a steaming pile of dung on their franchise. 👎

stephano_peru - stephano0075 star

español please!!!!!

AlfredR25 - What happened with the Mandarin?2 star

One of the worst superheroe's movie ever, the movie actually was a comedy instead of action, I thought the movie was the second part of Due Date. and the good critics is because a lot of those people never read a comic books.

Pinkcupcake111 - Good, but not the best.4 star

I liked it well and I get why people say its not the best but cmon its still great. And js, the second trailer does the movie justice more than the first.

Soopercool1234 - You Do Relize that was not the real Mandarin5 star

If you are saying that the movie was ruined because the Mandarin was a fake thats all he was. The Mandarin in this movie was a fake!!!!!!! People if you have seen marvels one shot it shows that infact there is a real Mandarin!!!!!!!!!!!! People the Mandarin was a fake and the real Mandarin will mostlikely show up.... The one shot shows the fake Mandarin in prison and a reporter breaks him out and says the REAL Mandarian wants to speek to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Diego guy - Very Disappointing2 star

I watched this movie in the theater and I was left very let down and saddened. This one was vastly inferior to the first two and its not even close.

marvelfanatic - Movie Bundle?4 star

Why is there no trilogy bundle for iron man yet

Ali=52:) - Great movie !!!5 star

Great movie I love the humor and you should definitely watch it

Andrew_gutz - Bad2 star

Not as bad as 2 but still falls short in every single way from 1

MickeyArmao - Love it!5 star

I haven't seen it yet but the other 2 were AMAZING!!! And based on what I heard its everything I look for in a super hero film! I think it's cool that he's actually afraid and he's not invincible! That's awesome to me and I'm super excited to see it! And Robert Downey Jr is my fav actor ever and I know he can pull it off! Although the part about the terrorists and giving them his address and not telling Jarvis to do anything....... That was stupid...... But I love it!

Matt74635 - Disappointed2 star

This movie was a big disappointment in my opinion. The trailer looked amazing, but as i am watching the movie it is just Tony Stark overcoming his fears of what happened in “The Avengers”, he is never in his suit and when he is the suit gets destroyer easily which is quite shocking even though Thor hit him with his hammer which didn’t do much, yet some fire broke it apart, and my last reason was them making a joke of the so called mandarin that i thought he would be fighting.

Lego DC - Iron man 35 star

Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LokitheErudite - Fairly decent4 star

I liked the whole twist with the Mandarin. I liked how Tony Stark was becoming more realistic. I mean come on, after you get sucked into a wormhole,you're gonna have some emotional trauma from that. The only part that set me off is Tony Stark giving his personal address to an international terrorist and going home, putting on the crappy suit, and basically not having Jarvis enact some security measure when missiles are heading for his house. Otherwise, very good movie. Liked the Extremis storyline

Apalalalahajahagjsisusgceys - Great movie5 star

Great movie hope they make a forth

mm3962 - A very Clever Sequel5 star

I have to say that I really liked this movie for a couple of reasons: 1. As a fan of Iron Man from way back, (like 1970's and 80's) I enjoyed the used of his armor not working alot of the time. That was a normal thing when I was a kid. They pulled that off brillantly. 2. I enjoyed seeing all the extra armors. There were a couple that were right out of the comics. very nice. 3. Iron Man had to work for the win on this one. That's not always the case for Tony Stark. It was here from the plane sequence to the finally, he was in jeoparty alot and it was reasonable believable. 4. Finally we see the Mandarin. A nice twist on the character. Very unexpected. If you like Iron Man there isn't much in this movie NOT to like.

I know dis stuff - People's views5 star

When think and discussing this movie a lot of people disliked because it was different than the first two. It was much different. This is probably one if the darkest superhero films since the dark knight. In the end, in my opinion it outdoes the Avengers.

chroko29 - The trailer was way better than the actual movie.1 star

The iron man suits fly into a thousand peices every ten seconds. I think it is meant to be funny but it is quite dumb. Ruins the image of Iron Man. In the trailer the bad guy has the most BA voice. But in the movie he ends up being a loser sissy actor. I know it was also supposed to be a funny twist but it was not. It was stupid and they should have stuck with him as the bad guy. Just another reason it was such a dumb movie.

I can't watch it - I saw it1 star

I saw the movie once but I want to buy it here and my iPod won't let me I need to talk to Apple

Marc Blanchard - The Best5 star

Iron Man is my favorite superhero. Any movie that he starred in I Iove it.

Kira Dean Bailey - It was a amazing movie5 star

The first thing that pops into my head when I see iron man is ego, that is what makes this movie because Robert Downey ( iron man) always brings the humor into things and he is the best for this role

jonrob5000 - Great film but why no option to rent?4 star

What kind of bizarre deal is that? I wanted to watch the film again but not enough to buy it. Any explanation why it’s not rentable until a year from now?

RobinStar - Not the best, but definitely a great Marvel film5 star

I’ve watched this movie over a hundred times, and every time I’ve loved it. True, it’s not one of Marvel’s better movies, but the fact of the matter is that its not meant to be that good, it’s merely meant to be the final story to one of Marvel’s greatest super heroes. It’s meant to be the end of his story, but in no way does it mean that Robert Downey Jr. is done playing Tony Stark, he’s still coming back in the next two Avengers films, which I am seriously looking forward to. It’s also meant to be a story about how Tony is living after New York, and I have to say, if anyone of the Avengers deserves to have PTSD, it’s Tony. I mean, he was the first to fight the Chitauri, as well as finish the fight; he launched a nuke into space and blew up the ship and nearly died for crying out loud. This story is not meant to be one about Tony continuing is cavalier and rewarding life, it’s meant to be about how does the worlds smartest, richest and most egotistic man handle fighting a war against aliens when he’s just a man in a suit of armor and no powers. But I thought that this movie was just perfect, it had plenty of violence and suspense as well as romance and a ton of comedy, which I thought was the best part about it.

Ultimate Superman - An Abomination1 star

I was really looking forward to this movie. When I watched it i was horrified at it! They turned Tony Stark into a person with ptsd and the ruined the mandarin.

Tonga ding - Jack nesl5 star

It rules

Best movie of 2013 - AWESOME!!!5 star

I loved the humor,action,and the twists. I recommend you watch dis movie

Emittsmitt - Iron man 35 star

Best 3 movies ever

ThatToddDude - Great movie!5 star

It delivers all that it promised. And never tried to overreach into other areas that a great sci-fi action movie has no business attempting.

Davee.N - Iron man 35 star

Iron man 3 is the best iron man yet you have to see it u don't know what ur miss out on

LLedrock - Horrid1 star

This was a really bad movie.I hated it. I want all my money back.

Kitten world 55 - This movie is the best one out of all three!5 star

I love this one so much I saw it at the movie theaters and so I had to bye it on my iPod . I just don't know how it works with the next avengers. But it's so with seeing, I loved it so so so much! This one is the best one out of the three! LOVE IT SO SO SO SO MUUUCH!!!!!!!!

Cheesman mania - Best5 star

I thought it was the best in the series

Hunter4001 - Good Fun4 star

So I am much more of a DC person, so any inconsistences are not going to bother me. I thought this movie was a lot of fun. I wish I could have rented it instead of purchasing but thems the breaks

Music obssed - Amazing!!!!!.....mad that the franchise is over!!5 star

Loved Loved Loved it!!!!... Mad that we won't have any more !!!.... Glad to see a happy ending though for him and pepper!!!

elie r - Rent1 star

I want to be able to rent this movie from iTunes and it's not even an option! Very disappointed.

Jesleegan98 - Best superhero movie I saw last year5 star

I loved iron man 3 it was just awesome ! The first iron man was great and iron man2 was crap ! Iron man 3 had a great story, the first 10 minutes of the movie was boring but it catched up toward the middle of the fight scenes which were awesome ! Marvel never fails with their movies , and Thor the dark world was also great ! I'm a movie critic myself and I wasn't disappointed.

Jayden Mcbride - Best movie of 20135 star

This movie was great people can say what they want but this movie was good... Actually better than good it was amazing

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@comicdudedc: Which results surprised you the most from the Round of 16? The Results: Doctor Doom beat Iron Man Punisher beat The Thing…

5 star

@swaggyyyc ragnorak or iron man 3

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@Cole_TDB MoS bad, Daredevil bad, The matrix bad, BR 2049 3 stars, JL above the Matrix, Ted half a star? Kick-Ass 2…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@_downeystark Iron Man 3 Jurassic World

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Robert Downey Jr. was paid less than $500,000 for his role in 'Iron Man' (2008) while the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard…

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