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6.0 star

The Lone Ranger (2013) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2013

From Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise) come Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger. Filled with action and excitement, this thrilling adventure brings the famed masked hero to life through brand-new eyes. Native American warrior Tonto (Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice. It’s a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction, as these two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

The Lone Ranger Film Synopsis

The Texas Rangers chase down a gang of outlaws led by Butch Cavendish, but the gang ambushes the Rangers, seemingly killing them all. One survivor is found, however, by an American Indian named Tonto, who nurses him back to health. The Ranger, donning a mask and riding a white stallion named Silver, teams up with Tonto to bring the unscrupulous gang and others of that ilk to justice.

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A Fantastic Movie With One Critical FlawThis movie has everything an action flick should have: Great direction/script/acting/pacing, and a very satisfying ending sequence. Unfortunately, the studio made the decision to cast Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow pretending to be a Native American Comanche warrior . I still enjoy it greatly, but it will never receive its due because of this embarrassing and tone-deaf casting decision. Cultural appropriation aside, I just can’t help imagining the charisma and gravitas the right Tonto would have brought to the screen..Score: 4/5

The worst western ever made. Period.What an absolute mess. I had heard whispers that it hadn't done well. And I was sort of in the mood for a western. I thought to myself, "Well, maybe if I check it out, I might at least get some pretty scenery in the background. I mean, I've seen Heaven's Gate. How bad could this possibly be?" So I checked it out. If only somebody had been conveniently around to slap me for having this idea, I would have been spared seeing what may very well be the most bizarrely weird movie ever concocted! I had braced myself in case the movie was bad, and it was. What I was not expecting was how THOROUGHLY, SHOCKINGLY bad it was! What on earth were those filmmakers thinking? Had they been eating some kind of funny mushrooms, liquid drano, or something equally toxic?! I later found out it's apparently the biggest bomb in history, and many have asked, "Is this the worst western ever made?" YES IT IS! I didn't even get pretty scenery - it wasn't even real! What I got was muddy-hued CGI, the worst CGI I think I've ever seen. I'm somebody who is already unimpressed by CGI, and I still thought it terrible! and I mean, when a movie has carnivorus rabbits in it like Monty Python and The Holy Grail (DON'T ASK), you KNOW the filmmakers were whacked out of their gourds. While I am not currently one to recommend anything modern Disney, especially in light of all the recent nonsense they've been doing, even I am shocked how preposterous this movie was. Don't let anybody you know get tempted into watching this even if's free! Save yourselves! I've now got to live with a tiny little black spot on my brain where which reside the memories of this thing! ACK! P.S. Whatever you do, DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE "5 STAR RATINGS" ON HERE PRAISING THIS AWFUL THING! I have a sneaking suspicion that they may be fake reviews posted by Disney themselves (yes, they've pulled that stunt before, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised here)!.Score: 1/5

Love it! Tomatoe’s knows nothing!It’s a great enjoyable movie! Nothing is over the top. No big plots. Not overdone. Just sit back and enjoy. Depp is Great, Hammer Is Great! Sick and tired of movies that have to be about soul searching found a cause movies. Been and lived all around the world! There is nothing to find but your family. So grab your family sit back and watch and smile at a not to over the top movie. Refreshing!!!.Score: 5/5

Loved itReally good really funny classic Johnny depp.Score: 5/5

Very good movie, reallyOK, it is an updated concept, there is some slapstick and light moments, but on the other hand, the set pieces are fantastic, Johnny Depp is fantastic and give the film makers credit, they were trying to update a chestnut. It is at least as good if not better than many of the batman and spiderman and superman out there — you know which ones I mean..Score: 4/5

Embarassment for DisneyThis movie is a total POS, a complete embarassment for Disney. dont know what they were thinking but it aint got nothing on clayton moore's lone ranger and he is the lone ranger. they should of, could have gotten it write from the get go but disney gets stupid on occassion and this goof cost them millions, maybe next time..Score: 1/5

Without one single redeeming featureI am a Depp fan, but as others have said here, this is actually worse than the critics said. I rented it becasue I had hoped that they were full of it, but this actually lived down to expectations. DO NOT BUY OR RENT!.Score: 1/5

AwesomeOverall, a great film. Fun to watch in its own right and as a tribute to the genre. The Lone Ranger is a difficult character to bring into a modern culture where the days of kids playing "cowboys and Indians" are long gone, but this film manages to bring a fresh take on the concept while staying true to its roots. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the American west The Lone Ranger delivers action, humor and the classic story of good triumphing over evil. When the opening of the William Tell overture, aka the "Lone Ranger Song", finally plays at the start of the finale you will feel like a kid again watching the Lone Ranger ride across rooftops and trains, chase down the bad guys, save the day, get the girl and ride off into the sunset. To the critics - remember, this is a story, not Shakespeare..Score: 2/5

Amazing movie, must watch!This movie was truly amazing, and is now one of my favorite western movies. The storyline was well-written, and the action scenes were amazingly choreographed. Like Mose people are saying, don't listen to the critics. This movie is most definitely a must see!.Score: 5/5

Lone Ranger is epic!This movie is outstanding-- given it's a disney film, so naturally there are moments when it's goofy and silly; but there is this exceedingly gritty underbelly to it that makes it entertaining. Trust me from the first frame you're hooked, visually it's epic, the acting is great, and the action will leave you at the edge of your seat-- watch it!.Score: 4/5

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EPIC!!If I could I'd give it a 95 star. Rating. Good job Disney.Score: 5/5

Even worse than the critics saidHard to describe how bad this was. It tried to be action packed, funny and historically moving all at once and ended up a horrible mess with weak attempts at humor side by side with gruesome massacres of Indians. Armie Hammer seemed more at home playing 2 Winkelvosses than a gritty western hero. I felt bad for Jonny Depp, who despite his likability was badly miscast in such an iconic Indian role..Score: 1/5

Simply awfulWhere is the heroic Lone Ranger and Tonto? Why is Silver jumping off barn roofs, standing on tree branches, and running across the top of trains? It's ridiculous. My wife just stopped watching and left the room after about an hour. If you like westerns (which I do), do not watch this. It is a terrible western. If you are a Lone Ranger fan (which I am), do not watch this. The hero is nowhere to be found. Disney has wasted another opportunity. I wish I could go lower than 1 star..Score: 1/5

😆I thought this was quite funny and a pretty good movie u should try it.Score: 4/5

Total GarbageThis movie is just terrible. I couldn't finish it. It was impossible to watch the whole thing. Do not rent this! You will never, ever get the time back you have lost from this horrific piece of crap!.Score: 1/5

Most Entertaining!This movie captures this timeless legend with the perfect combination of exciting action, nostalgic moments, and the essential and enjoyable humor that makes it all so delightfully believable as it all once was..Score: 5/5

So Funny!I am still laughing at parts of this movie. Anybody with even a slightly quirky sense of humor will get a kick out of this movie! ;).Score: 5/5

The Lone RangerLong and boring!!!.Score: 2/5

Excellent show!Don't let the critics fool you. I understand they - like myself - groan when it comes to remakes coming out of Hollywood these days. They likely never saw the film and gave their typical bashing reviews of what was expected from yet another remake. But let me reassure you, unlike the rest, this one is fantastic! It breathes new life into the old and dusty story that many of us know or grew up with. But watch the film. You have to take it from the point of view of a 'Tall Tale' told by an old man to a child. Once you except that, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride....Score: 5/5

OOOOOH It’s a stinker!I thought this was not so bad even though I quit half way through. But the more I think about it, the worse it gets..Score: 2/5

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The Lone Ranger (2013) Series Cast & Crew

The Lone Ranger (2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Johnny Depp (Tonto), Armie Hammer (John Reid / The Lone Ranger), Tom Wilkinson (Cole), William Fichtner (Butch Cavendish), Helena Bonham Carter (Red Harrington), Barry Pepper (Fuller), James Badge Dale (Dan Reid), Ruth Wilson (Rebecca Reid), Leon Rippy (Collins), Stephen Root (Habberman), Matt O'Leary (Skinny), James Frain (Barret), Mason Cook (Will), Joaquín Cosío (Jesus), Damon Herriman (Ray), Harry Treadaway (Frank), Gil Birmingham (Red Knee), Robert Baker (Navarro), Lew Temple (Hollis), Bryant Prince (Danny), all returned for the lone ranger movie.

Johnny Depp (Tonto)
Johnny DeppTontoScore: 69.7
Armie Hammer (John Reid / The Lone Ranger)
Armie HammerJohn Reid / The Lone RangerScore: 19.2
Tom Wilkinson (Cole)
Tom WilkinsonColeScore: 14.0
William Fichtner (Butch Cavendish)
William FichtnerButch CavendishScore: 29.7
Helena Bonham Carter (Red Harrington)
Helena Bonham CarterRed HarringtonScore: 29.4
Barry Pepper (Fuller)
Barry PepperFullerScore: 22.8
James Badge Dale (Dan Reid)
James Badge DaleDan ReidScore: 14.1
Ruth Wilson (Rebecca Reid)
Ruth WilsonRebecca ReidScore: 17.5
Leon Rippy (Collins)
Leon RippyCollinsScore: 7.3
Stephen Root (Habberman)
Stephen RootHabbermanScore: 19.1
Matt O'Leary (Skinny)
Matt O'LearySkinnyScore: 8.2
James Frain (Barret)
James FrainBarretScore: 12.9

Jess Gonchor (Production Design), Denise Chamian (Casting), Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer), Johnny Depp (Executive Producer), Gore Verbinski (Producer), Eric Ellenbogen (Executive Producer), Ted Elliott (Executive Producer), Terry Rossio (Screenplay), Chad Oman (Executive Producer), James Haygood (Editor), Justin Haythe (Screenplay), Eric McLeod (Executive Producer), Gore Verbinski (Director), Hans Zimmer (Original Music Composer), Craig Wood (Editor), Terry Rossio (Executive Producer), Mike Stenson (Executive Producer), Ted Elliott (Screenplay), Bojan Bazelli (Director of Photography), Jo Edna Boldin (Casting),

Jess Gonchor (Production Design)
Jess GonchorProduction DesignScore: 3.8
Denise Chamian (Casting)
Denise ChamianCastingScore: 6.2
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer)
Jerry BruckheimerProducerScore: 10.4
Johnny Depp (Executive Producer)
Johnny DeppExecutive ProducerScore: 69.7
Gore Verbinski (Producer)
Gore VerbinskiProducerScore: 8.0
Ted Elliott (Executive Producer)
Ted ElliottExecutive ProducerScore: 6.2
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'The Lone Ranger' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the lone ranger, the Gore Verbinski's popular movie. Watch the the lone ranger teaser trailer. Gore Verbinski’s #the-lone-ranger is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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LONE RANGER | Trailer | Official Disney UK▶ LONE RANGER | Trailer | Official Disney UK

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Never Take Off the Mask..

The Lone Ranger — 2013

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John Reid è un uomo di legge, educato in città e tornato nel vecchio west per consegnare alla giustizia il pluricriminale Butch Cavendish. Durante la spedizione, però, un'imboscata uccide suo fratello, il Texas Ranger Dan Reid, e gli altri uomini della compagnia. John viene salvato da Tonto, un indiano, e da un cavallo bianco. I tre diverranno inseparabili.

Der kauzige Indianer Tonto erzählt seine ganz eigene Version der sagenhaften Geschichte des maskierten Lone Rangers: Die berühmten Texas-Ranger sorgen für Recht und Ordnung. Meistens jedenfalls. Als die gefürchtete Cavendish-Gang in einem spektakulären Gewaltakt einen Zug überfällt, um ihren Anführer Butch aus den Händen der Ranger zu befreien, nimmt die Sache ein böses Ende und John Reid bleibt dem Tode geweiht in der Wüste zurück, bis Tonto ihn findet und ihm das Leben rettet. Beide sinnen, wenn auch aus unterschiedlichen Beweggründen, auf Rache - leider so ziemlich ihre einzige Gemeinsamkeit. Allen Gegensätzen zum Trotz tun sie sich aber zusammen und der totgeglaubte John gibt sich mit Hilfe einer dunklen Maske nun als Lone Ranger die Ehre. Ab jetzt wird nur noch nach den eigenen Regeln gespielt und im wildesten aller Western mal so richtig aufgeräumt ...

Tonto, guerrier indien, raconte l’histoire méconnue qui a transformé John Reid, un ancien défenseur de la loi, en un justicier légendaire. Ces deux héros à part vont devoir apprendre à faire équipe pour affronter le pire de la cupidité et de la corruption.

Estamos ante una prometedora producción repleta de aventuras, no exentas de humor, en la que el popular cowboy enmascarado, que nació como un relato radiofónico, tomará un rostro y una apariencia renovada por completo. Tonto, es un nativo americano, curtido en mil batallas, que narra los increíbles relatos que convirtieron a John Reid, en el brazo ejecutor de la ley, toda una leyenda de los Estados Unidos. Esta insólita pareja se verá obligada a trabajar unida y a luchar contra la codicia y el crimen en una época en la que todavía prima la ley del más fuerte.

Tonto, um nativo americano de espírito guerreiro, relata as histórias inéditas que transformaram John Reid, um homem da lei, num lendário justiceiro - levando o público numa corrida desenfreada por entre surpresas épicas e momentos de tensão humorística, enquanto estes dois heróis improváveis, aprendem a trabalhar juntos no combate à ganância e corrupção. Tonto, nativo americano de espírito guerreiro e John Reid, um homem da lei, são opostos que se atraem, unidos pelo destino e juntos no combate à ganância e corrupção.

John Reid is een man van de wet die zich heeft omgevormd tot The Lone Ranger, de gemaskerde legende van rechtvaardigheid. Samen met zijn Indiaanse compagnon Tonto bestrijdt hij hebzucht en corruptie. Beide onwaarschijnlijke helden zullen ook met elkaar moeten leren samenwerken.

A magányos lovas egy izgalmas akcióval és sok humorral fűszerezett kalandfilm, melyben a hírhedt maszkos hőst friss, mai szemlélettel keltik életre az alkotók. Tonto, az amerikai bennszülött harcos (Johnny Depp) számba veszi a korábban elmondatlan történeteket, amelyek a törvény emberét, John Reidet (Armie Hammer) az igazság jelképévé tették, miközben a nézők, mintha nagy meglepetések és humoros zsörtőlődések elszabadult vonatán ülnének, szemtanúi lehetnek annak, ahogy a két valószínűtlen hős megtanul együtt dolgozni a kapzsiság és a korrupció elleni küzdelmük során.

《独行侠》是一部惊心动魄的冒险电影,充满动作与幽默。独行侠这位带面具的著名英雄人物将会被以全新角度演绎。通过土著印第安人武士Tonto(约翰尼·德普饰演)之口,描述了主角约翰·雷德(John Reid,由艾米·汉莫饰演),一位法律的化身,正义的使者的故事——他们两人将带领观众登上逃亡列车,来一次史诗般的惊险之旅。两位主角在逃亡中不断产生各种搞笑的摩擦,他们必须通力合作,对抗贪婪和腐败。

Tonto (Johnny Depp) to Indianin wywodzący się z plemienia Komanczów. Pewnego dnia ratuje życie stróżowi prawa, Johnowi Reidowi (Armie Hammer), którego wszyscy towarzysze zostali zamordowani przez bandytów. Reid pragnie pomścić ich śmierć. Po powrocie do zdrowia, jako zamaskowany mściciel, postanawia sam wymierzyć sprawiedliwość zabójcom swoich przyjaciół. Z pomocą spieszy mu tajemniczy Indianin.

История блюстителя закона Джона Рейда, который с помощью индейца Тонто стал легендарным мстителем в маске, стоящим на защите справедливости. Тонто с юмором и небылицами повествует о тех приключениях, которые пришлось пережить двум непохожим друг на друга героям, сведенным судьбой для того чтобы вместе сражаться против общего врага. Им приходится противостоять жадности и коррупции во времена, когда появление первых железных дорог изменило представление о власти и могуществе в мире.

הלוחם הרוחני האינדיאני טונטו מספר את העלילות שהפכו את ג'ון ריד מאזרח שומר חוק לאגדה רודפת צדק. הצופים ימצאו את עצמם על רכבת הרים מלאה בהפתעות והתרחשויות קומיות כששני הגיבורים יוצאי הדופן הללו חייבים ללמוד לעבוד יחדיו ולהלחם בשחיתות.

Μια ομάδα Τεξανών αστυνόμων κυνηγάει τη συμμορία του Μπουτς Κάβεντις. Η συμμορία, όμως, στήνει ενέδρα και πετυχαίνει να σκοτώσει όλους τους διώκτες της. Μόνο ένας επιβιώνει, ο οποίος αναρρώνει υπό τη σωτήρια βοήθεια ενός Ινδιάνου, του Τόντο. Πλέον, ο αστυνόμος φοράει μαύρη μάσκα, καβαλάει το λευκό του άλογο, τον Σίλβερ, και με τον Τόντο πάντα κοντά αποζητά εκδίκηση επί των παρανόμων που παραλίγο να τον σκοτώσουν, αλλά κι επί όσων αψηφούν τον νόμο.

Asıl adı John Reid olan Lone Ranger lakaplı bir kovboyun, Kızılderili ruhani yardımcısı Tonto ile haksızlıklara karşı verdiği mücadeleyi anlatan ünlü TV dizisinin sinema versiyonuyla beyaz perdeye aktarılıyor. Yapımcılığını Jerry Bruckheimer ve yönetmenliğini Gore Verbinski'nin yaptığı filmin baş rollerini ise Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer ve Tom Wilkinson paylaşıyor.

български език
Бивш тексаски рейнджър и неговият приятел индианец заедно се борят за справедливост в дивия Запад. Индианецът Тонто - воин на духа, разказва непознати истории, които преобразяват човека на закона Джон Рийд. История за двама аутсайдери, свързани от бедите, които им се случват във време, когато границите между добро и зло все повече се размиват. Без ясни знаци, които да ги водят напред, но и без път назад, те се превръщат в забележителен пример за герои, неудобни за статуквото.

Indiánský bojovník Tonto se dělí o dosud nevyřčené příběhy, které způsobily proměnu Johna Reida, muže zákona, v legendu spravedlnosti. Vydává se na divokou jízdu plnou velkolepých překvapení a humorných neshod, které musejí oba rozpačití hrdinové překonat, aby dokázali společně bok po boku bojovat s lidskou chamtivostí a korupcí.

Skupina texaských rangerov padne v kaňone do pasce. Po prestrelke sa v plytkom hrobe z celej partie ako jediný preberie John Reid, keď mu život zachráni svojrázny indiánsky bojovník Tonto. S jeho pomocou sa z Reida, radového muža zákona, stáva legendami opradený a spravodlivosť brániaci Osamelý jazdec. Než k tomu však dôjde, divákov čaká divoká jazda s vtipnými nezhodami, ktoré dvojicu nepravdepodobných partnerov naučia spolupracovať a bojovať proti chamtivosti a korupcii

On vuosi 1933. Cowboyksi pukeutunut pikkupoika menee sirkuksessa villin lännen näyttelyyn. Yhtäkkiä näyttelyssä esillä oleva “Ylväs Raakalainen” herää henkiin ja alkaa kertoa pojalle uskomatonta tarinaa vuosikymmenten takaa, missä lainoppinut John Reid palaa junalla kotikonnuilleen. Samassa junassa kahlittuina matkaavat hirtettäväksi tuomittu rikollinen Butch Cavendish sekä omituinen intiaani nimeltä Tonto. Butch onnistuu pakenemaan ja muutamien sattumien kautta John ja Tonto päätyvät yhdessä metsästämään tuota pahamaineista murhaajaa. Panoksena ei kuitenkaan ole enää pelkästään yhden ihmisen henki, sillä komanssi-intiaanien omistamalta alueelta on löytynyt hopeaesiintymä, joka kiinnostaa useampaakin tahoa. Luvassa melkoisia yllätyksiä ja hurttia huumoria kaksikon vielä opetellessa yhteistyötä taistelussaan ahneutta ja vääryyttä vastaan.

I det här spännande äventyret fyllt med action och humor får den maskerade hjälten nytt liv genom nya ögon. Indianen och andekrigaren Tonto återberättar de okända historierna som förvandlade John Reid, en lagens man, till en rättvisans legend. Historier fyllda med stora överraskningar och massor med humor när de två oväntade hjältarna måste lära sig att samarbeta och kämpa mot korruption och girighet.

Efter endt uddannelse vender den unge sagfører John Reid tilbage til sin texanske hjemby. Her håber han at hjælpe sin storebror, som er ranger, med at sætte skik på nybyggernes voldelige og korrupte fremfærd. Men da Reid såres alvorligt i et baghold, reddes hans liv af den indianske åndekriger Tonto. Dette får Reid til at ændre taktik, og han forvandler sig til en gådefuld helt med en sort maske.


Fra Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer Films og regissøren Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of The Caribbean-fi lmene) kommer nå et storslagent actioneventyr med Johnny Depp og Armie Hammer i hovedrollene. I The Lone Ranger tar den gamle indianerkrigeren Tonto (Depp) oss med på en halsbrekkende reise som forvandler den naive advokaten John Reid (Hammer) til den maskerte legenden, The Lone Ranger. Bli med på det løpske toget, eksplosiv action og overraskende vendinger i den vilde vesten. De to heltene, ved hjelp av humor og en hvit hest, må lære seg å samarbeide, for å bekjempe grådighet og korrupsjon.

การผจญภัยสุดตื่นเต้นที่เต็มไปด้วยแอ็คชั่นและอารมณ์ขัน ที่ซึ่งวีรบุรุษภายใต้หน้ากากได้ถูกปลุกชีพขึ้นมาผ่านมุมมองใหม่ ทอนโต้ (จอห์นนี เดปป์) นักรบพื้นเมืองอเมริกันกลับมาอีกครั้ง กับเรื่องราวของการเปลี่ยนแปลง จอห์น รีด (อาร์มี แฮมเมอร์) ชายผู้ผดุงกฎหมาย ให้กลายเป็นตำนานแห่งความยุติธรรม ที่จะพาผู้ชมไปสู่มหากาพย์การผจญภัยสุดตื่นเต้น น่าประหลาดใจ และเต็มไปด้วยอารมณ์ขัน ของ 2 วีรบุรุษต่างขั้วที่ต้องเรียนรู้ ในการร่วมมือกันปราบอธรรม ความโลภ และคนโกง

Povestea legendarului călăreț singuratic începe cu un grup de ranger-i texani plecat pe urmele unei bande de nelegiuiți conduse de Butch Cavendish. Prinși în ambuscadă de răufăcători, ranger-ii sunt uciși, dar un supraviețuitor este salvat de un indian comanș pe nume Tonto (Johnny Depp). Deși la început Tonto nu are încredere în cel pe care l-a salvat, acesta va dovedi curând că în Texas poate domni nu lăcomia și corupția, ci dreptatea...

Depois de ser salvo pelo índio guerreiro Tonto de uma emboscada que matou seu irmão, o homem da lei John Reid decide usar uma máscara para se vingar dos assassinos, se transformando no lendário Cavaleiro Solitário.

Pagal to paties pavadinimo 1949-ųjų televizijos serialą sukurtas filmas – įspūdingos gaudynių scenos, susišaudymai, kaskadiniai triukai, draugystė ir kova už teisingumą. Laikais, kai pirmieji geležinkeliai pakeitė žmonių suvokimą apie pasaulio valdžią ir galią, Amerikos žemes ryja korupcija ir godumas... Slėpdamasis po kauke Džonas ir ištikimas jo draugas Tonto tampa pagrindiniais Teksaso žemes apraizgiusių intrigų kovotojais. Du skirtingi vyrai, paties likimo suburti kovai prieš bendrą priešą, privalo išmokti dirbti kaip viena komanda – tik dirbdami išvien jiedu apgins tai, dėl ko kovoja...

Розповідь піде про події далекого часу в Техасі. Загін техаських рейнджерів гнався за бандою злочинців, очолював яку лютий лідер Бутч Кавендіш. Їм вдалося перехитрити охоронців закону, влаштувавши вмілу засідку...

Ратник Тонто (Џони Деп) присећа се никад испричаних прича које су претвориле Џона Рејда (Арми Хамер), човека који поштује закон, у легенду правде – носећи притом публику на епско путовање препуно изненађења и урнебесних догађаја у којима ово двоје наизглед неспојивих јунака морају научити сарађивати заједно како би се успешно борили против похлепе и корупције.

Un grupo de Rangers de Texas sufre el ataque de una banda de forajidos. Un indio llamado Toro encuentra al único superviviente, "el llanero solitario". Desde entonces, el héroe, su caballo Silver y su nuevo ayudante, Toro, recorren el estado para vengarse de los forajidos y hacer triunfar la justicia

정체를 알 수 없는 미스테리한 매력의 인디언 악령 헌터 ‘톤토’는 신비로운 힘으로 죽음의 문턱까지 간 ‘존’을 살려낸다. 극적으로 살아난 ‘존’은 블랙 마스크를 쓴 히어로 ‘론 레인저’로 부활하는데… 사방이 적으로 둘러싸인 무법천지에 오로지 복수를 위해 뭉친 ‘톤토’와 ‘론 레인저’ 콤비, 그들이 펼치는 와일드한 액션이 시작된다! 쿨하게 즐기고 짜릿하게 느껴라!


Aizraujošs piedzīvojumu stāsts, kura centrā ir Amerikas indiānis Tonto un šerifs Džons Rīds. Divi atšķirīgie varoņi apvieno spēkus, lai cīnītos pret korupciju un mantkārību, kas valda sabiedrībā.

傳說戴著面具四出行俠仗義的「 獨行俠」是這樣出現的⋯⋯一班騎警在追捕土匪「食人魔」時突遭伏擊,唯一生還者警長弟弟約翰(艾美爾咸瑪飾演)矢志為兄復仇,碰巧遇上以捉拿「食人魔」為使命的怪雞紅番湯圖(尊尼特普飾演),二人於是成為戰友並肩作戰,但性格和處事方式卻總是唔多合拍。他們走遍千里追蹤「食人魔」,竟發現橫貫美洲大陸的鐵路原來背後藏有巨大陰謀,更牽涉驚天秘密⋯⋯

Ustvarjalci zabavne gusarske pustolovščine Pirati s Karibov nas iz morskih prostranstev vabijo na Divji zahod, ki ga spoznamo preko oči čudaškega Indijanca Tonta. Ta v puščavi naleti na napol mrtvega šerifa Johna in ga s pomočjo indijanske magije vrne v svet živih. Da bi se maščeval zlobnim zločincem in podkupljenim uradnikom, si John nadene identiteto skrivnostnega pravičnika Osamljenega jezdeca. S Totom se pogumno spustita v številne vrtoglave dogodivščine in divje spopade, ki jih lahko preživita le s pomočjo neustrašne drznosti, velike mere spretnosti in tudi kančkom neverjetne sreče.

لا تخلع القناع أبدا يطارد تكساس رينجرز عصابة من الخارجين عن القانون بقيادة بوتش كافنديش ، لكن العصابة نصبت كمينا لرينجرز ، مما أدى على ما يبدو إلى قتلهم جميعا. ومع ذلك ، تم العثور على أحد الناجين من قبل هندي أمريكي يدعى تونتو ، الذي يرضعه ويعيده إلى صحته. الحارس ، الذي يرتدي قناعا ويركب فحلا أبيض يدعى سيلفر ، يتعاون مع تونتو لتقديم العصابة عديمة الضمير وغيرها من أمثالها إلى العدالة.

Indijanski ratnik Tonto (Johnny Depp) i čovjek od zakona John Reid (Armie Hammer) suprotnosti su koje je spojila sudbina te se moraju udružiti protiv pohlepe i korupcije.

ამბავი სამართალდამცავის ჯონ რიდის შესახებ, რომელიც ინდოელი ტონტოს დახმარებით გახდა ლეგენდარული ნიღბიანი შურისმაძიებელი, რომელიც იცავდა სამართლიანობას. ტონტო იუმორითა და იგავ-არაკებით მოგვითხრობს იმ თავგადასავალზე, რომელიც ორ გმირს უნდა გაევლო, რომლებიც ბედმა შეკრიბა, რათა ერთად ებრძოლათ საერთო მტერს. მათ უნდა დაუპირისპირდნენ სიხარბესა და კორუფციას იმ დროს, როდესაც პირველი რკინიგზის მოსვლამ შეცვალა ძალაუფლებისა და ძალაუფლების იდეა მსოფლიოში.

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