Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen

By Antoine Fuqua

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2013-03-22
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 59min
  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Olympus Has Fallen Description

When the White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured and the President (Aaron Eckhart) is kidnapped by a terrorist mastermind, disgraced former Presidential guard, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), moves to action. As the national security team scrambles to respond, the secret service ground team is wiped out and it’s up to Banning to retake the White House, save the President and avert an even bigger crisis. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and also starring Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo, Ashley Judd and Rick Yune.

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Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture Olympus Has Fallen picture

Olympus Has Fallen Movie Reviews

  • I ❤️ THIS MOVIE!

    I think that everyone did an awesome job in this movie and it's worth the third sequel!
  • Good

    T Keagle
    Entertaining and worth the rental.
  • Renting the movies🤔

    If I rent a movie off here how long does it let me keep it
  • fast paced & engrossing

    Jaid Black
    I'm getting tired of the critics talking about this movie is racist. How???? In case you've been living under a rock, North Korea is in fact a very real threat. How is using that fact as a movie premise racist? Get over yourselves. This extreme PC-to-the-point-of-ridiculousness is the impetus to how an idiot like Trump managed to get this far toward the white house. (Maybe we should rename the white house too. Never mind that it's a house painted white.) My racial category is "other" and even I'm sick of this dumbness. Sh*t.
  • Great!

    Christo Messiah
    People like to talk crap all the time. Those that haven’t watched it, go ahead and do. Dont be fooled by the reviews. Everybody has their own taste. Overall great movie!!!!
  • Loved it, bought it. Will buy London has fallen :)

    Best review on update
    Was able to sit back and enjoy the action and get away from reality. Excellent acting all around. After watching white house down because of friends saying it was great as i sat in theatre saying no no no why so much propaganda i was skeptical to watch this. Restored my love for action movies. Impossible odds, but good guys win in the end.
  • Action packed!

    Tyler Stunja
  • Refreshing

    What's wrong w/ a movie that is just enjoyable and clear who the bad guys are? Much better than Whitehouse Down.
  • Fantastic Movie!

    Ray Gone
    Don’t believe the negative reviews, people pushing their agenda. (Spoiler alert! The good guys win in the end.) Which means the American flag waves when all is said and done and it’s just a little too pro-American for some. Is it a “mindless” action movie? Well, yeah, but it’s an action movie. Unlike all of those intellectual action movies. Kind of goes with the territory. But it’s a really good action movie that has been given bad reviews simply because it doesn’t have an anti-hero or any kind of message that would make America look bad.
  • GOOD

    Prophet Amos
    Good action movie, that is what it is, not a masterpiece. Enjoy the bullets and bombs.
  • Non-Stop Action

    This is non stop action from the very beginning to the end. CGIs are good (not perfect) but the plot is amazing and I think the film is under rated.
  • Hahahaha

    This is the easiest review i will have to write in my life., If u like action movies: watch it, if you don't like seriously stupid movies: don't watch it. Kind regards
  • Terrible

  • Not a great film, but good entertainment

    The plot is somehow simultaneously predictable and unbelievable. It has a decent cast though the acting will not draw any award nominations. If you enjoy action films and can keep an open mind about the realism being portrayed, there are enough fighting, shooting, weapons and cheesy lines to keep you entertained for 2 hours. If you only have enough energy for one White House under siege movie, this one comes out ahead of "White House Down" IMHO. One thumb up and index fingers in my ears to block out screams of critics who take things too seriously. After all, we are a culture who also enjoys giant alien robots, adolescent wizards, and teen vampires.

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Makes me wished we had a white president at the white house once again. Those days will come again but not soon enough! You get a sense of Patriotism from watching this. On my list of movies to own and to watch often!
  • Actually decent

    I've seen White House down. I like the plot of White House being over run. This movie gives allot of action for that. So what if acting isn't the best. The action that takes place is beyond insane. I'd recommend for anyone.
  • Action

    Straight forward shooting movie , no chet chat .
  • Great movie!

    I'm surprised that everyone is saying how bad of a movie this is! I beg to differ its action packed, good cast, and who cares if it isn't believable this is not a documentary it's a movie!
  • Watch it

    This movie is better than a lot of the reviews it's getting. There are some inaccuracies concerning the US's capabilities, and some of the actors were not great but most of them were pretty good. After the first 15 mins, it becomes never ending action, and serves the purpose of a good movie-you will be sitting at the edge of your seat.
  • Pretty good

    I liked the movie and the action was really good Although the storyline was realistic i thought that there was alot of unnessecary language

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